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In this edition was made an attempt to collect together particles of invaluable experiences of Ancient Chinese medicine in the field of treatment and prophylax is of some diseases and also to open century-old secrets reservation of beauty, youth and health. FIRE TREE EARTH SUMMER SPRING END OF SUMMER HEAT WIND DAMPNESS DEVELOPMENT BIRTH CHANGE RED COLOUR GREEN COLOUR YELLOW COLOUR BITTER TASTE SOUR TASTE SWEET TASTE JOY ANGER MEDITATION SMALL INTESTINE GALL-BLADDER STOMACH HEART LIVER SPLEEN WATER METAL WINTER AUTUMN

COLD DRYNESS DISAPPEARANCE WASTING AWAY BLACK COLOUR WHITE COLOUR SALT TASTE PUNGENT TASTE FEAR MELANCHOLY KIDNEY LUNGS URINARY BLADDER LARGE INTESTINE In this edition by the description of every preparation is represented sign system of "five elements" and monad in which this "element" (main influence upo n what this preparation realizes) is shown by color. but effect develop s slowly. it would seem. In an ancient classic book of tr . ani-mals. This analytic way of argumentation that prevails from the time of Renascence. Yin-Yang-preparations influence mild both chronic and acute processes. but it is le ss prolonging as by Yin-preparations.united joint system with polar and complementary aspec ts of Yin and Yang that always are in movement realizing processes of trans-form ation. plants. stars of Solar sys tem? In the basis of western thought underlies the simplified model of interpret ation of natural phenomenon and human health. Stab le treaty effect is reached quickly. It exists an opinion that the worl d like a mechanism can be taken to pieces and then as-sembled. catastrophe occurs. Hu-man life and changeableness always are subjects of surroun dings influence. human from surroundings. Preparations have stable effect. positive influencing immune sys-tem. has separated soul from the body. harmonizes organism. Effect of treatment is reached fast. According canons of traditional Chinese medicine human organism is part and parcel of Cosmos. Why modern people lose their presence of mind when they begin to learn. Nature . easy and un-derstandable laws of mutual relations between human and surrounding world .the Earth. Yin -preparation Yang-preparation YinYang-preparation Yang-preparations influence acute processes. If the bala nce of polar powers is dis-turbed. life prospers in harmony. It occurs quick tonic effect u pon immune and nervous system. If elements of nature are balanced. Yin-preparations influence chronic processes. the Heavens. During thousands of years Chinese doctors and scientists have observed and studied nature and have tried to understand secrets of interaction with them.

8. Normalizes a tone of nervous prolonging elixir Decoction "Laojun" is a gift of nature. With the increase in the availability of Chinese medicine strong sites of b oth medicine methods can be united. immunostimulant (on the appointed doze) action. a climacteric synd rome. and hollow . transfers it into information structure of the person. it is successfully used in the regenerative pe riod after heavy craniocereberal traumas. is one of the circumstances that show the necessity of le arning of century-old Chinese experiences. spirits. common dis-turbance of balance and wholeness turns into pathogen indication (illness). The receipt of this product exists about 1000 years. 6. their weak sites can be reduced to nothing.intestines. Decoction "Laojun" incorporates energy of space. Some peo ple reject tradi-tional Chinese medicine because it doesn't keep within limits o f modern model. Of course the future in the problem solving of health isn't in the choice "either or". Chinese medicine learns us to perceive the way of world's functioning and to find harmony in context of the whole. and also for improvement of lactation. primary sterility. Improves activity of cardiovascular system. improving a feed of a brain. time and space. Immunoregulatory. By the growing interest to the alternative m ethods of therapy . they consider it as eccentric charlatanry. Laojun decoction . Anti-inflammatory action. Antimicrobial and antiviral action. that was written in II century B. decoction "Laojun" has the following basic prophylactic properties: 1. other people see in i t something mysteriously. the Moon and constellations. gall-bladder. consciousness and substance. etc. To treat illness after it has occurred.a-ditional Chinese medicine "NEI JING". spleen.heart. Restores energetic processes of internal organs. bladder. because methods of investigations and treatment develo ped by doctors of traditional Chinese medicine. 5. disseminated sclerosis. It is recommended for harmonization of vital functions' processes of woman a nd fetus during pregnancy. a nd allows quick adaptation to negative conditions of an environment. are surrounded with myths and le gends. 10. lungs. Laojun raises tolerance to stressful situations. It consists of 20 wild plants growing in northern areas of Chi na. kidneys. insults. In Western countries Chinese methods of treatment have stroke root: acupunc ture. Value and growing popularity of traditional Chinese medicine consists that human realizes afresh wholeness that initially was in ancient culture where it w asn't clear limits: between peace and moving. is equal to dig out well if on e wants to drink or to forge weapon if the war was begun". disorder of menstrual cycle. Representing Cosmos i n miniature. raises inte llectual and physical efficiency. is s aid: "Preservation of order but not correction of disorder is a main principle o f wisdom. pathological processes in the cardiac muscle. 4. for restoration of woman's organism in the postnatal period. Takes part at regulation of endocrine functions. we move under the action of the same forces that Cosmos. Suppresses pathogenic microflora of intestines. cauterization. It is successfully applied for the prophy laxis of catarrhal diseases and of exacerbation of a chronic inflammatory pathol ogy. as dense . 9. liv er. it is shown in complex treat ment of diabetes. It is used at chronic lassitude. Medicine of ancient China has stand tests of the time and deserved attent ion not only because it brings considerable result but also why it is an incarna tion of logical philosophy that includes many aspects of human life. stomach. illness and health. bearing in itself the pr ogram of longevity. Gathering of them occurs in a strict conformity to space po-sition of the Su n. normalizes sleep. 3. 7. It is successfully used at functi onal disorder of a heart rate. Incapacity to adapt to some conditions. eliminates or compensates dys bacteriosis. mas-sage. in complex treat-ment of a ch ildren's cerebral paralysis. Western medicine even slowly but aspires to the understanding of this whole ness.C. hypo-and hy-perthyrosis. but it is in the combination and cooperation be-tween both medicines. neurosis. . 2.

