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Instrumentation Amplifiers
Instrumentation amplifiers (in-amps) are precision gain blocks that have a differential input and an output that may be differential, or singleended with respect to a reference terminal. These devices amplify the difference between two input signal voltages while rejecting any signals that are common to both inputs. The in-amps are widely used in many industrial, measurement, data acquisition, and medical applications where dc precision and gain accuracy must be maintained within a noisy environment, and where large common-mode signals (usually at the ac power line frequency) are present. Analog Devices offers a complete line of precision, low-noise, low-power in-amps with excellent CMRR (common mode rejection ratio) for every application and market. A Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier (PGiA) is a special form of in-amp that has fixed gain levels. The appropriate gain level is selected by digital means, either by dedicated program pins, or by software interfaces (SPI or I2C). The PGiAs are perfect for those applications where gain accuracy must be maximized, or where a single PGiA can take the place of several in-amps of different gain settings. Select parts from the selection table below to download datasheets and order samples. Universal Evaluation Boards Boards are available for the AD62x and AD822x series. For all others, please click on the part# below and use the evaluation board found on the product page. Product Selection Guide for Instrumentation, Difference and CurrentSense Amplifiers (pdf) Have questions about ADI’s Amplifier products? Visit the Amplifiers Support Community on EngineerZone. Engineered. Tested. Ready to Integrate.

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