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March 2006

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” - Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
By Frank Kern

I want to tell you about a guy. His name is Tucker. Tucker Max. Here’s a guy who has somehow managed to get fame and fortune by being notoriously drunk and insane. I’m serious. All this guys does is gets liquored up, makes an ass of himself, and then writes about it. And he gets to sleep with a bunch of women in the process. You can read all about him on his infamous website, I found out about him at the local Barnes and Noble. I was in the psychology section looking for books that had helpful information on how to convince people


to do what I want, when I stumbled over his book, “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.” Your guess is as good as mine as to why they had his book in the Psychology section. Anyway, I immediately snatched it up. (How could anyone resist that title?) This is a book of short stories, all allegedly true. All based on wild nights of drunken stupidity with Tucker being the main character in each one. A typical story goes like this: 1. I went out and somehow ended up incoherently drunk. 2. I jabbered at a series of women and was rudely rejected by all of them. 3. Eventually, I uttered some magical combination of words which caused one of the women to want to take me home with her. 4. I complied with her request to accompany her to her home, and when we arrived there we got naked. 5. We had sex; and afterwards, I did something really crazy but I don’t remember doing it. (Like peeing in her closet, showing my privates to her roommate, vomiting behind her night table while she freshens up in the bathroom, etc.) 6. As a result of my actions, I was asked to leave. 7. Between her house and mine, I had many strange encounters such as passing out in someone’s shrubbery, belligerently arguing with police, almost making out with a transvestite, and so forth.) 8. Upon finally returning home, going to bed, and then waking up, I realize I don’t feel too well. 9. I therefore begin drinking in order to alleviate my discomfort. 10. Steps 1-9 are repeated. O.K. - that’s the whole book in a nutshell. But it’s a damn good read and it’s something you should read immediately.


3 . In your face. you may be VERY offended by the stories in this book. And it teaches this lesson by example. It even glorifies drunkenness and degrades women. It’s 110% “I’m Tucker Max so you can just kiss my ass. Mostly men. Why? Because the book is one of those disguised marketing lessons that so few people pick up on. Like “shit. damn. balls-out madness. they want to BE Tucker Max. And Even Offensive Flat Out WORKS.) If you’re easily offended. fuck. It has swear words in it. put your morals on hold for a minute and read it anyway. Especially if you inject your writing with PERSONALITY. but I’m still glad I read the book.” And guess what? His Market Eats It Up! Hell. (I’m not cool with the whole degrading women thing. He’s writing to 18-25 year old college kids. There’s no getting around it. Here’s the lesson: Being Controversial. In Tucker’s book. Outspoken. his personality comes out at you like a rocket propelled grenade. and ass”.Yes.

Young Tucker has a website. What The Hell Does This Have To Do With ME?!? As usual. this is what happened: 1. Many are the same stories that are in his book. There’s a reader testimonial that basically says. His website and blog became very popular. And on that website and in that blog. Stay with me here. And while this is great for Tucker Max. the answer is EVERYTHING. and it spread through word of mouth. he posts stories. Tucker did a bunch of crazy shit and wrote about it on his website and in his blog. you might be wondering. 3. 2. you rule. probably because Frat-Boy A told Frat-Boy B about it.” This guy is so popular. 4 . Tucker made a website. If you slept with my girlfriend it would make me love her MORE. Let me tell you how I think his book came to be. from what I can tell. Anyway. His herd of backwards baseball hat wearing frat boys flock to see him. “Tucker. And on that website. he’s booked most of the year touring colleges and doing book signings. he has a Blog.And they swear allegiance to him like he’s a Demigod Of Debauchery. Don’t believe me? Go get his book and look at the back cover.