and i mproves memory. considerably reduces toxic action of chemo-and radiotherapy on healthy tissues. As a result of reception of decoction "Laojun" become norma l activity of the main regulators of vital activity of an organism. restores efficiency. Raises quality of life of oncological patients.program. evenly and softly activating all basic systems of organism. first of all as the preventive means directed on rejuvenation of cells. Harmon y of amino acids and microelements making pearls al-lows forming in gastroenteri c tract well soluble. fractures. Course . delay of processes of pathological ageing. before the use to shake up. There is a deposit. difficult heeling wou nds and other affections of skin. Calcium has high biological activity. and also at atopic dermatitis. Calcium takes part at blood's coagulation.bottles 10 ml. hen ce is means of nonspe-cific prophylaxis of oncological diseases. delayed eruption. and at ext ernal use. that decoctio n "Laojun" is means of universal action. Doctors of the Chinese traditional medicine consider the medicines created on the basis of natural pearls. The pearl powder is successfully used as auxiliary means by the treatment of osteoporosis. neuroendocri ne and immune system what provides equilibration of all exchange processes there fore activity of various organs gets right. Method of use: decoction "Laojun" is intended for external and internal use . Pearl powder "Huanhe" This preparation is made of natural river pearls. having thus powerful rejuvenating effect. di sorder of bite. a llows sportsmen to improve sports parameters (dopes are absent). 12. Institute of clinical immunology (Russia). teeth. rickets. Calcium supervises a number of enzymatic processes connected to formation o f energy. syndrome of chro . Decoction "Laojun". at the same time makes a ctive intellectual activity and mental abilities. Medical research University of Shanghai (Chi na). certainly. On a chemical compound re presents a harmonious complex of calcium of carbonate. nails. It is effective auxiliary mean at neurasthenia. It is the basic structural component of bony. As against synthesized preparations containing calcium the pearl powder is created by the nature and carries in itself energo-informative beginning. Researches according to influence of decoction on basic systems of an organ ism were carried out by a number of the research centers and institutes . It is used at inflammatory di seases of any localization. at caries. raises endurance at physical loadings. Dozes are individual and vary from 1 drop up to 10 ml. The form . makes 60 %. It was discovered. is the basic product of tonic and preventive plan of "Greenspring". suppresses neuro-muscular transmission. I t is used for improvement of work of cerebral cortex. 13. The Pearls as a medical product is used by the Chinese traditional medicine in treatment of many dis-eases. Is means of nonspecific prophylaxis of oncological diseases. Comprehensibility of th e calcium contained in the pearl powder. may cause darkening of gray h air. improves sight. 18 amino acids and 18 mic roelements. Adjusts processes of transfer of a nervous pulse on a nervous fiber. antiedematic and antiallergenic action. non-obl iteration of fontanel at children. Improves growth of muscular weight.11. and is effective both at internal.12 days. Slows down processes of ageing in an organism.the Ch inese Society of Biological Ageing. in this connection a pearl pow-der is successfully used at various bleedings. The preparation influence sedative nervous system. It is capable to remove free radicals to improve a metabolism. The ionized calcium adjusts mechanisms of phagocytosis of cancer cells. There is no branch of medicine where there woul d be no justified a prescription of the preparations made on the basis of pearls . parodontosis. Coordinating production of biological active substances and reducing at tha t diaphragm penetrability. a pearl powder "Huanhe" renders prophylactic anti-inf lammatory. bony rarefication. easily soaked up calcic complexes. 12 bottles in packing.

makes s trong body. brings up blood. in packing 20 capsules. mental abilities of the future child. It is used as auxiliary mean at treatment of disorders of menstrual cycle. Especially it concerns to energy system of a female organism. refluxes and other disorders of digestive system. The preparation is highly effective prophylactic means intended for a female org anism. NAN BAO "Man's jewelry" Composition: a ginseng. including infections. Contra-indications not observed The form: 100 % powder of pearls. NU BAO "Female jewelry" Composition: herb Paris (Paris polyphylla Fr). The powder of pearls strengthens protective forces of an organism. Correcting contracting activity of smooth muscles. an impotence.3 g. raises t olerance to external nega-tive factors. It is used at " hundred indispositions ". The preparation improves visual acuity. cinn amon Loureira. it is recommended at disorder of menstrual cycle. peculiar to a female organism at emaciation of vital energy. and gelatin from donkey leather. impotence. tonic. dyskinesia. Method of use: pearl powder is used per oral. At atopic dermatitis.3 g of preparation. helps to eliminate keratoleukoma.nic lassitude. elm-leaved pineapple-flower. normalizes motility of alimentary cana l. reduces dryness and fragility of hair. It is successfully used in complex therapy of convulsive syndrome of epilepsy. unhealthy complexion. and also for improvement skin's turgor it is recommen ded to add the powder in any indifferent cream (for example "children's"). dryness and f ragility of powder on wound surfaces of a skin or mucous then bandaging by a sterile gauze napkin is necessary. is used at emaciation of vital energy in man's or-ganism as a result of long physical and mental over loads. and arterial hypertension. Inside . preventions of presenilation. Working on energo-information level. and rejuvenating action. It is applied as auxiliary mean at common indisposition. 1-2 times per da y. The powder of pearls has tonic effect on a myocardium. and neurasthenia.highly effective preventive means. 300 mg in 1 amphora. It is shown as addi-tional mean at cordial insufficiency. Beneficially infl uences exterior and mental-ity. and rejuvenating action . . paralyses and paresis of various ori-gins. It is recommended to pregnant women for harmonious development of a fetus. the pearl powder brings in organism th e program of rejuvenation. promotes normalization psychoemo-tional conditions and hormo nal background. adjusts a vascular t one. polymorphous angelica (Angelica polymorpha Maxim). and external. re-stores Qi. cl imacteric syndrome. antlers. a multiple sclerosis. tachycardia. From the point of view of east medicine "Female jewelry " warms up Yang. Contra-indications are not present The form: gelatinous capsules on 0. its immune and nervous system. ginseng. External . "Man's jewelry " . Dozes from 1/6 up to 1 amphora on reception. Has common strengthening. 20 capsu les in packing. a neurotic syn-drome. and frigidity. tonic. and is used at complex therapy of atony of intes-tines. hippocampus.washin g down with water. increases wisdom and is used at emaci ation of Qi by female organism. locoweed (Astragalu s Huantony Franch). Has common strengthening. antlers. heavy illnesses. Chinese angelica. pearl powder expands bro nchial tubes at broncho-spastic syndrome. appetite. 24 amphorae in packi ng. Contra-indications are not present The form: the gelatinous capsules containing 0. disorders of sleep . Restores healthy complexion.

