SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY E-Marketing MK0008 MBA-4 (IS) Qs 1. E-Marketting also referred to as online-marketting or internet marketing 1. True 2.

false Qs 2. E-marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the ---------1. design, on-line advertising products, services 2. development & websites, search engines, market research 3. advertising and sales, public relations 4. all of the above Qs 3. E-marketing methods does not include search engine marketing , display advertising, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, interactive advertising and viral marketing 1. correct 2. incorrect Qs 4. E-marketing is a subset of E-business and e-commerce is a part of ebusiness 1. valid 2. invalid Qs 5. different forms of e-marketing are------------1. internet marketing 2. interactive marketing 3. mobile marketing 4. all of the above Qs 6. E-marketing has had a large impact on several industries including --------1. music 2. banking 3. book publishing 4. all of the above Qs 7. E-business involves business processes spanning the entire value chain : electronic purchasing and supply chain mgmt. processing orders electronically and handling customer service and cooperating with business partners. 1. True 2. false Qs 8. E-business supports / facilitate the exchange of data / info between companies 1. correct 2. incorrect Qs 9. E-business can be conducted using 1. Web 2. Internet and extranets 3. Intranets,

False Qs 15.. online marketing is same as internet marketing or e-marketing 1. electronic commerce Qs 12. “for whom do we do it”? 3. The resulting document is called the ----------1. system 4. “how do we excel”? 4. none of the above Qs 11. friendster share files with ease. ERP 4. as most systems use server-based software. content mgmt. system and human resource mgmt corresponds to ---------1. CMS 3. collaboration and electronic commerce corresponds to 1. enterprise resource planning . all of the above Qs 16. DMS Qs 14. Orkut & Facebook 4. Myspace 2. 1. even further broadening file availability. at least one of above key questions Qs 17.4. strategic plan 2. Then determines where it wants to go and how it will get there. E-business 2. E-marketing 3. CRM 2. content mgmt system 3.strategic planning is the formal consideration of an organization’s future course. All strategic planning deals with ------------? 1. the organization needs to know exactly where it stands. “what do we do?” 2.Internal business systems. document mgmt. business communication. companies use a ----------. VOIP and web conferencing 2. business communication 3. E-Business model 3. all of the above Qs 10. Internal business system 2. “How can we beat or avoid competition”? 5. e-mail & voice mail 4. Examples of personalized marketing include online communities --------1. Advertising model . both 1 and 2 4. systems of e-business which are helping business communication in a big way -------------1. True 2. all of the above Qs 13. customer relationship mgmt.

one of the India’s leading private companies has initiated an e-Choupal effort that places computers with internet access in rural farming villages the e-Choupals serve as both a social gathering place for exchange of information and e-commerce hub. all of the above Qs 20. Invalid Qs 21. -----------------sites that provide individuals with the ability to connect to other individuals to other individuals along a defined common interest (professional. B2B-business to business 2. none of the above Qs 1. False Qs 25. B2C-business to customer 3.E-business models ----------------. Flickr 2. hobby. E-procurement 3. all of the above Qs 23. 1. They bring buyers and sellers together and facilitate transactions. Orkut 4. social networking services that can provide opportunities for contextual advertising and subscriptions for premium services are -------------. make a realistic approach to the business 4. all of the above Qs 19. Business plan and a strategic plan is a business requirement to ----------1. 1. 1. E-malls 4. social networking services 4. ITC 2. C2C-consumer -to –consumer 4. E-Malls . public broadcasting 2. E-shops 2.Brokers play a frequent role in -----------------Markets.based on their functional integration and degree of innovation. E-auctions 5. All of the above Qs 24 Third –party Marketplace is a fixed-price on-line marketplace that allows sellers to survey their goods alongside other offerings like Amazon. open source / content 3. 1. E-shopping 3. valid 2. romance) 1.4. none of the above Qs 22. Friendster 3.----------. True 2. 1.Brokers are market-makers. acquire funding / Resources 2. and to keep one on track 3. recruitment of senior mgmt.

none of the aboves Qs 26. the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) criminalizes production and dissemination of technology. or services that are used to circumvent measures that control access to copyright works. registering.------------. cyber squatting 3. web spidering Qs 32. cyber squatting 3. ----------a systematic process for capturing and communicating knowledge people can use. Email marketing 2. devices. all of the above Qs 29. Web spoofing 4. marketing knowledge mgmt. 1. web spidering Qs 31. spamming 4.A road apple is a real world variation of a Trojan Horse that uses physical media and relies on the curiosity of the victim. web spidering Qs 33. cyber squatting 3. Or “sharing what we know with others” 1.Email-Marketing view ---------1. True 2. invalid Qs 28. ---------. valid 2. data drives strategy 2. Web scraping 4.---------. or using a domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. 1. 1. Email marketing 2. trafficking in.means to extract content from a website over HTTP for the purpose of transforming that content into another format suitable for use in another context. False Qs the abuse of electronic messaging systems to indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages 1. web spidering Qs 30. . Email marketing 2. guidelines a technique commonly used for spam e-mail and phishing to hide the origin of an e-mail message 1.4. 1. cyber squatting 3. Email marketing 2. IAB 2. Web scraping 4. Interactive Advertising Bureau standards 3.