. (In this case. He is now famous and is presumably making money from the book sales.” D: Now uses his relationship with that herd to make money. if not the same.) B: Built a relationship with that herd by delivering fun and entertaining messages. but the end result was the same. 5 .) C: Positioned himself as the Leader by basically saying.” 6. (In this case. He: A: Cultivated a herd by standing out and offering something they wanted. He just posted stuff on a website instead of sending stuff by email. By the way. you should take those stories on your site and make a book out of them. He made the book and sold a bunch of copies.4. “O. Let me ask you a question: Is There THAT Big Of A Difference Between His Blog Posts And Say . “Hey.) Wanna know what made it work? PERSONALITY..Escape from daily boredom. The mechanics are different but the process is similar. Someone said. “I’m Tucker Max and I’m the leader. An Autoresponder Sequence? Not really. kiss my ass. (In the form of blog posts instead of email. AKA . He said.K.” 5. sell his book. stories which let them live vicariously through someone they wish they were like. My psychic powers tell me you’re still wondering what this has to do with you. 7.

. This guy’s writing is the exact opposite from his real personality.) And this reaction makes the writer lose credibility instantly. Seen it happen too many times. You read his newsletter and can’t help but think. There’s one guy in our industry. It’s also a BLATANT ATTEMPT TO BE JOHN CARLTON. You can tell that he’s faking it. Someone else is going to come along and take YOUR MONEY from your prospect’s wallet .and transfer it to their own account instead of yours. Them theme. So when I tell you about Tucker Max. I’d read John Carlton. It’s a good newsletter. If you try. “Man .unless you’re really like him.. But before I do. YOU CANNOT FAKE PERSONALITY. This guy knows his stuff COLD and has a lot to offer. He publishes a newsletter about marketing. you’re dead in the water. 6 . A guy who I respect and admire. If you don’t stand out.If I wanted to read John Carlton. I don’t want you to go out and copy his style or anything . it is a good idea to read John Carlton. I want to give you a warning.You gotta have it.. And it shows.. it’s as transparent as Saran Wrap. Are we going to put up with this? HELL NO! Now listen. I’m about to give you some more Autoresponder fodder and continue on with last month’s Us Vs..” (By the way.

Just because you and I respond to sentences like. I’m going to give you more of the Us Vs.I’m just giving you an example of how someone can capitalize on personality alone. but let me give you a warning..and that’s what I’m here to help you do. So how could you convey that with personality . They don’t want to humiliate anyone in their scrap booking club.while staying in tune with the market? Maybe like this: “When my wife came home from her scrap booking club. They do want their scrap books to look good. Prepare to be the envy of your scrap booking club! And don’t be surprised if 7 . She blushingly told me they were bribes the other ladies had given her . You need to find your own groove. the other girls in your scrap booking club will beg for mercy. “This software will put search engines in a kung-fu death grip and make your web site skyrocket to #1 overnight!” doesn’t necessarily mean your market will respond to the same overall vibe. right? Of course. keep your market in mind. however.because they all wanted to know how she was making her scrap books look so good!” Or this: “You’ll love this exciting new scrap booking system.. and then merge with your market’s groove . Choose your language carefully.. Can you imagine writing the Scrap booking market with something like that? “This font collection will make your scrap books look so good. And they do want them to look better than anyone else’s. red-faced and humiliated. But when you do. and get compliments.... I couldn’t help but notice the three home made coffee cakes and the cherry pie she was carrying. is it? That’s not how the market thinks or talks. Them templates to model after.” Ain’t gonna fly.

.. it was like she was invisible! Every eye in our scrap book club was on my scrap book . At least when it comes to scrap booking.the other girls flatter you more and more at every meeting . 8 . With that said.” “She doesn’t have to work so she spends hours on her scrap books . Know who you’re writing to and be sure you speak their language. when I explain autoresponder techniques to you and give you templates..” “If you’re like me. I’m going to exploit a concept I learned from the Great Grumpy Dan Kennedy. So remember..including hers!” All three of these examples imply the same thing: “You will be better than others and they will be impressed by you.But they say it in a language more fitting to the market. hoping you’ll tell them your secret.” “The very first time I showed off my scrap book after using the Scrap Book Secrets system.. She’s a surgeon’s wife and she shows up for our scrap book club meetings in her Mercedes convertible looking like she just stepped out of a magazine..” Or this: “You probably know the woman I’m talking about. The Best Us Vs.. Them Templates Of All Time! For the first one..and boy does it show! They’re always the talk of our group.. But now you and I have an unfair advantage. ALWAYS keep your market in mind. you can’t help but be a little envious of these women.. let me give you two of .” . you need to use them as GUIDES for your own stuff. Every scrap book club has one of these women and I’m sure yours does too.

