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I Thought ... I Think ... I thought I found a friend Who’s willing to stay with me till the end.

I thought I found an ear, That’s always near. I thought I found a buddy, Who’s willing to be with me more than anybody. I thought I found an opponent, Who challenges me every moment. I thought I found a college course, That will lead me towards my life’s course. I thought I found the right means, To change my life the way it seems. I thought I never knew who I am. I thought I knew what my capabilities are. I thought I will never reach my dreams that are afar. But my thoughts are diverse from what is real. Some of my thoughts before aren’t true for what I feel. My thoughts before are just part of my imagination, Of how difficult life is, especially when you’re growing older. At present my thoughts are too different, My thoughts are more on an optimistic position. I think I must be an eloquent, Who expresses herself potentials and thinks critically on options. I think I must be a responsible, smart and competent person, That can help my countrymen in building a good and strong nation.