Ural licorice. syndrome of chronic lassitude. Contra-indications: not observed. In the boo k also are given descriptions of pills at various diseases and symptoms. and normal-izes a level of sexual hormones. and efficiency. hormonal disorders. Well-kno wn doctor of 16 century Li Shizhen (1522-1596) in book "Basis of pharmacology" h as given the detailed characteristic more than 1500 means from herbs. microflora of va gina. cold food ". round cypres s-grass. and also at nonspecific ba cterial vaginitis. disorders of menstrual cycle on a background of overfatige etc. chronic diarrhea. 10 pills in packing. Indications and action: the preparation of adaptogen group raises protectiv e forces of an organism. neu-rasthenia. Pills are made on the modern process equipment where proportions of the basic me dicinal substances. w eakness. Chinese ma gnolia vine. ginseng. Method of use and doze: 3 times per day on 1 pill. as heightened fatigability. milk additional mean by the treatm ent of asthenic syndrome. white-flowered peony. For example. washing down with warm b oiled water.C. irritabil-ity. a t "reduction of Qi quantity". cinnamon Loureira. disintoxic. as prophylactic mean by the com-mon collapse. white-flowered peony. root of foxglove. and milk-flower peony. Action: raises immunity. For a basis of offered pills are taken recipes of ancient Chinese doctors. it is used at dis-orders of functioning of stomach and spleen. in the p ostnatal period. Pills are practical in use. honey. milk vetch huang qi. normalizes structure of blood. Action and indications for use: prophylactic anti-inflammatory. processed sticky rehmania. skunk bug-bane. Contra-indications: not observed The form: a pill 9 g. milk vetch. excessive sweating. 10 pills in packing Pills for a stomach bringing up Qi Composition: Chinese hare's-ear. irritability. used in Ancient Chinese medicine.C. prolapse of uterus. surgical opera-tions. are strictly observed. At such manifestations. . 40 minutes prior to meal or in 2 hours after meal. Action: restores vital functions of an organism and " brings up Qi ". Chinese magnolia vine was used in the Chinese medicine of 150 more years from B. angelica. anor exia.Pills The first Chinese book about medical herbs is written in 2600 B. 10 pills in packing. fibrous codonopsis. a nervous overstrai n.2 years). Tonic and restoring forces pills " Great restoration " Composition: fibrous codonopsis. unhealthy c omplexion. Pills "Silver feather " Composition: Japanese honeysuckle. and decoction . " rai ses level Qi ". Pills "White phoenix" a tonic preparation for women Composition: meat of the black hen. The form: a pill 9 g. disorders of diges-tion. dizziness. meat of a black hen. In therapy the Chinese physicians give the big place to ginseng. adjusts a motility of digestive tract. macrocephalic distaf f thistle. Method of use and dosage: take per oral 1 pill 3 times per day. Method of use and doze: 1 pill 2 times per day to wash down with boiled wat er. Contra-indications: " crude. sweating. prolapse of rectum. The form: a pill 9 g. vitality. at rehab ilitation of patients after long heavy illnesses. etc. It is used at "deficiency of blood's Qi" . It is used as auxiliary mean at asthenia of organism. do not demand additional modes of storage (a pe riod of storage of pill is of 5 years.

reducing consumption of oxygen by cardiac muscle. . Chinese angeli ca. Pills for liver "Dragon's gall" Composition: gentian. hepatitis of various origins. functional diseases of cardiovascular system.It is used for strengthening coronary blood flow. at the same time calming action.febrifuge. The deposit is possible.It is recommended by the pupil at the raised intellectual loadings. NAO XIN SHU ORAL LIQUID Composition: " honey mushrooms ". consolidation of memory.At the diseases of nervous system accompanying with intellectual insuffic iency. influenza. detoxic. mioc ardiodystro-phy. depressive neurosis. att ention. gardenia. . tachycardia etc. speeches. Helps to raise stability of tissues of a brain to hypox ia and toxic posttraumatic encephalopathy. facilitates process of training. It is used at ARVI. Elixir Naoxinshu renders positive influence on exchange processes and blood circulation of a brain. R aises coronary blood flow. 10 bottles in packing. Action and indications for use: has prophylactic cholagogic. It is used as auxiliary mean at functional disorders of liv er. antiinflammatory action. The form: a pill 10 g. be fore the use to stir up Terms of storage: 2 years The form: 10 ml in a bottle. hare's-ear. tonic. Method of use and doze: per oral 1 pill 3 times per day to wash down with b oiled water. Indications: As auxiliary mean in a complex therapy: .It is highly effective at disorders of brain blood circulation. honey. and acute conditions of chronic patho logy of any localization. . dyskinesia of gall-removing ways. . Xin An improves stabilizing of rheological characteristics of bloo d (normalizes coagulation). Has prophylactic ant iarrhythmic action. Has comm on strengthening. or in 2 hours after meal. XINAN KOUFUYE Composition: salvia multirhizome (Radix Salviae Miltioorrhizae). headache etc. Method of use and doze: 1 pill 3 times per day. interfering with formation of atherosclerotic plaque on vessels' walls. Contra-indications: pregnancy Method of use and doze: per oral . woody aloe (Ligni Dalbergiae Odorif-erae) etc.) which is shown by disorders of memory.It is successfully used at chronic cerebral-vascular insufficiency (a cer ebral atherosclerosis etc. Elixir Nao Xin Shu optimizes microcirculation of a whole organism.on an empty stomach 40 minutes prior to meal. and also at dizziness. Contra-indications: not observed.). . . 10 pills in packing. plantain. Dozes vary from drops up to 5 ml 2 times pe r day and depending from a condition of the patient. washing down with boiled wa ter. The form: a pill 9 g. Royal jelly. Contra-indications: not observed. Imp roves microcirculation of all internal organs and com-mon condition of cardiovas cular system. Promotes concentration of atten-tion. espec ial during preparation for ex-aminations. accompanying with disorders of activity of cardiovascular system (arterial hypertension. myocardial infarction. . and seeds of plantain Asian. stenocardia. 10 pills in packing. In this connection it is highly effective in complex therapy of ischemia. reducing level of cholesterol in blood.At neurasthenia. Indications for use: it is recommended for prophylaxis of heart diseases. some kinds of arrhythmia. Baical scullcap.

weeping forsythia. disorders of sight. There are 20 bags in a package. at hemo rrhoids. a streptococcus. Has prophylactic antisclerotic action. Salmo-nella. In gerontological practice the extract Xiao Shuan is used only drop w ise. From the point of traditional Chinese medicine . the general atherosclerosis. Action and indications for use: has prophylactic anti-inflammatory. and a root o f peony red. Action and indications for use: Extract Xiao Shuan improves microcirculatio n of all internal organs. white staphylococ-cus. take 2-3 times per day. 10 bottles in packing. Contraindications: not observed. before the use to shake up. speech. rhodomyrtus tomentosa. sharp tonsillitis. posttraumatic cerebrasthe nia. Baical skullcap. Extract Xiao Shuan is used at disorders of blood circulation of lower extre mities. There is a deposit. Shuang Huang Lian has preventive antibacterial activity on golden staphyloc occus. colon bacillus. earthen worms.At syndrome of intracranial hypertension. Improves local blood ci rculation in ischemic sites of a brain. Dozes vary from 5 drops up to 5. attention.remov es dampness..auxiliary mean by the treatment of hepatitis Composition: Ji Gu Cao. warning formation of thrombi . at chronic cerebral-vascular insufficiency accompany-ing with disorders of memory. It is successfully used as auxiliary mean at disorders of brain blood circu lation of various origin. pneumonic bacillus. memory. etc. Method of use and doze: to take per oral on an empty stomach 40 minutes pri or to meal or in 2 hours after meal. Improves rheological characteristics of blood. Method of use: cover 1 bag with hot boiled water. Hypericum japonicum thunb. speech. Proteus. The Extract Xiao Shuan is used as prophylactic mean at various diseases of nervous system con-nected to vascular changes and disorders of exchange processe s.attention. noise in a head. at long use promotes reso-lution of thrombi. influenza and parai nfluenza. a positive stick of nitrate. interfering its deposit on vascular walls. Ji Gu Cao is used as auxiliary mean in the therapy by acute infectious hepatitis in icteri c and non-icteric period. hepatop rotective (restoring struc-ture and functions of liver cells) effect. an aerogenic . Helps to raise volume of brain blood circulation due t o expansion of blood vessels at level of precapillaries. artemisia iactiflora wall. promotes lowering a level of cholest erol in blood. a root of Chinese angelica. bronchitis.0 ml 2 time s per day. JI GU CAO. ELIXIR SHUANG HUANG LIAN Composition: Japanese honeysuckle. diphtheritic bacillus. Course of treatment lasts from 5 about 30 days. Method of use: per oral 40 minutes prior to meal or in 2 hours after meal o n 1-5 ml 2 times per day. It is used in complex treatment of varicosity of lower extremities. Extract XIAO SHUAN Composition: a root of milk vetch. warns viral pneumonia. This product has prophylactic antiviral activity and raises immunity of org anism. artemisia capillakitaib. The Extract Xiao Shuan optimizes exchange and power processes that result i n stability of tissues of a brain to hypoxia and toxic influence. Contra-indications: at hemorrhagic insult to start treatment in 14 days fro m the beginning of disease. dizziness. Helps to resto re and stabilize the broken functions of a brain . defo rmation bacillus. z anthoxylum avicen-nae. The form: 10 ml in a bottle. diplococcal p neumonia. calms liver. The form: 10 ml in a bottle. dysenteric bacillus. Form: quick soluble granulose dry extract 10 g in a bag. 10 bottles in packing.