Marketing knowledge mgmt. data warehouse Qs 34. web analytics technology 4.--------------includes processes associated with ---------------1. all of the above Qs 39. a datawarehouse can be classify in the terms of -------1.refers to the state of having too much information to make a decision or remain informed about a logic. 3. logfile analysis 2. Google 4. page tagging 3. false Qs 37. Monster 3. marketing knowledge mgmt. includes cost of 1. information seekings sites are 1. all of the above Qs 40. time-variant 3. 1. all of the above Qs 36. Marketing information system 4. ---------. indiatimes 3. non-volatile & integrated 4. rediff 2. total cost of ownership . web server logfile analysis Qs 38. software 3. analyzing info .Connection sites for jobs and matrimonial examples. hardware 2. when and from what computer 1. Shaadi & bharat matrimony 4. data drives strategy 2. data storage 4. Naukri 2. 1. data warehouse Qs 35. yahoo.. Marketing information system 4. data drives one of the technique used to track who is reading a web page or e-mail. collecting info 2.web analytics is the study of the behavior of website visitors 1. true 2. all of the above 2-Marks questions Qs 1. --------------. subject-oriented 2.3. MSN. .

work access . the --------------. all of the above Qs 5. information system 4. analyzing .reporting marketing research info 4. digital divide 2.and -----------.a ------------is the main repository of an organization’s historical data. search. manager. demographic. customer. data warehouse. internet. none of the above Qs 4.. intranet 3.session length means ----------------the -----------------means the type of internet connection and the information receiving appliance affect usage behaviour. marketing knowledge mgmt. internet a social issue referring to the differing amount of information between those who have access to the internet and those who do not have access 1. online transaction sites examples are ---------the top internet languages at present are--------1. all of the above are valide Qs 7. English 2. 1. opinions 4. geographic segments 3. data drives strategy. decision support system Qs 3. interests . Marketing information system. personality .psychographic segments include the following charactersics ---------. database system 2. ---------. activities 3. demographic segments 2. 1. behavior and psychographics segments Qs 6. lifestyle . geographic. stocktrading. Japanese. marketers . bunkering. data warehouse. ---------. customer. intranet 4. values 2. psychographics segments 4. -------. travel portals. /cinema tickets . train / flight booking . time online.can base their segmentation of consumer markets in various methods like --------1. german 3. experience. world wide web 4. collecting. its corporate memory. knowledge system 3. bunkering concept 3.refers to the tendency of people to stay home more. all are correct Qs 8.3. It contains the raw material for management’s --------1. With a very low investment almost anybody that can read and write can have access to the-------1. marketing info system Qs 2.Chinese and spanish 4. Marketing information system.

shopping or purchasing a product) 1. E-marketing. access speed 4. internet. psychographics. process 4. none of the above . internet. access speed Qs 9. ----------. Focus differentiation .XML 3. time per page. behavior 2. site familiarity. geographic. --------refers to what a person physically does (calling a toll free number to order. process 2. 1. service of korea. product 3. RFP. behavior 3. KONEPS. ---------------------revolves around the image and ---------information available on the web. Differentiation is the process of adding meaningful and valued differences to distinguish the product from the competition. EAI. (i)true. a representative electronic govt. The ---------. the time a user stays online. people Qs 13. 1. behavior 4. (i)true. home access 3. 1. (i)False (ii) true Qs 11. none of the above Qs 10. intranet. product distribution strategy is a driving force behind e-marketing ------segmentation. (ii)true Qs 14. (ii)In E-marketing context the differential advantage and positioning can be clarified and communicated by developing an online value proposition(OVP) 1. PPS 4. E-mails. a Niche market allows us to define who we are marketing to . and the most comprehensive electronic procurement service in the world from Korea’s ------------. (i)false. (ii) to differentiate means to create a benefit that customers perceive as being of greater value to them than whay they can get elsewhere. the ------is a location-free . (ii)true 4. (ii)false 2. (i)True (ii)True 3.serve as a transaction and distribution channel. 1. EDI 2. E-marketing . (i)True (ii) False 2. intranet. time-free distribution and communication cahnnel. (i)false. internet 2. internet Qs 12. intranet 3. (ii)false 3. intranet 4. (i)False (ii) False 4.

