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WHAT’S NEW in Oil Industry Onshore & Offshore Products and Services

Health, Safety, Security, Environmental
Equipment/Services For Upstream, Midstream, Downstream
Wireless, battery-powered fixed, semi-fixed, transportable gas detection systems introduced
SmartWireless® Site Sentinel stand-alone gas detection systems are unveiled for fixed, semifixed, and transportable use in light and heavy environments. This wireless, battery-powered system monitors for dangerous toxic and combustible gases “through new-to-market wireless network innovations and offers the safest, most comprehensive and flexible gas detection available today,” declares its manufacturer. SmartWireless Site Sentinel is easy to customize. Each system can be fitted with a number of components. These include toxic and infrared hydrocarbon combustible gas detectors, controllers, remote HMIs, solar panels, or alarm and signaling stations. Each flexible and expandable system can include up to 32 detectors and comprise any combination of wired or wireless devices. Critical fault diagnostics are available locally or through a link to other members of the network. The new systems operate on a network through “Self-Healing Mesh Network” topology. This allows each device to act as a router or repeater for all other devices in the network. With this company’s patent-pending “Fault Tolerant Safety Network” technology, Site Sentinel network architecture ensures “no single point of failure” within the system. This allows any device on the network to take control as the “master” should the designated master device fail. Power options for system components include disposable batteries, rechargeable battery packs with solar power options, and line power. Detcon-GMI 1 For FrEE Information Select rS#1 at 4055 technology Forest Drive, the Woodlands tX 77381


Long-range Ir gas detection
EyeCGas Infrared Gas Imaging Cameras are announced for long-range detection at up to hundreds of meters. Certified for Class I Div. 2 hazardous locations, they deliver remote gas leak detection and visualization. Models feature a 75-mm lens plus proprietary optical design to improve safety, shorten inspection times, and increase operational efficiency. Cameras can inspect a large facility area at a safe distance from the site of a leak to protect technicians — who are immediately alerted to fugitive leaks and GHG emissions. Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd. 21st Hanapach Street, Karmiel, israel 20101 2 For FrEE Information Select rS#2 at

Single-agent liquid vehicle system suppresses fire, cools
ANSUL single-agent Liquid Vehicle System delivers fire suppression and cooling to superheated surfaces: Lines with flammable oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids that run close to manifolds, turbochargers, or engine blocks. LVS suppresses Class A ordinary combustibles and B flammable liquid and gas fires. Tyco Fire Protection Products one Stanton Street, marinette Wi 54143

Free 212-page work gear catalog
Ten Tenacious Work Gear Brands from this 30-year-old organization highlight its free 2013 workbook of work gear, cooling products, portable work shelters, warming products, gear and tool storage, lanyards, worksite organizers, gloves, knee pads, footwear accessories, head protection. Ergodyne, 1021 bandana boulevard, St. paul mN 55108 250 For FrEE Literature Select rS#250 at


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january 2013
Volume 59, Number 3

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WHAT’S NEW in Oil Industry Onshore & Offshore Products and Services

Valves & Actuation For Oil & Gas Innovations For Up/Mid/Downstream
Intelligent electronic actuators unveiled
SMARTLINK DS electronic general-purpose valve actuators are new and on the market in 300 and 900-in.-lb torque configurations. NEMA 4, 4X, IP67-rated models offer repeatable 0.1° precision with 1,000 positions plus on-board display and keypad for commissioning and full rating for hazardous location or general installation. Each is cited as “best suited for installation in harsh environments where direct water blasts, dirt, moisture, ice, low and high temperature, or high vibration exists.” The actuators are easy to install and wire. They offer industry standard communication protocols, analog 4 to 20mA or Modbus for a wide range of back-end position and health reporting. Maxon A Honeywell Company 201 East 18th Street Muncie IN 47302 For FREE Information Select 2 RS#2 at

Actionable diagnostic valve info delivered by positioner
Research Control SRD smart valve positioners are unveiled to “deliver robust, actionable diagnostic information about valve performance and help process industry facilities comply with recent fugitive emissions regulations.” SRD 960 explosionproof and SRD 991 intrinsically safe models serve petrochemical, oil, gas, and wastewater applications. An optional SRI 990 base model provides analog valve control with fast control behavior. Its’ control boards can be swapped out to upgrade from an SRI to an SRD. These positioners are compatible with their maker’s valves and most other pneumatically actuated types. They’re designed for new installations or to retrofit existing valves. Models can be used to reduce adverse effects of online valve friction too. Badger Meter Box 245036, Milwaukee WI 53224 3 For FREE Info Select RS#3 at

Safe, remote oil, gas valve operation with actuators
FlexiDrive valve actuators are applicable “to any conventional wheel-operated device in oil, gas, or chemical processing to make them constantly accessible and safe,” it’s announced. To help locate a point of operation in a place of safety or convenience, FlexiDrive comprises a patented flexible linear drive cable. It effectively delivers rotary torque for distances up to 30 m, depending on output torque required. Complete FlexiDrive details are yours free. Smith Flow Control USA 1390 Donaldson Road, Suite E Erlanger KY 41018


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Artificial lift intelligent asset manager
New GENESIS Intelligent Asset Manager provides producers “robust, reliable, plug-and-play high performance” for artificial lift. Operators remotely access and manage downhole and surface artificial lift assets — in real time. GENESIS is cited as “digital equivalent of a production supervisor managing every stroke of producing wells, around the clock.” It’s said to be the first that integrates artificial intelligence with advanced downhole pump analytics plus surface asset management. Producers have total remote access to completely customize equipment operations to their artificial lift environments. Integrated well control algorithms and “AI” enable sufficient operator alerts for corrective action to limit downtime and possible workover delays/costs. SPIRIT Global Energy Solutions 3406 Texas 349, Midland TX 79706 5 For FREE Information Select RS#5 at

Entrance, egress fire fighting tool introduced
“First Responder” fire fighting tool is introduced for emergency entrance and egress situations. It’s made to disable fire on contact. This hand-held portable device and its fire suppression agent are offered to protect life in an emergency fire. With it you may create a possible escape route: Remove a safety clip, pull an activation ring pin, toss the device into the fire source. In 3 to 5 sec, First Responder delivers an effective aerosol fire suppression agent into an area to disable fire on contact. A free CD is offered with complete details. Peripheral Manufacturing Incorporated 4775 Paris Street, #A, Denver CO 80239 4 For FREE Info Select RS#4 at

Gas analysis firm enters safety w/ oxygen detector
OxyDetect oxygen monitors are launched as this gas analysis technology company’s entrance into the life safety market. The safe area monitors utilize advanced non-depleting paramagnetic technology with Hummingbird Paracube Micro paramagnetic sensor. They accurately monitor oxygen levels without sensor deterioration that affects traditional electrochemical sensors. Servomex Gas Detection, Servomex Group Ltd. Jarvis Brook, Crowborough, East Sussex UK 6 For FREE Info Select RS#6 at


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There is also a free Engineer’s Guide to Temperature Measurement in both printed and downloadable format (4)...... Kristine Duran Art Director....... Kimray Incorporated 4221 North Santa Fe.... Portugal. and petrochemical operations and facilities.... It’s that simple to fill your products and services need-to-know. Gas & Petrochem Equipment ® (ISSN 0030-1353) is published 12 times a Count on our proven valves...... about 100 new.. – Publications Mail Agreement No... or expanded product lines highlight this July OG&PE... Non-qualified personnel may start a paid subscription at www..... take a look at the top or accumulator liquid level control...... J.. improved................. 49 0 2903-3385-70 33 (0) 1and 30 71 11 19 Russia....html No accumulation of water between clamps and tubing Compliant with Norsok Z-010 STAUFF Germany Phone: +49 23 92 / 9 16 ..... midstream... 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However.. call 814-838-2028 for visit www....... 18 Oilfield Improvements ...... 7 Foster Reprints .9201 www.... Austria.... 3 OGPE......... I appreciate and always welcome comments about both our product-specific content —printed and online — to help update you on “what’s new in oil and gas products and services.... service.......... This feature also allows for quicker actuation of larger control valves through a large orifice snap pilot.. plus our weekly e-Newsletter and Buyers’ ex-press. Clark Bell Production Director............... the pneumatic switch has a set screw that allows quick pivot rod and float assembly removal and cleaning..... Periodicals Postage Paid at Tulsa.. construction........ Tulsa OK 74112 PO Box 1260.... Sealless switch design keeps process fluid completely isolated from pneumatics to help prevent the vessel from leaking gas through a worn O-ring... gas & petrochem needs High Pressure Equipment Company To find out more..... $6 single copies Oil. Publisher & Editor jba@pennwell........ In and additional mailing offices...... Canada & Mexico: $55 per Germany. and Badger Meter as a “special” — but the remaining 23 pages of this edition hold a number of noteworthy equipment. 16 PetroWorld India .......... 13 Clover Tool ... Complete pneumatic level switch data are / 918 832 9351 / For free info...pennwell.. As you visit OGPE. neither Daniel Bernard Germany... highly software-suported BOP control (19)...............OGPE..... Sheridan Road. To start a free subscription go to www...... Member: BPA Worldwide. gas scrubber.... $13 single copies DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION RATES All countries: $28 per year..hotims.. Daniel Bernard Brazil 49 0 Singapore 2903-3385-70 33 (0) 1Tokyo 30 71 11 19 Michael Yee Jean-Paul Prates Manami Konishi wilhelms@pennwell.. 23 Servomex Group Ltd ..9351 f 918..... and Filippo Silvera Belgium Southern wilhelms@pennwell.......... If you click the company name on our reader response page — you are directed to that company’s website to “take a look” at them and their oil and gas specialties............. Pneumatic liquid level control serves varied oilfield equipment This oil and gas control equipment manufacturer launches its first pneumatic level switch for oil and gas separator... The new level switches are designed for use as high or low-level controls..hotims.. Gas & Petrochem Equipment makes every reasonable effort to verify its content... 10 PennWell GITA Oil & Gas Conference ...... All are featured on our all-products OGPE........... They operate any diaphragm motor valve that requires no more than 30 psig diaphragm pressure....... 14 Petroleum Buyers’ Guide . 6 Product/Service Advertiser Followup.... It combines a magnet and check valve system with a diaphragm pilot mechanism to increase flow rate and provide easy maintenance with lower downtime.. Oklahoma City OK 73118 8 For FREE Information Select RS#8 at Postmaster – Send address changes to: Oil......... water knockout... Eastern Europe Tel.... Assistance: http://www.......... Ed Tiscornia rogerk@pennwell.... You can ask for specific information or free Products and services +65 9616 8080 yfyee@singnet. Established: November We can handle YOUR OIL.. 8 PennWell Books ..119 Email us at act@stauff. operation and maintenance of oil..ogpesubscribe....... and a www... Scandinavia. assume responsibility for validity of manufacturer claims or statements made in published items..... 126813153.. Russia... Make your requests for prompt response.. 39 02 28 46716 Switzerland Wilhelm Sicking info@silvera.. UK Meet STAUFF UK at Booth 4B171 OG&PE Weekly e-Newsletter ......... Italy 55-21 2533 5703 +65 9616 8080 55-21 2533 5703 81 3 5771 8886 yfyee@singnet. fittings & tubing for ALL your oil... 12 Prevent Crevice Corrosion 3ñ6 September 2013 Aberdeen... 39 02 28 46716 Switzerland Wilhelm Sicking info@silvera......HighPressure. make a couple of clicks to see all eight......... These include mobile diposal of frac wastewater (13) Michael Yee Jean-Paul Prates Manami Konishi North America: 402 For FREE Information Select RS#402 at ogpe.. You can ask for information or free literature on every one of them — including advertisements....” Contact me at any time for editorial product questions. Take a look... You can also ask for information on any of them. Biolchini Senior Vice President Tom Fowler OG&PE ADVERTISING OFFICES HiP…Our Name is High Pressure OG&PE ADVERTISING OFFICES United Kingdom...... 81 3 5771 8886 manami..

