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Kryon Live Kryon Channelling - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 27, 2003 As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

CHANNELLING: Activating the Third Layer of DNA Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This evening, the main teaching will be an extension of the last... the next lesson regarding the spiritual structure of DNA. We're going to give the layers some names. We're going to tell you more about the structure, and we're going to share information about DNA's interdimensional structure--the way it looks, how it is grouped--all of these things will be discussed in a moment. We cannot begin this explanation without remarking on who is here. Indeed, many of you are sitting here listening or reading, thinking that you're so ordinary! Some of you are saying, "I'm too young to have done anything important for God yet." Some of you are saying, "I'm too old to do anything important for God in the future." Those in the middle are saying, "I'm too busy to do anything important for God right now." And while you're deciding that you didn't or can't or never will, you're in the middle of doing what you came here for, and you don't even know it! Young person, you've got your life ahead of you. Ever wonder why you came? Perhaps it's to plant some seeds that you'll eventually need to retrieve and remember. Senior citizen, what are you doing here? Weren't there those around who told you it was too late to start anything? Oh! Perhaps it's time to get out of that paradigm you were born in! Age makes no difference. Neither does your bodily condition. There's nothing that can stop you, Lightworker, from changing this planet. Who are you to think that you could change something so grand as Earth? We've given you this information before. The truth of it is this: What you think and the purity of your thoughts--that divine connection that you strive to connect to--goes into the earth and changes the vibration of the planet! Oh, many times we've instructed you, Lightworkers, to come together and pray for different parts of the earth. We still do. But never let it be forgotten that you could do so much, even by yourself. We've even discussed those who are prayer-warriors, meditation-warriors, ones who spend time all by themselves, but who are changing the planet. Do you think a person like that wonders whether it's a futile effort? No. Those people know who they are and what is happening, for they feel the connection. Some even see the balance shifting. Sometimes they weep with joy, because they know that what they're doing today will change history. That's how profound it is! And that's who sits in front of me [speaking of the live audience]. That's also who picks up a book like this and decides to let their consciousness meld with mine. I've said this before: There's a core group awakening on this planet, and this group is called Lemurian. Now, that's a reference. It's a reference to a lifetime many years ago. Some of you have that literal information surging through your DNA, and looking at the old souls in this room [in Philadelphia], there are only 13 here who are not Lemurian. This room is filled with mostly old souls. Let the youngest take note that you are included in this. Old souls! You know things, don't you? There was a time when you knew things and couldn't relate them to anyone around you. This is what is beginning to change. Even those around you who would never, ever believe what you believe may begin to treat you differently. Because the energy you carry is beginning to be the energy of a new balance.


and you know who you are. challenging condition. we will still count them 1 through 12 to help you understand. There has never been a better time than this to alter the structure of your body--to give it information. and actually physically change them." They couldn't sit in a gray area anymore. which is out of 4D. Hasn't the mold been set? Haven't you seen this before? Didn't the gurus and great masters know how to do it? And did you think that was some form of circus act? Perhaps there was a message there. It has nothing to do with what you might have read about biblical times. period. representing one of the 12 layers that are actually there." Now. there are actually 12. Each DNA layer has two major balancing attributes. it will be the magic you need. and the one that will propel you to the stars. "This is when Humans started to take control over themselves. the purification of the planet. making no decisions about their own beliefs. It's a rewrite of your consciousness regarding your past--all of which is stored on the crystalline grid as memory. And we say again to the physicists and to the scientists that you're on the right track. DNA--Continuing with the Lessons Let's review some DNA information that we've just recently given. You have never been at an energy crossroads like this one. Now. 2 . DNA is 12 layers deep. So. It is. you do the clearing. It's the connection to The Cosmic Lattice. The layer that you can see in your reality we will call number one [the biochemical one]. a powerful attribute of profound energy on the playing field of Earth energies--an energy that allowed Human Beings to speak to nature and to their cellular structures. and it involves some very specific things that you should know about regarding your DNA. As you rewrite that emotional memory. since you're the boss of it. don't you? So why don't we just do that together right now. One for you? The settling of the grid has brought master status to the potential of humanity. But we're not ready to talk about that yet. There may be metaphysical historians in years to come who will look back on this time. the ascension [raising] of the vibration of you at a cellular level. boss. When you start to use it in your 12-based math. How can humanity rewrite the past? It's not the physical past of what a Human has done that's being changed. Twelve-based math will help you with physics. What does all this mean? What's it all about? These metaphysical historians will talk of this time." It is an integer that is