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From the Editor

Articles that appear in the El Toro are presented as Los Rancheros

an informational service to the residents. Contents are
the option of the editor but do not necessarily repre-
sent the opinion of the editor, the homeowners asso-
ciation or management. ASSOCIATION OFFICERS
Reader response is welcome. Your article must
be in my paper tube at 28408 Granada Circle, or President: Norma Moore — 887-0463
posted to my e-mail address, no later than the 10th Vice President: Mary Dimsdale — 785-2571
of the month. All submissions must be signed with Secretary: Marisa Leasure — 978-6778
your name/phone number included, as any article Treasurer: Suzanne Hicks — 887-3160
must be verified. Your name will not appear, if you
so request.
Editor has the right to edit for space or libel. ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE BOARD
Articles considered in bad taste will not be printed. Rey Abaya — 670-8711
Submissions must meet the Editorial Guidelines set
Jerry Abbott — 887-8237
forth below by Mobile Home Park Magazines.
Whenever possible, the editor prefers to “cap- John & Marsha Ellwanger
ture keystrokes” for material to appear in the El June Hart — 783-3639
Toro. If you are typing something up, you might as Rick Horlick
well type it directly into an e-mail and send it to me
Julie Manzo — 783-1911
that way.
PLEASE DO NOT “FORWARD” EMAIL. Forwarding June Robinson
exposes MY e-mail address to YOUR whole broadcast
list and I DON’T want THEIR forwards. COMMITTEES
If you are submitting an item someone-mailed to
you, COPY IT and PASTE it into a NEW e-mail window
Dime Bingo . . . . . . Lorraine Schmuck — 783-7294
to send to me: Grievance Committee . Mary Dimsdale — 785-2571
Thanks, Jeanie Schultz, editor Lunch Bunch . . . . . Joy Cunningham — 785-4609
HMOA . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fran La Torre — 887-1509
( Welcoming . . . . . . . . . Marisa Leasure — 978-6778
The Mobile Home Board publications informs
and promotes the mobile home system; residents,
management and those that serve the mobile home COMMUNITY CONTACTS
Bingo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ron Gomez — 782-5183
The Mobile Home Board publications are not
political tools. They are a source of information and N.E.R.T. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dawn Plaskon — 887-2199
enjoyment for park residents. To ensure this policy Neighborhood Watch . . Darlene Richardson — 785-8780
we have developed the following guidelines: Spectrum Meals (Tu&Thur). . . Ruth Horton — 732-6671
Editorial Guidelines:
• Editor is responsible for gathering information The EXECUTIVE BOARD meets the LAST THURSDAY of
and sending it to us in a form they want. Each edi-
tor must allow all resident’s organizations and man- the month at 7:00 p.m. in the main clubhouse.
agement to participate in the publication. Los Rancheros HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION
• The publication is not to be used for disputes by
either residents or management. Mobile Home meets the FIRST THURSDAY of the month
Park Magazines must remain neutral in all resi- at 7:00 p.m. in the main clubhouse unless
dent/management issues to preserve the integrity otherwise announced.
of the magazine. Not all residents are on one side
or the other of an issue. Since we do not research
each story, we cannot use Mobile Home Park EL TORO — Jeanie Schultz — 784-1997
Magazines to weigh either side of these very frag- e-mail el t o ro . e d i t o r @ c o m c a s t . n e t
ile relationships. Deadline for all submissions to the El Toro is the
• Resident political organizations are asked to
limit their information to meeting notices and 10th of each month for the following month.
reports of chapter meetings. WEBMASTER
• No listings of in-park-services (i.e. babysitting,
handymen, Avon, etc.) Charles Eldred—
Association Meeting The Editorial Policies listed on page 1
are set by the publisher of this magazine
and not by the editor.
THURSDAY, These cannot be arbitrarily changed by a subscribing
mobilehome park, by an individual editor
June 4, 2009 or by action of any resident group.
The Guidelines are quite clear that disputes
at 7:00 p.m. are not to be aired on these pages
but that this magazine be a source of
in the main clubhouse. information and enjoyment.