is made under the ancient recipe . not wounding center of thermoregulation. Fu Fang Man Shan Hong has prophylactic antitussive effect. it 's building reduces. bronchial asthma. etc. After the course of Sh uang Huang Lian it is not observed asthenic syndrome that is characterized for r econvalescents. including all types of grippes. Dozes for adults vary from 10 ml up to 60 ml according the severity of condition. dysenteric bacillus. . Shuang Huang Lian is use d local by purulent skin diseases. infectious wounds. In China it is called "King of the medicine against cough". Before use the product should be shaken up (there is a sediment). Action: Qing Re Jie Du has high sorption activity. bronchiectatic disease. Shuang Huang Lian is nontoxic. difficult separating phlegm Fu Fang Man Shan Hong promotes it s diluting and lightening its removing. by a lon g speech activity . Method of use and dosage: to take per oral on an empty stomach 40 minutes p rior to meal or in 2 hours after meal. conjunctivitis. caused by sensitive to them patho-genic organisms. It has additional diaphoretic effect. a streptococcus. To w ash down with warm boiled water. Fu Fang Man Shan Hong has also broncholytic action (extends bronchi by its spasm). and immu nocomplexes.stick. weeping forsythia. and rhinit is. don't cause dysbacteriosis. bronchospastic syndrome. Ve ry interesting feature of Shuang Huang Lian is its selective action according pa thogen microorganisms. Tincture from cough Fu Fang Man Shan Hong. Local intranasal 2 -3 drops.5 -10 ml take per oral 3 times per day before t he meal. By viscous. pneumonic bacillus. It is high effec tive auxiliary mean by tick-les in throat. Its structure includes pure herbal raw ma terials. reflex cough."lectors illness". As washing out of toxins it s lowly lowers body's temperature. Indications for use: as auxiliary mean by inflammatory diseases. woad. Qing Re Jie Du has preventive antibacterial activity on golden staph ylococcus. The taking of preparation doesn't disturb mobile equilibrium o f microflora of intestines. a positive stick of nitrate. a stick of Flexner's citric acid. diplococca l pneumonia. herpetic infections. deformation bacillus. bronchitis. raw gyp sum. in the incubation period of tick-borne encephalitis and other infectious diseases. it increases sensibility of pathogen mi-croflora to synth etic antibiotics. Preventive antivira l action of the preparation Shuang Huang Lian ap-plies to the virus of parotitis . a stick of Flexner's citric acid. that is very important for small chi ldren. slags. At that the activi ty of respiratory center is not suppressed. whooping cough. grippe. radionuclids. Indications for use: as auxiliary mean by pharyngotracheitis. For the children dosage vary according the weight. intestinal bacillus. diphtheritic bacillus. has no s ide effects and age requirements. Multiplicity of taking . For children dosage should be reduced according age. The form: 10ml\ bottle FU FANG MAN SHAN HONG Composition: rhododendron (Folium Rhododendri Daurici) etc. white staphylococcus. If there is hypersecretion of phlegm. tick-borne encephalitis. Beside this it is high effective prophylac-tic antibacterial mean with a wide spectrum of action. Baical skullcap. Form: 10 ml\6 bottles QING RE JIE DU LIQUID Decoction "against heat and poison" Composition: honeysuckle. is known from times of dynasty Tang.ARVI. blue pas bacillus.promotes removing from organism toxins. and that's why is active used for the prophyla xis of various pathological conditions . It makes more active sec retory function of the organ-ism. and also to the group of virus t hat cause acute respiratory viral infections. It has anti-inflammatory effect.3-6 times per day. Method of use and dosage: 2. It is successfully used d rop wise intranasal by rhinitis and sinusitis. By internal use has common prophylactic detoxi c effect . dry. pneumo nia. an aerogenic stick.

contains m . The form: 10ml\ bottle Xiao Ying Pian . spleen. and all kinds of grippe. Action and indication for use: preventive anti-inflammatory.5 ml up to 5 ml. honey.auxiliary preparation by psoriasis Composition: Sophora flavescent. . This product is made by using high technology from Fructus rosa davurici th at grows on wild planta-tions of northeast China.Syndrome of alcoholic abstinence. It is used as auxiliary mean by the treatment of psoriasis. vitamins.1 month. . It is used as auxiliary means by in-somnia. grippe. various fevers. for t he children the dosage should be reduced. Ginseng Royal Jelly strengthens kidney. bronchial asthma. by senile weakness. It is not recommended to take Ginseng Royal Jelly during the second half of the day. etc. pharmacological poisoning. neurasth enia. dis intoxic mean. It is r ecommended as adaptogen in post-natal period. influen za. Form: 100 tablets. .and microelements. Contraindications: not observed. Method of use: three times per day 7 tablets. Indications for use: high qualitative tonic preparation.Food. In connection with this asthenic syndrome is not observed after cours e of decoction "against heat and poison". stomach ulcer. It strengthens org anism. It opti-mizes activity of hypophysis. and prevents from degeneration of cells into cancerous.Abstinent syndrome by narcomania. for the people after surgical oper ations. Chinese magnolia vine. has preventive antitumoral ef-fect. herpes . and syn-drome of chronic overfatigue. For the children . rheumatoid arthritis. Dozes for adults vary f rom 2. GINSENG ROYAL JELLY Composition: Radix Ginseng. Contraindications: pregnant women should take this preparation carefully. Vitamin's king Composition: Fructus rosa davurici. Royal jelly contains great quantity of fer ments. parotitis. honey . anemia. course . hypoallergenic. It is used as auxiliary mean. improves substances exchange. and as a conse quence is used in a complex treatment of all endocrine diseases. fresh royal jelly. i t is not compatible with raw food.Qing Re Jie Du is used as auxiliary means by the treatment of cold. allowing them to fight with infection with help of internal protective energy of organism. dystrophy. softens consequence s of radiation treatment.2-5 drops on the year of life or ac-cording the prescription of the doctor. and tick-borne encephalitis.Acute conditions of chronic inflammatory pathology every localization. It is vitamin-rich. ac companying with common in-toxication. and liver. impotence. . macro. Contraindications: not observed. . Indications for use: As auxiliary mean by: . by medicam ents treatment. Conditions of storage: keep in a dry cool place. . Preparation acti-vates immune system. and hives.Intoxications by malignant neoplasm Method of use and dosage: take per oral 10-30 ml three times per day. neurod ermatitis. including diabe tes. Form: 10 ml\bottle. increases its immunity. Method of use and dosage: to take per oral 1-2 times per day on an empty st omach 40 minutes prior to meal or in 2 hours after meal. chemical. earth fu shen. acute respiratory dis-eases.For the lowering of toxic influence by chemo-and radiotherapy.Infectious diseases including ARVI. etc. shell of cicada grub.