interdimensional. That's what's going on now. Think again. you think? Think again. There's nothing in your current math that holds this kind of energy. It has been called "The Grid of Light" for good reason. but you forgot to count the zero. The rewrite of The Crystalline Grid is the second stage of three.A few years ago. Some of you think you have a permanent condition called aging. It was when they discovered that Human consciousness was palatable. It is the raising of your vibration to light level. Therefore. and they'll say. Whereas your science sees 11 dimensions in everything. Although it's impossible to numerically list and enumerate interdimensional things. and tell it what you want. Zero is not "nothing. You see. there are 24 attributes total. They will report that it was the time when Humans started to understand that DNA was more than just the double helix of biochemistry they could see under the microscope. This rewrite is a rewrite of the past of humanity! What you do today changes the past of the planet. It is. the emotional past–how the DNA has been setup to deal with the reactions to the past. we told about those who would be forced to "get off the fence." and it is not "infinity. instead. who was it in history who did this? Think back. It is the computational method of the future. they're either with you or against you. there are some Lemurians here who came for a healing. you have a permanent. We told some of you in the past about the DNA experience we call ascension [more on that today]. rather. For the zero in 12-based math is the only number that holds the potential of what could be and what has been--truly an interdimensional number. Use this energy.

the one you have selected. Sitting there? Now I want you to feel this! What's going on? Why did you select this Human? What is it they're radiating that's so special? What is it that connects you to them one-on-one? Why do you want to sit with them for so long? Is it because they shine so radiantly? Perhaps. Within each group. What you're feeling is taking place in the ascension layer. We see the programming--we see who you were--we see the potentials. so be careful and go slowly [speaking to Lee]. We told you that this is one of the keys to the formulas that lie even within the 4D layer that you can see. That's how we see it when we look at you. Take yourself out of this room. Last time we talked about layer two. It's not my partner you are physically in front of. acceptance. the one that carries the essence and the seeds of Human emotion. There isn't anything about that Human you don't like. Interdimensional indeed. you know? It's the emotional layer. The other layers in DNA contain many things. Instead. It. It's a catalyst of "allowance of change. my partner. it is. this third layer in each group is the most important one of the three. There's even one that aligns to the energy of the planetary movements (the astrology layer). as you know. but there's a relationship you should know--between one. We speak of all 12. We talked about layer two being the fear layer. don't they? The Wisdom of a Master--Third Layer DNA Activation How do we do this [Kryon expressing the difficulty of teaching what is to come next]? I wish to take you on a journey. As you sit there. We've discussed the life lessons that are there--the past-life residues that are there--the contracts that are there. come together in a cube that fits very nicely within the geometric shape that you've identified as the star tetrahedron. we mean all of it. Therefore. I want you to sit with me for a moment in front of the grandest master who you can conjure up in your mind. It's difficult to explain. He has absorbed a piece of the mind of God. ready to be changed. It's more than that. And then there's the big one--the one we called the guide layer. do you? So it isn't that you relate to the physical part. This past channeling is now published information." It's difficult again to explain how this could be. this second layer. It is one that's literally closest to Spirit. You realize that whatever you do. when seen interdimensionally. Visualize this. We talked about the twist-master [Lemurian scientist] counting the relationships of twists. I want you to sit here for a moment in front of that Human. but rather. What a beautiful friend. and what you call love. two. you really don't have any idea about their biology or their DNA. number three is the subject. Have you ever heard us say. this master is! Is the DNA of this Human different from yours? Yes. Each group of three has a name and a purpose. That master has wisdom. Well. there will be total and complete tolerance. Layer three is the catalyst for one and two. wise parent? Well. for your emotions often control your body chemistry. but we'll say it again: Layer three in each grouping is the catalyst for layers one and two. It's what we've called the ascension layer. let me tell you what it isn't. DNA is structured into four groups of three. The third layer of each group is the catalyst for the first two. But we're only going to discuss the first three today. the life lessons. What you call the guides are part of your interdimensional DNA. 3 . which is layer three of this Human--a layer that is now being activated in 2003 within you! The Ascension Layer Let me tell you about layer three. No. there's something coming through that master that's soooo strong! The master is different from most. each of the three layers also has a name and a purpose. Who is it you'd like to sit in front of? Perhaps it's an ancient prophet? Perhaps a guru of some kind from the past? A medicine man? Maybe it's someone you dreamed about often--a man or a woman who truly knew God? Perhaps it's even a loving. Your palette for this visualization and selection is all of the history of humanity. can greatly affect number one. When we say the word DNA. and love. radiance. and the crystalline program--all of which are contained in the DNA. Here is new information. and three.We told you the last time we were with you that the 12 layers of DNA. not just the Human genome that you know as the one layer that can be seen in your 4D. Actually.

