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For M scale testing. Application If you are not sure which durometer is right for your testing requirement. The indenter protrudes from the middle of the presser foot and extends 2. A. All durometers except for the M scale units can be used as a portable device. Therefore. The M scale uses a very low force spring and was developed to allow testing very small parts like o-rings that cannot be tested in the normal A scale. there is no correlation between the different scales.D) and is capable of producing a value between 0 and 100. To perform a test. such as small o-rings. ® d Shore S1 portable digital durometer and various rubber specimens d Indenter geometry 3 www. an accurately calibrated spring. Shore Instruments has been manufacturing durometers and solving customers' rubber hardness testing issues for 75 years. The Shore A and D scales are by far the most commonly used. the indicator displays 100. The spring pushes the indenter into the sample and the indicator displays the depth of penetration. In the fully extended position the indicator displays zero. Shore manufactures the micro system.0025 mm penetration (M scale is 0. please contact us and we will gladly assist with your selection. every Shore point is equal to 0. a depth indicator. When the indenter is depressed flat even with the presser foot's surface. This brochure contains durometers and durometer systems that cover the entire spectrum of indentation hardness testing of rubber-like materials. which is designed to determine the hardness of soft elastomers too thin or too irregularly shaped. Calibration A NVLAP accredited calibration certificate is included with every new durometer. Because different materials respond to the test scales in different ways. Test stands are recommended for best accuracy and are required for M scale testing due to its increased sensitivity. the softer the material and the lower the indicator reading. Shore durometers are ideal. You can speak with one of our Shore Instruments’ representatives for testing advice to address challenges resulting from the latest advances in industry and technology.Introduction For hardness testing of elastomers and plastics.C. Annual recalibrations are recommended. Each durometer type is made to a specific scale ( . the unit is placed on the sample so that the presser foot is held firmly against the test surface. ® Shore Test Method The Shore test uses a hardened indenter. Shore durometers conform to all ASTM and international standards and are easy-to-use. Shore test methods are defined in the following standards: h ASTM D 2240 h DIN 53 505 h ISO 7619 Part 1 h JIS K 6253 * h ASKER C-SRIS-0101 (now obsolete) * Please consult factory for availability of Shore durometer for ASKER C testing.00125 mm). Please refer to the calibration section on page 19 for complete details.5 mm from the surface of the foot. and a flat presser foot. The deeper the indentation.shoreinstruments. for measurement with macro durometers.e. Shore offers a full line of calibration and repair services.B.

The combination of spring force and indenter geometry per ASTM D 2240-04 (as defined by Scale of Durometer A ASTM DIN 53505. Elastomeric Materials (rubber and rubber-like): GR-S. open or closed cells 407030800 ASTM D 2240 X000-S 197 g 0. platens. 407170000 407140000 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 717/ DIG 714/ ALOG 78 g 78 g Sharp 30° angle 4 Durometer Model Legend: SI = Digital X = Round Style (1 pt increments) Q = Quadrant Style (5 pt increments) P = Pencil (5 pt increments. In such cases the next appropriate scale should be chosen. When selecting a durometer it is important to take the readings into consideration (readings below 10 or above 90 are not considered reliable). cellulode acetate. Textile Windings: very dense. Model Maximum Force 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 4533 g 4533 g 4533 g 4533 g 4533 g 4533 g 4533 g 4533 g 4533 g 4533 g 4533 g 4533 g 4533 g 4533 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 821 g 113 g 113 g 113 g 113 g 113 g Material To Be Used Conforms To Indenter Rubber: soft vulcanized (ie tire). ISO 7619-1 and ASTM D 2240) determines the type of durometer required for a particular application. etc. Complete with stand. neopene. thermopolystyrene.0468 radius E Soft rubber. sponges and foams 0.0468 radius OOO Plastic Foams: suit foams. (materials that normally yield under fingernail pressure such as the heel on your shoe). leather. flexible polyacrylic esters. (materials that would not normally indent under fingernail pressure. vernier scale) CL = Constant Load MX = Maximum Reading Hand TH = Tolerance Hand HAF = Half Inch Foot www. orlon. artgum) Textile Windings: medium density (ie rayon. sheet.0468 radius OO Textile Windings: low density Other: sponge rubber and plastics (not for use on foamed latex) 0. etc.420 radius T Textile Windings: medium density (on spools and bobbins with a maximum diameter of 101. GR-1. felt.). plexiglas. natural nitrile. slasher beams. There is not one type of durometer that can cover the entire hardness Catalog Number 9130-021 9130-030 407030000 407040000 407041000 407141100 407041200 407041300 407041400 407010000 407020000 407000000 9130-022 407030100 407041500 407010100 407020100 9130-023 9130-031 407030200 407040200 407042000 9130-024 407030300 407040300 407041900 407042000 9130-025 407030400 407040400 407042100 9130-057 9130-058 9130-059 9130-026 9130-006 407030500 407040500 407042300 407020500 9130-027 407030600 407042500 407020500 9130-060 spectrum.25 radius OOO-S Plastic Foams: suit foams.shoreinstruments. calendar bowls. such as a pocket comb). nylon) 0. vinyl. Hard Plastics: harder grades such as rigid . thiokol.0980 radius O Rubber: soft (ie soft printer rolls.05 in) thick. etc.Durometer Scale Selection Guide The durometer selection guide will help you select the appropriate Shore hardness tester for your application. open or closed cells 0.25 mm (0. Sharp 30° angle C Rubber: medium hard Plastics: medium hard Frustum cone D Rubber. thermosetting laminates (ie formica) Other: paper-filled calendar rolls. etc. ASTM D 2240 JISK 6301 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 – – – ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 – – ASTM D 2240 JISK 6301 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 DIN 53505 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 – ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 2240 – ASTM D 2240 S1-A S1-A XA XAMX XACL XACLMX XATH XAHAF XAMXHAF QA QAMX PA S1-B XB XBHAF QB QBMX S1-C S1-C XC XCMX XCHAF S1-D XD XDMX XDHAF XDMXHAF S1-DO XDO XDOMX XDOHAF XE XEMX XETH S1-O DTO XO XOMX XOHAF QOMX S1-OO XOO XOOHAF QOO X000 Frustum cone B Rubber: moderately hard (ie typewriter rollers. Sharp 30° angle DO 0.6 mm (4 in)) Note: all XT's have a concave bottom plate to facilitate centering on round specimens 407030700 407010700 407020700 – – – XT QT QTMX 821 g 821 g 821 g 3 /32 in sphere M Rubber: o-rings and thin sheet min 1. Other: wax.

