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Place of Religious Information in Lucknow. Here you can find all about Chandrika Devi Temple -28 Km. away from Lucknow. It is one of the most sacred place in Lucknow.

Chandrika Devi Temple in Lucknow

Chandrika Devi Temple in Lucknow is an age old temple, situated around 28 Kms. away from the city of Lucknow at the Sitapur Road near Bakshi Ka Talab. This place and nearby areas have relevance and religious significance since the time of the Ramayana.

It is said that elder son of Shri Lakshmana - the founder of Lucknow, Rajkumar Chandraketu, was once passing with Ashwmegh Horse through Gomti. In the way, it became dark and hence he had to take rest in the then dense forest. He prayed Goddess for safety. Within a moment there was cool moon light and the Goddess appeared before him and assured him. The grand temple was destroyed in 12th century by invaders. It is also said that around 250 years back nearby villagers located this beautiful place- which was hidden with dense forests. Next day, a villager could locate the statue of Devi and it was placed at the present place. Later on a temple was constructed and since then people continued to visit this temple and offer 'pooja' after knowing the appearance of Ma Chandrika Devi. This place is also known as Mahi Sagar Teerth. On the eve of Amawasya and Navratras, a lot of religious activities in the temple and temple premises are held. People from different parts of the State, come here for Hawan (Yagya), Mundan (total hair-cut). In addition, during these days, Kirtans, satsang (religious meetings) are also held. You can view a number of make-shift shops that crop up during Amawasya (a new moon day) when shopkeepers are busy selling Prasad (sweets offered to Goddess ) and other items of day-to-day use such as churian (bangles) Bindi, Chunri (cloth). Some shops

sell foods, fruits, items used in hour house, music cassette, CDs, and medicinal herbs. Timings of Darshan : from early morning to late evening. Please note Aarti is done at 7.00 hrs. in morning, 13.00 hours in afternoon and 19.00 hrs. in evening.

How to Reach : Taxi, Three Wheeler auto and Buses are available. From Charbagh, prepaid taxi is available. It is well connected with Lucknow Airport.

When to visit : Anytime but in Amawasya because of a Mela (fair), it becomes more spiritual to visit. In fact, thousand of people throng at this place to get blessings of Ma Chandrika Devi. Where to stay: Since Lucknow is just 28 kms. away, you can return on the same day and stay at Lucknow. Alternatively, you may proceed for Sitapur where you can also visit Neemsaar which is most important Tirth of Northern India. Neemsaar is not more thant 35 kms. away from this place.


History of Maa Chandrika Mata Madir at Kathwara The Devotee Palace of Bravery Brave Barbreek (Maa Chandrika devi Dham Mahi Sagar Sangam Teertha, Kathwara, Lucknow) As per Skand Puran the Dwarika Dhees Lord Sri Krishna told to Barbreek (the son of Ghatoth Katch), for reinforcement workship of Devi is necessary. After listening such Barbreek tried to know where and how worship to which Devi then Lord Krishna told the secret place named Mahi Sagar Sangam is a great Pilgrimage place, where Nav Durga reside those are devoted by Narad. Lord Krishna told Barbreek to go there and pray by heart, where you will get the result as you wish.

By accepting the above orders from Lord Shri Krishna being devotee mind. Barbreek worshiped continous for three years at that secret place to the Nav Durga and accepted the power of devees at his own. The piligrimage place situated in Maa Adi Ganga, is the holy place of Maa Chandrika Devi Dham Katwara Lucnow. The secret place of Maa Chandrika Devi is covered by flowing holy river Gomti from three direction i.e North,

West & South. The Mahi Sagar Sangam Teerth is situated in East direction.

During the rainy season, when the water of river Gomti raised due to flood, the water wave of holy river of Mahi Sagar Sangam Teertha pilgrimage of Naimishran start flowing to South via East direction and again mixed with Adi Ganga, where the water wave of river become very holy for the public by flowing some direction to the North. It was around 250 years before Nav Durga Siddhpeeth Maa Chandrika devi Dham Kathwara was the unknown place for the Kathwara people. At that time there were graze without any fear. One day, in evening when the bufellows of the villagers were coming back to there place from the forest it was found that bufellows were fully bathwith the clean water and there horn were full of lotus flower and creepers. Next day the villagers follow their buffelows, where they are going for grazing and getting bath from the clean water. They found that, there was Mahi Sagar Teerth heavy forest where the animals of the villagers used to

Sangam which full of holy water and surrounded by beautiful lotus flowers.