here’s a template for an email broadcast that for me. Subject: <$firstname$> It’s NOT your fault! Hi <$firstname$>. It’s not your fault! (And it’s not your kid’s fault either!)” “The blame lies on the television networks..If you listen to his copywriting seminar tapes (which you should do at once).. I have a huge spike in you’ll have to give them your money forever. most pro sausage makers will tell you to use fennel seeds for that italian flavor. But now you can take a stand against them and turn your kid into a well behaved Cub Scout overnight thanks to our new in-home electro-shock therapy kit. many of them will make your sausage come out worse! For example.” You get the picture..we’ve been misled by the so-called experts! You see. you’ll hear him talk about how important it is for your prospects to know that . 9 .yet.. So. It’s NOT your fault that your sausages aren’t turning out like you want . Every time I send this out. is like an ATM machine. 99% of the ‘professional” sausage making techniques are DEAD WRONG! In fact. They’re the ones filling our children’s heads with poison. and mugs old ladies.... The truth is .. it’s not their fault! Like this: “Are you 700 pounds overweight? It’s not your fault! You’re a victim of the diet industry that’s taking advantage of you by keeping the real weight loss secrets to themselves .. skips school.” Or this: “So your kid smokes crack every morning..

be prepared to have your friends STALKING you for the recipe. let it cool .. But let me ask you a question.. right? The real trick is to cook the sausage at the normal 350 degrees like we always do. take it out. Christopher Wallace P. 10 . See for yourself what all the fuss is about here: http://www.SausageSecrets.S. and then when it’s almost done. But that was nothing! When they find out how I really blow the whistle in Sausage Making Secrets. NOTICE: There’s talk of lawsuits being filed against me for letting this information out.. I’ll probably get all kinds of pressure to stop selling it.sausagesecrets.and THEN press the whole fennel seeds through the skin. If they’re not telling you this..for revealing secrets like the one I just shared with And that’s why I’m taking so much heat from the Sausage Making industry right now . They don’t want you to know the right way to make sausage because if you did. <$firstname$>. you’d never have to buy another product from them again! That little tip I just gave you was only a tiny fraction of what’s being exposed here: http://www.. what else are they hiding from you? Plenty. When you’re done. finish it up by cooking it for 10 minutes at 175. And that’s why this controversial Sausage making system could be taken off the market at any minute.What the don’t tell you is that when fennel seeds are cooked at a temperature over 200 degrees.. they release an ACID which makes the sausage taste BITTER! But everybody knows that you HAVE to cook sausage at 350 Talk soon. WARNING: If you serve this.

I’ll have to take the site one. However. the ever present implied scarcity of not being able to access the “secrets” in the event THEY Powerful stuff. <$firstname$> . no tricks. It’s all in black and white right here: http://www.sausagesecrets. no forms to fill out. Plus.. I’ll give you a refund and let you keep the entire system for FREE..As it stands now. If you try my controversial (and possibly soon-to-be-BANNED) Sausage Secrets system and you’re not the talk of every kitchen in town. No questions asked.and leave them wanting more. 11 . before it’s too late! Here’s the site: http://www. By the way. I like to send this one out the day after I send out the “It’s Not Your Fault” NOBODY in the Sausage industry is willing to put their money where their mouth is like this. if they have their way. It’s true. OK .sausagesecrets.Why are they so ANGRY?? Hi <$firstname$>.. I urge you to get your copy of this highly confidential and controversial sausage making system immediately .. I give a hint of what’s being kept from them . I will NOT back down. Professional sausage makers are furious with me because I’m making them look bad with my outrageous guarantee. In this example.