EVERYBODY THAT LIVES These pages are open to all resident’s

HERE is welcome to attend organizations and management
(not just the homeowner). but the material submitted is expected to be
positive, non-confrontational, and,
Next meeting: most especially, not political.
Thursday, July 2, 2009 Since the very first issue of the El Toro,
as with all newsletters, the editor has reserved
the right to edit for space or libel.
Since libel and slander can take many forms,
such as libel by innuendo (i.e., insinuating by a
question that wrongdoing has occurred),
submitted material will not appear
if there is any possibility of libel.
—The Editor
in Main Clubhouse
for the benefit of the Alameda County Food
Bank remain in place due to the increased
need in these tough economic times.

Check your pantry for non-perishable
food items you can spare or buy a can or
two extra when you’re shopping. Drop by
and drop it in the barrel.
Thank you!

Spanish Ranch I General Information

is printed at the back of the editorial section.
Resident suggestion form on page 14.

Letters to the Editor are welcome

on any subject. Send to: CREEK CLEANUP in April. With a little TLC, the flood control channel beside the park becomes a pleasant reflecting pool,
thanks to the efforts of SR1 residents and other concerned citi-
(You MUST sign your name but we
won’t use it if you don’t want us to.)
zens who pick up litter and debris. See story on page 8.
Photo by Dawn Plaskon
COFFEE Mind your butts
If you smoke, please dispose of
is available in the your butts properly.
Clubhouse daily Don’t litter by throwing
them in the street, and
during office hours for especially don’t throw them
residents of Spanish Ranch I. in people’s yards.

To All Ladies at SR-1

Come join us at any of our events. Get acquainted!


The Lunch Bunch meets on the third
THURSDAY (unless otherwise announced) of each
month at 12 noon. All are welcome.
June 18 Sweet Tomatoes
(Expanded schedule will appear in July issue)
Coordinator: Joy Cunningham, 785-4609
Join us for


Bring your lunch and let’s get together.
First and Last Dessert provided.
It costs only a dime a game, winner take all!
Saturdays + .25 for the bank which gets raffled back to
somebody each January.
of each month, Come to the Main clubhouse on the Second
Thursday, at noon! For more information call

NOON TO 3:00 P.M. Lorraine Schmuck 783-7294

Dime Bingo Dessert Schedule:
Snack bar open before play June: Ruth October:Lorraine
and during breaks July: Irene
August: Bridgette
November: Joy
December: Party
serving nachos, hot dogs, sodas, snacks. September: Fannie

Ron Gomez, coordinator 782-5183 SCHEDULES SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Volunteer help is appreciated, call Ron for info. A once in a millennium event
At five minutes and six seconds after 4 AM on
NOTICE the 8th of July this year, the time and date will
Per state law, no one under the age be 04:05:06 07/08/09.
of 18 is allowed in the clubhouse This won’t happen again for a thousand years.
during Bingo Submitted by Suzanne Hicks
Come and Eat!! It’s a SNAP!
(Senior Nutrition and Activities Project)

All SR-1 seniors are eligible and invited to participate in

A government-sponsored program for seniors over 55.
Es un programa guvernamental para ancianos mas de 55 años.

Tuesdays & Thursdays in the main SR1 Clubhouse

(except holidays)
Martes y Jueves en el Clubhouse (menos dias feriados)

NOTE! Signups are required. You must call before noon the day before.
Tiener que registrarse antes de doce un dia nates. Llamen a Ruth Horton 732-6671.

Call Ruth Horton — 732-6671

for reservations or information. (Help is invited, too.)

Meal served at 4:30 p.m. Come early to socialize.

Las comidas estaran servidas a las 4:30 p.m.
Illegue temprano para socialisar se lon ellos.

