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The Deeper Meaning of Everything

A Never-Ending Study

M. T. Vessel
Only in the natural may we see the supernatural,
and vice versa.
A bird could not exist without God,
and through its existence proclaims God's.
Not even a sparrow, we are told, can fall to the ground
without causing God concern;
all the material universe is, as it were,
a message in code from God,
which mystics, artists
and scientists strive to crack,
sometimes with a measure of success,
but to which Christ provides the key.
(Malcolm Muggerdge, “Jesus Rediscovered”)

01 Introduction: The Discovery of Meaning

02 The Big Lie
03 Lighten Up
04 The Big Family
05 Mom
06 Dad
07 Yum
08 Take a Breath
09 Good Day Sunshine
10 Bro, Sis
11 Brother Ass
12 Come Back to Your Senses
13 Starry, Starry Night
14 Information Everywhere
15 Communication is the Name of the Game
16 Mary Had a Little Lamb
17 Ask
18 Listen
19 The Heart of the Matter
20 What's in a Name
21 Mistakes: The Meaning of Life
22 Puters R Us
23 What’s Up?
24 Showbiz Vs. One-on-one
25 Look
26 The Spice o' Life
27 Breaking Laws
28 The Other Side
29 When Things Don't Work Out
30 Dreams & Visions
31 Money and Other Currencies
32 Off to School
33 Relationships
34 Opposites Attract
35 Off to Work
36 Role Reversal
37 The Art of War
38 Calamities
39 The End of the Road
40 Coming Home
The Beginning (Not an Introduction): The Discovery of Meaning

“I did not know I had a soul.

Then the God in a wise heart drew me out of nothingness
with cords of human love and the life belt of language,
and lo, I found myself.” (--Helen Keller)

If you're anywhere near as impatient as I am, you might be prone to skip this chapter if I call it "Introduction,"
so, let's just call it The Beginning.
First of all, I'll have to state the following: I am no more of a writer than Don Quixote was a knight, but I think
that everyone ought to be handing down some of the things he’s learned in life to whoever is interested, even
though this kind of legacy has become somewhat extinct in an age when TV, the Internet and glossy magazines
already tell our kids everything they’re “supposed to know.”
Maybe I'm just one of those dreamers, dreaming an impossible dream, although I'd like to term it differently:
I'm a believer.
I have been a believer since I was 13 years old, but I didn't really believe what I wanted to believe, that which
my spiritual teacher told me, namely, that I was able to personally hear the voice of God - until 27 years later. I
had experienced and felt God's Spirit on occasions, felt that exuberant joy and the "peace that passeth
understanding" the Bible talks about and had an above-average knowledge of the Bible, having memorized
many Scriptures. I had, perhaps, above-average faith, and yet that faith never extended to the point where I was
able to believe that God would reach out to Me, care about and address me personally, until I was 40 years old.
Until then, I had merely been "going through the motions" of believing, as I'm sure is the case with millions of
other believers. We "believe" in God, our mind acknowledges that He is there - somewhere "out there," perhaps
even in us to some extent, but we don't allow ourselves to experience His total and absolute realness, the
fullness of His Presence. We're not aware of the fact that, as one of my favorite "heroes of the pen," Richard
Rohr put it, "if God is real at all, then He's as real now as in any other moment," He's as close as He will ever
be. It's just that we are not aware of it - of Him. He continually proves to us with every miraculous breath we
take (for granted), and every golden ray of sunlight, enabling us to continue living for another moment, and
another, and another, that He loves us, approves of us, and despite our obliviousness of His Presence, provides
for us everything we need, causes His sun to shine and His rain to fall "on the evil and on the good," on
believer and unbeliever alike, and only few of us ever stop to acknowledge this great love, pause for a moment
in all our feverish activity, and thank Him for it.

The worst part about all of this is that the meaning of life, of everything, eludes us every moment and every
day, and we run through life like deaf and blind children, clueless as to what life may possibly be all about until
the moment we seek our Creator and ask Him in simple, childlike faith, to reveal that purpose to us, and boy,
are we ever surprised then to find out just how willing He has been all along to reveal, and reveal, and reveal
ever more.

I'm a follower of a Man Who, during His lifetime was labeled a heretic, and like many other "heretics," died the
death of one. He prophesied that those who followed Him would enjoy the same sort of reputation, and thus, I
am also a follower of the teachings of a man who was and probably still is being labeled (and libeled) as one of
the most dangerous heretics of the 20th century by the establishment: David Brandt Berg (1919-1994), in his
earliest teachings, which he published in epistles called MO-Letters (for during that time, in the early 70s, he
called himself Moses David), related some of the fundamental lessons of life from very simple little things,
such as the way grains of dust can scintillate in a few rays of sunlight ("Diamonds of Dust"), or that God never
does things in a hurry ("Squeeze, Don't Jerk!"), or that God is like the sunlight, spiritually, and that just as
without the light of the sun no growth and life and nourishment on earth is possible, so spiritual life is
impossible without God's truth and love ("Sex Works"), and yes, shame over his head and all those of his
lustful followers, including myself, he even taught that God had invented sex in order to illustrate what He
wants our relationship with Him to be like. You can see why he and his movement are still treated as heretics to
this day.
Being suddenly (or gradually) made aware of the fact that everything in life makes sense and has a purpose,
contrary to what Evolution teaches us, namely that everything is meaningless, since everything just came into
being by accident - no Planner, no plan - can transform a life in ways comparable to what happened in Helen
Keller's life, who - though she was deaf and blind - came to perceive many things that most of us who can both
hear and see with our physical sense, never grasp in a lifetime. No wonder Jesus called Himself the light of the
world. Without the light, there is nothing to be seen. He also called Himself the Truth. Recognizing the truth in
life, in a world that seems to be governed by people and principles apparently utterly alienated from such a
concept as truth, is radical and revolutionary. - And not very popular. For many people it's just too simple. They
live by the rule, "Why make it easy, if you can make it complicated?"

The fact that Jesus used parables a lot in His teachings should already teach us something. David Berg taught
that all of Jesus' parables had to be actual events (being the Son of an omniscient Father, and being the "I Am"
of old should make this quite possible), otherwise whenever He said, "it came to pass..." or "it happened," it
would not have been true. If Jesus' prarables are based on actual events, and He used those events and incidents
and actual experiences of people to teach all of us, then we should stay on the lookout for the educational value
in the events and incidents of our own lives every day.
When something happens, we should turn to God and ask Him, "what are You trying to teach me through this?"
We've got to shed the mindset that we're too small, too unimportant for God that He would even bother about
us. He does care, and nothing is too small for Him. In fact, there are oodles of things He would like to teach us
everyday, if we would only have the faith to believe that, and consequently open our spiritual senses to perceive
those lessons in life.

God is not "out there." He's right here, and He's been there all the time, endlessly giving us signs of His
Presence, of His tender love and care, which we stubbornly keep ignoring and keep explaining away - or they're
being "explained away" for us. But once we open our eyes to see those signs, all of a sudden everything begins
to make sense. Even a life that may have been in total chaos thus far, suddenly obtains meaning... and I know
what I'm talking about.

It's hard to know what to believe these days. We claim to know so much, we see so much, we hear so much, but
it all doesn't seem to make sense, even in our oh-so sophisticated world with all our technological advances.
There are some who seem to be on our side, and yet some of the things they do don't "compute," they don't
make sense. If those claiming to give purpose and meaning to our lives, fail to really do so, if they confuse us
only more by what they teach us as facts, then everything becomes meaningless, & we can't cope with life
anymore. We seek to drown out the meaninglessness of it all somehow, be it through alcohol, drugs, or some
other addiction to one of the perfectly "normal" insanities available to us today.

But there is, in fact, (of this I'm becoming more and more convinced every day) a meaning to everything. All
the numerous things we constantly take for granted as meaningless coincidences, every acquaintance, every
event, every little and however apparently trivial encounter and experience bears a meaning and a message for
us from our Creator, if we care to see it.

I was inspired to write this book by a heavenly message I received two days after viewing the old, black and
white, 1962 movie "The Miracle Worker" about the remarkable difference the discovery of meaning made in
young deaf and blind Helen Keller's life, when her teacher, Ann Sullivan, finally managed to break through to
her and convey to her the concept and fact that everything has a name: "water", "ground", "stairs", "teacher"...
Everything and everyone has a name, a word for it, the meaning of which refers to the thing or person it names,
and the mere discovery of that simple fact changed Helen Keller's life from a meaningless, animal-like
existence to a life-long adventure of learning, of facing and mastering challenges, and caused her to eventually
become a greater visionary than many of her seeing and hearing contemporaries.
Although she wasn't ever able to hear or see physically (as far as I know), she became able to see the meaning
of all things, the handwriting of God in everything, and I (among others) have been charged with the task of
making others - anyone of the countless millions of spiritually blind and deaf who might stumble across these
rantings and ravings of mine - aware of the existence of meaning, the meaning of everything, or the fact that
everything means something.

There are so many people living meaningless lives, simply oblivious to the fact that there is a meaning and a
higher purpose to their lives, and I want to do at least whatever little I can in order to make a difference and
somehow reverse that process, and even if only in a single life, it will have been worth it.

By no means is this book any attempt to explain every aspect of the meaning of life, but rather a mere attempt
to help anyone who hasn't yet done so, discover that there is in fact a meaning to life, and to give a few hints
and shoves in the directions where to find it. The details everybody has to find out for themselves through the
principal tool and grand frame of it all, which is their personal communication with God, the art of hearing and
seeing Him in everything. I'm just showing you how to open up your eyes and ears.
Of course, I'm not going to fully cover every aspect of "the meaning of everything," since the world couldn't
hold all the books that would have to be written in order to do that. But I'm just going to lightly touch on some
of the basic aspects of God's handwriting in our lives, in hopes that the one or the other reader may hit his
forehead and gasp, "Of course! It's so simple. Why didn't I see that before?"
In fact, shocked by the dull and plump way my words come across when I go over them, endlessly lacking the
perfection I'd desire, failing pitifully to convey what I originally may have intended, I must view this project
more like an ongoing study and a prolonged investigation into the purpose of life, which might possibly go on
for quite a few years... perhaps forever. All I can do is invite anyone interested to join me in my studies and
share what I discover as I go.
Maybe the one or the other may even have something helpful to contribute...

One of the reasons why I thought that perhaps some folks might appreciate this book or study, is that nobody
ever told me where to spot God in the simple truths of life, and certainly nobody in the churches did. One of the
saddest facts that in my view seem to make these simple truths a necessary reminder to a lot of us, is that they
simply don't seem to be part of the repertory of those who ought to proclaim them, and I doubt if most of those
who ought to be, are aware of them. The problem was addressed by Jesus 2000 years ago, when He said about
the religious leaders of His day, that they were blind guides of the blind.
Some of the truths of God observable in creation are simply not being perceived as such by the clergy, and
sometimes even portrayed as the opposite. Take, for instance, the physical union between a woman and a man,
considered by most honest people to be one of the most beautiful gifts this life has to offer, and yet often - and
for centuries - decried as "sin" or "sinful" by Western religious leaders, while on the other hand condoning
atrocities clearly defying God's commandments of love, like war, or racism, and even "ethnic cleansing" as
"Christian" and "the proper way" throughout history.
Religious leaders are the first to decry the world's saviors as menaces of society, and the first to accuse them to
the Pilates of all ages, while they will tell their sheep to follow whichever villain happens to be in power, just
because the Bible says in one place that we are to obey the powers that be. But there's no mention of the
repeated fact that we are to obey God rather than men! If the good things and people are called bad, and vice
versa, then who is going to tell people the truth? If the religious leaders aren't doing the job, then God is going
to raise Himself other voices, and usually, He doesn't take His pick from among the rich and famous
establishment. His favorite pick throughout the ages have been nobodies who didn't have anything to lose, so
they were free enough to spread His message and change the world.

Doubtlessly, there are those who won't have a need of this book whatsoever, because they're already familiar
with the concepts of God, and already fluent at reading His language, His "code" all around us. Maybe I can
just add a little assurance to their hearts that they are not alone, but that God is communicating with millions
everywhere. In fact, with anyone willing to listen.
I'm also convinced that the issues covered in this book have in large part been common knowledge to God-
fearing people for thousands of years, but that knowledge has become somewhat of a lost art, buried under the
debris of our modern, technology-oriented culture, where we don't learn as much from nature anymore, simply
because there isn't that much of it around in our man-made environment. And we don't make an effort to see
God in all things anymore because we are being taught that He doesn't exist. Common sense isn't all that
common anymore, nowadays, and there are a lot of confused people out there who haven't even yet begun to
grasp even the basics of what life is all about.

The advantage of keeping this book as a free e-book first of all frees me from any potential feelings of guilt for
having made you pay for a book you might consider rubbish, from any hassles with editors who might not
agree with me, enabling me to publish it right now, even if it may not be perfectly done yet, and to keep adding
new ideas and inspirations to it. Furthermore, you might find the embedded links not only helpful, but also
enriching, adding an extra dimension that a normal book couldn't, since they will take you to websites, songs,
blogs and prophecy excerpts relevant to the subject you happen to be reading on that would have not been not
made so easily available in a regular printed book. They should somehow make it more alive and give it a new
multi-media slant that is unique to online publications.
You'll be taken immediately to the source of any quoted shred of wisdom, thus giving credit where it is due.

(Heavenly input on “The Discovery of Meaning”)

The Big Lie

“My darkness has been filled with the light of intelligence,

and behold, the outer day-lit world was stumbling and groping in social blindness.”
(-- Helen Keller)

The problem with spiritually blind people is that they usually think they can see. One factor that shows,
however, how blatantly many people actually do refuse to see the facts and reality is their vehement defiance of
the observation mankind has made from the beginning. Science is supposed to be based on observations, and
yet probably the bulk of Western scientists are currently denying the existence of one of the very basic
observations ever made, replacing it with a fairy tale: the observation that never in the history of mankind has
there been any process or force known to bring forth information from matter without an intelligent author.
Our children are daily taught that all the encoded information in every living cell (plus the devices to decode
the information that are already present) was supposed to have come about by itself, contrary to the lack of any
experience or observation ever made that would confirm it.
Evolutionists claim that random chance, given billions of years would have managed to come up with any
amount of information, but that is pure assumption at best, because we haven’t observed ay tiny shred of
information come to pass without an author yet.
Even the vocal champion of atheists, “Richard Dawkins” remains silent when confronted with the challenge to
prove one example of information springing up from lifeless matter, and concludes that the probably only
possible alternative to an all-powerful Creator is that aliens planted their “seeds” on our planet, which caused
life as we know it to come forth.
However, if serious scientists dare to insinuate that indeed an intelligent Designer must have been involved in
the process of life coming forth, they lose their jobs, as Ben Stein brought out in his documentary, “Expelled! -
No Intelligence allowed!”

One of the fundamental problems with telling physically seeing and hearing people that they fail to see the
spiritual meaning of things is that they usually don't even realize that something is wrong, or that anything
should not be the way it's supposed to be. After all, as long as they successfully manage to feed, clothe and
transport the outer shell of their beings, their bodies, from A to B, then what could possibly be lacking?
As long as the universal religion of Coincidence and Accidentalism (the belief that everything originates from a
series of innumerable random events in Space gazillions of years ago) works for them and successfully enables
them to put food in their mouths and shoes on their feet, a remote control and a can of beer in their hands, what
on earth could anyone have the audacity to say should still be missing in their lives?

Nobody wants to be told that they are spiritually deaf and blind. Nobody, except those who want the truth, that
is. And those are the only ones who stand the chance of healing. Jesus made it very clear that He did not come
to save the just and righteous (or those who thought they were), since they obviously didn't need His Salvation,
just like "the healthy don't need the doctor, but the sick do," and thus He came "to call sinners to repentance."
Repentance is a word that originates in the Greek word "metanoia," which means a change of mind, a
"turnaround," a "U-turn," a radical change of one's way of thinking and perception. He illustrated this change as
something as drastic as being "born again," and that's precisely what happens when someone allows God to
touch them and reveal to them the meaning of everything. It puts the spark back into life that was there when
we were young children; the curiosity about everything, the hunger for life, until it was stilled (or should I say
"killed"?) by the cold, factual, rational explanations of everything, the Big Lie of Meaninglessness: "Nothing
whatsoever has a meaning, because we're all just results of a series of "accidents" in Space called the Big Bang,
resulting in another series of (innumerable) "coincidences" on earth called Evolution." We are nothing more
than an evolved bunch of creeping mass from primordial soup, some original slime pit from which we came,
and spiritually, some of us have never left that place.

The truth is exactly what we - in the majority of cases - don't want. We don't want to hear it. It's too "esoteric"
for the Christians, and too "Christian" for the rest of the biased world. It's too "open" for the fundamentalists
and too "narrow-minded" for the liberals or the disciples of "anything goes" philosophies. It simply doesn’t fit
into our pre-fabbed & self-construed box of our personal views on everything. The truth is, usually, just like
God (see Jn. 14:6), the totally Other.
That's why it's so easy for the Devil to sell us his lies: that we evolved out of nothing by pure coincidence; that
neither he, nor God exist, or "everybody has their own truth" - everything is relative & there are no absolutes.
No more "pearl of great price" to search for, just fabricate your own, cheap, counterfeit pearls, a dime a dozen.

It's true that circumstances influence and shape us, but they did not create us. There is such a thing as
microevolution, our adaptability and ability to "blend in" or "bend with the wind," resulting in a polar bear's
warmer fur and his skills to catch fish or seals, because that's what he needs where he lives. But it's ridiculous
to say "coincidence did it all." God wants us to learn from our circumstances & from the things that happen to
us, from the adversities we face, or He watches how we even handle affluence, ease and plenty.
About the dumbest thing we could possibly do is shrug it all off, ignoring any possibility of purpose to it all &
say, "Nah, it doesn't mean anything, 'cause we're all just monkeys of coincidence anyway." If that's what we
believe, then it becomes true for us: nothing has a meaning, life doesn't make sense, and we have basically
become that descendant of a monkey we believe to be.
When I look around me in this nation whose people were once famous for their intellect, that's what I see: a
bunch of Neanderthalers whose IQ has dwindled according to the percentage of alcohol in the beverages they're
addicted to in order to make them forget where they're coming from; 21-year-olds half as smart as they were at
the age of 10, because they were brainwashed by their teachers and televisions to believe that all they amount to
is a slightly more sophisticated ape-man on the road to nowhere.

The beginning of recognizing the meaning of everything is admittance to the fact that we have been lied to.
Massively. On a scale far beyond our imagination. According to the motto, "If you are going to tell people a lie,
make it such a big lie, that they would never assume that anyone would have the audacity to tell such a big lie,
if it weren't the truth." That has been the Devil's motto since the very beginning (adopted by many of his
spiritual heirs).
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is, in fact a Devil. If there is a God Who has an all-powerful Son Whom He
sent to earth, and if we are to believe any of the records of this event (although the other side is working hard
on undermining those records, pushing them into the category of myths and fairy-tales), then there is also a
Devil. He has been there right from the beginning, according to the Book of Genesis. He was still around
thousands of years later, as we find out in the Book of Job, causing the poor fellow a lot of (seemingly
meaningless) discomfort, trouble and pain, and he was certainly around in Jesus' day, where we find him
tempting the Son of God personally with "all the riches of the world," because, as he says, they were given into
his hands. The Bible goes on to call him "the god of this world," who appears as "an angel of light," Jesus calls
him, "the father of lies," and in the Book of Revelation we find him finally taking control over the entire planet
in human form for the last 3½ years of man's pitiful history before the true King of Earth finally returns and
puts an end to all this apparent meaninglessness to establish His everlasting Kingdom - on Earth.

If you hear people talking about "the New World Order," then you can be pretty sure that that's what they're
talking about: Satan's kingdom on earth to come, the final years of this System, the era of the results of man's
choice to believe him, rather than God.
The Devil's temptations have always sounded more appealing to most people than the truth of God, and most of
us have fallen for them. The result is what you see on the news every evening, and, no, it's not going to get any
better by itself, as much as you may wish for it, close your eyes and hope all the trouble will just go away. First
there has to be a significant change happening in the hearts of men, a willingness to see, to learn, to understand,
to hear what God, not the Devil, has to say.

It's hard to see the sense of all of it. It's very much like the movie "Signs" with Mel Gibson. I'll be talking a lot
about movies, because movies – though, of course, only a small percentage of what’s out there - can also be
part of the signs, the coded messages through which God speaks to us. Yes, God uses people to communicate
with people. Sometimes they're prophets, sometimes they're priests, but more often than not, nowadays He's
had to resort to film makers, book authors, songwriters and the likes.
If everything has a meaning, then that's because God can and will use anything. He will convey His message to
you through a mud worm, if that's what He chooses to communicate to you. Of course, you still have to be
willing and ready - and perhaps humble enough - to see what He's trying to show you.
In the movie "Signs" one sits through an apparently meaningless series of events for a good hour and a half. I
was shaking my head nearly all the way through, thinking this was certainly the silliest movie I had ever spent
money on watching, when all of a sudden, in the last 10 or 15 minutes, everything - every seemingly little event
of the previous occurrences - falls into place, makes perfect sense and turns out to have been important
preparation for that one decisive moment where all the information you received until then, (which you were
unable to process because it didn't make sense to you), is precisely what you need to defeat the Enemy in your
life and give you victory.
That's how many people's lives are. Another, much more slow-moving film which illustrates how an apparently
meaningless life can all of a sudden start making perfect sense, even if just in the last few weeks (or hours,
minutes or seconds) of it, is "Life as a House." You can make peace with God and everyone else even in the
last moments of your life, it is never too late to come to the right conclusions, and it is never too late for love. It
is never too late to say "yes" to God, "I want to see You, I want to hear what You have to say." Although it's
probably preferable to pay attention to Him a little earlier than that...

(Heavenly input on “The Big Lie”)

Lighten Up

Have you ever been at sea in a dense fog, when it seemed as if a tangible white darkness shut you in and the
great ship, tense and anxious, groped her way toward the shore with plummet and sounding-line, and you
waited with beating heart for something to happen? I was like that ship ... without compass or sounding line,
and no way of knowing how near the harbor was. "Light! Give me light!" was the wordless cry of my soul, and
the light of love shone on me in that very hour. (-- Helen Keller)

If the Lie can be compared to the darkness, then the truth, most certainly stands for light. From the moment
we're born and come into "the light of the world," the truth is evident, that the light is there, all around us, not
by coincidence, but by God's infinite care and provision for us, although despicably taken for granted by most
of us, with the exception of those who know or have known blindness.
Only having been in darkness should help us to appreciate the light as we should.
According to the Bible, light was the first thing God created, right after the heaven and the earth. Apparently
there had to be the space first, plus the object and main objective of purpose for the light: the earth. We are the
target of the light of God's truth. We are the ones He wants to shine upon and enlighten.
Apparently, the light itself is invisible. It only becomes visible by the reflection of the innumerable particles it
comes in contact with. By itself, the light is useless. God needs us. Too bad most of us don't care.
Certainly, a whole book could be written on the marvel of light itself, and there probably have been. Let's not
forget what it stands for. Jesus called Himself the Light of the World, "the True Light, which lighteth every
man that cometh into the world" (John 1:9). Apparently, there will come a time when even the blindest of the
blind, those who simply don't want to see, will come to the Light.

But there is a phenomenon every human being perceives even before we ever see the light of the world, and
even before the light was created, the heaven and the earth were awed by the sound of the powerful words that
brought it into being: "Let there be light." Even if we can't see yet, and even if we dwell in darkness, there is
still a chance that we can hear. Maybe if we refuse to see or acknowledge the Light, at least we will
acknowledge the whispers of God's voice tugging on our heart strings, assuring us that He is there, He's in
control, He's the Maker.
Just as certain as we know and perceive that we are, because we can feel the touch of our Creator and His
loving care for us from the womb, His caring, protective, original environment created for us, and we later learn
to discern and differentiate the different smells and tastes of life, like the manifold influences we are to
encounter in our lives, bitter or sweet, pleasant or sour. (See also the section on the attempt of a spiritual
interpretation of our five senses in the chapter “Brother Ass”).
The "knowledge" and perception of our existence and everything around us is determined by the manifold bits
of information we process via the receptor of our being, announcing that adventurous trip called life.

(Heavenly input on “Light”)

The Big Family

“When indeed shall we learn that we are all related one to the other,
that we are all members of one body?” (H.K.)

If you start to think about it, it’s not much of a wonder so many of us can’t help but think sometimes that
perhaps God is just a little bit nuts, or at least wonder whether there might not have been a “nicer” way to do it:
The first couple of years of our lives we’re not only desperately helpless and utterly dependent on our parents
for the intake of nutrition that is expedient for our survival, but much of that time is spent by them disposing of
and cleaning us of our own waste. That’s an embarrassing fact about basic human reality that has been steadily
going on for thousands of years (and way before “Pampers” and disposable diapers, that is).
If Evolution is a fact, so far it hasn’t cooked up anything to help us out of that misery…
Perhaps this is the greatest single metaphor in nature that describes God’s love for us: We are totally useless,
helpless, noisy and dirty creatures for those first years of our lives, and yet our parents eke out love for us
sufficient to help us make it out of that period alive and well…

God is shouting out His message of love and of the meaning of all things to us permanently, clearly visible in
His handiwork, His creation. To deny the signs of His existence is like the scene in the film "Bruce Almighty"
where Bruce cruises around in his car asking God to give him “a sign, just any old sign,” while all around him
there are signs and signals flashing of "Warning!," "Stop!" "Danger Ahead," but he never even sees them.
Life is all about seeing the signs God is flashing at us constantly and all over the place. Most of His signs and
the major chunk of His message to us is a message of His love and care for us. People are always blaming Him
for their own atrocities, they blame all the wars they fight on Him, as if He was the one slinging the guns. Or
they blame Him for natural disasters or accidents... Yet they never stop to give Him the credit for any of the
good things He permanently does for us. We're going to get into the catastrophes later, but since they're a bit
harder to understand, let's start with the simple stuff, that every child can understand.
After all, Jesus said that unless we would become like children, we would not see the Kingdom of God. The
only way to receive, to perceive, to grasp God's Kingdom, is through the simple, believing and receiving eyes
of a child.
No matter how mature, how grown-up we have become or think we are, most of us are actually a lot like
children. Children can't help but be primarily concerned about themselves. It seems to be part of the nature and
process of discovering the world and life going on around them, that they see themselves as the center of
everything, so they are primarily concerned with their own well-being. As babies, they let everybody know
when they're hungry or in pain, and as they get older, they will equally insistently let us know what they want
or if they're bored or will continuously try to suck information out of us that concerns them, like "how long is it
still going to take" until you have arrived at a certain destination when you travel somewhere, etc.
(Most) grown-ups have learned to simply take things. We know that we'll get there when we get there. We have
also learned in some ways to be considerate of those around us and their needs, because we've experienced that
the repercussions can be unpleasant when we're not.
Children are usually constantly in "consumer mode." They're interested in what you've got for them, what you
can give them, and if you've got nothing to give, you're not interesting.
Upon closer inspection of ourselves, we only differ from children in that aspect on the surface. Underneath that
thin veneer of etiquette, we are often just as selfish, or as self-oriented as they are, and true maturity has only
taken place when we have learned to truly give unselfishly, which we will cover in the chapter about
relationships, because for starters, and for (spiritual) infants, that subject is terribly boring.

The concept of family is one that God tries to drive home to us throughout His creation: of two make three. It
always takes a male and a female to create offspring, and thus, family.

When it comes to the Family of God, or what the Catholic Church has referred to as the Holy Trinity, some
people have problems trying to picture how that’s supposed to work. “How can there be three separate Entities,
and yet be One?”

Water is one example: It consists of the same, basic stuff, namely the water molecule, known as H2o (2 atoms
of helium, and 1 of oxygen), but it is know in three different forms: liquid, solid (ice) and as a gas (vapor).
In our physical world, things seem to be separated by limits, borders, conditions and circumstances, although,
when one takes a closer look, everything consists of molecules with a lot more empty space between the atoms
than the space that matter actually occupies.
Once we begin to understand that things basically aren’t all that different from each others as they seem (since
they all consist of the same basic building blocks of the universe), we can also begin to imagine a World in
which things are truly connected. We communicate with physically audible or visible (written) words, but
we’re beginning to catch glimpses of different concepts of communication, for which physical means won’t be
necessary anymore, such as telepathy.
In order to facilitate things, let’s just say that God, along with presumably the entire rest of the population of
the Spirit World, is capable of telepathy, enabling us to communicate with Him not only via audible words, but
also unspoken prayers. Of the same token we can safely assume that words are not needed for any members of
the heavenly “Royal” Family of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, to communicate with each other.
Imagining the concept of wordless communication is perhaps one step closer to understanding what it means to
be separate entities, and yet “one.”

(Heavenly input on “God’s Family”)


“Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.” (-H.K.)

So, let's start right here, at the very basics and the simple foundations of our lives. Imagine you just arrived on
planet earth as a baby. What is usually the first pleasant thing we perceive when we enter this world as human
beings (after the traumatic experience of birth, not to mention that slap on our butts)? What is the beginning of
God's message of love to us, when we are born into this world? The first source of love and comfort for
probably the vast majority of all humans in the beginning stages of their lives is doubtlessly their mother.
Things may change drastically later on in life and many events may unfold that may put huge gaps between
those primary love experiences with one's mother, but that is the beginning for most of us. We find
nourishment, shelter and warmth as newborn babies at our mother's breast.
When I was a young boy of maybe 5, I often had the sensation of a vacuum in my mouth, and I was wondering
what on earth that could mean. I was certain that by the time I had figured that mystery out, I was going to have
discovered the essentials of life. Years later I actually stumbled across the solving of this mystery in a
publication by David Brandt Berg, the spiritual teacher and founder of what I would call the radical Christian
movement "The Family Intl." (also previously known as "The Children of God") entitled "Faith." The pamphlet
had on its cover the picture of a baby sucking on his mother's breast, and the author went on to tell us that this
is what faith is like: faith is like the vacuum a baby creates in its mouth when it draws milk from his mother's
breast. When we draw "milk" - meaning wisdom, and the living words of God, the direction we need for life -
from our "heavenly Mother," we are being filled with His Holy Spirit and receive divine direction, guidance
and inspiration.

Unfortunately, way too many Christian stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the fact that when God created the
first two people in His image, He created them male and female. They insist that Heaven is run by three
Bachelors commandeering the angels around: God, the Father, God the Son, and God, the "Uncle" Holy Spirit.
This is precisely what I refer to as "blindness" of those who claim to see. All throughout His creation, God, as
the basis for all life, has ordained male and female to result in fruit by their union, and yet our religious leaders
want to continue telling us that God is running His Family by 3 guys only?
Thankfully, there are those who are open enough and attuned enough to the Holy Spirit to be able to perceive
the senselessness in denying the message God has written all over creation since the beginning of time. Just like
every (healthy or complete) human family consists of a mother and a father, and their union results in a child,
so it can also only be with our Heavenly Family, if, after all, we are made in Their image. We doubtlessly have
God the Father, and we have God the Son, but who's to say that the third Figure of the Holy Trinity is supposed
to be masculine as well? Wouldn't we consider it slightly strange - to say the least - if a child were raised by
two bachelors?
Couldn't the reason why the Holy Spirit is always named last when the Holy Trinity is being named, ("in the
name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost"), stem from the Jewish custom which had the son rank above
his mother or elder sisters? In the 8th chapter of the book of Proverbs we find the description of the Spirit of
Wisdom, and totally contrary to Jewish custom, we find that Spirit described with female attributes. I'm not
going to get into this any further, since it's everyone's free choice whether they want to believe in a male Trinity
or recognize that with every human family since Adam and Eve, God has given us an example of what He and
His motherly Holy Spirit are like.
Many people resent God because of His supposedly "bossy" and "macho" nature: the tough Dude Who runs
everything. How much easier it would be for many to accept Him, look up to Him, if they weren't denied the
possibility that God is not only our heavenly Father, but thankfully, our heavenly Mother, as well. That's why
there is such wonderful comfort in God's promise we find in the Psalms: "When my father and my mother
forsake me, then the Lord will lift me up." Not as an incomplete substitute family consisting of a single, male
parent, nor as a superlative version of "Three Men And A Baby," but as a full-fledged Family, consisting of
Mother, Father, older Brother, and all.

So, the first lesson in this discovery of the meaning of everything is this: Isn't it wonderful to know that we
have a heavenly Mother, as well? In their need for that spiritual mother figure, people have had to come up with
make-shift solutions, and since they weren't allowed to see the Holy Spirit as a mother figure (for whatever
reason - perhaps it was safer to have men in control of spiritual matters), they idolized Jesus' mother Mary
instead, and virtually made a goddess out of her: a supposed sinless woman who never had sex in her life (as if
sex and sin were one and the same), remaining a virgin for the rest of her life (poor Joseph!) although the Bible
clearly states that Jesus had brothers!

(Heavenly input on The Holy Spirit)


“It's wonderful to climb the liquid mountains of the sky.

Behind me and before me is God and I have no fears.” – H.K.

When it comes to the father figure, most of us seem to have a lot more problems. Until about a century ago,
children would work side by side with their parents in the fields, or at whatever the family's trade was, and
young people still knew who their parents were, both, their mother and father, and they also knew who they
were. They were a necessary part in keeping their family going, keeping it alive, they knew their worth, and
consequently they didn't have many of the current identity problems young people have to face in today's
"enlightened" society.
A father-son relationship may not have always been problem-free, but at least there was such a thing as a
One thing I have learned through my interactions and communications with the Lord is that He faces a lot of
the same problems in His role of our heavenly Father, which we face as human fathers with our children. One
problem both, our heavenly Father and earthly fathers have in common is, for instance, that children often have
totally distorted views and pictures of their fathers in their minds. Often we associate our fathers with images of
discipline and harshness, and often there is some fear attached with all that. Likewise we often think of God as
the big, stern Ogre in the sky who shakes His head and frowns at us: "No, don't do this and don't do that, and
above all: thou shalt not have fun of whatsoever kind!" - When that is the farthest thing from the truth! God
loves us and wants for us to enjoy life. He loves to enjoy our company, our communications with Him, and is
eagerly willing to respond to both in ways beyond imagination.
The problem is that both God and earthly fathers have the same handicap: the same forces that are trying to sow
disunity between humans are also feverishly at work trying to destroy and prevent any loving relationships
between humans and their heavenly Father. In other words: fathers, both earthly and heavenly are being lied
about. Of course, in the case of earthly fathers this doesn't apply if the father happens to be on "the other side."
The Devil won't go about slandering anyone who is working for his side.
But suffice it to say that a lot of the friction that exists between children and their parents and between humans
in general, is artificially and purposely generated by unseen forces at work.
Unfortunately, the gift of "seeing" does not only reveal pretty things.
This apparent "blaming the Devil for everything" view is not going to go over well with disciples of Nietzsche
and the likes, since fear of the Devil has caused them to come up with some very clever-sounding efforts to
explain him away and claim he doesn't exist. But just as you can see God's handwriting in everything, if you're
not blind, so one will unfortunately also recognize His enemy's in this world, and saying "there is no such
thing," no matter how many times, will still not turn it into a fact.

There are, of course, other reasons why there are frictions between fathers and their children, often based on
actual failure on behalf of the parent, but we'll cover this topic later on in "the other side," our dealings with
what we call bad or evil, including our mistakes.
The cool thing about God, our heavenly Father, is that He doesn't make mistakes. In this case, it's usually we
ourselves who make the mistake in assuming we're smarter than Him.

More on the parallels between our father/child relations and our relationship with Him in a later chapter, when
we’ll be ready for the role reversal and will have matured enough to become parents of our own…

(Heavenly input on God the Father)


“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.” - H.K.

After "Mom & Dad," the ones responsible for our coming into this world, probably the next striking thing that
positively impresses us most is food. We already mentioned the original nourishment a baby receives from his
mother, and while every day most of us tend to take what we eat for granted, food is a wonderful token of
God's love for us, and symbolizes and describes the meaning of something that will probably go on forever,
even after our present bodies will have been long gone.
In his epistles, the apostle Peter describes the Word of God as milk for babies, which we should desire, so that
by taking it in, we would grow. Likewise, Jesus referred to Himself as the Bread of Life and stunned His
disciples by saying that they would have no part in Him unless they would eat His body and drink His blood.
That wasn't a very reasonable thing to say to people of a culture in which cannibalism of any kind was a no-no,
and drinking blood was against their law.
Again, only a few chosen ones were able to see the actually quite obvious, yet hidden, deeper meaning in Jesus'
words; and when those who had not understood had left Him and He asked His disciples, "Do you also want to
go away?," again it was Peter who answered, "Lord, where should we go? You have words of eternal life." He
apparently got the point that what Jesus was saying was already part of that nourishment he would describe
decades later in the epistle quoted above. It was spiritual nourishment, alright, just like many things Jesus said
had to be applied in the spiritual. It was useless to apply it in the carnal. Jesus kept emphasizing that the spirit
was much more important than the flesh (John 6:63).
You can feed your body your whole life long, but if you have starved your soul in the process, than you've
missed something. Once you have set your priorities straight, though, and have put spiritual things in the place
where they belong, namely, according to God's Word (since He is a Spirit - John 4:24, see also Matthew 6:33)
first, then God is even willing to give us anything our bodies need, without having to slave away for it, just as
He continually feeds and clothes all His creatures under the sky. Would He not do the same for us?
So, the preoccupation with food describes a recurring dilemma: we often take the manifestations of God's love
and make a god out of them. Be it food, toys, TV, cars, sex... anything. We have a talent for making a god out
of anything we want or like; stubbornly refusing to give thanks to the One Who provided each of them for us in
the first place.
We get totally enrolled in caring for our bodies, the mere shells of our true selves, and our life becomes an
ongoing episode of keeping that shell operating, often oblivious to the fact that there is a part of us which, like
our bodies, also needs nourishment, and likewise oblivious to the fact that our Creator has just as abundantly
supplied food for our souls as He did for our bodies.
The evolution of the average Western diet and our eating habits is a silent but blatant testimony to the kind of
progress mankind is making generally, and just because we indulge in ever greater quantities and varieties of
delicacies doesn’t necessarily signify uphill progress.
The concept that less is sometimes more is alien to most of us, and we automatically think that just because life
or opportunity hands us all those goodies, we have to take them and stuff ourselves with them, instead of being
wise enough to say, “No, thanks,” every once in a while.
What an accurate metaphor of our spiritual appetite!
While we have achieved to create every conceivable flavor and aroma artificially to trick our taste buds into
assuming we must already be in paradise, the consequences of the counterfeit paradise we’re enjoying, and the
bitter reality is seen in Western health statistics.
As everything else in the physical world, our obesity and pampered eating habits are also illustrations of our
spiritual shape. We think we have to indulge in everything yummy life hands us, and likewise we avail
ourselves of every itching doctrine that tickles our ears, any philosophy that makes us feel good, anything that
caters to our spiritual appetites and cravings for a sweet and easy-to-consume diet, and we’d rather have an
abundant meal wrapped in plastic, à la McDonalds, than the natural foods life would hand us, along with some
of the bitter herbs that come along with it and would sometimes be much better for us.
We avoid and shun the bitter, less savory lessons from the Book of Life, try to ignore them best we can, and
focus on the lighter diet of the comedian side of life, when a well-balanced diet of all flavors life has to offer
would be best for us.
We prefer it sweet ’n’ easy. The result is the probably spiritually sickest generation of all times, that at the same
time fools itself into believing that it’s also the most advanced, most progressed and most “developed” of all.
Perhaps we sometimes have a tendency to “over-develop” things, if our development means that we have to
take all the healthy, howbeit slightly less addictive ingredients out of our diets, both spiritual and physical.
Although I have collected the lessons I have personally been able to glean not from the Book of Life, but from
the Bible elsewhere, let me just mention here the story of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, four
Israelite friend of royal blood who were carried away captive to the court of Babylon in the 6 th century before
Christ, as told in the first chapter of the Book of Daniel: They refused to eat of the food and certainly abundant
and exotic varieties they were offered, which came from the king’s table, but insisted instead to live only on
bread and water and told their superior that if they would not look healthier than all the rest of the captives at
the court (who ate the king’s food), they would also eat of it after a week, but they did, and were this allowed to
introduce their own kosher cuisine to Babylon and determine their own diet.
People shun the tough and comparatively “boring” bread and water diet of God’s Word as straight from the
Bible, because they have all these nice and easy interpretations made up for them by preachers, philosophers
and writers, but sometimes the key to get back to an all-round healthy life-style would be a back-to-the-basics
diet, both spiritual and physical. Maybe this conglomeration of relatively simple and straight-forward thoughts
and lessons will manage to whet your appetite for it.

One factor we should mention here is that just as with many other things we sometimes only begin to
appreciate when they are taken away from us, the unprecedented abundant supply of food we've been enjoying
during the past 4 decades probably cannot continue forever.

A fact many people are oblivious to is that despite our present abundance, there is still a larger amount of
people starving each day than during any other period in history.

Is this God's fault? Is He stuffing the ones and depriving the others? Or is it perhaps our own greed, the
selfishness and lack of love on which our System is built, that makes food so scarce for some and too abundant
for others, to the point of waste?

Before Ann Sullivan came into Helen Keller's life, her way of supplying nourishment for her body (according
to the movie) was by going around her family's dinner table, groping around and grabbing from each plate
whatever she could find and stuffing it in her mouth. The Discovery of the meaning of things led her to not
only acquire manners, but later also to give spiritual food and nourishment to others.

One of our purposes in life is not only to feed ourselves and care for ourselves, not even only for our own
family members, but for any needy member of our big human family. After all, we all have the same great-
(No, it was not an ape-man, his name was Adam. Probably the most perfect man who ever lived, since he was
the spitting image of God.)

That leads us to our next discovery: our brothers and sisters. (Heavenly input on Soul Food)
Take a Breath

“I believe that life is given us so that we may grow in love,

and I believe that God is in me as the sun is in the color and fragrance of a flower.” – H.K.

But before we get into this, I need to get back to something touched on in the introduction, which in "order of
appearance" of God's largely unrecognized blessings in our lives even precedes food, or contact with our
Father: oxygen. One way in which God most vividly illustrates His invisible Being, His omnipresence, and our
utmost dependence on Him, is air.
Whole books could be written on this subject alone, as I'm sure there are, not to mention the songs written on
the subject, scientific articles, etc.

One of the greatest farces of the dogma of Evolution is that its defenders would have us believe that the organ
which makes breathing possible should have "evolved" out of something more primitive. The problem with this
assumption is that just like many of our other organs and body functions, (like our liver, our eyes, our blood
circuit, etc.) our lungs would have never been in functional in any state prior to their complete form, and would
have thus been rejected by "nature" as useless.
One may be able to live on half a lung, but never on a half-developed lung, at least not in an environment in
which life is based on oxygen intake.

The other "miracle" related to air that agnostic scientists would have us believe in, is that the perfect
constitution of oxygen should have also come into being by pure coincidence. What a great god Coincidence
must be. He performed more miracles than they would ever give the God of the Bible credit for!

If you consider what oxygen can do for you, it's quite a miraculous little brew, that we so devastatingly take for
granted and apparently seek to eliminate at all costs with the pollution we let loose on the air or on our lungs in
our attempts to make more money, get us faster from A to B or give us a temporary kick by inhaling the smoke
of some burned substance. We're really some strange creatures.

(Heavenly Input On Air:)

Good Day Sunshine

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” – H. K.

Although not always perceived as such in early infancy, equally necessary for our survival, and similarly taken
for granted by some, is another "thing" God created and placed in plain view of all of us for at least a large part
of our 24 hour days, depending on the season and place we live in, is the sun. Some love it, some can't stand it,
but one thing is certain, without it, none of us would be here. How truly these same features can also be
attributed to God. Some love Him, some can't stand Him, yet without Him, none of us would be here, whether
we believe it or not.
He's the Source of love and warmth that makes everything grow, thus He's the Source of all nourishment, of all
life. So, along with water, which in the Scriptures is likened to the Word of God, and the air, which we need to
inhale like His Spirit in order to keep us alive, the sun - the big ball of fire that provides us with warmth and
light, is what keeps us - the earth - alive and producing fruit? - Some producing only little fruit, some a lot. And
when someone produces a lot of fruit, then you get brothers and sisters.