com There’s something you need to recognize about both of these templates. You can see it in plain english here: http://www..and I’ve finally “cracked the code” to the real way to make amazing sausage every time .com The fact is... see what your fellow sausage lovers have to say about it here: http://www. You’ll be glad you did: http://www. I’d rather you keep my entire system for free ..just as my way of saying “thanks for trying it out. then I refuse to accept your money.. if you’re not the talk of every kitchen in your neighborhood after you put Sausage Secrets to work for you.sausagesecrets. Either way.sausagesecrets. In fact.eve n if you’re a beginner! But don’t take my word for it.. maybe you’ll have a friend who’d like to try it..S.” Who knows.just like you. Christopher Wallace P.. 12 . The only difference is. I’ve dedicated YEARS to sausage making .sausagesecrets. don’t you wish *everything* came with a guarantee like this? Test drive this Talk soon. Remember that guarantee? That’s the real deal.Do you know why? Because they’re giving you BAD information! And you know what’s really got ‘em steamed? I’m not even a professional sausage maker! I’m just a regular guy from Alabama who loves sausage .

We can’t sell shit if they don’t go to the site. Get Them To Click The Damn Link! That’s all.. Now . I like a MINIMUM of three in mine.. But the reason your autoresponders need to be empathetic and entertaining is just so your prospects will actually READ them.. NOT the autoresponder’s job.Notice how many times I inserted the LINK in the message. It is NOT to sell your product. That’s the driver behind this whole thing.. It’s very important that you put the link to your site in each message as many times as you can get away with. Can you guess it? The REAL purpose of your autoresponders is to . You still need to make sure you’re sending out EESMs instead of boring junk. The reason I do this is because I know the TRUE purpose of a follow up sequence. It’s ONLY to get them to go to your sales letter. It is NOT to discredit your competition..let me clarify. you can (and should) pre-frame the prospect and put him in a buying mood before he clicks the link.And it’s the SALES LETTER’S JOB to sell the product. 13 . However. ..

You don’t want to say “Click here”.S... I’m just sneaking in a little pre-frame and sliding in a link to where my prospect can see what the fuss is about for himself. Here’s the exact lingo that makes this pre-frame happen: “ If you try my controversial (and possibly soon-to-be-BANNED) Sausage Secrets system and you’re not the talk of every kitchen in town.In the second template. “ P. I pre framed the prospect by hammering the guarantee. no forms to fill out. I’ll give you a refund and let you keep the entire system for FREE.” 14 . You can see it in plain english here: http://www.” “Here’s the” And . You can see why here. No questions asked.sausagesecrets. It’s all in black and white right here: http://www. I didn’t talk about how great the guarantee was as much as I simply stated that it: A: Existed B: Was pissing THEM off. no tricks. C: You can see it at this link here. Remember that guarantee? That’s the real deal. You want to fly under the radar and say things like this: “See what others had to say here.sausagesecrets.” “When they get wind of this they’re going to flip out. And your wording is important when you do” Notice how I’m not overtly selling here..

STEAL FROM YOURSELF. So here’s a very underutilized tip for doing just that: STEAL No.. 2. Pre frame buyer. And speaking of your outcome. 3. So if you were to outline the function of your autoresponder components it would look like this: Subject line: 1. Get attention. my psychic powers are telling me you’re a part of this Ultra community for one primary reason: TO MAKE A BUNCH OF MONEY. 2.. Create bond with prospect. Get link clicked Remember. Know your outcome. 15 . Do not steal from others. Create anticipation for next message. Body copy: 1. everything has a clear and defined purpose.All of those sentences are geared to get them to click on the link.and no more than it’s job alone. Get message opened.S. It’s crucial that you let each component do it’s job . In our Ultra world. P. Act with that purpose in mind. 4.: 1. Get link clicked.