It is an effective mean at overfatigue. effectively protects liver and intestines from the influence of variou s toxic products that contain in parasites (lamblias. non-saturated fat acids and the microelements necessa ry for biological activity of an organism. strengthens functions of a brain and lun gs. To make 1 bag in 200 ml boiled w ater of 10 minutes ac-cording individual sensitivity. and not hind ering water-salt balance. deformation of gall-bladder. Method of use: to take 5-10 ml per oral 1-2 times per day on an empty stoma ch 40 minutes prior to meal or in 2 hours after meal. Indications for use: this product represents new tonic strengthening mixtur e. Dosage: 1 teaspoon 3 times per day before meal. After the stopping of use the condition will normalize. and reduces cholesterol. Collateral actions: by overdose (more than 3 packages) may appear nausea an d vomiting. refined accord ing original special tech-nology. improves sleep. biltricidi. tiberal.any necessary amino acids. Method of use and dosage: is taken as tea.. pains in liver and intestines region. it reduces gall's vi scosity. In small dozes laxative tea is used for the normalizat ion of energy processes in intestines and for the cleaning of mucous membrane of intestines from slags. tanni ng agents. and bitterne ss. BIANBITONG Laxative tea Composition: Alexandrine senna. heartburn. etc. Indications for use: natural high effective laxative tea. Herba Cisianches. lowers lev el of bilirubin. prevents from stone' building. E. Chinese angelica. such as: macmirror. Action: improves quality of liver activity. opistorchi). spastic and atonic colitis. carvacrol. Helps to normalize peristalt ic of intestines. cavon. has preventive anticarcinogenic and antiradiation action.biological active food addition Composition: wheat bran. The product promotes the norm . Vitamin' s king raises appetite. Contraindications: not observed. In opinion of experts this product is one of the best foodstuffs and protection of health. all ergic conditions and dysbacteriosis. lowering surface tension of gall. also by meteorism. gall-removing ways and alimenta ry canal. essential oils. lambliasis and its conse-quences. It contains plant fiber. If withi n 10 hours effect is not observed to drink one more bag. chronic hepatitis and fat hepatose. constipations. HU GAN PILLS Made from natural high-quality raw materials. improves blood circu lation. Contraindications: not observed. Contra-indications: it is impossible to take by pregnant women and people w ith disorders of function of spleen and stomach. To stop reception of a preparat ion it is recommended right after stool normalization Form: bags -2 g. long-time lying. caused by spine fracture. surfeit. para lysis. To take at night. etc. allergic skin diseases. chronic cholecystitis and cholangitis. Helps by the treatment of an atherosclerosis and co ronary insufficiency. alcohol and o ther unhealthy compounds. caraway seeds and fruits of fennel. not increasing penetrability of intestinal walls. dyskin esia of gall-removing ways. Form: 10 ml\10 bottles Karvipar . Drink after with 100-200 ml of water. and high-smelling compounds: limonene. 6 bags in a package. B. Indications for use: as auxiliary mean by the treatment of opisthorchiasis. raises sexual function. promoting its better outflow. strengthens immunity and resistibility of organism. Is applied as mea ns of auxiliary therapy by various constipations. helps to liquidate condition of bitter-ness in mouth. conditions after the re moving of gall-bladder. contains vitamins C. bilirubinemia. vario us intoxica-tions and conditions after the use of preparations with toxic effect .

Contraindications: not observed. and has detoxic effect. Method of use and dosage: to take per oral on an empty stomach 40 minutes p rior to meal or in 2 hours after meal. sacrum. liver cirrhosis. 4. Composition: cultivated cowherb. It is used as means of auxiliary therapy by chr onic hepatitis. Contraindications: not observed. cystitis. knee-joints. weight. SHEN SHI TONG JI . 15 pills in a package. Composition: Chinese magnolia vine. sper-matorrhea. urinary bladder. Action of preparation: extract Shen Shi Tong Ji helps to dissolve stones in . strengths immune functions. gall powder. etc. poisoning by tetra chloride carbon. It promotes normalization of exchange in bone tissue. Method of use: to take per oral on an empty stomach 40 minutes prior to mea l or in 2 hours after meal. is made from natural Chinese he rbs on the basis of modern progressive technology. It normalizes biochemical indexes of blood. Extract Shen Shi Tong Ji . Form: pill\3 g. urethra. etc. at disorders of urinatio n including enuresis. di shormone uterine bleedings.1 \6 in according to age. It is not recommended to eat during taking of this preparation raw and cool food. disorders of menstrual cycle.mean for prophylaxis of stones' building in urinary-removing ways. and vessel s of lower extremities. fr igidity. internal membrane of c hicken stomach. 3. British elecampane. moistens dryness. by initial sterility. Dosage varies from 1\12 to 1\3 2-3 times per day in according of health condition. disturbance of func tion of gall-bladder (acute phase of chronic cholecysti-tis). Preparation strength-ens intellectual and physical efficiency.alization of gall-removing functions. Hu Gan removes heat from a blood. restores liver functions and normalizes biochemical indexes. Conditions after microwave crushing of stones in kidney. Prophylaxis of urine-stone illness. It is high effective prophylactic means by impotence. HAI MA SENSHEN PILLS Pill for improvement of kidneys' function Composition: ginseng. Indications for use: Hu Gan improves exchange processes in liver cells. Indications for use: the effect of Hai Ma can be cleared only from the poin t of eastern medicine. ureter. protects liver from toxic influ-ence of chemical compounds. The form: 6 pills / 10 g. Dosage varies from 1\32 to 1\3 2-3 times per day in according of health condition and h eaviness of pathological process. and health condition. Indications: As auxiliary mean by the treatment of: 1. gecko. Strengthening effect o f Hai Ma Pills spreads on kidney and urinary-removing ways. pharmacological substances. premature is new high effective mean for the prophylaxi s of stones' building in uri-nary-removing ways. 2. e liminates nervous overfatigue. Pills extend prophylactic anti-infla mmatory and immunomodulatory effect. 5. For children dosage should be reduced to 1\32 .ac tive products of an ani-mal origin. Pills Hai Ma optimize activity of kidneys by insufficiency their functions. hare's ear. genitals. antlers. woad. Inflammatory process of urine-removing ways (pyelonephritis. it is successfully used as mean of auxiliary therapy at kidney insufficiency every stage. Hai Ma tones and strengthens Yang of kidneys. Conditions after surgical operations on kidney and urine-removing ways. u rethritis). feeling of cold in body and legs. in this con nection is realized control over lower part of body. Hai Ma helps to elimi nate such symptoms as weakness in waist. hippocampus and other biological . It extends positive influence on vessels of lower extremit ies. drink after with saltish water. Stones in kidney. infec-tious liver diseases.

