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The Natural Partner

Increasing Awareness of Publisher Content in Target Markets

The company has a direct sales group of more than 300 professionals worldwide who are trained to sell magazine & journal subscriptions. the company has a unique understanding of the needs and concerns of publishers. public libraries. This allows each representative to have a thorough understanding of the needs and concerns of our customers in all areas of research. medical.) • EBSCO provides various options to meet the objectives of each partner • EBSCO provides publishers with the potential for supplemental revenue via database royalties • EBSCO introduces publishers to opportunities for supplemental revenue streams such as including content in sub-licensing opportunities with expressed publisher consent Journals More than years working closely with both libraries and publishers… Archives Country Reports Film & Video Books 60 EBSCO databases include content from virtually all source types including. government. and online databases. EBSCO shares the interest of both the libraries that we serve and the publishers with whom we work: • EBSCO is the database partner for thousands of publishers representing tens of thousands of publications • EBSCO understands the unique needs of different publisher partners (commercial publishers. EBSCO has worked closely with both libraries and publishers. customer account specialists. etc. trainers. learned societies. K-12 schools. EBSCO is the only database aggregator that is also a subscription agent. As a result. As a natural intermediary between these two groups. reference and study (academic. but not limited to: . EBSCO has many librarians. Extensive History of Working with Both Publishers and Libraries For more than 60 years. In addition. corporate. etc. EBSCO shares publishers’ interests in maintaining & growing publishers’ core subscriptions business… About EBSCO Publishing As the world's largest intermediary between publishers and libraries. and other experts on staff working in the capacity of sales representatives. and offers various ways for publishers to gain exposure for their publications and explore options for supplemental revenue streams. It is this level of attention to detail and quality in staffing that helps publishers to reach their objectives.). healthcare professionals. associations. Extensive Sales Force with Global Reach EBSCO’s sales power is a great asset to our publisher partners.The Natural Partner As the only database aggregator that is also a subscription agent. as EBSCO continues to expand its worldwide presence through increasing market share. Each member of EBSCO’s sales team specializes in working with specific library types and other institutions. etc. EBSCO offers many benefits to publisher partners.

Brazil Students use journal content for school science fair project on global warming. China Ex. Redwood University. 4 Walkabout Public Library Skybury. Corporate officials discover effective means of reducing company’s carbon footprint. Australia Librarian uses facts and figures from articles to enhance Earth Day educational events.The primary benefit of partnering with EBSCO is increased exposure to publisher content. 2 Ex. Ex. Photos Transcripts Charts & Graphs Databases Illustrations Directories Magazines . all types of publishers may benefit from the expanded reach of their content as well as an increased penetration in existing and potential markets. 5 郑公司 (Zheng Corporation) Shenyang. UK Embassy Tete. 6 Ex. Finland Ex. 3 Vihreä Sairaala (Hospital) Ivalo. Such exposure may lead to: Proliferation of scholarship Improved brand recognition Additional website tra c (Sample Publication) Increased visibility An increase in subscriptions & book sales Supplemental revenue from database royalties Expanded Global Reach and Market Penetration By partnering with EBSCO. 1 Hospital administrator locates valuable information on environmental impact of medical waste disposal. United States Graduate student cites important article for dissertation on soil erosion. Mozambique Researchers find key data on environmental ramifications of rapid population growth. Escola de Quetzel (School) Cuiabá. Ex.