including average or median result options. Hardness is measured by determining the depth of penetration of the indenter. RS232 serial port.D probe and head unit Type M . The tester has a calibrated spring to create a known load on the indenter. tester functions. and memory for up to 256 test results.micro system includes stand Model S1 A S1 D S1–719 h h h Note: Includes digital display and probe ready-to-use 5 www. sound transducer. h h h d S1 durometer carrying case h h S1 Durometers Catalog Number 9130-021 9130-024 9130-032 Description Type A full unit . Features h High contrast LCD display with backlighting and large. set-up.shoreinstruments. low battery indicator Optional AC adapter available Meets or exceeds ASTM D 2240. easy-to-read numbers Test counter automatically counts the number of tests and number of parts Ergonomically-designed Ability to quickly switch scales by changing precalibrated probes Statistics.A probe and head unit Type D full unit . and minimum and maximum tolerance settings Automatic sleep mode for long battery life. S1 durometer with optional base and cable adapter d Principle of Operation The tester unit has a detachable probe that contains an indenter and calibrated spring suitable for the various durometer scales. specimen and sample . just snap in one of ten precalibrated probes. The instrument is housed in black polypropylene that is shaped to fit comfortably in the hand. relative to the presser foot.S1 Digital Durometer Why Modular Design? The Shore model S1 portable digital durometer is a handheld hardness tester especially designed for rubber and other elastomeric materials. ® Modular design allows for quick scale changes. The probe also contains circuitry that lets the main durometer unit automatically recognize it. The measurement displays on a high-contrast LCD. DIN 53505. which also displays test parameters. into the material being tested. statistical capabilities. The user-friendly design features a six-button control panel. The probe is factory calibrated and does not need any further calibration upon delivery. JIS K 6253 Fits all existing Shore stands with optional base and cable adapter (Excluding Type M). This gives the operator the ability to interchange probes for different durometer scales using one durometer head.

three additional probes. DIN 53505.For use with stands or for handheld probe testing 120 VAC adapt 220 VAC adapt Micro-printer . B. D.probe only Type C JIS .probe only Type DO . holds SI. OO.shoreinstruments. C.probe only Type C .probe only Type O . .probe only Type B . computer or printer Meets or exceeds ASTM D 2240. JIS K 6301 Modular Units Order Any Display and Probe Combination Catalog Number 9130-035 9130-121 9130-122 9130-123 9130-124 9130-125 9130-126 9130-127 9130-130 9130-131 Description SI digital display unit. adjustable.probe only Type OO . JIS (A and C) 203 mm x 76 mm x 38 mm (8 in x 3 in x 1.S1 Digital Durometer Specifications Specifications Scale Types Overall Dimensions Weight Dwell Time Temperature (Operating) Humidity (Operating. Storage) Power Requirements Display Resolution Memory Data Output Testing Standards A.45 kg (1 lb) Variable 1 to 25 seconds +10 °C to +38 °C (+50 °F to +100 °F) 10% to 90% noncondensing 4-AAA batteries 0. accepts all probes Type A . M. S1 to stand S1 902 operating stand to computer cable (existing stands only) Data collection software Retrofit existing Type M system to S1 style (includes S1) d 6 S1 durometer mounted in the 902 automatic stand www.probe only S1 Optional Accessories Catalog Number 9130-036 9130-037 9130-038 9130-150 9130-151 9130-152 9130-039 9130-153 9139-154 9100-500 9130-370 Description Base/ cable adapt .probe only Type A JIS .(220 VAC ) includes cable Computer interface cable (RS 232). blocks S1 902 operating stand interface cable (existing stands only).probe only Type D .(110 VAC ) includes cable Micro-printer .1 256 test results: 16 tests in each of 16 parts RS-232C. S1 to PC Plastic carrying case. DO.5 in) 0.