$3.25 at door • Non-seniors/Guests $4.75 • 10 Dinner Tickets: $30.00

$3.25 en la puerta. • Los invitados pueden atendes por $4.75.
Donations are always accepted.
Meals include fish, BBQ chicken, vegetarian spaghetti, salads, soups (more so in winter),
pork chops, hamburger, lasagna, and — always a dessert! Milk is included with each meal.
NOTE: on days soup is scheduled, you can substitute
a hamburger or veggie burger! A Spectrum menu is posted in the SR-1 clubhouse.


Information about the Hayward RESIDENT INFORMATION
Mobilehome Owners Association, a
coalition of residents of Hayward's nine The web address is not case-sensitive, but you MUST
mobilehome parks is available at use a number 1 (one) and not a roman numeral I (i). The El Toro is posted here.
Comedy Corner contributed by S. Higman (no. 174)
(most copyright info unknown - web-exchange)

Thirteen Three Old Ladies

A young man was strolling down a street. As Three old ladies are sitting in a cafe,
he passed a large building with a fence chatting about various things.
around it, he heard a group of people chanti-
ng "Thirteen, thirteen, thirteen" over and One lady says, "You know, I'm getting
over again. really forgetful. This morning, I was
Curious, he tried to see standing at the top of the stairs, and I
over the fence, but couldn't remember whether I had just
come up or was about to go down."
couldn't. Then he
spotted a hole in the The second lady says, "You think that's
wood. bad? The other day, I was sitting on the
He put his eye to the hole. He just managed to edge of my bed, and I couldn't remember
spy some old people sitting in deck chairs whether I was going to bed or had just
chanting, before a finger came out of woken up!"
nowhere and poked him in the eye. As he
The third lady smiles smugly,
staggered back, the old people started "Well, my memory's just as good
chanting, "Fourteen, fourteen, fourteen..." as it's always been, knock on
wood," she says as she raps on
Theater Guest the table. Then with a startled
look on her face, she asks, "Who's there?"
A man lay sprawled across three entire seats
in a theater.
The Parking Ticket
When the usher came by and noticed this, he
whispered to the man, "Sorry, sir, but you're I went to the store the other day. I was only
only allowed one seat." in there for about five minutes, and when I
The man groaned but didn't budge. came out there was a motorcycle cop
The usher became impatient. "Sir, if you writing a parking ticket. So I went up to
don't get up from there I'm going to have to him and said, 'Come on buddy, how about
call the manager." giving a guy a break?'
Again, the man just groaned, which infuriated He ignored me and continued
the usher who turned and marched briskly writing the ticket. So I called
back up the aisle in search of his manager. In him a stupid idiot. He glared
a few moments, both the usher and the at me and started writing
manager returned and stood over the man. another ticket for having
Together the two of them tried repeatedly to
bald tires!
move him, but with no success. Finally, they
summoned the police. Then I really got angry at him. He finished
The cop surveyed the situation the second ticket and put it on the car with
briefly then asked, "All right the first. Then he started writing a third
buddy, what's your name?" ticket!
"Sam," the man moaned. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more
"Where ya from, Sam?" I abused him, the more tickets he wrote. I
With pain in his voice Sam didn't care. My car was parked around the
replied... "The balcony." corner.
At our April their favorite grandson has been
meeting, arrested and is too embarrassed
Hayward City to call them so can they send
Council bail money. Of course this is not
Member legitimate but some people are
Barbara falling for it. Be careful when
Halliday spoke you receive a phone call asking
to us about for money or personal informa-
Measure A. tion for any reason. Check out
Here are the the facts before you send money
Halliday or give out information. June 9, 2009
facts that she
gave us. Increased police presence 7:00 p.m.
The General Fund provides You may have noticed a big- in the Clubhouse
resources to police, fire, mainte- ger police presence in the park.
nance, trees, parks, etc. The The officer that was present told
$116m per year budget is made us that they are now doing their
up of: Property tax 34%, Sales reports in their cars to show a IMPORTANT DATES
Tax 25%, Real Property Trans-
fer Tax 4%, Transfers In 12%,
police presence out on the 2009 CITY EVENTS
streets as a deterrent to crime.
Construction 2%. Sat, June 6—Gun Exchange
We will soon be having a
It was explained that the city meeting about identity theft, Tues, June 23—Special
gets only a small portion of the phone scams and other things to Olympics Torch Run
property taxes residents pay. look out for. We will notify the Thurs, June 25—Crime Free
Property tax distribution: park when we have a date. Manager Training
Hayward 16%, District 11%, It was also suggested by our Thurs, September 24—Crime
State 58%, County 15% crime prevention specialist Gale Free Multi-Housing Training
Sales tax distribution: Bleth that you call all three Mon, September 14—
Hayward 9%, State 70%, with credit reporting agencies and Community Academy
the remaining 21% going to put a freeze on your accounts
BART, Hospitals, AC Transit which means that you will have
and County. to be notified if anyone is trying Hayward
Scam targets seniors to open or close an account in Neighborhood Alert
your name. The only down side Monthly Meetings
At the May 12 meeting we to this is when you want to UN-
were told about a scam aimed at Wednesday, May 27
freeze them it will take 3 to 7
Senior Citizens. The criminals days. Wednesday, June 24
are calling seniors and say that No meeting in July
Don’t forget that residents of
Spanish Ranch 1 have adopted Wednesday, August 26
Save the Date! the creek behind the park and Wednesday, September 30
we are having another clean up
Annual on June 20. Meet at the club
National Night Out house at 9am. Come out and
at Spanish Ranch I meet new people, be of service to
your community. REPORTING go to
Tuesday,August 4 Kevin Kelly &
Free BBQ on the patio Darlene Richardson There is a step-by-step guide to
Main Clubhouse filing a police report over the
internet. It provides a quick and
Car-A-Van, IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN! efficient way to file a police report
with the Hayward Police Dept.
the kickoff to Downtown Street Parties
National Night Out is Thursdays: June 18, Reporting is critical to get city
personnel and resources
Monday, July 27, 2009 July 16, August 20, directed to areas where
Plan to join us! and September 17 they are most needed.

