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Responsible to: Food & Beverage Cost & Inventories. Job Definition: Designing Food & Beverage controls system and procedures planning, organizing, co-coordinating and controlling the implementation of the stipulated Food & Beverage Control systems and procedures to optimize returns on cost in Food & Beverage and returns on cost in Food & Beverage and achieve economy in Food & Beverage. Duties & Responsibilities:  To gather process analyze interpret and present relevant data on the performance of the F&B Department with appropriate comments to the management.  To take corrective action whenever necessary and counsel the F&B Manager and the Executive Chef accordingly.  To plan the ‘Standards and Specifications ‘ for the Food & Beverage merchandise in consultation with the F&B Manager, Executive Chef, Purchase Manager and Accountant. As also review the standards & specifications at regular intervals.  To prepare the monthly profit and loss statements for each F&B outlets.  To initiate and introduce improvements in the F&B Controls Systems and procedures which are found necessary to ensure effective Food & Beverage Controls.


 To compile Food & Beverage cost ascertainments.  To ensure proper maintenance of books of accounts pertaining to Food & Beverage Controls. Authority: To advice the General Manager/Accounts Manager on matters pertaining to F&B Controls. food production and outlet areas.  To periodically review receiving procedures and routine. Area of Operation: Food & Beverage Control/ all Kitchens/Bars/ Restaurants/receiving Points/ Food& Beverage Stores. To recommend staff increments and promotions.  To review with the General Manager/Resident Manager the performance of each kitchen and Food& Beverage Sales outlets. To conduct spot checks in the Receiving Stores.  To maintain liaison with the excise department for licensing of various bars Supervises: Operationally & administratively all F&B Control personnel and operationally Receiving Assistants & F&B Stores personnel. RESPONSIBILITIES OF FOOD & BEVERAGE CONTROLLER  To plan organize and control the day to day implementation of the Food & Beverage Control Systems and Procedures. 2 .

RESPONSIBILITIES OF FOOD & BEVERAGE CONTROLLER Inter-Departmental Coordination: With the Food & Beverage Manager to review reports on his department and recommend appropriate corrective action. To coordinate with the Executive Chef for periodic F&B inventories in the kitchen. recruitments. To write off as spoilage Food & Beverage items as per policy stipulated by the management. To coordinate with the Personnel Department in matters pertaining to employees discipline. To coordinate with the Sales outlet Manager for F&B inventories.To inspect the F&B outlets to ensure effective F&B controls. To coordinate with the Purchasing Manager for constant post audit of the contract prices as per the bidding sheets With the Accountant to review the Food & Beverage Stores systems and procedures. selections etc 3 .

In addition to the above mentioned duties and jobs functions. 4 . any other assignments given occasionally or on a daily basis by the management.