Khanh Hoa Province is a coastal province in the central south region, bordering on Phu Yen Province to the north, Ninh Thuan Province to the south, Dak Lak Province and Lam Dong Province to the west and the East Sea to the east. Khanh Hoa Province offers a coastline length of 385 kilometres, many bays, lagoons, islands and vast territorial waters. Remarkably, Khanh Hoa has Truong Sa archipelago, a big island district that features a greatly significant location of economic and national security. Area: 5,197 square kilometres (including over 200 islands and archipelagos) Population: 1,054,658 residents Administrative units: Nha Trang City, Cam Ranh Town, the districts of Van Ninh, Ninh Hoa, Dien Khanh, Khanh Vinh, Khanh Son and Truong Sa island district.

According to historical data, in the spring of 1653, during the expansion of Dai Viet nation’s frontier, by order of Lord Nguyen Phuc Tan, Mandarin Hung Loc Hau defined the distance between the northern bank of Phan Rang River (today’s Ninh Thuan) and Da Bia Mountain- Ca Mountain Pass as the land of Thai Khang Palace (today’s Ninh Hoa District). Setting up Thai Khang Palace and dividing admistrative units marked Lord Nguyen’s official merger of Khanh Hoa into Dai Viet’s territory. The event is a great landmark for the establishment of Khanh Hoa Province’s administrative border now. In 1832, under the reign of Emperor Minh Mang, the name of Khanh Hoa was officially realized and divided in terms of administrative border. Khanh Hoa Province comprises 2 prefects and 4 districts. Dien Khanh Prefect includes

Trai Thuy. Khanh Hoa Province was incorporated into Phu Yen Province to form Phu Khanh Province.000 species of freshwater and marine creatures. Long Son Pagoda: The pagoda lies on 23/10 Street at the root of Mt. Tourists will be given an opportunity to excurse an 20. Nha Trang Airport. mysteriousness of a Buddhist worshipping place. Cam Ranh Airport. 5.000-hectare aquarium of over 4. Oceanographic Institute: The institute is among the first scientific research centers in Vietnam. THE ROAD TO KHANH HOA PROVINCE Located in the hub of the Central of Vietnam. sea and air. the big ancient towers feature unique traits of the Cham culture. The pagoda was first built in the late 19th century and restored in 1940. Khanh Hoa Province was re-established. deep-water seaports. Ninh Hoa Prefect consists of Quang Phuoc District and Tan Dinh District. The place stores a huge whale . The land hosts National Road 1A. In 1989. stillness. The main tower worships the statue of Goddess Ponagar (the Earth Mother who founded the land). Nha Trang City. Some statues and relievoes inside and outside the towers are ancient artistic works of great value. The institute was established in 1923 near Cau Da (Rock Bridge) Port. After the Liberation Day in 1975.Phuoc Dien District and Vinh Xuong District. which reflects an architectural combination between modernity and solemnity. ensuring traffic convenience from Khanh Hoa to other places and vice versa. PLACES OF INTEREST Ponagar Cham Towers: Built from the second half of the 8th century to the late 13th century on the peak of Cu Lao Marble Hill.275 kilometres from Hanoi to the south and 448 kilometres north of Ho Chi Minh City. Nha Trang City. Khanh Hoa is 1. 4. Khanh Hoa offers great advantages of travelling by road. railway. around 6 kilometres south-east of Nha Trang. North-South Railway.