Round Style Durometers The Shore round style durometer was introduced in 1944. as the OOO-S in order to differentiate Shore from OOO scale durometers manufactured by other suppliers.9 mm (3.3 mm (2. ASTM D 2240-03 recognizes both variations of the OOO and refers to the OOO-S as a Shore Instruments manufactured device. h It is small enough to be carried in the pocket and rugged enough to operate in the most hostile environments.65 in) 28. h h h Available Styles: standard.4 in x 0. half inch foot and constant load durometers Fits all existing Shore stands h Principle of Operation Shore analog durometers employ a calibrated spring that generates a known preload on the indenter. maximum hands. The round style durometer was designed to satisfy the industries' needs for a unit with a scale graduated in increments of one rather than five with a resolution of one durometer point. mounted on an applicable operating stand.12 in) 86. The durometer measures hardness by determining the depth of penetration into the material under test.55 in) 51 mm x 51 mm (2 in x 2 in) 1080 g (2.77 mm (0.82 in) 12. It is a general purpose device that is the most widely used instrument for the hardness testing of cellular. soft and hard rubber-like and plastic material.5 lb) 7 Note: Applicable catalog numbers can be found on the Durometer Scale Selection Guide on page 4 www.42 in) 35 mm x 19 mm (1.4 lb) Half inch foot Durometers All 67.5 lb) Constant Load Durometers All 67.12 in) 97 mm (3. stainless steel precision compression main spring Indenter guard and a glass lens that resists scratching and discoloration Vinyl covered steel carrying case with a test block is included NVLAP accredited certificate of calibration ® What is the difference between OOO or OOO-S? There are currently two types of OOO durometers that comply with ASTM D 2240 now recognized in the .2 mm (3. In 2003.12 in) 90. The two distinct OOO units differ in indenter geometry and extension as well as spring force calibration.shoreinstruments.4 mm (1. ASTM D 2240-03 designated the most widely used Shore Instruments version. d d Maximum hands Standard hands d Tolerance hands d Constant load d Half inch foot Specifications Model Scale Types Display Body Diameter Display Body Thickness Overall Length Presser Foot Dimension Weight Standard.65 in) 28.4 mm (1.5 in) 220 g (0. ® Features h Rugged aluminum housing and movement frame.3 mm (2. Maximum and Tolerance Hand Durometers All 67. tolerance hands.65 in) 28.3 mm (2.75 in) 220 g (0. for better repeatability and accuracy. The analog durometer may be manually applied or.4 mm (1. The dial is graduated from 0-100 with a pointer sweep of 265 degrees.

com . provided consistent and repeatable results can be obtained. ® Maximum hands Specifications Model Scale Types Display Body Thickness Presser Foot Dimension Weight Quadrant Style A. precision bronze main spring and an acrylic dial face Can be used in any position Vinyl covered steel carrying case and test block Certificate of calibration Available styles: standard or maximum hands Fits all existing Shore stands h What is the Minimum Thickness of a Test Specimen? A test specimen should have a minimum thickness of 0. introduced in 1915. B.Quadrant Style Durometers Quadrant durometers. indenter guard.3 lb) Features h Rugged housing. OO.shoreinstruments. and rugged design. The quadrant durometer is suitable for hardness testing of cellular. The dial is graduated from 0-100 in 5-point increments with a pointer sweep of 74 degrees.24 in (6 mm) unless it is known that identical results are obtained on thinner specimen. d d Standard Principle of Operation Shore quadrant durometers are handheld hardness testers specifically designed for rubber and other elastomeric materials. O.861 in) 49 mm x 19 mm (1. lightweight. were the original durometer in the Shore line.9 mm (0. The durometers have a calibrated spring that generates a known preload on the indenter and measures hardness by determining the depth of penetration into the material under test. Thinner specimens may be plied to the minimum thickness to obtain indicative readings. The quadrant is ideal for manual applications through its small.93 in x 0. T 21. h h h h 8 www. soft and hard rubber and plastic materials.75 in) 130 g (0.

shoreinstruments. dial hands and crystals. 9 www. The Shore pencil durometer eliminates the use of gears. ® h h h d Specifications Model Scale Type Catalog Number Scale Range Scale Resolution (Points) Presser Foot Dimension Weight Effective Length PA A 407000000 0 to 100 5 13 mm 47 kg (0. and rugged design make it ideal for carrying in the pocket. thus minimizing the necessity of recalibration due to strenuous use. . The pencil durometer is capable of maximum readings only. Better reproducibility will be obtained when the durometer is mounted on an operating stand. B and O is 2 lbs to 3 lbs and 10 lbs to 12 lbs for Type C and D instruments.Pencil Durometer The pencil durometer's small. lightweight. the recommended application pressure for Type A.5 in) Pencil durometer with the cleaning brush and sheath Is Application Pressure Important? Application pressure of an analog durometer to the test specimen is critical when reproducibility of readings is required.15 lb) 114 mm (4. Ideal Go/ No-Go gauge for field testing Features h h h h h Satin hard chrome and anodized finish Polished stainless steel presser foot Teflon bushing on the indenter shaft Precision stainless steel mainspring Can be used in any position Hardness readings can be made in 'blind' locations where the vernier scale is not visible Certificate of calibration Supplied boxed with a sheath and cleaning brush Principle of Operation The vernier push rod is held in place magnetically to hold the reading when the instrument is removed from the specimen. When the durometer is used as a handheld device. It has an easy-to-read vernier scale graduated in increments of 5-points with interpolation to 2-points possible. dials.