just like the DNA. That also explains why there are literally tens of thousands on Earth who are starting to ask the spiritual question: "Is there more? What's going on? Is God bigger than I was told? I want to know. through the pineal communicator.. modifies layer one. And it's no accident that the process of synapse is electrical. For suddenly. Here is the name [Lee speaks it in Hebrew]: Torah E'ser Sphirot. Most of it. When you begin connecting the pineal and the communication attributes of it to the third layer. That's the way it started out. Do you really think that nature created it. or fighting from developing? The DNA responds and changes accordingly. Part of the evolution of humanity will reverse itself. And so we say this to the biologists: Watch for this enlarged pineal as humanity evolves into this next millennium.. and then kept it large "just in case" you needed it? Believe me. Now. Your interdimensional DNA isn't static. Oh. yet there are some in science who wonder if you even need it now! It's almost gone. far more than any biologist believes or can measure at the moment. only for it to use only 10 percent. the emotional layer. I told you at one time that I'd give you some names for the layers. I want you to go back with me and take a look at yourself in the mirror. There's a cosmic joke going around within your science. What happens with layer three. Your head's a little different than it was in Lemuria and that's because the pineal gland was huge back then. the essence of divinity in this Universe. It is the dispensation of the eight. is dedicated to interdimensional things. becoming part of the DNA for the rest of your life.. that part which was dormant will become active again.. We have yet to name number one for you. and know it? Because part of God is you. they say. however.. for it's quite amusing.. and I'll give you the history of this gland. it is the age of remembrance! It is the year of release. It is the name of the second layer. they will say. It's changing every day of your life. I'll give you some biological information."You're never alone"? Do you know how we can tell you that.. The ascension layer is also associated with a part of the body. Who are you? Who were you? What's going on? That central processor you call the brain is doing far. it won't change the shape of your head this time. named. much smaller. It is a name of God! 4 . What do you allow? What don't you allow? What kind of vibration are you taking on. Surging through you. Let me tell you what it is. and we're not going to for a while. is one we've discussed before.. are those you've loved and lost. they'll be shocked when they "look" at the Human brain. is dedicated to 4D things. We speak of magnetics now. nature isn't that inefficient! Listen: All of it is active all the time! Just wait until those scientists start to discover what interdimensional energy looks like.. Number two. taking their places next to you. An interdimensional part of each Human Being is The Cosmic Lattice. the emotional layer. indeed. Lemurian. The pineal represents communication with the ascension layer of DNA. it will grow. Have you ever heard the expression that you only use 10 percent of your brain? Do you really think Human evolution and spiritual evolution would have resulted in such a thing? No. then even the one you can see will change. The pineal gland will begin to grow again. the brain is working at 100 percent and growing! A portion of the brain." but the other layers are always in motion. This has always been a dynamic system." It is the age of awakening! Truly. by agreement. just like DNA. If you change the others enough. It's no accident that the magnetic grid of the planet has shifted and aligned itself to interdimensional DNA in an interdimensional processing unit called the Human brain. When they eventually develop the instruments to measure it and scan it. DNA is not set for life. again. however. Watch. The most difficult layer to work with is the ascension layer. Biological history clearly shows that the Human body changed over recorded history as the needs changed around it. and they "show up" in your perception as your guides and helper angels. the biological layer and layer two. but I'll tell you.. They are. The blueprint of layer one may be your biological "fingerprint. it would be much. What we're saying is that if you didn't use the brain.