It serves as a temple to the Confucius and records the . Dr.5 metres.000 metres under the ruling of Nguyen Anh in 1793. Dien Khanh Literature Temple: The temple was built on a high land on an area of nearly 1. west. the famous French scholar of Swiss origin. only four doors including east. reflecting a harmonious combination between the natural scenery of sea and mountains and man-made architectural works.694 metres. Since then. Dien Khanh. of which over 50 studies were done in Nha Trang. Dien Khanh District. Bao Dai’s Villas: Bao Dai’s Villas (also called Cau Da Villa) were built on Mt. Dien Khanh Ancient Citadel: Lying at Dong Mon Cluster. Bao Dai’s Villas prove to be an outstanding beauty spot. Now.skeleton. which is nearly 26 metres long. He passed away in Nha Trang in 1943 at the age of 80. Dien Khanh Town. Ninh Hoa Town. stretching around 2. The tomb depicts a unique architectural style and owns historically and culturally great value. His tomb was located in Suoi Cat. Nguyen Anh had it built to show his great gratitude towards Ba Vu (Nurse) who saved him from being besieged by Tay Son troops. Alexandre Yersin devoted his whole life to great scientific studies for mankind benefits.500 square metres at Phu Loc Hamlet. After seizing power. the relics have been called Bao Dai’s Villas. Chut (south-east of Nha Trang City) in 1923 by French colonists. When it was first constructed. Alexandre Yersin’s tomb: Alexandre Yersin. Outside the citadel are deep trenches. the citadel was made of earth on an area of around 36. Dien Khanh Town. is the founder of Nha Trang Pasteur Institute and General Manager of Indochine Pasteur Institute. 3 metres high and has 48 fully restored vertebrae for scientific research and excursion. When mounting the throne in 1926. the citadel totaled 6 doors. Ba Vu’s tomb (Nurse’s tomb): The tomb sits on a high hillock at Commune 3. King Bao Dai was allocated 2 villas. around 20 kilomtres south of Nha Trang City. Dien Khanh District. front and back ones are left. Its wall runs zigzag in a hexagon shape with a height of 3.

NICE BEACHES Dai Lanh Beach: Dai Lanh Beach is adjacent to National Road 1A. it is endowed with an ample source of fresh water flowing out from the mountain all year round. the resort is 15 kilometres north of Nha Trang City including Hon Lao. Dai Lanh Beach has been listed among the nation’s beauty spots. Traveling across those long sand dunes. 80 kilometres north of Nha Trang City. The beach features white fine-grained sand. Notably. Phu Cang Communal House is the place where the Vietminh Front sounded the drums to launch the general offensive for power seizing in 1945 in Khanh Hoa. Phu Cang Communal House: Phu Cang Communal House belongs to Van Phu Commune. The place not only is renowned for its primeval botanic system and rare animal species but also served as Khanh Hoa people’s revolutionary . For a long time. Doc Let Tourist Resort: The resort lies in the coast of Ninh Hoa. Hon Thi and Hon Heo. The communal house was established in the 17th– 18th century to worship Goddess Thien Y A Na as a traditional cultural trait of Khanh Hoa people and to show great respect towards those who deserved credit for attracting the locals to set up villages and reclaim land here. Van Ninh District. around 5 kilometres north of Van Gia Town. gradually sloping coast. The place is embellished by long white fine-grained sand dunes that are scores of metres high. around 50 kilometres north of Nha Trang City. Nha Phu Lagoon Ecological Tourist Resort: Emerging amidst the sea.names of the local candidates who achieved high academic results in feudal examinations. tourists will arrive at a splendid beach with a flat white sand bank stretching for nearly 10 kilometres along the coast. clear and blue waters. 6. separating the mainland from the sea. Phu Cang Communal House is the historical vestige that witnessed greatly significant events involving Tran Duong and the Royalist Movement.

diving… and fascinating camp-fire nights. Tri Nguyen Aquarium is blocked by stone jetties and hosts hundreds of eye-catching. Hon Mot. west of Hon Tre Island. The place depicts a simple architectural style amidst peaceful atmosphere beside the clear and blue . Hon Chong and Hon Vo are closely attached to the legend of a faithful and noble love affair. Also. Hon Mun. Hon Mieu. The place is very close to the sea currents coming from the equator. providing Hon Mun Island with diverse types of marine creature. and for tourists who wish to understand the sea life. water-skiing. north of Nha Trang City. Hon Tam. which offers a favorable habitat to coral reefs and tropical marine species and thus. Hon Rom. Hon Chong. Tri Nguyen Aquarium Tourist Resort: (also called Hon Mieu Island). rowing. The resort sits on Bong Nguyen Island. Notably. Hon Noc and surrounding waters. Hon Mun Sea Reserve: The reserve is found inside Nha Trang Gulf where hosts the islands of Hon Tre. Hon Mun is a truly ideal destination for a fantastic view and research of the marine life. It takes tourists around 15 minutes to reach the resort by motor-boat.Hon Vo Tourist Resort: Lying along Tran Phu Street. airtight and nice bathing-place. Hon Tam Ecological Tourist Resort: Hon Tam Island is located in Vinh Nguyen Ward.base during the nation’s two resistance wars against the French and American aggressors. 3 nautical miles from Nha Trang Port. south of Nha Trang Gulf. tourists will have a chance to enjoy diverse types of water games such as jet-skiing. Con Se Tre Tourist Site: Around 3 kilometres from the coast of Nha Trang is Con Se Tre tourist site. Hon Vung. rare marine genera. The stones to the north that are half sunk and half afloat are called Hon Chong (Husband Rock) while the lower stones to the east are named Hon Vo (Wife Rock). a famous bathing-place. Hon Chong provides tourists with a natural. Taking a trip to the island. the place has San Beach. the resort is endowed with stones of various sizes and shapes lying upon one another towards the sea. Hon Cau. Emerging in the sea.