On same night, Maa Chandrika Mata has directed in dream to Thakur Beni Singh Chauhan (the land lord of the village at that time) that there is the base of Nav Durga are kept safely in the root of very old neem tree baside the Mahi Sagar Teerth, start worship of the same as required rules. Being found the direction from the Bhuwaneshwari in the dream, Thakur Bani Singh Chauhan has obeyed the the order and started worship and constructed a great mandir of Maa Chandrika Devi and also arranged festival for the people on every Amavasya of the month. It is known that the Chandrama (the moon) has taken bath in the holy water of Mahi Sagar Sangam Teerth to become free from the curse given by the father of Dakhsha Prajapati. In tretayuga, Chandra Bela the son of Devi Urmila of Lakhanpuri (Lucknow) has also prayed Nav Durga when he found himself feared on the black mid night of Amavasya as directed by her mother. Then he found himself free from the fear with only imagine of Maa Chandrika devi.

During Mahabharata the five son of Pandu along with Draupadi have also came this Teerth Dham at the time of forestry (Banvas). At that time they did not aware of this place. That is why Bheem sen entered in the holy water without washing his body. By doing such, Beervar Barbreek who was in the service of Nav Durga, warn him, Oh foolish, what disgraceful you are doing, you didnt have any knowledge of importance of devoting place, you are introducing your indiscretion by doing such activity. You dont know this holly water is being used for daily bathing of Davi. You are making it dirty. When dirty water people are not using then how we can use for the Goddes? Unnecessarily you are wondering to different teeraths, when you have no knowledge of such things. But Bheem Sen was so thrusty and did not gave the priority on the warning of Barbreek. Barbreek started throwing stones on him. Bheem Sen become angry, came out from the cistern (kund) and started wrestling with Barbreek. Against Barbreek, Bheem Sen become looser and Barbreek tried fell Bheem Sen into the deep cistern from where he could not turn back alive. The God Shanker immediately appeared in between and introduced Bheem

Sen is his grandfather (before that Barbreek was unknown about Bheem Sen). (This Incident was happened more than 1000 years back) Great Barbreek prayed Nav Durga (Maa Chandrika Devi) continuously three years with true hearted. Seeing the prayer Maa Chandrika Devi told him Brave virtuous Barbreek, we are fully satisfied with prayer. We gives you a infallible power which will be rare for anyone in three loks. But you have to stay here in this secret Teerth place for some time. Here a Brahmin Vijay of Magadh is likely to come, by meeting him you will be getting fully welfared. In the past Vijay Brahmin came in this holy sidhapeeth of Maa Chandrika Devi Kathwara Nav Durga where he Durga came in his dream and ordered him, Great Brahmin you start praying in this holy place of Siddidatri Mata with heart & sole. My divotee Barbreek will help you in all ways. Great Barbreek cleared his all disturbances easily which comes in way of Brahmins worship. When the Brahmin found success in his all the worship, he told to Barbreek, Brave man, I got the special success in my worship only through you. I pray to god for your happiness, get all the success in your life, be long life. There is a holy ash (Bhasma) in my worship cistern (Hawon Kund), its colour is like sindoor, prayed Devees for long time. By satisfied his prayer Nav

go & take it.This ash is very effective & infallible. If this holy ash spread out in battle field on the enemies, it is sure that all the enemies will be destroyed at once. By hearing such a love & effectionate words, told Barbreek, Any work which will be with candid reason. in this. So please give this ash to any else to needy person. I am happy to see that you succeed your self and get the fruit full result of worship. This such a holly ashes was prepared in cistern is situated still in the Secret Siddi Datri Devi Temple. Its renovation was being started in 20th centurys end, with the help of all devotees. In this Hawon kund , at a time about fifty devees deevoties can be present aahuti. This yagya shala of Maa Chandrika Devi Durbar, Barbreek Dwar, Sudhanwa Kund, Mahi Sagar Teerth Ghat are likely to be shown the events of Mahabharata to the spectators. They will be called Sadhus. I dont have any greediness