I’ve been in this stage forever because I’m too damned lazy to make a product .Do you remember how we stress fight club rules and advise you to play your cards close to your vest so your sites won’t get knocked off ? Well even if you’re even more cautious and paranoid than John “Howard Huges” Reese himself. and send traffic to it! Use a different character for the sales process.. it also creates a false sense of competition for others who might want to move in to your niche. create a similar product to the one you’re already selling. And you’ll naturally want a different sales letter. And speaking of making more money. here’s a test I did that . Just get another domain. You basically do the same thing a competitor would do.. 16 . eventually you’ll have some competition.. Increased Profits By 300%! I have one market I play in where I’m still in the “send ‘em to an affiliate program” stage. Not only does this make you more money. I wouldn’t advise moving into any new niches until you’ve cloned yourself at least once in the niches you’re already in. of course. This is a no-brainer. I’m telling you.even though it’s OBVIOUS this market is ripe for the plundering.. You can expect to almost double your traffic and sales from this strategy once you have your “competitor” site up and running optimally. And you can cross promote the “competing” products to each list! So you’re basically doubling your exposure in the market. So why not go ahead and knock off your own site? It’s easy.

My daily sales are the same as always. Take a minute right now to think of any aspects of your business you might be making false assumptions about.above the bullets. I took my over a year to test putting Adsense on the opt in pages because I “knew” it wouldn’t work. For example.00 a day in PPC traffic in this market. I spend about $150.500+ unique visitors. I put it right under the headline .. the answer is right under our noses. Ever since i started the test. The great thing is the adsense didn’t really kill my opt in conversion the way I thought it might.I wanted to see if I could squeeze out some more money so I decided to see what would happen if I put Adsense on the opt in pages.. I’ve brought in about $120 a day in adsense! This means I’ve reduced my expenses by about 75%! So now it costs me only $30 or so a day for 1. my profits have shot up dramatically. We don’t know ANYTHING until we test it. are you using audio on your sites because your competition does and you therefore assume it pulls better? Or have you tested to find out for yourself ? 17 . So while my list is growing at a slightly slower pace.Anyway .. Period. So where my daily profit used to average around $50 .it is now around $170! Pretty nice pay raise from a simple test :-) Sometimes. I dropped from 20% to about 15% opt in conversion.. Around $200 or so on average. Obviously I was wrong.

It’s bad news in the kindergarten too.Or have you tested it against something different entirely . but then I should have understood I’m dealing with Ultra’s (Ultra’s by name and Ultra’s by nature!) and some of you are already buying and selling sites! So I need to warn you: Selling websites has a massive Achilles Heel What’s an Achilles Heel? The phrase refers to this ancient Greek (actually he may have been something else ... ----------------------. You can also get caught with “Piggy in the Middle” syndrome.. I had not intended writing on this topic so soon.| ----------------------- 11 March 2006 Woodgate National Park. But do you actually do it? You should. How many times is there an “odd” one out when three little girls or boys play. So this is selling article number 3 and it is causing me grief. Three people going into business together is bad news.Are you using a particular opt in layout because you’ve seen everyone else using it so you assume it works? . QLD The Biggest Weakness in Selling Your Site by Ed Dale I don’t like the number “3”..but you’re paying me to help you sell your site not 18 . More bad news. A condition I am very familiar with. One test could give you a pay raise that will pay for this newsletter many times over.just to be sure? I know that YOU KNOW to test.

5K a month profit. This guy was invincible (much like Frank) but there was a tinsy winsy problem. Think about it . Your profit producing selling site candidate is a lot like our mate Achilles .000 and 4 months” and I can replicate (nice word for “ripping you off blind”) any money making site on the web. Anywho.pass a history exam) guy called Achilles. actually that would be telling). hand over your sites vitals (this will be explained next month) and you’re making 2. Tap old Achilles on the heel.. there is an answer and it’s a lot better than just saying no (to assholes)... looks.. Let me tell you how it’s done:- 19 . and it’s GAME OVER MAN...a 96K saving) and your site has competition and your cash flow for the month barely leaves enough profit for a McHappy Meal (TM). This dude was the entire package. You’re asking for upwards of 100K for the sale. but! I suppose you’re keen to know what it is by now.. Unfortunately your buyer is a cleverly disguised asshole and trots off to rent-a-coder to spend hi 4K (to the assholes way of thinking . he could kick major ass and play guitar like Clapton in the Cream years (like I said marketing not history). OK! Here it is .it’s perfect.I call this weakness “4000 bucks . In the act of telling a potential buyer “hey check out my sausage making site that your interested in buying” Blammo! You just exposed your site to being ripped off. OK.4 months” What do I mean? I mean “that give me $4.. GAME OVER. His only weakness was his heel (Frank’s is Thai Man. Bummer.