216 in/s to 0.95 mm/s ( .35 kg (14 lb) Per ASTM D 2240 – 57 mm (2.8 in x 2. 000 DRCL 407110100 A.25 in) 152 mm (6 in) 53 mm x 80 mm (2 in x 3 in) 5. C. ASTM D 2240 specifies three categories of operating stands: h Type 1 are basic. 00.2 kg (18 lb) Per ASTM D 2240 5.45 kg (12 lb) Per ASTM D 2240 – 57 mm (2. For assistance in selecting the proper operating stand to fit your durometer. C. pneumatically or electromechanical driven. manual operating stands.25 in) 114 mm (4. Shore manufactures stands that fall into all three categories. B. please refer to the Shore 'Stand Selection Matrix' found on page 12. O LR 407130000 00 (no weight). B.49 mm/s to 5.8 kg (15 lb) Per ASTM D 2240 – Throat Depth Throat Height Table Dimensions Weight Minimum Specimen Thickness Load Application Velocity 57 mm (2.Manual Stands for Round and Digital Durometers Shore operating stands are used to improve the accuracy and reproducibility of both analog and digital durometer hardness tester readings by ensuring that the presser foot is exactly parallel to the specimen table.25 in) 152 mm (6 in) 53 mm x 80 mm (2 in x 3 in) 6. 0.4 in) 8. Any analog or digital durometer can be mounted on an applicable operating stand. D0 (small and large weight) 76 mm (3 in) 165 mm (6. B. d DR d DRCL Specifications Model Catalog Number Compatible Durometer DR 407110000 A. D. B.shoreinstruments. Irregularly shaped objects may be tested in a nest or a fixture to make the given surface parallel to the durometer presser foot.5 in) 97 mm x 60 mm (3. T (small weight). h Type 2 are stands capable of controlling the rate of descent h Type 3 are hydraulically. O CV 407120000 A. D0. A. D.5 in) 153 mm (6 in) 6. ® The operating stand is primarily intended for use on a test specimen with parallel sides.234 in/s) Mobile DTE24 light or equivalent 3 Damping Oil ASTM Type 10 – 2 – 2 – 1 www.

The LR leverloader features a constant load weight for highly accurate and reproducible hardness readings. The addition of the large weight produces the mass necessary for Types C. For example. the durometer's presser foot is exactly parallel to the specimen table on the . produces the mass necessary for Types A. Both models allow you to adjust specimen table and durometer heights. ensuring repeatable and accurate test results. The DR stand requires that you manually lower the durometer and then apply appropriate pressure to the specimen. To operate. When a durometer is mounted and properly aligned. Variation in the velocity of durometer application is a common cause of differences in hardness readings. CV) Precision machined bronze bearings on moving parts (LR) Separate pinion block and table height adjustment (DR. the DRCL stand provides a loading weight of known value for this purpose. DRCL. The durometer contacts the specimen at a constant speed and force. DRCL. CV) Small and large weights (LR) Leveling block (LR) Vinyl dust cover The durometer is not included h h h h h h h h d Leverloader (LR) 11 www. Features h Cast iron and stainless steel construction (DR. controlled by the calibrated hydraulic dashpot. B. D and DO durometers.shoreinstruments. in combination with the small weight. the weight drives the durometer downward at a steady rate. ensuring accurate and repeatable readings. CV) Cast iron. which in turn lifts a constant load weight seated on a shaft above the instrument.Principle of Operation The DR and DRCL (DR constant load) stands provide a stable mounting and test fixture for either analog or digital durometers. cast aluminum and stainless steel construction (LR) Precision rack and pinion instrument height control (DR. The mass of the durometer and instrument shaft assembly. In contrast. When you release the pawl lever. DRCL. false readings may be obtained if the durometer is improperly or rapidly applied to the surface. and O durometers. The CV conveloader features a constant load weight and a hydraulic cylinder that automatically controls the application velocity of the durometer. when testing materials with high creep properties. the lever is depressed to raise the specimen to the durometer. The durometer and instrument shaft assembly produces sufficient mass for testing with Type OO durometers.