Hence. the stream opened 3 times in width. awakening tourists’ subconsciousness about an ancient village with traditional folk activities. The village hosts a big. creating 3 vast lakes with fascinating natural scenery. white fine-grained sand bank and poetic scenery. Hon Son over 660 metres high. Khanh Hoa Province. 7. TRADE VILLAGES AND PRODUCTS Brick making village: T he village is situated at Ninh Xuan Commune. Ba Ho stream flows between the two versants of the mountain into the fields of Phu Huu Hamlet. which is classified as among the most beautiful ones in Vietnam thanks to its clear and blue waters. Ba Ho (3 lakes) Stream: Ba Ho stream is 25 kilometres north of Nha Trang City at Ba Hoa Commune. most of which are found at Phuoc Lam Hamlet and Van Thanh Hamlet. With fresh air and lively scenery.Ltd.. Suoi Tien (Fairies’ Stream): Fairies’ Stream is south of Dien Khanh District. . Bai Tru Beach is a natural ideal bathing-place. Hon Ba over 800 metres high. Originating from Mt. The place has been widely known as an effectively operating trade village for years. The stream bears its name. Hon Ngoc Viet Touring Village: The 5-star touring village has been heavily invested by Hon Tre Tourist & Trading Co. Ninh Ich Commune. Ninh Hoa District and then falls to Nha Phu lagoon. for on its journey starting from the upper stream through jungles and mountains to reach the sea. the stream proves to be an ideal venue for tourists who coming here for excursion and convalescence. the stream features nearly the same moderate climate as that in Da Lat City. Ninh Hoa District. around 20 kilometres from Nha Trang City. luxurious hotel with 500 fully equipped high-grade rooms lying next to Bai Tru Beach on Hon Tre Island. many local households have surmounted poverty as a result of brick production. The entire commune totals over 100 brickkilns.coast. Rising from the peak of Mt.

Ninh Hoa District suggests no difference from many others in Vietnam. Cam Ranh Town is informally dubbed “The valley of intellectuals. Stone carving: Stone carving remains new to Khanh Hoa people over the last 5 years. Actually. stone furniture. “luoi rut” (fishing activities through which fishermen draw up nets close to the bottom of the sea to exploit sea products). cuttle-fish.300 residents of which as many as 124 are teachers. Their trophies are largely groper. Its population records 1. The whole villagers earn their living by sea diving. most of schools in Cam Ranh Town employ the teachers who come from the teaching village. “luoi manh”. Unlike “gia cao”. A peculiar trait of the diving village is that no matter where they sail and sell fish. the tiny village is found inside the imposing Mt. sea diving operates at undersea rocks or the waters that are 30 to 50 metres deep and full with coral reefs. Van Ninh District grow accustomed to export fine-art stone carving via such cleverly made products as ornament flower pots. When the diving season arrives. all of their fish are consumed in Nha Trang. “gia nhui”. Hon Heo. lobster. it proves to be a special trade village. Currently. paving stones. freestones … All of the local fine-art stone carvers devote their absorption and pride to their career in a bid to create the most perfect products. the village was covered with shabby cottages and the locals suffered from persistent poverty and hunger. Sea diving is done when the sea is calm. In the old days. each junk carrying around 7. The locals at Xuan Son Commune. On average. the sea diving village at Ninh Van Commune. the barren land is changing its face thanks to sea diving. Being almost surrounded by mountains.” The village of teachers has existed for long.10 divers sails elsewhere at sea to catch fish for one week and later makes a landfall for fish selling. Sea diving village: At first glance. shellfish.Teaching village: It is not by chance that Quang Duc village at Cam Hiep Nam Commune. The diving season usually lasts from the 3rd solar month to the 8th solar month. 1 out of 10 people works as a teacher. … . Now.