According to St. Francis of Assissi, the sun, the air and all things created were related to each other, "brothers
and sisters," since all things come from the same Father : "Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Brother Wind, Sister Air,
etc." Those who go through life with their eyes open can see the concept of the universal Family in all living
As with every facet of God's creation, one mistake that humanity has made in respect to the sun is that we
haven't been able to resist the temptation to worship creation rather than the Creator. Thus it has been the case
that from the cradle of civilization and Egypt's Pharaohs down to supposedly serious scientists of the 21st
century, there have always been folks who have mistakenly worshiped the sun, rather than its Creator. I've
heard scientists seriously proclaim that, should there ever be any such thing as a god, it would have to be the
sun, since thanks to it there is life on this planet at all.
While that is true, there are other factors without which life on earth wouldn't be possible, and the sun alone
wouldn't do.
It's that refusal to recognize anything beyond the scope of the physical, and beyond the scope of that which
eludes the scope of our personal experience (or willingness to experience it) that I'm trying to address
especially in this book.
Unfortunately, there aren't only positive aspects of the sun, as thousands of skin cancer victims have had to
experience, as well as countless inhabitants of once fertile areas that have been dried up and turned into deserts
sometimes within decades of their life-times.
As with so many other good things in creation, the sun is only to be enjoyed with moderation and within certain
limits. Otherwise it can turn out to be a ferocious adversary.
I think it's no coincidence that Lucifer, the great imitator and counterfeiter of God has chosen the sun as his
own symbol, as those who know about the true nature of masonry and other secret societies can tell from the
symbolism on such societies' flags, banners and emblems.
The sun is just a perfect example of a perfectly great creation of God that can turn into something evil when
used for purposes less than benign, or outside of the limitations of God's will and His rules He laid down for us.
Anything good can be turned into bad, if not enjoyed within moderation or when worshiped and idolized,
consumed in excess or out of obsession, be it food, sex, money, money, work, sports, or even sunshine.

Currently, in spiritual terms, most of the world is observing the phenomenon of sunlight, but without ever
recognizing the source of those rays. They realize that sunshine is what brings life and fruit and happiness, but
only a relative minority is willing to recognize the Source of that light. It's as if they're trying to chase and catch
rays of sunshine in buckets and fill their lives with it somehow, instead of turning to the infinite Source of
sunshine itself, namely God, our spiritual Sun.
The Hollywood version of love that most of us have been drilled into accepting as "that thing called love" is
unfortunately only a rather poor counterfeit of the Real Thing: it's like trying to catch bucketfuls of sunshine
instead of turning toward the God Whom the Bible calls Love (1John 4:8).
Like the sun, God's version of love is ever giving, ever caring and bringing forth life and growth, while our
comparatively pitiful human version is geared so much to our own personal desires and happiness.
The only way to really attain happiness is by allowing the Great Teacher to show us to love the way God does,
which is the role that Jesus plays. He came to teach us how to live unselfishly and pour out His life for others in
order to make them happy. Now, not many people associate being hung on a cross as the grand finale of such a
glorious life with happiness, but that's only because they are being deceived by the appearance of things.
It was no accident that Jesus was crucified, nor a terrible thing to happen because something went wrong, and
like some even have the audacity to say, the proof that Jesus failed. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Through His death, announced and prophesied in the stars since the beginning of history, Jesus reversed the
curse of death that lay upon mankind as result of our disobedience (I'm saying "ours" because none of us would
have done better than Adam and Eve), and became the ultimate Victor over all things through His sacrifice, a
glory that is yet in an altogether higher category than happiness. But if it's happiness you want, stop chasing
that sunshine by the bucketsful and just turn towards the Son, the Teacher, Who alone can show us how to
really love unselfishly.
Whatever else you may pursue in life: fame, fortune, or success in worldly terms, will only turn out to have
been a rather poor substitute of this greatest of all Causes which any human being can choose as their own.
That's the path we're all called to walk, but alas, few have chosen it.

(Heavenly Input on Sunshine:)

Bro, Sis
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” -- H. K.

Our brothers and sisters and other relatives illustrate another fact about God. Contrary to what some people
seem to think, He's not a one-Man show, nor a three-Men show plus a bunch of angels. Heaven is not a solitary
place run by three bearded Gentlemen sitting on thrones, commandeering hoards of sexless angels dressed in
white. Be honest: Who would want to go to a place like that?
The truth about Heaven is that the place is buzzin'! And not only with angels and their Royal Family governing
them, but actually - and this may come as a shock to some - also countless human spirits. Now for a three or
four year old, there's no doubt about it that Granny or Grampa, or Great-Granddad or Great-Grandma are in
Heaven. It's only when we become sophisticated and educated adults that we seem to forget the simplicity of
the way we saw things during our childhoods, and limit access to Heaven strictly to sexless beings with wings
and bearded Gentlemen.
Not my idea of Heaven. And, thankfully, not God's, either. In fact, if there's one thing God likes to illustrate
through the fact that many hands make light work, it's that He is very much in favor of teamwork. So much so,
that He will use and recruit anyone He can get ahold of.

How do you think it happens when a human who has been filled with the Holy Spirit speaks in "tongues," a
foreign language he never learned, and possibly may not even understand himself, as described in the Book of
Acts (2:1-18) in the Bible?
Many Christians are probably going to be seriously disturbed by the concept I'm going to try to convey to you
now, because there are some passages in the Old Testament which strictly forbid communication with those
who call on the spirits of the deceased. But we're not talking about that kind of communication here. I believe
that God did forbid that sort of thing because it's not always safe to do that, unless He's totally in charge and in
control of what's going on. And this is the case, when His Holy Spirit is being poured out.
David Berg taught that when a person receives the Holy Ghost, they receive a spirit helper: a holy spirit, the
spirit of a deceased saint, who will help you improve your connection with God. And if the connection with
that helper is really strong, he (or she) can also take control of your tongue and speak through you in their own
language, although you may have never learned it, and that's how we explain the phenomenon of speaking in
Now for most church people, this will be totally unacceptable. But we're not trying to reach those here who
already "see."

What this means is, that there is a much larger, heavenly Family than most people have been previously able to
envision. Heaven is by far not a lonely place, but there are millions, no billions of folks there, who are most
certainly not floating around on clouds, playing harps! They're busily interacting with us, helping God in the
construction of His Big Picture of Everything.

St. Paul (we assume) gives us a glimpse of this host of heavenly helpers all around us when he lists some of the
Old Testament saints in the 11th chapter of his epistle to the Hebrews and then refers to them in the beginning of
the 12th as a "cloud of witnesses." We are not alone. There are lots of brothers and sisters eager to help us, and
we can hear them, too, giving us clues, allowing us to avail ourselves of the lessons they have learned
throughout their life-times, and of the talents and skills they acquired and were blessed with.
Heaven is the best example of teamwork we could ever imagine.

When we look up into the sky on a starry night, we get a glimpse of this: just as the universe is filled with
billions of stars, so is the invisible dimension (and perhaps there's even more than one) filled with shining,
heavenly "bodies," the "stars" of God's show, who have by no means retired, but still fill their exact places in
God's big Puzzle, doing that which they have always loved to do: helping others (their younger brothers and
sisters) to come closer to God, and helping us to consequently do the same, too.

We comfort others with the comfort wherewith we are comforted by God, the Bible tells us, and that is the
great theme and purpose of the Comforter, God's wonderful, loving, motherly Holy Spirit: the shedding of Her
comfort on us, often using our older brothers and sisters, both in heaven and on earth, so that we can pass it on.
The main purpose of the outpouring of the Holy Ghost was to enable us, the disciples of Christ, to be
"witnesses" unto Him unto the ends of the earth, to testify of Him, to tell others about Him. "Love wasn't put in
your heart to stay; love isn't love till you give it away."

(Heavenly Input on Family:)

Brother Ass

If I regarded my life from the point of view of the pessimist, I should be undone. I should seek in vain for the
light that does not visit my eyes and the music that does not ring in my ears. I should beg night and day and
never be satisfied. I should sit apart in awful solitude, a prey to fear and despair. But since I consider it a duty
to myself and to others to be happy, I escape a misery worse than any physical deprivation. -– H. K.

St. Francis apparently recognized the concept of "The Big Family" and how everything is related (since it all
comes from the same Father), like no other, which is why he called all creations of God his brothers and sisters,
including his own body. Probably being the crowning master piece of God's earthly creation, "Brother Ass" as
Francis fraternally dubbed his flesh & blood, might deserve a little closer inspection.
After all, being made in God's image, although we know that God is a Spirit (John 4:24), leads us to assume
that the Almighty must be equipped at least with very similar features as our own, even if not exactly the same.
We do know for certain that Jesus walked this earth exactly shaped as we are, and as far as I'm concerned, if He
was okay with it, then who am I to complain?
Of course, some of us walk around in seemingly fancier models than others, and sometimes we feel as if we
received the raw end of the deal when we compare our bodies to the flawless beauties flashing at us on MTV or
billboards. Some folks feel terribly cheated because of the bodies they received, and in today's world where
everything is geared by your looks and outward appearance, it's easy to feel inferior when we're not exactly as
pretty as the latest super models or pop stars.
It takes maturity of a certain degree, not to be influenced by that game, and if nothing else, the less beautiful
among us can rejoice that we were privileged with the ability of spending our time thinking about other things
than our looks, at least occasionally.

While some people's entire lives seem to be revolving around their looks, let us find comfort in the knowledge
that God doesn't care about looks (1Samuel 16:7), and if the meaning of life consists in learning to see the way
God does, then we can trustfully assume that in the lasting World to come, folks won't judge us by our looks
anymore, either.

In the Bible, Paul talks about "the body of Christ," of which Jesus Himself is the head, and we, His church, or
"body of believers," are His limbs, His hands, His feet... it even talk about "the uncomely parts" on which we
"bestow greater honor" (1Cor.12:23), signifying that we may not all have the same purpose or function, but we
each have our own particular place of usefulness, and none can do without the other (see 1Cor.12:12-30).
Paying closer attention to our bodies and all its intricate functions can only make us marvel once again at the
skill of our Creator, and can only cause one to agree wholeheartedly with ancient King David who exclaimed
"the fool hath said in his heart, 'there is no God'" (Ps.14:1) It's quite foolish, in fact, to believe that any part of
our body's life-systems could have "evolved" out of any type of more primitive state, because they would have
been useless in any more primitive state, and thus have been rejected by "natural selection." There was never
such a thing as a half-finished kidney or liver, no premature state of our blood-circuit (except as a fetus, but
even then it was already fully designed within our DNA), our eyes, our lungs, etc., nor would any of those
organs with their functions have been able to survive without the other. Just like everywhere else in life and in
the universe, every part of our bodies also has its purpose, even the supposedly "useless" ones & "leftovers of
evolution" which some doctors might foolishly persuade you to get rid of, such as your tonsils or appendix.
"Everything belongs" certainly applies to our bodies. Some parts may strike us as more or less useful or
"comely" than others, yet we wouldn't really want to part with any of them, and when it does happen that we
must, it's a painful process for which we don't envy anyone.
Of course, if we figure we're just a product of coincidence or "mother nature," who may not have known what
she was doing in the first place, it's easy to want to tamper with the way we were made and get a new nose,
silicone implants, or whatever the plastic surgeons' supermarkets have to offer. In my opinion, it's just another
symptom of our ingratitude to God and our ceaseless notion that we "know better" than Him.

When we get sick, we notice that something's wrong with our body, some function is impaired, and I'm
personally convinced (and I know I'm not the only one) that each and every disease in existence is the result of
a spiritual cause, whether it be disobedience to God's physical health rules, or some other sin in our lives
granting the Enemy of our souls (soul = body and spirit, see Genesis 2:7) permission to make us reap the
repercussions thereof.
There are modern doctors and practitioners of alternative healing methods who have healed patients from brain
tumors and certain types of cancer by exposing the spiritual cause for the disease and instruction their patients
of how to counter the disease by adopting the appropriate spiritual attitude and behavior, along with an
appropriate diet and life-style, of course.

The fact that Jesus' ministry was in part a quite impressive healing ministry is no coincidence, either. He is the
One Who initiated the reversal of the curse brought into the world by Adam's disobedience. Jesus' obedience
that led Him to the death on the cross is the ultimate healing for every human being that ever lived. The Bible
teaches that "by His stripes we are healed" (Isa.53:5), in other words, His suffering was for the purpose of our
healing, and by His death, He healed us from death itself.

When things are wrong with our bodies, we get sick or suffer an accident that slows us down or forces us to
stop our usually feverish activity; we can probably take it as a sign and communication from our Maker. Maybe
it's His personal way of telling us, "Slow down," or He's trying to show us something we couldn't see at the rate
we were going.
Maybe it's the result of a wrong attitude we've taken on, or the chastisement for some sin of ours (Heb.12:6).

One thing we can learn from our physical build about the nature of the God in Whose image we were created is
that He is very active. Something is constantly going on with Him: The heart is pumping necessary supplies of
all kinds of stuff to the rest of the body, the lungs are getting in the oxygen, energy is constantly racing from
the brain to every little part and limb... you'd go crazy, if you were conscious of every little body function every
moment of your life: the hands grab and work and do or fidget, and one meter lower, whoa, that's were action is
really happening in order to move us forward...

If He's anything like us, it's not very likely that He spends all of eternity just sitting on His throne... Not if He's
anything like the way we were in our natural state, before we were all groomed to become passive couch

Judging by the looks of some of us, He can't be ugly, and by the looks of others, He must definitely have a
sense of humor.
Plus, He must have an incredible knack for variety... He's so much into variety, that when two people look
exactly the same, it's something very special.

The Bible calls our bodies the temple of the Holy Spirit. I imagine such a temple to be the kind of place where
we're supposed to learn all about God. And probably the most far out set of instruments He has equipped us
with in order to perceive Him via His creation is our senses...

(Heavenly Input on Body & Health:)

Come Back to Your Senses

“I can see, and that is why I can be happy, in what you call the dark, but which to me is golden.
I can see a God-made world, not a manmade world.” – H. K.

Since one of the purposes of this book is to convince the reader that nothing happens or simply is by
coincidence - that there's a purpose for and behind everything, we should have a look at our five physical
senses & ponder on the deeper spiritual significance God may have meant to convey to us through those
invaluable gifts.
I'm no doctor, so I wouldn't know for sure which of our senses we use first, while we're still in our mother's
womb: our sense of touch or our sense of hearing. But since the organ with which we experience touch (our
skin) is so much larger than our ears, let us assume that we learn how to feel, even before we know how to hear.
If we want to find spiritual counterparts to our natural senses, we could perhaps assign discernment to our sense
of smell, perception to sight, enjoyment to taste, reception to our hearing, and contact to our sense of touch (see
section further on in this chapter).
So our very first physical experience in the womb is one of establishing contact through our skin, although I
personally tend to speculate that babies are still somewhat more equipped with a sixth sense than we are as
adults, and thus a baby's entire perception is probably based much more on emotions and possibly what we call
"extra-sensory perception" than merely on the impulses received by our physical senses. But we're just dealing
with our body here, in this chapter.
Next, as far as I can guess, might be hearing - which the Bible calls the source of our faith (Romans 10:17),
providing we are hearing and receiving the right kind of input by which we can grow spiritually. Experiments
have shown that babies - even unborn babies - exposed to soothing and inspiring classical music, for instance,
actually turn out more intelligent, which may be one explanation for the apparent drastic drop in our youth's
IQs in recent decades.
By replacing what we have called music for centuries by somewhat more primitive sounds, we have reduced
the quality of the input and intellectual stimulation to which we expose our children, and the results are seen in
such phenomena as the Pisa study, which shocked Europeans about their current level of knowledge and
education. Are you people sure we're "evolving?"

Next I would assume that we acquire taste, which certainly is, similarly to our sense of smell, an instrument of
discernment and distinguishing between the pleasant and that which is less so, good or bad. Especially in our
infant years, taste is used more massively to explore the world around us, as we find out rather quickly what
things are enjoyable, and which aren't. Oddly enough, as we grow older, we seem to develop tastes for things
we never would have consumed as infants. Maybe we had more sense back then? Since our sense of taste is
probably our greatest source of enjoyment - although some would differ on that one - but speaking in a general
terms, and also for those who might not be able to derive as regular joys from their other senses, let's just stick
to this special attribute for taste right now: God certainly wants us to enjoy and taste life! "Taste and see that
the Lord is good" (Ps.34:8).

Probably before we even learn to see clearly, our sense of smell sets in, reminding us sometimes of the
imperfection of this world by the absence of perfect scents we are confronted with, although we also become
de-sensitized rather quickly in that area of our perception. We seem to put up with a lot more as we grow older,
unfortunately also in spiritual terms, as we develop greater tolerance to evil, instead of discerning what's good
and sticking to those impulses.
I'm afraid too many of us go by what's available, instead of keeping their senses in search mode for something
better, and so we quickly settle for less than the best. On the other hand, the negative experiences, tastes and
smells in life are definitely there for a purpose. The very lack of perfection we encounter makes us crave, miss
and seek the Perfect - God - at least those of us who refuse to settle for less.

Finally, our most delicate and intricate of the physical five senses, sight, by which we perceive both, the beauty
of God's creation and the ugliness that has become of it since the curse has entered our realm. We must behold
the result of our sin and then decide what we're going to about it: ignore what we see and act as if nothing
happened, or learn from it, absorb it, analyze it and try to find a way to improve things, a way to get back to the
Garden, the way we feel way deep down inside things are supposed to be. The real art consists in not allowing
our eyes to betray us, for beauty does not always equal good, and true beauty is often found beneath a surface
we might tend to find less attractive.
Our most intricate sense to develop also seems to bear the art requiring the greatest skill: learning to truly see,
not just thinking that we see, that's what life seems to be all about.

I'm sure that there are hundreds, if not thousands of lessons to learn in relation to the "meaning of everything"
just from detailed study of our bodies itself, and I would encourage anyone whose interests are inclined in that
direction to do so. Anyone wishing to become a doctor or involved in the healing ministry of any kind, should
not close their eyes by viewing our bodies as results of random mutation from ape men into a slightly more
sophisticated variety of the same, but open their eyes to the countless wonders that are there to behold in the
way we are made. Our bodies are not the result of coincidence, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of
messages from our Creator tucked away in there, which we can yet explore, if we allow ourselves to only see.

If everything in the physical realm is only an example of a spiritual reality, then our senses must have a deeper
spiritual significance, too.
Although we know from the Bible that God is a Spirit, we also know that He has made us in His image. In
other words, our appearance somewhat resembles His. Thus we can picture God as having eyes, a mouth, ears,
hands, and He probably has a nose, too. If He equipped us with some of His features, we can assume that,
although spirits may not have flesh and blood versions of our senses, yet there must be some sort of spiritual
version of them. How do you see, hear, feel, taste and smell in the spirit?

True sight is about looking through and seeing beyond that which immediately at hand. It's virtually seeing the
invisible. True sight represents what David "Dad" Brandt Berg told his children and Family to do from the very
start: "You've got to see God!" One has to keep their focus on the Lord and look past the circumstances at the
greater purpose behind them, at the goal beyond them. True sight is seeing the spiritual within and beyond the
physical, which is what this book is all about.
As Hebrews 11 puts it: it's about not settling for the things of this world and calling this place our home, but
looking for a City Whose Builder and Maker is God. We've got to keep our vision on the glorious end of the
road where everything will make sense and it will have been worth it all.

(Sound:) Hearing in the Spirit means to hear the physically inaudible. When the prophet Elijah in the Old
Testament was in the wilderness, he did not find God in an earthquake, nor in a strong wind, nor in a fire, but in
a still, small voice.
Hearing with your spiritual senses means to learn to hear that still small voice. Listen to the whispers!

I’ve always compared the gift of discernment, one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, according to St. Paul, to our
physical sense of smell. You’ve got to be able to tell right from wrong, true from false, and for that, you need to
use discernment, your spiritual sense of smell. When something “smells fishy,” then it’s usually your “sixth
sense” (probably our term for the spiritual version of our senses), warning you that something isn’t right.

(Taste:) “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” The Bible is full of implications of how we can taste God or His
Word, which King David said in the Psalms was sweeter than honey, and some prophets found out that it was
bitter to the belly. As I tried to bring up in my thoughts about our physical senses above, taste represents
enjoyment almost more than any other sense. To taste the Lord means to enjoy Him. For those who live life
without Him, life can turn out quite bitter sometimes…

(Touch:) I’ve had only few experiences that gave me a glimpse of “spiritual touch.” One of them was on a very
strong LSD trip during my hippie days as a teenager. I could feel muscles, glands and fibers in my body that I
never even knew existed, or with a much greater consciousness. I always assumed that this was a glimpse of
how we’re going to “feel” or “touch” in our resurrected bodies in heaven.
I’ve also been told, “You touch me inside. You touch my spirit.” Women are apparently a little more
susceptible to being “touched” in the spirit. In any case, I can only promise you, it’s better, much better than the
physical counterpart…

(Heavenly Input on Senses:)

Starry, Starry Night

“No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars...” – H. K.

The stars, the celestial "bodies," apart from resembling the host of heavenly helpers in the spiritual Realm of all
different kinds, strengths and levels of importance, also bear another message from God: In Psalm 19 we read:
"The heavens (the skies) declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth His handiwork. Day unto day
uttereth speech and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is
not heard. Their line is gone out throughout all the earth..."
What speech, language, knowledge or voice is he talking about?

Again, we are touching on a subject many Christians are afraid of, because the Devil also happens to use
astrology. I think one of the greatest tricks of the Devil is that he makes God's people afraid of anything that he
uses for his purpose. But just because the Devil uses them, doesn't mean that the Devil created them or that we
can't use them.
A lot of folks will be very surprised when they'll find out what and whom God uses in order to bring about His
purpose. In fact, He is using the Devil himself in order to teach mankind and the entire universe a lesson we
won't forget.

I recently bought a book written by a Christian named William D. Banks entitled "The Heavens Declare..." and
it is only one book of various similar ones, which describes how the names of the stars and the constellations in
the zodiac have told the peoples of all nations, even in the earliest cultures, the story of the Gospel, from
"Virgo," representing the virgin Mary bringing "Him that was to come" into the world, all the way through Leo,
the "Lion of the tribe of Judah," Christ, when He returns to take over the world that is rightfully His.

If, contrary to the way we have been taught in recent times, the stars and planets are not just the result of some
"accident in space" trillions of years ago, called the "Big Bang" (talking about gullible here...), but each and
everyone of them is also result of Someone's design and purpose, presumably exceeding that of just being a
little white dot in the nightly sky serving the purpose of decoration, then, perhaps, could it be that the stars have
indeed a lot more to tell us than we presently assume or give them credit for?

Of course, scientifically inclined minds will tell us that the universe in its vastness is just another proof that
creation, as described in the Bible, couldn't have possibly happened, at least not merely 6000 years ago, since
some of the stars are millions of light years away, so, how could we see their light, if earth - and the universe -
as we are told in Genesis, are that young?
But that "knowledge," or point of view is - as usual - only based on our perception from our position (planet
earth) and the assumption that things have always been the same as they are right now - for instance, that light
has always traveled at the same speed.
But what if time as we know it is not really a constant, but - as some who have wracked their minds on the
matter have suggested - changes with, say, growing distance from earth. Or what if light has not always
traveled at the same speed since its creation, but has drastically diminished its speed, since God spoke the
magic phrase that brought it into being (Gen.1:3)?
What if our assumptions are not really all there is to know yet? What if there's more, much more that we still
need to learn, making our "knowledge" look like a teaspoon full of water, compared to the ocean? What if we're
not really as smart as we think we are? What if we were just children, merely beginning to get a clue about the
true nature of the universe? And what if big, naughty Uncle Lucifer has told us a bunch of lies to lead us into
the opposite direction of where we might find true knowledge?

What if the vast and endless evening sky we stare at, isn't just a meaningless blackness with a bunch of white
dots randomly strewn throughout by Lord Coincidence during his Big Bang, but actually contains more
information than all the computers in the world could offer, but we haven't even yet begun to decipher any of it,
because we have been fooled into believing that there isn't any?

What if Someone's trying to tell us something by all this?

There is another aspect about the stars that I felt I should address, and that is the factor that the large number of
them, and the vastness of the universe that we have gotten a glimpse of since the Hubble telescope, tend to
make us feel very insignificant. We've had celebrated geniuses like Carl Sagan drive the point of our cosmic
insignificance into us for decades, destroying any notion of being "special" or privileged as citizens of our
rather tiny little planet earth.
It turns out, though, that earth - tiny as it may be - isn't quite as ordinary or common as Sagan thought it was.
Other scientists have since come up with new equations and calculations of just how likely it would be to find
other planets like ours, that meet just the same miraculous odds to bring about intelligent life as earth does, and
the figures are truly astronomical. One can get a glimpse of these findings in the excellent one hour
documentary, "The Privileged Planet," or in the book by the same name, along with tomes like "Rare Earth" or
"The Book of the Cosmos."
While the universe is vast indeed, it seems as if our Creator has a knack for tiny things, and He literally shows
off His unfathomable skill in the precision He puts into the tiniest detail. So, while we all may be awed by the
sheer size of the vast universe that surrounds us, God may secretly be getting kicks out of the fact that the tiny
spaces are where it's all really happening, as has become evident in the complexity of the smallest entity of life,
each of which has turned out to be as complex as a whole galaxy in itself: one single living cell.

While our chins drop with awe and marvel of the great macro cosmos out there, God is equally capable of
performing the same stunts on the micro cosmic level, and while scientists have been calling out to potential
co-habitants of the universe and scanning space for signs of their existence, it has turned out that the greatest
conglomeration in the known universe thus far was found in each tiny cell, not way out there.

What on earth is God trying to tell us through that?

Maybe we don't have to look all that far to find out more about our origins and how we got here... Maybe the
answer is already right down here at home. Perhaps the little old lady praying in her small chamber is closer to
the Source and foundation of the universe than all the astronomers with their giant telescopes...

Maybe God is just as much down here, if not more so, with us, than He is "out there..."

I love the idea of exploring distant galaxies, but for right now it seems we've got a lot of homework to do, and
before we're going to impress any possibly existing alien life "out there," we might have to get ground
communications on the basest level working better than what we presently come up with.

Perhaps the message our potential alien neighbors might have for us would be, "You've got to get it together,
folks! Why don't you take care of what you’ve got and appreciate what you've already been given, instead of
taking it all for granted?"

We act and treat our home planet we were put in charge of as if there were a dozen other ones just like ours to
move to once this one gets too crowded or burned out. The Bible tells a different story, though. In fact, this tiny
little "spec of dust" is going to turn out to be the head quarters of the Maker of the Universe Himself, according
to its two final chapters, and He doesn't seem to think too fondly of those who are trying their best to wreck this
place as quickly as possible. Certainly John the beloved disciple could not have had much of a clue what he
was writing about when he wrote nearly 2000 years ago, "The nations were angry, and Thy wrath is come, and
the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that Thou shouldest give reward unto Thy servants the
prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear Thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which
destroy the earth" (Revelation 11:18).
Perhaps those “destroyers” and devourers of creation are fulfillments of another metaphor God has placed in
the physical heavens, and as it seems, even at the center of our galaxy, as if to show how life and the world
itself seem to be revolving all around them: Certain brands of people are like black holes. They make resources
disappear the way a black hole soaks up matter never to be seen again, and if we look at the economy of certain
leading nations of the world, we have a perfect example of black holes right down here on earth.
And pouring more money into such holes is equally as effective as pouring matter into a black hole or pouring
fuel onto a fire.
Some folks seem to be born for the sole purpose of consumption. And, of course, in this aspect they resemble
the perfect spiritual example of a black hole, the Devil, whom the Bible calls "the Devourer" in some places
(see Malachi 3:11, 1Peter 5:8).
One of the hardest bits to swallow about Creationism and the biblical account of creation is the unbelievably
atrocious statement that God is supposed to have created the stars, including the sun, and yes, all the other
hundreds of billions of galaxies in our universe not before the earth, but 3 days later; to be precise, on Day
Not only that, but He even had the audacity to create all plant life on the preceding day, meaning that the
biblical days of creation could not have been "eons" or periods of millions of years, since it's unlikely that the
plants God had just created would have survived much longer than a day without the sun.

Not that He couldn't have done it - keep them alive somehow without it - but well, it's just very unlikely.
Besides, it says, "the evening and the morning were the first day," etc., indicating that He was talking about
your average 24 hour period, just without "sunrise and sunset" which was a bonus slapped in on Day Four.

All the evidence seems to scream at ear-bursting volume against that statement.

One looks at our galaxy and our planet’s tiny, obviously insignificant position in it and will laugh their head off
at the author of those dreadful lines in Genesis: "Dude, you didn't have a clue!"

Unfortunately for the majority of the potential readers of this attempt at a book, I have chosen to believe the
utterly unbelievable. Call it stubbornness, call it blind, religious bigotry, call it blatant defiance of all reason,
I'm guilty as charged.

I mean, it is equally unreasonable to believe that Moses parted the Red Sea, Jesus walked on water and raised
the dead, etc. But this one just about takes the cake, and anyone having the audacity to make the Genesis
account of Creation their personal worldview is perhaps justifiably considered totally bonkers in the light of all
that science claims to know today.

But remember, I am no more a writer, nor a theologian, much less a scientist, than Don Quixote was a knight,
and so I continue to see things that you may not see: the windmill giants, the noble lady in the whore, and yes,
even that elusive, invisible hand of God upholding and sustaining the earth during its first 3 solitary days of

I have no other explanation for God's audacity than this: Perhaps He was just doing to earth what He has been
doing to me and probably every other child of God by faith at one point (but usually more than one) in their
lives, or another: He just chooses to let us hang in there for a while sometimes to prove to us that He is enough.
We may have gotten used to all those other things around us that sustain us, and we sort of grow dependent on
them and start to take them and Him for granted, and then He might just withdraw those blessings for a while
to remind us that “He’s got the whole world in His hands….” And just as Jonah had to suffer in the darkness of
the belly of the whale for 3 days, and Jesus had to go down to the depths of Hades to preach to the spirits in
prison, we all have to go through our times of darkness, and it seems Ol' Mother Earth was no exception.

Some day, I'm sure, we'll all know beyond a shadow of a doubt either how totally ludicrous it was for me and
the relatively few other "crazy" creationists to believe that, or just how God did it in spite of all the
I admit that my story - or rather, the Bible's - seems to be a lot harder to believe than yours. But then you'll
never ever glimpse the graceful sparkle in the eye of my beloved at the sound of my voice calling her
"Dulcinea," where all you see is the common whore...

(Heavenly Input on Stars:)

Information Everywhere

“People do not like to think. If one thinks, one must reach conclusions. Conclusions are not always pleasant.”

Knowledge is happiness, because to have knowledge -- broad, deep knowledge –

is to know true ends from false.” – H. K.

Professor Werner Gitt is a creation scientist in Germany who has been teaching on the impossibility of the
process of Evolution - everything evolving out of nothing - for years, and although he is one of those who
would definitely have problems with accepting some of the things I speak of in this book, he is doing a great
job at teaching the world about where we really come from.
One of his strongest points in explaining why Macro-evolution, as it is being taught de facto to our kids in
school every day, couldn't have possibly happened, is that we observe the following in nature and in the world
all around us:
Each shred of information, every drawing on the wall of a cave, every phrase ever written, every phone call,
telegram, radio or TV broadcast, every bit of information ever passed on from one subject to another, has
always, without exception, had an author. No piece of information ever came about by itself, it has always had
an author, the one who initiated it, wrote it, made the phone call or spoke the words.
When Charles Darwin first came up with his theory, there was a lot he didn't know yet, that we do know today.
He figured a cell was just a bit of protein, and with the right chemicals tossed in, under the right circumstances,
it might have just come into being by itself out of the primordial soup. But after all we have learned about the
cell in the 20th century, we can only add one comment to this assumption: "No way, sir!"

It turns out that living cells are actually equipped with something we call a "genetic code," and it's actually
called a code because we are dealing here with encoded information which has to be decoded by its receptor. In
other words, we not only have the phenomenon of information in each living cell, (and remember, we have
never ever in nature been able to observe any bit of information which did not have an author from whom that
information originated), but on top of it, that information is encoded, and "coincidentally", the device to de-
code it, is also there already.
Professor Gitt can give you a whole lot more information and statistics about how many towers of books,
reaching all the way to the moon and back would have to be written in order to contain the genetic information
stored in a cell cluster the size of the head of a pin, but you'll probably get the point if I tell you, there's a whole
lotta information out there! Much more than Charley Darwin ever had the faintest clue about. In fact, the
information is not only "out there," it's - just as it happens to be God's nature - in here, right inside our own
bodies, and in every creeping thing and every blade of grass all around us, it's everywhere.

(Heavenly Input on Information:)

Communication is the Name of the Game

“Once I knew only darkness and stillness... my life was without past or future...
but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness,
and my heart leaped to the rapture of living.” – H. K.

Communication is actually already happening big time way before we every utter our first "Mama."
If we don't see and hear what's going on, then we live in a pretty dull and meaningless world where matter just
happened to come into being and somehow produced more or less intelligent beings over such a vast amount of
time that you don't care anymore what all happened in it. That's the fairy tale we've been raised on.
But if you open your eyes and ears, you see and hear God communicating with us all the time. All over His
creation He's practically shouting it out, "I've got something to tell you." But we monotonously pursue our
humdrum, ignoring His shouts, His continual broadcasts, and turn on the tube instead. Fortunately, every now
and then, He will even avail Himself of that apparatus to communicate with us, but if we're spiritually dull and
deaf, we won't hear it anyway.

Communication is a pretty powerful thing, and I will tell you why. We are told that the world came out of
nothing. But God tells us that it took just a little bit more than that. It took words. In fact, according to the
Bible, words are the building blocks of the universe. Not just any old words or anyone's words, but "the worlds
were framed by the Word of God" (Hebrews 11:3). He just said it, and it was done. Some pretty deep magic,
"Let there be light." - And there was light.

It's no wonder most people are too scared to believe in such a powerful God. "What if He gets upset with me?
He'll just utter a word and I'll be..."
Good for us, that God is Love, as the disciple who ought to know told us (1John 4:8). In other words, you've
got nothing to worry about. He'll be better to you, than you'll be to yourself!

So, if God is so wonderful, why is the world in such a mess?

The problem is that there's a war going on. To be precise, or at least in large parts, it's a war of communication.
God says one thing and then his adversary tells us another.
Guess who we believe most of the time?
And that's where the problem lies.
"This is the condemnation, that men loved darkness, rather than light" (John 3:19). We swallow the lies much
more easily than the truth.

But just because we tend to prefer darkness - or the lie, - doesn't mean we can't change that, or that it always
has to be that way. We can learn to love the light - the truth - instead. Once you've swallowed so many lies and
fell on your face accordingly so many times, you'll learn eventually, and give that oh so blinding light and that
ever piercing truth a chance.

One factor that drives home the point of just how important communication and the exchange of information
seems to be for God Himself, is that we find Jesus, His Son, described as "The Word of God." "In the
beginning was the Word (Logos), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.... All things were made
by Him... In Him was life and ... the light of men. And The Word was made flesh and lived among us..." (see
John 1:1-14).
Jesus is also called the Mediator between God and men and He said of Himself that He was the Way, the Truth
and the Life without which no one could come to the Father. Fortunately, that does not mean, that you have to
join a church, in order to ever get to know God, seeing that all too many people in the churches don't even
know Him themselves.
In fact, you're much more likely to run into Him right in the thick of life somewhere, to discover Him out in
nature, where His handwriting is much more clearly recognizable than in any old chilly and fancy building. The
Bible says, "The Most High (God) does not live in temples made with hands. For He has said, 'Heaven is My
throne and the earth is My footstool: what kind of a house do you want to build for Me?'" (Acts 7:48, 49).
God is interested in building Himself a "House" made of living stones. When Jesus says, "Seek ye first the
Kingdom of God, and all these other things (food and clothing) will be added (given) unto you," what is He
talking about? Some church? Some castle in the sky? He said, "The kingdom of God is within you." In other
words, the kingdom of God is us, it consists of people. And seeking first His Kingdom means winning others
over to His cause, the Cause of Truth. It means countering all the evil and false input of His Enemy that people
are being fed, with His good input, information that is true.
We're meant to be communicators for Him, just as Jesus came to communicate to us Who and how God really
is. He didn't come as some Big Boss lording it out over all, but as a Servant to all, healing them, feeding them,
and especially constantly feeding them information about God. He didn't fight any battles for His crown and
rightful place as King of kings, but He humbly allowed His enemies to even kill Him.
Now some folks have said that this showed that He must have failed. But that's the sort of conclusion that
carnal reasoning can lead you to, showing that indeed, "the flesh profiteth nothing." The night before He died,
Jesus prayed, "for this hour have I come into the world." In other words, the healings, the miracles, His parables
and raising folks from the dead was all good, but the real purpose of His coming was His death.

(Heavenly Input on Communication:)

Mary Had a Little Lamb
“The million little things that drop into your hands
The small opportunities each day brings
He leaves us free to use or abuse
And goes unchanging along His silent way.” – H. K.

What on earth was He trying to communicate through that? Well, basically the same thing He had been trying
to communicate for quite a while.
It was a lamb that was the accepted gift of Abel, the righteous brother, which God accepted, not the fruits of
Cain’s hard labor, signifying that the Lamb of God would be slain and sacrificed for all of us. It was the blood
of the lamb which the Israelites in Egypt were told to smear on their door posts in order for the angel of death
to "pass over" them and not kill their first born. It is the blood of the Lamb that will also save us from death.

If an all-powerful God takes on human form and chooses to play the humble role of an outcast, allowing His
enemies to kill Him, that is a very powerful message that ought to give all of us some food for thought.
When Peter pulled out his sword during His arrest, Jesus said, "Don't you know that My Father could send
legions of angels?"
This was supposed to happen. And the reason for it was love: "No greater love has any man that this that a man
lay down his life for his friends." It was the ultimate sacrifice of love.
The really great part about it is, that once having accepted this greatest of all sacrifices, His Love in us can also
enable us to do the same for others.
If we let Him.
We can choose to become instruments and vessels and communicators of His love to others, or go the normal
way, the "me first" way, the way of the apparent winner in this life...

It is said that Martin Luther had his revelation that was going to change the course of history on the toilet,
where the true meaning of Paul’s words in Ephesians 2:8, 9 struck him, and the full impact their truth were to
have on all mankind, if thus realized: “For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves. It is
the gift of God. Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

Luther was going to be God’s mouthpiece to drive home the same truth to Christendom that Paul had tried to
convey to the Early Christians centuries earlier. We can’t save ourselves by our works, it’s an act of God. Only
grace does it – the large part that is God’s, availing itself of the tiny “little strength” (see Rev.3:8) that we have,
namely our faith, which is the part that we do. We stretch out the hand that received God’s gift. We accept. We
flip the switch that turns on God’s light in the dark room of our lives.

Most Christians are only being taught one verse concerning Salvation, which is the one that says “work out
your own salvation in fear and trembling,” (Phil.2:12) which sounds like the exact opposite of what all the
other verses on Salvation say, namely that Salvation is a gift, and ours forever, never to be taken away, no
dependent on any of our works, our own righteousness, not even our faithful return to church next Sunday.
Too bad they never read on to the next verse, which again says, “For it is God Who worketh in you both to will
and do of His good pleasure.” In other words, it’s God Who does it all through us and in us in the first place,
we just need to let Him, and that’s where faith comes in, along with a good dose of yieldedness, instead of any
proud notion that we could ever do it on our own.
Salvation is by faith. That means, we don’t see the complete result immediately, and in my experience, we’re
probably never going to see it during this lifetime, or before Jesus returns, when the Promise will be fulfilled
“We shall be like Him” (perfect) – 1John 3:2.

Until then we have to work with that gift of salvation in fear and trembling in order for it to be of any use to us
in this life, because the Devil will do all he can to stop us from using our gift for the benefit of God’s Kingdom,
meaning the benefit of others.
But this never means that God will take our eternal Salvation away from us, no matter how many preachers will
– to their own damnation – continue to say so in order to assure their flocks return to the pews.

(Heavenly Input on Jesus & Salvation:)


“It is for us to pray not for tasks equal to our powers, but for powers equal to our tasks, to go forward with a
great desire forever beating at the door of our hearts as we travel toward our distant goal.” – H. K.

Another aspect about communication is that there's no better way to get what you want than by asking for it.
Again, this is something the Devil has tried to reverse by establishing his system of, "If you want something,
work for it." Jesus' plan was simpler than that: "Ask, and it shall be given you." And the best One to ask for
anything, as a matter of fact, is God.
It also helps to let your fellow humans know if you have a need that they can fill, and God will often use them
to answer your requests, but generally, prayer is a means of communication, an instrument, a weapon, that has
been highly underestimated by the large majority of people.
And this is not just something that's believed by "ignorant" Christians, but also serious scientists. Nobel Prize
winner in physiology, Dr. Alexis Carrel believed, "Prayer is the most powerful form of energy that one can
generate." What would cause a man of science to make such a statement, unless there were some fundamental
reasons to base it on?

The deeper meaning of everything, along with the answers and solutions to all our problems and questions are
hidden in plain view right in front of our noses. It just won’t occur to the majority of us to ask the One Who
loves us more than we could ever fathom, and knows us better than we could ever know ourselves, to reveal
them to us. We think it’s got to be more complicated than that. We usually don’t have the childlike faith that
permits us to accept the simplicity of the solution, that just asking daddy for help would get us a lot farther than
our own efforts to try to figure it all out.

We’ve previously compared the concept of faith to a vacuum, the kind that a baby creates in his mouth in order
to receive his nourishment. If you have problems with that concept, there are different ways to describe it:
hunger is one, as we’ve intended to cover in the chapter on Soul Food.
In terms of conversation and communication, what would probably resemble a vacuum most is a question. I’m
only beginning to become aware of the fact just how much people rely on questions in their communication.
Some people simply wait until you ask, before they will relay any information on you, and if you don’t ask,
they figure you’re not interested. Communication manuals instruct us to “ask questions.” People obviously love
to be asked questions, and so does God.
Another principle we all can relate to that would describe the vacuum of faith we need in order to seek and thus
receive answers from our Creator is problems. Problems occur in order for us to seek their solutions, and more
often than not, God would love to be involved in that problems, and help us find the solutions. That’s what
prayer is for.

Most people probably easily give up and are disappointed when they pray and "nothing happens." But there are
various factors why it may seem so. Some people actually pray without ever expecting God to answer them,
and so, "according to their faith," nothing happens. But more often than that, God may answer in different ways
than we expect. We have to respect the fact that God, very much like a father with a child, knows better what
His child needs than the child does. We may think that the thing we want is what we've just got to have, and
that of course it would be the best for us, but God may see things differently. Not because He's so cruel that He
simply won't grant us our desire, but because He sees what we can't see.
Can we really tell what would have been the better way for us?
By this I don't mean to say, though, that God doesn't answer prayer. I have often enjoyed His fulfillment of His
promise "Delight thyself in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart." However, sometimes, it
has happened, as it says elsewhere in the Psalms, that "He gave them their request and sent leanness to their

Prayer is a very sophisticated means of communication and in order for it to work properly, like any other
modern equipment or device of tele-communication, it has to be installed and adjusted properly, tuned to the
proper wavelength in order to avoid static, and we've got to be "plugged in" to the power source.

We should not forget to mention, though, that when you have been given something, be it from another person
or from God in answer to your prayers, it is always nice to say "thank you."
Some people forget about this little detail and simply don't show appreciation for what they've been given, and
then wonder why they're not receiving more.
Part of the art in life consists in showing our gratitude for the things we receive.
Just as there are laws of physics in our material realm, there are laws of the spirit, that govern the spiritual,
which are just as certain, if not more so than the physical. And one of those laws is that you have to show
gratitude in order to be receiving more from God, otherwise, the magic will eventually stop working. That's
why experienced prayer warriors and children of God first "prime the pump" with praises to God before they
start praying and bringing their petitions before Him.
Just as people like to see and hear your gratefulness and appreciation for what they've done for you, so does
God. We're made in His image, and are probably like Him in more ways than we realize.
The Bible even says that anything received from God with the giving of thanks is purified and made clean,
meaning, if you truly thank God for it from the heart, you have sanctified it, and no matter what anyone else
may say about it, it has become pure. "To the pure all things are pure."
Now, the real art of living consists not only in praising and thanking God for the obviously good things, but
even for the seemingly bad things, our problems, troubles, sicknesses and sufferings, and even the calamities
that befall us. "Prison to Praise" by Merlin Carothers is a powerful book on the secret weapon of praise, which
we would like to recommend.
There's also a story David Brandt Berg used to tell about a pious, but poor lady who one day, when she ran out
of bread, prayed for bread on her balcony. The man living above her was an atheist and overheard her prayer,
and to tease her, he dropped a loaf of bread on the lady's balcony below him. When she started praising and
thanking God for the miracle, he sneered, "Ha, it wasn't God at all, it was me, ha-ha..." But the lady kept
praising God all the more and said, "Thank You, Lord, for this bread, even if you allowed the Devil to bring it!"
You can even use and thank God for things which the Lord may use the Devil to bring into your life! Many
Christians are too afraid to use anything the Devil uses. They're afraid of astrology because the Devil uses it,
they're afraid of sex because the Devil uses it, and they're afraid of anything the Devil might use. In reality, it is
God using the Devil in order to bring about His grand Plan, not the other way around.

