Annexures - I INSPECTION REPORT For 2nd Year Renewal – MDS Course (Units 1, 2 or 3 / Increase of Seats) PROSTHODONTICS AND CROWN

& BRIDGE Name of the College No. of seats applied No. of seats sanctioned by the State Govt. No. of seats sanctioned by the University DCI Letter No. DE-15( Date of Inspection Date of Last Inspection Name of Inspector (1) Address of the Inspector )-________________________ Dated _________________

Name of Inspector (2) Address of the Inspector

For any clarification please go through BDS/MDS DCI Regulations, 1983, 2006 (Jan.), 2007 (Sept.), 2007 (Nov.) as the case may be.


Inspector 2:

3. & Date: Valid Upto: 4. Telephone & Fax No. PRINCIPAL Inspector1: Inspector 2: . Email Address. Name of the Dental College with full address. & Date: Valid Upto: 5. University Affiliation (Provisional / Permanent) : Issued By: No. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ 2. Date of recognition for BDS degree _____________________ State Government Essentiality/ Permission Certificate : Issued By: No.GENERAL INFORMATION 1.

Resi: ii. Office: of the Principal: Specialty : Address : i. Date and number of last annual admission with details*: Inspector1: Inspector 2: . Mobile: Fax : Email : __________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ State Dental Council Regn. Office __________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Telephone: i. ________________State__________________ Qualification & Experience: adequate/ inadequate 6. Resi __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ ii.

Inspector1: Inspector 2: .Category SC ST Backward Merit Management Others Total No. admitted Dates of admission Commence End * Note: where admission(s) has/have been done without the permission of the competent authority the reason there of be given in each and every case separately duly certified by the Principal of the Institution.

7. S. 1 Professors 1 2 3 Readers 1 2 3 Sr. (proof of support to be provided) Designation Institution From Period To Total Present Experience during as on 28th Inspection February of current year Professor & H.O. No DENTAL TEACHING STAFF Faculty Name & DOB Designation Qualific ation & Year of Passing University DCI ID Original CARD Affidavit No with date Form 16 Details of Teaching Experience in an approved/recognized institution after P. Lecturers 1 2 3 Lecturers Inspector1: Inspector 2: .G.D.

(iii) Whether the faculty has got students registered under him in the previous institution who have yet to complete MDS Course.1 2 Remarks* (i) Whether the faculty has obtained NOC or not (ii) Whether the faculty was present in any other BDS/MDS inspection in the current academic year. No Non. Non – Teaching & Technical Staff: S.Teaching / Technical Staff Required* Available * As per DCI 2007 MDS regulations Inspector1: Inspector 2: . Give details as follow: Name of the Faculty Name of the Institution Name of the Student (s) Yes / No Yes / No 8.

Staff Assessment for Publications: S.etc. No Faculty name & Designation Name of the Journal Category I / II Authorship (1 /2nd/3rd..) st Year of Publication Points Inspector1: Inspector 2: ..9.

of working days): Month No. *(should be recorded at the end of the OPD hours) Average Number of Patients per day in Last Six Months (Total No. of working days): Month No. *(should be recorded at the end of the OPD hours) Average Number of Patients per day in Last Six Months (Total No. Clinical Material (i) Attached General Hospital On the day of Inspection: …………………. of Patients (UG/PG) Minimum requirement (both UG & PG together) Unit 1st Unit 2nd Unit 3rd Unit Starting MDS 25 45 70 2nd Renewal 30 50 75 3rd & 4th Renewal 40 60 80 Recognition 40 60 80 11. of Patients in a month/No. of Patients in a month/No. of Patients (iii) Specialty On the day of Inspection: (UG & PG)…………………. of Patients in a month/No. of Patients (ii) Dental Hospital On the day of Inspection: …………………. *(should be recorded at the end of the OPD hours) Average Number of Patients per day in Last Six Months (Total No. SPECIALITY DEPARTMENT INFRA STRUCTURE DETAILS: Inspector1: Inspector 2: . of working days): Month No.10.

Constructed Area for P.G Study Facility Faculty rooms Clinics Laboratory Space Seminar room Department Library PG common room Patient waiting room Total area (2000sft) as per DCI 2007 regulations Area (Sft.) Available Not Available Inspector1: Inspector 2: .