that allows for automatic cycling. Stand Selection Matrix 12 S1 = Digital durometers X= Round style durometers www.Automatic Operating Stands Shore 900 and 902 automatic operating stands are Type 3 stands. The key advantage of automatic stands is their ability to perform hands-off high volume testing between 300 to 400 cycles per hour.shoreinstruments. This automatic return ensures that every test has the same starting point. The Shore 902 automatic stand is designed primarily for a digital durometer. Principle of Operation Automatic operating stands provide both constant load and application velocity. d S1 durometer mounted on a 902 automatic stand The Shore 900 automatic stand is designed primarily for analog durometers. allowing time for the changeout of specimens and the recording of readings. The 900 stand has a built-in timer. The stand receives dwell times directly from the digital durometer and also has the ability to communicate with a computer. as described in ASTM D . ® For assistance in selecting the proper operating stand to fit your durometer. through a gear-driven electric motor and braking mechanism that alternately lowers the durometer onto the specimen and then raises it in preparation for the next testing cycle. please refer to the Shore 'Stand Selection Matrix' found at the bottom of this page. Electronic controls are used to adjust the amount of time the durometer remains in the raised or lowered position. independent of the durometer.

B Large weight: C.5 in x 6 in x 14 in) 902 9130-242 A. D and D0 152 mm x 128 mm (6 in x 5 in) 266 mm x 152 mm x 355 mm (10.25 in) 79 mm (3 in) 15 g (33 lb) 70 mm (2. D and DO (Model 902) Vinyl dust cover The durometer is not included h h h h h h h d Round style XA durometer mounted on a 902 automatic stand Specifications Model Catalog Number Compatible Durometer Table Dimensions Overall Dimensions Throat Depth Throat Height Weight Maximum Specimen Thickness Down Dwell Up Dwell Power Requirements 900 9130-240 No weight: A.8 s to 10 s) (1.shoreinstruments. B. D. D.8 s to 180 s) 230 V a.5 in x 6 in x 14 in) 83 mm (3.c.9 g (35 lb) 70 mm (2. 60 Hz 83 mm (3. C. 50 Hz 83 mm (3..25 in) 79 mm (3 in) 15.8 s to 180 s) 120 V a.75 in) – – 230 V. D.75 in) – – 120 V. 60 Hz. B. 60 Hz 83 mm (3. B.5 in x 6 in x 14 in) 152 mm x 128 mm (6 in x 5 in) 266 mm x 152 mm x 355 mm (10. D0.9 g (35 lb) 19 mm (0. D and D0 152 mm x 128 mm (6 in x 5 in) 266 mm x 152 mm x 355 mm (10. 83 mm (3.9 g (35 lb) 19 mm (0. C. 50 Hz 83 mm (3. 50 Hz 13 www. B.25 in) 79 mm (3 in) 15.c.75 in) – – 120 V. D0. C. D0. C.25 in) 79 mm (3 in) 15. 0 902 (220 V) 9130-243 A.Features h Precision-machined aluminum construction Cast jig plate base Precision ground indenter shafts Linear bearings for friction-free travel Large weight (Model 900) Large weight for Type C. 0 S1 902 (220 V) 9130-245 A. B Large weight: C. D0. 0 152 mm x 128 mm (6 in x 5 in) 266 mm x 152 mm x 355 mm (10.9 g (35 lb) 70 mm (2.75 in) – – 230 V..75 in) (1.5 in x 6 in x 14 in) 152 mm x 128 mm (6 in x 5 in) 266 mm x 152 mm x 355 mm (10.25 in) 79 mm (3 in) 15.5 in x 6 in x 14 in) 152 mm x 128 mm (6 in x 5 in) 266 mm x 152 mm x 355 mm (10. D.5 in x 6 in x 14 in) 900 (220 V) 9130-241 No weight: A.25 in) 79 mm (3 in) 15 g (33 lb) 70 mm (2.75 in) (1. 0 S1 902 9130-244 .8 s to 10 s) (1.

The sensitivity of the M scale requires the use of a stand.8 mm (0. pinion. Features h d Unique system of o-ring fixtures with interchangeable inserts tailored to accommodate standard cross sectional diameters from 1. Shore Micro-o-ring test systems conform to ASTM D 2240 for Type M (micro hardness durometer).25 in x 2 in) ASTM D 2240 – h h h h h 14 .7 kg (17 lb) 714 Analog 407140000 0 to 100 1 10 to 90 3.05 in) and up to 7 mm (0. This allows the user the ability of testing production pieces rather than test slabs.02 mm (0. repeatable hardness readings on soft elastomers too thin or too irregular in shape.shoreinstruments.275 in).275 in) Flat inserts for testing of flat and irregular shapes Custom-made inserts are available Rubber test block kit to monitor the performance of the unit Model 714/ 719: Stainless steel and cast iron construction.25 mm (0. ® Principle of Operation The hardness values given by this instrument differ from those produced by a Type A durometer.049 ±0.Type M Systems Micro-o-ring Type M durometer systems produce accurate.049 in) Sharp 30° angle 0.9 kg (13 lb) S1 719 Digital 9130-032 0 to 100 0.001 in) Sharp 30° angle 0. for measurement with a standard durometer.99 mm (0. Due to the light load applied to the indenter.78 mm to 6. and hydraulic dash pot.25 in) 95 mm x 55 mm (3.0125 in/s) 1.27 mm (1 in) 95 mm x 55 mm (3. such as small o-rings.2 mm/s (0.87 in) 32 mm (1.03 in) 78 g 22 mm (0.25 mm (0. which may not reflect the actual hardness values of the finished product.25 ±0. precision rack. adjustable table height Hydraulic dashpot controls velocity and ensures precision application of the test load to the surface of the specimen Vinyl dust cover Model 714 analog micro-o-ring system h Specifications Model Catalog Number Scale Range Scale Resolution (Points) Hardness Range Descent Rate Indenter Extension Indenter Type Indenter Diameter Maximum Spring Force Throat Depth Throat Height Table Dimensions Testing Standards Power Requirements Weight 7.25 in x 2 in) ASTM D 2240 – 5.03 in) 78 g 1.8 mm (0.070 in to 0.27 mm (1 in) 1.2 mm/s (0. Used on specimens with cross sections as thin as 1. testing with this instrument will not indicate the cold flow or creep characteristics of the material you test.1 20 to 90 3. Only minimal application pressure is required to attain full-scale readings.0125 in/s) 1.