Board Meeting Minutes April 30, 2009
The Board addressed concerns of utility ted from publications that showcase others and
billing along with gas credits residents received there is the continuous attempt to downplay resi-
for May billing, credits for gas without explana- dent concerns. We have our goals set and are mov-
tion. We have been billed for 30 plus days and ing in the right direction, we are a determined
were paying higher rates since additional days bunch and welcome our new board members, pic-
during billing period placed us into Tier 3 & 4 tured.
which is billed at a higher rate. Our meters are not Many board members along with other resi-
read on the first of the month although PG&E dents from other mobile home parks in Hayward
rates are based on the first of the month thru the are participating in updating our Rent
last day of the month. We do not understand why Stabilization Ordinance due to what took place
we do not receive communications concerning during and after the Petition Process/Meet &
credits and improper billing for space rents. Confer Meetings. Many residents here and from
We want residents to read their Leases. Hayward’s other parks realize the need to update
Leaseholders have recently received a notice our Ordinance. We have held two meetings with
requesting payments for Property Taxes for 2007 - Fran La Torre heading up our committee.
2008 for the amount of $11.80 per month for five We look forward to upcoming dates for fun.
years. Where is it stated in your lease you are Mark your Calendars for May 30th & June 20th.
expected to pay this expense? Look for our flyers with event details. We also
We are organizing upcoming events, which hope residents will attend the next Association
will include the Annual Pool Party (date unknown Meeting May 7, 2009 at 7:00 PM at the Clubhouse.
due to the delay in opening the pool on schedule.) We are happy with the support we have received
We want to be compensated for this delay through and look forward to serving your needs.
an extended use of this amenity. Pictured above left, from left to right are
We will have a “Dinner Event” which will board members Julie Manzo, June Robinson,
include entertainment and a Flea Market guaran- Jerry Abbott, Norma Moore, and Rick Horlick.
teed to be different than Flea Markets in the past. Pictured above right, from left to right are
The current board is eagerly looking forward to other board members Suzanne Hicks, June Hart,
Fun Times since we have put forth so much work Mary Dimsdale and Marisa Leasure. (Board
in the last eighteen months trying to help resi- Members Rey Abaya and John and Marcia
dents of our park. Ellwanger were unable to attend our meeting.)
It hasn’t gone unnoticed are efforts are omit- Submitted by Norma Moore

Free Spay or Neuter, Gratis!