com Reliable Networks Sincere Service 405 For FREE Information Select RS#405 at ogpe. why each type is used. After 90 passes. Comparatively. it’s noted. It discusses when certain pressure measurements are www. The result is a rugged. and Safety All-Weather Operation Customer-Driven Design Intelligent Diagnostics for Easier Management Moxa Inc. flter elements for processing JRS Rental Vessels are presented in this free brochure as high-fow types designed to ASME Code and meeting ANSI 600 PDC cutters rotate 360° while drilling ONYX 360 rolling polycrystalline diamond compact cutters are introduced to rotate 360° while drilling.hotims. Breckenridge TX 76424 White paper: When. They’re designed to improve drillbit durability in abrasive formations and extend bit life plus footage drilled per run. fully sealed UL Class 1 Div. Our experienced engineers have evaluated every aspect of design and production with painstaking detail for missioncritical operation and reliability. In feld testing. Minneapolis MN 55441 250 For FREE Lit Select RS#250 at ogpe. and cooling water. They are presented as high-effciency. there are many different ways to interpret the force measurement. why + uses of pressure Yours free: “Types of Pressure: When and Why Are They Used?” white paper is offered on various types of pressure measurement along with when and why they are used in specifc applications. nA. and production applications that include process water. 2 panel computer that is fully compliant with IEC 60079-15 ATEX Zone 2. Smith Bits A Schlumberger company Houston TX For FREE Information Select 10 RS#10 at ogpe. the premium fxed cutter developed an extreme wear fat compared to ONYX 360 which showed virtually no sign of wear even after 540 251 For FREE Info/Lit Select RS#251 at .moxa. pipeline. A Filtration Group Company 900 Industrial Parkway. terminal. ONYX 360 rolling cutter uses its entire edge to shear a formation as it rotates. Tel: 1-888-669-2872 usa@moxa. In lab tests. compared to premium PDC fxed cutters that showed greater wear with less footage drilled. Strategically positioned in the highest wear areas of a drill bit’s cutting structure. In one feld The Toughest. Skid mounted with quick-opening closures. This distributes wear over its full circumference. Large diameter.hotims. JRS serves refning. large surface area. depending on the application.000-ft were drilled in Midcontinent Granite Wash.3 OG&PE July 2013 PRODUCT Products and services GO TO OGPE.hotims. pleated cartridges are customizable. Results need to be expressed in a defned. more than 80 runs and 130. and highlights how they are used in various applications. Jonell Rental Services. inside-to-outside fow direction liquid fltration designs for use with large fow requirements. The paper defnes pressure — the measure of a force on a specifed area — as a straightforward concept.COM INFO … NOW! Rental vessels. EXPC-1319 Oil & Gas Panel Computer Compliant with ATEX Zone 2 standard High performance. Most Reliable Panel Computers for Oil and Gas Moxa’s EXPC-1319 series panel computers have been designed for the demanding reliability and safety requirements of the oil and gas industry. LiquiPleat RV high fow flter elements are specifcally designed for JRS rental pressure vessels. TURCK Incorporated 3000 Campus Drive. It notes. Full PDC cutters data are free. the rolling cutter was evaluated against a premium fxed PDC cutter drilling a block of hard granite. compared to premium fxed PDC cutter technology.hotims. fanless design Wide temperature tolerance Rated IP66 & NEMA 4X Sunlight-readable panel Self-diagnostic software for predictive maintenance Highest Quality.” notes the maker. only a small fraction of the cutter edge is used in a conventional PDC bit. footage was extended 57% in the abrasive sandstone formation while ROP increased 26%. Reliability. petrochem. indicating “a signifcant improvement in cutter durability. clear way to allow everyone to correctly interpret and apply results. pipeline fuels. This rotation allows the cutter’s diamond edge to stay sharp longer — for increased penetrate rates and extended bit life. wastewater. New ONYX 360’s 360° rotation also reduces frictional heat buildup for less wear and fewer bit replacement trips. Bits exhibited uniform wear with no cutter loss and 100% cutter rotation.

The guide answers such temperature-related questions as why select an RTD or thermocouple and advantages of using transmitters instead of long sensor wires. This single stream manual calibration device is intended to be calibrated monthly or quarterly so there is no need to leave an expensive calibration blend at each GC site. The Woodlands TX 77381 15 For FREE Information Select RS#15 at ogpe.hotims. It’s capable of C6+ natural gas analysis.hotims. Offered in both Multispectral IR (IR3) and UV/2IR versions. The seamless glass reinforced flament wound liner is wrapped in a continuous helical pattern to provide high tensile and hoop strengths as it maintains mechanical and chemical resistance. Lightweight rugged mats give temporary roads for access TuffTrak heavy-duty temporary road mats are on the market with “substantially reduced weight” but required ruggedness to provide temporary access roads and ground protection. Complete TuffTrak information is yours free. Full NGC 8106 details are free.I. They offer HART 7 and Syntel (Lonworks) protocols for addressable vent monitoring. Information on selection and installation guidelines is provided along with data on maintenance. accurate fame detection MultiFlame DV-TV7 fame detectors are introduced to be fast and accurate on hydrocarbon fres — while ensuring reliable false alarm Linings extend tubular service D-350 fberglass internal lining systems highlight this datasheet to deliver steel tubulars corrosion protection at up to 350° / 177°C. Zigma Ground Solutions Ltd.B. this GC becomes a “total energy meter. Gilmer TX 75644 255 For FREE Literature Select RS#255 at ogpe. M11 Business Link. sensors. You can also utilize remote communications on the instrument to transmit real gas quality data to an existing fow computer. Emerson Process Management 8200 Market Boulevard. If you add a multivariable transmitter. Expense of traditional heavy-weight mats is also reduced as an over-engineered solution. This ensures ignition all the time regardless of wind speed. These features afford more mats and more temporary roadway per lorry at reduced For free information or literature — Click the Circle Number or go to OGPE.hotims. wind direction. or other environmental factors.5-m (200kg) and 4 x 2-m (250-kg) respectively. TuffTrak mats also help achieve lower carbon footprint and achieve sustainability objectives. and transmitters..hotims. Engineer’s guide to industrial temperature measurement: free Find answers to common temperature measurement questions in this new and free printed. Bastrop TX 78602 For FREE Information Select RS#13 at ogpe. CE.100-tonnes/mat compression weight loading. and PLCs. 12 For FREE Information Select RS#12 at ogpe. The spark nozzle houses the spark plug that sparks ever 2 sec — regardless of igniter fame temperature. and troubleshooting 13 D. Stansted. Chanhassen MN 55317 254 For FREE Literature Select RS#254 at ogpe. This results in ignition of the igniter as well as the fare. online viewable. The equipment provides fare stack ignition from small to medium 25 to 100 ft range located in remote areas or where power and fuel gas are not available. D-350’s manufacturer has successfully installed more than 100-million-feet of its product worldwide. Igniter fame is monitored and proven by a data logger or temperature switch. If offers technical information on the entire temperature measurement system and discusses individual components including thermowells. and IECEx plus certifed and suited for SIL2 applications. With DSI-100. Detectors can be confgured to communicate with a wide range of fre panels. Two versions are available measuring 3 x . Unit 11. Parsonage Lane. Simtronics.COM Products and services Direct spark igniters deliver continuous fare stack ignition Without use of fuel normally required by traditional pilots — DSI-100 Direct Spark Igniters operate 24/7 to deliver continuous fare stack ignition. 445 FM 20. Essex CM24 8GF UK Fast. Models direct a small stream of fare gas to the igniter shield/spark nozzle.hotims. fare gas is directed to the same ignition Natural gas chromatograph is composite sampler replacement You can replace composite samplers with NGC 8106 natural gas chromatographs to receive real-time data instead of monthly averages plus shipping and sample collection errors. It operates on standard SP8 control systems to make for easy conversion from SP8-PTC to DSI-100. calibration.” declares the maker.hotims.PRODUCT OG&PE July 2013 4 INFO … NOW! GO TO OGPE. or downloadable pdf Guide. models are housed in rugged 316 stainless steel enclosures approved to ATEX. an IST company 4055 Technology Forest 14 ABB Incorporated 7051 Industrial Park Boulevard. Bartlesville OK 74006 For FREE Information Select RS#14 at ogpe. This feature is said to make DSI the only system compliant with latest Federal regulations. Duoline Technologies Bluebird Lane & Highway 271. Both deliver c.

