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Our ancient Hindu Astrologers had subdivided each Sign of the Zodiac into two halves , and called each division as a Hora . Thus , roughly 1 hour is needed for each Hora to pass the meredian or rise in the East. But Hindu Astrologers did not measure time in hours and minutes .They used Ghatis and Vighatis…One day thus had 60 Ghatis , and each sign , thus takes approximately 5 Ghatis , and half a sign , or a Hora will be about 2 and a half ghatis … The Chaldeans in the remote ancient times had acquired considerable knowledge of the stars and the framing of the Zodiac was done by them…and gathered considerable knowledge about the influence of planets over the people . They also found that certain hours were favorable for certain matters and certain , unfavorable for some matters…This method of prediction is called ‘Hora’…and had laid down certain axioms even before the era of Moses or even “The Book of Genesis”… The Hindus were also aware that certain matters ‘thrive/prosper’ during certain Ghatis , and some ‘fall through’…in certain Ghatis…Without getting into the somewhat tedious calculations involved in working out the the Hora operating during particular hours of the day…a readymade table is available for our convenient use .To select the “good time” for the various activities we would like to undertake , well in advance , and plan for it properly , and accomplish it with confidence that the outcome will be favorable to one… The different Hora , and the various matters which will prove beneficial if accomplished during that Hora are given below for easy reference…in a table form…this table is to be followed is NOT connected to the time of Sunrise in the place one resides in…and no other elaborate calculations are necessary…You are ALL requested to try it out and experience for yourself…

Sun’s Hora :
This Hora will be strong on Sundays and Sun-star-days and whenever the Sun is strong , like for example , it is exalted or in it’s own Sign and posited in it’s own Stars Uttarashada , Krittika and Uttara Phalguni…The Sun governs vitality , immunity and speedy recovery…hence this Hora is favorable to take medecine , undergo surgery , sign contracts with the Govt. , submit application to Medical

Make purchases of pearls . especially on Fridays…Saturdays for Ice-cream etc. is strong on Mondays . between 08-00 & 10-00 AM(and having Sun in the 11th) .. mosques .. as the Govt. Approach people during the Moon’s Hora . purchase surgical instruments . if posited in it’s own star and own sub . initiate Mantras etc… Moon’s Hora : Moon owns Cancer . those who purchase property on Sundays and Tuesdays . is exalted . governs the Signs Aries and Scorpio . Good time to start a business in milk and dairy products . corals etc. file a Police complaint . will Acquire the land…whereas . and Mrigarshirsha . it is in the most potent position…and especially if it is the Xth House …during the Hora of Mars… It is auspicious for the C-in-C of an Army to prepare for war . Sarting a petrol pump or kerosene business should be started on a Monday and Rohini star-day…ideally in Godhuli Lagna…Musicians should select the Moon’s Hora on Mondays or Fridays and so on…Good for taking up service in the Defence Services…Make Plans Or Schemes during Moon’s Hora only for grand success due to dawning of brilliant ideas… Mars’ Hora : Mars is strong on Tuesdays . or take the oath of office Thursday is beneficial. Hasta and Sravana star-days…and also when Moon occupies it’s esaltation/own Sign and occupies the kendras from the Lagna. will not enjoy the appreciation of land value .Mars Hora is favorable to reasch a compromise/settlement . enter into politics .Fridays are beneficial for executive officers of temples . purchase land . colleges . and Rohini . churches . even the strong-willed will yield especially a Lady Officer superior to you… for a favorable outcome of your problem .Colleges…appeal or make a request for promotion . Chitra and Dhanishta star-days…Mars posited in Capricorn . jewels . Join duty as a Judge . will get the full advantage of the rise in price … Mercury’s Hora : . Those who sign and/or purchase property between 08-00 AM and 10-00 AM having their SUN posited in the 12th bhava . favorable time to file a suit in a court of Law…and if arguments are made during Mars Hora . it facilitates a win. schools and also to take sanyas or “take the vows. on the day ruled by the lord of the XIIth House. . buildings especially on Saturdays… Use of manure .