(Heavenly Input on Prayer:)

“Hearing is the soul of knowledge and information of a high order.
To be cut off from hearing is to be isolated indeed.” – H. K.

This brings us to another point concerning spiritual communication with our Creator, and that is, that most
people limit prayer only to what they have to say, and never wait to hear an answer or what God might have to
say. And God is a good Listener, probably the best you'll ever find.
But His dilemma is that few are ever willing to listen to Him in return.
Sometimes a problem you face could be solved in no better way than allowing God to explain to you what's
happening from His point of view. Maybe He'll show you the cause of the problem, or factors involved you
haven't been able to see yet, or He'll show you that your problem isn't a problem at all, but just one of those
trials and tests we all have to undergo sometimes to make our faith and our character stronger. Or He will
simply give you the solution and tell you what to do.
I'm not kidding. I know what I'm talking about. God is much more willing to communicate with you than you
are probably aware of. And I mean, not only through the means we've already talked about, the way He
conveys His love to you through His creation and His blessings, etc., but through actual words. Jesus is not
called the Word of God for nothing, you know.

Some Christians have determined that the last time God ever spoke to a human being was when the apostle
John finished writing the last phrase of the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible.
Nothing could be further from the truth. God is alive and kicking, and man, is He ever able and willing to talk!
He loves to communicate with us. I mean, if God is Love, what kind of love would it be, without
communication? In fact, in a later section of this book we're going to investigate what God meant to tell us by
marriage and sexual relationships.
He compares His church to His "Bride." Now, if we're His bride, what kind of a marriage would this be without
communication? Or only having the bride talk incessantly, never waiting for the Groom to answer a single

Some might argue, "But He's already laid down everything He's got to say in His Word." It's true that if you
know the Bible well, it can probably help you to find an answer to most questions you'll have in life, and that
it's a very good foundation to base your communications with God on. You probably won't hear much from
God if you haven't spent serious time on finding out what He has to say in His written Word, first.

But it is also foolish to just limit Him to that. One of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in St. Paul's first epistle
to the Corinthians, chapter 12, is the gift of prophecy. The early apostles availed themselves of this gift in order
to find out what God wanted them to do.
Now, some Christians believe that those gifts of the Spirit were only for "back then." But my personal
experiences during the past 27 years, along with countless experiences of hundreds of my brothers and sisters
in the Family International, as well as from other congregations, testify that nothing could be further from the
Our publications consist in large parts of communications from Jesus which our members have received,
modern and up-to-date instructions from our Maker for life in the 21st century, and many books could be filled
with all that He's had to say. In fact, I could fill up a few tomes with just the generally applicable gist of what I
have received from Him personally during the past few years.
But we're not trying to show off how "special" we are, at least no more special than you. We want to encourage
others to stretch out their arms of faith and receive from God what He is more than willing to give. The Bible
promises over and over again that He is more willing to communicate with us than we are to listen. He says,
"Call unto Me, and I will show you great and mighty things which thou knowest not" (Jeremiah 33:3 - "God's
phone number").

He's not kidding. He's not teasing you, offering you something He's not going to give you anyway! He really
means it. If there's any purpose in life at all, what greater purpose could there be to find out what God wants to
tell you? Providing you're interested in the purpose of life at all, and are willing to listen.
One more thought on God's communications with us is that He communicates with oodles of people daily
without them ever being aware of it. Whenever you read an inspiring book, watch an inspiring film or listen to
an inspired song, you can always bet that it was precisely that: inspired.
Inspired by whom? Well, "by their fruits ye shall know them." If the fruit is good, you can be sure that it was
inspired by the right Source. If "all things are of God" to begin with, as the Bible tells us, then we might as well
believe it and start seeing Him in all things.
It all depends on what you're looking for. As Pollyanna taught us, "If you look for the bad in people, you're
going to find it." But you can also look for the good. In people. In all things. The Devil is there, sure. But God
is greater. He's all around it, even engulfing the puny little matrix of the Devil. He's in control. He made the
whole thing. All you've gotta do is have a little faith in Him.

(Heavenly Input on Hearing from God:)

The Heart of the Matter

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched
- they must be felt with the heart.” – H. K.

Of course, communication isn't solely a cold transfer of rational facts and information, although, unfortunately,
that's mainly what it seems to have developed into. But originally, communication has always been emotional,
"from the heart, to the heart," as a proverb goes.
The baby communicates his discomfort by his cries and his well-being by his giggles. Likewise, we
communicate our anger by our shouts, our pleasure by a soft tone in our voice (or other related sounds), and, if
we are musically gifted, we let the world know how we feel by either our happy, sad or angry songs we sing, or
we "say 'I love you' in a song."
Painters portray the state of their minds in colors, and writers in their written words...
All these things, God does, too, as we witness the manifold sounds and hues of nature, or we hear or read His
words to us which He gave through His mouthpieces, the prophets, a pastor or even some bum on the street...
Mostly, they are messages of love toward us, but sometimes He has to show His displeasure in order to let us
know that we're on the wrong path. Like us, God gets angry, too, or has a sense of humor.

Or we express our emotions in dance, as in "body language."

Unfortunately, although our means of communication have become more sophisticated than ever, during the
past century, the quality of what we have to say seems to have diminished. We have perfected our means of
communication, but lost the heart of it. We rehearse and produce outwardly flawless "messages," which,
unfortunately seem to not be saying much of anything. That's because we have put too much emphasis on the
outside, our outward appearance. We would do wisely to be copycats of God, Who "sees not like man sees, for
man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart (1Samuel 16:7).

Finally, on the subject of communication, this is only the beginning. As Paul already told us nearly 2000 years
ago in his famous 13th chapter of his epistle to the Corinthians, "prophecies shall cease, the speaking in tongues
shall cease, and even our knowledge will vanish away..." We're heading for something even better than that.
There will come a time when we won't need our mouths anymore in order to communicate, nor any pen or
sophisticated technologies. The spirit will do. All you'll have to do is think it and send the thought to the one
you love... Telepathy will be the favored means of communication of the future.

(Heavenly input on “Matters of the Heart:”)

What's in a Name

“There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors,
and no slave who has not had a king among his.” – H. K.

One last related thought on the theme of communications is names.

Just as every thing has a name, and just as it was Adam's first assignment to give names to all the different
kinds of animals in the Garden of Eden, so every person has a name. God tells us in the Bible, "I have called
thee by thy name, thou art Mine."
The theme of names is found all over creation and even modern technology, and is very much related to the
subject of codes we touched on earlier. A person is being addressed by their name. We call their name and they
know we are talking to them. We dial their number on the telephone and their phone rings. We type a URL into
our browser and the website opens, etc.

There is a Name "above all names," the Bible says, and whoever "shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be
saved," also is there "no salvation in any other name."
That name is Jesus.

Strangely enough, that name used to be a very common name around the time of Jesus. It is the Hebrew name
Yashua, which we find in the old testament as Joshua, and means Savior. When we call on Jesus, we call on our
Savior, "Him that was to come," as the stars tell us.

Centuries before His birth, Jesus was announced as a baby that would be born of a virgin, in Bethlehem, and
that His name would be "Immanuel," which means "God with us."
Jesus was and is the living proof that God is with us, He's not against us, He's not out there, He's right here,
with us.
That the angel told Joseph to name the baby Jesus shows that God didn't want to make it too obvious Who that
baby was going to be. If they had called Him Immanuel, and if everybody would have know that He had been
born in Bethlehem, a lot more people would have followed Him for the wrong reasons.
Instead, God chose a common name, that of their forefather Joshua, the hero who led the children of Israel into
the Promised Land after their odyssey through the wilderness. Sounds just like what Jesus does for us.

The Bible, in fact is full of stories which we would benefit greatly to take heed to, because those things
happened for us to learn from them, but that is another subject, stories. The story God writes is the story of life,
the greatest story ever told, and it's one we can continue to learn from, probably forever.
The Picture He paints is the Big Picture, which will leave us breathless and in awe of Him, also forever. The
Song He writes is the Song of Songs, a song in the key and rhythm of life and nobody can beat Him at it.

In Revelation 3:12 Jesus tells us that He will write His "new name" upon those who overcome, implying that
He once had an old name.
The apostle John, who also wrote the Book of Revelation, gives us a clue as to what that old name was, in the
8th chapter of his gospel, where Jesus says, "Before Abraham was, I am." This is not a typo or grammatical
error, but He said it on purpose to reveal that He was the "great I Am" of the Old Testament, Jehovah, Yahweh,
Jah, or however you like to pronounce it, the God Who spoke to Moses out of the burning bush telling him to
tell the captive Israelites in Egypt that "I am" or "I am that I am" had sent him to them.

Before Jesus came to earth, He was the "I am," as if to say, I am Here and you are there, I am God, and you are
humans. But when He came to earth, He became "God with us," one of us, no longer apart from us, separate,
but truly with us.
That's why it says that even “the Son learned obedience through the things which He suffered."

God the Son learned a few things while He was down here on earth that would change everything for us.
Nothing was the same anymore. No longer would the God of Abraham be the God of a chosen people in the
flesh, but anyone could choose to become a child of God's Family by accepting the sacrifice of the Lamb.
There is yet a greater mystery about names that we haven't yet discovered. Jesus promises His faithful in the
book of Revelation, "to him that overcometh will I give a white stone, and in that stone a new name written
which no man knoweth save he that receiveth it."
What does that mean?

When I was young, I read a book about an Arabian horse which would respond to a certain name or code word
whispered in his ear by giving the utmost of his strength. Only the horse's owner new that word, that name, and
he would only use it in situations of extreme emergency, of life and death...

I don't know what that name in the white stone will do for those who will receive it, but it will probably release
something wonderful... We'll find out someday, I assume.

(Heavenly Input on Names:)

Mistakes: (An Essential Part of) The Meaning of Life

“Be of good cheer. Do not think of today's failures, but of the success that may come tomorrow.” – H. K.

Have you ever known someone who seemed to be sheer incapable of even the remote possibility that by the
slightest chance in the universe they might possibly - eventually - perhaps prone to -- gulp! -- making a
mistake? That the sheer insinuation would spark an explosion comparable to that of the volcano island of

Our mistakes are the one thing we don't want to talk about, not even think about. They strike us as just about
the ugliest and most undesirable topic of all times. And yet I've come to learn that this common view is totally
unjustified, since making mistakes is not only one of the most normal and common things for people to do, and
an occupation or activity not worthy of such a bleak image at all, but in fact, one of the principal purposes in

Without mistakes there'd be no learning. Without learning, there's no sense in life. Thus: you make mistakes,
you learn, and thus you fulfill life's purpose and succeed. Mission accomplished. You muff it, you win.

Without mistakes and errors, there's no need to repent, nothing to admit to, nothing for which to humble
yourself and admit you were wrong and need help, no need to change.

I was going to ask someone who strikes me as a person who seems to think of themselves as not making many,
if any mistakes at all (although they would probably never even admit to themselves that they have this
attitude), “Can you tell me about one single mistake you ever made?”
But I felt it wasn’t right to just ask them this question without having answered it myself, first, and since I was
aware that I made plenty of mistakes throughout my life, I found it more difficult to answer than I thought.
Thankfully, I’ve kept a journal for the past 5 years, which represents one of the ways I personally communicate
with God. I ask or present Him with a problem, and Jesus usually answers. This may strike you as weird, but
it’s actually a very successful method of communicating with God that I learned from my faith community, and
is based on the Scriptural truth of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit referred to in 1Corinthians 12, the gift of
prophecy in particular.
Anyway, I ran a search for the word “mistake” in my journal, and from the literally hundreds of results, the
following will be the gist of a listing of mistakes I’ve made, to give you a real life example and idea what I’m
talking about, since I believe that the act of openly admitting to and talking about mistakes (in order to be able
to learn from them) is a quite foreign concept, our modern society would have to learn from scratch, should
anybody actually get interested (in learning anything from them...)
Probably one reason we hate to see our mistakes and sins, much less talk about them and bring them out into
the open, is because it exposes many ugly features of ourselves, that we’d rather keep secret.
I suppose one of the major incentives for men to commit mistakes is their lust, their sex drive, and there have
been definite mistakes I’ve made in the past, that have been influenced by that factor of male life. People
simply try to get what they want, and sometimes they’ll walk over dead bodies in order to reach their goal.

Some of the mistakes I’ve made were caused by giving heed to the opinions of others. They didn’t like one
particular person and preferred another, and because I looked up to them, I believed them until they turned out
to be dead wrong, and their opinion turned out to be nothing more than that: just another opinion.
It’s one of the mistakes most frequently made: we look to others for inspiration and in expectation to pull us up,
to get us to a higher position that the one we’re currently at, and we rely on them, only to reap disappointment,
because we have failed to look up to the only One it really pays to look up to, and who will never disappoint us
(see Hebrews 12:2).

A lot of mistakes we make are due to selfishness: we pursue something we want, and don’t care how we’ll get
it, or if we hurt others in the process. Further mistakes are made because we allowed ourselves to be deceived
by others, or even by a whole machinery of propaganda, and we swallow their propaganda, believe their
promises or portrayal of life and pursue the dream which, according to them, is not an impossible one. When
we pursue such dreams, we make the probably most common of all mistakes, which is so much ingrained in us
as the proper thing to do that we won’t even possibly recognize it as any kind of mistake: we use our own
carnal efforts to get there.
Now, for a non-believer, agnostic or atheist, or a member of a religion in which good works will pay for your
entrance to Heaven or Nirvana, using your own strength is the most natural thing to do. For a Christian,
however, or at least one who knows his Christ, that isn’t really an option, or at least not the right one, since
Jesus said, “Without Me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5).
Nothing good, that is. If we try it without Him, what will inevitably result, is a mistake.
So, when Christians pursue worldly dreams in their own energy and strength, what will usually result, is a long
line of mistakes that will eventually culminate in the awakening to the fact that we’ve been going the wrong
way, and I’m definitely speaking from my own experience here, having pursued the dream of a successful
career, only to find out that what Jesus said was true all along: If He was not from this world, and we are truly
His followers, then no more can we be truly at home in this world, much less become some kind of celebrated
“hero” or “star” in it.
So, a lot of our mistakes have to do with the wrong kind of perception, and learning from our mistakes
eventually results in the ability to discern between our ideas of success and God’s.

Some mistakes are being made simply because we don’t know any better. I’m thinking about the countless
mistakes I made in the training and raising of my children, which resulted in disappointment and disillusion. If
you’re following the dream of worldly success, and are trying to combat the constant disappointments you’re
experiencing in that effort as a sincere Christian with the consumption of alcohol or other means to numb the
pain, you’re pre-programmed to making mistakes.

The amount of mistakes we make – or I can say I made – in relation to our children is probably more immense
than can be told.
Sometimes we make the mistake of wanting to be “pals” with them, instead of their parent, and we let them get
away with anything, just so they’ll like us or we’ll have our peace.
Sometimes our laziness and unwillingness to pursue our less pleasant responsibility as parents, namely that of
applying discipline when needed will lead to a point where we will simply can’t take it any longer and explode
in a fit, which will only further convince us of what lousy parents we are and that our children would probably
be better off without us.
I’m sure that this type of reasoning has resulted in a lot of divorces and separations, because I know it has
definitely contributed to mine.

I’m also convinced that most of our mistakes are deliberately being caused, and we’re manipulated and
“tempted” into making them by spiritual forces at work “behind the scenes.” For people who don’t believe in
God or a Spirit World, this will be downright ridiculous, but for a genuine Christian, there is no doubt that there
is a Devil, and his job is to get us to doubt God and His goodness and love for us. Thus, life – for a Christian –
becomes some kind of a battle field with an invisible, but nonetheless very real enemy who tries to manipulate
and out-maneuver us, and getting to recognize and expose his devices and deceptions is half the victory, and in
many ways, that’s what this chapter is supposed to be all about.

I’m not saying you can blame it all on the Devil. It’s our own fault if we fall for his temptations. But kidding
ourselves into believing that all we’re up against in this world is the sin and evil in our own hearts is going to
bear the price of a hard awakening for some, I’m afraid.

One milestone in helping us to overcome the mental hurdle that facing and confronting our mistakes presents to
us, is the realization that mistakes aren’t anything to be ashamed of. The Bible says that we all have sinned
(Romans 3:23), and thus, nobody’s perfect. And once you realize how it’s actually your mistakes that make you
learn things from life, and that make you better for it, more humble, more loving and more understanding of
others, you begin to realize that our mistakes are actually an essential part of the meaning and purpose of life.
Dealing with our sins and mistakes should come as naturally to us as brushing out teeth or taking a shower. Yet
some of us seem to have the same problems with spiritual baths or showers as we used to have with real
showers when we were 3 years old.

Why? Mostly because we are afraid. The aspect of being confronted with our own darkness is scary. We’re all
born optimists when it comes to preferring to see the positive side of ourselves. What many people don’t realize
is that fear, along with some of the other evils mentioned, that are the driving force behind our mistakes, is also
a sin, and an obstacle that needs to be overcome. And the best cure for fear is faith. Once you know and have
learned that God is truly in control, loves you unconditionally and will turn anything that happens to you into
good (see Romans 8:28), you’ll begin to realize that there is actually nothing to be afraid of.

Some of the mistakes I made in life were caused by fear. I was – and still am – part of an international
missionary movement which used to suffer severe persecution in some countries throughout the 1990s, with
children being taken away from their parents after traumatic police raids, and I was determined to not to allow
that to happen to me and my kids. I refused to let anyone separate me from my children, and yet, as a result of
taking my fate – and theirs – into my own hands and pursuing a “normal” life with my children attending
public schools, I only harvested separation from them the “usual,” slow and perhaps less shocking way.
I doubt, though, that the gap would have been as deep, as it presently is, if I had trusted God for the outcome,
instead of trying to save myself.

Another very common mistake I’ve made in my life was using what others did as an excuse to do it myself. If
others weren’t as serious about their life as Christians, I figured, well, then I wouldn’t have to be, either. We
call it compromising our standard, or lowering our standard to theirs.
The same thing also happens the other way around, in the form of envy, competition, or negative comparing:
we see what others have and think we also need to have it, whether we can afford it or not.
Both ways, if you learn the lesson from these painful experiences, it will serve as a reminder to keep your
spiritual eyes on God, and not on others. This is probably a concept not many Christians can relate to, because
they go much more by what they see brother so and so do in church, than by the meager portions of God’s
Word they are being fed by their preacher. Besides, one remembers much better what they see than what they
hear. That is why we’ve got to learn to see God in our lives.
But the first place to look is to “see” what God’s Word has to say to you, personally, opening up your Bible for
yourself (preferably to the New Testament if you’re new at this, particularly the 4 Gospels), and find out what
Jesus’ views on things were. The Bible promises He’s the Same yesterday, today and forever, so you can
assume that His opinion on general issues hasn’t changed in the past 2000 years, and once you’re familiar with
His views and Words – and not just your preacher’s interpretations of them – you begin to recognize His mind
in relation to situations around you. In the Beginning was the Word.
Read it, and you’ll begin to hear it! Hear it, and you’ll begin to see Him!

One very common mistake I’ve also been guilty of is the assumption that we already did everything it takes:
We already made all the right choices, we took all the necessary steps, we did what we thought was required of
us, but we’re still not happy, and so we figure, well, it must be God’s mistake then. When all the while we
don’t realize that we haven’t even yet begun to do what it takes. Perhaps we heeded His call to follow Him, and
said, “Alright, Lord, I’ll follow You,” and then thought whatever we did since was automatically the right path.
We stopped sinning right there and then, and we quit making mistakes.
Again, often we go by the example of others around us, and seeing that they’re also not doing much better, we
figure, “Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, because everyone else does it the same.”
But following Him isn’t just some going through the motions, imitating what everybody else in our
congregation is doing, but it includes sitting at His feet, like Mary, listening to Him and learning of Him.
Leaving everything behind to follow God is not a once-and-for-all decision you make, guaranteeing that
whatever you’ll do from then on will automatically be right. Unless you continue leaving everything behind
every day, namely all the ballast you inevitably accumulate throughout a life-time, even as a missionary, be it
in physical belongings and those of your growing family, or simply the wrong attitudes you acquire when you
think you can do God’s job without God’s power, you’ll be making big mistakes, just like everyone else does,
and sometimes even bigger ones, because of your position as someone who is expected to know better.

Probably one of the most efficient ways of getting people to handle their mistakes is by becoming an example
of a person who doesn’t mind talking about their own mistakes and all the benefits and lessons that resulted
from them. Maybe the more I will talk about my mistakes, and the fact that it actually wasn’t so bad at all that
they happened, will ignite an interest in people to look for mistakes in their own lives that they might be able to
learn and benefit from, too… Maybe.

Another mistake commonly made that I’ve had to admit to, is that we sometimes try to please a certain kind of
people, reach a certain kind of audience, which is the brand of people we most look up to or wish most to
impress, but they’re not necessarily the kind of people God wants us to reach with the message He has sent us
to give.
A classic example of this from the Bible is when Paul decided to return to Jerusalem. After years of
successfully ministering to the Gentiles as Jesus had commanded His disciples to do (see Mark 16:15) and
establishing a church consisting of former “pagans,” instead of only Jews, that finally caught the attention of
the rest of the Early Church and led them to follow in Paul’s footsteps, Paul decided – against warnings by the
Holy Ghost – to return to Jerusalem, back to the people he had once come from, who appealed most to his his
intellect. The result is history. Paul was captured and beheaded a few years later.
The good thing that came out of his captivity were his epistles, showing that God uses even our mistakes to
bring about a greater good.

The temptation many Christians have to face, is that of wanting to “reach” fellow Christians and “preach” to
them that have heard the message oodles of times over and over again, instead of fulfilling the Lord’s
commission to go into all the world and preach His good news to every creature, not just our own kind…

One mistake we frequently make is to judge others more vehemently for their mistakes than we would judge
ourselves for the same mistake. It’s easier to forgive ourselves, or forget or overlook altogether whatever wrong
we have done, than it is to overlook that same blunder in others. That’s probably why Jesus put the phrase,
“And forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us” right there into the only prayer He ever taught
us to pray, right before the line, “And give us this day our daily bread.” Forgiving others ought to be just as
important to us, and have the same priority on our schedule as breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Probably if we’d remember our own faults and mistakes more, along with all the wonderful lessons we learned
out of them, it would also be a lot easier for us to forgive others on a constant daily basis.

Another most commonly made mistake along the line of judging others is that we judge from our own position
without putting ourselves in their shoes. According to our personal experiences and the circumstances we’ve
come to know, the other party is supposed to behave in such and such a manner, and if they don’t, well, that’s
their fault. They’re to blame. But it usually takes digging a little deeper in order to find out what circumstances
– totally different from the ones we experienced – may have caused them to act the way they did or do, and we
can be thankful that God isn’t guilty of our same mistake of making snap judgments based on surface
observations, but He will always judge every situation taking the full spectrum of everyone’s circumstances and
background into full account.
We also make the mistake of overestimating ourselves and simultaneously underestimating our Enemy. If most
people were aware of the extent to which the Devil tries to interfere with their lives, they’d probably be a lot
more guard against him, instead of being so easily fooled by him and won over to his side. The greatest mistake
anyone can ever make that I can think of is to kid oneself into believing that they’ve got everything figured out.
“He that thinketh he standeth, let him take heed lest he fall.”

With all the lessons we learn – or are supposed to learn – from our numerous mistakes, one of the reasons why
we often keep repeating the same mistakes or making similar ones is that we don’t remember the previous
lessons. We’re too occupied looking forward to the next pleasure that’s to be had, or the next temporal goal we
have set before us, or even just trying to survive in the treadmill. We think we’re the big accomplishers and
we’re here to do something. The concept that we’re supposed to learn something in this school of life strikes us
as rather strange and something alien, so we don’t give retaining the lessons gleaned from our failures the
importance that would ensure the progress necessary to avoid falling into the same trap again next time.

Another failure that leads us to miss important lessons in life is the belief in coincidence. While probably the
majority of the Western population ascribes the existence of the entire universe to coincidence, for a child of
God it is definitely a mistake to ascribe anything to coincidence, because things don’t just happen by
themselves. There is a cause for everything, and the assumption that things can just result by random chance,
without a definite cause will turn out to be the greatest hoax mankind ever fell for, I’m sure.
So, if something happens to us, we ought to ask ourselves why. We should investigate what caused it, and if we
can’t figure it out by ourselves, then we should ask the One Who knows everything. You say you don’t have
time for that? Well, that’s the single biggest mistake you’ll ever make.

One of the greatest temptations for sincere Christians is to pay more attention to the gift than to the Giver. We
get so busy with the fruit of our work and the blessings we’re given, that we sometimes fail to pay the attention
that is due to the One Who gave the blessing and caused us to bear fruit in the first place.

Another blunder we frequently commit is that of going by yesterday’s instructions and failing to get new ones
for today. As long as a certain modus operandi works for us, we figure what was good yesterday should do for
today, but that isn’t always necessarily so, or it may work for others, but won’t for you, or vice versa.
What’s important is to stay “in tune” with the Lord and check back with Him frequently whether we’re still on
the right track, and never take anything for granted. If His greatest commandment is to love Him and others,
that commandment also includes communication, right? Where would any relationship be without
communication? So, in other words, one rule to go by in order to making grave mistakes is, “Thou shalt
communicate!” We can’t just go by what was said yesterday, because today may bring an entirely different cup
of tea, requiring different standards and measures, so, it pays to find out what’s up to date & thus,

Parents sometimes make the mistake of giving their kids something that they like or want too quickly, but it
often spoils them & the amount of appreciation & gratitude they could have developed otherwise. And
sometimes we even tend to do the same with adults. We try so hard to please and be friends with everybody
that it might come to a point where we regret having made it that easy on them. Sometimes it pays to wait and
evaluate the situation first, and then see if it’s really the right time to spoil them or let them have the goodies.

Another grave mistake believers make - and I’ve been particularly guilty of that one in my past, is to place our
bet on this present life in various aspects. One of those is the aspiration and endeavor to find the kind of
Hollywood type of romance that so many of us would like to believe to be really feasible in this life, only to
wind up disappointed by the actual human qualities of our earthly partners. If we allow ourselves to put on the
kind of “reality” that’s being sold to us by the mass media, then we’re in for one terrible disappointment. I
wouldn’t be surprised if the major factor responsible for current divorce statistics has a name we all love:
It’s not that perfect love doesn’t exist. But we usually look for it in the wrong places, namely in imperfect
people, like us. The perfect relationship is only achieved by becoming skilled at the art of loving, and that
entails the ability to forgive and handle countless flaws in others, and I doubt whether such a relationship is
even possible for the average mortal without the supernatural help and assistance from God.
Since we receive His assistance in all kinds of aspects, which we take for granted (for instance, try to
artificially create the amount of oxygen necessary for one breath, and you’ll know what I mean), I wouldn’t be
surprised if many of us will find out at the end of their journey, just how much help they received from above
without ever even noticing it.

Once we learn that we have a spiritual enemy who is very interested in us muffing it somehow, we begin to get
to see some of the schemes he uses in order to accomplish that, and we also begin to discern between true
success, and our own initial erroneous concept of such. One of our biggest mistake upon succeeding is to think
that we have arrived, and we reached our goal and got as far as we wanted to go, because that is the moment
we’ll spiritually die and fall asleep, and unless we wake up, sink into oblivion, never to be heard of again, as far
as ears that matter goes, anyway.
The only proper way to handle success is the way Kipling described, to treat those imposters, success and
failure just the same, “then you’ll be a man, my son.”

Being what the world would consider a “loser” has its advantages. For one thing, you learn to avoid repeating
the probably most common mistake made by mankind of trying to save or fix ourselves without help from
above. The “Do-It-Yourself” mode has been ingrained into those of us of the “winner” or “accomplisher”
category to the extent that whenever they’re in deep trouble, they will bitterly try to save themselves out of their
trouble or fix the situation by whichever human means possible (unfortunately also often resorting to cheating
in the process), that it never occurs to most to avail themselves of the greatest source of strength in existence,
namely the Father’s help. “Prayer” is a word that doesn’t come natural to those “naturals” and they’d rather rely
on the strength of their own arm.
Some can continue that game until the bitter end, and the day they face the last enemy whom they could never
lick in their own strength, others – not cut out for such heroism – surrender quicker to the idea that maybe
they’d be better off if they’d ask for help. Thankfully, I found myself belonging to the second category, and life
has been much less of a struggle ever since.

Another big blunder success-junkies (which nearly all of us are, initially) make is that of underestimating the
little things, including the little people. In our quest for BIG and ever BIGGER things, we become virtually
blind to the small hidden corners where life’s true beauty really lies, and losers become winners and vice versa,
big time, as they miss out on the sweetest mysteries of life and the thrills hidden in the little things you only get
to enjoy by taking the time for them and refusing to become too distracted by the BIG, and seemingly all-
important things.
This can also include underestimating the significance of “little mistakes” we made, which God may not
consider so “little,” and some of the adverse circumstances we encounter in life may well be due to some “little
sin” we’re letting ourselves get away with, that God is trying to deal with in our lives. If He’s numbered the
very hairs on your head and He knows about every sparrow that falls (which is remarkable, since I haven’t ever
seen one fall during my 45 years on this planet), and if you consider that there’s more information stored in
every single living cell than in the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, then you can rest assured that nothing is too
unimportant for God.

We’re all different, and subject to different kinds of weaknesses we have to overcome. One of the weaknesses
I’m personally prone to is the need to avoid confrontation. In order to have my peace and avoid unpleasant
confrontations with people around me, I go to any length, and have even used dishonesty as a tool to provide
for myself the peace I longed for.
The problem is, such “solutions” are only temporal, and will only result in bigger problems later. Maybe you
can relate to this: somebody asks you what’s on your mind, or if something’s troubling you, and you answer,
“No, everything’s fine.” Even if maybe it isn’t exactly so. Well, that’s a mistake. “Everything’s fine” will just
keep seething under the surface and it won’t become any “finer” by itself, without getting it out in the open and
communicating about it, but will only result in one fine mess to deal with when the pressure becomes too much
and you finally explode…
Honesty’s the best policy for avoiding that sort of mistake.
Closing our eyes to the problem and hoping the monster will go away usually won’t do. The monster will only
go away if you will challenge it, confront it & openly have it out & expose it.

Another big mistake strong believers are prone to is assuming that their views are identical with God’s, that His
opinions equal our own, and we thus become the very oracles of God. We open our mouth, and what comes out
is, “Thus saith the Lord.”
Unfortunately for us, and fortunately for our victims, God requires a lot more humility from His vessels and
messengers than that, and He might allow all sorts of public humiliations to happen to us to wake us up from
our delusion and get us off that lofty pedestal. (Of course, I’m only speaking purely hypothetically, and any
similarities to actual persons and events, especially myself, would be purely coincidental… ha! – Just kidding.)

We need to remember to distinguish that while we may be divinely inspired at times, that this doesn’t mean
“divinely inspired equals us, period.” Divine inspiration has never been a permanent state in any human being
I’ve observed walking this earth, so the best we can do is to remember that and just do our best to be or stay
inspired for as long as possible by His grace. But once the “magic” is gone, to have to humble ability to
recognize that fact and leave the podium to the next candidate for God’s anointing.

The natural trust we lack when it comes to God, we often replace with all the more trust in a force at least
equally as mysterious and invisible, as we – that is, the more passively inclined brand of humans to which I
belong – leave a whole lot of things up to “destiny,” “fate,“ or pure chance. Having been brainwashed into
believing that the entire universe came about by that process leaves its marks even decades after conversion
from such folly, and we sort of automatically and subconsciously figure if chance did such a great job on the
universe, our lives will probably be safely in its hands, too.
Big mistake. Just as the evolutionary theory defies the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, you can also bet your hat
that leaving things like your life and matters revolving around it up to pure chance won’t just automatically
improve anything. Things left to themselves will unfailingly deteriorate, not improve, and that’s precisely what
will happen to your life if you decide to just let it passively float by without you interfering much, and sort of
assume the role of a spectator, rather than that of an active participant.

One mistake I personally made, which I don’t know if anyone else had the audacity to, was to let myself be
tempted to believe that God was maybe a little superficial. Again, I went by what I saw, and judging spiritual
things by the standards of physical things and people around me, and I began to worry if God was maybe like
the superficial mob around me.
Thankfully He provided me with sufficient evidence that my assumption was rather atrocious. It’s not God’s
fault that people are turning out the way they are, and it’s certainly no reference to His own nature by any
means. If anything at all, I’ve since come to realize that God is the totally Other, just about the extreme
opposite of our own sinful, selfish, narrow-minded and superficial ways. Although we’re created in His image,
I’m afraid that since the Fall of Man we have veered a long ways from that similarity, a process that can only
be reversed by truly getting to know Him and absorbing and assimilating His true nature, which is as easy to
accomplish as the asking for it. In fact, God is already standing at our door, waiting for us to open up and
become acquainted with Him, and all we have to do is let Him in (see Revelations 3:20).

The list of blunders and mistakes I’ve committed in my life wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the
temptation to pat myself on the back for things I’ve accomplished, instead of giving honor to Whom it is due.
In that aspect, we’re very much like little children, infinitely proud of ourselves when we accomplish the tiniest
little effort, and so is the Father. But if we get too cocky about it, and develop an attitude of “We can make it
without Him,” then before long we’ll fall flat on our faces, and one way to avoid those falls is to give Him the
credit from scratch. Like this we won’t run into the danger of thinking it’s us, or adoring ourselves and how
great we are, and thus won’t warrant for something to happen to set us back on our heels.

Finally, one of the most common mistakes humans make is to assume that God makes mistakes or that He must
have made a mistake in allowing this or that to happen, or in the way he made us or this or that or the other
person. First of all, He’s not entirely responsible for the way we turn out, as each of us are only the sum total of
our choices, give and take a few attributes handed us at the onset of this game called life, and some of the spicy
circumstances added by others.
While it may remain arguable whether it’s a mistake to trust God for the final outcome of things until we get
there and see the Big Picture when it’s done, it is definitely my personal recommendation that it pays to trust
Him, even if you can’t possibly figure out where He’s heading.

And there are oodles of more mistakes we make every day: We underestimate God’s importance, we doubt the
veracity of His Word, we think it’s okay to kill people in other countries just because our preacher may say it’s

(Heavenly Input on “Mistakes”:)

Puters R Us

“Unless we can help the world where we are, we could not help it if we were somewhere else.” – H. K.

Computers are a great way of explaining the process of communication that's happening between us and the
Powers that be "behind the curtain," God or the Devil.
In school we were taught that every computer program is based on a system of 1s and 0s. It's like those
questions we can only answer with either a "yes" or a "no."
And that's precisely what's happening with us and God. We either say "yes" to Him, or "no." If we say "no" to
Him, we say "yes" to the other side, and if we give the wrong answers repeatedly, our system is eventually
bound to malfunction and crash.
There's a lot of malware out there, a lot of "malicious code," which the Bible describes as weed seeds that an
enemy has come to sow into the Master's harvest. Often you won't know which is wheat and which is weed
until they're both fully grown.
And that's precisely what's happening in the world around us. You wonder, "Why does God allow all this crap
to happen?" Well, He's still waiting to see if perhaps that thing looking like weed might turn out to be wheat
after all. And if not, it will serve as a good lesson for anyone who was ever tempted by weed seeds when He'll
chop the darn thing down.
It will happen, you know? It's just a matter of time. Which is another subject we may get around to later?

Of course, computers are only one of numerous inventions that God has allowed man to make in order to
illustrate spiritual truths, if we’re interested in seeing them. Most people will probably consider it ridiculous to
want to give God the credit for everything, especially man’s “own” inventions, but I’d consider it ridiculous not
Take our modern means of transportation, for example: God is even willing to bargain for a lot of pollution in
exchange for driving home some vital lessons to us. Even though I personally am convinced that there won’t be
any such pollution-makers around in His Kingdom on earth anymore, He obviously allows them for the time
being for multiple purposes. They aid His people in getting their job for Him done, just as much as they’re also
being used for evil. He makes His sun to shine of the evil and good.
Modern means of transportation illustrate a spiritual truth that we can get to places by different means, and we
can make progress in “getting there.” We can either walk through life, or we can accelerate our journey by
riding a bike instead, or hey, how about a motor-bike? Or take some folks with you can take a car, or a bus, or –
hey, if you really want to go places fast, you can take a plane. The problem with some folks is that they stick to
their usual means of getting through life, their old opinions, attitudes and world views, and they refuse to
exchange them for updates, for more efficient, more effective and more modern ones. It’s true that some of
those modern versions of getting about aren’t always the safest. But then again, time is short, and the Bible
cautions us to redeem it, to make the most of it, so, if I have the choice between riding my bike or rowing a
boat to Honolulu, and taking a plane, I think I’ll take the faster and more comfortable option.

You can derive lessons out of practically everything if you keep your spiritual eyes and ears open: blenders,
telephones, radios, even televisions… light bulbs, mirrors, concrete, perhaps even Styrofoam… (I’m just wildly
writing down anything to comes to my mind right now). I guess you get the point.
The concept of computers and computer programs can help illustrate certain things about God that previously
were practically unfathomable. For example, according to the Bible, there have been major changes in creation
since its beginning. We are told that before the flood both man and animals were herbivorous, in other words,
vegetarians - an unthinkable statement for any evolutionist, who pictures earth's history as a savage dog-eat-dog
tale of the survival of the fittest where only the most skilled of killers managed to stay alive.
Then we're told in the Bible that some of those changes are going to be reversed again in God's future Kingdom
on earth, where "there shall be no more curse," and the original settings will be restored, so to speak.

If we imagine all of creation as some sort of virtual reality computer program, like the "Matrix," only in this
case construed by a truly benevolent "Architect," then we can picture how those - for us - unthinkable changes
that are supposed to have taken place in the genetic coding of both man and animals, merely required a few
"changes in the Matrix," done by the Architect or Great Programmer, and how it should be a relatively easy
thing for an all-powerful and all-knowing Being to once again restore the original setting of His Operating

Since we have allowed the virus of sin to enter our System of creation, it has been wreaking havoc, and is bent
on causing our Machine to crash. The problem is that a lot of folks either don't realize what's happening, or
actually like what the virus is doing to them, so the Master Programmer - due to the integrated feature of free
choice He built into our system - has to wait until the System truly crashes until He will intervene and
"reformat," otherwise, you can imagine, there would be no end to the whining of those who think the virus

While for some it is obvious that something is wrong, and they send constant communications to the
Administrator to run the Anti-Virus program already and "deliver us from evil," the effect of the virus has
caused the efficiency and information storage capacity of others to malfunction to the extent that they won't
really believe that they need any help until it's too late.
Some of us are going to have to "sweat it out" for the sake of our weaker or slower brethren, so to speak.

By either choosing our loyalty for the Architect or the usurper virus in yes/no, I/0 manner, we determine
whether we're going to remain as components of the future system, or whether we're going to have to be sent to
the shop for a major clean-up and overhaul.

I believe in the Architect's perfection of skill to the extent that He won't have lost any data in the end, but only
gained something out of the process. Others are slightly more pessimistic and want to see him burn up the
faulty components forever and ever. I guess we'll just have to stand back at some point and watch Him do, and
in the meantime leave the rest up to our imagination or limited ability to fathom the capacity of a God Who
describes Himself as Love, to forgive.

I’ve even come to compare Heaven to the Internet recently, or rather, the Spirit World, since both good and bad
things are available from it.
But if you need something, a certain tool or some input or information to make your day easier, you type in
your search, and usually, often to your surprise, you’ll find it.
This reminds Me of when Jesus said, “If ye, being evil know how to give good things to your children, how
much more will the Heavenly Father give good things to those who’ll ask Him!”
If we can even find things and blessing a-plenty on the Internet (along with plenty of things that aren’t good for
us, of course, so it pays to discern, just as one must discern the voices of spirits), put there by benevolent people
who simply like to share, then we can also assume that this is also just a mere shadow of God’s awesome
generosity and the general spirit of Heaven.
I don’t think there will be any stingy folks in Heaven. They may have been on earth, but once you get There,
it’s over. Shareware and freeware will be the only sort of “wares” available, and every citizen of New
Jerusalem finally lives by Jesus’ advice that so many of His earthly followers so regrettably ignore all for the
sake of a few bucks: “Freely ye have received, also freely give.”
I’ve also recently spun some thoughts on a possible connection between the 1s and 0s system computer are
based on and the sub-molecular make-up of the universe according to String-theory, which one can find on my

(Heavenly Input on the ‘Computers R Us’ Metaphor:)

What’s Up?

“Knowledge is love and light and vision.” – H. K.

The fact that Jesus used parables a lot in His teachings should already teach us something. David Berg taught
that all of Jesus' parables had to be actual events (being the Son of an omniscient Father, and being the "I Am"
of old should make this quite possible), otherwise whenever He said, "it came to pass..." or "it happened," it
would not have been true. If Jesus' parables are based on actual events, and He used those events and incidents
and actual experiences of people to teach all of us, then we should stay on the lookout for the educational value
in the events and incidents that occur in own lives every day.
When something happens, we should turn to God and ask Him, "What are You trying to teach me through
this?" We've got to shed the mindset that we're too small, too unimportant for God that He would even bother
about us. He does care, and nothing is too small for Him. In fact, there are oodles of things He would like to
teach us everyday, if we would only have the faith to believe that, and consequently open our spiritual senses to
perceive those lessons in life.

What happens, matters. But we often don’t realize it because we’ve been conditioned to accredit everything to

Our problem is that we think we're so smart and know anything, when we haven't really got a clue.
Our sin is our presumption to claim that we can actually see, when we are totally blind to what's right in front
of our noses.
Our sin is our unbelievable pride.
We discover the miracles of life with our electronic microscopes and say, "Nah, that's nuthin'. Anybody could
have made that, in fact, it probably made itself."
We close ourselves off to true information that's all around us; messages from our Creator that constantly
shout, "Look around: I'm right here!"
But we willingly choose to ignore Him. We choose to be blind. And as He said Himself, "None are so blind as
those who refuse to see."

The complexity of the structure and modus operandi of a single cell and its integrated communication system
that makes all life possible are the greatest known single source of information and intelligence in the known
universe, but we just assume, "Aw, that's just a little blob of chemicals that came to life once when struck by a

I personally never saw anything drastically improve from non-life to life by being struck by a lightning, but I
guess scientists who are paid for upholding a wobbly theory like Evolution are forced to live in a different

It's our arrogance that blinds us. It’s our indifference toward our Maker that deprives us of the privilege to live
life to the full, the way it ought to have been lived. But we don't even know how to live, because we constantly
choose the path that seems right in our own eyes but turns out to be the ways of death.

We congratulate ourselves for our "progress" and technical advances, when most of what those "advances"
result in is more death, more suffering for others, ever greater pollution and the impending destruction of our
planet, because with the same indifference and contempt we treat out Maker we naturally also treat our
fellowman and our environment. The art of war is still what we're best at, and what our governments spend
most of our money on. Wow, yeah, seems like we really have learned something.

Knowing what we were going to be up to, the Bible promised 2000 years ago that "He will destroy those that
destroy the earth," when we were far from being capable of doing so.

Those smart-alecs who are so dead sure they're smarter than everybody else, including God are taking us all
along for a ride on their highway to hell, and most of us don't even notice it, and what's worse, most of us don't
seem to mind. As long as we've got our fancy gimmicks to distract us, we won't say a word, no, won't even so
much as raise an eyebrow. After all, our TVs, our Gameboys, our I-pods, our Big Macs and our BMWs are
proof enough to us that the System is working. Who the hell cares about 10.000 some people in other countries
starving each day, or a bunch of Arabs killed by our guns? They're all terrorists anyway, right? Or as one
American Abu Graib “war hero” put it on a video posted on the internet (that has since been removed) in which
he boasted to his friends of a mass rape of a 15 year old Iraqi girl by his squad, resulting in the girl’s
subsequent suicide, "Anything that wears a turban is guilty."