we’ll tell you — in print and online Each month. Automated backfush. downstream equipment. The Fast. Every page and online has the latest in upstream. It also extends flter life as it removes dirt and dirt particles along with debris in rain or snow from intake air. By documenting exact components. A small crew assembles PIC on location to traverse elevated pipe sections at any height — then disassembles it for easy transport to the next job site. compliance and replacement efforts. This new patent pending motorized scaffold-type equipment replaces cherry pickers. With it. E&P. service history and more. Easy. With a unique Filtration fuid conditioning Six fuid conditioning solution categories to serve 13 applications with 40+ fltration specialties highlight this free four-page brochure. SFTP. inspection PIC: The Pipe Inspection Cart accomplishes elevated. Dreison International Company 4540 West 160th Street. Its designed for large machines operating in severe-duty environments. bulk diesel skids. systems. natural gas pipeline.parker. CSE Semaphone Incorporated 1200 Chantry Place. PowerRam is designed to meet performance needs of machines that require airfow between 400 and 1. and custom fuel skids. PowerRam’s louvered screen prevents plugging from snow and ice build-up at high speeds. midstream. along with the frm’s Logistics Framework to reduce operational costs plus improve productivity. Schroeder Industries 580 West Park Road. Santa Maria CA 93455 17 For FREE Information Select RS#17 at ogpe. Additional PIC specifcs are yours free on request.hotims.hotims. spider-baskets. It uses a straight-fow air fow path — unlike “reverse axial” designs. and bag housing process flter products are presented along with bulk diesel fuel conditioning and biofuel purifcation/treatment. encryption. Newport RI 02840 19 For FREE Information Select RS#19 at ogpe. For reporting with IT networks. plus real-time visibility are provided into feet All Products — All The Time.COM INFO … NOW! OFS trucking graphics-based oilfeld logistics support software LogisticsFramework & graphics-based oilfeld logistics support software is offered to aid OFS trucking globally. Lake Mary FL 32746 18 For FREE Information Select RS#18 at ogpe. easily deployed solution uses readily available hardware to power the fexible software. PTS dramatically improves asset uptime and speeds maintenance.hotims. plus element technology are featured. process fltration.500 psi as well as mechanical and electronic fuid conditioning and diagnostic monitoring tools. loads are tracked in real-time. or upkeep. often inaccessible pipeline maintenance and inspection. Cleveland OH 44135 20 For FREE Information Select RS#20 at ogpe. performance. Together. less expensive SCADA cyber security applications are said to result.” Quicker. or trading frms can see what is happening — as it is happening. And the unit protects against re-entry of sooty exhaust air into air-intake. products. the suite lets you select from a wide range of functions. HTTP Secure. The latter are highlighted to include coalescing fltration. the suite also provides broad implementation of SMNP. centrifugal. we can reduce the burden of compliance. Kinyon Construction Incorporated 1533 West Betteravia Road. fuel Engine fuel effciency boosted as it’s protected turbo Precleaner PowerRam protects engines while boosting fuel effciency. www. PIC safely (dead-man button operating system) carries two workers and all necessary equipment to coat and repair a 34-in. Compliant.hotims. Leetsdale PA 15056 257 For FREE Literature Select RS#257 at ogpe. TBox Cyber Security Suite is announced to “bring network-level security measures to SCADA systems — allowing implementation of common. OG&PE tells you “What’s New”.5 OG&PE July 2013 PRODUCT Products and services GO TO OGPE. replacement product can be secured sight unseen in more than 25 countries 1 800 C-Parker 407 For FREE Information Select RS#407 at ogpe. and services news. turbo Filtration Division. inspection. Models comprise directional scoop and wide-angle air intake to improve engine performance as they reduce air-intake restriction plus deliver more air to an engine at highway speeds. Qv21 Technologies LLC Box 891. With the software — dispatching. proven measures instead of customized programming at the RTU level. and satellite-based asset tracking. terminal operators. It uses current mobile devices and Get the PTS app! Available at both Apple® and Android® stores. Parker Tracking System is the perfect solution for managing critical assets and New lifts serve inaccessible pipeline maintenance. flter systems. Hydraulic and lube fltration. These include authentication. It’s powered by a 120-v energy source to move back-and-forth over a line. location.hotims. TLS/SSL. onboard diesel fltration. Available as standard frmware for TBox 32-bit RTU platforms. They are cited to comprise flter assembly types up to Enhanced integral RTU cyber security protection TBox Remote Terminal Units are now available with enhanced integral cyber security protection for SCADA applications. cartridge . Ready to learn more? Visit For free information or literature — Click the Circle Number or go to OGPE. OG&PE / OGPE. or cranes — to help reach elevations of pipe for coatings. SSH. and a virtual private network. frewall protection.500-cfm. Trucking companies. electronic ticketing.. If it’s new ..

please contact: REST OF THE WORLD Jane Bailey T: +44 (0) 1992 656 651 F: +44 (0) 1992 656 700 E: janeb@pennwell.petroworldindia. with both a world class conference combined with the exhibition showcasing the latest technological developments.PETROWORLDINDIA. WHY ATTEND? engineers from major and independent E&P companies focusing on associated with the expanding Indian exploration & production industry SAVE WITH OUR EARLY BIRD OFFER REGISTER TO ATTEND BY 8 AUGUST 2013 AND SAVE ON THE FULL CONFERENCE FEE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT CO-ORGANIZED BY: SUPPORTED BY: SPONSORED BY: PRESENTED BY: Ministry Of Petroleum and Natural Gas Government Of India .com USA (COMPANIES M-Z) Kelsey Stretch PennWell Corporation T: +1 918-832-9343 E: USA (COMPANIES A-L) Desiree Reyes PennWell Corporation T: +1 713 963 6283 F: +1 713 963 6212 E: SOUTH EAST ASIA Mike Twiss T: +61 437 700 093 E: within the oil & gas INVITATION TO ATTEND PRE SHOW GUIDE NOW AVAILABLE PetroWorld India is a unique annual forum for the industry.COM For further information on exhibiting and sponsorship.August 22-24. 2013 Conference & Exhibition Bombay Exhibition Centre Mumbai. India www.

com 30. Ergodyne. stripped. It’s offered on iPhone and iPad as well as PC and this company’s rugged devices.hotims. 1021 Bandana Boulevard East. Additional cutters data are yours free. the system addresses needs in remote locations so feld workers and experts are connected. pipe. experts Onsight Mobile Video Collaboration Systems enables equipment troubleshooting and communication — anywhere — without time delays or high travel costs. and dexterity of a foam nitrile-dipped seamless knit glove. As a high-sensitivity instrument.” GF320 is engineered to more quickly scan a broader area plus monitor locations diffcult to reach with contact measurement tools. Three INT models are offered for 1 to 3. Librestream.000 psi and 300°C. repair Rotabroach Cutters and Rotabroach Fusion Cutters are new expansions of this company’s line. The new gloves are available this month. Intercon Enterprises Incorporated 1125 Fir Avenue. Suite 220 St. plus centralized control over Onsight licenses and overall system management. OGI within this camera is said to offer tangible benefts compared to traditional biogas leak “ Optical gas imaging cameras monitor biogas storage leaks FLIR GF320 Optical Gas Imaging cameras are designed for non-invasive monitoring of biogas storage tank leaks. Customers have qualifed FOFT for 30. As an enterprise-grade solution. This can be on a rig. fexibility. Complete FOFT information is yours free. They have two 90° set screw fats to ft magnetic drills with standard arbors for two-times the tool life of tool-less systems. ST. They help you avoid size-specifc clamp problems that aren’t able to align elbows or fanges. It also has also been miniaturized to ft a high-pressure. They are confgurable with standard single-mode and multi-mode fbers.2 to 3.clovertool. Annular cutters are new to serve fabrication. 300°C. INTs will last a long time. declares Onsight’s developer. Designs are valuable where back-of-hand injuries and grip are of concern. Another operational beneft of the cameras is user safety by emissions detection at a safe distance. Swartz Creek MI 48473 Nitrile-dipped dorsal impact reducing gloves added to line Expansion of the ProFlex product line is announced with new ProFlex 920 Nitrile-Dipped Impact-Reducing Gloves like these. Patented Fusion groove innovation shanks suit the cutters for magnetic drilling having one-touch toolless arbors. Hougen Manufacturing 3001 Hougen Drive.hotims. Westerly RI 02891 25 For FREE Information Select RS#25 at ogpe.375-in. Operations focused. With heavyduty forged steel design plus electroplating for rust and spatter resistance. WA 98230 23 For FREE Information Select RS#23 at ogpe. in a moment’s BOP Test Reliability TIMES TWO Dual unit complete redundancy Fast Accurate Reliable Low maintenance All electric-completely explosion proof Stainless steel corrosion protected Small footprint Exceeds all industry requirements Prefill Pump Reduces BOP fill test time 50% Dual and single models available clover@clovertool. high-pressure ftting and are available in a variety of optional end terminations. and custom ferrules. Onsight provides full security for content with end-to-end encryption and wireless security. Suite 110 Winnipeg. SMA. FLIR Systems Luxemburgstraat 2. Designs conveniently interface with a standard 3/ 26 For FREE Information Select RS#26 at ogpe.7 OG&PE July 2013 PRODUCT Products and services GO TO OGPE. 2 to 6.hotims. drill presses. control over bandwidth usage to manage corporate networks. AMETEK SCP 52 Airport Pipe alignment clamps offered pipe welders Quickly align a variety of pipe sizes with this one INT pipe alignment clamp. fber optic feedthru for drilling.hotims. 895 Waverley Street. TX 77441 DRILLING RISER TOOLS TORQUE WRENCHES HYDRAULIC FLUID FILTER CARTS LUBRICANTS/THREAD COMPOUNDS BOLT and NUT RUNNERS Patent Pending SOCKETS and ACCESSORIES 409 For FREE Information Select RS#409 at ogpe. or machining centers. lathes. Blaine. anywhere in the world. housing that can be welded or coupled with a standard high-pressure ftting. Manitoba Canada R3T 5P4 24 For FREE Information Select RS#24 at ogpe.COM INFO … NOW! Mobile video collaboration connects feld workers. It is currently confgured for one to eight fbers in a 0.hotims. These include bare. FC.4-micrometer 6903 FM 359 South. 2321 Meer Belgium 27 For FREE Information Select RS#27 at ogpe. Paul MN 55108 22 For FREE Information Select RS#22 at ogpe. This camera contains a cooled Indium Antimonide (InSb) detector. integration with standard video conferencing systems. GF320 not only visualizes biogas leaks — it makes the smallest of temperature differences on a storage tank clearly . Complete clamps data are yours free. Models are constructed of low outgassing materials. maintenance. Welders invest in three clamps to cover 3/4 to | USA Phone: (281) 561-5600 | www. and 6 to 12 inches.hotims. Especially applicable in oil and gas operations. they feature patent-pending dorsal impact protection with outstanding grip.hotims. site. hightemperature connector. completion FOFT glass-sealed fber optic feedthrus handle extreme drilling and completion high pressures and temperatures. Annular cutters are also offered with only fatted shanks for use in standard magnetic drills.000-psi. it functions in the 3. Additional GF320 OPI camera details are yours free. Fulshear. It features Bandwidth Adaptive Streaming and capabilities to facilitate collaboration from diffcult-to-reach locations with only 3G cellular or satellite networks available.

com to UPLOAD YOUR RESUME to the database today. FREE • CONFIDENTIAL • ALL JOB TYPES & EXPERIENCE LEVELS .CAREER OPPORTUNITY Don’t miss another Top Oil & Gas Industry Employers are RECRUITING NOW! with PennEnergy Jobs Visit PennEnergyJobs.

