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Early Humans How is the Stone Age divided?

Paleolithic Period Old Stone Age the period from 2.5 million B.C. to around 8000 B.C. During this time man mastered fire, created stone tools, and developed a spoken language. Neolithic Age New Stone Age the period from 8000 B.C. to 3000 B.C. During this time man used polished stone tools, created tools made of copper, made pottery, grew crops, and raised animals.

How did Paleolithic people live? 1. They were nomads traveling from place to place in search of food. 2. Women gathered berries, nuts, and grain. 3. Men hunted using clubs, spears, traps, and bows and arrows. 4. These types of people are called Hunter Gatherers. What kinds of shelters did Paleolithic people create?  Some lived in caves for short periods of time  Others created shelters from hides and wooden poles  They were constantly in search of a safe place to stay. What important discovery occurred during the Paleolithic?  The people tamed fire for things like cooking, light, and warmth.  Taming fire helped keep Paleolithic people warm during the ice ages. How did Paleolithic people communicate?  Paleolithic people developed a spoken language.  This language helped them work together and pass on knowledge.  They did not have a written language

What types of tools were created by Paleolithic people?  They created tools such as spears, hand axes, and arrows from wood and a material called flint.

What is the Neolithic (farming) revolution?  A revolution is a change that greatly affects many areas of life.  Historians now call the period from 3000 BC to 1200 BC “The Bronze Age” 2 . Bronze was harder and more useful than copper.  People began growing crops around the world at about the same time. What metals did Neolithic people begin to work with?  Toolmakers experimented with using metal to make tools  At first they used copper which they heated and poured into molds  Later they mixed copper and tin to form bronze.  Now people could stay in one place and not wander in search of food. They created tools such as needles and fishhooks from animal bones.