Vacunas y castradíon femenina
with vaccination, o macho para gatos salvaje/feral.
for feral cats living in the cities of Hayward, Para gatos que viven en Hayward, Union City,
Union City, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo or San Leandro Castro Valley, San Lorenzo o San Leandro
Phone: Hayward Friends of Animals Llamar al teléfono: (510) 886-7546
(510) 886-7546 Hayward Friends of Animals
SR-1 NERT Adopt-a-Creek Cleanup Event 4/18/2009
carpeting, miscellaneous furniture and
hardware, and approximately 20 bags of
trash. We made it as far as the flood
control release gates. We were quite
happy to find that a school of 15-20
large (> 24" long) carp make their home
in the deepest part of the creek channel.
During their last round of creek clean
up Marsha and Dane found an injured
female duck on one of the islands. We
called Animal Control to come and res-
cue the duck. The actual rescue was per-
formed by Marsha, who scooped up the
On a balmy April morning, just duck in a net as it tried to swim away.
Text and photos before our recent mini-heat wave,
by Dawn Plaskon After a quick shower and change, we ended our
our work crew gathered for its day's work at Quizno's for lunch, courtesy of Spanish
bimonthly cleanup event. Ranch 1 NERT. Our next event is scheduled for 9:00am
Participating this time were residents from our on June 20, 2009. We invite all who are able-bodied (or
own community including Marsha Pimentel, Kevin even stalwart of heart) to join us for an enjoyable morn-
Kelly, Patty Smith, Kathy Calvert and Nichole Clark, ing of fun and hard work as we try to make our envi-
Brian Harris, Dane Penneau III, and two participants ronment cleaner and greener. You can register for our
who signed up through the Website, next event by calling Dawn at 510-887-2199, or just
Carol Wilson and John Shultz. John had joined us in show up on the date.
February, and his willingness to provide rope and
expertise has proved invaluable. OBLITERATING the blight of graffitti is a big
It was with pleasure and enthusiasm that we wel- part of the Creek Clean-up effort as these
comed Chuck Horner, who is chair of the Keep before (r) and after (l) photos show. Below,
Hayward Clean and Green committee. Chuck Patty, Brian and Kevin gear up; at left, Kathy
expressed his support for our efforts, and though our at newly painted gate; at right, Carol picks
scheduled third Saturday is the week before his regular up litter; above, a tired crew gathers.

city event, he will promote our

events among his participants.
We started at the Pacheco
end of the creek channel this
time where Brian, Patty and Kevin got right to work
covering up the graffiti that covered the creek side of
the bridge and the retaining wall. Patty, Kevin, Kathy
and Nichole continued on, painting over graffiti on the
retaining wall along the bicycle path until they ran out
of paint. We've asked the county to provide us with 10
gallons of paint, more rollers and handles before our
next event.
Carol, John, Brian, Dane, Marsha, and Dawn
began working to remove debris from the creek chan-
nel. We pulled out two shopping carts, various pieces of