Export PA 15632 31 For FREE Information Select RS#31 at ogpe. EH’s motorized oil mist eliminator prevents the need for seal buffer for operation and startup.CO M A MEASURABLE ADVANTAGE 411 For FREE Information Select RS#411 at ogpe. the SpectraScan changes everything. Chicago IL 60606 32 For FREE Information Select RS#32 at ogpe. motor.1BarG. Metal One connections will be offered in North America by Energex Tube. Suite A. dry air via centrifugal compressors PAP Plus EH centrifugal air compressors deliver clean. SAGD. Allweiler GmbH Allweilerstr. gas drilling This company has agreed with Metal One Corporation to offer semi-premium connections for North America oil and gas drilling. OLS fne. A stand-alone solution with superior technology and benefits.hotims.COM/SPECTRASCAN OR TO REQUEST MOVE OVER GC THE FUTURE OF ON LINE GAS ANALYSIS IS HERE. OD for drilling with casing connections. OD. Radial draft geometry of the shackle ear increases cross-sectional area for greater strength with improved ft-and-function between the pin and shackle body. They aid machine productivity for trouble-free. Among EH features are rub-tolerant seal design with very low leakage.” The new VSD composition may be used for crude oil. dry air for refnery or plant pneumatic tools. systems productive To avoid 70% to 80% of all hydraulic and lubrication machine downtime caused by unclean media — OLS offine flters effectively remove impurities.9 OG&PE July 2013 PRODUCT Products and services GO TO OGPE. 58791 Werdohl Germany 29 For FREE Information Select RS#29 at ogpe.5-in. Complete VSD screw pumps data are yours free. All three components are confgured at the factory and adjusted for optimal required capacity so “for virtually the same price. notes the manufacturer. declares the manufacturer. Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. and geothermal wells. GFI improves electrical safety Offine flters keep hydraulic machines. It helps avoid exposure of personnel to dangerous electric shock.” As complete sets they comprise the pump.hotims. FS-Elliott Company LLC.COM S E RVO M E X . This GFI allows you to both locally and remotely monitor the system voltage. 26th Floor. notes the manufacturer. remote EL3100 Ground Fault Indication Systems improve worker/system electrical safety. Chicago IL 60631 33 For FREE Information Select RS#33 at ogpe. specially developed cellulose flter media remove impurities smaller than 1 New screw pumps incorporate VSD to reduce operating costs New screw pumps with variable speed drives are declared “to reduce operating costs by up to 40%. SUPERMAX tubing and casing non-upset connection sizes are offered from 1. Littelfuse Incorporated 8755 West Higgins Road. These particles can lead to increased energy consumption due to friction as well as reduced performance capacity and costly downtime. or other crude products and mixtures — in pipeline. They function independently from the system cycle even during scheduled machine downtimes. Energex Tube Division. They’re designed with better clearance and improved work string capability. With a built-in motor-pump unit the flters can be integrated into hydraulic systems.hotims. or general pumping. and a frequency converter to achieve savings — without additional investment.9 through 4. Sparks MD 21152 30 For FREE Information Select RS#30 at ogpe.5 through . They operate at up to 350 psig / Door-mounted. The NEW SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan The SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan is a breakthrough in measurement speed for light hydrocarbons C1-C5+. 1. 5710 Mellon Road. Full air compressors data are free. EMAIL: SPECTRASCAN@SERVOMEX. Complete anchor shackle information is yours free. Suite 500. Apex Tool Group 14600 York Road. customers receive a complete VSD pump set that is signifcantly more effcient. EL3100’s importance is because ungrounded electrical systems continue to operate in the presence of a ground fault. It comprises Energex Tube’s diversifed tubular portfolio plus Metal One’s strong group of connections and well-established service network.hotims. Colfax Fluid Handling. Mandated lettering is now on the sides of the shackle for easy identifcation. 78315 Radolfzell Germany 34 For FREE Info/Literature Select RS#34 at 22 mid-to-large anchor shackles added to line The Campbell Alloy Anchor Shackle line has expanded with 22 mid-to-large screw-pin and bolt-type types. diesel oil. KG Im Ehrenfeld 4. The plant air packages are designed with two to four stages of compression. bitumen. The agreement is announced to bring two companies together — both focused on better servicing OCTG markets. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE REVOLUTION IN HYDROCARBON GAS ANALYSIS: DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER FROM: Refnery pneumatic tools get clean. JMC Steel Group 227 West Monroe Street. They include GEOCONN semi-premium casing connections in 4. Stainless steel impeller construction does not require disassembly to remove rotor(s) from casing.COM INFO … NOW! Agreement offers semi-premium connections for NA oil. discharge/ transfer.hotims. At the same time they protect operators from shock hazards. Additional OLS offine flters data are yours free. Shackle construction comprises drop forge alloy steel and heat treated alloy SERVOMEX. low-maintenance operation. Its contact output for alarm communication with a SCADA system or PLC helps maintenance staff quickly see location of a fault without checking indicators on individual panels. The new design removes all markings from the top of the shackle bow to prevent fraying of synthetic slings. They indicate presence of ground faults on ungrounded three-phase electrical systems. EL3100 is also designed to be safer than other monitoring methods since it’s LED indication module doesn’t bring system voltage to the door of the For free information or literature — Click the Circle Number or go to OGPE.

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Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas 6100 Atlantic Boulevard. Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) Greenbank Road. WPP guarantees a generator will be available — and can be delivered — should a hurricane or other disaster threaten the area. dig depth. high-pressure 413 For FREE Information Select RS#413 at ogpe. IEC 60079-1:2007-04. They are in accordance with NEC. store employee trainings and Portable generator rental feet expanded for hurricane response This power-generation equipment provider has expanded its portable generators rental feet by more than $1-million to support emergency power generation in advance of tropical weather events. These include schedule. Enclosures are available with solid cover or viewing window approved to IEC 60079-0:2011. monitor. This immediately prevents potential short circuit before damage can occur. Additional generator rental information. programs.33 in. R480LC-9A weighs 108. pass regulatory inspections.950 & 62. Added to an electrical system. 9-in. With complete in-house engineering and fabrication. Then the frm either delivers and sets it up on site. All variations are UL 1053 compliant for ground fault sensing and relaying equipment.9 engine. dig depth and 11-ft. Houston TX 77041 MIST ELIMINATORS Æ DISTRIBUTORS & SUPPORTS Trays (numerous options) Sieve or perforated Bubble cap trays Cartridge trays Valve Why wait 10. wellhead. New Berlin WI 53151 39 For FREE Information Select RS#39 at ogpe. surface equipment. WPP Contingency Rental program helps you identify an appropriately sized emergency portable generator. The series comprises 68 standard sizes. high power-toweight ratio plus up to 50% torque rise. PROFILE WIRE SCREEN COALESCERS RANDOM PACKING STRUCTURED PACKING Visit our new website at www. Center Harbor NH 03226 54. Larger and smaller sizes will be available soon.hotims. The device comprises two-pole F202 for single-phase networks or four-pole F204 for split phases. The earthmovers accommodate massive amounts of materials and are effective in deep trenching. 15 or 20 weeks for your delivery! Ask AMACS Process Tower Internals about our Fast Track delivery for trays and a complete range of tower internals.. According to its’ developer. The sealing solutions are suited for high pressures. / 3. It adds cloud-based Bigfoot Computerized Maintenance Management Software.420 lb with a 27-ft. gas-applicable sealing products now out New spring elastomer seals are announced to broaden this manufacturer’s line for oil and gas .820 lb..950 lbf. Norcross GA 30071 36 For FREE Information Select RS#36 at ogpe. Line-to-ground current damage prevented New F200 Ground Fault Equipment Protectors guard equipment against damaging line-to-ground currents. plus track OSHA-recordable incidents. or stores it at their warehouse until needed.53 and 8.050 lbf with 12-ft. 7-in.” The CMMS add-on helps implement and monitor best practice safety programs. The PEEK version also eliminates metal-to-metal contact for reduced wear and extended operational lifetime of equipment in which it is employed. and record audits and inspections. stainless steel. Blackburn BB1 3EA United Kingdom 40 For FREE Information Select RS#40 at ogpe.050-lbf bucket force delivered by two new excavators Two new production class crawler excavators are introduced for widely varying duties including oil and gas. ANSI/NFPA 70 for use in ordinary locations.COM INFO … NOW! PRODUCT Occupational Safety & Health software aids regulatory compliance Bigfoot OSH Occupational Safety and Health add-on software is now available to help ensure worker health and safety. and procedures to help prevent safety hazards. width. or aggressive media and environments of oil and gas operations. They incorporate a double internal spring available in Inconel alloy.hotims. width plus 26-ft. internal inspector. and avoid fnes. high temperatures. They disconnect all ungrounded conductors to the faulted circuit. Full XJ_X specifcs are yours free. The integrated design automates and tracks safety tasks. Additional Bigfoot OSH and CMMS specifcs are yours free for the asking. ABB Low Voltage Products Division 1650 West Glendale Drive. / 60 to 850 mm internal diameters and between 0. or riser systems. we can use your existing drawings or modify them to improve your process. F200 GFEP trips when a system leaks signifcant current to ground. They’re equipped with low emission.hotims. Models immediately detect ground faults as they continuously measure current balance between live conductors and neutral using a toroidal current New oil.14 to 0.amacs.4 mm cross section.hotims. including website search tool are free. Smartware Group 38 For FREE Information Select RS#38 at ogpe. Delta and Wye networks. Its bucket breakout force is 54. Cleveland OH 44135 37 For FREE Information Select RS#37 at Box 188. IEC 60079-31:2008 international standards. Complete F200 GFEP information is yours free. The springs prevent extrusion of the seal when pressure is applied. Bigfoot OSH centralizes maintenance and safety data in one system. IECEx-certifed meter enclosure XJ_X series screw cover fameproof meter enclosures are now IECEx certifed. or PEEK. Seals are available in Perlast and Endura materials to function in such extreme environments as downhole. all approved to gas group IIB+H2 with an IP66 rating. Initially these new seals are available from 2 1/2 to 33 1/2 in. Its bucket breakout force is 62. Both excavators comprise 352-hp engines plus improved hydraulics.hotims.hotims. Adalet 4801 West 150th Street. R520LC-9A weighs 114.hotims.11 OG&PE July 2013 Products and services GO TO OGPE. Full spring seals specifcs are free upon request. This maintains seal integrity under extreme pressure. the software “serves as . low noise Cummins Interim Tier 4/Stage IIIB QSX11. If you choose the off-site storage 5901 Thomas Road. Worldwide Power Products 41 For FREE Information Select RS#41 at ogpe.


de www. OMEGA Engineering Incorporated One Omega Drive. The durable material allows automatic data collection. It has an amplifed pulse or 4-20mA output. plus milling and boring. SABRE is engineered for up to 20.hotims.Engineering & Consultancy . Worthington OH 43085 For free information or literature — Click the Circle Number or go to OGPE.borsig. alarm 1 or 2 status. fange facing. isolated analog output. Brady’s product offerings They comprise photo sensitive anodized aluminum material certifed for ruggedness. and special engineering for fossil.000 data points with time and data stamp. Milwaukee WI 53201 Compressor Valves & Services . chemicals. The pressure sensors are also applicable in spraying applications or in such Metalphoto® tags. D-24941 Flensburg/Germany Phone: +49 (0) 461 / 9871-0. As CE-compliant monochrome. line graph charting. Also offered are severing and beveling. or a key press.Individual Products & Special Applications BORSIG Compressor Parts GmbH Lise-Meitner-Str. Electromark. Plug-in style integral sensors afford simple installation. drop out into the alley. Franksville WI 53126 43 For FREE Information Select RS#43 at ogpe. and abrasion are offered by Metalphoto® tags and labels — added to Electromark. boiler maintenance. Hot Springs AR 71913 For FREE Information Select RS#45 at ogpe. Models are designed to record 85. These new evaporators are designed to deliver onsite disposal at a cost of less than 1-cent/gallon declares their manufacturer.hotims.5% combined linearity and hysteresis. They serve as alternative to engraving and are especially suited for printing barcodes and QR . The remainder of the water and all particulate smaller than 5 micron are converted into stage one aerosol and disappear into the atmosphere.Condition Monitoring in Real Time . Tri Tool Incorporated 3041 Sunrise Boulevard. code welding. all contaminants and debris over 5 45 Construction & maintenance feld services Oil & Gas construction and feld services are showcased in this free Tri Tool brochure. Systems convert a liquid stream into an aerosol. Brady Corporation Box 571.000 gph in optimum conditions. Its single-piece durability handles 0 to 15. AW-Lake Company 8809 Industrial Drive. Stamford CT 06907 47 For FREE Information Select RS#47 at ogpe. Their fush diaphragm creates zero dead volume and is 0. When the leachate is turned into an aerosol. Rancho Cordova CA 95742 280 For FREE Literature Select RS#280 at ogpe.hotims.hotims. Electronics access is through a special six-pin connector. port clogging media as Miniature fush diaphragm pressure sensors Model XPMF04 pressure transducers deliver 0.000 psi. Systems are trailed mounted for easy transport to sites where they typically process an average of 44 For FREE Information Select RS#44 at ogpe. high resolution meter and logger they feature optional alarm relays. labels offered by frm 30-year resistance to sunlight exposure. Additional sensors data are yours Graphic display panel meter plus data logger out Temperature and process measurements are served by Dpi1701 series 1/8 DIN graphic display panel meter and data 771-F Dearborn Park Lane. and storm water disposal in applications that include fracing.08 to 16 gpm fow ranges. Neptune Systems 174 Cornerstone Court. monitor. salt spray.hotims. tecsis LP 46 For FREE Information Select RS#46 at ogpe.COM INFO … NOW! Fracing wastewater disposal aided by new mobile systems The Neptune Evaporator System is on the market for low cost. diameter. and coatings. This allows water to evaporate while contaminants settle back in a narrow alley at the front of the unit. It monitors and displays minimum and maximum process values. paints. This feature also means electronics do not consume space in the subsea module canister. and wireless receiver. and graph line pressure. isolated 24-v dc excitation voltage. and has autoclave connections.hotims. The instruments function in a number of applications including oil and gas where they measure. pipeline.Capacity Control Systems . Logging starts/stops based on time and date. or standard digital Subsea-hydraulics-applicable turbine fow meters developed This new SABRE Turbine Flow Meter is unveiled for subsea hydraulics. Process input is displayed in horizontal bar graph. environmentally sound wastewater. It illustrates and describes available feld machining.13 OG&PE July 2013 PRODUCT Products and services GO TO OGPE. The Neptune Evaporator is cited as a cost-effective alternative to hauling waste to a treatment plant or installing one on site. The instrument is fully welded from 17-4 PH stainless steel and hermetically sealed to perform in harsh or corrosive environments.Compressor Valves & Reconditioning . 10. It’s designed to withstand those harsh environments with integral. leachate.borsig. comes in three 0. Full SABRE details are free. petrochem. and offshore.000 gph and up to 9. said to make them impervious to extreme environments. Fax: +49 (0) 461 / 9871-1. including downhole. 415 For FREE Information Select RS#415 at ogpe. Suite B. A number of project management options are summarized for consideration.000 psig yet is sensitive to measure from 0 to 15 psig. sealed electronics to keep dry in pressureregulated operations. Tag and label durability are due to the sealed in image within the anodic layer. heat.hotims. E-mail: info@cp.