That's why diseas es of mammary glands including non-malignant neoplasm are usually caused by full or partial blockade of meridians Chun and Ren. Form: quick-dissolved granular extract. "Heavenly pearl " reduces risk of tu-more processes in mammary glands and ovari es. that the effectiveness of the preparation is 96.1 bag dissol ved in 250 ml of a warm boiled water till full eliminating of pain. To take 2-3 times per day.5 %. RUPIXIAO . Composition: Baical milk vetch. Contraindications: not observed.preparation for the prophylaxis of mastopathy.morning . Jiazhu. prevents stagnant effects in mammary glands.7 %. i ntended for recovery of woman's health in postnatal period. common dandelion.92. Taiwanese sweet gum. Japan sea tangle. Form: bags 15 g with brawn granules. Method of use: to dissolve content of 1 bag in a warm boiled water. Gynura pinnatifida. take 1 bag 2 times per day. helps to eliminate inflammatory proces s of urine-removing ways. caused by uri ne-stone illness. It is shown in complex therapy b y disorders of menstrual cycle. Quick dissolved dry extract . after dinner. Laminaria. Tetrapanax papi rifena Koch. course 10 days. in noon. Traditional Chinese medicine considers that mammary glands are associated with stomach. They directly have an influence one on other. taste is sweet. From the standpoint of Chinese medicine extract Shen Shi Tong Ji eliminates heat. Loss of blood and co lossal hormone rebuilding that occur in woman's or-ganism by birth and during po stnatal period. Contraindications: not observed. Method of use: put out 1 bag with warm boiled water. "Heavenly pearl" has haemostatic effect. Notes: this preparation should be taken with caution by patients with diabe tes.15 days. it is usually necessary 1-2 courses. Course . psychological adaptation. weeping forsythia. at the same time it extends pro-phylactic antibacterial action. pain in a lower part of abdomen.quick dissolved dry extract stimulating lactation. using modern technology and progressive equ ipment of pharmaceutical production. Millettia reticul atum. it is possible to take extract every 10 minutes . Extract helps to restore and increase lactation by women recently confined. So. nipp le . By heavy conditions it is possible to use following schema . if there is a stone in kidney effectiveness is 88. figwort. reduces edema of mucous membrane. Saussurea. Composition: antlers. pain in waist a nd by sterility. by abundant leucorrhea.kidney and urine-removing ways and promotes its painless eliminating. angelica multiform. positive influences permeability of ducts of mammary high effective prophylactic preparation. t here are 10 bags in a pack-age. Preparation prevents pos tnatal exhaustion and rapidly fills up Qi. Preparati on has diuretic effect. Ef-fectiveness of extract depends on process localization.2 bags in 500 ml of warm boiled water. promotes fast contraction o f uterus in postnatal period and restoration its functions. cultivated cowherb. Extract is also effe ctive as auxiliary mean by disorders of menstrual cycle. Indications for use: this preparation is made according effective receipt t hat was developed by fa-mous doctors of traditional Chinese medicine on the basi s of long-term clinical experiences. promotes elimination of p ain syndrome. etc. "Heavenly pearl" . improves quality of milk. It has antispasmodic effect.7%. revives blood. in urethra . There are 15 components of natural raw materials of animal and plant origin . 20 bags in package. and in evening 1 bag dissolve in 500 ml of a warm boiled water. demand of great number costs of vital energy and often they are cause of deficient lactation and stagnant effects in m ammary glands. By dysuric disorders (painful urination) and nephritic colic. slightly astringent.with liver. 360 examples of clinical observations bring to conclusion. This product is made from natural herbs using modern scientific technology.

hormone background normalizes. Method of use: preparation deposit on acupuncture point "Tianmei" and shoul d be massaged. As a result is a change of taste receptors to tobacco. Usage of ointment "Ru Yan Ping" can help women effectively to practice with prophylaxis of oncological diseases. Course . Indication for use: as auxiliary mean by the treatment of mastitis. Form: bottle 20 ml. Method of use: deposit a small quantity of ointment on affected part of mam mary glands. three times per day 5-6 tablets. Ointment helps to eliminate pathologic colostrums. Restore and nourish Qi of blood 5. Initially it seems bitter. Basic prophylactic characteristics of pads "ZI MEI SHU": 1. non-malignant neoplasm of mam mary glands. Notes: it is necessary to be under observation of oncologist. Optimal regime of using this mean . bloody secretion s from nipples. improves tissue cha nge and local blood circulation. then tasteless and to the end develops disgust to tobacco. Antibacterial and antiviral action 3. Principle of action is based on theory of meridians of traditional Chinese medicine. serous. and fibromatosis.prophylactic ointment for mammary glands. Composition: salvia multirhizome. furuncu losis of mammary glands. Normalization of functions of organs of pelvis and perineum 2. ZI MEI SHU . RU YAN PING . Form: tube -40 g. gynaecologist .32 g\ 100 tablets. by the necessity course can be repea ted.every 1-2 hours using 5-minutes massage . It is used as auxiliary mean at initial stage of acute mastitis. anesthetic and antitumoral effec t. Ointment was developed during long-term investigations of Tianjin Company o f production of products of health "Usung". Pads Zi Mei Shu are prophylactic and hygienic mean of traditional Chinese m edicine. . stimulates vital functions of cells of mammary glands. action of ointment is based on the principle "through external influence treat internal diseases". MIRACULOUS LIQUID. To use ointment 2-3 times per day. In a complex therapy it can help to dissol ve diffuse and knot indurations caused by mastopathy. As result prophylactic an-esthetic. Contraindications: it is forbidden to take by pregnant women. In especial cases course can be repeated.means that helps to remove nicotine dependence. and borneol . Sophora flavescent.prophylactic pads. olibanum. Ointment is good absorbed by skin. effect will last till morning. 6. antitumoral effect is observed.6 the preparation. The ac-tion of the preparation is due to capacity for impro vement of meridians' permeability. carefully massage during 10 minutes before full absorption. fibro adenoma. Make healthy microflora of external genitals. This is a preparation of third gener ation. Contraindications: not observed. The more often the preparation is deposited and massage is taken. the faster the res ult will be observed and the more the result is stable. If the remedy is deposited before sleep. Promote normalization of local tissue immunity of organs of pelvis and p erineum. Package: 0. renders prophylactic anti-inflammatory. disintoxi c. Dosage: per oral. mastopathy. Anti-inflammatory action 4. For the course one package is nec-essary.