and Jupiter owned Signs Sagittarius and Pisces . when Moon transits Cancer…the exaltation Sign of Jupiter… Approach people for favours . do it on Saturdays in Mercury Hora or on Wednesdays in Saturn Hora…Important documents drafted during Mercurh Hora will prove advantageous…and so on… Jupiter’s Hora : Jupiter is strong on Thursdays . whereas it will . during Jup Hora. and if one wants a loan or over-draft facilities from a Bank . .. Poorvabhadrapada 1st to 3rd padas . shares on Mondays .or . approach the proper authorities during Jupiter Hora . professor .. prefer Jupiter Hora to take treatment . Take an Insurance Policy on Saturdays during Jupiter’s Hora…your endowment policy will mature and you will enjoy the benefits…BUT . during the conjoined period of Saturn and Mars .Mercury owns Gemini & Virgo . during Jup Hora. accountant . or when Moon transit’s the stars . the Insurance Company will lose heavily . Jyeshta and particularly Revati is rising… Merc Hora is the ideal Hora for admitting a child to school/college…a very important tip to follow…Take up appointments as a teacher . purchase a new vehicle especially on Friday…Refrigerators on Saturdays during Jup Hora . is strong on Wednesdays . Officers during Jupiter Hora for best results… Dealers in Gold & Silver . OR on the day of the 11th lord during Merc Hora… Float a Company or underwrite during Mercury Hora for best results…Important Documents should preferably br drafted during Mercury Hora… Neurasthenic patients and those who suffer from Vitamin B deficiency should begin treatment during Merc Hora for best results…It has been found that generally . and when transiting Punarvasu or Vishakha stars. on a Wednesday during Mercury hora . Open a Bank account/take a junior auditor’s post . should open a new Branch on Thursdays during Jupiter Hora when Jupiter is in direct motion…good nusiness will be assured… Similarly . and you are running Jupiter’s Dasa .P. invest in Shipping or Petrol Co. chances of success are maximized… If Jupiter is a benefic for you(as per K. if the Insurance Agent obtains the signature of the person on a Life Policy . auditor mathematician on Thursdays in Merc Hora…Purchase a lottery ticket/bonds/securities/shares/prize bond(s) .) . remember to meet Ministers or high Govt. those who commit forgery or fraud . and when the rising Sign is Gemini and/or Virgo and any of it’s stars . Aslesha .

. or . . as also Harmony and Happiness are promised. . Textiles . do not make haste . prohibition dept. the tone of the letter will upset . etc. Libra or Pisces(the exaltation sign of Venus)…When Moon transits in Venus’s star . Flood and other Natural Disasters . All India Radio station . Purvashada and Purvaphalguni stars…or when Moon transits Taurus . . you will succeed beyond your expectations…If you receive a reply/ letter . days when Moon transits Bharani . . Shipping offices . Labour Dept. wait till Venus Hora operates . Mosques and Charitable Institutions . . Legal Dept. Food Dept. Courts . Mines & Minerals Dept. ”she has already written the letter and posted it . Quarters for :Refugees due to Famine . on Saturdays… Venus Hora : Very strong for Venusian matters . Intelligence Dept. Military . For Industry . Mondays .prove to be a Fortune for the beneficiaries/family members of the native…who has signed his policy during Mars Hora on a Saturday or Saturn Hora on a Tuesday…! For laying Foundation stone for Hospitals Jup Hora on Sundays… buildings for Police . you will be surprised…Now you could well ask . . Agriculture Dept. on Fridays . Wednesdays. . for servants…slaughter House etc. Churches . some other time/date…If it is Mars Hora . . she will express her inability to meet you and she will fix a date . Engng. Temples . Retrenchment . Thursdays… For Animal husbandry . Gold decontrol on Jupiter Hora on Fridays… Insurance Corporations . Select Venus Hora to meet an Officer who is impatient or a hard task-master . how can the Hora change its contents ? The Answer is simple…knowingly or un-knowingly you can open the letter at any Hora… If it is Saturn Hora . arrogant . and moody…you will find him calm and co-operating…Even a militant . Educational Institutions . foolhardy and rash person will give a patient hearing and will be helpful…Tempers are cooled during this Hora… Write love-letters during Venus Hora . . one commences to do matters signified by Venus knowingly or unknowingly…and success is sure…Peace and Prosperity . Tea Board .

. party Or meeting at an unfrequented place…etc…It follows that one should select Venus Hora if you desire to cultivate a true and lasting relationship. this hour will be helpful if you want to sever relations with anyone too…! It is fervently hoped that Readers use the Hora very carefully for the specific objective chosen. or love… Also .you…you could think of ‘forgetting’ the whole affair…but if it be Venus Hora . silk sarees . scents and other beauty aids. Also . costly dress . select Venus Hora to purchase jewels .From Sunrise to Sunset Weekday Sunday Monday Tuesday 1st hour Sun 2nd hour Ven 3rd hour Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moon Mars 4th hour Moon Mars Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun 5th hour Sat Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup Ven 6th hour Jup Ven Sat Sun Moon Mars Mer 7th hour Mars Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moon 8th hour Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup Ven Sat 9th hour Ven Sat Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup 10th hour Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moon Mars 11th hour Moon Mars Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun 12th hour Sat Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup Ven Moon Sat Mars Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup Wednesday Mer Thursday Friday Saturday Jup Ven Sat Night time Horas . PLEASE REFER TABLE GIVEN BELOW…FOR EASY REFERENCE : Day time Horas . she will fix a date for dinner .From Sunset to Sunrise Sunday Monday Tuesday Jup Ven Sat Mars Mer Jup Ven Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup Ven Sat Ven Sat Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moon Mars Moon Mars Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Sat Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup Ven Jup Ven Sat Sun Moon Mars Mer Mars Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moon Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup Ven Sat Ven Sat Sun Moon Mars Mer Jup Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moon Mars Wednesday Sun Thursday Friday Saturday Moon Sat Mars Mer Sun Moon . movie .