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Moxa 601 Valencia Avenue. Specifc specialties are presented to include bitmetallic or gas-expansion thermometers. maps defects within critical pipework pieces RTD IWEX inverse wave feld extrapolation allows detailed inspection and mapping of defects within critical pipework piecdes. and speed in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. They incorporate an 11-in. It also improves the entire process — from design to purchasing — through cable and pipe transit installation. Parker Fluid Control Division 95 Edgewood Avenue. vibration. The interchangeable tab coil offers AC and DC for fexible production while the integrated coil features a rotating conduit hub for easy installation. The software drives effciency and reduces risk of mistakes in all phases. high pressures. Demarest Place. installation preferences. instead of 30 min. saw designers fnalize a drawing in 30 sec. Online software for oil. plus high-pressure types for up to 4. Maximized fow rates are delivered through 1/32 to 5/32-in. Maintenance-free Safety Contact Mats come in 12 x 12 up to 48 x 60 Portable combustible leak detectors Natural gas.000-watt offshore foodlights introduced Salvage. Applus RTD Capelle aan den IJssel. With 0 to 10. The developer’s transit design experts are always available to help through a “built-in chat” function. STAUFF Corporation 7 Wm. Typically the mats are connected to a monitoring system and placed as safety boundaries around potentially hazardous equipment. Both provide 20 kV surge protection and are certifed to the demanding IEC 61643-21 C2 standard. 2900 AL The Netherlands 55 For FREE Information Select RS#55 at ogpe. and moisture (protection class up to IP67) in harsh conditions. They feature a dotted polyurethane non-slip surface to withstand demanding conditions and be impervious to oil. Tulsa OK 74116 52 For FREE Information Select RS#52 at ogpe. Brea CA 92823 54 For FREE Information Select RS#54 at ogpe.hotims.000-w intensely bright lighting system deliver 380.500 bar. or certifcation requirements. computer crashes prevented with device Guard data and hardware from harmful transient energies resulting from “switching” of nearby equipment with new ISD-1000 data line surge protectors. large visual LCD and bar graph display. Direct-acting. All feature lineto-line and line-to-ground protection and rated for -40° to +185°F. sealing. ATEX and PED-compliant instruments also meet Safety Integrity Level requirements. These 4. multi-point temperature measurement assemblies.hotims. The other two instruments are DIN-rail or panelmount designs for industrial use. With emphasis on petrochemical and chemical applications. analysis. or LPG piping leaks are found with this new 7899 Gas Sniffer portable combustible gas Data corruption. ABB JOKAB SAFETY 6471 Commerce Drive. These compact testers measure pressure. Oxnard CA 93033 51 For FREE Information Select RS#51 at ogpe. and further 380. and preliminary opening sizes to generate manufacturer approved drawings and documents. The patent-pending coils are NEMA 4X-rated for outdoor uses. dust. the literature presents designs which withstand explosive environments.hotims. Mobile hydraulic testers work in harsh conditions PPC-04-plus hand-held hydraulic testers are ruggedly constructed to withstand impact. and energize resulting mixture with two tungsten electrodes of medium arc separation. watertight designs for demanding environmental conditions. backlit LCD graphic display enables easy measured values reading — even in low light situations. mix mercury vapor with metal halides in a quartz-glass envelope. position. frequency.” it’s noted. the handheld instruments comprise a high-sensitivity tip to pinpoint small leaks of hydrocarbons and combustibles gases. They feature high color rendering index of Ra >90 and 6. New Britain CT 06051 56 For FREE Information Select RS#56 at ogpe. skin temperature designs. acid. and offshore applications are illuminated by new Titan Floodlights. they are for air and liquid including light oil. E Instruments International 402 Middletown Boulevard. They come in high-temperature.000ppm range and quick response. orifce sizes. The sensors are also emphasized to reduce maintenance activities and expenses. Both provide 4 kV surge protection and are certifed to IEC 61000-4-5 Level 4 standard. as well as to more accurately detail fault size. The lens is constructed to withstand sea conditions as it comprises tempered borosilicate 19-mm-thick glass. “during its development process.hotims.000K color temperature.15 OG&PE July 2013 PRODUCT Products and services GO TO OGPE. %vol. Both are available as normally closed and normally open valves. Waldwick NJ 07463 53 For FREE Information Select RS#53 at ogpe. The emerging NDT technique is declared to increase probability of fault detection within welds. Readings can be in ppm. gas onshore/offshore sealing design Roxtec Transit Designer software is for oil and gas design departments using Roxtec sealing system for onshore and offshore. Langhorne PA 19047 50 For FREE Information Select RS#50 at ogpe. temperature fow rate. Full PPC-04-plus testers data are yours free. Westland MI 48185 49 For FREE Information Select RS#49 at ogpe. Solenoid valves come with tab or integrated coils Series 204 & 304 solenoid valves come in a choice of tab or integrated coil. 75876 Paris Cedex 18 France 259 For FREE Literature Select RS#259 at ogpe. fully fexible probe for hard to reach locations. and several operating constraints. plus auto zero-drift adjustment. Chauvin Arnoux 190 rue Championnet. 204 is a way-way solenoid valve while 304 is a threeway design. security. It’s offered to simplify product selection according to needs and requirements. You copy and paste cable schedule. Pyrocontrole. Suite 216. measurement values are easily read and transferred to a PC for display.hotims. Roxtec Transit Designer. declares the developer. or caustic substances. Using the USB port and included software. bearing temperature sensors.000-lumen.COM INFO … NOW! Contact mats give boundary of safety around equipment Protect workers around motion equipment with this new line of Safety Contact Mats.hotims.hotims. as well as to cut energy spending. methane. Someone steps on a mat — the surface triggers a control signal to stop the motion of nearby equipment. Suite 100. Roxtec 10127 East Admiral Place. Two models are in-line surge protectors for general purpose uses. chemical temperature sensors brochure Temperature measurement sensors are described and illustrated in this free eight-page brochure. A demonstration video is available at the manufacturer’s website. The lamps deliver massive light output. or %LEL. The new software also enables design teams to share work online with project teams anywhere.hotims. propane.000 lumens via hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide (HMI) lamp. They are offered with either two analog sensor inputs or a CAN interface to connect up to three digital Free petrochem. These mats comprise two conductive plates which are separated by a proprietary isolating layer. The technology’s developer notes RTD IWEX “has the potential to save operators millions of dollars by reducing the number of welds being rejected in new construction pipelines both onshore and offshore.hotims. process temperature measurement assemblies with thermowells.” Complete technology information is yours free. They can be affxed together and mounted to the foor with aluminum ramp rails or integrated rubber ramp trim. and characterization. Four models are announced as IEC-certifed to safeguard sensitive electronic equipment and to prevent computer crashes and data .com Tech’y inspects. Titan’s housing is also rugged from tempered cast aluminum. BIRNS Incorporated 1720 Fiske Place.

