DAIRY FARM GROUP Firm A’s proposition

Prepared by: Group 8 (Section C) Abhishek Mahajan (2012PGP193) Aksh Bains (2012PGP023) Anshu Thakur (2012PGP405) Chaitnya Lele (2012PGP091) Rizwan Mohammed (2012PGP308) Swarnendu Sen (2012PGP392)

Problems (1/2) • Lack of communications network due to geographically dispersed small companies • Duplication of assets • Average stock holding time is very high • Increasing transportation costs • Wastage of human resources • Manual matching large number of orders with supplier invoices and goods receipts notes • Different prices paid for same item

Problems (2/2) • • • • • System are not designed to captures the full details of customer transactions Different version of the same software existed Data storage space minimal as each store has its own LAN Accessing corporate information from remote locations Slow information processing due to manual and inefficient processes

Recommendations • Adaption of electronic retailing • Interface among different functional units • Provide access point on proposed corporate intranet to the vendors • Application Integration and Information Sharing using message broker architecture • Users be provided with secured, location independent access to corporate information resources • LAN at the stores should be interconnected with each other by implementing centralized system • Give training to employees

Benefits of recommendation • • • • • • Web based retail system using client server architecture Full retail capability Facilitate data analysis and decision Making Store orders can be sent in EDI formats Faster processing Reduced inventory

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