Join members of the IMPORTANT! Please read
“Keep Hayward THE POOL IS OPEN!
Clean & Green” Remember, we lock up at 9 pm so please start getting out of the
pool and hot tub so you’re ready to leave promptly at 9 pm. We
Task Force want you to enjoy the pool — just follow the rules and make it
easier on us as well as yourselves. Come, and enjoy!
in these community
clean-up events.
POOL RULES 6. Persons in swimming suits or
Saturday, June 27, 2009 trunks, wet or dry, will not be
1. Pool hours are from 9 am to
allowed in the clubhouse.
(8:30am – 12:00pm) 9 pm. Pool is open May through
Mervyn's parking lot October. Therapy pool is operat- 7. Swim fins, diving masks, rub-
ed and heated year round. ber floats, toys, balls and the like
Where: are not permitted in the pools.
2. Pools are for the exclusive
Foothill, Mission to use of residents and their guests.
(Individual swim goggles, baby
Grove & downtown All guests must be accompanied
life jackets and arm floats for small
children are OK.)
by a resident and the resident is
Meet at: 8. Screaming, running, horse-
responsible for the conduct of
22301 Foothill Boulevard play, cannonballing and diving
their guests. Only four guests per
Mervyn’s Parking lot are not allowed in the pools.
space are allowed, at any one
Contact: Florine Banks, time, and on a space available 9. Only manufactured swim
510-886-9386 or email basis. wear in good condition may be
worn in the pools. 3. Children under 14 should
be accompanied and supervised NO SHORTS, CARGO PANTS,
You will need to complete and by an adult when using the pool UNDERWEAR, CUTOFFS, T-SHIRTS
submit a Registration/Liability or therapy pool. 10. No food, alcoholic bever-
Waiver form. 4. No LIFE GUARD IS ON DUTY. ages and/or glass containers are
PLEASE DO NOT SWIM ALONE. permitted anywhere in the pool
If you are under 18 years area.
5. All persons using pool or
old, a parent or guardian 11. No bobby pins or jewelry in
therapy pool must shower pool
must also volunteer. pool.
side before entering pools.
All clean-up supplies will Anyone using suntan oils, lotions, 12. Residents climbing over or
be provided. or other ointments must re-shower under the fence around the pool
before entering pools. will lose their pool privileges.

Join the Ladies Club

at noon on the 2nd WEAR WHITE AT NIGHT!
Thursday for Out for a Walk?
Going to the Neighbors?

Ladies! Bring your lunch and let’s get

together. Dessert provided.
We Can’t See You
It costs only a dime a game,
winner take all!
in the Dark!
+ .25 for the bank which gets raffled back to somebody
at the first gathering in January.
Come to the Main clubhouse on the Wear something WHITE or
Second Thursday, at noon! REFLECTIVE even if it’s just to throw a
For more information call white sweater over your shoulders or around
Lorraine Schmuck 783-7294 your waist. This simple precaution could
Ladies Dime Bingo is for mature women who
would like to get together for sharing ideas.
prevent a tragedy.
Resident Suggestion / Objection Form
We welcome your views and suggestions on how to improve the quality and range of services we provide at
the community you reside. This form will allow residents to provide feedback to management on services,
suggestions for improvements, or general concerns.
While we are attempting to promote a harmonious community atmosphere, sometimes incidents occur which
may infringe on your enjoyment of the Park or perhaps you may have a suggestion or positive feedback to
share. In order to remedy the situation when appropriate, we request all complaints and/or suggestions to be
submitted to management in writing.

Type of communication: (Please check one that applies)

____Concern about Park Facilities ____Concern about Park Management

____Concern about park residents ____Suggestion
____Positive Feedback ____Other: _________________________________________

Name of Community: ______________________________________________ Space Number:_____________________

Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Full Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Detail suggestion, feedback, incident or concern (specify date, time and place if applicable):

What action do you think is appropriate?

Because of repeated complaints, in extreme cases, eviction proceedings may be initiated against an offend-
ing park resident. In compliance with California law, it may be necessary to use this statement for documen-
tation purposes. Consequently we cannot insure complete confidentiality.

