Getting the Most Out of Your PD Blower
Presented by: Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems Adam Crampton, Regional Sales Manager David Weber, Market Manager August 3, 2012 Lake Ozark, MO

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Blower Basics INLET • • • • • • DISCHARGE A pair of rotors turn in opposite directions. just very small clearances (1000ths of inches) Pockets of air are trapped between the rotor-lobes and the housing These pockets of air are transported around the housing to the discharge side of the machine Vacuum & Blower Systems . meshing together like 2 gears There is no contact within machine. just very small clearances (1000ths of inches) Pockets of air are trapped between the rotor-lobes and the housing There is no contact within machine.

Pneumatic Conveying System Vacuum & Blower Systems .

Getting the Most Out of Your PD Blower • • • No Pressure Low Capacity Vibration Vacuum & Blower Systems .

check belt slippage and adjust tension to belt drive Speed too slow Wrong Rotation Check unit for actual rotation with the pipe configuration Obstruction in piping Check the pipe.No Pressure Check RPM. valves and silencers to assure open flow Vacuum & Blower Systems . screens in piping.

Obstruction in piping Check the pipe. valves and silencers to assure open flow Excessive slip Check clearances internal on rotors Vacuum & Blower Systems . check belt slippage and adjust tension to belt drive Over pressure Check inlet vacuum discharge pressure stays within operating limits.Low Capacity Speed too slow Check RPM. screens in piping.

Vibration Unbalanced Sheave Have sheave dynamically balanced Worn v-belt sheave Replace v-belt sheaves Resonance in the base plate or foundation Refer to Factory for assistance Worn of damage couplings Inspect couplings and repair or replace as needed Vacuum & Blower Systems .

Correct mounting and realign the drive Worn bearings and gears Check gear backlash & condition of bearings Scale or process rubbing rotors Check for process material build up in housing and rotors Remove build-up restore clearance Loose drive or blower Tighten Mounting bolts Vacuum & Blower Systems .Vibration Misalignment of sheaves Check and align Rotor contact Check housing and rotor for contact.

Getting the Most Out of Your PD Blower • • • • • Regular oil changes with lubricant appropriate for the application Clean inlet air Protection against overpressure Protection against overheating Routine inspection for vibration / noise Vacuum & Blower Systems .

IL Tuthill Plastics Group Tuthill Transfer Systems Tuthill Pump Group Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems Tuthill Corporation is a privately held global manufacturer of industrial goods specializing in rotating equipment such as Pumps.Tuthill Corporation Burr Ridge. Vacuum & Blower Systems . meters. blowers and vacuum pumps.

P. Derbyshire • Tuthill Benelux SA Belgium • Tuthill T. DE •Fairfield CT •Rancho Cucamonga.Sales Offices • Springfield MO • Tuthill UK Ilkeston. Argentina • Tuthill China Shanghai China Service Centers • Springfield MO • Northeast Repair Center Canton MA • West Coast Repair Center El Monte. Buenos Aires.A. Australia • Tuthill Mexico Mexico City. Victoria .A. CA 40 Distributor / Representative Locations •Vacuum & Blower Systems . Mexico •Wilmington. CA Manufacturing • Springfield MO • Tuthill S.

(Springfield. ft. MO USA) • Lean manufacturing shop floor environment TVBS designs and manufacture’s: •Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers •Mechanical Vacuum Boosters •Integrated Blower Packages •Vacuum Pumps •Engineered Vacuum Systems Vacuum & Blower Systems .Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems •ISO 9001Certification • TVBS Facility 143.500 sq.

Tuthill Blowers • 5 different product lines • Gear sizes from 3” to 12” • Two lobe and three Lobes designs • Multiple options in materials. seals. and bearings Vacuum & Blower Systems .

PneuPak™ • Enclosed packages • High pressure up to 18 PSI • Low Noise ( < 75 DBA) • Maintenance Friendly • Automatic belt tensioning Vacuum & Blower Systems .Tuthill Blower Packages • 3 product lines . PneuMax™.Qube™.

drawings. specification sheets.tuthillvacuumblower. curves Vacuum & Blower Systems .Website TVBS Website Site offers technical information.

Vacuum & Blower Systems .tuthillvacuumblower.BlowerXpert/VacuumXpert The industry’s best sizing and selection software Is available to download through our website Available for download on our website.

Market Driven Company Vacuum & Blower Systems .

We are going to start looking at that hard.” • “I want to raise my uptime by predicting failures.” •“I want products that support our green initiatives.The Voice of the Customer • “Noise is becoming a real big deal.” Vacuum & Blower Systems .” • “An environmentally friendly product is necessary.” • “I need a product that works in an outside environment.” • “I want to know how to properly measure efficiency.

QUESTIONS Vacuum & Blower Systems .

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