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COLOMBIAN Tec Monterrey University Mechanical Engineer , with 16 consecutive years of experience in the field working in Drilling Operations oil, Rainforest and Cost Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Drilling Operations Offshore - Gulf of Mexico. WELL EXPERIENCE IN HIGH COMPLEXITY, HIGH ANGLE AND HORIZONTAL WITH BASAL ARENISCAS IN TERTIARY EDUCATION TENA: THE ARENISCAS M-1, M-2, T. UY, NAPO CRETACEOUS FORMATION AND TRAINING HALLIN LOWER CRETACEOUS FORMATION., THE LIMESTONE A AND B EXPERIENCE: Project Manager Professional Deepwater Drilling Manager Border areas New Technologies Advanced Marketing Training (Halliburton) ESP Pumps (Wood Group) Terminations People Performance and Training Results Horizontal Wells HPHT Wells Overhaul and termination. intervention and stimulation. Artificial lift (air and BEC) Coil tubing well control Profesional with ability to perform specialized jobs in Drilling, Completion and Workover to increase and / or restore production from oil wells, taking into account the Environmental Impact Studies and Security in the oil industry. Trained and certified current Course "Well Control" Drilling operations. International Experience in the oil fields in MEXICO in drilling vertical and horizontal wells with oil-based muds, foam and air, in Peru in Iquitos fields, and EN Colombia in the plains and performing work Huila Drilling and Workover PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE SLB SERVICES COMPANY MAN ECUADOR Petroecuador - ONSHORE May 2012 - TO DATE Drilling Company man January 2012 to May 2012 Company Man, in the drilling of the well, material logistics and onboard work in connection with contractors taking into account security requirements and Environment in the area. Company Man rig, drilling inclined holes "J" up to 12,000 feet using polymer slurry, monitoring total team welded conducting initial drilling at 500 feet, the directional supervision to avoid collision with old wells, using Gyro records , survey. Drill cuttings treatment to avoid waste. Monitoring work in all types of drilling, choreo, electric logs, liner, Cementing, Completion and final installation of production.

IVAHOE ENERGY ECUADOR - ONSHORE 2011 - 2012 Company man , drilling inclined wells to 14,500 ft with oil and gas zones using polymer mud, taking the oversight Cias. Directional, Mud Logging, Logs, sludge, drilling equipment, debris treatments, Cementation, Intubation Casing and Tubing. Drilling with Casing Drilling the hole conductor casing and liner cementing, supervision in the Completion and production testing of wells drilled, production control gas wells. Well control drills with all personnel involved in drilling ON shore. PEMEX MEXICO 2009-2011 ONSHORE OFFSHORE Company man , plan and lead workgroup vertical drilling oil wells, completion, production and final installation in the central jungle of Mexico, with equipment and personnel of the company. PEMEX MEXICO OFFSHORE 2003 - 2009 Company Man (SUPERVISOR) on your computer Drilling offshore platform AlfaRomeo drilling inclined wells high angle up to 82 of gas and oil at 12,000 ft with tricone bits and PDC different diameter, and drilling bicntricas conductive hollow casing 20 "drill shoe using 22"; completing high angle deviated wells. Opening window to side track in casing 9 5/8 "drilling holes in side track in prices. Installing liner 7 ", 5", run pipe assisted Electric Logs, dual production facility and installation of compact heads. Completion and testing of oil and gas wells. Onslaught drills with personnel involved in the operation. PEMEX MEXICO OFFSHORE (GULF OF MEXICO) . 1995 - 2003 Supervisor Drilling and workover GULF OF MEXICO fields in horizontal and vertical wells drilling equipment company Top Drive Nabors and Pride International, using angry mud, oilbased foam. Drilling Supervisor in the performance of equipment from different oil companies, as well as responsible for directing and implementing the well drilling, completion and production supervising cement companies, electric logs, directional, and others. Project implementation and development of drilling programs and workover, using the company's software, taking into account the respective cost reduction for each case with extensive experience in the operation of the equipment, personnel management, determining the requirements of materials and tools, and execution of drilling work and Well Service (Workover). ? I performed work Supervision Co.. BRANDT in the Treatment of Cuts Horizontal Well drilling with oil base mud. ? Supervisor full time in the Well Drilling, Rig with different companies like: Nabors, Pride International. UPDATE COURSES Course "Well Control". Paste Course Pipe Prevention, Well Lunges Course, Course "Open Wells" Course "Risk Analysis," Accident Prevention Course, Course hydraulic fracturing, Cia. San Antonio, fractured reservoirs Course, Productivity Software Expert in MS Windows 95, MS Office 97, Business Management, Esan, Modern Completion Practices, Duncan, Cia. Halliburton, Oklahoma City - USA Seminars and talks constantly updating ongoing concerning Drilling in the Oil Industry. PERSONAL DATA Dates of Birth: 08/19/74 Nationality: Colombian/Mexican tatus: Married cc: 1086924563 Passport: AN900700 the Degree: Mechanical Engineering E - mail: