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Bucher Control Retrofit

Bucher replacement controls for your HPX press Simple and quick conversion Maintaining same, proven self-optimising process mode Amended operator-guidance Detailed reporting and trend-indication on operating panel Optional data-communication with superior system Optional attachment on Bucher NetService gateway Extension of HPX-service life

Field of application and benefits The newly developed alternate control replaces all former control-models of Bucher HPX-series. The proven self-optimisation of the HPX i-version will be maintained and complemented by additional functions (therefore the HPX models require a retrofit with stroke- and mashmeasurement). The control allows the storage of up to 21 different data sets. Substantial, detailed reports as well as trend-indications (printable if connected to a compatible printer) complete the functional range of the new control. Uniquely standard electric- and electronic - as well as control-com-ponents are dedicated. Thus granting improved reliability and long-term availability. Intuitive operable screens, detailed visualisation and a 3-step reporting-concept allow clear and easy operator-guidance.

Function and operation methods The antiquated control- and visualisationcomponents (Siemens S5, PCs basing on Windows 3.11-operating systems) will be replaced by the last generation of Siemens-components. The control-board as fitted at the press is further used. Only the electrical-parts, pre-assembled on a board, will be replaced. The operating-panel is integrated in a desk-top housing (control-room version) or, as option, fitted to the machine by a gibbet. Options (on request) Integration of all presses to a Bucher control-system (PC) Variable communication with superior process-data acquisition or datatransfer by USB-stick Capacity-increase by an additional retrofit of the recently introduced power-hydraulic. Attachment to Bucher NetService gateway

Technical data Control: Siemens S7-300 Operator-screen: Siemens MP 277, 10 Touch

Subject to change without notice

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