4 national Back Volumes – Minimum 3 International Journals for 10 years Inspector1: Inspector 2: . of Books Journals Specialty & Related Back Volumes Minimum Requirements: International National Specialty & Related – 6 . Library Details: Books Central Library(Pertaining to Specialty) Department Library Minimum Requirements: Central Library (Pertaining to Specialty) – 20 Titles Department Library – 10 Titles No.12. of Titles No.8 international and 2 .

Lectures for undergraduates – 1 per year Table IV: S.No. POST GRADUATE ACADEMIC DETAILS: Table I (Pre-Clinical Work*): S. Seminars – 5 per year 3. Journal Discussions – 5 per year 2.No Name of the Student Year of Study Complete Dentures Removable Partial Dentures Fixed Prosthod ontics Maxillo Facial Prosthesis * Pre-clinical work as per DCI Revised MDS Course Regulations-2007 Table II: (Clinical Work) S. Name of the student Year of study Complete dentures Removable partial dentures Cast Partial dentures Minimum Requirements: Complete dentures – three cases Removable partial dentures –two cases Cast partial denture – one case Table III: S.13. Name of the Student Year of Study LD Topic Dissertation topic Approved/Not approved by the University Inspector1: Inspector 2: .No.No. Name of the student Year of study Attend ance Journal Discussions Seminars Lectures taken for under graduates Minimum Requirements for each student: 1.

EQUIPMENTS: DEPARTMENT: Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge NAME Electrical Dental Chairs and Units SPECIFICATION With shadow less lamp. One chair & unit per PG student and Two chairs & unit for Faculty 6 6 2 4 2 1 1 2 1 1 2 Availability Articulators – Semi adjustable Airotor & Airmotor Handpieces Micromotor – (Lab Type) Ultrasonic Scaler Light Cure Sterilization : . airotor With Face-bow QTY.Hot Air oven Autoclave Surveyor Refrigerator X-ray viewer Pneumatic crown remover Needle destroyer Clinical Lab For Prosthetics Plaster Dispenser Model Trimmer with Carborandum Disc Model Trimmer with Diamond Disc Lathe High Speed lathe Vibrator Acrylizer Dewaxing Unit Hydraulic Press Mechanical Press Vacuum Mixing machine Micro motor lab type Curing pressure pot Pressure molding machine 2 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 Inspector1: Inspector 2: .14. 3 way syringe. micromotor. instrument tray and suction. spittoon.

000 ROM with Vacuum Suction Wax Heater Wax Carver Milling Machine Stereo Microscope Magnifying Work Lamp Heavy duty lathe with suction Preheating furnace Dry model Trimmer Die cutting machine 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 Inspector1: Inspector 2: . attachment of Cable Steam Cleaner Spindle Grinder 24.Chrome – Cobalt Lab Equipment Duplicator Pindex System Burn-out furnace Welder Sandblaster (micro & macro) Electro – Polisher Model Trimmer with Carborandum Disc Model Trimmer with Diamond Disc 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 Model Trimmer with Double disc one Carborandum and one Diamond Disc Casting Machine Motor Cast with the safety door closure Gas blow torch with Regulator Dewaxing Furnace Induction Casting Machine with Vacuum pump. capable of casting Titanium Chrome Cobalt precision Metal Programmable Porcelain Furnace with Vacuum pump Spot Welder with Soldering.

15.Ultrasonic cleaner Composite curing unit Ceramic Lab Equipment Ceramic Furnace Ceramic Kit (instruments) Ceramic Materialx Implant Equipment Implant Kit Implants Prosthetic Components Unit Mount Light Cure X-ray Viewer Ultrasonic Cleaner Implant Micro Surveyor Camera Electrical Dental chairs and Units Strengthen Unit X-ray Machine Short cycle autoclave (KAVO) Refrigerator Surgical Kit Sinus lift instruments set Educating Models 1 1 1 6 2 25 25 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 1 Note : These requirements are in addition to requirement for BDS Course . Overall Impression: Deficient Infrastructure Satisfactory Inspector1: Inspector 2: .

Clinical Material Staff Assessment Student Assessment Library facilities Equipment Overall Department Assessment 16. Any other Observations (not more than 3 lines): ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Inspector1: Inspector 2: .

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