digital products.and agents that represents buyers are -----------------1.refers to the coordination of the flow of material. the entire distribution channel may be internet based and the supplier can deliver it over the internet to the buyer’s computer. information and finance. metamediaries. R &D. selling agents. symbol or other information. non-digital product. (i)false (ii)False Qs 17. ERP 2. And ----------.ERP 3. ---------. selling agents. reverse auctions 4-Marks questions . (i)True (ii)False 2. for ----------------May be purchased online but must be delivered physically. quality 3. This is also called an IP address or domain name 1. to manage inventory and processes. digital product Qs 19. (i)True (ii)True 3. buyer cooperatives 4. experience 2. (i)True (ii)True 3. Agent that represents sellers are ----------------. 1. non-digital product. virtual malls 3.for -----------. The exact location of that shipment can be tracked using a web-based interface. (i)false (ii)True 4. EDI. (ii)a brand does not represents a promise or value proposition to its customers. non-digital product 3. non-digital process 4. SCM. SET. (i)True (ii)False 2.goods need to be personally experienced to judge their quality. experience 4.goods are those products or services which can be objectively assessed before the purchase. digital process 2. all of the above Qs 16. its intangible value of a brand . 1. XML 4. shoping agents. 1. ERP Qs 20. digital products. 1. i)false (ii)False Qs 18. (i)Internet domain name does not form the part of the branding strategy (ii) A URL (uniform Resource Locator)is a web site address. (i)false (ii)True 4. (i)a brand includes a name. measured in money value. search . Supply chain participants use ---------. ----------.Qs 15. genuine. manufacturers 2.

---------refers to the tendency of people to stay home more.can be geographic. personalization . -------refers to customization of products and services through the use of the internet. marketing.information system includes processes associated with collecting . data mining . psychographic and behaviouristic. knowledge.delivered or managed subset of CRM. internet. 1. analyses . electronically. value. value. digital divide based on the principal that all customers are not alike. value. E-CRM is the ----------. digital divide 2. its corporate memory. strategy. (iii)the process of segregation of the market depends upon a number of factors such as income. data hiding.involves the extraction of hidden predictive information in large databases through statistical analysis. 1. demographic.overload refers to the state of having too much information to make a decision or remain informed about a topic. bunkering. world wide web. intranet. -------factors like efficient markets also affect online pricing. 1. The concept of community is also illustrated by the success of e-business like --------. -------. infomediary 4. none of the above Qs 2. The ---------aggregates and distributes information . data clustering. analog divide 4. A ---------b is the main repository of an organization’s historical data. internal . --------------. privatization. manually. a social issue referring to the differing amount of information between those who have access to the internet and those who do not have access. data hiding 2. cultural preferences etc is called --------- . processing. E-Bay 2. age. E-Bay 4. 1. internal. data. (ii) the net sum of all benefits after deduction all the costs. ----.---------. Customer -------. information. bunkering. infomediary 2. marketing . classification of data 4. electronically. With a very low investment almost anybody that can read and write can have access to the ----------The -------. all of the above Qs 4.Qs 1. external. analyzing and reporting marketing research information. (i) the basis for --------. data warehouse 3. data 3. data . data warehouse QS 5. none of the above is correct Qs 3.where specialty products are autioned as well as more common products. E-Bay 3.

true. promotion 2. price. as well as intangibles such as brand. price. (i)Classification (ii)Differentiation (iii)Integration (iv)Segmentation Qs 6. products and other objects which can be either positive or negative and the evaluation process occurs inside a person’s head. place. product. promotion 3. none of the above Qs 7. it it is high quality we expect a high price. and -----------1. party. web page desiging 2. (i)segmentation (ii)Differentiation (iii)Integration (iv)Segmentation 2. reputation. place.(iv)the rule of ------. 1. process. while low process suggest low quality. user performance data such as click heat mapping or other custom metrics as needed.from which marketers have greatly benefited in terms of understanding markets better and soaring advertising ROI. Attitude -----. principles 4. false. -------. ----------. ----------. people. which must match product positioning. promotion 3. peculiar Qs 9. promotion 2.which includes the physical attributes. -------. warranties.(i) -----------. return policies and support. and design.which includes everything from advertising and sales promotion through personal selling and public relations. which is where people actually buy . sales and lead information. place.can be implemented by studying the general ways that consumers spend time. product. direct mail compaign data. segmentation. place. product. (i)segmentation (ii)segmentation (iii)segmentation (iv)Segmentation 4. 4 P’s of marketing area -------. principles 4.refers to the use of data collected from a web site to determine which aspects of the website work towards the business objectives (ii)web analytics include e-mail response rates. shape. web page desingning 3. return. differentiation. peculiar Qs 8.attitude. (i)Web analytics. process. party. 1. such as colour. product. (i)segmentation (ii)segmentation (iii)Integration (iv)Segmentation 3.are the internal evaluation about people. investigations can encounter problems as regards ---------1. price. sampling 2. product . sampling . process. ----------. all of the above are correct 4.. viewpoint. This helps e-marketers define and describe market segements so they can better meet consumere needs and this is very important for -------------. place. true. product . place. --------. (i)Web analytics. people. customer service. process. ----. price. (iii)Logfiles contain information on visits from search engine spiders (iv)when conducting online research. true. 1.