000 for the privilege of spending a day with him..indeed. Next month .your website (or any business for that matter) has a series of statistics that allow an investor to instantly gauge a sites worth. First up . Just like a doctor bursting into an ER room to get a snap shot of how the patient is doing . I thought this was a bit rude at first then I realised he was doing the client a favour .someone who will ferociously look out for your interests in a sale while trying to achieve an amazing deal for all parties (I did say all and I’ll explain why in the “creating the offer” month). 20 .. Your topic is “relatively” immaterial to the buyer. He would often cut the client off in mid-spiel about their business and say “it’s all mud” now tell me about this. Thank goodness! It’s this fact that allows our middleman to protect our websites Achilles Heel.I’m going to teach you about “vitals”. Here’s why. Do you want to know a really cool thing? Not one of these vitals is your topic “sausage making” for example or sudoko or new age or guitar playing! The subject is “Mud” Let me walk you through this.“Enter The Dragon” The key to not being ripped off by assholes is to use a “Dragon” What’s a Dragon? A Dragon is a Negotiator . and he would get to something that was vital with a freakish ability. It is indeed mud.. saving a huge amount of time. For once in your life a middle man is When I started watching Gary Halbert consult with clients that paid him $15.

we first Pre-Frame it. 5.we don’t just blurt it out ..4 months). Someone always does this in a negotiation. 2.000 and 4 month rule .. isn’t it damn cool that if you just think about all of this stuff ahead of time. Guess what. A theme I’ll come back to many times in the months ahead. Of course ... 21 .let’s talk about that first. gambling or “Man-Women of Middle Georgia” You do this using a “Pre-Frame”. It has one massive weakness ($4. This web business is great.. So the buyer completely understands why we won’t reveal the actual site. And the best way to Pre-Frame something is to tell a story.. they’re right! After spending countless hours of negotiating the other party comes upon the “weakness” and pulls the pin.000 . they don’t figure it out until AFTER they have bought and then they go thermo-legal on your ass! What (at best) a waste of time. how easy it is to in the Dale law of negotiating .When you open negotiations (when I say you I of course mean your middle man) You need to determine if the potential buyer has a problem investing in certain markets . As a side note.for example porn. 4. Now this story needs to have a moral (a lesson) and here are some of the lessons we want to teach the buyer: 1. afraid that this will cause the sale to fall through. Let’s try the Ed Dale “Walk through the valley of danger having no fear because I am the BADDEST . you know the rest” method. Here is how we address that weakness. Most people selling something gloss over any weak points. Please make sure it is you. And make it work to our effectively build a “frame” to mark the boundaries of your negotiation.that lacks class . A Pre-Frame effectively means that you set an agenda for your talks . 3. To recap our biggest weakness is the $4. Or even worse.