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reports the manufacturer. This makes models capable for Ex d IIC: T1-6 Gb. gas. Troy OH 45373 63 For FREE Information Select RS#63 at ogpe.hotims. illustrated brochure presents how “Honeywell’s solutions for oil & gas go beyond the control IECEx certifes tubular fange heater product as fameproof Additional IECEx ‘d’ fameproof certifcations are announced for Watlow tubular fange heater product. enclosure / anti-condensation heaters and IP66. standard cable assemblies.000 psi delivers compact pressure source for any environment.hotims. The fameproof principle met by the heaters requires no external hot surfaces above the temperature class. operates on direct current electrode negative (DCEN).” Callouts to the illustration summarize FPSO vessel. Watlow. arctic applications. manned or unmanned well head platforms and production platforms. Spirax Sarco 1150 Northpoint Portable hydraulic.hotims. All iPC sizes and models have UL and cUL 508 plus Class I. features. safety and security — as well as control room abilities. Downstream Pumps. The fange designs heat liquids and gases in tanks. iPC can also be ordered as a nondisplay node computer to mount in space-constrained applications. These include pumping stations. accumulators. and custom for oil.hotims. Louis MO 63146 For FREE Information Select RS#61 at ogpe. Suite 9. Among computer features are 12. The CPF-applicable pumps include pneumatic hand models for -27 inHG to 580 psi to generate pressure and vacuum. piping. steam.hotims. highly fexible unshielded cables. and gas service. 2. and European CE approvals. Well head and production uses include gas/oil/water separation control. Valencia CA 91355 262 For FREE Literature Select RS#262 at ogpe. receivers. compressors. air. Bradenton FL 34211 For FREE Information Select RS#59 at ogpe. The new wire comes in 5/64-in.hotims. San Luis Obispo CA 93401 62 For FREE Information Select RS#62 at ogpe. and downhole monitoring are presented. These multiple purpose designs are for use where quick. They’re rugged for applications that require ASME and National Board Certifed standards for Section VIII. Bronze safety relief valves for air.hotims. Div. benefts.COM INFO … NOW! Fanless industrial computers with Intel Dual Core ATOM N2800 To avoid PC overheating when used in an enclosure: Fanless iPC Series Industrial Computers. A high-pressure hydraulic pump for 0 to 5. Enclosure joint design must also comply. CPF is an improved cone-type ftting system. describe. St. Compressors. precision linear 59 Overmatch welding wire for API 5L grade X80 steel pipelines New Hobart Fabshield X90 fux-cored wire is on the market for overmatch welding on API 5L Grade X80 steel pipelines. up to 176° Next month: Prime Movers ”What’s New” in Upstream. communications. Suite 100. It features a fast-freezing slag to allow for consistent vertical-down welding capabilities without concern for slag Free data: offshore oil & gas capabilities — beyond the control room This free four-page. Nematron Corporation 5840 Interface Drive. air. 300psi for steam. CPF fttings and hoses offer 4:1 safety factor plus self-venting weep hole to alert you before they disconnect from a pressurized system. pneumatic calibration hand pumps offered For portability and higher pressure calibration capabilities are these newly added hydraulic and pneumatic hand pumps. Its’ 52 pages illustrate. specs are provided. diameter. Durable and light weight. 700+ standard part 61 ms-responding transmitters made for temps The JH5000 Series DIN-rail transmitter line now offers millisecond-response temperature transmitters. RoHS. vaporizers from 40 to 4. Ann Arbor MI 48103 58 For FREE Information Select RS#58 at ogpe. and fow control. They’re cited “to provide a high daily production rate through reduced unscheduled downtime.2 ml / 100 g of weldment) further minimizes cracking opportunity. liquid. and requires no shielding gas for high portability on pipeline job sites. or 19-in. JH Technology Incorporated 5107 Lena Road. subsea. They now come with Intel Dual Core ATOM N2800 processor. Solid-state storage media and optional 24-v dc add strength and reliability to the rugged designs. steam SV418 bronze safety relief valves are on the market for liquid. notes the manufacturer. and specify 27 new products. they have been adapted to mate with the maker’s CPF pressure fttings. Applications. and dynamic positioning calculations and integration into ICSS are cited. Honeywell Process Solutions 261 For FREE Literature Select RS#261 at ogpe. OG&PE and OGPE. All-analog design uses a fast. plus customizing fat cables and assemblies with The Online Confgurator. and to maximize installed asset capability and reliability. The new fanless processing design is said to more than double the PassMark CPU benchmark for additional processing horsepower. For deep water functions such subsea well head control capabilities as production well monitoring. These signal conditioners are more applicable in uses where fast response is required including combustion studies. Cicoil 24960 Avenue Tibbitts. Crystal Engineering AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments 708 Fiero Lane. X90 meets AWS E91T8-G H8 classifcation. Engines. gas processing control. Hobart Brothers Company 101 Trade Square East. It provides galvanic input isolation and avoids processing delay inherent in most microprocessor approaches. It offers low-temperature impacts to ensure welds remain ductile and resist cracking so they don’t need costly rework. gas/water injection well monitor.17 OG&PE July 2013 PRODUCT Products and services GO TO OGPE. They comprise WATROD or FIREBAR tubular elements brazed or welded to a All Products — All The Time . Sizes: 1/2 to 3 in. and gas. The wire’s lower diffusible hydrogen designation (6. video and data cables. Unit 111. gas lift control. Midstream. It works with petroleum-based oils and hydraulic fuids. Such FPSO specifc uses as marine and ballast systems. accurate reseating and minimal blowdown (loss of media) are important. 15. propulsion control integration into control systems. Houston TX 77042 Master catalog: fat cables and assemblies New & free Flat Cables & Assemblies Master Catalog is yours in print and web-ready downloadable 1250 West Sam Houston Parkway South. Option HS (high speed) delivers 1-ms (95% complete) response with faster or slower response available on special order. Hydraulic comparators are also available.000 kw for operations including oil and gas. or chillers/coolers.hotims. It adds an O-ring sealing system to permit leak-free connections without tools. deep water subsea production. and where high capacity is required. T urbines? August OG&PE’s special report will tell you in print and online — then enable your requests for free information and/or literature. They also meet ASME Section VIII to 750 psi for liquid. choke control. LED-backlit versions. 17. Blythewood SC 29016 60 For FREE Information Select RS#60 at ogpe.” A large centerspread illustration combines with text to showcase services and solutions for all offshore business aspects. 12001 Lackland Road. Catalog chapters include motion control cables. pressure vessels. tanks. production lines.

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and hydrate remediation. Rugged and easily installed. 2 series for enclosures are used onshore and offshore to cool and protect electronics.000 facilities with more than 400 additional deployments every year. Topside waterjet equipment includes diesel-powered hydraulic intensifer pumps for 36 to 60 ksi.. its compactness is suited for plug-in replacement of other accelerometers. It supports cellular. With NEMA certifcation. railway.hotims. Waterjet skids are also integrally involved in emergency response preparedness as well as 69 Integrated grinding ‘fip-up’ on auto-darkening welding helmets Two new auto-darkening welding helmets are introduced for those who have used passive lenses in the past. Topside waterjet equipment and its advantages are cited. ThermoTEC air conditioners come in 120-v ac or 240-v ac to operate at up to 140°C. Web-based. marine Under-the-shelf. workstation LED lighting units Energy savings plus benefts over traditional incandescent and fuorescent lighting are offered by a new line of under-the-shelf and workstation LED lighting units. heavy equipment. and 1500-BTU models are employable outdoors and indoors for electronic enclosures as well as in transit cases.hotims. Devices also include CargoWatch software for comprehensive device management. or other applications. This effective. Classic VSi variable shade (8-13) auto-darkening helmet with fip-up panel on the front offers a clear integrated grinding shield with 180° vision. Jewell Instruments LLC 850 Perimeter Road. SKF USA Incorporated 890 Forty Foot Road. and 600 to 6500 Kelvin. and extreme temperature. vibration. QFA-180 comprises quartz fexure technology for high accuracy. shock. The 2x4 lens fips up to expose a clear grinding shield that gives clear view to work areas. and wind turbine. Sycamore IL 60178 65 For FREE Information Select RS#65 at ogpe. incorporates 16.” IMx includes units for demanding environments and are specifcally designed for turbomachinery. 36. Portable versions are also offered for temporary installations and troubleshooting. / 203mm or quickly blast away hydrate ice crystals. ORBCOMM Incorporated. it delivers near-real-time. Additional LED lighting units data are yours free. The program stresses up to 10% of industrial incidents are related to failure to lock-out equipment during plant maintenance. electrocution. Chukar Waterjet Incorporated 12070 43rd Street N. It also features X-Mode technology to electromagnetically sense welding arc. depending on model. vehicle. velocity. To control subsea equipment are dual redundant electronic control systems that are typically custom designs using components from multiple vendors.hotims. 50 to 280 hp as well as modular electric-powered hydraulic intensifer pumps. plus portable waterjet cutting tools. In two mounting options. Div. certifcates. repeatability. these machineto-machine units ft seamlessly between the indented spacing on intermodal containers. Lansdale PA 19446 For FREE Information Select RS#69 at BOP surface control adapts hardware/software for deepwater SeaONYX blowout preventer surface control system and operator interface offers high-speed in demanding deepwater drilling. GE Oil & Gas — Drilling & Surface 4424 West Sam Houston Parkway 72 . 3. The new 24. and arrival/departure for complete visibility to feet and operations managers.-high profle and small form factor also enable tracking and monitoring of trailers or other cargo assets. or 64 analog signal inputs confgurable for a variety of acceleration. The recently introduced BOP design incorporates GE Mark Vle hardware and Profcy software tools for large support network advantages.000 m and power a variety of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet cutting and blasting tools. SeaONYX uses the same obsolescence management program in place for Mark Vle control system components worldwide. NJ 07662 68 For FREE Information Select RS#68 at ogpe. LED light is a tiny chip encapsulated in an epoxy resin enclosure. they utilize semiconductor material instead of flament or neon gas. the manufacturer’s 400.hotims. IMx’s maker declares the systems “ultimately contribute to condition-based maintenance program objectives. As solid-state devices. 810 to 2700 lumens. or other devices — to have a LO/TO training policy. Multilog IMx. Rochelle Lockout/tagout training program to control hazardous energy “The Control of Hazardous Energy” lockout/tagout training program is now available to help avoid dangers. The Class I.hotims. true simultaneous measurements of various operating parameters.000-m+ cutting and blasting equipment highlights this sixpage Programmable. salvage.COM INFO … NOW! Free subsea waterjet equipment brochure Deepwater. Fairfeld CT 06825 For FREE Information Select RS#72 at ogpe. snow. It comprises a 14-min video demonstrating major steps required for an effective LO/TO program. essential alerts on asset status. Company 1635 West Spencer Street. They are introduced as part of this manufacturer’s inertial sensors and controls product line. Classic FS#10 2x4 Flip-Up features two independent sensors plus 2x4 auto-darkening lens that go to shade 10.147 OSHA and the regulation require all work places where potential for injury lies from unexpected energization or startup of machines. ultra-high-pressure coating removal lances. EIC Solutions Incorporated 700 Veterans Way. and a copy of OSHA lockout/tagout regulation 1910.hotims. This makes models sturdier than traditional light bulbs or tubes. 800. SeaONYX’s use Mark Vle control components set industry accepted confguration installed in more than 2. Models are cited to cut steel as thick as 8 -in. American Sales Development LLC (ASD) Box 320017. St. integrate automatic recognition to correct existing or impending conditions. yours free. gas electronic enclosures NEMA 4X has been obtained by these ThermoTEC thermoelectric air conditioners. monitoring devices GT 1100 self-powered M2M asset tracking and monitoring devices serve oil and gas. Models are presented to operate to 3. It is engineered as a precision-grade sensor for navigation. rain. They can be horizontally or vertically mounted. history. Low 1-in. equipment. They withstand windblown dust and water.19 OG&PE July 2013 PRODUCT Products and services GO TO OGPE. and displacement sensors. Ideal Industries Incorporated Becker Place. or crushing injuries. It also includes such important support materials as Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. declares the New accelerometer sensors take 180°C for downhole. 395 West Passaic Street Suite 325. and 48-in. transportation.-long units deliver 9 to 30 w. GT 1100 is sensor compatible and self-powered with solar recharging technology for low power consumption. Miller Electric Mfg.hotims. The system’s technology also offers opportunity to convert and upgrade outdated designs plus interface with compatible SKF @ptitude Analyst and Observer software for complete condition monitoring. inspection. QFA-125 is a mid-temperature series for up to 125°C. leader’s guide.hotims. affordable LO/TO training is simple and straightforward. 32. employee quiz. Both comprise new fip-up design so operators can grind and carry out other tasks without raising the helmet or switching to a dedicated grinding mask. satellite. Houston TX 77252 70 For FREE Information Select RS#70 at ogpe. and washdown. Warminster PA 18974 67 For FREE Information Select RS#67 at ogpe. MWD uses QFA-180 & QFA-125 forced-balanced quartz fexure accelerometer sensors are announced for measurementwhile-drilling and downhole. All detect faults early. Michael MN 55376 264 For FREE Literature Select RS#264 at Self-powered machine asset tracking. attendance log. The programmable designs equipment you with 24/7 monitoring to receive timely. It illustrates and describes deepwater subsea waterjet skid capabilities and NEMA 4X thermoelectric AC for oil. sleet.hotims.E. and dual-mode communication which blends cellular and satellite capability. location. The new surface control system helps manage BOPs. and stability in harsh drilling environments. Models function as critical subsea equipment to close oil and gas wells in an emergency. Appleton WI 54914 66 For FREE Information Select RS#66 at ogpe. Suite 200. continuous use machine condition monitoring Wide machine condition monitoring ranges are served by Multilog IMx on-line monitoring systems. Manchester NH 03103 71 For FREE Information Select RS#71 at ogpe. and logistics. plus more resistant to shock.