These symptoms will be over during 6-12 hours and don't demand of additionally interf erence. orchiepididymitis. 3. Hemorrhoids. . .Endocervicitis. .20 days. positive influences the whole women' sexual sphere. Composition: Peucedanum Japonicum. diabetic). influencing on the points of energetic meri dians that are in the area of per-ineum.Frigidity. Medicinal effect of the pad remains during 24 hours. 6. normaliz es microflora. 4. 7.Inflammations of hemorrhoidal knots. 12. Indications for use: As auxiliary mean by the treatment of: . Acute and chronic prostatitis Method of use: to fasten with sticking surface to the underclothes in that way that active surface of the pad was located for the most part on the center o f effect. to red uce edema. By u sing of pads ZI MEI SHU the treatment of acute thrombosis of hemorrhoidal knots occurs faster. 5. Anal fissure 13.Sanitation of generic ways during postnatal period. Disorders of menstrual cycle (primary and secondary amenorrhea. . Pads ZI MEI SHU are very good test mean. an esthetic action on the mucous membrane of external genitals and vagina.Vulvitis. Viral affections of genitals and organs of pelvis. vulvovaginitis.Itch of vulva every origin. They are able to "wake" stagnant i nfectious processes in organs of pelvis and perineum. Erosion and pseudoerosion of cervix of the uterus 9. Pads ZI MEI SHU have proved as auxiliary mean by the treatment of especiall y men's dis-eases such as acute and chronic prostatitis. Indications for use: As auxiliary mean by the treatment of: 1. Postoperative period after surgical operation of abortion 10. algodysmenorrhea. antiseptic. FU TSE LING . Commissural processes in the cavity of small pelvis. Notes: there can during first 3-6 hours unpleasant feelings at the area of contact between pad and body (feeling of burning or on the contrary cold). to resolve thrombi. premenstrual syndrome and etc). . Course of the tre atment .and polymenorrhea. . Pads ZI MEI SHU are very good harmonious mean that allows using them succes sfully by the treatment of various dishormone disorders of women genitals.Consequences of operative treatment of cervix of uterus . 2. promotes regeneration of ti ssue. . erosion of cervix of the uterus. Endometriosis 8. . secure multifunction of this mean. Volatile phytoncids. borneol.Painful irregular menstruations.Bartholinitis. pads bring in themselves natural energy a nd information. .complex for women. Complex therapy of mastopathy 11. Inflammatory diseases of organs of pelvis. during some hours it helps to eliminate the pain syndrome. Primary and secondary sterility. its cystous changes. Contraindications: pregnancy Form: 10 pads in a package. considerably increase sens ibility of pathogen microor-ganisms to the action of antibacterial preparations.Urethritis. oligo. colpitis every origin. Have reparative action Soaked with extracts of 49 herbs. . Itch of external genitals (including hydrocyanic.Acute and chronic inflammations of organs of pelvis. to eliminate inflammatory. increases protective characteristics.7. Action: this preparation has prophylactic anti-inflammatory.

etc. wear during 1-2 days. JIE ER JIN . . deliver from secretion and clean mucous membrane. providing by such way prophylactic ef-fect by variou s inflammatory diseases of women sexual sphere. At morning to syringe vagina with salt solution. At the same time they have prophylactic bacterici dal and anti-inflammatory effect on the mu-cous membrane of genitals. the funnel-shaped openings of them pass moist ure inside and hinder its leakage outside.everyday hygienic pads. . in-troduce into vagina its content at a depth of 5 cm. Composition and quantity: 10 pads made from nonwoven material. .Vulvitis. Method of use: at evening to wash genitals with warm boiled water. itch of exter nal genitals.Condylomatosis.Flabbiness of muscles and dryness of mucous membrane of vagina. . . disorders of menstrual cycle. eliminate inflammation and itch.Painful and irregular menstruations. Then to wash external geni tals. hinder dev elopment of pathogen flora. and also as auxil-iary m ean for the treatment of colpitis.Inflammatory diseases of uterus and appendages. Pads have preventive bactericidal characteristics.Normalizes tone of vagina muscles. colpitis every origin including fungous. and from mild surface perforated layer that has very go od penetrability. .prophylactic pads for the women Composition: are made from natural materials and dozens of herbs (borneol. Contraindications: pregnancy XIAO FEI . vulvovaginitis. Pads have protective effect that's why they can be used for the prophylaxis of vener eal diseases di-rect after sexual intercourse.brown.Hemorrhoids. Action: pads are very good hygienic mean that guarantee protection for the women during men-strual cycle. Special indication: rectal introduction is not allowed! Form: there are 10 disposable syringes and 5 pads.Abundant secretions from genitals. To fasten hygienic pad to the clean underclothes. are used for the prophylaxis of gynecological diseases. codonopsis. Method of use: to fasten with sticking surface to the underclothes. . to take out syringe. open dis posable syringe. Co urse of treatment 10 days. Peuce-danum Japonicum) Action: pads have prophylactic antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect on t he mucous membrane of genitals and skin of perineum. Indications: As auxiliary mean by the treatment of: . Composition and quantity: 5 super thin pads made from nonwoven material. two packages are necessary for o ne course (course is 20 days). to use once. The color of herbal layer may be from yellow to brown. prevent from beginnings of stagnant effects in organs of pelvis. endocervicitis. layer with h erbs Jie Er Jin (Peucedanum Japonicum. la yer of herbs and perforated layer. freshness and comfort during the whole day. vulvovaginitis.Itch and dryness of external genitals. To use once. help to eliminate heat and itch. helps to do away pubic para-sites. JIE ER JIN -hygienic pads for menstrual cycle.) that can be straw or yellow. premenstrual syndrome. . Contraindications: menstrual period and pregnancy. . These pads are used as hygienic and prophylac-tic mean.. Conditions of storage: to keep in a dark cool dry place. Method of use and quantity: to fasten with sticking surface to the underclo thes.Erosions of cervix of the uterus. To change every day one pad. large-toothed angelica. simultaneously positive influence on the mucous membrane of genitals. Action: create feeling of cleanness.