Yes, people, we're really enlightened. It only looks to me like most of us are going to get a big shock when God
turns on the light for real, and we get a look at the way He sees things, namely the way they really are, and not
the pitiful concoction of our imagination we currently call reality...

The problem is, we don’t want to take on the responsibility when things go wrong, nor do we want to give the
credit to Another when things go well. We ignore the signs God flashes at us through the things that befall us
each day and turn calloused or bitter against Him, or turn to foolishness, laugh it all off and get drunk or stoned;
the easy way out. No dealing with consequences. No confronting anything. No asking, “Why?” because we are
scared of the answer.

Seems like we’re all a bunch of cowards. But if we sit up and behave like adult women and men and are not too
chicken to confront the ugly truth that may lie behind things that occur to us (and believe me, nothing happens
by coincidence!), then we can learn a lot, and start avoiding our mistakes, instead of falling into the spiraling
abyss of getting ourselves into one constantly growing mess that finally winds up in hell.

There is such a thing as hell, and a lot of people are living it on this earth right now.

The question is, what can we do to bring a little more heaven to others? What can we do in order to make
Heaven happen, instead of hell? What can we make something happen that will communicate to others that
there is a God and He loves them?

We have to understand that God allows a lot of things to happen for various purposes. We often wonder why
"bad" things happen to "good" people, while the ruthless and reckless in this world seem to thrive, and we
become critical of what we perceive to be God's sense of righteousness, thinking that surely this time He must
have made a mistake that we would have avoided in His stead.
What we forget is that "the god of this world," the one who gives riches and power to whoever he pleases, "for
they are given into his hands," is the Devil, and we forget the path of suffering the Son of God Himself had
chosen for Himself, beckoning His true followers to also take up their cross. So, we're really in good company
when we suffer, and we become "partakers of His sufferings," and more like Him in this world. The choice is
whether we want to reign now and suffer a lot later, or suffer a little now and reign with Him forever...
Most of the time we don't see what His plan is for us, or where He's leading us. All we have to do is trust and
follow. If things that are happening don't make sense to us, that's quite normal, and it's alright. We just have to
keep trusting and following. Someday it will all make perfect sense.

Oh, and when I say, “we,” I’m definitely including myself. I often find myself afflicted with the same blindness
to His views and REAL-ity, so I’m not just pointing a finger at everybody else. Like Jonah I frequently find
myself inside the darkness of the belly of the whale due to my own stubbornness and insistence on running the
opposite direction God tells me. But like Jonah I also have found out time and again that it’s true, that
“Salvation is of the Lord.” When we call on Him when we don’t know what’s happening, or our own way of
seeing things has driven us against a stone wall and we need Someone to pick up and mend the pieces, He
always comes through.
People don’t believe me when I say “God talks to me.” They just figure talking isn’t included in God’s
repertoire. That He’s incapable of communicating. That’s the arrogance I’m talking about.
How can we be so presumptuous to say that the divine Author of the entire, unfathomable sum of information
that lies embedded in His creation, the One Who has brought forth the universe by means of mere utterance of
His Words, should be incapable of communicating?

“Why should He bother with someone like you?” Because He loves me. Just as He loves you, and He would
really like to surprise you pleasantly by filling you in on some essential details concerning life, if you’d just be
willing to open your ears to His voice, your eyes to His views, and your heart to His loving vibes and give Him
a chance…

(Heavenly Input on Asking God What Happened…)

Showbiz Vs. One-on-one

“Believe, when you are most unhappy, that there is something for you to do in the world.
So long as you can sweeten another's pain, life is not in vain.” – H. K.

Coming to think of it, the gist of the meaning of life lies pretty much in communication; all depending, of
course, on what it is you communicate. God has poured out His Holy Spirit with all its diversified gifts upon
believers, primarily as means of enhanced communication with Him in order to enable us to act as mediators
between Him and our fellowman.
Once we know that, it is also a matter of which method we choose. Most contemporary servants of God choose
what I call the "show business" method: the preacher stands in front of his crowd, delivers a speech, the
listeners pay their dues and return for another hour of "service" the following Sunday.

Wherever people got the idea of this supposedly being an appropriate way of living out "Christianity" or
rendering "service" to God never ceases to puzzle me, that's why I would rather call this form of "Christianity"
churchianity, since it falls under the category of what someone said, "there's nothing wrong with Christianity,
it's just that so few ever tried it."
If you look at the Bible, this is not the way Jesus worked, for example. The "sermon" on the mount, the only
recorded "sermon" of Jesus, was not really a "sermon" at all, if you carefully read the very first verse of that
supposed sermon: "And seeing the multitudes, Jesus went up into a mountain: and when He was set, His
disciples came unto Him" (Matthew 5:1).
Traditionally, this scene is pictured with Jesus sitting on a grassy slope and delivering His speech to thousands
of people. But it doesn't talk about a grassy slope here, but a mountain. Nor does it say that the multitude
followed Him up that mountain, but only His disciples did.
In other words, we don't have a "sermon" here, not the "show business" type of preaching on which the
principle of Churchianity is based, but we have a radical instruction drill of the greatest Revolutionary of all
times, given to His closest associates, those who were going to use the words delivered to them on that day to
turn the world right side up and convert the beliefs of this obscure and persecuted little "sect" into one of the
world's leading religions. - Although it's doubtful that the result thus far was what they had in mind.

The biblical purpose of "preaching" was never to entertain a crowd of regularly returning church members, who
were already believers, but all the fiery speeches given by such people as Peter or Paul in the Book of Acts
were delivered to unbelievers in order to make converts of them (and it worked!). That's the kind of preaching
Jesus meant for His disciples to do. Preaching was most certainly not meant to be geared to an ever returning
sleepy crowd who never act on what they've been told anyhow, having become "hearers of the Word only,
deceiving themselves" (James 1:22).

The kind of "sermons" we find in the Bible were either meant for the purpose of conversion, directed at people
who thus far were unbelievers, in an attempt to convert them and make believers out of them, or they were
words of instruction to new converts, on how to make more converts, and what to tell other unbelievers, in
order to make Christians out of them.

Most modern Christians find this method of communication way too stressy. Why should they risk their
reputation, their image of coolness, by trying to talk to someone about Christ who doesn't even believe in Him
yet, and who might not even want to be bothered with any religious stuff? Why, they might even get upset!
There are weird people among those unbelievers, you know? In some countries it's even against the law to do
that sort of stuff, and Jesus certainly wouldn't want us to do anything unlawful, would He?
Read the Bible! And how His true disciples were thrown in prison, beaten and told time and again to stop
preaching in Jesus' name. But all the apostles did was praise God that they had been found worthy to suffer for
Christ's sake and figured that it was much more important to obey God than man.

True communication, conveying the words that count to others, the words that bring life, in fact, eternal life to
others, requires courage and conviction. Most people are too driven by fear and pride in order to truly
communicate what matters.

You see, nobody expects you to stand in front of a big crowd and yell your head off.
But whenever your path crosses that of another, if anything has a meaning at all, then everything has a meaning,
including that encounter, and you are faced with a challenge, a golden opportunity right there, to communicate,
to deliver words that truly mean something to that person, in order to change their life for the better.
You either do it, or you don't.
Jesus said, "He that gathers not with Me, scatters abroad."
There is no in-between.
You don't need to make the other person feel awkward about not being a Christian. Being a witness for Christ
requires a certain amount of tact and skill, just as any type of communication. - It requires love.

If Christ doesn't just happen to be the Dude everybody worships in your religion, but He really touched and
changed your life for the better, then you should be able to allow Him to touch others and change their lives for
the better through you, too.
It works.
And making a convert of someone doesn't necessarily mean to make them a member of your church, either.
Jesus never meant for crowds to gather together on a certain hour on Sundays to listen to one man talk in a big
fancy building. He is always looking for people who are willing to listen to Him, and will pass on to others
what He told them! Communication is the name of the game.

Of course, the one-on-one approach is in many aspects not as easy as being the big head honcho on a platform
preaching down to a defenseless crowd of sheep who would never dare question anything you've got to say in
the first place. It becomes a lot more difficult out there on the mission field of life, when you're trying to get an
unbeliever to see that he needs God.
Often it's hard for us to see the need, because they don't want to see their need for God at first. They come
across as so self-sufficient and happy-as-they-are, we wonder, why should I bother or burden them with my
faith? Unless you know that your faith is really the most valuable thing you've got and the best thing that ever
happened to you, it may not really be worth sharing it in the first place. But once you've got that figured out,
you'll find there is nothing more thrilling in this world than telling others about Jesus and saving their souls.

So now we're about 3 years old and have learned the basics of communication. Let's have a look at what we can
learn from nature, shall we?

(Heavenly Input on Witnessing:)

Look (A Chapter on Nature)

“Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful.” – H. K.

No wonder that modern people are so far away from God. They're so far away from His creation.
In creation, as Paul said, His invisible nature is so clearly seen, it's almost impossible to deny His existence, one
would have to be a fool to actually believe and say in his heart, "there is no God."
But in today's big cities, where even the ground you walk on is man-made, every wall you stare at is man-made,
and the only reminders of God's existence (if you still believe in Him, that is) are the polluted air you breathe
and the smog-dimmed sky you look up to (if you get a chance - it's dangerous in the city, you know), it's easy
to fall for the lie that man has become his own god.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the serpent's promise in the Garden has finally come true: "ye shall be as gods." You
see those little gods strutting across stages, being worshipped by tens of thousands in more dedicated adoration
than you'll ever find in any Christian church, you'll see them running across lawns chasing after balls, spurred
on by the roars of the masses that worship them, having paid large amounts of money to watch them chase that
ball from a distance. You see them on TV, cussing, smoking and spreading their gospels of what is cool,
politically correct and en vogue, and slinging guns in countries infinitely less developed than their own, where
it's so easy to play god by ending the lives of another "pagan" by the mere bending of their index around the
trigger of their machine gun, and another, and another...
Yes, playing god is the name of the game here in Lucy-Land, Papa Lucifer's great, all-man-made amusement
park, where you can really be naughty and let it all hang out. Who needs God around here, anyhow?

No wonder they're trying to kill off nature as fast as they possibly can. They want to silence any remainders of
the voice of God. They want to darken the sun, the constant reminder of our dependence on something much
greater than us, and the moon, the reflector of that light, reminding us of the existence of that sun, even in the
darkness of the night. They want to poison the life-giving rain that falls like the life-giving words of God,
bringing life where there was none.

So far, they haven't been able to stop the rain, nor the sun or the moon from shining, and so we can continue to
learn from them:

The rain falls on the high and low places, but it runs steadily down into the low places, just as God's spirit is
usually rejected by the high and mighty - the proud - and runs into the dry, parched, lowly hearts, who will
eagerly accept His Word.
The Bible compares some people to "clouds without water, carried about by the wind." If you've ever seen the
Disney documentary "Animals Are Beautiful People," you'll remember the scene of the pelican baby in the
searing heat of the Kalahari Desert. When clouds pull up and promise to send rain, there seems to be hope for
the young pelican, but the promise turns out to have been empty, and so the baby dies.
Some people bear the promise of life-giving water to the thirsty souls around them, but they don't deliver. They
just dissolve into thin air, amounting to nothing more than a little temporary shadow, turning into not much
more than just another bunch of hot air...

The seed that has fallen into the ground and apparently died, because its shell cracked open and is split apart,
brings forth a new life, a tender white little worm-like sprout that slowly wiggles its way up through the
darkness of the ground, up toward the sky where it instinctively knows - and that without having a brain - that
up there life-giving light and warmth awaits it.
Jesus compared our lives to that grain and said that our old shell needs to die in order to spring forth into a new
life that will bring forth much fruit (John 12:24). Of course, that tender sprout also has natural enemies, which
will try to devour it before it ever reaches the ground or is grown tall enough to bring fruit, resembling the fact
that life isn't always a piece of cake, but a fight against evil. You can't always take success for granted.

Caterpillars and their metamorphosis into butterflies have always been a source of inspiration and marvel at
God's ability to drive home certain points without words. Our lives here on earth are certainly comparable to
that of a caterpillar, crawling around on the ground and consuming all the necessary input that will eventually
enable us to transform into a much more beautiful and glorious creature, able to soar into the sky, after a
process that seems a bit like death.

The mountains and valleys are certainly significant of the vast differences in the proportions and unequal
distributions of the world's wealth. But the Bible promises that the high places will be made low.
Ever wonder why some mountains have got to be so breath-taking high, while the valleys and abysses in life
are so low? Just as we wonder why some people are so high and mighty, so filthy rich, while many are so
bottomlessly poor.
One of the qualities of this life seems to be uneven distribution. Some have way too much while many have
way too little. Some blame God for it. After all, He made those mountains and valleys, didn't He?
Some ascribe the creation of our high mountain ranges to the cataclysmic aftermaths of the worldwide flood in
Noah's days. But whichever way they came into being, those of us who are troubled by the lack of equality in
proportions that surrounds us everywhere may be comforted by God's promises that the mountains shall be
made low and all the high places will be brought down, just as the high and mighty throughout history always
eventually have fallen.
In God's Kingdom we can be assured of fairly equal distribution and plenty and sufficient for all, at last, though
unlikely ever too much of anything. If we distribute our wealth evenly, then there probably won't be anybody
left with too much. But who would want too much of anything, anyway? Who in their right mind, that is?


The seas are like the roaring masses, driven with the wind and tossed, while others among us become like life-
giving rivers of water, nourishing the landscape around them (see John 7:38).


Take a look at a cactus, & you'll know what some folks are like.


Magnets are a good illustration of how certain people and "wavelengths" attract each other, whereas if wrong
poles face each other, there is rejection.

One natural phenomenon, the spiritual manifestation of which I've witnessed repeatedly in my life, is that of
mockingbirds. The Devil delights in laying his "eggs" in God's nests & watch the hoodlum & slaughter that
unfurls as a result.

Some things have dual or multiple meanings (just as some parables in the Bible leave room for various
interpretations and applications), or illustrate a number of different truths - good or bad. One just needs to
discern which interpretation applies to their own situation.


The moon: some people you cannot reach directly. The sun is too bright for them. So God has to reflect His
light at them via the moon... His church (= ecclesia: the called-out ones).


Day and night and the seasons... The Bible promises that the seasons of the year, winter, spring, summer and
fall, will remain forever. "There is a time for everything," the Book of Ecclesiastes tells us, and since ancient
times, we have known that is was "a time to reap" or a "time to sow," by the seasons, just as we have known
that it was time to rest when night falls and time to work as the sun rises. That's how we know for certain that
God made the world in seven days, not seven "eons" as some claim: "and the evening and the morning was the
first day..."
Although death will be no more in God's Kingdom to come, it seems that there will always be seasons of
greater activity in intervals with seasons of rest, of quiet and re-filling. It seems as if God is not at all in favor of
ruts, of people constantly doing the same, day in, day out, with hardly any changes, as many of today's working
world are condemned to do.
"Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God," we are told. If everything always stays the same,
then we get so sure of our routine, we lose our respect for od and our need of Him. It says of the Antichrist that
he will seek to change the times and seasons, perhaps in an effort to make life even more monotonous for his
slaves and captives...
Jesus said, "I must work the works of Him that sent Me while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can
work." Apparently the darkest night of history will be the epitome of all the darkness of our physical nights
symbolizes. But it's good to know that it comes right before the world's brightest and eternal dawn.
Maybe the cycle of day and night and of the seasons will continue forever as a reminder for us that there is a
time to be quiet, when we must let God speak, when we cannot see except for His light, just as there is a time of
fruitfulness, of activity, followed by times of rest and re-filling.
Our seasons are not only relevant on a "Quattro Staggioni" pizza. On the pizza of life one really starts to notice
that there's something more significant about that cycle of life when summer ends and we enter the mature
phase of fall, when we reap the harvest and the fruits we've sown in our earlier years. While we wallow in the
spring, we still tend to think that we're invincible and immortal, but by fall, the approach of winter becomes
While we usually don't care much about the older and mature trees while we're in our youth, a lot of our young
fruits, unripe and bitter, can ruin our stomachs or turn out to be downright poisonous lies or illusions. Only the
fall will show what sort of fruits we've sown and whether they're any good.


I would have liked to add an extra chapter on this topic called “Look Deeper,” about the marvels and details at
the microscopical level of creation, but I’ve decided to limit this to 40 chapters for now.
It turns out that our search for intelligent life has brought us down to the microscopic level of each living cell,
rather than the vastness of outer space.
It’s paying attention to the details that allows us to discover some of the nicest secrets about the universe. One
of the greatest proofs of the existence of our Creator has been the discovery of how carefully He goes into
every little detail about His creation. Things that looked so simple on the surface turned out to be so intricate,
way too complicated to have simply "created themselves" or "come about" by themselves... There's too much
information in everything to have come about without an Author.
Seeing the love for Detail of the Grand Master of the universe Himself should teach us a lesson or two about
not despising the little things, for it is on them that the axis of the wheels of the mighty universe hinges. If for
God Himself nothing seems to be too unimportant, we should be careful about the things we tend to be careless
about and deem unimportant or irrelevant.
When the disciples wanted to shoo away the children who had come to see Jesus, He said, "No. Unless you
become like a child, you won't see the Kingdom of God." God seems to love little things and little people. Size
doesn't seem to be His "thing." In fact, He seems to rather have a handful of Davids than a bunch of Goliaths
any day. It seems to be the size of the character that counts with Him, not any outward trademarks, and much
less big, inflated egos.
We can also learn this lesson from nature: the big fat birds are much more hunted for prey than the little

While some people are dedicated and passionate geniuses who devote much time and attention to the intricate
details in their work, fabricating little miniature marvels, like expert watchmakers and similar artists who show
great appreciation for detail and precision, I'm afraid the large bulk of us are usually satisfied with a mere
glance at the surface, and draw our conclusions prematurely, and will even base our whole lives, plans or entire
sciences on our superficial perception. The paradigm of macroevolution is a classic example for this: the bones
of a wing or fin look similar to the bones of a hand, so we conclude that one must have evolved from the other,
while a closer look paints a rather different picture, showing that things are not nearly as easy as we wish to
imagine the way it happened simply in order to satisfy our simplistic thirst for knowledge: "Gimme something I
can comprehend, true or false, and I'll be satisfied. More than that I don't want to know. Don't disturb me with
facts if they're getting too complicated!"

But things are not always the way they seem. In fact, they very often may appear quite differently from what
they really turn out to be. Our premature conclusions often turn out to have been nothing but premature and
erroneous. It's because we don't take the time to look deeper into the details.
Every molecule is proof of the fact that God is a passionate Lover of detail. It is only we, busy and frantic little
humans, wh think we don't have time to deal with the complicated and intricate details because we've got to
catch our bus or plane in order to get ahead in our superficial little world.

Our passion for mere appearance is of great advantage for the Enemy of our soul, for he greatly uses it,
knowing that it's much easier to fool anyone who merely looks at the surface than those who investigate what's
below. If everybody repeats it, we swallow it, and once we've seen it on TV, it becomes a fact for us. Our TV
screen has become the standard of our reality - all the reality we need... at least initially. Sooner or later,
thankfully, experience wakes us up to the fact that actual life and those things we see on TV don't coincide, and
they're not identical after all, but we usually recognize at the same time that we've been chasing phantoms for
the first half of our lives.

Maybe that is why James wrote, "anyone who hears God's Word and does it not is like someone who sees his
own face in the mirror and walks away, forgetting about the way he was made." If all we are, or all we think we
are is our own reflection in the mirror, and if that flat piece of glass becomes the standard by which we measure
ourselves and determine who we are, as compared to all those other faces we saw on the other flat screen of
glass - our TV - then we forget who we really are. When we think that all we are is our flesh, then we forget
that we are a spirit.

In one of the greatest movies ever made about the life of St. Francis of Assisi: "Brother Sun and Sister Moon"
by Franco Zeffirelli, in one touching scene, the accused Francis kneels before the bishop of Assisi and says,
"Man is a spirit. He has a soul. And that is what I want to find again: my soul."
When all we think we are is that reflection of ourselves in the mirror, then that's what we have to find again:
our souls. Many young people around us have lost their souls, because all they are in their own minds is that
reflection of themselves in the mirror, which they try to style and shape as much as possible in the image of the
"Grand Standard" of the way folks are supposed to look: the TV. Or the billboards and magazine covers, or all
those faces on the street who shape themselves after the standard.

Only if we manage to shut up all those voices screaming at us, telling us what we are supposed to look and be
like, only when we manage to ignore them, can we hear that inner voice telling us who we really are.
Otherwise, the beautiful suffer because they are only loved for their outward appearance, and the not-beautiful
suffer because they think they won't ever be loved. All because we listen to standards of superficiality instead
of looking below the surface and seeing who we really are. It takes looking a little deeper in order to find the
real person.


We could go on and on about the marvels of creation and its hidden messages: about the "hidden messages in
water" and the way water molecules respond to spiritual vibrations and change their shape accordingly... About
the "secret life of plants" and how they respond to the way we treat them or talk to them...
Everything matters, and nothing is lost. God is everywhere. That is the message we can read everywhere, all
through His entire creation. May He open our eyes to see it.

C.S.Lewis wrote in "Mere Christianity:" "Everything God has made has some likeness to Himself.
Space is like Him in its hugeness: not that the greatness of space is the same kind of greatness as God's, but it is
a sort of symbol of it, or a translation of it into non-spiritual terms. Matter is like God in having energy: though,
again, of course, physical energy is a different kind of thing from the power of God. The vegetable world is like
Him because it is alive, and He is the "living God." But life, in this biological sense, is not the same as the life
there is in God: it is only a kind of symbol or shadow of it. When we come on to the animals, we find other
kinds of resemblance. The intense activity and fertility of the insects, for example, is a first dim resemblance to
the unceasing activity and the creativeness of God.
In the higher mammals we get the beginnings of instinctive affection. That is not the same thing as the love that
exists in God: but it is like it—rather in the way that a picture drawn on a flat piece of paper can nevertheless be
"like" a landscape. When we come to man, we get the most complete resemblance to God which we know of..."


God may have made man lord over His creation and given us a position over the animal world, but that does
not mean that He has equipped us in every way superior to them. In fact, many animals are equipped with much
keener senses, better hearing, sight, smell, etc., than we are, and that ought to teach us something.

We have a tendency to only look up to those who are superior to us and above us. Yet God sometimes wants us
to rely on weaker or lower creatures than ourselves. For millennia people used to rely on horses, donkeys and
mules to get them safely from A to B, and on their dogs as the only available guard system.
Mankind and all of creation are supposed to be one big family in which everyone plays their important part, not
only the big head honcho, but we’re often dependent on somebody weaker, or we would consider “below” us.


As far as we're concerned, God has a certain quality that puts Him in a position of disadvantage according to
our way of thinking: He's invisible.

In order to teach us that invisible does not necessarily equal useless, God has put a few other invisible items,
forces and entities around which we avail ourselves of frequently, if not constantly, such as air, gravity or
electricity. Even light in its original state is invisible, as we have covered.

Lately man has discovered the usage of invisible forces such as micro waves and radio waves, which goes to
show that just because something is invisible, it does not mean it's not there. In fact, with a little bit of skill,
formerly invisible things can become quite visible and audible, as anyone has experienced who has ever turned
on a TV.
This leads to the conclusion that if we happen to be or have the right receptors, we might even be able to see
God. Perhaps it's all a matter of moving on the right frequency and wavelength.
Perhaps it's all a matter of time until we will have learned, just as we have learned to make invisible airwaves
visible, to see God, just as Jesus promised to those of a pure heart...

(Heavenly Input on Nature and Creation:)

The Spice o' Life

“To keep our faces toward change, and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate,
is strength undefeatable.” -- H. K.

The animal and plant world show that God is truly a great Fan and advocate of variety, and therein provides for
us a sheer endless source of learning. There's something in there for everyone. The extremely large variety in
traits & qualities among the human species (of which the variety in the animal world seems to be the most
appropriate symbol) requires of us a certain level of tolerance toward what's different than we are. The
challenge is to love them, even if they're different and you initially don't like them.
Not only is there amazing variety among the various species, but if you've ever had any pets, you can tell how
each one of them has their own "character" or "personality." No animal behaves or is exactly the same as
The problem is that we often draw the wrong conclusions and read the wrong information into the mighty
message of creation. Instead of gathering from what we see that we have "come" or descended" from the
animals, I personally am convinced that animals perfectly depict the way certain people are (as Jesus already
hinted in the gospels, by naming Herod a fox, His Pharisaic enemies snakes, etc.), or in some cases issue a
warning of what we might become and turn into, if we don't watch out!

The Gospels are full of allegories likening us to "sheep," "goats," "wolves" or other animal counterparts. Even
the stars confirm this, and I've often got a kick out of observing God's sense of humor in allowing people to
actually display little tokens of the qualities of their Chinese star signs...

Walt Disney must have recognized this resemblance between men and animals, and by giving his animals the
gift of speech (- or giving us the ability to understand them, whichever way you want to see it -) he has helped
an entire generation to identify somewhat with the animal world.

Some people are like ferocious beasts, greedily devouring others. We even find some dinosaurs among them.
Some peaceful, some dreadful, like the T.Rex. Others are like little mice, grabbing whatever they can, but
hiding away at the first sign of impending danger. Yet others like ants, faithfully trotting to work and back
everyday in their ant hive-like cities... If you've ever seen the great documentary "Animals Are Beautiful
People," you'll get the gist.

Apart from the Chinese star signs, there's another typography for the human characters, which uses animals to
describe the different types there are, called the Enneagram, if you'd like to know more about people's nature
and our similarities to the animal world.

The Germans have a saying: "Man is a beast of habit." We tend to get into ruts. The comfortable way is the
known way, and rare is the man who voluntarily chooses the uncomfortable way in our age of cold beer and
remote control.
The Bibles says, "Because they have no changes, they fear not God." Everything's the same; nothing ever
changes, so why should we need anything from outside our little circle of habit and routine? We allow a
minimum amount of change and variety, the players in the match on TV wear different colors today and make
slightly different moves than in last week's game, but we press the same buttons to avoid the commercials.
Who needs God in a well-protected, well-scheduled life like that?
Needless to say, God isn't exactly fond of our comfortable little ruts and thus often brings about unwelcome
changes in our lives, which we initially resent and complain about, but eventually always come to see as the
best thing that ever could have happened to us, regardless of how great a disaster we originally deemed that
change to be.

The Bible tells us that God is a Constant, similar to the sun, the position of which does not change, (at least not
in relation to earth, or perceivably, for us) while our own positions in relation to it - as the planets revolving
around it - constantly change. We don't perceive our change, since we don't realize that we're not only spinning
around our own axis every 24 hours, but even rotate around the sun once every 356 days, but we perceive the
sun as "coming up" and "going down."
In relation to us, God spells constant change, bringing about day and night, winter and summer, and as far as
we're concerned, God must deem change evidently good for us, whether we intially tend to agree with Him or
not. As far as our lives are concerned, God spells constant revolution, and the only way to stay alive is to flow
with His constant river of change, and not resist it, which is hard, because the influences of our immediate,
earthly and temporal surroundings are trying to get us to solidify, stagnate, freeze and counter the process of
God's revolution in our lives.
It's up to us once again to recognize and determine who is our true Friend and foe in this equation: that old
familar habit, or the uninviting, unfamiliar and strange change we may initially resist. Only once we realize that
change comes from the hands of our best and truest Friend, and that howbeit familiar rut and stagnation is truly
the enemy of our soul and happiness, we finally become open to whatever revolutionary change God wants to
bring into our life today, and life finally becomes the exciting and fulfilling adventure it was meant to be all

(Heavenly Input on Variety & Change:)

Breaking Laws

“Doubts and mistrust are the mere panic of timid imagination,

which the steadfast heart will conquer, and the large mind transcend.” -- H. K.

There are so many secrets yet to be discovered about nature. There seems to be a whole lot more that we don't
know about nature and all its qualities, than what we do, even regarding basic building blocks of what we call
Take for instance the law of gravity, a corner stone of what we call science today. Isn't it amazing that scientists
largely leave the fact unnoticed that Newton's theory of the law of gravity violates one of the fundamental laws
of physics? The Law of Conservation Of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but
merely changes from one form into another. Energy from a given power source is converted into another form
of energy elsewhere.
But since gravity is a creation of energy from nothing, rather than a conversion of energy from one form (a
power source) to another, since there is no known power source at all behind gravity, this states a clear
violation of the Law of Conservation Of Energy.
Yet the violation of this law of physics by the theory of the law of gravity is being ignored in the same way that
some people are constantly able to get away with breaking certain laws, while others are being punished for the
slightest hints of violations, or the way certain nations ignore UN resolutions while others are being punished
on mere suspicion of producing "weapons of mass destruction."
We clearly live in a world of mysteries, where there is evidently more that we don't know than what we think
we know or believe to know.

No wonder the Bible predicts "knowledge will cease." Apparently we'll have to get rid of a whole bunch of
stuff we think we know. I don't know which is greater: the amount of things we still have to learn or the amount
of those we have yet to unlearn.

The closer we look at creation, the larger and more significant becomes the empty space between the particles
and planets, as if to show that the answer lies in the emptiness.
Perhaps all the amount of knowledge and science in the world will not amount to the faith the size of one grain
of mustard seed in the fact that God is in control. After all, it was faith, according to Jesus, that's going to
enable us to move mountains, not knowledge.

We can look at nature either with our natural understanding, and understand not really much of anything, or we
can look at it as the portrayal of our Creator and Designer, His effort to show and teach us something.
The difference lies in what we see when we see. How do we see? Is everything just matter sprung up from
coincidence, or is there a purpose behind it all?

Every breath we take is a miracle. Every baby born is one. Every exact proportion of physical and chemical
relations in creation is a continuous miracle that keeps the world spinning. Every moment our planet isn't being
hit by one of the thousands of meteorites that constantly swirl about and miss us by inches, is a miracle. If God
weren't in control, we certainly would have reason to be afraid.
The precise clockwork of the universe could have no more come into being by coincidence or by itself than any
other clockwork could have. Every bit of information has an author. Every clockwork has a designer. Why
can't we learn that simple fact from what's going on around us?
It's true, certain things don't make sense. They're not as perfect as we would have made them if we were God.
But rather than labeling God as imperfect or non-existent altogether, couldn't it be that through the flaws in
creation He's indicating that some things simply aren't right on our end?

What’s the connection between death and our sins? Is it true that there was no evil in the world at one time? Is
it even fathomable? No death? Peace between man & animals, and peace between all animals?
If it were so, then we bear more responsibility than we think when we embrace the paradigm that we’re all just
here by coincidence. No wonder the vast majority prefers to believe the “We’re monkeys” version.

One of the most fundamental truths, not only in Christianity, but also in Buddhism, is the law of cause and
effect: "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." So, be mindful of the seeds you're sowing. Jesus
warns us that that we're going to have to give an account for every idle word spoken. Yikes...

Some people doubt that there was ever a worldwide flood as depicted in the Bible. They found mere hints of
the possible previous existence of water on Mars and they speculate that there once must have been a flood on
Mars. Four fifth of the earth are under water, but a flood here? No way. Some people don't want to see.
It is interesting to note, though, that before the flood, God gave man and animals only "every green herb" for
food (Genesis 1:29). In other words, in the beginning, both man and animals were herbivorous, they were plant
eaters. The Bible also predicts a time when "The wolf and the lamb will feed together,
and the lion will eat straw like the ox," in other words, the animals will stop killing and eating each other again,
and even mankind will stop killing each other. Is this a fairy-tale, or the way things truly were meant to be?
And if there is a way that things are meant to be, what do we learn from it? Which way are we behaving? What
group of people do we belong to? The "meek" and the "peacemakers," the children of God, which shall inherit
the earth, or the warmongers, that "kill with the sword and shall be killed with the sword" (Rev.13:10), for
whatever "noble" reasons?

The physical rules and laws that govern our physical world must – if my perception of the Big Picture of life is
correct – therefore stand as symbols or physical manifestations of the spiritual rules and laws of God, since the
physical world allegedly proceeded from the Spirit World, if God is a Spirit and the worlds were created by His
Breaking the spiritual laws of God is what has been termed “sin,” a very unpopular and almost taboo way of
saying “we screwed up.”
Originally derived from a Greek word that stands for “missing the mark,” when we break God’s laws and rules
we basically miss the mark of what life is all about.
Jesus made it clear that basically, all the laws and rules of God can be wrapped up in the phrase “Thou shalt
love!” In other words, if we miss the mark of love and fail to make love and learning to love our goal, we sin.
It’s actually so easy that many people are repulsed by it. After all, “Why make it easy, if you can make it
complicated” seems to have been the rule by which they like to play their game.

As in all things, it’s a matter of choice which game we want to participate in: the complicated head game of sin
and missing the mark, or the simple, yet never boring game of love.

Up for a round of the “love game?” It’s really not that hard. Basically, it just takes letting go of some of the
twisted and distorted rules we presently live by that make life as it is so unnecessarily hard.

(Heavenly Input on the Laws of Physics & the Spirit:)

The Other Side

“The struggle which evil necessitates is one of the greatest blessings.

It makes us strong, patient, helpful men and women.
It lets us into the soul of things and teaches us that although the world is full of suffering,
it is full also of the overcomings of it.” – H. K.
As we grow up and observe the world around us and learn to respond to what we encounter, there is the ever
recurring phenomenon of opposition. That which we consider evil, our enemies, our adversaries, or even just
adverse circumstances, that which opposes us - the other side.

We envy those who don't seem to have to struggle against anything, those who have it all, whose parents can
afford to buy them anything they want, and nobody stands in their way or dares to oppose them, just because
their daddy is rich and powerful.
Why does it have to be that way?
Worst of all, why is it often so that we find the greatest opposition, the greatest friction, the greatest trials, at
home, among our own? Why did Cain have to kill Abel? Why does God allow evil in this world?

If we don't believe in a Creator, then the explanation is easy: we're all just animals in the process of evolution,
the "survival of the fittest." The stronger survives, and that's it. That's why C.S.Lewis was so right in saying
that atheism was actually the easier solution. It's a cop out. Accepting God means we have to deal with some
serious questions in life - if we're serious about it, that is, and don't just swim along in some current of monkey
see, monkey do, "I do it because you do it."

It is the darkness that makes us appreciate the light, sickness that makes us appreciate health; the absence &
lack, which make us yearn for the Great Filler of all things. The vacuum, the absence, is what creates the need,
the suction, the necessary force for Go(o)d to come & fill that blank, empty space & convert that black hole
into something good.

One of the great dangers in life is to make the mistake to assume that only that of one's own kind is good: my
own way, my own views, my own people or kind, my own country.
In order to bring about true progress in life's journey there must be no standing still, no stagnation. Things have
to keep moving, and in flow. Things must change.
At first we assume that that strange new intruding factor must be bad, hostile, or malign, because we don't
know it, & like the little boy said about spinach: "I don't like it 'cause I never had any."
But being open for what's different makes room for a much healthier life-style. In fact, that's what getting to
know God really means: acquaintance with the totally Other (Isa.55:8,9). God's ways, thoughts & views are
simply not ours, & as long as we insist that ours are better than His, and we, in our minds, assume that role
superior to Him ("I know better. If I were God, I'd do things differently"), we fall for the "ye shall be as gods"
temptation of the Devil. Only trust reverses that process.
We must decide, who is most trustworthy? Who is our real friend, our real foe? Am I really more trustworthy
than God? Who is our True Friend, and are we, perhaps, our own worst enemy?

Some folks believe that if they would just manage to convey the right amount of the right kind of knowledge to
people and get them to change a few negative attitudes, then evil would disappear by itself. Because, they
figure, evil is just another word for ignorance, & the Devil doesn't exist.
That's what I'd call wishful thinking. Unfortunately, we have greater problems than not having read their books
or attended their workshop.
One of the greatest tricks the Devil ever pulled on mankind was to convince them that he doesn't exist, & thus,
most of his attacks are cleverly camouflaged under a cover of "righteousness" & "justice"... "Liberty & justice
for all!"
We tend to think that our own motives are always pure and just... but are they?
If the Bible truly is God's Word, then the Devil is not only real, but he is also the "god of this world," and "all
that will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution" (2Tim.3:12), because "what is highly esteemed
among men is an abomination with God."
In other words, the Devil will leave you in peace, if he's already got you in his bag, if you swallowed his lies &
are playing his game. So, if you've got problems, cheer up! You must be doing something right, & you must be
fighting for the right side.
Maybe those adversities & difficulties you're facing are signs that you're on the right side; that you're a child of
God, Who "chastens (corrects) every son - or daughter - whom He receives" (Heb.12:6).

Why do our parents become upset with us at times? Could it be that we are actually doing something wrong?
Unfortunately, many kids nowadays never find out, because their parents simply don't believe in discipline. A
child without discipline becomes a master at the art of playing god, a little ego-maniac, terrorizing everyone
around them, and finding it very hard to cope with finding out that not everybody dances according to their tune
(the way their well-meaning but erroneous parents did), later on in life.
We are all like disobedient children, and it's good when we are capable of recognizing that and admitting to it.
Then we can also accept the discipline and correction God uses to teach us to do better, in the form of those
adverse circumstances or some opposing force or individual in our life that seems to be giving us hard times.

(Heavenly Input on Opposition & Adversity)

When Things Don't Work Out

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul
be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

“A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships.” – H. K.

"Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn't," the wise old Cheyenne chief said to "Little Big Man,"
when he thought it was "a good day to die," but the rain had spoiled his ceremonious transition into the eternal
hunting grounds.
Equally, sometimes in our lives things work out, sometimes they don't.
I'm the type of guy who tends to be pleasantly surprised that some things in my life have turned out to be
working out at all. Others are a little less used to disappointments.
When it comes down to it, what else is the meaning of life but finding God's will for us (& doing it)? There are
various ways of finding out what is God's will for us, apart from what He has laid down in His written Word, in
general instructions.
We already talked about how God likes to communicate with people individually & personally through the gift
of prophecy, tongues and interpretations, & there is yet another phenomenon by which He chooses to
communicate & reveal things to us, which we'll touch on later in dreams and visions. But the one I'd like to talk
about right now is open and closed doors - circumstances.
As millions of us have learned from the epic "The Sound of Music," "When God closes a door, He always
opens a window somewhere." So, when something does not work out in our life, it's up to us to find out what
God wants us to do: try harder and persevere, or try something else instead.
We can gather from the Bible that the gifts and talents He gives a person are well planned & thought over.
We're supposed to "abide in our callings." Often, though, the grass is greener on the other side, & people are
artists at wanting what they don't and cannot have. This sometimes (quite often, in fact) results in our own will
not coinciding & thus, colliding with God's, and that's when we start having a problem.
The New Testament tells us that the purpose of "being born again" is to become a new creature. Unfortunately,
our "old man," our carnal ego, along with its pride, selfishness, willfulness and negativity, keeps trying to pop
up again. And again. And again. I suppose, that's Satan's attempt of copying God's feat of resurrection. Only, he
constantly resurrects the wrong thing: our old, decaying, rotting & sinful selves.
Yielding our own will to God is the only way we achieve to become what we're supposed to be. As John the
Baptist put it so wonderfully simply: "He must increase, but I must decrease."

Some people, however, simply don't want to see, they don't want to hear; they don't want to know. They quite
simply don't want, that's all. They don't want as God wants, so they live in rebellion against Him, each their
own little god.
It's not that they don't want anything at all. Sure, they want things: money, pleasure, or one kick after another
from alcohol or drugs... or one cigarette after another. But quite obviously not God's will.

One of the hardest things to take from God is His closed doors, the unfavorable circumstances that are exactly
what we don’t want, and even the most pious among us can get into an argument with the Almighty over some
event that He allowed to happen in our lives that we certainly would have known better than to allow it…

The question is, who knows better?

Perhaps one of the great mysteries of the cataclysmic event that changed everything for us in an instant, of
Adam and Eve chewing from that fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is that with all the evil
we’ve come to know since (and the good was obviously already around and ready to be known beforehand), we
still don’t seem to have gotten any smarter along those lines of what is good and what is evil…
We’re supposed to have evolved into more intelligent beings, but we all still have the same ape-like reactions
toward God when He allows “evil” to befall us. We get upset at Him and tell Him how He ought to run things:
Be bad to all the bad people, and be good to us, the good people. Let the bad people get sick or starve, and fill
our pockets with goods and blessings ever after, because, after all, we’re the good ones…

But are we really that smart as to determine what is good and bad. Especially for us?

We think death is the worst thing that can possibly happen to us. But is it?
Or financial bankruptcy. Is it?

The "Principle of Mediocrity" has affected our everyday thinking and perception of the world. Since we have
found out that our planet is only one of hundreds of billions in one galaxy of yet more hundreds of billions, we
have come to see ourselves as one human among billions, just as insignificant as our planet, that spec of dust in
the vast depths of the cosmos.
As if to seemingly underline that statement of our insignificance, "nature" has cooked up some obvious flaws in
what some still have the audacity to call "creation," such as handicapped and severely malformed humans and
other beings who are often in that state since birth.
"Where is your supposedly all-powerful and oh-so wise and just God in that?" the average skeptic asks.

Certainly we - the cream of the crop of evolution, the masters of the 21st century - deem ourselves a lot more
clever than any supposedly omnipotent and omniscient Head Honcho who screwed up so severely in His

Personally, I have stopped viewing handicapped people as necessarily inferior to myself ever since I came upon
a handicapped young person with an expression of heavenly peace and bliss on his face I have never known
while I had been fuming and fretting myself through the traffic on a German highway in order to get to my
If for nothing else, handicapped people are a perfect illustration of the spiritual state of all too many of us
supposedly so enlightened spiritual children of God. They have often turned out to be more than a blessing and
a life-changer (for the better) for those who have had to take care of them, and perhaps have led the one or the
other of us to the point where we stopped arguing with God about our personal definitions of "good and evil."
Perhaps He has known better all along, and our greatest sin was to doubt Him and insisting on coming up with
our own definitions...

Probably one of the greatest surprises we’re all going to get upon our arrival in the Better World will be to find
out just how God used all those seemingly bad things we thought we certainly could have done without for our
good, and how things never would have been the same without them.

It’s difficult to trust some invisible, supposedly all-powerful Dude with our lives and our fates, when He seems
to have the tendency to do a lot of things contrary to the way we would. It requires trust.
But that’s precisely the essence.
Our faith and trust is what’s in the purification process here, and by taking the bad events in our lives with the
same grin and trust that we would take a jackpot in the lottery, we show God that we think He’s alright and
He’s not going to mess things up for us, like Kipling said, “If you can meet success and failure and treat both
imposters the same, then you’ll be a man, my son.”

That’s precisely what God’s telling us. Providing we are His sons and daughters and set out on the path of faith.
A faith that will eventually teach us to overcome. Overcome our circumstances, obstacles and whatever we
originally, once upon a time, back before we learned to start seeing things His way, would have called “bad.”
(Heavenly Input on Overcoming & Rising Above:)
Dreams and Visions

“It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.” – H. K.

In dreams and visions God communicates with us on the visual scale (visions), and in the language of tangible
experience (dreams) that is so similar to reality that we sometimes cannot tell whether we dreamt something or
actually experienced it.

I'm not going to say that each of our dreams is inspired or orchestrated in every little detail by God Himself
(although on the other hand I'm not going to deny that possibility completely, either), but my guess is that our
dreams are a result of all the influences we encounter affecting our spirit, our so-called subconscious.
We know darn little as yet about dreams, probably due to the dilemma that science largely refuses to
acknowledge spiritual influences on our lives, and, according to the evolutionary paradigm, more or less
ascribes everything to coincidence. Thus our dreams become random byproducts of our subconscious and no

For the ancients on the other hand, dreams were an important part of their daily lives, even as they still are for
so-called primitive peoples, such as the Australian Aborigines. But the average Westerner is simply way too
busy with the things he deems more important, namely the question of his survival: how do I preserve and
groom my outer shell as effectively as possible? The inner life is often neglected in this pattern.

I think I can say without exaggeration that God has communicated with me now and then through my dreams.
Sometimes those special and significant dreams (which by far were the exception from my regular dreams)
were warning me of certain weaknesses in my character. I was being shown that I had to beware of pride and
Other times I've had extraordinary dreams about possible events of the future, or the World to come, and yet
other times they have been downright adventures, almost like action movies I experienced in my sleep. I have
fallen in love in my dreams and sometimes woke up in convulsive tears, deeply moved by what I had just

Paul McCartney said that the song "Yesterday" came to him in a dream, and a handful of my songs have also
originated in dreams.