How much dark and how much light is completely and totally in your hands right now. the Armageddon didn't happen. This balance has been the same for eons. The most repulsive thing to Lightworkers is seeming inappropriate death and suffering. sometimes the children will turn inward as the first step. Postulate number two: (2) Children often have a much stronger connection to the Higher-Self for the first ten years of their lives than you do now. Man's inhumanity to man has been part of the balance. which pulls at you as you sit in front of him. 5 . for a planet in that balance. and so that they care. it's time to broach some uncomfortable issues. but even then you won't understand. A warrior of the light is one who knows all too well about this profound balance on Earth. Not everyone here is in pain. Remember that master you sat in front of? He knows how this all works.. It's real. do they? But there are vast numbers of Humans who suffer every day. this isn't a pleasant discussion. dear one. Have you ever wondered about the others? Have you ever wondered about the scheme of God and Human suffering? They don't seem to go together. many of you will go and fill your stomachs. and many of you will be able to socialize with them this very evening. You won't be too cold or too hot to survive. That free choice extends way beyond your Human brain. Dear Human Being. All of you will have a bed. The name of the third layer is: Netzach Merkava Eliyahu. This divinity is what they count on in the worst cases. Because you dealt with the light and dark issue. "what is the appropriateness of suffering on the planet and how can we get rid of it?" Your planet is in a specific balance between dark and light. When it comes to emergencies. Listen: We're going to give several channelings about this balance of light and dark. calling upon their Higher-Selves. They are more tuned in to Spirit. It's the wisdom and the love and the understanding of all there is. just have them go outside for a while and look around! Have them go to the places where the dark celebrates itself. True Lightworkers will go out of their way to help anyone whom they believe are in need. too. good friends. Now. Because you changed this balance. either. The higher your vibration. especially Lightworkers. Appropriate? Yes. and when it comes to drama.. You smile. Because you changed this balance. But there are some things you have to consciously visit if you're going to understand that third layer. but it's now shifting. Anyone who has struggled with their self-worth. To a Lightworker. and with full free choice to change it. "Kryon. are built so that they have empathy. Human Beings." some have asked. I wish to give you some rules about the way things work. or who are suffering. and who don't have any of the things I just mentioned that you take for granted. These decisions are often out of the realm of your reality or your awareness. Here you sit in the land of plenty [speaking of America]. Tough Discussions Dear humanity. and children are dying. The light and dark balance on this planet is the engine of your existence. What is it he has that you don't? The postulates are these: (1) Every Human Being on the planet has free choice. that's as it should be. knows exactly what I'm talking about. and it is the main test before you. for it is the catalyst of layers one and two. It's free choice of your duality in combination with your Higher-Self. After this meeting is over. or battled the darkness of their own duality. not understanding that their imaginary friends are their own divinity. you now are looking at the very DNA teaching about ascension that you're hearing and reading on this page. the more choices you make with a Higher-Self. yet they don't have any training for such a thing. You will have homes to go to and shelter from the elements. if there are any teachers who tell you that your work is no longer about light and dark. you have the ability to create a lasting peace on Earth. Some make up imaginary friends. This is the battle that is being fought every day of your life.But the third layer is even more special. To say it's not there anymore is a dangerous distraction. I've got to give you some spiritual postulates. and it's what your entire existence is about at the moment. You even have people who love you. It is the duality definition.

We pray for a miracle. "They asked the angels to be with her.. Another time we will give the mechanics of his story. by a man of low vibratory energy with a contract that most of you sitting here wouldn't begin to understand. In those moments that were the darkest for her. and to help her in all that she might be going through. Here's another postulate: (3) Regardless of prayer--regardless of potential angelic intervention. and through free choice said. lusted for this child. as loving parents do in a horrible situation like this. if it doesn't work? Where were the angels when we needed them? Where was our belief system and the power of prayer when we needed it?" Some discarded their angels.. the community supported the parents. 6 . Like many in so many cultures around the world. They asked that the angels would protect her and bring her back. the question was put to her from her divine Higher-Self: "Sally. They went to the clergy for solace. You know that master who you sat in front of? The one who radiated wisdom. Little Sally was only three. seemingly all alone. love. together. They prayed to God: "Let this be a quick and non-harmful event. and that master knows something about little Sally that perhaps you didn't think of. or the ones who discarded their belief didn't think of. she and her Higher-Self reviewed what she had come to Earth for. some of the friends who prayed so hard turned against God. and it will become uncomfortable. The angels are ready. what I'm about to do is appropriate. for this is about little Sally. Then their friends came out and put their hands upon them and hugged them and held their hands. When all was known. It will be over shortly.. are you going to go through with this? We can help you co-create distractions and circumstances. and perhaps it will turn our differently. She didn't make it. When this review was over. They called the names of God. He met little Sally. We're going to do what I came to do. and they wept and sobbed. as the other Humans in the room will attest to later. What is your decision?" And between the divine Higher-Self and the lower-self of that