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handrail. Design of the piezoelectric seismic system inherently provides complete sensing element mechanical isolation. and storage. plus eight-base wraparound lenses for optimum coverage and protection. All three wireless designs have WiFi capability plus integrated displays.hotims. Direction interaction with Navisworks 3D model allows you to navigate the model. Emerson Process Management 12301 Research Boulevard. Capital Safety 3833 SALA Way. EL-WiFi-T+ temperatureonly device offers ±0. select sample and transmit rates. tag data. Honeywell Safety Products 900 Douglas Pike. and associated documents.8% humidity accuracy.2°F. All lenses offer hardcoat to resist scratches and extended service. gas software Oil and gas engineering information management software for oil and gas: PIM360 & CLS360 has added 3D model integration and increased functionality. Louis MO 63017 76 For FREE Information Select RS#76 at ogpe. you can use the software to name the sensor. New features include real-time integration with 3D modelling for an intuitive navigation path between the 3D model.21 OG&PE July 2013 Products and services GO TO OGPE.9-lb chair has a 420-lb capacity. The instruments’ signal is self generating so it requires no external power source. together with a detailed feedback mechanism of data completeness and quality — encourages data engagement — leading to improved data 3 new higher accuracy data loggers offered This manufacturer expands its wireless data loggers product line with three higher accuracy models.hotims. non-slip temples plus adjustable padded nosepiece. PROTECTA PRO welders harness endures harsh welding environments with a 420-lb capacity. Glasgow G52 9AP Scotland 79 For FREE Information Select RS#79 at ogpe.” It’s designed for remote or diffcult-to-reach location level monitoring where installation of new cabling would be costly or impractical. Fog-Ban coating is optional. and timeliness of data. conduit runs. In production. humid environments via all-welded construction that’s hermetically sealed. EL-WiFi-TP+ temperature-only data logger with external thermistor probe offers ±0.hotims. It features heavy-duty. DBI-SALA Sealed-Blok SRL is expanded to a 175-ft version.” Additional Tweco Classic 4 information is yours free for the asking. The Software-as-a-Service engineering information solution offers easy information management for complete. Enhanced insight into project completion metrics. Nevis LED bulkhead has an IP66/67 high ingress protection rating. interface monitoring transmitter Rosemount 3308 Guided Wave Radar is announced as “the industry’s frst true wireless GWR transmitter for continuous level and interface monitoring. body strains. cable whip. They are designed to help you squeeze less — for less hand stress. and most heat transients. as well as well production. E-WiFi-TH+ is a temperature and humidity design with ±0. Its enclosure is aluminum die-casting in LM6 highpurity corrosion-resistant alloy with toughened glass lens and durable stainless steel fttings. consistent.hotims. or cable trays — costs are typically reduced 30% or more compared with wired designs. DBI-SALA suspended workman’s chair is specifcally designed for suspension work. amber. Middlesbrough TS1 3BA UK 75 For FREE Information Select RS#75 at ogpe. Users declare “you barely have to move your fnger to pull the trigger. nickel-free brushed steel frame. Lascar Electronics Incorporated 4258 West 12th Street. Austin TX 78759 80 For FREE Information Select RS#80 at ogpe.2°F. suspend. It also supports heavier tools and equipment. Rosemount 3308 GWR serves a broad range of applications including refnery vessels or storage tanks. wall. increased SaaS added to oil. Victor Technologies 16052 Swingley Ridge Road.” it’s announced. or chemical plants. It resists water. click on an item (pump) then drill down to PIM360 data to see all tag information. hazard environments Nevis LED bulkhead lights are introduced for harsh. minimal maintenance corrosion lighting. Once a wireless network is established. these transmitters measure storage tank levels plus water and injection chemicals delivery. Its aluminum feature relieves pressure off a worker’s back and legs. To accommodate salt spray areas that need frequent washdown. suspended workman’s chair helps Accelerometers withstand shock and vibration 3000 Series piezoelectric accelerometers are made for a wide range of shock and vibration applications. documents. models can be ceiling. PROTECTA Rebel cable SRL is a lightweight 20-ft design for refnery maintenance. plus set high and low alarms. During initial confguration. All future data logger confguration can be done . Since there is no need for cabling. Used in conjunction with a complete backup fall arrest system. hazardous environments. any WirelessHART-enabled device can join the network. Red Wing MN 55066 81 For FREE Information Select RS#81 at ogpe. Phoenix Building. Columbia Research Laboratories 1925 Mac Dade Boulevard. durable thermoplastic housing — stackable on work surfaces — combines with ergonomic carrying handle for easy transport.2°C / ± Enhanced MIG welding gun now on market with more toughness Tweco Classic Number 4 MIG guns are on the market with enhancements for “superior toughness. It also makes the sensors insensitive to mounting torque. Models now include higher resistant materials. contaminants. TSR Fall protection equipment line expands with four new products Four new fall protection products are on the market as an expansion of this company’s lines. It’s engineered to provide enhanced comfort for prolonged work hours. or indoor/outdoor silver mirror for protection in practically any type lighting. These new air-cooled MIG guns are rated 400amp at 60% duty cycle. and drill down from KPIs to engineering data. / ± Low-profle LED bulkheads lights for harsh. cable vibration. or other plant data. Woodlyn PA 19094 77 For FREE Information Select RS#77 at ogpe. Classic 4 is the frst in a new series of air-cooled guns that will roll out this year.hotims.COM INFO … NOW! PRODUCT Semi-frameless safety eyewear in 5 lens tints North brand GX-8 safety eyewear is out with semi-frameless style. or transport users.000 hr operation as low energy using. Suite 300.hotims. offshore For free information or literature — Click the Circle Number or go to OGPE. They’re designed for dirty. This new eyewear is available in fve lens tints: clear. Once connected. pressure variations. Erie PA 16505 78 For FREE Information Select RS#78 at ogpe. Datum360 Limited Institute of Digital Innovation.4°F. The 9. durable aluminum housing plus stainless steel end-plates. Smithfeld RI 02917 74 For FREE Information Select RS#74 at ogpe. position. University of Wireless continuous level.1°C / ±0. unit sensor searches for an existing wireless network while physically connected to the PC via the USB cable. It comprises Modacrylic over Kevlar and polyester webbing that is both heat resistant and fame 3D model integration. Chalmit Box 5575. Complete details on all four products are yours free. setup. The new features also allow you to summarize data volume and completeness. trenching. With a 200-mm total depth. interlocking handle design. ATEX approved. They typically output 4058 lumens and are capable of 60. and IECEx compliant for offshore and marine operations in Zone 1 and 21. plus angled trigger for more comfortable pull. GX-8 features spring-hinge. It can then be unplugged and placed anywhere within WiFi network range. chart project metrics progress. St. accuracy and ±1. These safety illuminators are fameproof. silver mirror.hotims. accuracy. GWR’s Emerson Smart Wireless technology reduces installation and confguration time.hotims.1°C. and corrosion for offshore platform usage. The new models will retain their paddle-style handle which fts welders’ hands and enables them to manipulate the arc. accurate. attributes. accuracy. or pole mounted. Its compact.