I am beyond the point where any however astute scientist can tell me that dreams are solely based on whatever
our subconscious happens to be processing.
I am convinced that dreams are at least in part result of spiritual influences from both directions. There are
dreams resulting from demonic influences on our lives (nightmares), and, thankfully, there are heavenly dreams
also. Although the latter make the ringing of the alarm clock an even more dreadful event than usual, so, it's not
really bad if we don't have those too often.

There is the phenomenon of lucid dreams in which one is aware of the fact that he is dreaming, and people have
wondered and written (and made movies) about the possibility of being able to enter someone else's dreams.
If we are being made in the image of God, one might wonder, does God also dream? And if so, what would His
dreams look like? If He is all-powerful, then it should certainly be an easy thing for Him to communicate with
others in His dreams... In any case, getting on God's dreamscape sounds like an adventurous challenge. Perhaps
one of those things to explore in Eternity...

As far as visions go, these are obviously rarer than dreams, although some people receive them regularly. I've
only experienced them few times, and in most cases they were nothing spectacular. When you're already used
to one medium by which God communicates with you, then you usually like to stick to what you're used to,
although God, on the other hand, often refuses to become a "habit" for us and challenges us to learn new things.
With visions, as in the case of many others of God's gifts, one thus has to be open for the new, ready to see new
things, willing to receive and experience new things.
When we become aware of the fact that this is one of God's principal goals in our lives, to teach us how to see,
then we can also imagine that He would like to open our spiritual eyes and show us visions.
Many people have extra sensory perceptions and refuse to share their experiences with others because the world
is so framed by disbelief that "such a thing" simply doesn't fit in and is not being considered "normal." And
none of us want to risk being labeled "abnormal," do we?

There is, of course the other aspect of “dreams and visions,” the one not referring to actual dreams you dream
in your sleep and supernatural, biblical vision, but the concept of, “What are your dreams, your visions, your
goals in life?” The Book of Proverbs says, “Without a vision the people perish.” If we don’t know where we’re
headed, we’re quite likely to get lost.

I’m not particularly great at planning and scheduling things ahead of time. I’m dreadfully disorganized. Maybe
you can tell, just from reading this book. But as chaotic as I am, I would still recommend for anyone to get
some kind of a vision for their life, a goal they want to attain, which isn’t always entirely easy, if we know that
from a biblical point of view, (and from observing the signs of the times) that this world is heading downward.
That’s why it’s important to have our priorities straight, and to know what we want to accomplish; not so much
for ourselves, but for the Lord. To “accomplish something for the Lord” means to help others, to impart some
of the love and light He sheds on our lives to them, and to share what we’ve got. I personally like to wrap up
the vision for my life as a part of God’s Bigger Picture in these words: “World Conquest through Love.”

Maybe you have different goals in life: Maybe you want to be a star, play in a movie or record a CD and make
yourself heard. Well, just make sure that whatever you’ve got to say is going to be worth the time of those
listening to you or watching you, when you get there.

Recently I’ve been reminded by the Lord that what matters isn’t so much what I’ve got to say, but what He’s
got to say, and that’s what I have decided to make my plan & vision for my life: to share His words with
people. Which is precisely why I’m going to let Him wrap up whatever else there might be to say on this

(Heavenly Input on Dreams & Visions)

Money and Other Currencies

“Some people are foolish enough to imagine that wealth and power and fame satisfy our hearts;
but they never do, unless they are used to create and distribute happiness in the world.” – H. K.

Money is undoubtedly one of the most important things in most people's lives, if not the most important to
some, and it seems to be the essence of modern living around which all things revolve. And yet money is really
nothing more than paper, the value of which is determined by certain people, along with the faith the rest of the
world is putting into it. If people would lose their faith in, let's say, the US Dollar and let go of their dollars and
transfer their assets to another currency (some say that this was really the "crime" Sadam Hussein of Iraq was
about to commit, warranting the punishment of its invasion by the US troops and resulting in the subsequent
destruction of not only that government, but the entire country), then the dollar would lose its value,
"plummet," and perhaps even "crash" completely, probably tearing down with it a large part of the rest of
Western economy.
In my 4 decades on this planet I have seen paper currencies come and go, their values dropping in relation of
1:10.000 in a matter of months, prices rising and falling, only to rise again.
Money is a very fragile thing to put one's faith in.
Jesus, in the Book of Revelation, counsels us, "to buy gold of Me gold tried in the fire," that we may be rich.
Unfortunately, some people apparently take that literally, and take this as an indication that Jesus wants them to
collect worldly riches in this life. Poor fellows.
What He is really saying, is that we should change the stocks and assets of our lives into a lasting, crisis-proof
currency that won't go up in flames when it comes in touch with fire. Paper money won't stand the fiery tests of
time, only gold will.
But Jesus wasn't talking about physical gold any more than He was indicating that we should actually dress in
white in the next part of the verse. The gold He was talking about is the kind of faith that will stand the testings
and fiery trials in life. In fact, that's what life is all about: to test the true value of the things we put our faith &
trust in, and build our lives and actions on. Can you take them with you when you die? Are they going to
survive a coming crisis?
As the stock market crashes of the world throughout history have shown, faith in paper can easily wind you up
with nothing at all. The only words written anywhere that are really worth what they say are God's promises.
One can really trust and put their faith in them. The only problem is, they don't go very much hand in hand with
the currencies of the world, and you will eventually wind up either serving one or the other.

One large problem about our poor perception of things in our immature state is that we mistake many blessings
for curses and vice versa. We see the hard times, the challenges, adversity and opposition we face in life as
something evil or undesirable, while at the same time being totally enticed and enthralled, virtually hypnotized
by the things we consider good, the ever tempting lure before us: fame and fortune. We place out trust in
things, and the more of them we acquire, the more of them we want, putting before us that unreachable goal of
that god-like state of being so filthy rich that we can afford to buy anything we want. Now that, we think, is
happiness. And so we slave toward that elusive goal, blindly stepping on others across our way in order to get
there, steadily going up, ever upward, climbing the ladder of success.
There are people who keep up this version of "life" until the day they die, as if they were able to take any of
their acquisitions with them into the next life. But most of us remain exhausted and disillusioned somewhere
along the side of the road.
Some grow bitter and distrustful toward any higher power, since their former "gods" and idols have turned out
to have feet of clay, while others figure, "well, if this way didn't work, perhaps there is another?"
If they realize that one happiness formula didn't work, they refuse to give up and to toss out the baby with the
bath water, they refuse to believe that their must be some higher purpose to their existence.
If their current values have popped like balloons and haven't passed the test of inflation, if the fiery purgings of
life have only yielded ashes from the paper money they once put their trust and faith in, then which is the gold
that will stand those tests of time, and where do we find it?
And some find it in spiritual values, often in faith.

The next trap and temptation is to make an equally hollow scheme out of this chapter, to create a hollow
"religion," instead of really finding God. The greatest temptation in religion and spirituality is to create our own
gods from our own imaginations and expectations of such a "Supreme Being," instead of truly searching and
refusing to settle for anything less than finding the Real Thing.
And as Jesus promised, "Blessed are they which hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled,"
so they that truly seek, also shall find, they will not be disappointed. And that's when evil, or that which we
previously called evil, receives a new face. We find that "all things work together for good to them that love
God," even, and perhaps even especially those so-called "evil" things. We find such stunning paradoxes as
"precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints," as we find that the greatest victory ever won in
history was achieved by the greatest of all Warriors laying down His own life for others.
The disappointments that left us disillusioned in our younger years, when our values and priorities were still
focused on the wrong goals have turned into the realization that God might very well be having something
greater in mind than we may have been able to fathom; that disappointment very often may spell His

So, according to the Director of the “Bank of the Universe,” the hottest and most reliable currencies that will
outlast futile paper money happiness are faith founded on the standard of the gold of His Own Words, which
are, after all, the fundamental building blocks of everything: the information that was there in the beginning
(John 1:1), that was supposed to have come about by itself, contrary to all we’ve every observed and
The female figure in God’s Family I talk about in the 5th chapter, referred to in the book of Proverbs as
“Wisdom” (Greek: Sophia), has a few more thoughts to add on the issue of lasting values:

Receive My instruction, and not silver,

And knowledge rather than choice gold;
For Wisdom is better than rubies,
And all the things one may desire cannot be compared with Her.
Riches and honor are with Me,
Enduring riches and righteousness.
My fruit is better than gold, yes, than fine gold,
And My revenue than choice silver.
I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment:
That I may cause those who love Me to inherit wealth,
That I may fill their treasuries.

(Proverbs 8:10, 11, 18-21)

Who in their right mind would want to continue slaving away for filthy shreds of paper, when there are real and
lasting treasures to be gained from this life?

(Heavenly input on money vs. faith)

Off to School

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.”

“The best educated human being is the one who understands most about the life in which he is placed.” – H. K.

One of the greatest "evils" we encounter in our lives as young persons, so ready and eager and full of zest and
curiosity to learn about life, is school. Originally designed to convey knowledge to children, something they
would be very interested in, the modern, western school system has accomplished the exact opposite of that,
perhaps not in all cases, but still in way too many in order not to be a dreadful farce.
While a teacher would potentially have something great and desirable to offer to his pupil, namely knowledge,
they are not allowed to do that. Instead, they are forced to press a bunch of confusing and useless information
into their students' heads, much of which is even false information, which totally kills any of that original desire
for learning that originally spurs a child on, just as successfully as an antidote prevents sickness.
The sickness that schools prevent is the dreaded disease of true learning. Stupid people are a lot easier to
control than intelligent people, and that's what the school system is all about: not conveying true knowledge,
but exerting control. You're only allowed to know what you're supposed to know: you're supposed to believe
that you're a totally unimportant accidental speck of dust living on another accidental speck of dust in an
accidental universe, together with a whole bunch of other accidental specks, of which only the strongest and
smartest will survive. "Smart" in the sense that you play the game by their rules, you don't veer from the
straight and narrow; don't dare to think any truly independent thoughts which might vary from the "official
doctrine." Your only chance of survival is to toe the line and play the game, because the belief that there should
by "Anyone out there" actually caring for you, a Creator of sorts, that's a fairy-tale we're going to cure you of
very quickly in our little "knowledge factory." Or at least we'll make you feel so small and unimportant by the
time we're finished with you, you'll be so full of doubt that anyone could ever love you, much less any great
Creator of the universe, you'll do exactly what we tell you to, nicely and quietly that is.

For everything God ever made, the Devil has come up with his own lousy counterfeit, and school is his lousy
counterfeit of what life - the true and free life God originally intended for us to live - is really supposed to be all
I'm not saying that all teachers or even all schools are evil, but that the school system at large is, and its
ineffectiveness and the ever-growing stupidity of the western masses are proof enough.

But even though there are vast and fundamental differences between God's school of life and the Devil school
system that basically destroys the fun out of life, there is still no doubt that life is very much a school we're all
having to attend.
Just because the Devil has made school look like something bad and undesirable (as he has done with a lot of
things God originally came up with) doesn't mean that learning is actually something bad.
Part of the purpose of this book, I wish, would be to rekindle the flame of curiosity and a desire to learn in
folks, because there really is a lot of useful stuff to learn from life, regardless of all your teachers have possibly
done to kill your curiosity to find out!

It's all a matter of picking the right Teacher! Instead of allowing the dude standing in the front of your class
room to destroy your faith by statements he has had to memorize and has been brainwashed by himself, and
becoming all bitter over it, you can have the greatest of all Teachers tutor you personally.
Hard to believe? Well, that's what I'm doing, and I can only recommend it. Granted, folks around you may
think you're totally insane, but who cares? You'll know you're happy, contrary to them, and you'll be receiving
His assurance that everything is actually perfectly alright with you, that it's actually their views that need some
mending, and, even though it may not sometimes look like it, you are not alone, and there are actually more
folks on your side (although you may not always see them) than on theirs.
Contrary to popular belief, the majority isn't always right (see Matthew 7:13,14). You may look like a loner and
perhaps like a loser now, but that's usually only a small price to pay for becoming a true winner and overcomer.

The fact that I'm blasting the western school system of the 21 st century to bits does not mean that I want to
knock secular education altogether. After all, we do learn certain basics, even in the worst of schools. I'm just
saying that schools could be a whole lot more efficient than they currently are, especially if their curriculums
were more based on facts and things we actually observe in nature, and not just on paradigms concocted by
people who fanatically want to infuse their blatant unbelief in a higher Power to defenseless children in order to
make them more controllable.
After all, it's easier to manipulate a human who has been drilled into believing that he's the insignificant result
of some coincidental blast in space than one who believes his immortal soul to be carefully designed by a
Creator Who has a higher purpose for his life than just being one more battery for the machines who rule the
Education could and should really be teaching us something. Certainly God is what our youngsters might call a
"pretty scientific Dude," I mean, having come up with fancy stuff like DNA and the universe. He apparently
seems to have done His math. So, it stands to reason that He'd like for us to figure out how He done it, instead
of trying to wrack our brains on such nonsense as "how things have done themselves."
If you would really like to learn some awe-inspiring facts about the scientific marvels, wonders and intricacies
of creation, I would recommend some of the writings of Professor Dr. Werner Gitt on the subject. Apparently
there are even some numbers that are miracles in themselves and seem to prove the impossibility of everything
just being product of coincidence, not even mathematics! Perhaps especially mathematics.
You'll find out that it's true what we read in the Psalms, that one would have to be a fool to really believe that
there is no God (Ps.53:1). An education without God, the Master Teacher, couldn't be much of an education, in
my opinion. So, why don't you get smart and really start learning something?

The beginning of true learning and education would be to acknowledge just how little we really know, instead
of pretending we're so smart and cramming made up "facts" into our children's heads, and I'm not just talking
about Evolution.
I'm talking about the fact that the supposed "laws" of physics, which are the basis of our current "explanation
for everything," such as even the law of gravity, totally defy and violate the laws of nature, physics' own rules.
Modern secular education is like a serial killer constantly preaching "thou shalt not kill," because it's constantly
breaking its own laws. If you really want to know how little we know, for instance, about physics, I
recommend the highly challenging book "The Final Theory" by Mark McCutcheon. He may not necessarily
have found the ultimate truth yet, either, but at least he's honestly exposing the fact how little we truly know
about such things as gravity and magnetism, and he may be a whole lot closer to the truth than all those
thousands of physics teachers and professors who dictate guesswork as knowledge, hindering the growth of our
learning, instead of furthering and encouraging it.

If we only knew how little we know. Or, as a German scientist said: "Science, the great error of our times."
As it happens so many times in our personal and spiritual lives, it seems that our preferred method of learning
and finding out where it's at, is first of all finding out where it's not.

Furthermore, we constantly appear to tend to taking more credit for ourselves than is due. Instead of having
been created, we have "evolved" by ourselves. Instead of acknowledging God as our Creator, we claim to have
created Him through our history. We claim to have "invented" and "discovered" and made a lot of progress,
when it is much more likely that we have merely been shown things. We were given the inspiration that led us
to our achievements, whether literary or scientific, or in whichever way.
By constantly claiming the credit for our findings for ourselves, we continue the game of "ye shall be as gods"
that the Devil was selling us from the beginning.
What happens, though, is that we severely distort the meaning of everything by looking at it from the wrong
perspective - from the top, instead of from the bottom. We make ourselves the kings of the universe, instead of
its humble tenants.
The signs are everywhere for us to discover: numbers, letters, even microscopic codes in our genes, and we
have learned to decipher them, but instead of interpreting them correctly, we claim their authorship and tamper
with them, playing god, creating our own equations, writings and genetic alterations that quite simply lack the
divine quality. In short, we don't cut the cake. We're doing a lousy job at playing God, because we stopped
learning way too early and have exalted ourselves as teachers - blind guides of the blind.
Life is a constant give and take: we give and we receive, we learn and then pass on what we have learned.
When that process stops, when we stop receiving new input, new knowledge and stop learning because we
think we already know, and start feeding others only from the stagnant pool of what we have accumulated
without allowing those pools to be refilled constantly with fresh water, then we reap the sort of problems as a
result that we see in our children and in the educational systems of today.
By excluding the Great Teacher, we're only fooling ourselves into believing that we are actually learning
anything ourselves, or know anything ourselves. By assuming the position of the Teacher ourselves, instead of
humbly viewing ourselves as learners and attentive students and pupils of life, we have made of ourselves
"fools professing to be wise."
Our "knowledge" is largely based on assumptions and false information, and on this foundation we build our
equations that we sell as "knowledge" to our victims, who will never ever question or hunger for true answers
again (unless they're exceptionally curious). We find a rock, and because of the assumptions of one who claims
that the layer or strata of the earth's crust it came from is so-and-so many millions of years old, and because of
certain methods which are supposed to tell us that something is so-and-so many millions of years old, we make
our equations and sell them as "facts" to the masses, without ever letting them know from what shaky grounds
we have derived our conclusions. The main thing is that we look smart and as if we know something. The truth
doesn't really matter.
No wonder that so many kids feel cheated and walk through life suspiciously. They can smell that something's
wrong here and that they've been fooled. They've been stripped of the confidence based on who they really are
and in return don't trust their masters either, who would reduce them to monkeys.

So, one of the keys to true learning is the ability to discern valid information from non-valid, or flawed, if not
altogether false information, and the willingness to let go of any false information we may have been fed in the
past. Similarly to the concept of faith, the best thing to make real knowledge happen is a vacuum or void, an
empty space to fill, for in the school of life we find out that “He has filled the hungry with good things, but the
rich He has sent away empty” (Luke 1:53).

It is also important to realize that there is another form of knowing than the type we do with our heads.

A person can be reading and studying the Bible all their life, and still never get to hear God’s voice, while
another person may be able to hear Him and see His signs anywhere: in some of the movies they watch or in
the secular books they read, or in creation – or perhaps in their conversations with strangers or children...
It’s all a matter of the heart, determining whether we’re really going to learn something in the school of life - a
matter of a hunger for the Real Thing, for nothing short of the kind of input only our Creator can provide; no
cunningly disguised counterfeit or fake in a religious camouflage will do the trick for those who yearn for the
real and true knowledge. They won’t be fooled. – At least not in the long run.

They may be hauled off to Pleasure Island along with all the others once or twice, only to find out that they
have been turned into jack-asses and then return to their search for the Father, learning in the process to love
with a love that cannot be surpassed – the kind that is willing to lay down one’s life for another.

And that, my dear fellow-students, is what school is all about. The only school ever worthy of attendance, that
A major factor in education is progress. Students are expected to make progress, and it seems as if this is a
scheme that is also hidden in creation, and perhaps the thing that Darwin and his followers have mistaken for
evolution. It seems to be in God's nature that He does not like stagnation. He wants us to make progress in our
learning in the school of life, and, of course, this school is all about the essence that everything revolves
around, as far as God is concerned, and which we will cover in the next chapter: relationships.
Not dead religion or dead, formal relationships with our fellowmen, but living, progressing, and ever improving
and advancing relationship.

The kind of progress God wants us to make is improvement concerning our relationship with Him, our
fellowman and all of Creation. Just as we've had to learn how to walk and talk, get dressed and perceive and
understand properly what's happening in the world around us, so we have to learn to co-operate and interact and
communicate with the machinery of His Big Picture and find our proper and destined place in the clockwork of
everything. The far-out thing about God's Big Picture clockwork is, though, that our position in that frame
won't just be a boring, stagnant humdrum, but an ever-progressing, ever evolving and advancing process in
itself, constantly and perpetually drawing us closer toward Him and each other.
That may sound a little bit too good to be true for the average skeptic, but I'm only here to challenge you with
the notion that there are yet some shockingly pleasant surprises in store for all of us.

(Heavenly Input on The School of Life)


“It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same
amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui.” – H. K.

While we have touched on some of the abundance of lessons which nature - or rather, God, through nature -
wants to teach us, when it comes to our next topic, it's as if we open up the door to yet another endless universe
of lessons, and a whole new school in itself.
While most of our contemporaries contend that man is merely yet another variety of mammals, simply a little
more thoroughly developed than some of its furry counterparts, the question strikes me whether they are really
fully able to perceive and truly learn anything from life at all, since it seems so obvious that God has created
our kind - mankind - in a way that makes it not only stand very much apart from the animals, but He also
managed to create us in such a way that we present the greatest source of any thinkable form of challenge and
"input" for each other, apart from Himself.

In fact, the challenge we encounter in having to cope with our own species’ quirks can be so great that it scares
some people altogether, and instead of dealing with their fellow humans, they avoid this rather complex subject
in the school of life and prefer to devote their time and efforts to either the animal world, or wholly
materialistic affairs, with only the necessary minimum amount of contact with others of their own (human)

If there is one field we should really be advancing in, if we were really interested in fulfilling our purpose in
this life, and yet we are learning practically nothing about in our schools and institutions of learning, then it’s
human relationships. Sure, we can study psychology, if we want to approach our fellow human beings on the
grounds that Nietzsche and Freud did, that we are simply another bunch of – perhaps the cruelest kind of all –
animals. But certainly we’ll miss God’s purpose for us in the school of life by light years if we fail to realize
that that very purpose lies in keeping the one great Commandment, to love Him and others, and loving Him and
others is very much related, if not just about one and the same thing…

Since I started this project, a wonderful book has come out, which stresses the fact that God, in creating us has
been trying to make the point of how important relationship is to Him, probably in a better way than any other
book I’ve read before, and if you haven't read it yet, I'd highly recommend "The Shack" by William P. Young.

Perhaps God put a little bit of His own quality into us, when He made us - male and female - in His Own
image, of being an endless Source of exploration, mystery, learning and eternal discovery. We can live our
whole lives with a certain person and never really get to fully know them; perhaps because we also - just like
our divine "Original" we are copies of - constantly change, although at the same time remaining the same

We can learn a lot about God from ourselves and each other. We can laugh, cry and get angry, and so can He.
Sometimes when somebody bursts out in a fit of rage we perceive them as a different person than the one we've
known, but when the dust settles we realize they're still basically the same, after all, and even so it is with God.
He says of Himself, "I am the Lord, I change not," and the Scripture tells us that Jesus Christ is the same
yesterday, today and forever. It would be a mistake, though, to assume that we already know all there is to
know about Him, and all sides of Him. Sometimes God can come across as a very different God than we had in
mind all along, but not so much because He seems to have changed, but rather because we hadn't come to know
that side of Him previously. And I assume there will be an endless amount of facets to God to explore for all
Amazingly, though on a slightly smaller scale, perhaps, that same attribute seems to apply to humans as well.
At least I would reason - by personal experience - that we tend to underestimate both, our fellowmen, as well as
God's ingenuity in creating us, if we put each other in boxes with labels on that pretend to know and have
figured out all there is to find out about any one single person. I would challenge anyone to give God a chance,
and that person they think they know so well might yet turn out to surprise them.

As we grow older and make friends, acquaintances & build relationships, we constantly test others and are
being tested by them on the grounds of our mutual trustworthiness. Trust is an important & basic factor of any
relationship. Some folks' trust cannot so easily be shaken. Others are suspicious by nature.

God has given us parents, brothers and sisters, friends, lovers and spouses as perfect samples of His
relationship with us, and as real-life training for our relationship with Him. Without faith and trust in others, no
relationship can function in the long run. Even so, without faith it is impossible to please Him (Hebrews 11:6).
He calls us His bride. Traditionally, at least in older cultures, the wife was subordinate to her husband, and we,
His bride, are definitely supposed to serve Him. On the other hand, He's a very loving Husband, Who likes to
give us the desires of our hearts.
In fact, He loves us so much that He gladly died for us. If there's one thing I was able to glean from Mel
Gibson's "Passion," it was that Jesus went up each step of that hill, bearing His cross and facing His death for
us, voluntarily, purposely, and as if this was truly His ultimate purpose. And it was. Shortly before His
crucifixion He said, "for this reason I came to this hour."

One other place where we observe such camaraderie and utter loyalty is in epics about famous battles in
history. Since I've never been on a physical battle field as a soldier, I wouldn't know how much of this stuff is
real and how much of it is made up by Hollywood, but I like to believe that this kind of loyalty and devotion
exists among people who are serious about following God.
I like to see Jesus as the ultimate Warrior, the ultimate Friend, the ultimate Lover and Husband.
That's a very touchy subject with Christians who are duped by Satan's "sex is sin" spiel. But for those who truly
know Him, it is no secret that the act of love between a woman and a man is probably one of the most accurate
and fitting descriptions of the type of relationship God desires to have with His bride; ardent, passionate,
alive... Nothing cold, dry or sterile about it.
For those who truly love God, the assumption that sex is a sin is one gigantic farce, for to them, it is one of the
greatest proofs of His existence. Unless we were really simply damn lucky that "Coincidence" cooked up such
a neat way for us to ensure our procreation.

Of course, there's more to a marriage than sex, and faithfulness is a very great and important issue with God.
The Bible says, "Moreover it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful." And when the Lord in the
parable of the talents returned, he praised those who had made profit from what they were given, "Well done,
thou good and faithful servant." He didn't say, "successful" servant, or any other attribute, but "faithful."
While I'm no great advocate of jealousy between humans, and consider it much more of a curse than a virtue, I
have come to learn that in God's case, He has every perfect right to be jealous. Loving anyone or anything else
more than Him just isn't good for us, period.

One important point on the subject of "What does God want to teach us through relationships" is the aspect of
helping others, particularly those weaker, poorer and needier than us. Jesus goes as far as saying that we only
love Him as much as we love the least of His brethren. In other words, that kind of sacrificial love toward the
poor, the sick, the needy, the destitute and imprisoned, is in His eyes equal to loving Him, which is the greatest
commandment (Matth.22:36-40).
In other words, love is only real and genuine, and our giving only really counts when we give unselfishly to
those from whom we will never be able to expect anything in return. Not because it's our job and we get paid
for it (although anyone who will have chosen a profession along the lines of helping others truly because he
wants to help others will certainly be rewarded for doing so), but simply to fill the need...
I believe that Heaven is full of helpers, and that the entire heavenly social structure is based on the principle of
helping others. Nobody "Up There" just lives to himself or for himself. There simply is no such thing. Just as
there really isn't any such thing down here. You may think you are, but you will always affect others, either
with your positive or negative sample, and often both...
We're all supposed to be our weaker brothers' keepers. How sad when we neglect that role and abuse our
brethren instead, and use them as stepping stones in order to ensure our own survival or ascent on the ladder of

All of this means that there are probably a lot of people out in the world, although they may not even believe in
Christ, perhaps because of bad experiences with the church, or an atheistic upbringing, as well as countless
members of other religions in social services, who may actually be closer to God than many a gun-slinging
Christian, who considers his "service" to God sitting on a cushioned church bench for an hour a week and listen
to a preacher.
That brings us to another point in relationships and marriages: when they break apart. Divorce.
Although God says in His Word that He is still married to those who desert Him, this does not mean that He
can't take on another wife who is still faithful to Him, loves and serves Him and bears fruit for Him.
Throughout history, God has always had "new brides," when the old church turned her back on Him and
forsook Him for other gods.
When you look at today's established churches, it is probably easier to assume that Mammon, the god of
wealth, is their God, although in name they may be worshipping Jesus, a man who didn't even have a place
where to lay His head.
In the Book of Revelation we even find the religious Systems of the world depicted as "Babylon the Whore,"
who is riding on the back of the beast of the kingdoms of this world, which receives its power from the Dragon,
Satan, who in turn seeks to wipe out the true church.
There is already another book or study in the making about things we can learn from the characters we find in
the Bible, so let it suffice for now to say here that the relationship between the true believers and those who
only pretend to serve God is as old as the jealousy that Cain had for Abel.

Problems in relationships are as manifold as there are possibilities of constellations between human beings...
Some folks get along, some don't. Maybe you don't get along with A, but B does, and so you manage to
overcome your problems with A with B's help...
When problems occur, the best things is to go to the Boss and ask for help. After all, He made you, He made
the other person, and if He knows the number of the amount of hairs on your head, and about every sparrow
falling from the sky, he should certainly be willing and able to help you out with that problem in your
relationship. It's not that He's going to work it all out for you, if there's something He wants you to do, but at
least He can show you what's wrong, where maybe you've been making a mistake or haven't seen things the
way they really are, or, what's wrong with the other person and how you can help them.

When it all comes down to it, life is all about people, a subject you hardly learn anything about in school. If
we're supposed to love others and even to manifest our love for God through the way we treat others, how can
we not care about what makes others tic? How can we be so indifferent, so careless, how can we not try to
understand each other?
Oh, yes, right, because "me first" is the big slogan in the world, and it will always be the main obstacle in any
kind of relationship. When we will have learned to put "me" behind God and our fellowman, then we'll be
ready for God wants and has wanted all along: relationship all over the place. Love, communication,
interaction, understanding, sharing, giving, receiving... all that's involved in a relationship between Him and us
and others...
Every star has its individual light, but it also has its effect and impact on the other stars, especially in its own
solar or stellar system and constellation. "Everything belongs", as Richard Rohr would put it, and so do you.
That's the Big Picture.
What really defines the art of living for a believer is when he has not only learned to take everything that
happens to him as from the hand of God (in the light of Romans 8:28), but also everybody who crosses our
path. If there is no such thing as coincidence, then there must be a specific, God-ordained reason why that
person is in your life right now, possibly making it more difficult.
See the difficulty about it as a challenge from God Himself personally for you, in order to grow, to stretch your
muscle and expand your horizon. What does He want to show, teach and convey to you through this situation
with that person you may be having a hard time with?
I believe that this is what life really is all about: to see God in everything and everybody we meet, and to look
for the hidden meaning and purpose in every incident, every acquaintance - everything.
Of course, this requires some re-training and re-conditioning from our original "everything's an accident"
mindset ingrained in us from the school of evolution. But if God's in control at all, then He's in control of every
little thing, even those seemingly insignificant encounters with people everyday.
Of course, if we're a believer and they're not, then it is our God-given duty to convey to them the Good News,
lest their blood be required from our hands (see Ezekiel 3:17-19).

Jesus refers to Himself repeatedly as "the Bridegroom" in His parables, and to His ecclesia, His called out ones,
as the "Bride." He is the universal Bridegroom, the missing Piece, that which we, His Bride, have been
yearning for all our lives, even if we may not be aware of the fact that it's Him we're searching. The Devil has
been busy at tainting Christ's image in our minds, so that we would expect the answer to all our yearning and
longings least of all where we will actually find it.
Jesus promised that when He will return, He would call His chosen ones to Him, and the Book of Revelation
tells us about a magnificent Wedding Party in Heaven. It's as if Christ's first coming was His betrothal, and His
Second Coming will be for the actual wedding. The Book of Revelation also tells us of another cataclysmic
event that will happen during that time: "Time shall be no more" (Rev.10:6).
The German creation scientist Werner Gitt explains that right now we live under the dominion of Chronos,
which he call's "man's time," but then we shall live under Cairos, God's time.
God has also revealed to the Family International, that another mysterious event will unfold, probably during
that same pivotal moment in history of Christ's Return: the merging of the dimensions. In other words, the
physical and the presently unseen, spiritual dimension will unite, and I can only picture this event as the
ultimate manifestation of the very act of love, when God, the Spirit and "Father of Spirits" (Heb.12:9) will
finally embrace His physical creation and make it one with His eternal Realm. The Wedding, the Union will be
complete, resulting in fruits of peace and joy that will continue forever.
It is not just nice words when the Bible says "God is Love." He really is Love, and the Lover of all lovers.
When it comes to the art of loving, He really is the supreme Master at it, and He knows exactly what He's

In Richard Rohr’s, "Everything Belongs," the Franciscan writes, "How we relate sexually is a good teacher and
indicator of how we relate to God (and how we relate to God is probably a good teacher and indicator of how
we will relate to everything else). Religions and relationships are one. Religion (re-ligio) is the task of putting
our divided realities back together: human and divine, male and female, heaven and earth, sin and salvation,
mistake and glory."
If he is right, then not only is the sexual act a physical manifestation and portrayal of what God wants His
relationship with us, His bride, to be like, but our sexual attitudes and behavior then also become indicators of
how we relate to God and everything else (interesting that God should reveal such things to a celibate, isn't it?).
Some of us are addicted to sex, others are very clumsy at it, some don't like it at all, most like it too much, and
many have developed unhealthy attitudes toward sex through former deprivation and guilt complexes stemming
from the dogma that sex is sin, while yet others are getting such an overload of it that they lose the beauty in it

I reckon we cannot really be good lovers unless we allow the Lover of all lovers to teach us how. If we love
God, then we're also capable of loving each other as we should.

One of the dilemmas in relationships is that we are often so guided by our own impulses that we don't really
listen to the other one. We hear what we want to hear. We interpret what they're saying according to our own
standards and mental dictionaries, but often don't perceive who or what they really are. That's why people can
live together for decades and still come to the conclusion that they don't really know their partner, or feel that
their partner doesn't really know them.
Getting to really know another person requires winding down from the mode of snap judgment and
interpretation to "full soul perception:" Not merely paying attention to the information contained in the words
they're saying, nor even the gestures and actions that accompany their words, but viewing their entire beings
through God's eyes, they eyes of love. That's a supernatural process, but not one that we are denied. One of the
gifts of the Spirit which the Father would most gladly give to any of His children who would ask Him for it, is
the gift of discernment - a very needed and neglected gift in this day and age.
One of the classic examples of the dire need for this gift is George W. Bush who managed to deceive millions
of (mostly American) Christians into believing that he was one of them and on their side, when nothing could
be further from the truth.
George W. Bush will probably go down in history as the man who laid the cornerstone for the abolition of
Slowly - but much too late, as usual - some are finally waking up to the fact that they've been fooled, although
the number of Christians among those is still shockingly low. This shows that believers lack the gift of
People cannot even discern their own spirits these days, nor are they honest and curious enough to find out
about their own hidden agendas and ulterior motives and secret sins that often drive them on, much less do they
discern the true qualities of their fellowmen.
Well, it's no wonder, since what we're being taught in school is not about what makes our fellowman tic, but
what makes the stock market tic. We learn about numbers, and our goal in life is to manipulate numbers,
particularly the ones revolving our bank accounts, and the knowledge about people that interests us is only that
which is in any way useful to that goal.
Thus we neglect the knowledge of the soul. We don't care about their souls and have consequently become
soulless. May God help us to find our souls again, the first step to finding anyone else's and really finding out
what they're all about, and consequently, what life itself is all about...

Something is fundamentally wrong with our current, Western version of the age-old “mating game,” in which
we basically just try to get our partner cater to our own selfish desires instead of recognizing Who really is the
Man in the house.
If we would grant God the position in our lives that is His due, then certainly family life as we know it would
be a lot more harmonious and better functioning, and the divorce rates wouldn’t be what they are, nor would
our teenage kids run through this world so disillusioned and clueless.
We as “enlightened” members of our Western, so-called Christian society may look down on other cultures,
such as Islam, for their what we consider backward ideas and ways of running family life, but generally, their
families aren’t nearly in the same devastating state that a lot of ours are in.
No wonder our Western society seems to have vowed to eradicate Muslims from the face of the earth by
specializing in bombing weddings in Afghanistan. If there’s one thing miserable people hate, it’s happy people
with well-functioning families.

Jesus must have had a reason for comparing the days preceding His Second Coming to the days before Noah’s
flood by giving reference to the “mating game:” “For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating
and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not until
the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be (Mt.24:38, 39)”.
Apparently Eve wasn’t the last to ever get her husband into trouble, and while it is certainly true that there’s a
dark side to the machismo of men taking advantage of their position over women in society, I’m afraid we’re
all about to find out that by twisting the way God originally ordained family to work, we’re going to reap a lot
more trouble than this world has seen already.

Unfortunately, part of the task of deciphering the deeper meaning of everything includes recognizing when
something’s wrong, and the basic structure of modern day relationships in my opinion is definitely one area
that cries loudest for improvement, nay, for salvation from our current erratic ways, and for our Savior to take
us back to the Garden and the way things were before we fell for the serpent’s ideas of “improvement.”

In the previous chapter we have briefly touched on the subject of “progress” in the school of life, and hinted
that what that progress is all about, as far as our Maker is concerned, is relationship with Him and others.
One factor that is largely underestimated, and yet vitally essential in making any kind of forward movement in
our relationships is the totally out of fashion virtue once known as humility.
The sad thing is that many people’s focus is basically all on themselves, and their concern is primarily with
their own welfare, even in their interactions with others: “What can you or they do for me?” is their question
that determines their attitude in life, and one that’s bound to cause them to sadly fail and miss the point.

True progress is achieved through concern for others and developing an attitude that causes you to look around
for things you can do that may be of service to them, instead of constantly being on the lookout for someone to
cater to your personal well-being. It’s the attitude of a servant, as opposed to that of a tyrant, and the choice
between either of those two is basically what determines our outcome in the final analysis of our life as either a
winner or a loser.
The tyrants may presently look like the winners, but they’ll certainly be the losers in the long run, whereas the
servants are going to be the winners in God’s book. The tyrants are those who are too proud to be His or
anyone’s servants, and they rebel against that destiny, and want to be served and catered to themselves. They
don’t want to dance on “another sucker’s parade” as someone put it, which just about wraps up the Devil’s
attitude of the original pride that brought sin and all of evil into the world.

So, one can tell that this seemingly innocent little choice between accepting to be a humble servant or not can
make a big difference in the final outcome. The only true progress and advancement is achieved via selfless
serving. The regress and backwards movement the world is currently undergoing is all due to millions of little
tyrant being let loose on each other, powered by the input that Satan has unleashed upon them on an
unprecedented massive scale, soon to culminate in the revelation of the biggest tyrant ever…

(Heavenly Input on “Relationships”)

Opposites Attract

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence,

and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.” – H. K.

Probably one of the greatest causes for many of the problems of mankind, such as our wars and our inhumane
treatment of not only each other, but pretty much all of creation, is what the Greeks called “Xenophobia,” our
fear of the strange, of whatever is different than we are.
And let’s come to face it: the one thing we’re most scared of, because “it” is really the most different from us
by nature, is God.
Basically, what Jesus had to say when He came to earth was, “There is really nothing to be scared of!” and to
love our enemies, instead of seeking to annihilate them.
Evidently, we didn’t get the point.

If loving our enemies is God’s way, then it seems to be the complete opposite of our way of doing things, as
the annual, so-called “Defense” budget of the supposedly most “Christian” nation in the world easily
demonstrates (3.8 trillion US dollars in 2010 – to help visualize that figure: To spend $1 trillion, one would
have had to start spending $1 million daily soon after Rome was founded and continue for 2,738 years
until today).

If “the way of the world” doesn’t seem to be where it’s at, when measured by God’s standards, then what we all
desperately need is alternative input.

Part of the purpose and meaning on life is simply the effort to stay on the fine-tuned frequency of God's Spirit
without becoming affected and influenced by the Enemy's output, which is much more prevalent in the world
today. - To buck the tide of the mainstream drift, to not believe as everyone else believes, just because it is
popular or the "in" thing, the politically correct version of "truth" or one's world view.

One big difference between the World to come (- although it is already here, we just don’t see it yet -), the
eternal World, the Kingdom of God, and our present world is that you won't find anything fake or phony in
God's World. While this world has a plastic version of just about everything, and imitations and cheap copies of
the real thing everywhere, because that's what the god of this world is great at: faking things and imitating
God's Real Thing and authentic version, you won't find any of that stuff in Heaven.
For instance, there won't be any need for photographs in Heaven, because you'll be able to just think about a
person or a place and you'll be able to see them right before your eyes, the real thing; not just a flat, 2-
dimensional, lifeless replica or image of them.

One thing that makes the people of God stand out from the rest of the world is that they hunger and thirst after
righteousness - the real thing. - Not just the Devil's fake and phony version of it, of which there is great
abundance everywhere around us, which you will know if you have ever come to taste of the "justice" of the
System's courts of law.
Some things in this world don't represent realities of the Spirit World, but the opposite of them. This especially
applies to the world's concept of justice. The entire judicial world in our System has become just another
business, as a 5 minute talk with any lawyer will teach all of us, and revolves around just the same old lie
around which nearly everything else in this world does: money.
It's true that criminals are justifiable punished for their crimes in many cases, but the truth is, that the greatest
criminals are running around freely, don't pay taxes, and get away with the most atrocious crimes of mass
murder and genocide and are yet being hailed as (inter-)national heroes. And it's quite likely that serious
criminals are punished less severely than those who dared to buck the tide. It's not really a secret that justice is
not exactly prevalent in our System's courts.

If love governs the Realm of God, in our world it's fear. We obey, not out of love, but out of fear.
Unfortunately, many people drag that fear into their religion, and the result is a counterfeit Christianity that has
turned many sincere seekers into the opposite direction. I'm personally convinced that what is called
Christianity today has sent more millions of souls to hell than any other culprit. I ought to know, because it was
church attendance that turned me into an atheist at the age of 10.
Fortunately, there are also sincere Christians among the churches, but I'm coming to the point where I believe
that "Christians" are no more the people of God than the Jews are. Just professing to be a follower of Christ
doesn't automatically make you one. Your actions will prove it.
Jesus said this Himself when He said that there would be many who would do all sorts of things in His name,
but that He would have to tell them upon His return that He never knew them. Of course, Christians always
assume that He was talking about someone else, not them.
If you're looking for the Real Thing in this world, you'd do wisely to look not for the nice and shiny
appearances, for "that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination with God." But look among the
despised, the persecuted, those everybody would be ashamed of being acquainted with. If you're hooked on
today's showbiz type of Christianity where "popularity is it," where you determine your success by the amount
of "friends" you have on "," then it's quite likely you're looking in the wrong direction.

Of course, there are those for whom the confrontation with the other, the different, the opposite, is too
cumbersome, too tedious, and they prefer to find satisfaction exclusively in acquaintances and relationships
with their own kind...
It's within the human nature of many of us to seek the path of the least resistance.
But if we want to learn something - a lesson that lasts beyond the kick of the immediate gratification - from this
school of life, we do well to adhere to the example the Creator Himself gave, since He did not just resolve to
mingle with His own, spiritual and powerful kind, but deemed it appropriate to become one of us and become
frail flesh and blood just like us.
According to some of the metaphors Jesus gave, such as the one of the good Samaritan, or the account of the
King's return, the greatest saints will be those who dared to love a stranger, not exclusively those of one's own
kind, and He even said that if we only love those who love us, what reward is in this? To be perfect, He
concludes, as the Father, is to go out of our way, leave our comfort zone, and embrace the stranger...

(Heavenly Input on “Opposites & the Totally Other:)

Off to Work

“We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough.” – H. K.

We identify ourselves by what we do for a living, much more than by our beliefs and ideologies. Someone may
still call himself a Christian while serving the gods of war or wealth for five days a week, but is he?
Jesus could have stuck to carpentry, but instead left the family trade behind for the trade of His spiritual
Family, the trade His real Father had ordained for Him, and those who decided to follow Him did so likewise.
So, it should behoove all of us to think twice and consider well what we are going to invest the majority of our
time, energies and resources in, since it is our works that we will be judged and measured by in the final

In order to ensure our survival and -nowadays - to acquire the one thing we deem most essential, those
numbered little pieces of paper that determine our status, our wealth and even our very "worth," most of us
need to do something we call work. Of course, there are some privileged folks who don't really need to do that
because they already have more than enough little papers, but even such people will usually find some sort of
activity to busy themselves with, since no matter how many of those papers one has got, there hardly ever
seems to be a moment when it's simply enough.