the good news for you Mr Buyer is the site you’re looking to invest in has been inoculated against this problem. (This little bit of pre-framing sets up a slam-dunk piece of theatre later in the sales process). if your site is making $500 profit a month.7 million dollars when I sold my sites last year..back to the Achilles Hell and the middle man.” “Our best barrier to entry is the database of XX thousand names collected over XX months.. that paragraph would be worth somewhere between 12 and 18 thousand is so easy to keep track of everything that goes on in a niche and all of the relevant authorities are very eager to shut ripoff artists down that it didn’t affect the growth of the site at all. In my case. In fact. The programmer was not stupid (devoid of any ethics .but not stupid) and proceeded to copy the whole thing. “there is an Achilles Heel (paraphrase this newsletter article).” WHAT THE!!!! Like I said. this article is WAY out of order .I would tell a story about how my best friend had an incredibly successful site making thousands of dollars a month. Unfortunately for him he had one programmer from Egypt who built the site for him. that paragraph and the concepts behind it made me 1. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for us . As part of the sale price we will show you how to use this asset as an incredible cash-cow. But that is for another month .. 22 .” “Now.” “And of course over the next 12 months if our team discovers any new techniques to make you more money or protect against rip-off artists we will do that too.but that last paragraph is worth a fortune if you just get it’s power and majesty. before we go any further. I would then segway to the following:“Look. you need to understand that this business has so many wonderful things going for it:” List all of the good stuff here.

000 dollars payable within seven days of any breach that the site in question does not involve any areas that the buyer has outlined as areas that the buyers would not invest in. non-dressed up for sale (no pretty accounts trickery in this business) summary of accounts. you can walk away at any point in the initial discovery process.” “if you’re interested in proceeding further. the only thing not revealed will be the site name.” Doing this protects you the buyer from wasting there time and protects the seller from scum-sucking rock dwellers.. you will see where every single penny has been spent and where every single penny has been received.” “With the business you’re about to buy. you will pay $X to a third party escrow agent.” “Here is how the process works.” “You will literally know everything there is to know about this business.” “Unlike buying a real business where the paper work is barely adequate and you’re dealing with books that have been dressed up for sale. “One of the best points of buying an online business is the incredible level of detail you will receive.” “The sellers will warrant to you with a penalty clause of $10. After you sign a non-disclosure agreement we will hand over a comprehensive. You get the idea! 23 . I have bought and sold a lot of businesses and the level of transparency and disclosure is incredible.I would continue on. At that point the site will be revealed to you.. This deposit is non-refundable unless the seller has mislead you in any way.” “Prior to us revealing the site you will sign a binding contract of sale. independently audited.. The only thing the seller insists upon is that the actual niche topic itself remains undisclosed until you have evaluated every single element of this business and have determined that it’s worth getting serious about.” “Now please remember.

Here is the Ultimate Negotiating position as taught to me by Herb Cohen. George is a very busy man (so are you) and most agreements (read sales) are full of hundreds of agreed points and two or three “deal breakers” which are points of major disagreement. “Care. And this second reason cuts to the heart of “The Art of Negotiation”. The broker can always say “I’ll need to check” or “That sounds reasonable but I’ll have to get back to you”. The other reason is a skilled negotiator can back you in a corner you don’t want to go.but you want to stick to something like this to make sure you are protected. The prepared speech that DUBYA read out would have been the work of a dozen people alone. Now there is a really good second reason to use middle man. You know when you see George W negotiate some sort of trade deal with some other country .it’s about being smart. Your web site is your baby and your WAY to emotionally attached to it. HUH! Of course.this is just ONE part of the negotiation and it’s not the first part I just don’t want to see you getting ripped off. Why are things done this way? For starters.There are a million variations to this process . hammers out the deal in a couple of hours then stides into the press room and reads a prepared speech and signs these dirty big 2000 page agreements.a handshake “My word is my bond” is not good enough here! Please note:.He ‘jets in”. There is also another reason this is a good idea. these agreements are the products of a thousand hours of negotiation. This is not about being rude . And NO . but not TOO MUCH” 24 . A middle man acts as a circuit breaker.

a negotiator that is on your team. Speak soon. “Any deal worth doing will come to within inches of falling over at least TWICE in a negotiation” At these times . Righto . Ed 25 .next month back on track as we work on your sites “Vitals”.This is a very hard state for a web site owner to achieve. That’s where the broker can add major value! Here is another Dale golden rule of selling.this is where you need to roll the big guns (that’s you I’m talking about) and you have that up your sleeve if you’ve been using a “Dragon”.

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