inView™ Surveillance Solutions

inView, iMove’s new generation immersive video-based surveillance solution, delivers cost-effective, 100% persistent surveillance for wide area perimeters and large in-door spaces. iMove’s immersive technology overcomes the shortfalls security personnel experience with today’s CCTV technology – too many cameras and too few eyes. Critical infrastructure and force protection over large areas is attainable with iMove’s innovative inView Surveillance Solutions. inView solutions enable multiple, simultaneously acquired video streams to be stitched together in real-time to create a single, wide area immersive display. This state-of-the-art capability provides enhanced situational awareness and maximum actionable intelligence to the system operator. Rather than a confusing array of CCTV “soda straw” scenes displayed across a wall of video monitors, inView operators view, roam and zoom seamlessly throughout a single display of the wide area immersive view. This unprecedented immersive view of the surveillance area enables a single inView operator to do the work of several CCTV operators.

Immersive Management Assessment Response Console (iMarc)

Additionally, inView maintains full coverage while supporting high resolution optical zoom for threat assessment. Operators are able to concentrate on the event at hand knowing surveillance is persistent on the wide area and that any further incursions will be detected and alarmed. This is far superior to CCTV solutions that lose area coverage when operators narrow the field of view to zoom and gain greater detail of an incident. inView FlexG sensors achieve a dramatic reduction in the number of cameras required for wide area coverage – 1 FlexG Sensor delivers coverage equal up to 25 CCTV cameras. Installation, maintenance

and total cost of ownership are significantly reduced using inView architecture. inView architecture is based on general IT computing platforms and scales easily to address the most demanding wide-area requirements. iMove’s software-centric engine employs the latest in digital broadband video and IP network platforms. It enables all aspects of immersive video capture, transport, process and display of real-time, multicamera video streams in a wide-area immersive view. inView solutions include a full range of advanced automation capabilities, such as motion detection and alarm response, and interfaces with existing CCTV architecture and can be integrated with third party intelligent video applications. With inView, 100% persistent surveillance of wide area perimeters is now attainable with superior performance, less infrastructure complexity and cost benefits on both installation and operational expenses.

Wide-View Display
Wide-View™ Display optimally exploits high-resolution immersive video acquisition. The key to effective utilization of the wide-area panoramic video is the ability to display the video in a seamless and perspectively-correct wide-view format, and in real-time – all achieved by iMove’s software suite.

Immersive Display 3200x1200 pixels

Area that CCTV would display 640x480

Wide-View displays employ two flat screen monitors (sizes ranging from dual 20” to dual 46” monitors) together displaying a seamless image from 3,200 to 3,840 pixels in width and over 3.8 mega-pixels in total. This very wide, high-resolution display greatly enhances operator effectiveness and situational awareness when dealing with large areas or long perimeters. The Wide-View high-resolution display of such a large swath of critical coverage area is unmatched in the surveillance industry today. With the Wide-View Display the operator sees more and pans less.

iMove, Inc ● 1732 NW Quimby ● Portland, OR 97209 Main: 503.221.2449 ● fax: 503.221.2172 ●

Motion Detection - High Resolution Threat Assessment
Unlike CCTV solutions that lose area coverage when operators narrow the field of view to zoom and gain greater detail of an incident, inView maintains full coverage while supporting high resolution optical zoom. With iMove’s unique wide area motion detection software, an operator can concentrate on the event at hand knowing any further incursions will be detected and will set off alarms.

A dedicated, pan, tilt, zoom threat assessment camera is integrated with the inView Flex G sensors and displays. The blue box shows the threat assessment camera view within the immersive scene and is presented in a separate window on the display. An orange guard zone has been set up by the operator to detect any movement within the area.

Upon detection of motion within the guard zone, the threat assessment camera automatically moves to the location and a high resolution view of the incident is presented to the operator. All the while, all other guard zones continue to be monitored for any other incursions.

iMove, Inc ● 1732 NW Quimby ● Portland, OR 97209 Main: 503.221.2449 ● fax: 503.221.2172 ●

Management Displays and System Administration
The inView solution for controlling the Wide-View displays in the Immersive Management Assessment Console (iMarc) is through the Management Display and the Administration Display. The Management Display enables the console operator to manage sensors in the system; create, archive and playback incidents; respond to system Alarms; select Motion Detection modes and view the status of inView Systems. The Administrative Display enables the operator to manage user rights, configure Motion Detection modes and Guard Zones; configure incident classifications and management; configure archival operations and provides the operator with a detailed status of inView subsystems.

The Management Display shows a map of all sensors, established guard zones and their operational status. An alarming sensor and direction of the alarm event are shown.