Contagious mollusk. It is used by arthrosis. uni-formly take the content of small bag (thinning agent) on su rface of lotion at the middle of plaster.8 cm. virus. wear 24 hours. Skin diseases caused by bacterial infection. has prophylactic antiedema and anesthetic effect. Indications for use: As auxiliary mean by the treatment of: 1. arthrosis. For the treatment of mucous membra ne of genitals to dilute preparation in ratio 1:10. sulfurwort. Has light ane sthetic action. . Fungous affections of feet. perim etritis and also intervertebral hernia of disc (caused by cold and dampness). Erysipelas 7. borneol. From the point of Chinese medicine . Preparation is non-toxic. 1:6. change every day. and protozoa. and fungous flora. course of therapy lasts 15-20 days. Warning: not allow the preparation to get on conjunctiva of eyes. Viral warts. camphor tree. stopping pain.5 plasters. strengthen sinews and bones. 4. Lingrui Plaster. Method of use: to wash clean affected part. For the help i n eliminating of acute symptoms it is enough to use 1 plaster. 5. neuralgia.necrotic mass it is necessary p reviously to dilute lotion in ratio 1:5. dislocation. Every plaster acts during 12-14 hours. Form: bottle 120 ml. osteochondrosis. caused by osteo-hondrosis. itch. fungus. ap-pliqu?' work and also for the syringing. to use once. and help to eliminate rheumatic pains. nail plates. take away the film from the sur face of plaster. arthritis. ??????. helps to eliminate edema of mild tissues. Indications for use: as auxiliary mean by the pain syndrome every localizat ion. stick to af-fected part or on the corr esponding point. 2. Herpes every localization 6. For the skin surface and wound surface with big quantity of purulent.Method of use: to fasten with sticking surface to the underclothes. carefully press sides of plaster. 3. contusion of mild tissues. miositis. ar-thritis. JIE ER JIN -antiseptic mean. Method of use: antiseptic mean Jie Er Yin is used only as external mean in the form of lotions. Pain-Eliminating Plaster Pain-eliminating plaster is made from natural herbs of Tibetan plateau of C hina using modern tech-nology. Action: promotes microcirculation and local exchange of substances. Indications for use: plaster is used as auxiliary mean for local anesthesia by various traumas . sprain of bundle organs of joints. Action: improves microcirculation and local exchange of substances. Inflammatory processes of urogenital system. Composition: Chinese angelica. Dosage: apply to affected part. Contraindication: not observed. Plaster contents active components that redu ce pain. installation into nasal duct and into external a coustic duct. but has hot effect. 9*12. myositis. It has strong prophylactic anti-in flammatory effect. For the full reco very . It is active as auxiliary mean by the eliminating of virus.bruises. Not allow gargle with this prepa-ration. Antiseptic mean made from natural components. stimulates channels and permeates into bones. In a non-dilute form can be used only on nail plates. has pro phylactic anesthetic effect. Form: 7* 10 cm.eliminates col d. it is effective during 24 hours. etc. helps to dis-solve bruises. Cleansing of infectious wounds 8. bact eria. "revive s blood".

strengthens secre-tion of gall. disseminates c old. evening). stick on the area of navel. susceptibility to allergy. herpes. Indications: plaster is used by various skin problems. Form: plaster with lotion. For children dosage should be reduced to ?. hinder expansion of epidemic inside of room. . intellect and soul. Candles for protecting of liver function and nourishing spleen Mechanism of action: promote action of intestinal tract. Golden tortoise magical incense Aromatic candles There is big quantity of mechanisms in the world that are able to influence positive our condition on physical and more delicate levels. help to eliminate constipations. etc. Contraindications: not observed. strengthen i nfection control. . Action: promotes penetrability of meridians and collaterals. Method of use: take away protecting film from plaster. influenza. and regulates processes of internal secretion . Every plate can be used during 3-5 days.wrote Chinese philosopher Wang Wei. Pistacia lentiscus and borneol. In t he Koran it is written: "Aroma is a food that wakes up spirit " Aromas . pigmentary spots. hinder penetration of virus through vessel wall and its quick division. Candles are effective by various diseases of liver an d alimentary tract. Possibilities of the treatment with aromas are various but it exists one co mmon rule: they always are di-rected on achievement of full harmony and health. help by listless d igestion. also by itch. strengthening energy and fill though ts with peace and pacification". psoriasis. Composition: root of white-flower peony. For the children dosage should be reduced to ?. "Aromas work cleaning and restoring. As prophylac tic mean to burn for meal from ? to 1 candle 2 times per day (morning. They increase protective characteristics o f organism. help s to eliminate itch and "tickling" at the area of back wall of throat. Dispeller plaster . revives blood. release liver bile duct from stagnant gall. One of these mecha nisms is aroma. influ-enza. During illness: promote reducing abundant burning secretion from nose. horny an d rough skin. and science that study influence of aromas on the human c ondition is called aromatherapy. Can-dles promote loweri ng of temperature at ARVI. hinder fu rther expansion of infection to upper respiratory tract. freckles. Are used for the prophy laxis of complications after ARVI. stimulate liver activity. Contraindications: not observed. Candles for prophylaxis of influenza Mechanism of action: during epidemic: increase local immunity.plaster with cosmetic effect. They pass to organism definite biological p ositive oscillations that in-stantly draw body. It is co ntraindicated during men-strual period. Method of use and dosage: to burn before the meal from 1 to 3 candles accor ding the condition. smell. Candles are used as auxiliary mean by diseas es of pancreas and spleen. nour-ishes Qi. Treatment with aroma counts in traditional Chinese medicine more than 5000 years.bearer of information. Method of use and dosage: to burn before meal or sleep from 1 to 3 candles according the heaviness of disease. It is effective by b lackheads. Organs of sm ell have more faster reaction then all other: through limb system aromatic subst ances reach direct cerebrum and affect them. Package: 1 plate of plaster. Caution: to use carefully by pregnancy. re-duce consequ ences of intestines dysbacteriosis.Sizes: 90*120 mm.

Candles for smoothing cough and asthma. Candles calming nerves Mechanism of action: help to eliminate the condition of stress. Candles promote cleaning of bronchial tree. Reg ular use of candles (1 candle over night) makes the organism more resistant to s tress situations. Arterial blood pressure normalizes. Candles normaliz e sleep. reduce feeling of weakness in the body. tin nitus. psychosomat ic disorders. Method of use and dosage: in the room without draught to burn for the meal or sleep from 1 to 3 can-dles according heaviness of disease. Contraindication: not observed. helps to restore bloodstream in small capillaries of kidney. evening). reduce spasmodic cough. Candles positive influence nervous. reduce head aches. For the prophylaxis to burn from ? to 1 candle 2 times per day (morning. Contraindications: not observed. Mechanism of action: improve tone of vessel walls. insult (acute disorder of cerebr al circula-tion). stimulate erection.For the prophylaxis to burn before the meal from ? to 1 candle 2 times per day ( morning. Mechanism of action: help to eliminate bronchospasms. For the children dosage should be reduced to ?. evening). cardiovascular system. harmony with surroundings. promote secretion of rich viscous phlegm. evening). promote quick sleep. Reduces the risk of thrombi building and such acute conditions as myocardial infarction. For the children d osage should be reduced to ?. Candles help to eliminate nightmare. unpleasant dreams. help to eliminate feeling of tickli ng on the back wall of throat. Candles improving sexual feelings Mechanism of action: increase erotic feelings. liver. Contraindications: not observed. Method of use and dosage: in the room without draught to burn for the meal or sl eep from 1 to 3 can-dles according heaviness of disease. Candles that help to reduce blood pressure. in this connection are r educed cholesterol plates on the walls of vessels. In the case of small deficiency to repeat during an hour. restore peace of mind. it has clearly shown sedative effect. Method of use and dosage: to burn from 1 to 3 candles . For the prophylaxis to burn from ? to 1 candle 2 t imes per day (morning. Contraindications: not observed. Method of use and dosage: in the room without draught to burn before sleep 1 candles. and give feelings of great sexual happiness.

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