Nha Trang . offerings to the Whale. praying to the Whale. The festival is the beginning of Khanh Hoa people’s traditional Ponagar Temple festival. enjoying sea products. Contact: Khanh Hoa Tourism Address: 1 Tran Hung Dao Street. Nha Trang). Ponagar Tower was the temple to the Saint Mother after she became a genie. TYPICAL TOURS Excursion of Doc Let: Getting an overall view of Doc Let’s scenery. Whale-worship festival includes 2 parts: rituals at the communal house and amusements at the village. ….Nha Trang: This is the biggest folk festival of Khanh Hoa people which is held from the 20th to 23rd of the lunar third month every year at Cham Ponagar tower complex (Vinh Hai Ward.8. Vietnamese opera… 9. bumper crops and good lucks in their journey to the sea). Legend has it that Am Chua was the place where Saint Mother Thien Y Ana experienced her childhood with her adoptive parents. which is celebrated in the lunar third month or seventh month every year. Ponagar Festival. TRADITIONAL CULTURAL FESTIVALS Am Chua Festival: The festival is held on the first of the lunar third month every year. The latter revolves around “Ba Trao” singing and dances (fishermen’s prayers to the Whale for peace. bathing in the sea. Whale-worship festival: This is the fishermen’s folk festival for worshipping God South Sea (the Whale). arrive at the island for excursion of Tri Nguyen Aquarium. The former involves formal rites such as the Whale welcoming. strolling and excursing open-cast fish lake. joining in water sports such as water motorbike and parachute towing. Special weekend tours: The travel ship will pick up tourists at Cau Da PortNha Trang. recreation and bathing in the sea at San Beach. mountain genie procession.

traditional trade villages. 823874 Island Excursion (4 days): Arriving at Nha Trang Gulf. Fax: 058. In addition. gaze with admiration at the magnificence of over 19 islands in Nha Trang Gulf. Contact: Vila Tour Company Address: 8A Biet Thu Street. Hon Noi (17 kilometres south-east of Nha Trang City). and enjoy Khanh Hoa people’s folk dishes. Tourists will have a chance to excurse ancient houses. Khanh Hoa Salanganes Nest Company Address: 40 Tran Quy Cap Street. 822753 – 821606 – 821608. Contact: Long Phu Tourist Company Tel: 058.Hon Noi tour: Taking a trip to Salanganes’ Island. Hon Thi Island and Hon Lao Island. What’s more. tourists will immerse themselves in the beauty of the sea. 822472 – 816363 “Return to the roots” tour: Tourists will visit revolutionary victories. comtemplating coral reefs at Hon Noi by glass-bottomed boat and enjoy pure delicacies from salanganes’ nests. tourists can gaze with admiration at flocks of salanganes hovering over the island and salanganes’ nests hanging up against cliffs. get a cultural and historical insight into the land of aloe wood. tourists have a chance to go sightseeing. Contact: Sanest Tourist. Nha Trang City. Yachting in the Cai River is a great opportunity for tourists to contemplate nice natural scenery on either side of the river.Tel: 058. tourists will excurse Hon Mun Sea Reserve and dive in the sea to enjoy the beauty of over-200-year- . communal activities. Hang Tien (Fairies’ Cave). Tel: 058. Nha Trang City. 839436 The Cai River ecological tour: The Cai River winds its way across verdant fields and prosperous villages before pouring itself into the sea. 821912 Salanganes’ Island. Tel: 058.

MEANS OF TRANSPORT Interprovincial coach station: Address: 58 23/10 Street. tourists will visit Hon Tam Island. 823797 . Tel: 058. 813234 Hon Mun Tour: Contact: Hon Mun Sea Reserve Management Board Address: 80 Hoang Van Thu Street. 822670 – 827897 – 826549 10. Tel: 058. Nha Trang City. Tel: 058. 823798 Nha Trang Airport: Address: 86 Tran Phu Street.old coral reefs and rare sea creatures. Nha Trang City. Nha Trang City.822135 Or Address: 91 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street. Booking office: Address: 12 B Hoang Hoa Tham Street. Moreover. Nha Trang City. Tel: 058. Nha Trang City. Tel: 058. Nha Trang City. 826768 Taxi: . Tel: 058. fishing village and go by coracle and floating fish raft… Contact: Thanh Thanh Tourist Company Address: 05 Le Thanh Ton Street. Nha Trang City. 822192 Nha Trang Railway Station: Address: 17 Thai Nguyen Street.