Even the Bible says that our faith is dead without works, the laborer is worthy of his hire and "he that shall not
work, shall not eat," but it also makes a large distinction between the two masters, one of which we must
choose to serve, and there only seem to be those two, and we cannot serve both, according to Jesus.
Unfortunately, it's obvious that even many "servants of God" are only in it for the money, and are in reality
serving Mammon, the god of wealth, and not "the living God Who gives us richly all things to enjoy." If we're
honest, we must admit that there is no more powerful religion today than materialism. After all, we don't mind
slaving away for money 5 or 6 days a week, but then still often begrudgingly put on that fancy suit on Sunday
mornings to render that one hour of "service" to God by listening to the preacher.
When it comes to money, God doesn't stand a chance in the lives of most of us. Its grip is just too powerful.
Unwittingly, so many of us have become like Cain, instead of tenders of God's sheep. We like to trust in our
own arm to save us, to sustain us, not realizing that it is an accursed life according to the Bible, when we don't
give God the chance to prove to us that He, the Giver of all things, is also our Sustainer.
Earning our own living enables us to be autonomous, self-dependent, and we don't have to give the credit to
God for every little bite of food we eat, nor for the beds we sleep in. When it comes to our work, it shows just
how real our religion or faith really is, and what we put most of our faith in, and also, how shockingly few there
are among us who really do serve God. My guess would be that it's less than one percent of the population, and
maybe that's even a high estimate.
The problem is that even for sincere believers it is one of the greatest temptations to make a god out of their
work. That doesn't mean that God cannot use you at all, even if you're working for Mammon. He may still be
using your work to further His cause, but let's not be kidding ourselves and deny that when it comes down to it,
we're still working primarily for Mammon.
The only folks who can truly say that they are working for God full-time are those who give their lives as
missionaries or in some other service for others, who simply don't care about money. Even some full-time
preachers of the Gospel have become very "professional" at their preaching, and make the rest of the world
wonder, "What kind of go$pel are you preaching?"
If you preach the Gospel, it is also very important that you live the Gospel, and Jesus didn't go around
collecting millions of dollars for a fancy new church building. In fact, He didn't have a place to lay His head,
and His early followers reminded the Jews that "the Most High lives not in temples made with hands."
Still, God is pretty cool and gives us a lot of leeway when it comes to the choice of our activities, but He gets
pretty hot under the collar about lukewarmness, when people hypocritically pretend to be in the business for
Him, while all they really care about is how much they're raking in.
What you do is much more important than what you claim to believe in, since you really only believe in
something as much as you practice it, and going to church once a week doesn't really consist of a lot of
practice or acting out your faith, does it?
If we're honest, our work is what keeps most of us from the essential things in life. In our efforts to make sure
that our families have more than they need in material aspects, we sacrifice our time with them, send our kids
off to school to be converted into mental ape-men, so they can follow in our footsteps some day and spend their
lives earning money, eat, sleep, die.
No wonder that some of our kids are going crazy. It just doesn't compute. Even if you want to do something
helpful for others, you'll find that there's yet a whole army of state employees making it nearly impossible for
you. They're getting paid for stopping you from helping others (as some have found out during the New
Orleans disaster and in innumerable similar situations).
So, we've come a long way from the times when we were standing in the fields with our plows, surrounded by
our children, and we really knew we were doing what God had ordained. One has to carefully choose their
profession these days in order to be making sure they're not actually doing more harm than good. That's
because the System is evil, since the head honchos who run it are working for the other side. About the best
thing you can do is drop out and work for God instead.
Jesus made it clear when He recruited the fisherman Peter to follow Him: He had just helped him miraculously
to the biggest catch of his life, when He tells him, "Follow Me, and I will make you a fisher of men." He wasn't
saying that it was bad to spend life as a fisher, but He was saying that there's something better. And I daresay
that it would very definitely have been the wrong choice and the bad thing for Peter, to say, "No, thanks, Dude;
think I'm gonna stay here and sell them fish You just helped me to catch. But good luck, anyway..."
What would you do, if Jesus came along to offer you a better job than the one you have? Maybe He's offering
you one right now. Whatever it is you're doing, there probably is something better you could do with your
talents and the gifts you were given. The results in cash might not always be the ultimate confirmation that
you've made the right choice when you decided to serve Him, but you'll notice the difference in other values
that you won't find on the dog-eat-dog job-market out there: the happiness you'll experience in the changed
lives you helped to bring about in your service to others, their grateful smiles... Spiritual rewards, which, quite
unlike paper money, will last forever and won't go up in the fiery trials of this life's inflations and crashes.

But even if for some reason you can't assume a profession in God's service, you can still work for Him, or at
least with Him, if you integrate and include Him in what you do, give Him the credit for supplying your needs
and don't lock Him out of your life but let Him show you opportunities to use whatever it is you're doing for
His purpose and to further His cause whenever you can.
Most of all, you can work for Him through your loving interaction with others, both at your working place and
in your private life. Everybody can work on changing the world for the better a little bit each day. Even if the
Devil himself is your employer, you can let God be the Boss of your heart, and He will eventually show you
either a way out, or the purpose of putting you where you are.
There is a reason and a purpose for everything. You only need to allow Him to help you find it out.

(Heavenly Input on Serving God)

Role Reversal

“Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.” – H. K.

In the deeper meaning of everything, that message hidden in plain view that God wants to convey to us, there is
no chapter as painful, equally effective, and yet more ignored and sometimes plainly missed, as the lessons He
tries to teach us – often mainly about ourselves – through our children.

In my experience, the Great Teacher can sneak up on us from behind sometimes and reveal otherwise painful
truths about us through the back door, namely by bringing a certain less than favorable quality of our off-spring
to our attention, which then often makes us realize, "Hey, but wait a minute! I'm actually doing the same
thing!" - At least it's happened to me, I don't know about you...

I don't think anything in life is as effective a teacher, both about the mysteries of life and God, as well as about
ourselves, as having children of our own. Somebody once rightly said that one can scarcely consider that they
are a fully mature adult unless they either have had children of their own or have at least learned to take
responsibility for others' lives in some way.
Again, you can learn so much from having kids that books and books could be written about it. Some people
have experienced amazement over the amount of love they found themselves capable of giving, with the event
of a child arriving in their lives. A friend once told me when I was in my early twenties, when my wife was
pregnant with our first child, "It's going to change your life!"
At first that awaited change wasn't really all that obvious, but boy, did the lessons God was teaching me
through what was to become of my children, and the path each of them chose, hit home later!

Some parents can go through the motions of raising children just as they go through any other routine, any
other job: they just do it, that's all. Rake in the money, put the food on the table, let loose the typical wise
proverbs they already picked up from their parents as children, and that's it.
I'm afraid I was like that for most of my years as a young parent. Only once I learned to open my eyes and
communicate with God, hear from Him what the lessons were for me in all of this, did I become aware of the
fact that there's more, much more to parenting than meets the eye.
If we truly see, we become aware that God is allowing us to experience some of the very same things He
experiences when we become parents. The disappointment and sadness when our children choose not to obey
us but prefer to go different paths than ours... their insistence that they can do it better on their own, that they
don't need our help, and that they'll be happier apart from us, and independent. The rebellion they nearly
inevitably develop against us in their teens... The distance that comes between us when they choose to believe
things about us that are simply not true, doubts about our love for them, their totally different view of things,
often distorted, alienated from us, mentally re-shaped and reframed by the world around them with all its
Perhaps you’re parent of a teen who is seemingly not interested in you and the things that make your world go
round at all, but only into his or her own thing, and the appalling way they react to you or treat you or your
spouse at times, making you wonder, “Why me? – Why did You have to give me such a child, Lord?”
And if you listen closely, you might just hear Him answer, “Welcome to the Club! Welcome to how I
sometimes feel about the way you treat Me!”

Even in their early years, there is so much you can learn from them. Have you ever sat on the floor opposite
from a child and rolled him a ball? In most cases, initially the child will refuse to return the ball to you, but will
cling to it and wander off, wondering why this isn't all that much fun anymore, after a while.
We are a lot like that in our relation with God. He rolls us a ball, and then we walk off with it, wondering where
all the fun in life is supposed to be. Well, the fun is in giving the ball back to Him, rolling it back to Him. Any
situation He gives us, instead of handling it ourselves, we will be much better off by giving it back to God. We
commit it into His hands in prayer, and He will always return the matter to us in an improved state, ready to
repeat the procedure again and again, until we've learned the game.
Then we can go on to more sophisticated games with rules and scores, and we continue to learn more about
teamwork as we go, about trusting the team leader or Captain, looking at the Coach for His clues, and
considering our partners in the game, always keeping a watchful eye on our opponents...
Unfortunately, one of the lessons modern day disciples of Christ are bound to learn from bringing offspring
into this world is the confirmation of Jesus’ words that “Whatsoever is born of the flesh is flesh; and
whatsoever is born of the spirit is spirit” (John 3:6).
We cannot force happiness or God’s Spirit upon our children, and no matter how hard we try to raise and train
them in the way we would want them to go, ultimately the choice is up to them, and the ability to withstand the
manifold temptations the Devil has cooked up in this day and age to lure our youngsters from the path of Christ
requires a measure of God’s grace that few have been given in my experience.
What remains is often not much more than another lesson in which our heavenly Father is saying, “Welcome to
the club!” or “Walk a mile in My shoes!”
The Bible says that the “natural man” is at enmity with God, most likely because our flesh likes to think of
itself as god: all-powerful and all-knowing, and especially before we’ve experienced the physical limitations
we encounter in our later years that wake us up to our true, rather weak state.
Before having had children on my own, I harbored self-righteous thoughts about my parents and their child-
raising methods, certain that I would never commit the sort of mistakes they made. Once I faced the reality of
my own children, I realized I had been indulging in wishful thinking at best. I probably made mistakes far
worse than they did.

Our children, once they have grown to become adolescents or young adults, rarely choose the path that we,
their parents, would like; at least not initially. Obviously we often do the same thing with God. We choose
paths that He knows aren't always what He would consider the best for us, but then the marvelous thing about it
is that He always rigs things up so that we wind up back on His path, having learned a few valuable lessons on
our detours. In the end, He always stands there with a wink in His eye and you realize that what has come to
pass had to come to pass. Things wouldn't have been the same any other way.

Another parallel between God’s relationship with us, His earthly children and our own child/parent
relationships is that children are much more prone to be influenced and swayed by what their peers tell them,
than anything their parents could say, just as we seem to pay more attention to the words of man than God’s.
It’s almost as if the quality of being invisible puts God in a category we deem less worthy of our attention, just
as adolescents nowadays often discriminate the older generation simply because they don’t belong to their own
age group.

Sometimes we get so excited about a certain project that we tend to ignore God and leave Him out of the
equation, and thus, unfortunately tend to miss the opportunity to make the best out of its potential, or even
make a mess of it altogether. When we can calmly evaluate success and failure and, as Kipling advised, "treat
both impostors the same," then we'll remember to "roll the ball back" to God, knowing that if anything
worthwhile is going to be accomplished, it's going to have to be through His wisdom and power anyway.

Do you have a teenage son or daughter that sometimes doesn’t show you the respect you’d like from them?
Maybe God is trying to show you through this that you aren’t showing Him the respect He’d like from you,
either. The word re-spect means to look again. How much do we really continue looking up to God for His
guidance, His approval of our actions and attitudes throughout the day, beyond our set and usual time of prayer
and devotion to Him? It may surprise you, but lessons like these can be gleaned from walking through life with
open eyes and deciphering God’s message to us from the experiences we make with people around us,
especially our children.

As a father of grown up and adolescent children, it’s dawning on me that one of the mysteries in this life lies in
God allowing us a taste of the hurt He feels from our rejection of His ways by experiencing the same from our
own children. Blessed is the man (women usually have an easier time with this) who can love his children as
unconditionally as He loves us, and not just when they put on perfect behavior or choose the paths we prefer for

One of the greatest mistakes modern parents in Western society structures are making in my humble opinion, is
that they think they know better than God and reject His recipe for successful child raising. Both from our own
experience as well as from His Word, we know that God is a strong advocate of discipline, and He warns us
strongly against spoiling our child and “sparing the rod.”
But just as we do in so many other aspects of life, we also think that we’re smarter than God and know better
than He does when it comes to childcare, because that’s what most of us parents nowadays do, with very few
exceptions: spoil our kids rotten.
We think we have to protect our children from any possible difficulty and potential hurt, totally rejecting God’s
own example as a parent (after all, that’s not what He does with us or them, is it?), and in some situations I’ve
even seen parents usurping the very place of God in their children’s lives, as their protector (if necessary from
God Himself), provider and pretty much the source of every thinkable blessing (some of which have turned out
to be curses in disguise), absolutely convinced beyond a doubt that our way indeed is a better one than the old-
fashioned, way-too-strict (in our opinion), conservative and out-dated method of child-raising that God Himself
The result of our “knowing better” than God is the same as it is in every other area of life: chaos. Because we
have rejected the original plan and advice of God, following instead the advice of our own peers (Satan has
long ceased to appear as a serpent. He only resorted to that one in Eden because there were no other humans
around that he could use) and reaping on every side the results of having sown their evil seeds in the garden of
our lives.
It is no longer the man who has the say in most households, but since the major target group of the corporations
which manipulate our governments is our kids (since they determine the bulk of what we’re going to spend our
money on, and, after all, they’re going to be the next generation of servants in that oh-so-wonderful New World
Order), an ancient prophecy has been fulfilled before our eyes on an unprecedented scale in history: “As for My
people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O My people, they which lead thee cause thee
to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” (Isaiah 3:12).

Yesterday we had a conversation with an old friend of ours who was having some struggles with her young
teenage daughter, and she said, “I’ve been trying for some time now to come up with a list of positive qualities
of teenagers, but hard as I may try, I just can’t think of any.” Naturally, many people would sternly disagree
with our friend, and none other group more vehemently than the teenagers themselves (since the one quality
they all presently seem to have in common is the thought that only teenagers are actual human beings), but
perhaps every parent has at one point or another at least come close to that feeling of frustration where they
couldn’t possibly figure out what this “teen business” is supposed to be all about.
Honestly, I wasn’t able to comfort our friend with a long list of teenage virtues, either, although there definitely
are some, such as their idealism and zest to try out new things, etc., or at least such used to be some of the more
pleasant qualities of teenagers I remember from decades past. What I was able to tell her, though, is that one
good thing about teens is that they’re probably the best illustration for the way God must feel about us many
Mankind, it seems, has passed from its stage of infancy to the “age” of adolescence, and age in which rebellion
against our heavenly Father seems to be the one factor that unites most of us. We refuse categorically to adhere
to His seemingly outdated, perhaps somewhat conservative ways, absolutely convinced that our ideas are a
whole lot better than His, and if we’d get a chance, we’d show Him how things ought to be done properly.

The difference is that we, unlike God, do make mistakes, and perhaps sometimes our teens may actually be
right about their notion that they might have handled certain situations better than us, although the advantage of
the older generation’s experience will usually work in favor of making that case rather the exception than the
God’s problem is – pretty much the same as our problem, as far as teens are concerned – is that He is different
than we are. For one thing, we can’t even see Him, and most of us can’t really hear Him, either, and what we
hear about Him, often from somewhat unreliable sources, does not provide Him with better cards, either, as far
as most of us are concerned…
Contrary to that, our teens usually feel as if they see and hear too much of us already, and they’d rather get a
little space and distance between us and them… room to breathe.
God does the same with us. In fact, He gives us so much “room to breathe” that some tend to get upset with
Him, thinking that He’s simply not interested or doesn’t care, which is also the impression some of our teens
get of us sometimes…
God basically provides us with all we need for living without demanding much or any credit in return. But very
much like our teens, we try to prove that we’re independent and can make it on our own, without any of His
help, and He lets us, just as we usually finally give in and let our grown up children go to fend for themselves
and start their own families.
Eventually the point comes, though, where most of us realize that we do need the help of not only others like
us, but perhaps Someone greater than us, Who will hold our hand and accompany us through those dark regions
of our lives where even our best friends at times simply can’t be found.
That’s when we begin to gather that precious experience that makes the difference between mature adults and
independent, stubborn teenagers. The realization of the fact that when we thought we knew better, we really
didn’t, is the first step toward reconciliation with our parents, both earthly and heavenly.

(Heavenly Input on Children and Parenting:)

The Art of War

“As the eagle was killed by the arrow winged with his own feather,
so the hand of the world is wounded by its own skill.” – H. K.

Life has often been compared to a game, a play, and in many ways, it is. We actually do score points down
here. It's called the Love Game. Every little deed of love we do scores points for us down here and will
determine the size of the prize that awaits us both here and now and there and then.
Sometimes the whole thing gets a bit more serious, though, and it would be more appropriate to change the
description of the Big Picture from being a game to something more drastic: war.
Whose side are you fighting on in this war of the spirit, on this battlefield of life?

It's one of the great paradoxes of our times, that while on one hand the majority of the "enlightened" Western
world seems to agree that war is about the most nonsensical, outrageously insane atrocity this world has ever
had to experience, on the other, those same nations simultaneously continue to perpetrate that very curse on
their weaker brethren in the most sophisticated means ever, and those same supposedly oh-so pacifistic masses
stand by silently while their governments haul away their sons and brethren to slaughter the poor and
Why, we can even watch them on TV doing it.

In my opinion, this mind-boggling phenomenon of war must certainly be another physical manifestation of a
spiritual truth, namely that there is a war going on behind the curtain that separates the visible from the
invisible realm.
I believe it's no coincidence that the God of the Bible is called "the Lord of Hosts," the leader of the Armies of
Heaven, and it's not just a nice allegory, but there is an actual war going on between the forces of Truth, of
Heaven, of Love, of all that stands for Good, and the powers of Evil: the side fighting for the Lie, either
consciously, or as duped, unwitting slaves.
Obviously, the Devil wouldn't get most of his slaves to sign up for him voluntarily, so he dupes and tricks them
into his service. In fact, he has pretty much got it rigged up to where most people serve him unknowingly
simply in order to stay alive.
They don't believe in a God Who would "supply all their needs" (Philippians 4:19), and care for them just as He
has always done for His less significant creatures, like the birds of the air and the lilies in the fields (Matthew
6). All they've ever known is the circle of life they've been born into:
Go to school, go to work, pay your dues and render your services to your government... and then you die.

This may all look pretty innocent on the surface, not really indicate you're fighting on the "wrong side," and I'm
sure there are many good citizens and pillars of society who contribute what they can in order to help others,
but as far as the spiritual is concerned, Jesus said, "He that gathers not with Me, scatters abroad." In other
words, you're either helping Him promote the Truth, or you're helping His enemy with the distribution of his
Being oblivious to the existence of any such thing as truth or a worthy spiritual cause to fight for is usually not
exactly conducive to choosing the right side. Usually, it helps to know what you're fighting for. And chances
are that, if you're not fighting at all, you might be collaborating with the Enemy, just as millions of "innocent"
Germans aided the Nazis in their silent obedience and consent to their methods.
Similarly, there are many Christians supporting their supposedly "Christian" government, while the rest of the
world is getting sicker by the hour of such "Christianity." They may think they're fighting on the right side
because they call themselves Christians, but by silently supporting a government that is using lies and pretenses
as an excuse to wipe out large percentages of the population of some poorer country, (and repeating the same
feat time and time again without ever raising anyone’s suspicion), they're actively helping in spreading the very
propaganda Satan wants to flood the world with in order to bring about his government: that Christians are
fanatical and dangerous warmongers, and the world would be much better off without that bunch of religious

By silently standing by and passively supporting a supposedly "Christian" government and their physical wars
against the poor, you have actively participated in furthering the Devil's cause in his war of disinformation he
started in the Garden of Eden. You're actually fighting for the Lie, instead of the Truth, even though you may
go to church every Sunday, or even every day of the week and give your tithe to your church.
You may think you're buying your way into Heaven, while you may actually wind up finding yourself quite
ashamed to get Up There, realizing you've been fighting for the wrong cause all along.
It may turn out that God would have actually expected more of you than to swim with the current in some blind
loyalty to your government, that you should have known Him and His will a bit better than to be fooled so
easily by a devil disguised as a "Christian," getting you to support or silently tolerate his gun-slinging policies
of murdering the poor.
He may have expected you to look a little further for "the least of His brethren," not just within the borders of
your own country, and at the evil your own, falsely called "Christian" nation has wrought where they had no
business (except some fishy oil business, that is).
There were a lot of "Christians" in Germany during the Third Reich, but there were only few Christian enough
to be willing to risk their freedom and their lives to stand up for true Christian convictions, against the
hypocrisy and the Lie perpetrated by their government. It's true that in one place the Bible calls us to be loyal
and obedient to the powers that be. But it reminds us that we must obey God rather than men in more than one
place. It teaches us that the original Christians were willing to risk their liberty for that truth, even to risk their
lives. Now, that's what I would call heroes of war. It's easy to run over a poor third world country and kill a
bunch of women and children. - Nothing heroic about that, if you ask me. But to risk and sacrifice your own
comfort by showing you don't support the treacherous, heinous ways of your fake government, may they claim
to share your religion of not, that's what I'd call heroic.

In his book "The Final Quest," Rick Joyner describes a vision in which the armies of Satan are riding on the
backs of Christians against God's true army. Are you one of those? On whose side are you really fighting?

Getting back down to the basics of warfare, we already find a description of a simple "armor" of God that every
soldier of God should be equipped with in Paul's epistle to the Ephesians: the helmet of salvation, the
breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith (against the wicked darts of the enemy's lies), the footwear of
the Gospel of peace (not war), and the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

The Old Testament is, of course, full of wars which God's (former) people had to fight in order to conquer and
defend the land He had promised them. When Jesus came, however, all that changed, drastically. From then on,
warriors of God were warriors of the Spirit, just as His children from then on would not be flesh and blood
descendants of the Jewish race anymore, but born of God through the reception of the Word of God as
manifested in Jesus, by accepting His sacrifice for us (see John 1:13).
Some of those who most vehemently fight for the Enemy's cause in this world are those who have thus far
failed to recognize that truth, those who still fight carnal wars in order to maintain their carnal status as "God's

It's no wonder that so few people could imagine that being a Christian could have anything to do with justice or
fighting for the right cause. But you have to keep in mind that the Devil will always attack and conquer those
first who pose the largest threat to him. He's a very mean enemy who doesn't abide by any rules. He may have
duped the majority of Christians, but it's still him you've got to fight, not them.
Of course, by rejecting Christians for their hypocritical actions, most people also reject what Christians are
supposed to believe, and that is where they're making the mistake of tossing out the baby with the bath water.
By dismissing the spiritual truths which Christianity, granted, has done a poor job at teaching the world, they
allow the enemy of their souls to rob them of the armor and only weapon that could save them from his
onslaughts: Salvation, the Gospel, the only righteousness man ever possessed, namely that obtained through
the grace of God, faith, and the Word of God.
The only alternative is the same we've had ever since the beginning: lies, lies and more lies.

(Heavenly Input on “Spiritual Warfare”)


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it.
Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.” – H. K.

We already covered some thoughts on what life is trying to teach us through the many instances in our every
day lives when things go wrong. There is, however an entirely different degree to which things can go wrong,
namely when they go – what we would consider – terribly wrong: Calamities and disasters. Severe losses and
tragedies, and to learn how to deal with them and not miss the lesson they’re trying to teach us merits a chapter
on its own.

When calamity strikes, people are usually quick to point their finger at God, "How could He have allowed this?
How could a righteous, just and loving God ever allow such a thing?" – Etc. - Regardless of whether they even
believe in Him or not. Many come to the conclusion that there can be no God because of the apparent injustice
they see in the calamities happening that sometimes take the lives of many innocent people.
What are we supposed to learn from this, God?
Only when we have learned to really trust and experience God's love can we have the faith that God is fully in
control of everything, perfectly knows what He's doing and that, as bad as it may seem or look to us, whatever
He allows is still the best possible option for those who love Him.
It also takes knowledge of His Word, along with respect for His decisions and recognition of His supremacy.
We can't be self-righteous and believe we are better than God. "If I were God, I wouldn't have allowed this. I
would have handled things differently. Maybe so - and probably made a helluva mess of things in the process,
"Bruce Almighty" style.
In fact, I believe that one of the major purposes of this life at our relative distance from God, seemingly apart
from Him, and subject to Him only by our free choice, is to experience what we make out of life, out of our
surroundings, and - depending on the scope of our influence - what we make of the world. When we said "yes"
to the "apple," the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, we were given the chance to play God. We
could henceforth be our own gods, if we chose to - which many people evidently do.
And so, what are we, the "masters of the universe" making out of what we're given? What are we making of
this opportunity to create our own fate?
Some are rather optimistic and blue-eyed about our glorious scientific achievements and all the "progress"
we've made since the caves, others are more skeptical. After all, prospects don't look all too rosy. Every hour
about a thousand people starve on this planet. Can we really blame God for this, when the rich, so-called
Christian nations are spending trillions on weapons, highly sophisticated instruments and equipment designed
for the sole purpose of killing others?
Is that all that human progress and "enlightenment" amounts to? Spend fortunes on expensive war toys and
adding to the misery of the poor instead of relieving it?
So, who's really to blame? It may be true that God is obviously responsible for some of the disasters that befall
us. He evidently brought about a worldwide flood once, to wipe out nearly all of mankind, except for 8 people.
He destroyed the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Did He know what He was doing? Did they really
deserve it? Is He really the bad Guy, and we're His innocent victims? Some folks seem to believe this and talk
and act like it.
We're made in His image, and evidently God can get angry, too. The problem is, do we respect His
Fatherhood? Do we revere Him and respect Him as our heavenly Father, or do we just self-righteously shake
our heads when He gets angry? "Oh, He's at it again!"
It's always easier to blame others, especially God. But real maturity comes by learning to take on responsibility
for our own actions. The principle of cause and reaction: "causeless the curse shall not come," and "whatsoever
a man soweth, that shall he also reap." It's inevitable. "Ye have sown the wind and shall reap the whirlwind."
Who's really the Good Guy and who are the bad guys? And are we really that bad? - The question is, are we
really as good as we think we are? How does God see it? How interested are we in finding out?
I believe that people are responsible for a large part - the major part - of the dilemmas, catastrophes and
calamities this world is facing. Even if most of us seem to behave "innocently," just go to work, fulfill their
duties and wouldn't harm a fly, the problem is, are you listening? Are you paying any attention to the One Who
put you here? Are you interested at all in what He might want from you, might want to tell you, show you,
teach you about why you're here in the first place? Or are you just going through the motions? Get up, eat
breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, back to work, go home, eat dinner, go to sleep until the day you die? Maybe go
to church on Sunday so you can claim you've rendered "service" to God...
Does one hour a week of listening to a preacher (who hopefully believes in God) teach you all there is to know
about God's particular will for your life? Let's be honest: most of us couldn't care less about God, as long as we
receive our pay, have got our food on the table, the remote control, a can of beer or a steering wheel in our
hands. We're in control. Feels nice, doesn't it? So, where are you leading your life? Where is it heading under
your control? Where is your family heading? Are you accomplishing something good for the benefit of all, or
just selfishly caring for yourself and your own?

Another factor in the equation of “Why calamities?” is the one I have tried to bring out in the previous chapter
on spiritual warfare. A lot of people leave the Devil out of the equation, and the fact that according to God’s
Word, he is the temporary god of this world, and in that case largely responsible for the slaughter of the
innocents that’s going on.
We may still blame God for allowing him to do so (which might just be precisely the Devil’s goal), but then it
was also our own choices that gave him the power and authority over our realm, and we can’t blame that on
Adam and Eve, either, because we all have done it, countless times.
In my humble opinion, sin is largely to blame for the calamities that befall this world, and it’s often the very
sins of pride and self-righteousness that prevent us from seeing our part of the responsibility. It’s so easy, so
cheap to blame it all on God. Honesty would be to start looking around for our share of the responsibility of
what’s happening. Are we doing anything to change things for the better?
Certainly blaming it all on God doesn’t. - Nor does blaming it all on the Devil. Maybe we haven’t done
obviously wrong, but perhaps our sin was that we didn’t do anything. And trust me, there’s always something
we could do, even if it’s that which some people consider the least we can do, but God may consider the most
we could possibly do for someone else: pray. Anybody can at least pray and ask God to do something about a
situation that may be completely beyond their personal scope of physical influence.

We are responsible. Yes, we have been given a certain amount of control. What are we doing with it? What are
you doing in order to alleviate the suffering of others? How much are you investing in the love of "the least of
these My brethren," and how much do you have left? How many more could you have saved, as Schindler
asked himself at the end of the War, staring at his Nazi gold pin and limousine, wondering how many more
Jews he might have been able to save if he had been willing to sacrifice a little more of his luxury?
Are we really that innocent? Or does God know, after all, what He's doing in allowing these calamities to befall
us? Maybe He knows better what we really deserve than we do. Maybe He's the just One after all, and we are
the ones that err. Could be, couldn't it?
Maybe we could see a whole new scope and range of things about our significance in this world, if we were a
little more critical of ourselves, less critical of God, and more interested in why He allows certain things. Could
we possibly have anything to do with it? Could it be that He might want us to change things? We're all going to
find out sooner or later. Latest when we come to the end of our road.

If this life is all there is, as the materialists claim, the things which God does and allows to happen in this world
don’t make much sense at all, and, as Paul said of himself and all believers, in that case, “we are of all men the
most miserable.” There is only a deeper meaning of everything if that which seems to be the end to so many of
us, is in reality only the beginning.
The End of the Road

“Death is no more than passing from one room into another.” – H. K.

We have lived our life, we have learned, we have experienced, we have chosen, we have tasted and felt, heard
and seen, we have received and given, taken blows and fought on either side, and yet we all, inevitably arrive at
this seemingly same end of the road called death.
What was it all for? What was the purpose? Was there a purpose at all? If the materialists are right, then there
probably wasn't, for "When I'm dead, then I'm gone" - finito. Nada. The End. Nothingness.
But if the Book which the Author of life itself has given those who were able to decipher His code all
throughout life and creation is right, then death is anything else but the end. It's merely the end of elementary
school, and you've made the grade and are passing on to high school, truly higher learning.
Even if this life didn't make any sense to you at all, you'll most likely be given a chance to find out what its
meaning and purpose was supposed to have been. Maybe you'll figure it all out in one second, perhaps that
precise moment of your "passing away," and it will be like the missing piece that will add perfect sense to what
previously only seemed a blur. In fact, I'm fairly convinced that you won't even have much figuring out to do at
all, but like pretty much everything in life, just as life itself, the understanding of the meaning of things will be
given to you.
Life may have been a perfect disaster for you, as far as you could tell, as insignificant and apparently
meaningless as a tiny little seed someone dropped in the dirt. But all of a sudden, that seed, tired of all the
pressure from the darkness and adversities all around it, soaked in the rain and weakened from age in its
substance breaks open, dies and... new life springs forth. That seemingly lifeless cocoon of a has-been of a
worm breaks open and reveals a colorful new existence to the world, one which, soaring up in the sky suddenly
sees things from a totally new perspective, from above, and boy, do things look different from Up Here... You
radiate with such exuberant joy that your beauty is revealed to all the by-standers, all those flowers, the green
grass, the blue sky and heavenly music you hear, up Here in the light, having emerged from the darkness of the
ground in your hard shell. It all makes sense now.
Even if you had a notion of this in your previous, earthly existence, you had no clue that it was going to be this
glorious. And the best thing of all is, you know that this is going to last forever. There is no fear whatsoever,
because you know that any slightest trace of worry that you may ever lose any of this life of full abundance
you're enjoying right now would be totally ridiculous. For Here, the Maker is in full control. He was down
there, too, but for some reason, He allowed things to be seemingly outside of His control, just so that you
would be able to appreciate this - eternal - moment.

Not coincidentally, God’s attitude toward our physical death happens to differ drastically from ours, (as it does
in so many other aspects), and it is made plain – though apparently not obvious enough for some – throughout
the Bible, starting at its very beginning.
Perhaps the fact that Adam and Eve did not die physically on the day they ate from the forbidden fruit, contrary
to what they would have expected from what God had told them, ought to show us something about the
difference between what God considers death, and that which we commonly call death. God had said, "On the
day you will eat of the fruit of that tree, you will certainly die" (Gen.2:17). Satan denied that and said, "You
will not really die" (3:4). So, who was right? God or the Devil?
If we consider death to be the moment we leave our physical bodies, then it stands to reason that the Devil was
right, and God was either mistaken, lying, or that He must have changed His mind.

But what if that which we call death isn't death at all – as far as God is concerned? What if that which we call
death is simply part of Satan's lie? What if the thing we should really be scared of is not the end of our physical
existence, but becoming separated from God, which is what Adam and Eve allowed to happen to them by
choosing to take the Devil's word over God's?

The Bible tells us that one of Jesus' main purposes in coming to earth for us was to free us from the fear of
death (Hebrews 2:15). He taught that He is the Resurrection and the life, and that whoever believes in Him
would not die but live forever. Yet just about all the thousands of saints we know have passed through the
experience we commonly call death.
But what if that which we call death is really nothing to be scared of at all? Just like Jesus said, "Fear not them
which kill the body, but Him Who can destroy both body and spirit in Hell," (Mt.10:28), which is obviously
referring to God, since it's unlikely that Jesus would teach us to be afraid of the Devil.

So, what if God wasn't lying when He told Adam and Eve that they would die on the day they would eat of that
tree? What if real death, that which God calls death, is the spiritual death that ensues as a result of our
separation from Him, our disobedience and insistence on going our own way, and that which we call death is
really nothing to be scared of at all, especially if we seek and trust Him?
What if it's really true what Jesus said, that "It is the spirit that gives life; the flesh is good for nothing"?

What if Adam and Eve had been truly alive before they sinned, and the life they lived afterwards was what God
would refer to as death? Meaning that the life we inherited from them since then falls under the same category,
and Jesus (the "last Adam," as Paul calls Him, Who was to reverse the curse Adam brought) is our only way
out of this death we call life?

This may sound like a weird doctrine to some, but if you consider what the Scriptures have to say about the
subject of life and death, it makes sense.

Paul considered his own life death, and said that since he had known Christ it was no longer He that lived, but
Christ through him, and that death was his advantage... (see Gal.2:20, Rom.7:24, Phil.1:21, 23)
He also asks, "Death, where is your sting? Grave, where is your victory?" Perhaps death - our physical death
and parting from this life - is nothing but a great big bluff the Devil uses in order to keep us scared for the rest
of our wee little lives, practically scared to death, and enslaved to him, willing to do anything in order to
postpone that fateful but inevitable event at the end of the road of each one of us?

Perhaps Adam and Eve did die on the day they sinned, as God had warned them, and the real life is just waiting
for us around the corner...

Contrary to what many think, this cycle of living and dying - according to the Bible - isn't going to go on
continuously forever. We're not going to continue "evolving" or developing into some kind of technological
super race. Even the makers of Star Trek have shown that they seem to have come to the conclusion that
mankind is basically intelligent enough, it's just that we so rarely ever make the right decisions.
So, according to the information we find about God's Plan in the Bible, things won't continue forever in this
cycle of life and death, but eventually - quite soon, presumably, according to the signs of the times - it's going
to come to an end. The kingdoms and empires of man will be replaced by the everlasting Kingdom of God, and
the current system of time, in which each man's "days are numbered," is going to come to an abrupt halt at a
certain and precise moment in history, and "shall be no more" (see Revelation 10:6,7; 11:15, Daniel 2:44).

In a dream God have the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, He describes the World's empires as the statue of a
man with a golden head, arms and breast of silver, loins of bronze, iron legs and feet of clay and iron. The
statue eventually is being hit in its toes by a rock hurled from Heaven which finally grows into a mountain that
fills up the whole world, the everlasting Kingdom of God, while the microscopic remainders of the previous
world empires are blown away like chaff with the wind (see Daniel chapter 2 - world history in a nutshell).
This revelation was given to man around 600 B.C, prophesying and foretelling the aspiring world empires of
Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome, as well as the odd mixture of democracies and dictatorships we live in today.

Coincidentally (?), the final three and a half years of the history of the world as we know it will be heralded by
a statue of himself which the Antichrist will erect in Jerusalem and demand that the world worship, only to be
hit by the Rock Jesus Christ at the appointed time, when the point of all this pointlessness will be finally driven
home, and we can all close our books and finally go Home (See Mt.24:15, 21; Rev.13:14, 15).

Don't worry, there will still be lots to do then, and everything you will have learned here and now will come in
handy there and then. You won't have to worry about earning money anymore in order to pay your bills, nor
will anybody send you off toting a gun anymore to fight and kill folks in a faraway land who never did you any
In fact, things are going to be quite the same as they were in the very beginning, when there was even peace
between mankind and the animals, and even between the animals themselves. As hard as it may be to imagine
for us, but the "lion will lay down with the lamb," and no more greedy politicians will exploit anyone. Truly the
end of the world as we know it, and the beginning of a whole new ball game.
Eventually, after one final rising up of evil to show its ugly face for one last time, God will create a new earth
with a new and clean atmosphere," and there will be no more sea (Rev.21:1), and God will even bring down
His heavenly City and Capital, New Jerusalem (roughly the size of Australia and equally high) down to earth to
live among us and make the earth His Head Quarters from which we'll explore, populate and cultivate the rest
of the universe according to the principles of growth and fruitfulness He laid down from the beginning. There'll
be lots to learn and unlearn for many, well, for all of us, I suppose.
It all may sound a bit weird and far-out to you now, but you'll get used to it, most likely sooner than later. It'll
be quite different in many aspects, from the way things are now, and yet in so many ways, quite
similar...Anything that represents true love in your life right now will remain until then, and don't worry,
everything will make sense then. The hidden meanings of things will be quite open before you then, and as you
perhaps are finding out, you can begin to explore them right now.

(Heavenly Input on “Death”)

Coming Home

“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.” – H. K.

There's a beautiful scene in the movie "Antwone Fisher," which describes death for a believer, or coming Home
to Heaven better than anything else I've ever seen, and is all the more touching when you realize that the film is
based on a true story. Antwone Fisher is one of those beautiful people still walking on this earth who never had
a true home on this earth during his early years, having been raised in orphanages & foster homes accompanied
by traumatic childhood experiences.
His Navy Psychiatrist (one of Denzel Washington's best roles ever) encourages him to go and find his real
family in order to get at the root of his problems with aggression & feelings of worthlessness. And so, when he
finally does find the family of his deceased father, there comes the most beautiful scene in the whole movie,
where he enters his aunt's house and meets all the relatives he never even knew he had, everybody eagerly
welcoming him, introducing themselves briefly to him with excitement, until finally his aunt gives the signal to
open a double door to the dining room, where the old members of Antwone's family sit awaiting him at a richly
decked table, very similar to a dream he’d had as a child at the start of the movie.
An old lady (presumably Antwone's grandmother), obviously too weak to even speak, knocks on the table in an
effort to demand attention and beckons Antwone to come to her with outstretched hands. Gazing into his eyes,
hands in his, and recognizing her long lost son in this newly found grandson, she finally utters one heartfelt
"Welcome," and in this moment you feel like, if you'll ever make it to Heaven, this will be the only word you'll
want to hear.

So many of us are wandering through life like Antwone Fisher, like Orphans, oblivious to the large family that
awaits us when we'll finally come Home from this life's search and journey. We sometimes feel abandoned,
too, worthless, often not even due to any wrong we've done, but simply because we figure that there is nobody
who loves us enough to have stuck it out with us.
And yet, I am convinced that every person has a huge family awaiting them in eager anticipation, like Antwone
Fisher, consisting of ancestors we may never even have heard about. We may not know them, but they know us

Some folks may not be all too keen on being confronted by high and mighty angels when they get to Heaven,
perhaps confronting them with all the wrong they possible might have done. But everybody, I'm sure, can be
looking forward to coming Home to their true family, the ones of whom you'll know, "that's where I belong.
These are my people," and I bet that's one event making Heaven a worthwhile Place to look forward to and
hope we'll eventually wind up there.

Maybe it will take some of us a longer detour to get there than others, but I have a notion that sooner or later we
all will. We all will (John 1:9).

If my attempt at "an explanation for everything" that this study poses or may represent comes across as rather
simplistic to some, I want to state here that by no means do I wish to implicate that life is simple.
When Darwin first came up with his theory, he figured that a single cell was a simple conglomeration of
chemicals and proteins, which, with a little bit of energy might have easily come to life as a first living
organism. It turns out that the single cell is anything but simple. In the 90s they used to say that a single cell is
as complex as New York City. A decade later they have changed their tune yet again and say that a cell can be
compared to a galaxy in complexity.
To even have come up with the amino acids that make up the constitution of the proteins a cell consists of
would have required an innumerable amount of jackpots for Lady Luck to produce, and things get really
complicated when it gets to explaining the encoded information, along with its existing decoding devices
present in each cell.

You see, information has thus far always had to have an author in order to be produced. Information doesn't just
come about by itself. That’s simply one irrefutable quality about information. It always needs an author.

Looking through either microscope or telescope reveals that life cannot be easily explained. The more we find
out, the more questions come up. The more we know, the more we find out we don't know.

Our universe has turned out to be infinitely larger than scientists dared to assume at the beginning of the last

Everything seems almost too vast and too complex for a single "entity" like God to have created it all. So we'd
rather ascribe it all to coincidence.

It all depends on your choice to either see the handwriting of an all-powerful Being on the walls of creation
everywhere, even if it's sometimes hard to decipher, or you prefer to come up with your own explanation, or
leave coincidence in charge and don't wrack your mind with these matters at all.

All I was trying to do is give you a push in what I consider to be the right direction, namely that life and nature
is making too much sense in order to be product of coincidence, or even of benevolent aliens who left their
"seeds" on our planet eons ago, which seems to be all the conclusion that atheistic "master minds" like Richard
Dawkins have to offer to the world (and give more youths an incentive to commit suicide).

What I meant to say was, life may be complicated, but there’s help available in trying to figure it out.

All I'm saying is, "Have a look!" Perhaps you're actually going to see something, and it's going to make sense.
And if you're going to keep looking, pretty soon you might begin to see some meaningful pattern for your life
in this seemingly meaningless world, until finally you come up with enough evidence to conclude, "There is a
God, and He loves me!"
For those who will inevitably hate this book:

Most people would agree that the proverb “There are none so blind as those that will not see” is a valid truth,
even if one may not be able to literally find it in the Bible. It certainly seems to have been true during Jesus’

What was it people then didn't want to see?

Well, during His time as a human walking on earth, and having to go to the bathroom like everybody else, what
most of His contemporaries didn't want to see was that He could possibly be the Messiah, because they had
expected somebody more pompous than a carpenter's son from Nazareth (“Can any good thing come out of
Nazareth?") to fill those shoes: some kind of superman who was going to show the Romans all that a Messiah
can do...
They didn’t want to see that God would have the audacity to send them along a Messiah who would preach
love and humility, instead of a new Samson or Elijah who would destroy their enemies.

But translated into our time - now that it's officially established - at least among Christians, which amount to a
substantial number of people, after all - that He's the Son of God, (and even a lot of non-Christians admit that
He must have been some sort of a cool dude...), what is it that those who do not want to see don't see?

What is it that folks today in the 21st century would rather not see? - Or hear, for that matter?

In my opinion, what they don't want to see is the same thing the religious authorities didn't want to see in Jesus’
day, namely the fact that when it comes down to really seeing things the way God sees them, they didn't really
see much at all.

People today, especially the learned and educated have one thing in common with the learned and educated
from 20 centuries ago: They still think they're incredibly smart. After all, we've come to know a lot more things
than even the Scribes and Pharisees did...

Even smarter than that; oh my!

What I'm telling people in this attempt at a book is that I believe that a lot - if not most of us - walk through this
world pretty much deaf and blind to the things we're truly supposed to see. Simple things that simple-minded
folks throughout the ages have seen and known for millennia, but a lot of us don't anymore, because we've
gotten so out of touch with nature...

Well, guess what. That isn't exactly a very popular theory.

How much do the enlightened Western people of the 21st century, the peak of civilization, like to be told that
basically, when it comes down to it, they're spiritually deaf and blind?
Just about as much as the Scribes and Pharisees enjoyed hearing the same thing from Jesus.

Why would anyone not want to see the light? Because they think they already see it.

But apparently, there must be some phony and false kind of light, otherwise Jesus wouldn't have said, "See to
it, that the light within you is not darkness" (Lk.11:35).

So, the hardest truth to hear for the enlightened minds of the 21st century, just as it must have been for those of
the first, must be that the light by which they think they see isn't the real thing...
In other words, "What you think you see isn't the true reality at all..." -- Ouch!

Well, but somebody's gotta tell'em.

Even at the risk of repeating himself.

And what do you do when you realize you've been heading up the wrong track, or somebody gave you weed
seeds to sow in your garden? You're going to have to start all over again from scratch. (Not a lot of people are
ready or willing to do that.)

Isn't that what Jesus taught when He said, "Repent (= “metanoia” = “change your mindset”), for the Kingdom
of Heaven is near" (Mt.3:2)?

Or when He taught that no one could be His disciple unless he would renounce all that he had, (including the
stuff he had stored up in his head)?

In order to get filled up with the right stuff, you've got to empty out the old, wrong stuff first, and that's
probably what most people cling to even more fervently than their possessions.

Richard Rohr talks about the Zen principle of the "beginner's mind," and it’s probably the same principle Jesus
referred to when He said, "unless you become like children, you cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven" and "You
must be born again..."