spiritual group whom Humans see in a singular way. please.. no outside entity on this planet can change the absolute free choice of another Human Being. so you'll understand even better how such a dark thing could exist within the sacred scope of the love of God. and they went on their knees before God. one where he would meet little Sally. bring her back. and the details of what she went through would scar the parents' memories for life. Sally stood tall within her divinity. Little Sally was connected to her Higher-Self in ways you cannot understand. dear God.. They went to their knees. "What good is it when we pray. and understanding? That master has his third DNA layer activated! He would look at this situation differently than you might. who were distraught. He had a choice to change it. Oh. Little Sally was discovered later. for I know you will feel it. they did.. His name is not given." And with the synchronicity generated by the man who took her. tolerance. all Human contracts with the other side are sacred.Little Sally--a Difficult Story to Tell. Sally made a decision that you will never understand. For you see. "We're going through it. When it was discovered that little Sally was missing. but you've never channeled anything like it before. my partner [speaking to Lee]. All of the spiritual people around them prayed for little Sally to be safe and sound. "Help me! What are we going to do?" And together on a level that is higher and grander than you might think a child could go. and many had to ask the question: "Where was God when little Sally needed him? "And here's what I want to tell you. free will to follow a groove. They all prayed with great fervor. That's why he took her. and in his own way. Lightworker. His contract was not predestined. They said. or that the parents didn't think of. or Understand I'd like to tell you about little Sally. They plead with the angels before them. Bring her back. she was abducted--literally taken away to a dark place. she called upon that Higher-Self and said. but predisposed. That master is able to weigh the light and the dark. Some of you aren't going to like this story.

one that might last a lifetime. and creating situations out of the reach of what you consider to be appropriate for God. and some found their divinity that day. Most of you listening and reading would not want to be there. do you think this situation sits? Is it a dark place that God doesn't visit? The answer (as you know). and that is what you're looking at. There were those lined up behind him. and those who were there barely kept him alive. too. And that group. At that moment. Little No-Name that's not all. But the masters know. She was a giant among Humans. into the fold.. All of the things that you strive for. Sometimes what you see as some of the most difficult and negative things on the planet are instead working to create change.. so they didn't want to waste resources doing anything but keeping him sustained.. It may surprise you that the first three layers that we would discuss would be the most important and potent ones when it comes to your own life. but also the master sees the overview. After all." the old temple's foundation would have to be scraped clean. And where. 7 . Little No-Name came and went." and is settled with the overall picture. Some would have to examine their spirituality. At a level that was filled with sacredness. She participated in a grand party. called group one [all three DNA layers together]. welcomed back into the domain of Spirit. but you also can't pretend it doesn't exist. You don't think about it. He knows the "whys. some would have to get off the fence and decide what God meant. They knew he wasn't going to make it. None of them would be unaffected. just as expected.. turning right around and going back again as soon as it was appropriate. your vibration. In a culture where life is seen differently than this one. The third DNA layer modifies number two and number one. She even rejoined the same karmic group that she left. was poised to provide the enlightenment for many. and they weren't going to make it either. We told you years ago that in order to build this new temple called "peace on Earth.. The Earth changed. but the master will. and your co-creation. The seeming sacrifice of one. that's where the transmutation to light must be done. He was diseased when he was born. There's no judgment of this. your master-hood begins to understand these situations. They never noticed. she knew that what happened in that moment would affect hundreds and hundreds of people. Each of them would have a reaction. The giant called "little Sally" had made her choice. It overruled the prayers and the angelic helpers. No. If you thought that one was difficult. maybe wouldn't even believe it. When you begin to activate that third layer. It sees all situations and weighs them in appropriateness. your ascension.Why should this be? Unbeknownst to you is what little Sally knew. changes the Human Being. and the situation went into the energy of the planet. Did you ever think of this? Or did you see it as something that darkened the planet? Do you understand now what divine wisdom is? It's an attribute that's almost beyond Human understanding. He knows that any difficult death of a child is far more profound for those left behind than for the child who crossed over. and the heavens rang with the ramifications of it. And so "little Sally" wasn't so little. How can I describe this? The Lightworker will seldom understand it. is far from that. and it made a choice that was well known within the layers of the DNA that we have not even broached yet. what about this one? Let me tell you about little No-Name. your master-hood. and the balance between light and dark balanced itself slightly more to the light side.. and that's totally normal. seemingly in a flash. in what seems to be a horror of an event.. The master celebrates what is going on in the heavens. in the scheme of world enlightenment and the love of God. Little NoName didn't last three months--never got a name. it was king of its own reality. Three months of suffering and sorrow. God and the family exist in the darkest places imaginable. The master weeps with appropriateness as a Human. awakening those who would never be concerned with spiritual things.. Many were changed. What really happened? Little Sally's Higher-Self overruled all other energies. It sees the earth as all one item. too. He died on his own.