Model 903 Automatic Operating Stand: Aluminum frame and cast jig plate.125 in) 64 mm (2.1 Outside 20 ±0.2 mm/s (0.29 ±0. method N) DIN 53519.1 sec 1.5 in) 83 mm (3. A curve is provided in the ASTM standard to define the intermediate values. Test specimens are generally in the range of 8 mm to 10 mm. 50 Hz IRHD Stand Specifications Model Catalog Number Throat Depth Throat Height Table Dimensions Force Application 770 407700000 54 mm (2.1 in) 152 mm x 128 mm (6 in x 5 in) Automatic 903 (220V) 9130-261 76 mm (3 in) 79 mm (3.3%.2 N 5. Features h The DuroTronic 2000 IRHD transducer senses indenter position using a LVDT and solid state electronic circuitry.01 Inside 6 ±1 mm 3.4 ± .0125 in/s) 2. method N. ® d Model 903 automatic IRHD system h IRHD testing is covered by test methods ASTM D 1415 and ISO S 48. but should not be less than 4 mm in thickness.50 ±0. 60 Hz or 230 V.0 ±0. part normal 120 V. ground shafts and four linear bearings provide friction-free carriage movement Model 770 Manual Operating Stand: Cast iron and stainless steel construction. IRHD Durometer Specifications Model Catalog Number Scale Range Scale Resolution (Points) Presser Foot Dimension Indenter Extension Indenter Extension Minor force Major force Time Minor Load Time Major Load Testing Standards Power Requirements Durotronic 2000 (110 V) 9130-010 0 to 100 0.04 mm penetration. separate pinion block and table height adjustment h Principle of Operation h The Shore IRHD test is similar to a Rockwell test in that two test forces are used to measure the depth of penetration.1 in) 152 mm x 128 mm (6 in x 5 in) Automatic 15 www. The DuroTronic 2000 IRHD transducer controls the 903 stand timed operation. 60 Hz or 230 V.99 adjustable sec ASTM D 1415 (ISO S 48.1 sec 1. It displays.IRHD Durometers and Stands The International Rubber Hardness Degrees (IRHD) test was developed in Europe several years ago as an alternative to the Shore test.50 ±0.1 Outside 20 ±0.01 N 5. One IRHD point is equal to 0. a reading of zero represents a material with zero elastic modulus and a reading of 100 represents a material with infinite elastic modulus. precision rack and pinion instrument height control.99 adjustable sec ASTM D 1415 (ISO S 48.0 ±0.4 ±0.2 mm/s (0. The indenters are steel balls. IRHD units are not portable and can only be used in a stand designed for the test. method N) DIN 53519. 50 Hz Durotronic 2000 (220 V) 9130-020 0 to 100 0.10 mm 0. part normal 120 V.10 mm 0. The black anodized aluminum case. stores and automatically averages hardness readings. It is intended to provide an indication of the elastic modulus of the material being tested. Using a scale of 0 to 100.2 N 5.01 Inside 6 ±1 mm 3.shoreinstruments.0125 in/s) 2. fitted with linear bearings and an indenter shaft provides electronic and mechanical stability necessary for full scale accuracy of ±0.01 N 5.27 in) Manual 903 (110V) 9130-260 76 mm (3 in) 79 mm (3.29 ±0.