That's why "He has filled the hungry with good things, but the rich (and full) He has sent away empty..."

It seems that blessed indeed are the poor in spirit who don't have all these dogmas to cling to, and so tightly that
they could never let go of them in case the Son of man should pass them by and stretch out His hand and said,
"Come, follow Me! Forget what you know, and I will make you a fisher of men..."

Okay, granted, not everything we know these days is crap.

The problem is, though, that a lot of what is being taught or sold as spirituality, religion or Christianity doesn't
get anywhere within a hundred miles of making sense to a lot of people who still do use their brains, and so
they reject the whole package deal of Christianity including the idea of its God altogether, and one can hardly
But that will only lead them to see half the truth of all there is to know and see as well. They may have all the
facts straight about the physical realm and its laws, but according to Jesus - and I simply happen to be insanely
convinced of His authority on these matters - the physical, alone on its own - is totally useless, since the stuff
that brings it to life in the first place is the spirit (John 6:63).

So, it's like the blind and the lame living their lives in misery: the blind, who have got their physical act
together and can at least still walk, but don't have a clue where they're going, and the lame who have an idea of
the light and know it's there, but wouldn't have the faintest clue where to begin to put that light to use and into
action, the "doing God thing..."

If they would get together, though, and the blind would carry the lame on his shoulder, the lame could be the
blind man's eyes, and the blind the lame man's feet... Flesh and spirit working together.

The ideal solution, of course, would be that both would be healed from their condition. But in order to achieve
that, they would have to admit to it first. So, we're back at square one.

All I'm basically saying is that all those people who try to tell me over and over and over again how smart they
think they are somehow fail to convince me. Perhaps the Bible has ruined me, since it taught me at an early age
that there's more hope for a downright fool than for anyone who thinks they're smart.
That’s probably one reason why some of those extremely smart people wouldn't mind collecting all those
Bibles and make a bonfire out of them you could see from New York to Chicago...
The problem is, they wouldn't really manage to shut God up that way, even if - sadly enough - the churches
have proclaimed God mute, and officially restricted Him to communicating with the world exclusively via that
Book. He refuses to let either party - the atheist nor the Christian camp, tell Him to shut up.

He’s still got plenty to tell and show to those who are interested and don’t insist on the input they received via
the established channels of media and education being the only valid mind frame there is.
So, if this book has made you angry, consider the remote possibility that what I have stated above is true.
So I have insinuated that you may not be as smart as you think you are, and that basically, you’ve been
conditioned to accept a pre-programmed mindset as “truth,” which doesn’t have any more in common with the
liberating truth Jesus talked about than the phony light He mentioned with the Real Thing…

I know you’re just as convinced of your personal truth as I am of my points of view stated here.

I also know that you think that yours is validated by the vast amount of people believing the same you do.

But whether the majority is right, or – as Jesus implied, on their “Highway to Hell” will only be seen clearly at
the end of the road. Contrary to most of my fellow believers, I don’t think everyone who doesn’t believe as I do
will fry in Hell forever. All I’m saying is, there is a meaning to life beyond all materialistic purposes, and it’s
relatively easy to find, if you’re interested.
Part II

This section of the book may be a little confusing to some.

There is only so much relevance that my personal opinion bears on any of the topics I wrote about in
my rough sketch and attempt to convey in childlike features a shadow of the Big Picture of the deeper
meaning of everything.
I will even go as far as to say that whatever I’ve had to write on any of the 40 topics that would
roughly describe my perception of that Picture was merely an introduction to all there is to say on
these topics, and especially what God would like to tell us personally about them, if we have the faith,
the interest and the time to listen.

What would Jesus have to say? – The Teacher and Founder of the School of Life Himself?

“You mean to tell me that what I’m going to read here next is actually going to be God or Jesus
Odd, isn’t it? But wouldn’t it be even odder to assume that the God Who brought this world into being
by the Words of His lips, should have shut up for 2000 years, since the closing chapter of the Bible?
For you, the thought of God talking today may be a little odd, but for thousands of others like me, it’s
natural to not only assume, but also to actually have experienced on a daily basis that God should have
a mouth and a voice like any of us who were created in His image, and that, just as we do, He should
also use them.
Once you get to know Him a little better, you’ll find out that God is totally into communication. God
is love, and He loves nothing better than to convey that love to us in any possible way. You may not
see an awful lot of that love manifested in today’s world, but that’s basically because people are
rejecting and refusing to receive His love.

The coming section of this book is merely to give you taste of what you can experience yourself if you
do open your life to His love, and choose to avail yourself of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
If you have not yet made the experience of being “born again” as a child of God by accepting and
receiving Jesus as your Savior from a bondage that is tougher than any other chain or prison wall,
namely that of our own sins, then you can very easily do so. In fact, Jesus repeatedly said in the Bible
that it would be so simple to do that any child can do it. Children receive things by asking for them,
and when they ask, they are usually confident that they will be heard and their quest will be answered.
That’s all the faith you need when you ask Jesus, “Please, come into my life and fill me with Your
Spirit of love. I accept your sacrifice for Me on the cross and want to become Yours.”
Just imagine Jesus hanging on that cross for you, and resolve in your heart that you’ll accept this gift.
That’ll be the beautiful beginning of a new life, full of wonders to discover, and the true, deeper
meaning of everything.
Heavenly Input on... (All messages are from Jesus unless otherwise indicated)

...The Discovery of Meaning

Everything is a picture of a hidden reality. I’m teaching you the mysteries of the universe. My whole creation is a
continuous message!

So many apparently meaningless details & incidents start making sense once you start turning to Me. It’s like turning a
light on in a dark room. It’s like learning to read: all of a sudden those symbols start making sense.
So, if you want to grasp the meaning of every day & every moment of life, simply start learning to read My signs. A lot of
things you may not understand may be My handwriting on the wall, & if you seek Me & ask Me, I can reveal their meaning
to you.

Tell people about the meaning of life! That life actually has a meaning, a sense of purpose. There is such a thing as
purpose! There is such a thing as meaning! And what better and greater meaning and purpose could there be for you
than conveying that knowledge to people?
There is a place they're going. There is a destination to their journey, and thus, there is such a thing as destiny. Only that
a large part of that destiny is in their own hands! It's up to everyone's own efforts to find that truth, that destiny, that
purpose. They cannot just passively wait for everything to fall into place by itself! It takes an effort, a willingness to learn,
a readiness for learning, a desire for knowledge, a desire for truth.
It's sometimes a hard and tough job, just like Ann Sullivan's job with Helen Keller, to teach someone the existence of
something they're totally oblivious to: the existence of purpose. But once you manage, it's like breaking through from
darkness into light, and it will have been worth it! She had the faith that it could be done! She had the desperation and
determination that it had to be done. Otherwise her own life would have remained meaningless. Even so, without your
conveying the meaning sense of purpose to others, your own life is void of meaning, and the vicious, empty cycle of
emptiness and purposelessness will continue.
You must live in the conscience of your duty to break that spell! It's the Great Lie indeed: "There is no meaning! There is
no purpose!" That's the myth and evil tale you need to expose and destroy! Show them that there is a meaning! Show
them all you have been taught! Show them where to find God, where to see Him; help them decipher His handwriting, help
them to discover His signs!
Show them that despite all the apparent meaninglessness, there IS a meaning, much greater than they could fathom. But
it's not beyond their reach! In fact, God is more than willing to reach out to them and show them and teach and tutor
them, to talk to them, just as He has been talking to you! Show them that there is a way that they can listen, even though
they're deaf. That there's a way they can learn how to see, even though they are blind! There is a way to know that which
they know not of, that which they don't even believe exists, they cannot believe because they have been poisoned with
the gas of unbelief. But you can revive them, resuscitate them, awaken them and bring them back to life! All you need to
do is give them the truth: there is a meaning to everything.

The type of people that stories are being told about, movies are being made about & books are being written about, are
not the mere survivors, those who fight for nothing else but their survival, like all the rest of them, but the types who take
time to live, to learn the lessons of life, who go through life with both eyes & ears open & find out what it's all about: those
who find Me, and let Me teach them the gist and essence of life.

Every day of your life is like a picture, which in itself is a piece of the puzzle of the big picture of your life, which again
is a piece of My Big Picture of everything. Often people don't remember the important things in their lives because they
didn't esteem them enough. They were too busy with temporal affairs, such as making money, and their lives with all the
lessons involved, just pass them by. But I want you to take the time to remember.

Everything is orchestrated by Me, everything visible is only a physical result of some spiritual truth, and thus there is a
plan behind it.
I'm urging you to see the invisible cause of the visible more, to open up your spiritual eyes, the eyes of faith. If you see
the physical a result of the Spiritual, then it simply takes on a lot more meaning. You know I meant something by allowing
this or that to happen, or even creating this or that situation. You'll know that nothing is without guidance, nothing is by
chance; it's all going somewhere, and thus you develop much greater faith and trust with which to walk through every day
of your life, and which you can then impart to others, too.
Every day should be a vast scope and canvas of opportunities for you, of things to learn, and things to pass on. It
shouldn't ever just be a struggle for survival.

I’m teaching you personally through the school of life and your experiences, all that you have to go through, your trials
and lessons… these are all ways in which I communicate and interact with you.
They complete another piece in the puzzle of the deeper meaning of everything.

Everything on Earth is only a shadow of a heavenly reality... an image of something greater to come.

(Go to Chapter 2)
...The Big Lie

Someone who reminds people of their Creator will hardly ever receive a warm welcome among those who have rejected
the very thought of their Creator, who have embraced the Big lie that life & the World with all that’s in it came into being
by itself, just so they can keep doing their own thing without their conscience pricking them too hard...

Things break. They deteriorate. They don't get better or improve by themselves, as the evolutionists claim. The only way
you can grow in this life and truly gain is by acquiring spiritual riches that won't be corrupted. The only way to grow is in
the spirit. Because your natural man decreases, it's actually dying. So you have to sow to the immortal, the spirit, if you
want to play for keeps.

If someone believes in Evolution - as much insight & truth they might have in other aspects - it shows that they have not
grasped yet to which extent the Devil is lying to the world, and how much the world is ruled by his lies.

Evolution doesn't work. The only thing that will ever create something better out of something not-so-good is love. Love
is the very force & source of miracles which could have made any such process of evolution work, and yet, at the same
time obliterates the very need for such a complicated and unnecessary process.
You won't find many evolutionists saying they believe in love as the thriving power or force behind evolution, because if
they would believe in a God of Love, then they would very unlikely believe in evolution. Evolution is, after all, nothing
more than the excuse for not having to believe in God, and a theory still based on "the survival of the fittest," which is,
basically, the opposite of My philosophy of "the meek shall inherit the earth."

In order to really learn, you must forget all you know, or rather, forget all you think you know.

No wonder people came up with the theory of evolution. It's just that they got it wrong: this is not where you came from,
but this is where you're going without Me. Instead of a bright, enlightened and charming mind, you turn into something
that rather reminds others of an animal.

Don’t feel too bad about being unaware of My miracle-working processes all around you at times, as you can tell, you’re
not the only one. At least you’re aware of them most of the time, while most people never even acknowledge My presence
nor existence at all, blatantly denying the possibility of My existence in spite of the plain evidence all over My creation.
Pretty tough, huh? – Talking ‘bout not being accepted or included by those you call your own: Imagine you’re the Father
& Creator of the whole bunch, & your children & your creation just simply refuse to even acknowledge your very
existence! – ‘No, I’ve got no father! – I simply came into being by an unplanned, random process called evolution...’ If you
think you have reasons to be frustrated sometimes, all I can say is ‘Welcome to the club!’

So what if your life is a mess! Look at Me! Every life is a mess without Me! In fact, this whole physical universe is
constantly deteriorating without Me under the curse, and unless the Father and I would turn that process around
someday soon, no flesh should be saved.
Herein lies the deception of the Enemy: the pretense of progress, that things are seemingly developing into a better state,
that which he has concocted to be the lie of Evolution, when in reality the World is literally decaying and rotting away
under his reign & influence, because he sucks the very life out of it. He is the reversal of life and of all that is good, that’s
why creation is dying, groaning to be delivered, and I WILL deliver.

The majority of the Creationist movement is being way too tame, too polite, too politically correct to shake people up!
They're too timid to openly declare war against the Matrix! They don't see the spiritual background, the profoundness of
the lie and atrocity as clearly as you do, that lies behind the educational System and the System's entire brainwash about
evolution and other matters.
They may have their beliefs straight on these things, but they're not militant enough in their attack on these issues.
They're not bold enough, not brave enough, and in this, they're not following in My footsteps. You don't wake anybody up
with a whisper. I said, what I whisper in your ears, that shout from the roof tops.

You're dealing in truth (if anybody asks you what your business is), and the problem is that the demand for it is kind of
rare, which is why you have to ignite and spark people's interest in it. Which is what's so interesting about the theme of
the "Matrix." It's the approach of, "what if all that you have thus far perceived as reality should turn out to be a lie?"
Because that's what it basically amounts to. "Would you be ready to experience the adventure of the truth?" The lie is
easy, the lie is comfortable. It may even satisfy somewhat, like a drug, but it will never really and totally and truly make
you happy. Like a drug, you may become addicted to it and dependent on it, and the thought of ever having to live without
it scares you nearly half out of your wits. But you can offer these junkies freedom. Wouldn't you definitely consider such
freedom from such an addiction a positive gift? Yes, it requires a miracle. First of all, they have to be willing to forsake
this drug they've been so comfortable with, perhaps for all their lives. And then they have to see it through, to go without
it, to start a whole new life of independence on that former crutch they were so used to.
My sheep know deep inside that there is something else than the drug, the lie, and they're waiting for it, waiting for their
liberation, waiting for the truth, waiting for the light to pierce their darkness, their false imitation of light, their "reality,"
which they can quite clearly sense that it couldn't possibly be all there is. The others are fine with it. They can keep
pretending and playing the game until the day they die. The lie is like second nature to them, in fact, it's more than that; to
them it is the truth, and some will even vehemently defend it.

Never allow them to pull you down to their level, never allow them to think that for you it's acceptable the way they live in
the lie, not condescending in any way, but expecting them to make progress in overcoming their addiction, piece by piece
dismantling the lie they've been living thus far. You've got to state it in no uncertain terms. When somebody tells a lie,
then say it, expose it: "That's a lie!" Don't let'em get away with it. Sure, you'll make enemies that way, but also lots of
friends that count.
Those who lie to themselves & prefer to live in the lie will always oppose you, all you’ve got to offer is the truth.

”Men loved darkness rather than light...” Light is always the strange new ingredient, along with the truth... The lie was so
cozy & comfortable... so easy to live with...
Living in the darkness is just drifting along effortlessly, but living in the light is a constant struggle & fight! It’s
dangerous, because you’re exposed to your enemies, & they come to pick at you & see whether they can uproot you. The
wind and the weather will test you severely, and the sun will sear your with scorching heat...
But all this will only make you thirst for Me more desperately, will make you cling to Me for dear life, in utter reliance on
Me, & that’s when I can use you.

The Enemy rules the realm in which you live right now, and I want you to be aware of his devices, so that you can fight
him better & won't fall for his deceit. I'm exposing his lie with My truth. Just as I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, so
he's the wrong way, the Lie and Death, and the more I expose him to you, the more power you will have to expose him to
others as well, and show them what's keeping them captive.

All I have to offer you is the truth! But the truth is all you need in a world of lies, in order to cut through & rise above.
The truth and the knowledge of the truth will help you rise above and free you from all the confines, simply because
you're realizing that they're living a lie. You've got to expose the lie and the wrongs before the truth can really set you

There are too many people out there who defend nothing but their own little truth. That's the result of Adam & Eve
believing Satan's lie at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, "Ye shall be as gods." The problem is that when you
have millions or even billions of little "gods" running around & everyone of them having their own "truth," it's pretty hard
for those who are not as conceited to find out what to believe in and what really is the truth.

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Let Me be your light, and I will light your path.

You’re overwhelmed by the sheer thought of how I’m doing this simultaneously to many of My children & brides? Well,
one simple illustration of this is the sun: It doesn’t just give its light to one flower or blade of grass at a time, but to many,
countless others simultaneously. That’s how My love works, too.

(Spirit Helper - presumably a colored lady:) I think you better wake up, ‘cause God is comin’! Like that fire in the movie,
‘Out Of Africa’! It’s gonna burn the old & light the landscape for all to behold the mighty things the Lord God Almighty will
do! So, stand back & see Him burn! Watch Him shine! ‘This little light o’ mine...’ not so little, that light! You’re gonna see!
Like many spotlights & a comet’s tail! Be ready for the Lord, bro’! Be ready & let Him shine through you! No more hiding
your light under a bushel, boy! No more pretending you’s one o’ dem! No more sheep in wolves’ clothing – time! Time to
rise, rise & shine! You know what that means? Rise above the crowd & shine for Jesus, boy, ‘cause He’s the Light of the
World, & they can’t see Him, ‘xcept through you! So, will you be His candle, His torch, His beacon, His spot light?

It’s vital that you stay in tune with My Words, for only the entrance of My Word giveth light.

Heaven is the opposite of the selfish System man’s society is based on – the Devil’s System, really. One of the purposes
of this Earthly life is to get people so sick of that system that seeing My wonderful heavenly System will immediately
strike them as the solution, the answer to all their questions, the light after a long dark night.
...Like coming to see the light after having lived a life in blindness. You, My children, have the ability to see that light &
carry that light in your hearts already, that’s what makes you so special. It’s just that the Enemy tries with all his might to
get you to hide that light under bushels of pride & fear of sticking out & not being accepted... bushels of ‘coolness’,
bushels of pretending you’re really not that different... Well, if you knew how beautiful that difference is, not only in My
eyes, but also in the eyes of those out there who seek Me, even if they would never admit it, you wouldn’t be ashamed of
it anymore. Those among you who I’m really able to use best are those who don’t hide it but flaunt it. They let it shine.
They gladly share My love with a smile with anyone they pass by. They don’t care if anyone thinks they’re nuts. They
know the principle of happiness. They just go out there & shine & shine & give & give, and their radiance grows, as they
grow closer to Me, until, as My Word says, they shall shine as the stars & the brightness of the firmament forever.
Look up to the real stars, the ones who are going to be stars in My Kingdom, & already are in My eyes: The cheerful
givers, the little saints, the nobodies who make My kingdom possible, who give My existence - the existence of it all - a
meaning... the diamonds of dust, without whom My light would be invisible, & without which this World would be in total,
absolute darkness.

Love, light and life, they are one, and they are to be desired.

Bask in My sunshine, seek for the sunshine of My love everyday & bathe your face in its light...

Just lay your hand in Mine, & I will be better & more unto you than a light on your path and a known way.

A plant will only grow so well as it’s being watered and exposed to My sunlight!

My supernatural, unconditional love’s the same difference as when the sunshine bursts through, or turning on the light in
a dark room. You can have the sunshine on in your life anytime you call on Me and listen to My Words.
My Word will restore light where there was a gray hazy mist of lies, it will be a bright beacon on your path, and a clashing
sword in battle.

There lies much greater wisdom, knowledge , light & salvation in My Words, even in the most insignificant of My Words,
than in all the so-called wisdom of man & their philosophies combined.

Let the light in, and the darkness will flee of itself. Completely yield to Me, My light, My love, My warmth.
I will have to become your only light, your bread, your water, and everything you need to live, for the Devil is going to try
to cut all other means of supply.

I have not given you the spirit of fear, nor of uncertainty, nor of darkness, nor of confusion, but the Spirit of power, of
love, of light & of a sound mind.

After every storm the sun will shine again: this is the way it has always been. For though much terror has been brought
into the world & worse shall come: is not My power greater than all that? Isn’t My love greater than their hatred?
I don’t want you to be overwhelmed by the evil you see in the world, leaving you stunned & unable to give life & light to
others, I want you to be overwhelmed by My joy, My love & My goodness & light and to shine it forth & overflow onto
them, like a fountain of life, love & light, throwing forth sparkles of the same everywhere you go.

Impart that same light I have given you to those with whom you come in touch. Change the world by opening the eyes of
the spiritually blind & proclaim that there’s yet another world to find, My Kingdom.

If there wouldn’t be any opposition, there would be no challenge. You’ve got to have some kind of contrast against which
you can see the light. It works like this in many other aspects of My creation.

Unfortunately, the large majority of people prefer darkness to the light, for their deeds are evil.

The greater the darkness, the brighter the light, and the closer we get to the End, the brighter you will shine.

Woe unto a man if the light that be in them is darkness, and if the words they speak will be found to be lies to deceive

My Words are a mirror to your soul & an exposing light of the wickedness & deceitfulness of the heart of man.

You are like interferences piercing Satan’s cloak of lies around the world, his veneer of deception, you are My rays of
hope. Rays of light piercing through his layer of clouds enveloping this globe.
In order to shine forth with the needed intensity to pierce his gray layer of deceit, you must focus on Me & receive your
power to shine from Me. I won’t expect you to do or accomplish anything for Me in your own strength.
The greatest thing you should always seek, even though it’s not always easy, is the truth.
Inhale it, absorb it, and reflect it, and then you will be a piercing ray of light that will cut through the Devil’s gray dome of
clouds, and the darker it gets, the brighter you’ll be, and I’ll know exactly where to find you, when I’ll come to gather you
unto Me.

Love is the only light, the only truth, the only thing that gives a life purpose.

When it comes to this world, I’ve always been strange & weird, and you know why. It’s not because I am weird, but
because they’re so far away from the way things are supposed to be. They’re so far away from My standard of love, so
deep into their darkness, the light scares them half to death. That’s why you scare them: you radiate that light that’s
penetrating & invading their darkness, & it makes them feel uncomfortable, exposed, naked. They don’t want to be. They
want to cover up, cloak themselves, ‘Quickly, give me back my cloak of pride, my cover-up, my reputation... let me hide
my true self here behind this name, behind this pretense, behind all my fancy things, which make up the constitution of
the personage I’m supposed to be in this society...’ When all they really amount to in this System is a number.

Independence is alright, as long as you don’t dream of independence from Me. It’s as if the Earth would declare its
independence from the sun & drift off into space. It’s like a fish’s independence from water, or any plant’s independence
from the light – or yours from the air... you can’t do without it. I’ve written it all over My handiwork: ‘you need Me, you
can’t do without Me any more than a fish can do without water, a plant can do without light, no more than you can live
without air: without Me, you can do nothing!’

You have already been hurt by the cruelty of the darkness & know that there is no other satisfaction for you than My
heavenly light! So, come, My love, & open your eyes to visions of heavenly light! Catch some rays of heavenly sunshine,
flooding your soul with glory divine!
Greater light is here than the sun’s, greater & more eternal radiance. A light that doesn’t hurt the eyes & won’t scorch the
Earth, nor cause disease. My light is only pure & good! So, My children, seek Me, for My pure & true light!
Bathe in My light! Even if you see nothing else at first, with the eyes of your spirit: just a glimpse of My true, eternal, life-
giving, heavenly light will strengthen you & lift you up & encourage you enough to keep going with renewed vigor &
Consider My heavenly light that source of energy you need in order for your spiritual flower to really come to full bloom &
blossom into its full beauty!

The more you absorb Me, the more you will reflect My light.

You have never lived as intensely & as thoroughly & as fully as when you've been out there on the battle field, fighting for
the souls of man, beckoning them to enter My Kingdom & shooting My bullets of light & life into the Devil's territory &
land of the dead.
The less there is of you, the more the light shines through. You must decrease so that I can increase in you. Are you
willing to become a little bit less of yourself & a whole lot more of Me?

Your personal problems are tiny, unimportant & insignificant in comparison to the monumental task of flooding the
Devil’s territory of darkness in My light!

Oh, the hurt & pain a soul can inflict upon itself when it locks Me, the Light of the World, out of its world.
There are many, countless in number, who live in that same world – one where My light never shines, but only the fake,
artificial light of the usurper.

You will be the beacons of My light to the world in the greatest darkness this World has ever known.

Love is like light, which is reflected in the gazillions of tiny little particles of which everything consists, without which the
light itself would remain invisible. Even so, love, without all the countless tiny little manifestations of it, isn’t really there.

I have called you to open up your eyes and behold the land of the living. I have called you unto light & out of their

Just like a flower will wither away if you hide it & keep it away from the light, so love will wither if you try to keep it to
yourselves. It’s a law of the spirit I’ve established.

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…God’s Family

When you give your love away, it comes back to you again...’ & that’s just the beginning of the way I have ordained this
Family to start changing the world: not by being the same little selfish couples as they can see all over the System: hold
hands a little here, smooch a little there, and ‘Oh I’m so happy he or she belongs to me...’

Imagine if parents on Earth wouldn’t have any cares & worries about having to come up with the provisions for their
families, and on top of it would not be subject to sin & the devil’s temptation: Their children would be their greatest joy,
and the major theme around which the large part of their activities would revolve. That’s the way I, your Heavenly Father,
and My Queen, the Holy Spirit, care for you, watch you, rejoice in you, our children.

You have been given the awareness of your greater, heavenly Family around you. For ‘The Family’ is not only that
relatively small Earthly group of crazy believers, that organization that many shake their heads about or even consider a
spot on the surface of their society, but The Family is a much larger entity, a cooperative, inter-dimensional, multi-
generational body or machinery consisting of countless members behind the curtain which separates your realm & ours.
That’s why I have called My Family an army, although your numbers are small, and most of you would be too young or
too weak to fight in any Earthly combat. But you are just the tip of the iceberg.

Most people consider everything that is their own to be of superior value than that which is someone else’s: whether it be
their own opinion, their own point of view, their own country or family or way of doing things... their own religion.
That’s the difference between true faith & all false religions. True faith is the opposite of all that is ‘your own’, for it comes
not from ‘your own’ world, nor ‘your own’ mind, nor from any place or realm that is ‘your own’. For the Kingdom of God
does not belong to any man, but any man can choose to belong to the Kingdom of God.

I am He that breaks up couples, selfish little couples & families, to make of the broken pieces one greater Family. This has
been My vision for this Family from the beginning. And those who don’t want to share often find themselves losing that
which they did not want to share.

Look what beauty! Look what beautiful souls, what beautiful people I have brought forth out of this Family of battles,
trials, weaknesses & sufferings! Listen to the beautiful voices I brought forth from the lowest of the low.

In becoming one with Me, you will become one with all the other partakers of My love in the universe. ‘Come together over
Me!’ That’s the scheme! And the result will be one big, happy, joyful, universal Family, My Kingdom of Love!
It ever grows & expands, almost like an explosion. Just like a baby & any living creature comes into being by the union of
one tiny cell with another & endlessly parting & multiplying until the baby is born & then grows into another grown human
being, able to bring forth his own fruit, to continue the cycle forever on, so it is with all My creation & the spiritual realm.

Learn to be friends who don’t hurt each other, but who respect each other & esteem the other higher than yourself.
Friends who are truly willing to lay down their pride & lives for each other.
I have called all of you, My brides & friends & brethren & Family & of other folds who can bear this, to be mates of each
other. Learn to have a loyalty for each other which won’t have to be demanded and assured or confirmed over & over
again, but a loyalty & a love which is simply there, unmistakably, undeniably & undoubtedly.

That is how My Family & My children throughout time have been able to operate and survive against all odds: It wasn’t
that they had any outstanding means, finances or wealth to back them up, it was a look into their eyes that told people,
“you can trust them!” That is what you must learn to put your personal trust in, more than any other physical security you
would want to render, or guarantee you would want to give to anyone: It’s My Spirit that counts! The Spirit of Love.
Put My Family, My Kingdom first, before your personal, carnal sense of belonging, & see how much I will bless you with
greater love, both, on the giving and the receiving end, for “whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Your spiritual Family comes first, before your flesh family. It’s a little bit of an acid test, as to whether your loyalties are
really stronger to your spiritual ties than the physical...

My Family is not a perfect, but a peculiar people, lest any flesh should boast.

It's time that My Family shows that they're truly My followers by showing the World that example of a group of people who
really love each other, wash each other's feet & are willing to lay down their lives & their pride for each other.

The difference between the System & the Family is Me. In the System there is darkness with no light. In the Family, there
is still a lot of darkness & dirt & sin which is inborn human nature or contamination from the World or brought about by
the Enemy's attacks & intrusions, but there is hope, because I am there to cleanse anyone from their sin for the asking,
there is forgiveness, there is love in spite of the sin. That's what grace is, the grace whereby ye are saved, not of
yourselves, not of works, lest any man should boast.

The Family is a spiritual entity, a spiritual army, and a lot depends on how loyal you are being to that army, meaning that
whoever happens to be fighting on your side, alongside you in that army at the moment is your brother or sister in arms,
and they deserve your loyalty, and if one of your carnal children tries to sow division between you and your spiritual
brethren and comrades, you need to stand up for your convictions, which should consist at least in part of an undaunting
loyalty towards your brethren, in spite of any & all weaknesses or flaws.

I have made My stance on carnal families, whether it be father, mother, son, daughter, husband or wife, quite clear in My
Word, and have clearly stated that those who obey Me and do the Father's will, they are My brethren, My Family. And the
question is, how much do you believe that? How much do you practice that?
If any man loves his flesh and blood family more than Me and My spiritual Family, he is not worthy of Me, nor of My

I have come into the World to set mankind free from the burden of their sins, but I have given My Family to the World in
order to set them free from the slavery of the System. The only alternative. But the Devil tries to deny you the right to be
free. He says, "No, this can't be done! You're breaking the rules! You're mine! You have to fulfill your duties towards my
rules, my system..."

My Family is a Family of the Spirit, and it's open to anyone who will, anyone who would like to join it, but in order to join
it, you'll have to leave the flesh & the allures of the World at the door. Once you have decided you want to be part of our
big heavenly Family, there are some pretty exclusive rules, and all that hog-wash from man's carnal mind, influenced by
Satan, will have to go.

It's My Family, and if you want Me to change something about it, the best One to talk to is Me, and I'll show you what you
can do or how you can go about it in order to eventually see some changes made.

The real thing, My friend, is right here: right on the scrubbing floors level of the nitty-gritty work of getting a tiny little
family unit of "Me, thee, thou and none other" to function properly, before you can think of gathering masses of followers
around you! Once you've got that core working properly and the way it should, you'll see that the other things will also
fall into place in their own time.

A marriage is a good thing, but marriage to Me and the greater Family is more important.

In My eyes, you're all one big family! You all have the same great-great-great-great-great....grandfather, Adam, and after
that, Noah, so, you're all one big family, so to speak. Now it's your choice whether you want to accept your place in that
Family and do what you can to help your brothers & sisters or not. Or whether you prefer to play the Devil's game & do it
his way: "I take care of myself, and if that means I have to take something away from my 'brother,' I will not hesitate to do
it!" Then you can join his family, but it's not going to be anywhere near as fun, and the rewards aren't going to be near as
good as they are going to be for those who choose to be on My side & do it the loving way, the helping way, the
considerate way.

The Family is full of contradictions, riddles and wonders.

You can't figure the Family out, label it, put it into any drawer & say, "the Family is like this or that, period." The Family is
as multi-faceted and complex as each & every member in it.

(Spirit helper:) The Family is a funny thing. It looks kind of strange. Some people are scared of it. Some folks think it's
pretty, some think it's ugly. But one thing has to be said about it as one of its attributes: it lives.
It's because God lives in it. You never know exactly what He or it might be up to next, it's full of surprises. That's why you
can't pin it down, label it or put it in a drawer or categorize it. It constantly changes. Don't discard it prematurely. It might
all of a sudden start glowing and burn its way clear through your mental trash can.
The Family's a funny thing. Funny things do happen. Especially if it's God's thing, you can't stop it from happening. You
mess with it and you might find out you just stuck your finger right in the middle of God's eye.

Just like someone becomes a member of My Family through My blood, so a familiar spirit has a link to their victim or
charge through blood ties of relation, which is why they're called "familiar" spirits.

You can make the difference between what the Family is and what the Family could be, right now! So much depends on
The Family is like a garden, similar to the garden of Eden, and not without the presence of the snake, either, and the only
way that garden is going to prosper is by maintaining it, applying elbow grease to it, tending it and keeping away from
that snake!

Keep Me as the Center of your marriage & family. I'm the glue that holds you together.

There will always - in this world - be frictions within families, for various reasons: People are not aware to which extent
the Enemy tries to destroy their unity and fights them; they're not aware of their own weaknesses, responsibilities and
share of the blame for the friction; etc.

The Family is a living thing, and as in all living organisms, there are good things that work toward the furtherance and
enhancement and procreation of life, and there are negative things, which also have their time and purpose, such as
bacteria & other parasites, which are present a-plenty in any body, and just show that there is a war to be fought.
Bacteria are not your actual enemy, but help to keep and make your body strong for the actual fight.

You are My wife, My bride, My children, My Family, and if I don't care for you, then I'm worse than an infidel.

Loyalty to My Family, My clan, My heavenly country & nation is definitely priority over any "Egyptian" philosophies, views
or even "open-mindedness." Stay radical, stay tuned to Me, stay dropped out, an Israelite at heart, and have no room in
your heart open for the ways and enticements of Egypt.

The church system is still based on the sermon principle, while I’m building My Family on the principle of becoming a
living sample of the truth, just as I was a living sample, and all My true saints were samples of My love and truth, more
than just sermons.
There are enough teachers, preachers and talkers delivering sermons, but way too few guides who truly show the way by
walking therein themselves first...

You've got to show how much you're ready to fight for it, how much you really believe in the Family, in spite of some
"relative" oddities, some traits in your spiritual relatives and Family that you tend to be ashamed of.

I like to work in teamwork, and I don't just run a one-Man show up Here. I like to include everybody I can and allow them
to participate in the work on the Big Picture.

Let's bust that "group think" & blow all those little "groups" and cliques to hell, in order to finally make one large Family
out of all of them!

While it's true that since Cain and Abel, not all in My Family were of My Family, this should not surprise you or make you
worry, "where should we turn to then?" I'm still in control, and you have to trust that this is My doing, My allowing and My
planning. You see what happens to kids when everything is perfect for them: they become spoiled!
The only thing that keeps folks desperate, dependent on Me and praying as they ought, is when things are going less
than perfect for them, when there are adverse circumstances, and particularly those which are brought about from among
their own ranks. Otherwise, the group becomes the substitute for everything: for Me, for everything they would look up to,
live for and follow. The group becomes IT, instead of Me, the group becomes god.
Man worship is still much more farspread than many people realize, and one of the most common forms of modern
idolatry, with many of its perpetrators/victims not even realizing it. And I'm not for it, but will do what I can to expose
those idols for their feet of clay.
It is My will that the Family isn't perfect, just as it has been My will that My church never was, and My people never were.
The church was never meant to be the all-in-all. The All-in-all is Me, and the church is merely a place where you can find
Me, a group of people through whom others can find Me, and sometimes by means of the very fact that My own people
are so far from perfect.
There's no other way but to look to Me. There's nowhere else to find the Perfect but in Me, and I'm using the imperfect to
have those who seek the perfect point to Me. The message is: if you think you're going to find the answer and all you're
seeking just in any group of failing, sinful and imperfect flesh and blood people like you, then you're wrong! You will
always find some flaws anywhere, with anyone, in this world. If you want the flawless, turn to Me!

If there's anything I want My Family to be, it's different. I want there to be an alternative to that which already exists,
especially that so-called normal arm-of-the-flesh-dependent System.

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…The Holy Spirit

My Spirit is pure and clean & gives away freely of Her pure & genuine love, without any interest in gain for Herself, but
only so that others may find life. Even so, I want you to take on My Spirit, and not think about any gain, any advantage for
yourselves, but seek only to give unselfishly, that your love may be found pure in My sight, and I can truly reward you!

What’s important, is that you each make the connection with My Holy Spirit & let Her empower you to do what you can’t,
let her take you over. That’s the Comforter for you: She comforts you over the fact that you can’t do it & helps you do it
instead! Like a Mother will say to a frustrated child, ‘Come here, let Me help you!’ And She does the work for you. Like a
mother taking her child’s hand when he’s trying to write or draw something beyond his ability, She guides your hand &
does it for you. You hold the pencil, but She guides your hand.
You've got to believe in My love, you've simply got to know that I love you! The original sin of man was to doubt that, and
the greatest sin, the sin against the Holy Spirit, is to reject that love by not believing that God so loved the World that He
gave His only begotten Son, once they've been given the chance to receive Him.
(Gem, female spirit helper:) When (Jesus) was talking about the Comforter, He wasn't only talking about the Queen
Mother, although she is very much involved in all this communication. Communication is specially a woman's thing...
He wasn't just exclusively referring to Her as the Comforter, but actually to the process, the power itself that would set all
this in motion; the event of Pentecost & all that goes with it and has been going on ever since...

You become a vessel, a pure, virgin bride of Mine, by letting My Holy Ghost take you over and possess you: "The Holy
Ghost will come over you and overshadow you," as Gabriel announced to Mary, and then you shall receive Me, the
perfect Son of God, into your flesh, and your flesh will be no longer imperfect flesh, but that which is mundane and
earthly will be made divine!
It was Me, My flesh in Mary, in her flesh, that made her divine, and that's why millions of Catholics practically worship her
today. But the trick is to just let My Holy Ghost overshadow you, control you and possess you, and then I'll be able to
come in unto you & bring forth the fruit in you that I - and you - desire! Let Me do with you, as I will, as Mary gave My
Father leave to do.

The fire which went before the Israelites in the desert by night was no ordinary fire, as you can imagine... the same fire
that didn't consume the bush Moses saw, My fire - the same of which consisted the tongues of fire that descended on the
day of Pentecost.
The "holy fire," which burns away your desires & anything that is Not of Me, but of you. It burns away the spiritual dross,
the sin, it purifies & makes white... That's why the early Christians & apostles who had been filled with the Spirit were so
holy, so unearthly, almost supernatural in their purity & conviction. It was almost as if the fire of My Holy Spirit had
"burned" their old selves away.

The Comforter is there to comfort you through this time of suffering through this world, and She'll enable you to call &
beckon yet others of My lost brides to come unto Me. And through My Holy Spirit, I am with you, right within you,
reminding you of the fact that this world is never going to be your home, never the place where you belong, filling you
with joyous anticipation of the glorious Kingdom to come, where all things will be perfect, where we will be truly united,
and all My brides shall be as one. No more disunity, nor more separation, but perfect one-ness, total unity, total love.

Just open the faucet! All you've got to do is turn it, open it & let it pour, according to your desire, according to your thirst.
That's how abundant My flow is, how ever-present My power, My comfort, My Holy Spirit with Her (nine) gifts of prophecy,
miracles, healing, wisdom, knowledge, tongues, discernment, interpretation and faith! Plus the tenth, the most excellent
of all, which sums them all up, just as I sum up all the good qualities of the different types of human personality: love.
(See 1Cor.12, 13).

You have to make a constant positive decision of saying "yes, I want You" to My Holy Spirit.

My Holy Spirit can be easily shooed away, when She feels like she has been replaced by some spirit of feverishly trying to
accomplish something, instead of fully leaning on Me. You know how it is when you don't feel needed. You don't want to
just barge in on people who give you the impression they're doing perfectly fine without you, doing things in a way or a
spirit quite distinct from yours, and act as if the last thing in the world they would need right now is someone coming in
and telling them they ought to be doing it differently.
Well, the Holy Spirit is relatively shy and reluctant to "barge in," too, in such situations, and when you're already fully in
your "groove," and your usual modus operandi, then there's nothing much anybody can do, not even My Spirit, to try to

The Holy Spirit is like a dove than gently descends where She is beckoned and invited and asked to come. She won't land
where She's not welcome, nor will she share a crowded heart that's filled with any other idol and false god and fallacy this
world has to offer.

Before Abraham was, I am. In fact, before everything and everybody was, except for My Father and My heavenly Mother, I
am. So, I'm a little bit older than everybody else except the Father and His Spirit Queen...
They've simply been around forever, and will continue to be. In fact, everything that is made is part of them, a
manifestation or expression of them. It's something you can't really grasp or fathom with your mind, but simply
something you're going to have to accept.

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…God the Father

I like to stay behind the scenes... and: look at the Father! He’s the best sample of all of someone taking the back seat...

There is a time for everything under the sun: a time for embracing, and a time to refrain from embracing...
You would like to abide in those times of embracing, those times of tenderness, of love & joy & fellowship forever. But
don’t forget, you’re in a war, and the situation is getting darker & more & more tense by the hour. So, that’s why we’ve got
to be tough sometimes, even as a father. Yes, then the world looks at us & points their fingers at us, how cruel, how cold,
how harsh & unloving we can be. All the while it’s not really us who are cruel, but the world itself. First they tempt you to
be lenient on your child, tell you to let them go their own way, let them be independent, and then, when they get into
trouble, they’re trying to make you feel guilty.
It’s similar to the way the world blames all their troubles on Me, whether they believe in Me or not, I’m always to blame,
just in case I exist, and oh, all good things come from their own hands...
It’s the same vicious cycle all over again of self-righteousness & people wanting to be their own gods.

Most people never even acknowledge My presence nor existence at all, blatantly denying the possibility of My existence
in spite of the plain evidence all over My creation. Pretty tough, huh? – Talking ‘bout not being accepted or included by
those you call your own: Imagine you’re the Father & Creator of the whole bunch, & your children & your creation just
simply refuse to even acknowledge your very existence! – ‘No, I’ve got no father! – I simply came into being by an
unplanned, random process called evolution...’ If you think you have reasons to be frustrated sometimes, all I can say is
‘Welcome to the club!’

Is it really so selfish & cruel of Me to want everybody to love Me first? I’m just telling you what’s good for you. Just like
every plant grows towards the sun & flourishes & prospers by obeying that law of nature, so will you if you will obey My
law of love. But if you turn away from Me, your spiritual Sun, you won’t prosper & grow, but wither & die, that’s how
simple it is.
Only the rebellious, the jealous, the envious the proud, those who’d like to be the big head-honcho themselves, like
Lucifer & anyone else who’ll ever listen to him, they have a hard time yielding & cow-towing to an even greater One than
themselves. They don’t want to soak up the sun, they want to be the sun themselves, but in so doing, they become a
black hole sun, radiating blackness & darkness, poisoning the world.
They’re polluting the world with their rubbish. And what do you do with rubbish? Clean it up! Get rid of it! You recycle
what can be salvaged & still be used & get rid of the rest. Now, what’s so unloving about that? That’s what any loving
father, keeper or creator of anything would do: Keep & protect his children, offspring, flock or creation from harm &
varmint that might threaten to destroy or cause them to get sick, & so, you get rid of the threatening menace.
Some people nowadays might not call that love, but I consider it My loving responsibility. Nowadays people confuse
leniency for love, letting them get away with anything... But that’s not love. I require obedience, because nothing but
obedience to Me will ensure your happiness & safety. And I will do My best to protect My lambs from the influences of
those who try to lure them away from the straight & narrow path of strict obedience, which is the road to happiness & a
safe haven.
Especially when your child is young, you protect it even more zealously from danger. The older he gets, the more you
allow to happen to him, to let him learn to reap the consequences of his own actions. That’s why right now you see less
cataclysmic intervention from My hand. I will have to allow the world to follow that rebellious punk to his & almost their
bitter end, in order to learn a lesson that will keep them behaving for a thousand years. If you have a better plan, hey, we
can talk about it! I’m all ears, but first you’ll have to convince Me...

Even I said to the rich young ruler, ‘Why callest thou Me good?’ Compared to the perfection of the Father and His realm
everything on Earth looks so pitiful, so shameful, so endlessly lacking & falling short of His glory, that even I, in My
fleshly body felt like anything but good. So, cheer up, if you don’t feel good. Even I didn’t feel good, and you know that
those who do feel good and righteous about themselves usually are the ones who are far from it.
‘He knoweth our frame, He remembereth that we are but dust’ (Ps.103:4).

I want to give everybody a chance to repent, to turn around & change their minds, their hearts & their ways, because I
love them. Yes, I love them.
That’s what John 3:16 is all about. I love them, and the Father loves them, that’s why I came. That’s why He sent Me and
that’s why I’m sending you, because I love them.

Once you come Here, you will know the victory has been won, although some of the actual fighting is still to take place.
It’s hard to comprehend while your still on the temporal plain, but it’s still the truth. It’s like those people asking, “Who
made God?” It’s hard for a temporal being to grasp the consistence of eternal beings. Although I was created, for I am the
beginning of the creation of God, the Father is and was and will always be eternal. There is no beginning nor end to Him.