Maa Chandrika Devi Dham situated in huge area, whose most of the area related to the landlords gramsabha of Kathwara. During rainy season its covered filly by rain

water waves looks like island (Tapoo). During the end of 20th century Government Uttar Pradesh (State in India) has taken the responsibility and declared the holy place as a visiting place for the people and constructed the road 11 K.M from Bakshi Ka Talab connected with National High Way Lucknow Delhi to reach the people easily at Maa Chandrika Devi Dham Kathwara. The novel king Late Amrit Lal Nagar has described the detail of Maa Chandrika Devi Dham in his novel Karvat. This novel is based on the real story of Lucknow ruler Navab Wajid Ali Shah at the end of 19th century. The worship place Mahi Sagar Teerth of Veer Barbareek was named as Sudhanva Kund for which event related as under, Shayam Prabhu veer Barbreek has seen all the Mahabharat battle by his own eyes, the holy ashes which was with Brahmin Vijay, if the ashes disprayed in the Mahabharat battle thus the result was opposite. But the same has been withdrawn by Loard Krishna from Vijay. The Mahabharat battle was taken place, the sons of Pandu has won the battle against Karawas. Then a Ashawamegha yagya done by king Yudhisthira the horse was captured by king Hans Dhwaj. Resulting which the battle was started with king Hansdhwaj. The first son of king Hansdhwaj has taken part in the battle but the second son named Sudhanva, was busy in worship of

Maa Durga so he was not able to take part in the battleand got punishment to fell down him into a hot oil. As he was also divotee of Maa Chandrika Devi like Veer Barbareek he has no effect of hot oil and saved. Hence the place was called as Sudhanva kund, near the secrect place. King Yudhisthir forced ie Katak, stayed for some time, so the place was called Katakwasa.

Some specialization of Maa Chandrika of Kathwara is likely to be follow. Such as there is no difference between rich & poor, general, backwards & very high or low families. Everybody have got full right to take part in the motherhood Maa Jagdamba Chandrika devi. There is Chandrika Devi. Even no body can broke coconut also. All the devotees being requested to pray or worship with true heart. It is true that the mother who has born the people, how she can ask or call for victim. The devotees when reaches Maa Chandrika Devi Dham, they get themselves sacred by washing pure water of Mahi Sagar Teeratha Sudhanva Kund. After that they goes to pray Shiv Shankar situated in between the water. After praying Lord Shiv Shankar they give honorium and then proceed no rule for any type of victimization in the temple of Maa

for Maa Durga who have eighteen hands and pray Maa Chandrika Devi Sarva Siddhi Datri of Kathwara. After praying Maa Candrika Devi the divotees use to go Mahadeo temple for worship and rotate around the temple. On the way of rotation they use to pray Batuk Bhairo and Pachhua Deo (Bhairoji) for getting their result full fill and after that they go through with the procedure of Aahuti in Hawan Kund of all Nav Durga. In the east of Sudhanwa kund there is a big temple of Great Hanuman Ghari has been constructed. It is fact that all the arrangement of Maa Chandri Devi fare at Kathwara, Lucknow were made by MAA CHANDRIKA DEVI MELA VIKSAS SAMITI.

Under the guidance of the former state minister of Uttar Pradeh & MP (Rajya Sabha) Shri Bhawati Singh Chauhan who is also the Director of Samiti. Late Shri Bani Sing Chauhan was the founder of the Samiti who is the descendant of Dr. Ahilesh Singh Chauhan. There the Chaplain and the Teachers of Yogshala of Mahisagar Sangam Teerath is Brahmin. At same time worship and prayer are being carried out by the Gardeners of

backward class and the worship of Pachua Deo are being done by the Pasies of Scheduled Caste. Such type of arrangement and unity is very much rare any where. In Era of Mahabharat the chaplains of Maa Chandrika Devi like Bravery Barbreek, Divotee Sudhanva and Brahmin Vijay have got knowledge of secret place with the blessing of Lord Krishna and Devees. The same Chandrika Devi Kathwara is now be coming so easy for we people in Era of Kalyuga is not known. Such thing may be known to Maa Chandrika Devi. We have to try to get the blessings of Maa Chandrika Devi and have to pray..