Flex G Sensors
inView FlexG™ Sensors provide unparalleled capabilities for optimizing the resolution, coverage footprint and operational performance of wide-area surveillance solutions. By embedding multiple imagers into a single platform (with up to 11.5 million total pixels) and aligning the imagers in patterns tailored to the specific site, iMove’s FlexG sensor achieves dramatic performance and cost benefits over conventional sensors and cameras.

A FlexG Sensor can be configured with up to six integrated imagers. On the right, a FlexG Sensor with 5 40 degree field of view cameras is shown (w/o enclosure). To achieve perimeter coverage of a ½ by ¾ mile area, iMove will deploy 9 such FlexG sensors as contrasted with CCTV solutions involving 250 cameras.
iMove, Inc ● 1732 NW Quimby ● Portland, OR 97209 Main: 503.221.2449 ● fax: 503.221.2172 ●

High Beam and Spotlight Features
Innovative new features in the inView solution continue iMove’s trend to leverage advances across the full range of digital image capture, processing and display technology and deliver cost effective and unique solutions. High Beam enables further coverage reach from a single FlexG Sensor by using different field of view lenses across the various imagers. In many perimeter applications, the goal is to project coverage consistently over a fence line (e.g., 100 meters over) so that automated motion detection has enough information (e.g., certain # of pixels) to alarm on a specific size object (e.g., 6 foot individual). Narrow field of view lenses (e.g., 20 degree) are used to reach far down and over the fence line and wider field of view (e.g., 40) for areas closer to the location of the FlexG Sensor. The inView software dynamically adjusts as the operator roams the immersive display so that all objects across the varying fields of view appear consistent in size and perspectively-correct.

Spotlight uses high resolution video inserts within a wide area immersive scene to create the most effective balance between situational awareness and fine detail. For example, while full situational awareness within a high bay facility needs to be maintained, it is distinct locations on the floor where the conduct of key processes demands identification of tools, individuals, and procedures. A single FlexG Sensor provides the solution – using two wide field of view lenses covering the full facility and four spotlight, high resolution lenses. The inView software dynamically integrates these and displays a complete immersive view embedding the high resolution information.

The Spotlight feature maintains full facility awareness while providing high resolution inserts for fine detail.

iMove, Inc ● 1732 NW Quimby ● Portland, OR 97209 Main: 503.221.2449 ● fax: 503.221.2172 ●

inView Architecture
inView solutions are an all-digital, IP network architecture using multi-cast Gigabit Ethernet and IT grade computer platforms that integrates the full range of advanced video processing and transport functions for real-time viewing (at site and/or remote workstations). Our solution offers a feature rich environment for video search and playback controls, incident editing and export, archive, user rights configuration and system status monitoring. inView’s open architecture also allows for integration of intelligent video software as well as existing security infrastructure such as door and fence alarms and CCTV installations. The inView Surveillance Solutions scale in capabilities and size, offering cost effective alternatives to meet a broad range of security needs.
GigE Network Switches (Dual) SD #1
Sensor Display

Sensor Segment
IDU #1 Image Database Immersive Image Power Control SSU/MDU #1 Sensor Service Motion Detection

Sensor Display Unit

SDU #1

Sensor Display Unit

SDU #2

Management Display

SDU #3
Sensor Display Unit

Sensor Management Console
SD #2
Screen #2

Sensor Segment
IDU #N Image Database Immersive Image Power Control SSU/MDU #N Sensor Service Motion Detection

Door/Fence Alarms

Modular Architecture built on Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) backbone
Sensor Segment Visible or IR Sensors Sensor Service Unit (SSU) – sensor control, compression & image broadcast Fiber link from Sensor site to SSU – 10km range Motion Detection Unit (MDU) – analyzes imagery for motion events Image Database Unit (IDU) – video storage for realtime loop and on-line archive Image data broadcast to any/all consoles – simultaneous views from any sensor on any console External Alarm Unit (EAU) – interface to external alarm systems; e.g., fence, door, proximity, etc. iMarc (Sensor Management Console) Sensor Display Units (SDU) drive Sensor Displays (SD) and Management Display (MD) Common processor configurations – H/W & S/W Console configurations support 1 – 4 displays (1 MD, 3 SDs) SD and/or MD functionality available on any SDU/Display Remote Consoles offer full functionality Central Services Unit (CSU) – System control and status Archive Services Unit (ASU) – Export incident video for off-line archive

iMove, Inc ● 1732 NW Quimby ● Portland, OR 97209 Main: 503.221.2449 ● fax: 503.221.2172 ●

GigE Comm
EA External Alarm

SD #2
Screen #1

GigE Comm

SDU #1
Sensor Display Unit

Remote Management Console
SD #1
Screen #2

SD #1
Screen #1 CS Central Services AS Archive Services

Data Distribution Network

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