Signed: _____________________________________________________________________Dated:_____________________

Print name:_____________________________________________________________________________________________

______ This form is for informational purposes only and does not require a response.
______ I wish for a response. My telephone number is:_____________________________________________________

Management Office Use Only: Received On:__________________ Form of Delivery: __________________

Disposition __________________________________________________________________________________

Equal Housing Opportunity

Please provide a copy of this form to the Los Rancheros Association Board and keep a copy for yourself.
Clubhouses available for
your events!
Both the main clubhouse and the
small clubhouse may be reserved by
residents for private events.
Call the office, 783-5535,
for information.

Come Get a Book!

Bookshelves in the Main Clubhouse are
available for the free exchange of books
by park residents. Stop by and browse
any time the clubhouse is open. There are
lots of books to choose from!

Spanish Ranch #1 Information

EL TORO MAGAZINE is published monthly and distributed SWIMMING POOL / HOT TUB
around the first of the month. Dates and times of activities are Pool open May-October. Hot Tub open year round.
noted on the calendar therein. Special activities will be
announced in the regular section of pages. TRANSPORTATION
#391 SHOPPER’S SPECIAL — Leaves hourly (10:10, 11:10
RESIDENT MANAGERS/OFFICE a.m., 12:10, 1:10 pm) on TUES. and FRI. for SOUTHLAND
Manager: Teresa Cruz, Rutherford Investment Co. from in front of Main Clubhouse. RETURNS at 11:57, 12:57
Office hours: 9-12 and 1:30-4 Monday-Friday. & 1:57 p.m. Ask for transfer if you plan to return on the bus.
Office address: 28400 Granada Circle #77 AC TRANSIT BUS — Leaves for downtown every hour
Rent may be dropped in mail slot in office door (next
5:53 am-5:50 p.m. M-F. Bus stops outside the park across
to laundry room on front side of bldg.)
from Ruus Park. To go to Tennyson Shopping Center, bus
Phone: 510-783-5535
stops at corner of Ruus Park. Catch return bus at Tampa side
Shari and Kenny Bachmann, relief managers
of shopping center. Sat.-Sun. service 8:31 am-6:31 pm
On-call for emergencies Sat.-Sun.-Holidays
In an emergency, call 510-783-5535. AC TRANSIT FARES — $1.75 ages 18-64, ages 5-17 and
Answering service will contact managers as needed. 65+ is 85¢. Transfer good for 1.5 hours is an additional 25¢.
ORGANIZATIONS The Clubhouses are available to residents for private affairs.
The Los Rancheros Association and the Spanish Ranch #1 Contact the Office, 510-783-5535
Ladies Club are automatically comprised of park residents. The POOLROOM inside Main Clubhouse is available for
There are no dues.
residents to use. See the office for a key.
MEETINGS of the Los Rancheros Association are the FIRST
THURSDAY of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Main COMPLAINTS/SUGGESTIONS/REPORTS
Clubhouse unless otherwise announced. are to be submitted to Park Management in WRITING and
LADIES CLUB meets the SECOND THURSDAY of each must be SIGNED. For any complaints or suggestions
month at 12 NOON in the Main Clubhouse. concerning safety, maintenance, replace/repair, give a
The LUNCH BUNCH meets the THIRD THURSDAY of copy to the Executive Board as well as the Office. These also
each month to go out to lunch at various area restaurants. must be in writing and must be signed.
J U N E 2 0 0 9

MAY 31 1 2 3 4 5 6
DINNER Association 12-3
4:30 p.m. Meeting
7:00 p.m.

10 A.M. 4:30 p.m. 10 A.M.

7 8 9 10 11 12 13
4:30 p.m.

N’hood Watch
7 p.m.
Deadline DINNER
10 A.M. 4:30 p.m. 10 A.M.

14 15 16 17 18 19 20
4:30 p.m. noon Project
Day 9-1
10 A.M. 4:30 p.m. 10 A.M.

21 22 230 241 25 26 27
4:30 p.m.

Father’s Day 10 A.M. 4:30 p.m. 10 A.M.

28 29 30 JULY 1 JULY 2 JULY 3 JULY 4

Association 12-3
4:30 p.m.
7:00 p.m.
10 A.M. 4:30 p.m. 10 A.M.