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Power Speaking Skills through Mind Mapping®
Mind Map your way through the head, the heart and humor behind public speaking with Raju Mandhyan
Author, Public Speaking Coach, Buzan Licensed Instructor for Mind Mapping, and NLP Practitioner
Now and from times immemorial, the one skill that makes a person stand out, succeed and create change is his ability to transfer information and knowledge with clarity, to persuade effectively and to inspire with wit and eloquence is a sure-fire way of evolving from an executive to a world-class leader. At this highly interactive and intensive workshop, you will learn to be a clear, concise and a compelling speaker. Using the principles of Mind Mapping®, you will learn to analyze needs and characteristics, develop deep rapport and scintillate audiences.
DATE TIME VENUE INVESTMENT FEE (including refreshment breaks, buffet lunch and comprehensive workbook)

If you want to speak with eloquence and extemporaneously with high impact then this workshop is for you!

Workshop Objectives

1. Research, write and prepare any kind of a presentation in the shortest possible time. 2. Analyze needs and characteristics of all audiences to make your presentations relevant and valuable. 3. Overcome all self-doubt, anxiety and stage-fright and project crisp confidence and vitality in all interactions. 4. Employ humor, analogies, metaphors and rhetoric to impart multi-faceted understanding. 5. Master audience-learning dynamics and make your presentations highly creative and interactive. 6. Deliver all presentations and speeches with ease, distinct flair and absolute effectiveness. 7. Learn to maximize exposure, preciseness and fluency, even when facing cameras and large audiences. 8. Answer and handle open forums with dignity, depth and elegance. 9. Finally, learn how to design and deliver speeches that will generate action instead of just applause.

All participants will receive Raju’s bestselling book ‘The Heart of Humor’.

“Free yourself from anxiety; Mind Mapping is the key to deliver speeches confidently!”
Thea Sordan Reedly International School

“Raju opens up a treasure trove fuelled with powerful tactics for anyone wanting to excel in public speaking.”
J.T. Zhang & Co. Inc.

About Raju Mandhyan

“Raju's mentoring skills brought out the Champion in me!”
Jess Liwanag Formerly of ABS CBN/CNN and Country Champion of 2002, Philippines' Toastmasters

Motivational Speaker and author of the Heart of Public Speaking and the Heart of Humor, Raju started his speaking-training career as a part-time Communications Skills Coach for the British Council in Manila. He is an Advanced Toastmaster Gold, NLP Practitioner, Buzan Licensed Instructor for Mind Mapping® and a trainer certified by the American Management Association. A long time resident of the Philippines, his work often takes him to India, USA and other Asian countries.

www.mandhyan.com l Tel: +63 2 8903565 l E-mail: innersunconsultants@yahoo.com l Fax: +63 2 8959893

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