25 in) 11. B. ASTM requires that 822 g mainspring durometers have a tolerance of ±8.25 in x 14. The durocalibrator provides assurance that instrument force and displacement measurements are within required specifications.25 in x 14.25 in x 14. and the sliding weights have hardened detent pins which are also wear resistant.25 in) 11.25 in) 11. Durocalibrator with weights and tool kits h h h h Principle of Operation The Shore durocalibrator exceeds the precision requirements mandated by ASTM specs. ® The Model SD-1A is used for Types A. Features h d Special tool kits for Shore round and quadrant durometers Set of weights appropriate to each model NVLAP accredited certificate of calibration Vinyl dust cover Durometer not included It is recommended that the durocalibrator be sent to Shore Instruments for recalibration. DO.5 in x 6.Durocalibrators The durocalibrator is a precision device designed to verify the proper spring loads for durometers in accordance with ASTM D 2240 guidelines. D and DO durometers. C.5 in x 6. Shore Instruments recommends that independent service and calibration is performed on an annual basis at a minimum and more often if your instrument is used frequently.B. B. DO S1-1 A/D 407310200 337 mm x 368 mm x 159 mm (13. The Shore durocalibrator delivers ±2 g for 822 g mainspring and ±5 g for 4550 g mainspring durometers.5 in x 6. With the durocalibrator.3 kg (25 lb) A. h Specifications Model Catalog Number Overall Dimension Weight Use with Scales SD-1A 407310000 337 mm x 368 mm x 159 mm (13. The SD-1D is for Types C.3 kg (25 lb) C. D.shoreinstruments. The Shore durocalibrator is available in three models for use on all durometer scales (except OO). a durometer verification can be performed with greater precision than standard rubber test blocks. O. T SD-1D 407310100 337 mm x 368 mm x 159 mm (13. T 16 www. O and T. The beam is hard chrome-plated to resist wear to the detent points and knife-edge. The durocalibrator can eliminate costly production errors by quickly identifying out of tolerance conditions. thereby providing a quick and accurate assessment of your durometer's performance and calibration status. Shore offers NVLAP accredited service and calibration options and utilizes the most advanced calibration equipment in the industry. ® The heart of the system is the beam and sliding . and the SD-1AD is for all Shore durometers (except Type OO).2 g at every 10-point increment and that 4550 g mainspring durometers have a tolerance of ±45 g for every 10-point increment.3 kg (25 lb) A. D.

spring type or rubber. A and B ±2-points of actual stated readings – – 279 mm x 127 mm x 32 mm (11 in x 5 in x 1. it is recommended that you verify that the durometer is performing correctly by measuring the hardness of a rubber test block and then comparing it to the factory calibration data included with the . M. The Shore rubber test block kit consists of seven color-coded silicone discs compounded to yield Type A hardness values of averaged ranges of 30.05 lb) Individual Test Blocks A and M* ±2-points of actual stated readings 49 mm (1. 50.shoreinstruments. 70. please consult the factory 17 www. 80 and 90. 60.70. variations in readings will occur over time and calibration should be verified annually by the direct method. Rubber test block kit d Principle of Operation Prior to using a durometer. Using test blocks as a monitoring tool indicates if a durometer is operating correctly.9 in) 9. ® Features h The kits contain seven silicone discs: . The silicone material used in these test blocks is relatively stable.6 in x .50. Durometer calibration can only be accomplished by direct measurement of the spring force and display accuracy. are not intended for use as a precision standard or calibration device. M scale (ASTM D 2240) or IRHD (ASTM D 1415) scale durometers. all Shore products are available for online purchase.8 in x .60.shoreinstruments. however. Visit us at www.30. Specifications Model Scale Types Accuracy Diameter Depth Overall Dimension Weight 24 g (0. Green .com h h h h Test blocks are available for use with Shore A. 40. Yellow . Black IRHD kit conforms to ASTM D 1415 Vinyl covered steel carrying case Certificate of Calibration Accuracy: ±2-points of actual stated readings Can I Order Rubber Test Blocks Online? Yes! In fact.25 in) 708 g (1.90. Blue .6 mm (. White .Test Blocks and Kits Test blocks are used as a method of verifying the operational status of a durometer.80.04 lb) Kits (Type A. Red . IHRD) IHRD.6 lb) *For availability in other scale types. Test blocks are calibrated using durometers that conform to ASTM D 2240. using a system of weights applying a force to the durometer spring.4 in) 21 g (0.4 in) – Metal Blocks (Type C and D) C and D ±2-points of actual stated readings – – 47 mm x 16 mm x 9 mm (1. Brown .40. Test blocks.

5 in) 7. Supplied with vinyl dust cover. Using both instruments raises quality control levels to its peak. plunger.75 in) 89 mm (3. Unless the resilience as well as the hardness of compounds are identified.shoreinstruments. The lower the resilience. 18 www. brush.0 44 mm (1. Resilience is an indicator of a material's ability to absorb energy without undergoing permanent . h h Specifications Catalog Number Scale Range Scale Resolution (Points) Throat Depth Jaw Capacity d 407400000 0 to 100 1. Base. the less vibration transmissibility. It complements the Shore durometer and measures an entirely different property.5 in) 180 mm x 115 mm (2.5 in) 559 mm x 248 mm x 241 mm (22 in x 9. It is especially useful in developing compounds to absorb vibration. ® Principle of Operation The rebound is measured by observing the height to which the top of the plunger rebounds on the 0 to 100 scale. post.7 g ASTM D 2632 Resiliometer model R Table Dimensions Overall Dimensions Weight Testing Standards Why Use a Resiliometer? The measure of a material's capacity for elastic recovery is its resilience.1 in x 4. pass or fail mask. instructions and parts list.75 in x 9. Features h The Shore resiliometer is to resilience what the Shore durometer is to indentation hardness. Conforms to ASTM D 2632. scale. the compounds are not fully tested.Resiliometers The Shore resiliometer measures resilience of elastomers by dropping a plunger of controlled weight and geometry from a fixed height on the test specimen. Resilience is an important factor when developing compounds to absorb vibration.