efficiency. (i)1-1(ii)2-9(iii)3-2(iv)4-3 3. Integrated Marketing communication 8. customer acquisition costs 4. information tehnologies in general tend to be associated with------------Use of -----------------and satellite communications offer new possibilities of universal access to the internet . data exchange 4. 1. false. Cost savings. 1.------------. Universal resource locator 2.uniform resource locator 7. match Column A with Column B 1. peer-to-peer 6. internet. (i)data mining (ii)cookies (iii)false(iv)false Qs 13. Revenues and customer satisfaction are the metrics to assess the internet’s value in delivering CRM Performance. (ii) --------.---------. Being on the web means your business will be visible to an --------. (i)1-1(ii)2-8(iii)3-2(iv)4-4 Qs 12. intranet. data communication system 3.--------------. false. satellite. knowledge mgmt system Qs 11. business . productivity improvements. ICT stands for -----------.are small files written to the user’s hard drive after visiting a web site. communication 9. business 2. 3. strategic goal. page tagging Qs 10. client acquired costs 5. The --------. information and communication tech 2. networking.--------------1. Intranet marketing communication 1. (i)data mining(ii)cookies (iii)false(iv)true 3.involves the extraction of hidden predictive information in large databases through statistical analysis. 4. (i)1-6(ii)2-7(iii)3-5(iv)4-3 2. strategic planning. power lines. (i)Web analytics. (i)data warehousing(ii)cookies (iii)true(iv)true 2. power lines. the formal consideration of an organization’s future course. 2. Internet Mkt. A------.model is the method of doing business by which a company can sustain itself that is generate revenue.allows companies to distribute information at the speed of light and at most zero cost. (i)Web counters. Point-to-Point 3.(i) -------. (iii)web form is the technical term for a form not on a web page (iv)ROI . productivity. improvements. sampling 4. Column A URL IMC P2P CAC Column B 1.3. (i)data processing (ii)cookies (iii)false(iv)false 4. (i)1-6(ii)2-9(iii)3-2(iv)4-3 4. international.audience. true. national.

internet. brokers. 3. 1. they are also called market makers while -----------Buy products from the manufacturer and resell them to retailers. Column B 1. retailers. customer acquisition costs 4. national.compound annual growth rate (i)1-1(ii)2-2(iii)3-3(iv)4-4 (i)1-2(ii)2-1(iii)3-3(iv)4-4 (i)1-1(ii)2-2(iii)3-4(iv)4-3 (i)1-2(ii)2-1(iii)3-3(iv)4-3 FULL FORMS SEO-search engine optimization IMC-Integrated marketing communication SET-Secure Electronic Transactions EDI-Electronic data interchange RFP. request for quotation 3. Request for proposals 2.3. system VOIP-voice over internet protocol IP-Internet protocol DMS-Document mgmt. strategic planning. -------. retailers. CAGR 1. agents 4. match Column A with Column B Column A 1. brokers.who buy products from wholesalers and sell them to consumers. RFP 2. brokers. agents 3. 2. system . wholesalers.facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers without representing either party. -------. -----------. wholesalers 2.content mgmt. commercial Qs 14. strategic goal. wholesalers. international. retailers. all of the above Qs 15 Qs 11. RFQ 3.represent the buyer / seller and facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers but do not take title to the goods. CAC 4. agents. 4.Request for proposals RFQ-request for quotation CAC-customer acquisition costs CAGR-compound annual growth rate ISM-industry sponsored marketplaces KONEPS-Korea CMS. intranet. personal 4.

pointless. measurable Actionable relevant and timely CPACSA-consumer protection against computer spyware act DMCA-Digital millennium Copyright Act SEO-Search engine optimization SPAM-stupid. economic. VMS-Voice mail system ARPA-Advanced Research projects Agency VPN-Virtual private network SWOT-Strength . SCM-supply chain mgmt. annoying message MIS. weaknesses.ERP.Enterprise Resource planning CRM-Customer relationship mgmt.Marketing information system XML-extensible mark-up Language EIA-Enterprise Application integration RFP-Request for proposals . social and technological analysis SMART-specific. opportunities and threats PEST-political.

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