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Theory and Mechanica Model Topics  Understanding Meshes – Lecture    Understanding_Meshes.


Understanding Meshes
AutoGEM enables you to create meshes composed of geometric elements.

Mesh creation

Model Preparation

Generating Meshes
  Lecture Notes 

Reviewing and Refining Meshes

Mesh creation and storage

and saved.mmp extension added. Region. Define 2D model idealizations (plane strain. Assign beam idealizations before meshing to avoid errors. If a mesh isn't present when an analysis is run. Alternatively. the results are posted in the AutoGEM Summary dialog box and may be reviewed. The mesh can also be saved at this point. Mechanica will automatically use the current AutoGEM settings and controls to create one. having these options selected will result in a more optimal set of mesh elements). the default option of All with Properties is usually accepted. Ensure that the Insert Points and Move Or Delete Existing Points options are set in the AutoGEM Settings dialog box. Generating Meshes Once the model has been prepared. AutoGEM can be restricted to create meshes only in a Component. the process of actually generating a mesh is usually quite simple. and axisymmetric). Meshes are saved in a file with the same name as the Pro/ENGINEER model with a . and further refine the mesh for the analysis model. This process can be repeated until the desired set of mesh elements has been generated. At this point. load the existing mesh. The user can then return to the mesh creation mode. the user may opt to make some changes to the AutoGEM settings and/or controls. consider completing the following steps as necessary:       If more elements are desired in a particular area of interest. (In almost all cases. Reviewing and Refining Meshes Anytime AutoGEM finishes creating a mesh. Assign shell (simple or advanced) idealizations. or Curve that the user selects.mp4        Understanding Meshes – Procedure  . Assign materials wherever necessary (solids.Meshes can be created before an analysis is run or at the time an analysis is run. and other idealizations).     Understanding Meshes – Demonstration    Understanding_Meshes_demo. plane stress. Meshes can be created. shell. enabling the user to leave the mesh creation mode. Model Preparation Before generating a mesh. Volume. loaded. add geometry (such as points. or simulation features (such as surface or volume regions) to increase the element density. or datum surfaces). datum curves. Once the AutoGEM dialog box is open. copied from a design study.

This completes the procedure. 1. save the model and erase it from memory. Creating_Meshes simple_block. 2. Click Save from the main toolbar and click OK to save the model. Create a mesh in the SIMPLE_BLOCK.mmp files. and simple_block.PRT part. Mesh information is stored in . simple_block. Return to the Standard Pro/ENGINEER mode by clicking Applications > Standard.mmp.agm. After examining the resulting mesh. 3. Click Applications > Mechanica.   . 2. Task 2. 1. click Close from the AutoGEM Summary dialog box then Close from the AutoGEM dialog box. Click Yes to save the mesh and leave the AutoGEM mode. 5. Click Folder Browser > Working Directory . The other files are log files. Note the creation of new files in the working directory. Note the creation of the following files: simple_block.  Procedure: Creating Meshes Scenario Create a mesh in a simple part.usr. Click Create and click Create from the AutoGEM dialog box to create a mesh using the default settings. Click File > Erase > Current > Yes to erase the model from memory. 4. 3.prt Task 1.