h h The lab meets the following quality standards: h ISO/ IEC 17025 h h ISO 10012-1 NCSL Z540-1 Factory Repair Services Please contact us directly for pricing or technical information regarding your specific instrument. Our scope of accreditation can be found at www. How Do I Arrange Service for My Shore durometer? Calibration and repair of any Shore product can easily be arranged by contacting us via . +1 781 575 6000 (outside U. 902. or email. Metal test blocks are not recertified. Priority service is available upon request. h Phone: +1 800 695 4273 x5870 (U.Shore Calibration and Repair Services ® The Shore laboratory. The lab is accredited by NVLAP to ISO/ IEC 17025. 903 and IRHD) Hydraulic oil changed (CV) Testing and certification of calibration *It is strongly recommended that any test block (or kit) used with the micro system is sent in with the instrument for repair or calibration. but are readjusted to read the value engraved on the test block. and crystal (round-style) h Type M Micro System* standard calibration includes: h Cleaning and calibration of micro stand h h Replacement of the indenter Calibration of the micro durometer and rubber test block kit Certificate of calibration supplied Replacement of the indenter and plastic lens (quadrant-style) Testing and certification of calibration h h h h h h h h DIN 53505 ASTM D 1415 ISO 48 ASTM D 2632 ASTM C 886 ASTM E 448 Standard calibration and repair of operating stands: h Adjustments h h Cleaning and lubrication Velocity calibration (CV.) h h Fax: +1 781 575 5602 Contact us: www. Type M rubber test block kits are calibrated to the micro system All rubber test blocks and test block kits are recalibrated and recertified. fax. based in the Massachusetts facility. d Calibration of a S1 digital durometer 19 www. test blocks.instron.shoreinstruments.shoreinstruments. The lab performs calibrations to the following standard methods: h ASTM D 2240 ® Features Standard calibration and repair of analog durometers: h Replacement of the gasket. only). and related systems and accessories.S. is a full service repair and precision calibration facility for all types of durometers.

An Instron Company WB1138B . some testing may be required to make sure the thickness is not causing bad results. icons and marks identifying Instron products and services referenced herein are trademarks of Instron Corporation and may not be used without the prior written permission of Instron.instron. d Shore durometers are suitable for a variety of applications For information on Instron® products and services call your local worldwide sales. Rubber test blocks. Any offset will cause low readings. Any deviation will cause low readings. Copyright © 2004 Instron Corporation. Carefully position handheld units so that the presser foot is in even contact and the indenter is perpendicular with the test surface. Sample Thickness ASTM D 2240 defines the minimum thickness of parts to be tested. MA 02021-1089 USA Tel: +1 800 564 8378 +1 781 575 5000 Fax: +1 781 575 5751 USA North America Sales and Service Center Sales Tel: +1 800 695 4273 or +1 781 575 6000 Fax: +1 781 575 5770 Service and Technical Support Tel: +1 800 473 7838 Fax: +1 781 575 5144 CANADA www. When comparing results always make sure the force is the same. Parts can frequently be stacked or plied to get to the required thickness. The smallest angle will cause errors. Too little force may not allow the presser foot to be in firm contact with the surface of the Instron is a registered trademark of Instron Corporation. All of the specifications shown in this brochure are subject to change without notice. Constant Force The force used to press the durometer against the test surface should be constant. Use the alignment tool provided with the stand for best results. All rights reserved. This is particularly true for softer materials. Regular Calibrations All instruments are subject to drift over time. No matter what test methods you use always document them on the test report so that they can be reproduced. When using a stand. The M scale was designed for testing o-rings and must be used for any that are too small for the A scale. Canton. annual direct calibrations are important to maintain a stable testing program. Therefore. Other names. are particularly difficult to Toronto Fax: +1 905 639 8683 Tel: +1 905 333 9123 +1 800 461 9123 www. however. Too much force may cause the material to flow into the indenter opening resulting in an excessive compressive stress that will effect the Shore readings. low readings frequently result when the unit is mounted at a slight angle so that the presser foot is not parallel with the sample supporting surface. Care must be taken to align the centerline of the sample with the centerline of the indenter.shoreinstruments. A one or two second difference in taking the reading can cause significant variations. Typically parts that are too thin will give results that are too hard. Testing thinner samples may result in bad results. logos. service and technical support offices: Corporate Headquarters 100 Royall Street. If stacking is not possible.How to Maximize the Performance of your Shore Durometer ® Alignment It is critical that the presser foot is flat against the surface of the sample during the test. Some materials exhibit a large degree of flow after the full test load is applied. Test Times When comparing results it is important to use the same test times. Other product and company names listed are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies. like o-rings. Define Test Parameters Round Part Testing Small round parts. are subject to hardness changes as they age. Frequent testing with test blocks will help you monitor the performance of testers on a day-to-day basis.