11. ACCOMMODATION Khanh Hoa Province totals 259 accommodation providers including 1 five-star touring village. 829829 Nha Trang Lodge Hotel (four-star): Address: 42 Tran Phu Street. 883951 Yasaka . There are 5. 810500 Hai Yen Hotel (three-star): . Nha Trang City. Nha Trang City. Nha Trang City. Vinpearl Resort & Spa (Hon Ngoc Viet) (five-star): Address: 07 Tran Phu Street. 820090 Ana Mandara Resort (four-star): Address: Tran Phu Street. Tel: 058. Tel: 058.946 beds and well-trained travel staff. motorcycle.629 rooms. 810810 Taxi Nha Trang: Tel: 058. 818181 Taxi Mai Linh: Taxi Emasco: Tel: 058. 515151 Moreover. and pedicab at Nha Trang City to reach destinations inside and outside the province. tourists can travel by public transport. Nha Trang City. 811811 Tel: 058. 13. Vinh Nguyen Ward. Tel: 058.Nha Trang Hotel (four-star): Address: 18 Tran Phu Street. Tel: 058.Sai Gon . buses which are at their service during the daytime.g.Taxi Khanh Hoa: Tel: 058. 3 four-star hotels. e. 5 three-star hotels and hundreds of hotels that are ranked two-star and below.

Khanh Hoa’s specialties have entered into proverbs: Salaganes’ nest in Hon Noi. Nha Trang City. Tel: 058.Address: 40 Tran Phu Street. Tel: 058. . 590147 Green Hotel (three-star): Address: 18 Tran Phu Street. 827365 Bao Dai Hotel (three-star): Address: Cau Da Street. Fax: 058. Nha Trang City. Wading duck in Ninh Hoa. solid shell with beautiful veins for souvenir making. Dried deer in Dien Khanh. Tel: 058. Blood arca in Thuy Trieu… Salanganes’ nests are largely found in offshore islands in Khanh Hoa. SPECIALITIES For long. Salanganes’ nests are not only nutritive delicacies but also rare medicaments. 816313. 821606 Que Huong Hotel (three-star): Address: 60 Tran Phu Street. Lobsters in Binh Ba (Cam Ranh) feature fat and firm flesh. 826865 12. Lobster in Binh Ba. 822828 Vien Dong Hotel (three-star): Address: 01 Tran Hung Dao Street. Snake-head in Vo Canh. Wading duck in Ninh Hoa is renowned as a tasty fat dish. Tel: 058. Nha Trang City. Nha Trang City. Nha Trang City. Tel: 058.

Vinh Nguyen in Nha Trang City. 058.113. Khanh Hoa is famous for such delicious dishes as Ninh Hoa “nem” (fermented pork roll). which are popular with local and foreign tourists whenever arriving at Khanh Hoa. “goi ca mai” (a dish made of raw “Mai” fish and vegetables) and many others.115. Nha Trang City.1080. “banh uot” (steamed thin rice pancake). 14. 13. 058.Snake-head in Vo Canh.116. Le Loi Street and Hai Ba Trung Street. Dried deer in Dien Khanh and Blood arca in Thuy Trieu are tasty dishes representing the peculiar flavors of their place-names. 822560 . 058. Tel: 058. Tel: The Market Management Board: 058. SHOPPING Dam Market (Nha Trang): Address: T-junction of Phan Boi Chau Street. Tran Phu. In addition. tourists can go shopping in Cau Da.510262 Maximark Supermarket: Address: 66 Quang Trung Street. Nha Trang City. . 822168 Emergency phone numbers: Information answer: Phone number answer: Policemen (fast reaction force): Fire protection guard: Ambulance: 058. NECESSARY ADDRESSES The Provincial General Hospital: Address: 19 Yersin Street.114. 058. Moreover.

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