Dairy Farm Group – Redesign of Business Systems and Processes

Group 12 Section C
Vishnu V A Harsh Bodh Arun B 2012PGP443 2012PGP126 2012PGP064

Keerthi Kocherlakota
Rahul Balwada


Tapase Tanmay Lalit


• Focused on reengineering of crucial business processes with supporting technology • To facilitate transformation, the entire set of operations can be viewed as Business Process Domains(BPD) • Five BPDs were identified:
– In-Store Systems Technology – Business Unit Operational Systems Planning Process – Business Unit Analytical Systems Business Technical – Group Systems Component Component – Core Infrastructure Services

Business Process Reengineering
• The following characteristics were considered crucial for success systems within each BPD – Availability – Assurance – Usability – Adaptability
Store Systems Problems: •In Store LANs were not integrated with the Central System •Very fragmented and did not provide the entire data for efficient decision making •Store transaction data was not properly maintained which limited the stock monitoring Advantages: •Improves scalability, flexibility and adaptability •It was remotely maintainable and extensible to accommodate new technologies

Inventory Management

Problems: • Stock outages/ excess inventory at stores • Ordering of excess quantity of raw materials from suppliers Advantages • Integration of the operations system; POS, merchandising and warehousing functions • Extension to buyers and suppliers • Specified system of routing and the routed orders are sent to suppliers

Category Management

Problems: • Large inventories of slow moving stocks and stock out of fast moving Advantages • Integration of the buying and the selling functions of warehouse management for effective management • Further enabling of this system for analysis and marketing for customer segments

Electronic Commerce

Problems: • Would require time for customers to feel comfortable about shopping online • Security problems are inherent in electronic transactions

Advantages • Advertising for the products of the company could be made easy • Once people get adapted the process is made easy

Technical Component Reengineering
Technical component reengineering Problems: Complexity of implementation of the entire process Advantages: Core Infrastructure services Complete integration of all the systems

Final Recommendations: • Mere implementation of MIS wouldn’t be sufficient as people’s training also plays a significant role. Business process reengineering would ensure that the desired skill set of people remains updated • Complete integration of the systems across all departments and activities is possible ensuring further reduction of costs and efficient management of people

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