a. coined to describe the post-Cold War United States b.

If such a state is the preponderant power in the international system

it is described as a hegemon defined as 'great power plus great mobility of power'


the US, the Soviet Union and the British Empire refers to any nations that have in historical mentions strong political, cultural and economic influence over nations around it and across the world

Great power
Examples China, France, Russia United Kingdom, and US

Middle power
a subjective description of second-tier influential states that could not be described as great powers

Categories of power


Australia, Canada, Germany Japan, Mexico and Spain a nation that exercises influence and power within a region

regional power

is not mutually exclusive with any of the above categories that has immense influence or even direct control over much of the world's energy supplies

a country

Russia and Saudi Arabia

energy superpower

the world's two current energy superpowers given their abilities to globally influence prices to certain countries

cultural/entertainment superpower
a country which has immense influence over much of the world's entertainment has an immense large cultural influence on much of the world the entertainment and cultural superpowers United States and United Kingdom given their abilities to distribute their entertainment and cultural innovations worldwide
Power in int'l relations II.mmap - 06/06/2009 - Carlos Mondragón

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