complies X-Stream deepwater pipeline concept is newly developed to “signifcantly reduce the cost of a deep and ultra-deepwater gas pipeline while still complying with the strictest safety and integrity regime. please contact Rhonda Brown at Foster Printing Service. Santa Barbara CA 93101 Give yourself a competitive advantage with reprints. including power generation. (on left) and Matt Mogas. and diagnosis of equipment failure root causes. materials. Building upon extensive field experience. To help in the valve selection process. with pressure classes up to ASME 4500. WHAT’S NEW in Oil Industry Onshore & Ofshore Products and Services ® Four new vibration analyzers unveiled Four new handheld VSA-3300 Vibration Spectrum Analyzers detect and diagnose rotating or reciprocating machinery problems — before unpredicted breakdowns occur. Gas & Petraochem Equipment to your marketing efforts. ravage profitability. MOGAS engineers and industry managers are available to guide clients through a series of questions about their application. The company has grown to serve many industries. operational safety. San Jose CA 95128 Four new handheld VSA-3300 Vibration Spectrum Analyzers g • detect and diagnose • rotating • reciprocating machinery problems • before unpredicted breakdowns occur. as well as representatives and technicians in more than 40 countries. Together. MOGAS is the one to call. plaques. testing and . Typically for a gas pipeline in 2. MOGAS is known worldwide for providing engineered valve solutions to meet the everincreasing challenges of severe-service applications. petrochemical. as well as completely customized solutions. 194 or pennwellreprints@fosterprinting.500 m water depth — wall thickness reduction can be 25% to 30% compared to traditional designs. The MOGAS portfolio of isolation and control valve products offers many options for design. so demanding that nothing else works. application-specific solution. Technical advisors look at the entire application to accurately identify and resolve the issue. trim. anywhere in the world. experience makes a difference.879. Gas. service is a big part of what comes with them. including: ® Engineered Solutions MOGAS works closely with its clients to achieve maximum valve performance. Louis Mogas. Inc.9144 ext. SWTA Incorporated 735 State Street. Available as post cards. pre-determined time period. Its installation and implementation is similar to other equipment in use on pipelines worldwide. it now has sales and service centers in Australia. If a problem arises. By using an inverted high pressure protection system (i-HIPPS) and inverted double block and bleed valves (i-DBB).” It’s announced to reduce both pipeline wall thickness and welding or installation time compared to deepwater gas pipelines currently in operation. founder and Chairman of MOGAS Industries. #500. They’re for predictive maintenance. coatings and other technologies to deliver the most-trusted.Custom REPRINts Add the branding power and instant recognition of Oil. and recommend proactive steps to prepare for scheduled outages or turnarounds. Call us today! For additional information. valve failures can ruin plant efficiency. Most industrial severe service valve warranties are limited in scope and are only for materials and workmanship. With more than 38 years of severe-service experience. leave behinds. Their harnesses are fve-times more durable than those made of traditional materials. WHAT’S NEW in Oil Industry Onshore & Ofshore Products and Services long as valves have been registered online with MOGAS prior to installation and: specifications design and operating parameters provided to MOGAS per MOGAS Operation and Maintenance Manual a performance problem occur from corrosion Oil & Gas Maintenance equipMent & services repOrt SCBAs assist upkeep. pipeline diameter. Industry Specific Design In the harshest industrial environments. It also means timely access to a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts — anytime. the company relentlessly pursues research & development breakthroughs in design. practices and procedures. and/or to allow for an increase in the fow rate of crude oil in pipelines for the same energy input per mile. & Petrochem Equipment. The entire MOGAS experience provides the products. Valves range in size from 1/2 inch to 36 inches and larger. service. as promised. 560 South Winchester Dräger 101 Technology Drive Pittsburgh PA 15275 ® WHAT’S NEW in Oil Industry Onshore & Ofshore Products and Services ® WHAT’S NEW in Oil Industry Onshore & Ofshore Products and Services Oil & Gas Maintenance equipMent & services repOrt Deepwater pipeline concept cuts costs. The result is a tailored. highest-quality valves in any industry. refining. Exact wall thickness reduction depends on water depth. and PDF’s. it’s noted. and actual pipeline profle. New analyzer software is also available. This allows less pump systems energy to maintain a constant fow — reducing daily operation costs. They’re for predictive maintenance. President and CEO. oil & gas production. New analyzer software is also available. Inc. #500.mogas. troubleshooting. many design advancements have resulted directly from partnering with clients to solve difficult application problems. The MOGAS commitment to quality in design and manufacturing is recognized the world over. conditions-based monitoring. For applications that call for a severe-service ball valve. Datastick Systems Inc. PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE MOGAS Industries has introduced an unprecedented application-specific metal-seated isolation and control valves. and emergency response are assisted by new PSS 3000 and PAS Lite selfcontained breathing apparatus. This is a significant change within the valve industry. posters. www. carefully designing valves for: Customization When custom designs are the only solution. as well as reduce costs. predetermined fow rate. Excellence In Action With MOGAS products. MOGAS has a proven success record for delivering innovative solutions requiring unique metallurgy. 560 South Winchester Blvd. conditions-based monitoring. Datastick Systems Inc. and diagnosis of equipment failure root causes. materials and coatings. safety Plant maintenance. MOGAS offers a variety of services to help businesses optimize their valve investments. troubleshooting. mining. safety and reliability — through better design and manufacturing practices. Patented and patent pending AOT operates as a stand-alone pipeline fow effciency improvement system. engineering. This has been the MOGAS approach since it was founded in Houston. It’s a comprehensive approach that helps improve equipment reliability and operational efficiency. Full SCBA details are free. easy to use breathing apparatus are required. direct mail. Committed to Quality MOGAS has always maintained a staunch commitment to quality in its products. China and Europe. This crude oil pipeline fow-assurance technology and viscosity reduction system “is designed to decrease energy consumption per ton. Call Rhonda at 866. the MOGAS service team does whatever it takes to get your operations up and running again quickly. MOGAS now offers a Warranty on materials and workmanship. V. per mile to maintain a given. With continued global expansion. MOGAS Industries. Texas in 1973. X-Stream helps control pressure differential between a pipeline’s external and internal pressures at all times. operating conditions and specifications. The MOGAS commitment to service means more than basic repairs. Take your product announcement to the next level with custom reprints. These are the conditions where MOGAS goes to work. San Jose CA 95128 RepRints aRe ideal foR: n New Product Announcements n Sales Aid For Your Field Force n PR Materials & Media Kits n Direct Mail Enclosures n Customer & Prospect Communications/Presentations n Trade Shows/Promotional Events n Conferences & Speaking Engagements n Recruitment & Training Packages ® WHAT’S NEW in Oil Industry Onshore & Ofshore Products and Services Quality and Integrity: MOGAS Industries runs every aspect of the company the same way they design and build valves — with an unwavering commitment to quality and integrity. they have guided the company to become a global leader in isolation and control valve solutions for severe-service applications. the system immediately and Flow-assurance technology for crude oil pipelines AOT: Applied Oil Technology enables you to temporary crude oil viscosity reduction within pipelines for reduced fuid-drag/friction-loss between fuid and pipeline. chances are MOGAS has engineered a product that’s more than up to the task. In fact. Offering both SCBA and airline options. it’s noted. Complete Applied Oil Technology information is available free upon request. All use IP-67-rated Meazura MEZ-1500 handheld computers.” notes the developer. and others. How This Works MOGAS will repair or replace valves at no charge should inspection indicate the valves have had external leakage or did not perform its intended purpose because of internal leakage during the application specific. the offcial reprint provider for Oil. All use IP-67-rated Meazura MEZ-1500 handheld computers. and by doing so has earned ISO 9001:2008 certification. and risk employee safety. Suite 500. each NIOSH-approved model is designed for use where simple. knowledge and responsiveness needed to get the job done — on time.

A hydrocarbon gas analysis white paper is available to provide complete information. 3. temperature.hotims. Proven Oilfield Improvements® Wheeled Rod Guide® Couplings Used successfully for more than 27 years by 90% of major oil and gas companies world wide — Oilfield Improvements® Wheeled Rod Guide® Couplings serve deviated. total flow. providing a simple. It offers automatic rate. M-I SWACO provides a complete package of tailored purification services dedicated to delivering a safe. You can bring overhead wires from a substation underground into Nordic’s Three Phase Sectionalizing Cabinets. The following month you get a “Product & Service Followup” as free editorial complement. Your process gas flow meter wish list turned into reality. transportation and and use the ‘Click Here For Information” button on Move over GC: The future of on line gas analysis is here New SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan is a breakthrough in measurement speed for light hydrocarbons 84 For FREE Information Select RS#84 at ogpe. plus 30% more available space than traditional NEMA style enclosures of equal dimensions. Wallmount one-piece space saving configurations are easy to install with standard blind nut mounting.hotims. For over 50 A total purification solution tailored for H2S and Hg removal From initial system design to managed media disposal. processing. flow 85 For FREE Information Select RS#85 at ogpe. monitoring This company’s specialty: Compressor Valves and Services.000 psi. dual sensor systems. or 35kV 200/600Amp junctions with U-straps. capacity control systems. A Schlumberger Fiberglass box pads for 87 For FREE Information Select RS#87 at ogpe. reconditioning.. pressure. inspiring performance. gas.500 lb on the mounting Gas flow meters: inspired design w/ inspiring. engineering and consultancy. Hg removal solutions data are free. Additional specifics are yours free upon request. As FM Class I. and petrochem pressures: from 10. You also receive optimal consideration for future press releases. and offshore drilling platforms are effectively served by a complete line of Rittal stainless steel enclosures. Highly accurate even at very low flows. Urbana OH 43708 88 For FREE Information Select RS#88 at ogpe. or 4-point 15. perfect performance ST100 Series Gas Flow Meter is so perfect — it’s like you designed it yourself: inspired design. SafeTouch thru-glass buttons are also incorporated. These summaries offer you an opportunity to obtain FREE INFORMATION on them and their specialties. or risks of leaks. You can install box pad and pad mount equipment in less than a All Products — All The Time . Chesterfield MO 63005 89 For FREE Information Select RS#89 at ogpe. refineries. plus easy and accurate installation. fittings. underground electrical cabinets Among quality products for electric applications are fiberglass box pads for pad-mounted equipment and sectionalizing cabinets for underground electrical distribution. petrochem pressures Count on HiP’s proven valves. 304 and 316L designs withstand everything from corrosive saltwater to acidic cleaners. motors. Rittal Corporation. FCI: Fluid Components International LLC 1755 La Costa Meadows Drive. Valves. You’ll get prompt complete response from these OG&PE advertisers. graphical LCD readout as well as interchangeable analog and digital bus communications. wear and tear.hotims. and tubing to handle your oil. and horizontal wells. No process shut-downs for installation are Stainless steel enclosures for demanding oil. Servomex Group Ltd. Complete H2S. The cabinets allow you to install up to three 2. and accept most pulse inputs. FLUXUS F808 is zero point stable and drift free. 83 For FREE Information Select RS#83 at ogpe. They reduce wear and prolong the life of sucker rods and tubing. The instruments operate from -40° to +75°C. calibration options. They offer compressor valves and Hazardous-area non-intrusive ultrasonic flow meter is precise FLUXUS F808 non-intrusive ultrasonic flow meters increase safety and availability in hazardous areas. M-I SWACO. Suite 5. Warren MN 56762 nordicfiberglass. 1-approved rugged instruments they deliver precise flow data for optimization of your processes — without media contact. gas operations Petrochemical plants. San Marcos CA 92078 fluidcomponents. highest integrity enclosure. BORSIG Compressor Parts GmbH Lise-Meitner-Str. They are designed 90 For FREE Information Select RS#90 at ogpe. SULFATREAT and SELECT products remove more contaminants to tighter specifications with engineeredmedia technology. Simply go to OGPE. as well as individual products and special applications.hotims. Holliston MA 01746 Flow Rate / Totalizer: A perfect match for pulse flowmeters PD6830 ProtEX-RTP Flow Rate/Totalizer is the perfect match for pulse flowmeters.COM INFO … NOW! Companies featured below prominently advertised their equipment or services in the last month’s OG&PE. foamed-on gasket. services. engines. Suite 215. total.hotims. Edgewood NY 11717 flexim. turbines Report OG&PE & OGPE. They comprise 16-fold tubular frame. Nordic Fiberglass Incorporated Box 27. 17998 Chesterfield Airport Road. Meters deliver informative. compressors. condition monitoring in real Compressor valves. tubing handle oil.23 OG&PE July 2013 PRODUCT Product & service followup GO TO Coming in August OG&PE: Oil & Gas PRIME MOVERS: pumps. 25. It summarizes your ad’s content. FLEXIM AMERICAS 250-V Executive Drive. exploration and production. Rolling action of the wheels inside tubing walls during stroke — reduce friction and wear caused by the rods slapping or rubbing 92 For FREE Information Select RS#92 at ogpe. robust purification solution. 10. and zinc-plated mounting panel. To find out more. Div. and NEMA 4X with 4-20 mA and pulse outputs. and primary metering cabinets. They feature greater cable training in box pad interior.ogpe. secure locking system.hotims. D-24941 Flensburg Germany borsig.hotims. dependable products and services to customers across the globe. Models centralize the rod string in tubing. HiP: High Pressure Equipment Company Box 8248. Reinforced fiberglass construction is for 30 transformers. IP68.hotims. They are certified up to UL type 4X ratings. Oilfield Improvements Incorporated 1902 North Yellowood Avenue. and grand total unit conversions as well as on-board data logging plus RS485 with Modbus. fittings. Jarvis Brook. Broken Arrow OK 74012 91 For FREE Information Select RS#91 at ogpe.hotims. Crowborough East Sussex TN6 3DU United Kingdom servomex. HiP has continued to deliver quality. 1 Rittal Place. reliable hydrocarbon stream for the life of your process. multi-level mounting. Ample interior cavity gives you abundant cable training. oil and air filled switchgear. Precision Digital Corporation 89 October Hill Road.html 86 For FREE Information Select RS#86 at ogpe. As a stand-alone solution with superior real-time optical technology and benefits plus Precise field-proven optical bench — SpectraScan is the future of on line gas analysis. contact your OG&PE advertising executive: Want to appear in this ‘Advertisers Only’ section? Simple: Schedule any size ad.000 to 150. Erie PA 16505 HighPressure. Freestanding enclosures are modular systems with a weight capacity of up to 1.

miswaco. SULFATREAT† and SELECT† products remove more contaminants to tighter specifications with engineered-media technology. www.2 PURIFICATION SOLUTIONS H2S and Hg removal 2 2 Ultra-high temperature drilling fluid system RHADIANT 2 A total purification solution From initial system design to managed media 2 .C 417 For FREE Information Select RS#417 at ogpe. profitable hydrocarbon stream for the life of your process. M-I SWACO provides a complete package of tailored purification services dedicated to delivering a safe.L. robust purification † Mark of M-I L. providing a simple.