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LT P C 3003

UNIT I PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED DATABASES 9 Database System Architectures: Centralized and Client-Server Architectures Server System Architectures Parallel Systems- Distributed Systems Parallel Databases: I/O Parallelism Inter and Intra Query Parallelism Inter and Intra operation Parallelism Distributed Database Concepts - Distributed Data Storage Distributed Transactions Commit Protocols Concurrency Control Distributed Query Processing Three Tier Client Server Architecture- Case Studies. UNIT II OBJECT AND OBJECT RELATIONAL DATABASES 9 Concepts for Object Databases: Object Identity Object structure Type Constructors Encapsulation of Operations Methods Persistence Type and Class Hierarchies Inheritance Complex Objects Object Database Standards, Languages and Design: ODMG Model ODL OQL Object Relational and Extended Relational Systems : Object Relational feature sin SQL/Oracle Case Studies. UNIT III XML DATABASES 9 XML Databases: XML Data Model DTD - XML Schema - XML Querying Web Databases JDBC Information Retrieval Data Warehousing Data Mining UNIT IV MOBILE DATABASES 9 Mobile Databases: Location and Handoff Management - Effect of Mobility on Data Management - Location Dependent Data Distribution - Mobile Transaction Models Concurrency Control - Transaction Commit Protocols- Mobile Database Recovery Schemes UNIT V MULTIMEDIA DATABASES 9 Multidimensional Data Structures Image Databases Text/Document DatabasesVideo Databases Audio Databases Multimedia Database Design.

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LT P C 3003

UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO PRINCIPLES OF PRODUCT QUALITY 8 Ethical Basis for Software Quality Total Quality Management Principles Software Processes and Methodologies Quality Standards, Practices & Conventions Software Configuration Management Reviews and Audits Improving Quality with Methodologies Structured/Information Engineering Measuring Customer Satisfaction Reliability Models Reliability Growth Models Software Quality Engineering Defining Quality Requirements Management Issues for Software Quality Data Quality Control Benchmarking and Certification. UNIT II SOFTWARE QUALITY ASSURANCE PLAN 11 Writing Software Requirements and Design Specifications Analyzing Software Documents using Inspections and Walkthroughs Software Configuration Management Software Metrics Lines of code, Cyclomatic Complexity, Function Points, Feature Points Software Cost Estimation (COCOMO) Quality Management Standards ISO and TickIt initiative Accepted process models, (eg CMM) Reliability. UNIT III TEST MANAGEMENT 12 Introductory Concepts, Testing and Debugging Goals and Policies, Test Planning, Test Plan Components, Test Plan Attachments, Locating Test Items, Reporting Test Results, The role of three groups in Test Planning and Policy Development, Process and the Engineering Disciplines, Introducing the test specialist, Skills needed by a test specialist, Building a Testing Group, Testing as an Engineering Activity, Role of Process in Software Quality, Testing as a Process, Basic Definitions, Software Testing Principles, The Testers Role in Software Development Organization, Origins of Defects, Defect Classes, The Defect Repository and Test Design, Test Case Design Strategies, Using Black Box Approach to Test Case Design, Random Testing, Black-Box testing and COTS, Using White-Box Approach to Test design, Test Adequacy Criteria. UNIT IV SOFTWARE QUALITY IMPROVEMENT 6 Software Quality Improvement Techniques, Statistical Software Quality Assurance Techniques, Quality Appraisal Programs UNIT V CONTROLLING AND MONITORING 8 Defining Terms, Measurement and Milestones for Controlling and Monitoring, Status Meetings, Reports and Control Issues, Criteria for Test Completion, SCM, Types of reviews, Developing a review program, Components of Review Plans, Reporting review results. REFERENCES: 1. Ilene Burnstein, Practical Software Testing, Springer International Edition, Chennai, 2003. 2. Metrics and Models in Software Quality by Stephen Kan, Addison-Wesley, 1995. 3. The Capability Maturity Model: Guidelines for Improving the Software Process by Mark Paulik, Addison-Wesley, 1995. 4. Elfriede Dustin, Effective Software Testing, Pearson Education, New Delhi, 2003. 5. Renu Rajani and Pradeep Oak, Software Testing Effective Methods, Tools and Techniques, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2003.



LT P C 3003

UNIT I AD-HOC MAC 9 Introduction Issues in Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks. MAC Protocols Issues, Classifications of MAC protocols, Multi channel MAC & Power control MAC protocol. UNIT II AD-HOC NETWORK ROUTING & TCP 9 Issues Classifications of routing protocols Hierarchical and Power aware. Multicast routing Classifications, Tree based, Mesh based. Ad Hoc Transport Layer Issues. TCP Over Ad Hoc Feedback based, TCP with explicit link, TCP-BuS, Ad Hoc TCP, and Split TCP. UNIT III WSN -MAC 9 Introduction Sensor Network Architecture, Data dissemination, Gathering. MAC Protocols self-organizing, Hybrid TDMA/FDMA and CSMA based MAC. UNIT IV WSN ROUTING, LOCALIZATION & QOS 9 Issues in WSN routing OLSR, AODV. Localization Indoor and Sensor Network Localization. QoS in WSN. UNIT V MESH NETWORKS 9 Necessity for Mesh Networks MAC enhancements IEEE 802.11s Architecture Opportunistic routing Self configuration and Auto configuration Capacity Models Fairness Heterogeneous Mesh Networks Vehicular Mesh Networks.

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