and Library Holdings. the brand recognition/value of those publications increases significantly. medical institutions. “The Financial Counseling and Planning Indexing Project: Establishing a Correlation Between Indexing. publishers and learned societies participating in EBSCO’s databases gain increased exposure for their publications in the world’s most prestigious institutions. and clarifies this issue in person with customers and potential customers • EBSCO’s senior management publishes articles covering this topic • EBSCO participates in panel discussions at library conferences to discuss this issue Supplemental Revenue Stream As database users worldwide become more familiar with specific publications through their inclusion in EBSCO databases.” Not only does EBSCO supply its databases to thousands of universities. the number of titles or amount of data licensed. Royalties are shared between publisher partners. As a result. and individuals and institutions are more likely to subscribe to related publications and books.” Financial Counseling & Planning (July 2007) Databases Complement Journal Subscriptions and Book Sales EBSCO is the only full-text database vendor that aggressively and proactively works to not only prevent subscription cancellations. Total Citations. schools. Also Serving the Traditional Subscription Needs of Publishers . publishers can benefit from an increase in revenue on top of their existing subscription income. Kelsey.Additional Benefits of Partnering with EBSCO Publishing Global Exposure and Recognition of Publisher Content EBSCO is recognized as the leader in the subscriptionbased online research database marketplace. . and in non-traditional markets where these publications may not currently have strong penetration. . and positions databases and subscriptions as complementary resources. EBSCO provides access to its databases in nearly all countries including nation-wide access in more than 70 countries (including many developing nations with emerging economies). Increasing a journal’s visibility in indexing databases should also result in more requests by researchers for institutional subscriptions for academic libraries. As EBSCO is also the world’s largest serials subscription agent (EBSCO Information Services). and the subscription price(s) for the title(s). EBSCO encourages customers to consider the consequences of individual subscription cancellations. . According to an Independent Study conducted by Library Journal. and e-book business. — Paul J. but to promote the purchase of both subscriptions and databases. and other libraries in the United States and Canada. Increased use by faculty and other researchers will likely affect the number of citations to a publisher’s journal. enhancing a journal’s reputation and the possibility of attracting submissions by prominent researchers. The following are some ways that EBSCO markets this message and promotes this concept: • Customers must continue to subscribe to EBSCO’s databases in order to maintain access to archival data • EBSCO makes it clear to customers that the content they receive via EBSCOhost databases is leased (not owned) by them and is therefore subject to change EBSCO’s market brochures clarify this issue in the main paragraph on the inside covers • EBSCO sends listserv messages to customers on this topic • EBSCO’s website clarifies this issue for library customers • EBSCO’s sales staff is well-educated on this topic. the company shares all publishers’ interests in maintaining & growing their traditional subscription business. e-journal. Royalties from Database Sales By making content available through EBSCO databases. The royalty calculation is based on database sales and takes into account the number of years of content on EBSCO products. “the number one reference source owned by academic (and public) libraries in electronic-only format is EBSCOhost databases. At present. but the company is the leading database provider for libraries and other institutions outside of North America. Please contact EBSCO to learn more about how the company works with publishers to enhance their print.

000 5.000 70.000 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 .000 1.000 4.000 # of Full-Text Titles 40.000 2008 20.000 2.000 # of Publishers # of Publishers 3.000 60.000 # of Full-Text Titles 50.EBSCO Publishing continues to experience unparalleled growth in the number of publishers that the company works with… 6.000 004 2005 2006 2007 30.000 10.000 # of Full-Text Titles 2005 2006 2007 2008 80.000 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 # of Publishers 2007 2008 …while existing content partners continue to expand their relationship with EBSCO Publishing each year… 90.

there are absolutely no costs to the publisher. Content Processing — No Cost to Publishers Throughout the entire implementation process. all content is indexed by way of a meticulous editorial process—including the application of extensive controlled vocabularies. Publishers simply send their content to EBSCO and the company loads the content into the applicable databases as quickly as possible. Finally. Contract signed… Sends native PDF files to FTP site Sample content licensing partnership workflow… Publisher E-Content Downloaded Article Table of Contents is Created Subject Indexing Citation References Linked as Appropriate Abstract Created if Author’s is Not Available Images Extracted for Image Quick View Data Indices Created Browsable Journal List Created Searchable PDF Full Text 2. all content is submitted to a rigorous quality control screening. before being made available to subscribers.Content Processing Workflow 1. $ Images Final Quality Control Uploaded Search 3. As part of the content implementation process. Content Accessible via EBSCOhost®… .

. EBSCO offers nearly 300 different databases covering a wide range of research disciplines such as: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Accounting Banking Communications & Mass Media Complementary/Alternative Medicine Consumer Health Corporate Learning Criminal Justice Economics Education Environmental Science/Studies Evidence-Based Medicine History Hobbies & Crafts Hospitality & Tourism Humanities • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Law Library & Information Science Literary Studies Management Studies Nursing & Allied Health Patient Education Performing Arts Point-of-Care Clinical Resources Political Science Psychology Religion & Philosophy STM Research Sociology Textile Sciences And much more . .Sample of an EBSCOhost result list showing implementation of various content types Publishers can be assured that their content reaches the widest possible audience of applicable researchers… Creating Opportunities for Publishers in All Subjects In order to maximize the exposure of a publisher’s content. . EBSCO carefully determines which of the company’s databases would best serve as a vehicle for distribution based on the nature of the content.

ebscohost. (0409) .com ©EBSCO Industries.A. Please Contact: Clive Wright Director of Content Licensing Phone (800) 653-2726 x2368 or (978) 356-6500 x2368 Email www. Printed in U.For Database Partnership Opportunities. Inc.S.