.. What about the master? If the master were next to him. and his agreement with his Higher-Self. there's going to be this kind of a balance. and change Human consciousness. Humanitarian. And you might say. many of you chose a culture of abundance where you would have free time. an axiom: (4) You will never return to Earth [reincarnate] in a less-aware state. There was planning.. perhaps you played this role at one time. you'll incarnate. The Great Shift Now. or moan over how humanity was awful. also. to go through it. as long as there's dark. ever come in to this planet in the first place? Why would there be such a thing?" Look at the facts. And yes. is why you are called Lightworker. That's a promise. your culture might be burned up in a holocaust of horror. It's the master who stands back and sees the appropriateness of dark and light. that energy was actually delivered to the dirt of the earth! Like a bundle of love that somehow the planet needed. On the other side of the veil. That was the prediction when most of you were born. if we are angels?" And I will say it again: Only angels can do these kinds of things in a world where there's free choice and planning. also! In a balanced planet of dark and light. See any increased hate on the planet lately? See any darkness coming out from under the rocks and caves? This is what happens when you turn on the light! What some of you consider untenable events and "turns for the worse" on your planet are the last gasps of an old balance of dark and light.." you might say. And during his brief life-span. and there was love. if you could have sat next to him. The master would see a larger picture. you decide with others about exactly where... why would Little No-Name ever. and to move into action if you see injustice. Yet you still came. Here is another postulate. Knowing about the potential of Armageddon and the fact that you might not last. still you thrust yourself forward. do you think you're blindfolded and spiritually somehow fall from the sky and are born into situations that are random? No! In all your angelic glory. is it? That's how much you care about the family. We've heard some of you say. He would put his hand upon him in blessing and just sit and "be" every minute of the child's life.. You're not going to understand this unless you activate the third layer. I'm never coming back!" And you thought we didn't hear you? [Laughter] Well. privately: "If I have to go through this again. It's also the master who knows how to send light to those who need it. you say? "Kryon.. you would have wept every minute of his life. the master weeps. go there with me for just a moment and view Little No-Name. hundreds of times. there actually was purpose and reason.. but perhaps it's part of the grand plan.. the master would see into the situation and not wring his hands in desperation. Do you think this is an accident? You might not wish to look at it. just like you do. You see. or how poor Humans often treat Humans. my dear Human Being. there was execution. What you may not understand is that Little No-Name had spiritual energy. That's not a lot different than Sally or No-Name. refine it. what is your reaction to this message? Horrible. and to change some of these things through intent and wisdom. not stuck in a survival mode as so many others are today. And you might say. Go back with me a moment to your entrance into your current expression [lifetime]. But this time. Little No-Name had a Higher-Self. "Why? Why would such a thing ever have to be. These things are happening daily. that instead. Even more profound. As you stood on the other side of the veil and you saw what was happening here. Why? Because you are built to love! Your very fiber is designed to care about the children. the foundation of an old energy being scraped clean. Little No-Name and that Higher-Self had an agreement to come to Earth with the potential of exactly what happened.. Most of 8 . actually changed the vibration of the planet! You see.So. "I can never accept this!" Good! Then you're well on your way to changing it! How would you like to get rid of it? How would you like to change the balance of light and dark on this beautiful planet so that there are fewer little Sally’s and Little No-Names? Let me tell you something: That's why you're here! There has never been a time in history where the old souls of the planet could come back and reinstate an energy of old. his decision. Go back and check out the prophecies of so many. and with whom. And that. "If that's the case. purify it.. you don't have to go through this again.

waving the arms and legs. and is very. The Third Story Finally. Just like you. and the leadership around them. If it were not so. remembering why you came. and the next until you understand fully what's in all 12 layers. right now. and co-creation. right now. It means "vibrating at a higher level and staying on the planet as a master. Just like you. and everyone around you. it's why you're here. But believe me. one that returns and returns and returns. and put it on. The air molecules and the interdimensional life within them knows about your decision to change that third DNA layer! The word ascension has been bantered around. Look in its eyes. listen: The higher you vibrate. life-span--your understanding. [Laughter] Through the eyes of a child often is seen the divinity of the planet. It only takes a few Lightworkers to create a balance that's more light-intensive for any situation. In your lifetime. you're on the edge of curing some of the profound and incurable diseases that are on your planet. It's an old. tolerance. They may never do it in their lifetime. "Ah. There are masters walking around who don't want to go into that spiritual closet. the very area around you changes. An accident? No. As you vibrate higher. old soul." In those first few months. It knows how things work. everything they had ever learned about God in all of the lifetimes that they have ever lived would be upon them. And what is its name? It's "Little your-name-goes here!" And here you are listening and reading. and you did it. It has been on the earth as long as any Human alive. so excited when it saw those that it "knew. it was so frustrating to see the spiritual family. Family. Slowly because of what you do in these kinds of quiet spiritual moments. It has masterhood in its spiritual closet of opportunity. Whenever a Human approaches this point in their lives. integrity. The first breath of air it took was like. the more light is on this planet. very familiar with the energy of the planet. That's their free choice.the Lemurians in this room are here for the sole purpose of changing the light/dark balance on the planet. meaning many things. You came because you knew this planet could be changed. No. some of them even next month [August]. It is within your grasp to change societies that have been poor and ravished seemingly forever. Duality will make that so. Do not fear the love of God! Do not fear the change of the planet. let me tell you a third story about yet another beautiful entity. Lemurian. yeah. These lessons around DNA continue this year and the next. but it's going to take a change of consciousness. and why you find yourself in a channeling meeting at all! And you're in the right culture and the right time. Let it not be lost upon you that these first layers are the most important ones in what you would call everyday life--your emotions. It's why you picked up this book. Light is active and dark is passive." When others saw all that waving. biology. if they choose to make the choice to open this metaphoric closet. I would tell you. take out that suit that says Lightworker. to see the colors all around and not be able to speak any language! Sometimes it would flail. All that has been in these last months has been a precursor for energies about to shift. will begin to alter. wisdom. But then there are those who do. I know how all this works." It's not the kind of master who people are going to worship or flock to and sit at his feet. those around you. The governments of the planet and the economics of the planet--it's all related--will also change to match the vibration around them. I'm back. they thought it was just so cute. It's a master where even the elements know what he's done! It's you. for I am in love with you. broaching the issue of what to do next that will help you. 9 . You've got to be in love with this one! What a precious young soul it is! It has come back. There will never be a time on this planet when dark is gone. this can be accomplished. Lightworker.

And now the real work begins. Lemurians." That master has your face! That's you. were successful. See the face? Update it to the "now. That is what we continue to see. and it's the one that you can achieve. Kryon 10 . Those old souls called Lemurians who came down to the planet a few years ago determined to change an eon-old balance. Health in times of biological unbalance. It's the potential that you came in with. We sit in front of masters. lack of worry about money. there is divinity next to you and a piece of you that knows everything. connected to the Higher-Self in a way that gives you purpose in life--helping the planet in ways you don't realize. It's far more difficult to hold the darkness in your hand when there's light all around. and that's the truth. Walking day by day. I will give you this: One of the reasons you like to sit in front of those masters you selected earlier in the visualization is because they love themselves. Now. inside. are numbered. They smile a lot. tolerance in the face of drama. dear Human Beings. And so it is. The balance between dark and light on this planet has moved. There is knowledge that perhaps the days of Little No-Names. and even little Sally’s. That is what we've always seen from the moment we arrived. think of what a hundred could do. those things don't have to happen anymore. Even the duality has changed. Whatever it is you wish to achieve. And so. take another good look at that master..Finally. this group of Humans who listen and read. you're never alone. Part of you knows that if the planet can be changed by one or two. When you change consciousness. it is that time where we will withdraw. better relationships--that's what's at stake here.... That's why we love you the way we do.

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