Unless something is really bad & dangerous for you, I will usually let you have your way, even if I know it’s not really
good or the best for you. I often even let you have your heart’s desire even though you don’t deserve it, which is the way
you feel about your son, too.
I want him to know I’m not an ogre in the sky who won’t grant him any fun... even if his idea of fun greatly varies from
Mine or yours... So, it’s okay, My son, My bride, you can let him have his request, & get a taste of how it feels when you
feel like you should grant your child his request even if you know it’s not really good for him, & it hurts to see them go
down the wrong way, make mistakes & waste precious opportunities... Welcome to the club of the brokenhearted

How far are you willing to go to help, so that you can prove that I am really real & that My love is real? Are you willing to
leave the 99 who are safely in the fold now, in order to save that one lost sheep? Are you willing to lay down your life for
that sheep?
Forgetting all heady input, what does your heart say? Are you trying to be just sober & realistic here? The unconditional
love of your Father has saved you from your depth of despair & confusion... are you willing to show that same,
unconditional, fatherly love now, too? Are you willing to go to any length to save & bring them back onto the right path?
Will you be a true father?
Do you still believe that love is forever? As long as there’s a glimpse of hope, you should act on it & seize that

I, Jesus, and God the Father, love you personally, and care for you personally, enough to counsel you on the problems
you're facing.

(Spirit Helper:) "We have not an High priest which cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities, but was in all
things tempted like as we are." He can relate to the feelings of your infirmities. He's been there. He has also been through
it, not getting a hold of the Father's voice sometimes & feeling like "Father, Father, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"
I am the Prince of Peace, because My Father is the God of Peace and of Love, the opposite of all that the god of this World
stands for, the god of war & hate. A choice for Me & My ways is a choice for peace.

Love is the meaning of life on every level. Even on the highest level, I the Son of God & Creator of all things, as well as the
Father Himself, We live to love and to be loved.

My omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience are still dependent on the Father. Although He has given Me all power
in heaven and in hell, I still need Him, you know?
It's not like He is retiring, because I'm taking over the business. In a way, He's still running it all; He's just letting Me do
most of the business, that's all. But there comes a point when even I have to sit back a little and reflect, and receive some
powerful input from Him and some of the other heavenly counselors on these matters you present to Me. It has always
been that way, and it always will be. Heaven will never be a One-Man show with one big & all-powerful head honcho
running everything.

(God:) My stance on what is family and what isn't, is a little tough to take for those who are carnal minded & put their
money on this World. Look what I asked of Abraham... That wasn't a very "family-oriented" thing to do.
Look what I did to My own Son... Jesus: I had to forsake Him and let Him go and suffer a cruel death at the hand of
unbelievers. People could say, "What a Father You are, God! Tsk tsk..."
But you see, My Family is a Family of the Spirit, and it's open to anyone who will, anyone who would like to join it, but in
order to join it, you'll have to leave the flesh & the allures of the World at the door. Once you have decided you want to be
part of our big heavenly Family, there are some pretty exclusive rules, and all that hog-wash from man's carnal mind,
influenced by Satan, will have to go.
In that aspect, I'm separating the wheat from the chaff, the boys from the girls, those who have got what it takes to believe
My radical doctrines & drink My strong wine, and those who will have to be left at the door when the Bridegroom enters in
with only those who were wise enough to fill their lamps with the oil of My Spirit.
They didn't persist in running on their own carnal wisdom, but they asked Me to fill their empty vessel with My input, to
replace their vanity with that which really counts, counsel, views & thoughts from Me, and the more you do this, the less
important the world and its views will become to you, for the more I will matter in your life.
I am the Source of warmth & light in your life, the Source of supply of all that you need. I take My responsibilities towards
My children, those who have chosen to become My spiritual children by accepting My Son, Jesus, very seriously.
Especially if they have decided to trust Me for their lives.
Those who have decided not to trust Me for their lives, but make others responsible for them, are not walking in the path
of faith, they don't have the same standard, and the rules by which they judge are man-made, not Mine. They are not the
standards of faith, but the standard of doubt, of man caring for himself, of the arm of the flesh saving itself.
But without faith it is impossible to please Me, and it's better to acquire My view on things than many personal opinions.
It's better to know nothing at all except that I'll take care of you than many of the so-called "facts" & pieces of knowledge
that make up the wisdom of man, which is just as much foolishness to Me, if not more so, than it has been 2000 years

You see as a child sees, not as the Father, who sees what's truly good for you.

You've got to convey the faith, that I, their heavenly Father & Great Doctor, their Maker & Mender, know best what's really
good for them, and even though that which you present to them as My medicine may not appeal to them at first, if they
only try it, they will like it, or at least it's going to help them.

There's just so much more to the Father's love than you can fathom with your finite minds. All I can do to help you is give
you a little glimpse of what's beyond the scope of your minds, & encourage you to take it by faith & trust Me that there is
more, a larger part of the picture you may not yet understand.

You don't have to be a pauper in the spirit if your Father is the richest "Man" in the universe.

Often, children have a completely wrong concept of their father, quite similar to people's false perception of Me, their
heavenly Father. To rectify and perhaps correct their view of things a bit, the first step is to get them to communicate, just
like I need you to communicate with Me, in order to get anything accomplished in our relationship.
Ask Me how to approach them in order to get them to confide to you what's on their hearts about you, why they seem to
dislike you, or why they talk badly about you to others, or whatever the case may be.
If they give you trials because they prefer to spend their time with their friends to the extent that they hardly come to see
you anymore at all, welcome to the way that I feel in relation to many of My children!
Often it's because someone else fed them negative information about you, similar to the way the Devil tells lies about Me.
Other times it plain & simple selfishness & they just know that having to face you would only convict them & make them
feel bad about themselves.
There is more truth to the verse that I created you in My own image than meets the eye. In a way, you're all little carbon
copies or photo copies of Me, just like children often are the "spitting image" of one of their parents...
Sometimes your children feel resentful toward you because they think you neglect them & don't care about them, similar
to the way many people think that I couldn't care less about them or I wouldn't bother with someone as "unimportant,"
which is really only one of the standard lies the Devil spreads about Me.
Others think downright badly of you at times, similar to those times when you're "at war" with Me for allowing all those
"atrocities" to happen to you, when really, more often than not, it's your own attitude & distance from Me that can be
responsible for such times of testing.
Ultimately, fathers are ideal scapegoats. You can blame a lot of things on them that are going wrong, because they didn't
do this or that for you, etc., or they broke this or that promise. That's why one of the most effective educational
milestones in life is having kids on your own, because it will ultimately show you that you're not the perfect mom or dad
either, and for once you're able to put yourself in your parents' or even My shoes!
Kids make you deal with your own weaknesses, failures, wrong attitudes, selfishness & everything that's ugly about
yourself that you hadn't even realized until then. Most of all, having children reveals that you're not any better than your
own parents at all, when you thought you were light-years ahead of them. And, well, that whole process then also moves
Me a bit closer to you, because all of a sudden you can begin to see why I'm doing things the way I am, or why I allow this
or that to happen... Things start making sense all of a sudden.
So, cheer up! Those trials about being a parent, though the most painful of all they may be, are worth it, every bit! In fact,
as unimportant, trivial or mundane as dealing with children may seem to some people, raising kids, and all the lessons
that go along with it, is pretty much the epitome of the meaning of life.
While some parents think they're missing out on life because of their kids, missing out on all the fun that singles or
childless couples seem to be having, if you pay attention to what I'm trying to teach you in life, you'll actually notice that
it's those others, who are missing out on a lot of things, unless they have a position of responsibility over others in some
different type of leadership position.
Parents are leaders. Leaders are always envied, resisted, rebelled against, rejected, opposed & fought against by some
people some of the time, but that's exactly the kind of adversities that make a character strong. So, if you thought your
kids were robbing some of the value of your life, if they're making you feel worthless, like you're no good and you blew it,
think again: they're actually the very factor that will accelerate your maturation, and increase your usefulness to others as
a counselor, comforter, or person to trust & rely on, more than hardly any other factor could.
Each of your children is a universe of lessons & experiences to explore. If you ask Me to open your eyes to the
possibilities that are there, I will show them to you. Kids are like you and you are like Me... There are endless numbers of
things you can learn out of this, if you're just attentive. They're your most dedicated students & also your best teachers,
so, watch out! Pay attention! Don't miss those valuable lessons they're here to teach you!

When you have gone as far as you could, then it's time for the next part, which is Mine. Just like I could have never made
it without the Father, so I will never let you carry your cross or your burden alone. It's foolish, total nonsense, to think that
you must do it on your own!

The Father Himself is Love... In fact, all of the heavenly Realm of the Spirit World pretty much embodies and resembles
love, so, there's a whole lotta love around & to be had. If you need more of it, just ask for it!

You were unsure of yourself practically throughout your whole life, because the God-ordained father-son relationship in
your life was damaged! Because of your own broken relationship with your father, and the image you had of him, there
was always some of that father image you dragged along into your personal relationship with your heavenly Father, most
of which stemmed from mistrust. Because of what your father image had always been you had a hard time relating to the
fact that your heavenly Father really loved you. Only in recent years have you come to fully accept that I love you
unconditionally. You had experienced My love in your early years, but then things started going wrong, and you thought I
couldn't possibly love you because of your sins. The Enemy had a grip on you through your sins. It wasn't that your sins
actually caused Me to love you less, but they caused you to believe that I loved you less. That's why dealing with your
sins and mistakes is important, too, you cannot just ignore them.
So, now you've come to face your sins, learned from your past mistakes, have allowed Me to expose your own selfish
hidden motives, and have allowed My Words to cleanse you from them with their white-hot truth, and you have come to
accept My unconditional love and eternal forgiveness, you have rectified your wrong father concepts, and I'm showing
you the truths about how all these things have been going on in your life without your ever being aware of them.
"So what about the next time I'm going to stumble," you wonder now, "when all this You're teaching me right now will be
far away from my mind again, and I will again focus on the negative?" Well, I didn't say I was going to make you perfect
right away, I didn't say you had attained or it was "done." But I have said that though you would stumble, I would not let
you fall. Why? Because you listen to My Word & try your best to obey Me; you delight in Me, commit your ways unto Me,
you wait on Me, trust Me, make an effort to cease from anger, etc. (see Ps.37).
Just trust Me that each stumble will be another fall upward, closer to Me, closer to My arms, and that I will always be there
to catch you. And no matter how hard you fall, or how badly you err or sin, I will always, always forgive you! Eventually, if
you really believe this, the Devil will have to see that it's senseless, that he can't deceive you anymore into thinking that
you have "fallen from grace" or are "too bad for Me."
The important thing is that you learn this lesson not only for yourself, but realize the importance of this issue for many,
many people, by remembering the pain this has meant for yourself. I wanted to make sure that you really get the point of
this so you would be able to pass on to others this message of reconciliation with the Father! Let them know that God is
good, a loving Father, a just Father, Who seeks to be loved, not feared. Revered & respected, He seeks & wants to be
obeyed, yes, but there is nothing to be afraid of with Him, because He only means well with you, and He truly does so. He
doesn't make mistakes! No matter how haywire things have run in your life, and you think, how could a God of love
possibly have allowed this, if you just stretch out your hand of faith to Him in spite of all your doubts, you will see the
reason and the truth behind all that happened.
More often than not, it's the Enemy who has plotted & schemed to bring about circumstances to convince people that
God doesn't love them. But he's a liar. That's why an important part of your ministry must also be to expose the lies of the
You must never, never, never give in and let him convince you to doubt God! For as long as you refuse to believe his
doubts, and you just keep believing, even with your last bit of strength, you will see that things will continue to keep
going, continue to keep working out for the best & turn out good for you somehow. Just encourage people to take that
step of faith to give God a chance! Tell them to stop believing the Devil's doubts for once, and to make an opening in their
lives for the light and love of God, and to see what will happen in that margin of time, to open their eyes for what will
happen if they choose to believe!

It was My Father's love for Me that saw Me through. And even so it will be My love for you that will see you through & help
you to focus on the few who will make it worth it all!

The Father knows exactly what He's doing, & even if some deem Him cruel, He is the ultimate Love. He can only be
understood - in fraction - by faith, and few even make an effort, but what's most important is that you remember He knows
what He's doing.
There is a purpose in everything, just trust Me for it, and if you can't trust Me, if I'm not big enough for you, or you think I
can't possibly be all that smart, that all-knowing, that wise, then at least you can trust the Father, for I can assure you,
He's great and wise enough!

They may reject you and dislike you, but you determine to love them anyway. That's the way I loved; that's the way the
Father loves. That's the initiating kind of love, the creating kind of love, the love that makes something out of nothing, that
brings everything where there was nothing. The seed which falls into the ground and there - by dying - brings life.

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…Soul Food

I won’t give any of you a stone if you ask Me for a fish. You are asking Me for valid soul food & counsel when you come
before Me, so, I won’t send you a hoax.

I speak to everyone in a different way, and sometimes what is your wavelength, isn’t exactly somebody else’s, it’s the
same as with people’s different tastes for music, movies, literature, food, etc.

You need Me as a plant needs the sun & the rain. You need Me as much as your body needs oxygen, food & water.

Come, ye that are hungry & thirsty, & partake of the food that will not leave you hungry again, but which satisfies your
soul. They feed their bodies but starve their souls, but I will both, feed your soul & nourish & strengthen those who will
come unto Me to beseech Me for their needs.
Save their spirits from starvation. They need My food! Don’t withhold it.

Give your empty heart to Me, & I will fill it! I don’t like you to fill your mind and heart with any old thing that comes along,
any old book or movie, because I can only fill an empty space & vacuum that’s waiting for Me to fill it. But if you fill it up
with something else already... It’s like: you can’t eat any more healthy food once you’re stuffed with junk food. When
you’re full, you’re full. You just need to wait then until you’ve digested whatever it was you ate or read or watched & make
space for something new, which hopefully will be a wiser choice.

For those who love God, things will ALWAYS turn out to make perfect sense one day, and you manifest your love to God
by receiving the Seeds of Love, the Word of God, into your hearts. They’re more important than food, more important than
money, more important than anything anyone could ever tell you you should do.

Please don’t neglect My time with you. You wouldn’t want to go too often without any spiritual food, or you’ll dwindle
down to a skinny runt in the spirit, and we’re at training here, where a lot of spiritual effort & strength is required…

When Daniel & his friends were brought to Nebuchadnezzar's court, they refused to eat the king's food. They only wanted
bread & water. Sometimes it's better to just stick to bread & water than all the stuff the System has to offer. Just because
the System has to offer it, doesn't mean that you should take it! You don't have to take every temptation the Devil hands
you, do you? Remember, the fruit of the forbidden tree was the wrong kind of knowledge. Some things you wouldn't want
to know. Why get to know evil, when there's so much good to know? There are so many things to learn about & from My

The Devil is trying to come up with more & more perfect counterfeits & substitutes & distractions all the time: more &
more perfect entertainment, shows, computer games, movies, System music & sounds, all available by remote control, so
you don't even have to move or do anything to get instant satisfaction; more & more perfect tasting food with artificial
flavors, made to even "top" My natural flavors I have put in foods naturally, more & more perfect drugs & narcotics... He's
trying to literally spoil people stupid so they won't ever want to get off of their fannies to do anything else but indulge in
his "perfections".

Just because it's there and it's possible, doesn't mean you have to use it or do it or that it's of Me. Just because there's
junk food available for you in the store doesn't mean that I want you to buy it.

I want to be the Light that you turn on in your life when it's dark, the heat you can avail yourself of when it's cold, your
food when you're hungry, your drink when you thirst.

I am the Bread of life! Unless you eat Me, you're going to faint! How do I give power to the faint & strength to those that
have no might? The same way you gain physical strength by eating food & taking in physical nourishment! You've got to
eat Me, just the way you eat your food, if you want Me to do you any good. If you get hungry you eat, right? So, if you feel
like you're running low on spiritual energy & "lovability," just stop & take a break & take a bite of Me! Come, "taste & see
that the Lord is good."

Feed My sheep the lasting food, the Bread of life, & lead them to My good pastures, beside My still waters.

Only in total humility does one find the grace to give out that which is pure, the pure, unadulterated light and water and
food from Heaven, the spiritual nourishment that will truly set them free and will truly strengthen the sheep.
The true sheep won't care whether the food is wrapped up in an appealing appearance. It doesn't have to be "cool," it just
has to be nourishing.
If you neglect My Word, you neglect the most important weapon I have given you to fight this war, you're neglecting your
daily food, you're neglecting Me!

I don't mind you being curious and hungry for more, as long as you don't waste the food I've already given you, as long
as you share it with those who are needy, those who don't have any true spiritual food at all!

My true sheep will only truly be satisfied with My good grass, but goats will go for the stuff the Devil feeds them. My
sheep aren't satisfied by anything but love, whereas goats will settle for the temporary satisfaction that material things,
success, money, pride & accomplishments bring, pleasure, etc.

The cheaper option is usually the Devil's substitute for the real thing. In order to obtain the real thing you must pursue it
with determination and not allow yourself to be distracted with the cheaper substitute. The real thing requires its price.
It's not the quick & easy "fast food" solution!
It's so quick & easy to just prepare a quick fix snack, compared to the laborious process of preparing a full-fledged meal,
but in the long run, your body will be able to tell and show the difference.
So, stay away from the quick fixes. Focus on the real thing, the real, long-term goal, and the spiritual! Don't starve your
soul. Don't deprive your spirit of the greatest kicks it was created to enjoy by feeding it the cheap quick fix substitutes of
the Enemy, his alternatives to the real thing!

Some vitamins, minerals or nutrients are good for certain organs, while others are good for others, and thus it's also with
the spiritual food I give.
Your particular body condition warrants a particular & individual diet.

That crummy looking root or vegetable your forefathers ate may have well been a much greater source of vitamins,
minerals, & thus health and nutrients, than all that "too-good-to-be-true" almost plastic-like food they sell nowadays.

The soul food and spiritual heavenly bread that I give straight from Me makes you grow into strong, healthy trees in My

There is a time and a season for everything under the sun: a time to spoon-feed a baby, and a time when they've grown
enough to be getting the food for themselves.

The more time you spend in the ministry of the Word, the more it will grow on you, become part of your being, and it will
eventually just radiate and shine through you, literally leak out of you wherever you are and whatever you do. It will
literally be "meat that ye know not of." It will become food for your soul, the bread of life, and as you eat Me and drink Me
in, you will have part in Me more and more. You'll see how I will "grow on you," and you will become like Me more and

It takes more than inspiration and a bunch of good ideas to really find out what it is My sheep need. You may have a lot of
ideas about what to feed them, and how to feed them, and how to make the food more attractive for them, but everybody's
got their own taste, and one man's meat may be another man's poison. Everybody's different

"Come, taste & see that I am good!" "I am the bread of life. Whoever will eat of this bread will never be hungry again!" In
order for your spirit to grow, you've got to take the consumption of Me & My Word as seriously as you take the
nourishment of your bodies!

One meal a day just isn't enough to sustain you throughout the day, is it? Sometimes, when it's a really good meal, you
last on it for the whole day, but that's more the exception than the rule. So, if you have to eat physically 3 times a day,
why not come to Me for spiritual nourishment 3 times daily, also?

Are you really going to allow your children to make pig food their spiritual diet, when they could have feasted from the
richness of the King's table?

The amount you receive is determined by your spiritual hunger, which is diminished by the amount of other input you
feed your mind with... The less you snack on those other "goodies," the more you will hunger for My pure milk and proper
meat. Again you find that less is sometimes more.

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… Air

It’s only your position that changes. I am the Lord, I change not. Yesterday, today, forver... the same. I am constant.
Constantly and permanently there for you, just like the air all around you, just like the universe all around you. As long as
the universe is there, you can be assured that I’m still there, too!

The way sinful human nature is programmed is that you always attempt to provide for yourself without help from above or
rather, without acknowledgement of all the help you're receiving from Me in the first place, all the help and supply you're
taking for granted: the air you breathe, the sunshine that makes growth and life possible, etc. And then you look around
for what else you can take for granted without having to thank Me: take another human being that pleases you and all
they have to offer you, and wind up taking them for granted as well, until you get tired of them and start looking around
for another one...
Unless you become dependent on Me for the very air you breathe and every breath you take, every bite of food you eat
and everything you do and need, life is a farce, and you will only become distracted in the deceitful rut of survival and

Unless you become dependent on Me for the very air you breathe and every breath you take, every bite of food you eat
and everything you do and need, life is a farce, and you will only become distracted in the deceitful rut of survival and

This battle field of life can become pretty hostile territory when you allow the Enemy to disturb the equilibrium of things
just a little bit and allow him to take a little bit of the proportions, one tiny measurement of one of the essential
ingredients out of your life, that enable you to breathe properly. After all, that's what those poisonous gases in warfare
are supposed to do: to disable the enemy and stop him from breathing. Another allegory of life with spiritual background.
If I'm the air that you breathe, don't let the Enemy rob you of it! Don't let him kill you with his poisonous gases, don't let
him choke you, suffocate you, don't let him steal your oxygen. Defend your right to breathe!

I don’t want to scare you of the future, but if you would see the severity of the impending doom, you would act completely
differently! You would dig out the Word and start reading & memorizing as if your life would depend on it as much as
breathing. I will have to become your oxygen, if you want to survive the days to come! I will have to become your only
light, your bread, your water, and everything you need to live, for the Devil is going to try to cut all other means of supply.

Sooner or later, every human being will have to come face to face with the fact you have accepted long ago, but for them
will be a bitter truth, that without Me you can do nothing. Let’s face it: without Me you can’t even breathe. They think they
can, because, after all, they’ve got lungs & oxygen. But Who made the lungs & the oxygen? And Who created the process
that made an endless supply of oxygen possible? Man? They’re trying their damnedest to destroy & stop that process
with their pollution & murdering of the forests. Just because they refuse to give the credit to Me doesn’t change a thing
about the fact that I’m still responsible for it.
Air is a good description of My nature: It is invisible, yet vital & all around you. Sometimes it is warm & still & sometimes
whips your faith in strong winds, or wreaks judgment over the Earth in fierce storms. Mostly taken for granted, you never
miss it as much as when it’s not there, just like people are most desperate for Me when I remove the things that keep
them alive, when they’re nearing their death... That’s when they realize in terror that they can’t survive another minute
without that certain something they’ve been taking for granted all their lives, like a drowning man.
Well, better late than never, but how much more advanced are those who already acknowledge My presence & the
importance of including Me, and your dependence on Me. Independence is alright, as long as you don’t dream of
independence from Me. It’s as if the Earth would declare its independence from the sun & drift off into space. It’s like a
fish’s independence from water, or a plant’s independence from light – or yours from the air... you can’t do without it. I’ve
written it all over My handiwork: ‘You need Me, you can’t do without Me any more than a fish can do without water, a plant
can do without light, no more than you can live without air: Without Me, you can do nothing!’

I’m tossing you into the water & you’ll only be able to breathe by My miracle-working grace & power. It’s pretty hard to
trust in yourself when you need a miracle to even breathe.

The good thing about learning to breathe under water is that you’ll be prepared & won’t drown when the flood comes, and
the flood is going to come. You’ll already have learned to depend on Me for every miraculous breath you take, nothing
taken for granted, surviving on My supernatural power every moment, every second.

I want you to indulge more in the spiritual riches & wealth I’m pouring out on you, emphasize more on them, acknowledge
their greater importance, become more dependent on them & make greater use of them!
They are your supply of oxygen while you’re learning to breathe under water! I am your oxygen! And neglecting Me in
such a situation is a very dangerous thing to do!

I’m your oxygen! Breathe Me in, & you’ll keep wide awake & full of energy! Let Me be your oxygen, your energy, your
Everything! Anything you need... you’ve got it!

Don't stop giving, don't stop loving, for loving never stops!
It's like breathing, or a heartbeat: the moment you stop, it dies. Love has to continue, it is alive, and in order to keep it
alive, you have to keep loving, keep using it, keep moving.

I am the Oxygen that will keep this flame alive, and as long as you're aware of how much you depend on Me, it is going to
keep burning.

When nothing on earth will go or flow anymore, no more gas, no more oil, no more water, no more electricity, then My
power will still be running through you! And one fine day, that'll be all that will be needed: My power!
In a way, all is My power - or a physical manifestation of it, anyway: every breath you take is already a manifestation of
power! Only then it will be obvious & clear to everyone where it all came from in the first place!

Everything is a miracle: every breath you take is a wonder of My creation, a gift of My love, grace & benevolence to you.
Every meal you eat is a token of My love & supply to you, and if you just learn to see everything as a miracle in the first
place (instead of taking it all for granted), then you'll also have more faith for other miracles, or for Me to continue doing
the same miracles, even when the "normal" flow of supply should stop.

Use some love-power & fill your life with its fragrance, with its shine and magic!
Make it come to the point where you breathe prayer. Breathing is a lot like prayer. You breathe in My life-giving oxygen,
you spiritually inhale My Spirit, My love, My force, and you exhale it again, as you breathe out positiveness, your positive
influence on the world.
If you think of prayer as something similar to breathing, a process in which you constantly inhale and exhale My Spirit, as
the life-giving power that will sustain your spirit, just as oxygen keeps you alive in the physical, then you'll get the gist of
what I mean.
Every breath you take brings new life to your body, keeps it from dying. Why not do the same thing to your spirit? Why
allow it to "die" or even feel worn out and tired and without any strength, when you can be constantly renewed with
heavenly fresh air and constant new whiffs of My Spirit?
Let Me save you again! Let Me refill you again! Let Me save you again and again from the death of this life, and be reborn
and renewed over and over again into the power of eternal life! There's so much more you haven't even begun yet to
experience, to taste, to see and feel and hear and see, and to breathe! BREATHE! Breathe in Me with every breath you
take! Breathe Me in!

As you breathe Me in, I will breathe upon you the breath of life, the breath that first caused Adam to awaken, and brought
forth life from non-living matter; and so it will raise you from death to life - from a life, once so death-like, to a life truly
lived in My love, My exuberant joy, My victory, My Spirit.

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The sun doesn’t just give its light to one flower or blade of grass at a time, but to many, countless others simultaneously.
That’s how My love works, too. So, don’t wonder or doubt, ‘How could this be? How could God be spending all this time
with Me when He’s got so many others to take care of?’ I’m not bound by time or space.

If you would only bask in My sunshine, seek for the sunshine of My love everyday & bathe your face in its light...

Let Me be the sunshine of your life, for only I can give you happiness, true contentment & true beauty of the inward parts.
Worship Me! – The sun of righteousness with healing in My wings, your sun & shield, giving grace & glory, not
withholding any good thing from them that walk uprightly (Mal.4:2, Ps.84:11).

Open up your hearts like a flower would open up her petals to the sun & let Me shine deep into your hearts & let the bees
of My Spirit, My angelic helpers come and pollinate you so that you may bring forth fruit unto Me! Open up! Let the
sunshine in!

You can have the sunshine on in your life anytime you call on Me and listen to My Words.

‘Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground & die, it abideth alone... ’ On its own, the grain of wheat doesn’t do much
good. And down there in the darkness it doesn’t see, feel or perceive much but its immediate surroundings: the earth &
the worms, an occasional mole or bug. But if it absorbs the heat of My sunshine & the waters of My rain & lets its shell
become soft, something inside starts growing, which finally wants to burst through the shell of your former confines. And
that’s the moment when your old man dies to make room for something new, something greater than your former self.

Melt the cold ice of pride with the sunshine of My Love!

Independence from Me is as if the Earth would declare its independence from the sun & drift off into space.

Open your eyes to visions of heavenly light! Catch some rays of heavenly sunshine, flooding your soul with glory divine!
Greater light is here than the sun’s, greater & more eternal radiance. A light that doesn’t hurt the eyes & won’t scorch the
Earth, nor cause disease. My light is only pure & good! So, My children, seek Me, for My pure & true light!
Bathe in My light! Even if you see nothing else at first, with the eyes of your spirit: just a glimpse of My true, eternal, life-
giving, heavenly light will strengthen you & lift you up & encourage you enough to keep going with renewed vigor &
Consider My heavenly light the source of energy you need in order for your spiritual flower to really come to full bloom!

Just like every plant grows towards the sun & flourishes & prospers by obeying that law of nature, so will you if you will
obey My law of love. But if you turn away from Me, your spiritual Sun, you won’t prosper & grow, but wither & die.

Never neglect Me, the Sunshine, the Source of love & warmth in your life!

Indulge in Me, your spiritual Sun, & get a nice spiritual sun tan, which is going to make you look better in the spirit. The
more you bask in My spiritual sunshine, the better you're going to look when you come here before Me with all the others.
So, bask in My sunshine! That's My good advice for you for today! Bask in Me & My love! Turn your faces toward Me! I'm
gonna make you glow with a radiant glow that's going to far surpass any beauty in the physical.

Once you call out to Me, & ask Me to save you, I come through for you & will be the sunshine after a rainy day for you,
and more. I will flood you with miracles, solutions & answers that will make you wonder how you could ever have doubted

I'm your Sun, and you've got to keep facing toward Me and keep spinning around Me, you cannot allow another to take on
the role of the sun for you. As long as I'm your sun, you will be able to spin & dance around Me, hand in hand with the
other planets, moons & stars, too, in loving unity.

When you allow Me to be the Sunshine of your life, I will not let you down.
Seek Me, your spiritual Sunshine first thing every morning, and let Me light up your life!
The grey and gloomy skies remind you perfectly that this world is not your home, and that your happiness and fulfillment
is found elsewhere, in the unseen Realm, where I am your Sunshine - your Eternal Sunshine that never fades.

Keep your focus on that internal and eternal sunshine within you: My Sunshine, that will keep you warm, bright and
cheery even through the darkest times. You will have an inner source of strength that people are going to feed off and
draw life from, draw hope from, and a reason to go on, even when all hope seems lost.

I want to be your Sunshine when there’s no sunshine. I want to be the factor to brighten up your day, the Source that will
give you warmth when you feel cold in this world, the One to make you feel loved when you feel lost and forsaken.
I want to be the Sunshine of your life; your ray of light and hope, the one thing to look forward to in the middle of all the
bleakness that surrounds you. So, don’t let the clouds obstruct your view of Me.

The sun has been worshiped for millennia, from ancient Egypt until today, and thus the sun has always been somewhat of
a “rival” for Me, so I have to allow people to reap the consequences of their false and abominable worship of one of My
creations instead of Me, and what you’re witnessing right now is only the beginning of sorrows, as you know from the
book of Revelation.
Things are going to get worse, and I need for My children to have a mature attitude and wisdom concerning the sun.

I’ve got to be the Constant in your life, more constant than the sun, and definitely more constant than the weather!

My Presence is a constant, it doesn’t change. There’s never a time I’m not there for you.
It’s as sure as the presence of the sun. You may not be able to see it, but you can know for certain it’s there, because
otherwise life on earth would pretty much cease immediately.
You may not see it because the skies are grey, but it’s there.
Likewise you may not always see or hear or feel Me, either, but you can be just as sure that I am there, ready to give My
spiritual warmth and light and life to you.
Making it not too obvious that it’s there at times is what I do in order to strengthen and train your faith, and loosen your
grip and dependence on circumstances.
I want you to know I’m there even when it’s not so obvious, just as sure as you know the sun is still around even on
cloudy days. I want and need you to register that fact. You can depend on Me.
Even on cloudy days the earth does benefit from the sun’s warmth and light. So, you can thank Me for, and enjoy My
Presence, even during those times when it seems less present or obvious.

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…Brothers & Sisters

Imagine if parents on Earth wouldn’t have any cares & worries about having to come up with the provisions for their
families, and on top of it would not be subject to sin & the devil’s temptation: Their children would be their greatest joy,
and the major theme around which the large part of their activities would revolve. That’s the way I, your Heavenly Father,
and My Queen, the Holy Spirit, care for you, watch you, rejoice in you, our children.
Imagine older brothers & sisters on Earth would not be driven by their own selfish desires, interests & motivations of
usually only wanting to impress their peers or older ones than themselves (not the ‘real old ones’, you know, it always
has to be just the right age group to be considered ‘worthwhile’ impressing): They would find their greatest joy in helping,
tutoring, watching, and playing with their younger brothers and sisters, or those of their friends. Well, that’s how your
many helpers on this side care for you, take their interest & joy in you, their younger brothers & sisters on Earth. They
don’t spend their time on selfish pleasures, nor look down on anyone they don’t deem ‘cool’ or worthy, they are driven by
My great Love, the driving force of our celestial realm to want to do anything they can to be a blessing and a help to
anyone, great or small, lowly or great. All that is required is that you ask, and they will answer & intervene & help you with
anything you might need help with.
Life could be so much easier for Earth’s little boys & girls, if, instead of running around in a blind frenzy to get what they
want, or even what the Devil told them they should run for, they would acknowledge their heavenly brothers, sisters &
parents, who are ever watching, ever caring, ever loving, ever willing to lighten their young charges’ load, to ease their
path, to make their lives more enjoyable.
The Family is a cooperative, inter-dimensional, multi-generational body or machinery consisting of countless members
behind the curtain which separates your realm & ours.
Come & join hands with your older brothers & sisters who love you more than anyone on Earth could ever love you.
We’ll fill you in on important details as to what the Enemy’s next moves are going to be, how you should prepare, what
pitfalls to guard against.
Call us, your heavenly parents & older brothers, your GREATER FAMILY for help, the way a little boy would call for his
dad or older brother when some evil bully is threatening him, or worse, trying to deceive him, kidnap him or deal him
some poison candy!
Those who mess with us don’t know what they’re getting into. Forget about the Mafia! You mess with us, you in BIG
trouble! It may not always be immediately evident, & the wheels of My judgment grind slow, but exceeding fine, and they
all wind up sorry, sooner or later!
So, let this boost your confidence a little bit, next time you feel prone to be a little envious of this clique or that crowd, or
when you’re tempted to feel inferior, because you’re not a citizen of that strong country, or you’re not like one of those
rich kids or wealthy folks in their cool cars... Remember that you, yes, tiny little you, are part of the most powerful gang in
the universe, the one who’s getting ready to rule & run the joint for good, & you’re in touch with the ‘Boss’, the Man on
the top!
I am He that breaks up selfish little couples & families, to make of the broken pieces one greater Family.

My soul longs to meld with yours, I long to become one with you. And in becoming one with Me, you will become one with
all the other partakers of My love in the universe. ‘Come together over Me!’ That’s the scheme! And the result will be one
big, happy, joyful, universal Family, My Kingdom of Love!

If you’re genuine, if you’re real, if your heart is covered and embalmed in My elixir of love, they’ll know they can trust you.
That is how My Family & My children throughout time have been able to operate and survive against all odds: It wasn’t
that they had any outstanding means, finances or wealth to back them up, it was a look into their eyes that told people,
“You can trust them!” That is what you must learn to put your personal trust in, more than any other physical security
you would want to render, or guarantee you would want to give to anyone: It’s My Spirit that counts! The Spirit of Love.

Look at your Family in the Spirit! Seek contact with those who really have something to offer you!

Put My Family, My Kingdom first, before your personal, carnal sense of belonging, & see how much I will bless you with
greater love.

This is and always has been the main purpose of the Family: to be My chosen mouthpiece to the World. What if My
mouthpiece has gone mute? What if the salt loses its flavor? What if the light of the candle goes out?

My stance on what is family and what isn't, is a little tough to take for those who are carnal minded & put their money on
this World. Look what I asked of Abraham... That wasn't a very "family-oriented" thing to do.
Look what I did to My own Son... Jesus: I had to forsake Him and let Him go and suffer a cruel death at the hand of the
wicked & unbelievers. People could say, "What a Father You are, God! Tsk tsk..."
But you see, My Family is a Family of the Spirit, and it's open to anyone who will, anyone who would like to join it, but in
order to join it, you'll have to leave the flesh & the allures of the World at the door. Once you have decided you want to be
part of our big heavenly Family, there are some pretty exclusive rules, and all that hog-wash from man's carnal mind,
influenced by Satan, will have to go.

I like to work in teamwork, and I don't just run a one-Man show up Here. I like to include everybody I can and allow them
to participate in the work on the Big Picture.
Ask yourself what I'm trying to show you through this. By having to deal with the matter of God Himself choosing to work
in teamwork, you must ask yourself, "am I following in His footsteps in this aspect?"

The great plan is that everything, and everybody will lovingly interact, teamwork & co-operate in one heavenly, ecstatic &
climactic symphony... Everybody has an important part & role to play... everybody matters, everybody makes a difference,
everybody can contribute, and we all need each other.

I have chosen to work in unity & teamwork with My millions & billions of spirit helpers in order to set an example of what I
want you to do.
What's important is that you neglect neither side. It's supposed to become a teamwork of spirit and flesh. I want you to
first of all learn to co-operate and work in unison with Me and My spirit helpers, and then, once you are being spirit-led, I
want you to apply the same method and gear with your human co-workers, as well, all the while keeping in mind that just
as I and your angels and helpers often need patience with you, so you need patience with those you work and live with in
the physical...

I especially delight in teamwork between the dimensions. You tell us what you need from us, and we tell you what we
would like from you. That's how successful business works, even in the World.
Talking 'bout 'free trade'. It can't get any freer than this.

You can be partakers of My sufferings & help Me carry My cross by helping your brothers & sisters to make it, by praying
for them, supporting them, & doing whatever I show you & put within you to help them, lift them up & encourage them.

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… Body & Health

Part of your job of tending the garden of your body I put you in charge of is finding the right methods & remedies to your
specific problems with My help & applying them.

Not everybody can be a hand or a foot. Some members of the body have more stationary functions, more passive
functions: they receive the poisonous elements of the body & purify them, like the liver, or they receive the blood that has
passed through the body & pass it on, supplying it with fresh oxygen, like the heart & the lungs. Some are for mere
decoration, like the hair... Others are there to discern among My people, like the nose.

Your bones & body are aching, your stomach feels nauseated, you feel tired, but you can't sleep anymore... Time to get
ahold of Me! Time to start learning to rely on Me for strength & as the only true Source of energy, & to give you a boost to
help you to make it.

At the core of each member, there's got to be Me, or the whole body won't be able to function together. Just like every
living cell has a core, and that core has got to be well intact and healthy, otherwise it won't be able to multiply
successfully and grow into a bigger organism. I am the Life that ensures a healthy cell core. As long as that very center of
each cell receives the necessary nourishment and protection it needs from Me, it won't have any problems.
But if you want a healthy soul, a healthy body and spirit, then you're going to have to stick to a healthy diet, one in which
the rule applies that "less is sometimes more."

When an old house deteriorates, it will need some work on it. It won't get better by itself.
Likewise, your body needs some "maintenance," & some things & minor repairs done to it, the same way your car does.
The tires wear off and you need new ones. Your teeth wear off, and you need to get them fixed...
You can't say, "Oh, I'll trust the Lord to fix those tires." You can trust Me that I'll supply new ones. Likewise you'll have to
trust Me now that I'll provide the right dentist, who's going to do the right thing.

Taking care of your body is hard work, the same as taking care of a house or a garden... You have to keep it clean, and all
the utilities running well. You can't just stuff it with whatever you like, endlessly. Sometimes you have to make a clean
sweep, air it out & give it a break from consuming, consuming, consuming.
What's happening when you're having health troubles is that they are like warning signs that things can't keep going the
way they have. A break or a change is required. And, as you know, changes are good for you, including physical changes
like changing your diet, or simply fasting for some time.
Fasting is good for you; for your spirit and your body, and since you won't do it voluntarily when you're healthy, I'm
having to allow these periods when you get so sick you can't eat anymore, or you'll just cause further trouble.
Wash out your body! It's a good time to do that after the holidays during which you kind of stuffed yourself!

It's so quick & easy to just prepare a quick fix snack, compared to the laborious process of preparing a full-fledged meal,
but in the long run, your body will be able to tell and show the difference.

Only once you realize that you really don't live forever, that your once young & energetic body isn't all-powerful after all,
that there are certain things you just can't accomplish & cope with, no matter how hard you try, only then do most folks
appreciate My rejuvenating qualities: when they're getting older; just like most folks only appreciate the doctor when
they're sick...

Your particular body condition warrants a particular & individual diet.

You're often not exercising your spiritual nor your physical muscles, but allowing both, your body and spirit to
deteriorate. You're allowing death, weakness, deterioration and decay to slowly creep up on you and take the upper hand,
instead of actively fighting for life. You need to take a more pro-life stand!

In all living organisms, there are good things that work toward the furtherance and enhancement and procreation of life,
and there are negative things, which also have their time and purpose, such as bacteria & other parasites, which are
present a-plenty in any body, and just show that there is a war to be fought.
Those bacteria are not your actual enemy, but help to keep and make your body strong for the actual fight.

To enjoy yourself means precisely what it says: you can enjoy just being yourself, you can enjoy the body I've given you,
the spirit I've given you, the life I've given you, it's nothing to be ashamed of or to constantly deny or to beat down.

You must discern the voices that say which way to go, and you have to play it by ear and really listen to your heart, listen
where I lead you, to the counsel you really personally need. It's like listening to your body to "tell" you what sort of food
you should eat. Sometimes you just eat whatever is there or available, at other times you have to think, "what could we
eat now?" At other times, you just eat for eating sake, and then again there are times when you figure it might be best not
to eat anything at all...

Not everything you do is obviously or directly an investment into Eternity: every meal you eat or shower you take, is not
exactly an investment in Eternity, but it helps to keep your body going, which houses your spirit, and thus keeps you
learning, growing and progressing. You're going to have to invest something into the here and now, in order to
successfully bear fruit that remains for Eternity.
Sometimes the investment is hidden or indirect. It doesn't make so much sense at first glance, but if you think about it...
I cared not only about people's spiritual, but also their physical well-being, and I still do.

Your body happens to be the vessel that I’m using to make any effectiveness of yours on My behalf happen right now on
this earth, and in other words, without your body functioning well, nothing’s going to happen…

What good does all the knowledge or wisdom do, if you can’t package it and present it to people in a feasible, attractive
manner? What good all that talent, if it’s hidden and stuck inside a body that refuses to get out there and let it shine? Or
to at least make an effort to stay in a shape and condition to allow you to do so when the situation calls for it?

Keep yourself fit and your body in shape enough so that you’ll be able to get out My message and win souls and
It’s just as important to keep your body in shape as it is to keep your spirit in shape, because your spirit alone won’t do
Me much good wandering about this planet.

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All your senses can be enhanced in the spirit. There is such a thing as spiritual "smell," just as much as there is heavenly
or spiritual "touch," "sound," taste and sight.
It's the union of all things that gives a well-rounded and whole picture. Yes, My picture cannot only be "seen," but it can
be felt, heard, tasted and even smelled as well! There is more to discover with all your senses! "Taste & see that the Lord
is good" (Ps.34:8).

You will no longer grope around blindly & will no longer be led astray if you let Me be your Guide, Your eyes, your senses,
your Everything.

What you could see, hear or feel and be experiencing with your spiritual senses is simply a matter of exercising them!

Lend Me your ears, and I will fill them with the music that created the stars.

If you ever want to learn to see with the eyes of the spirit, you're going to have to believe that the Spirit World is just as
real, and even more so than the physical, because the physical is temporal, but the Spirit realm is eternal, indestructible,

Elijah found out in the wilderness that My voice wasn't in the storm, nor the earthquake, nor the fire (1Kings 19:11,12), but
in hearing My still, small, spiritual voice, one that is not perceived physically, not with your physical senses, but Spirit.

Just to be able to hear and see and feel, to taste, and to smell, these are gifts that many take so much for granted. Yet if
you learn how to use your senses well, you can learn how to perceive through them My love for you. Sometimes it may
not seem like much, what you see out there, or what you hear. No big revelations... But if you hear and see properly, taste
and feel all there is to perceive, you can find Me there... some new truth I can reveal to you, even through the simple little
things of life.

Only those who see with the eyes of My Spirit, only those who are in tune with Me, can see the opportunities all around,
the adventures, the colorful, endless possibilities.

Ask Me to open your eyes & expand your vision that you may be able to see those things which right now you can’t see.
Call on the keys of vision & understanding, and I will broaden your perception.
Just because you can’t see certain things doesn’t mean they’re not there. Just because you can’t see Me doesn’t mean
I’m not there. Just because you can’t see Uranus, Pluto or Jupiter – at least not in broad daylight, doesn’t mean they’re
not there. Just because you can’t see My millions of angels & spirit helpers doesn’t mean... and so on. There’s more to
life than what meets the eye.

If you look at people with the eyes of the spirit, you will see their true nature. I can reveal things to you about people you
may come in touch with – or not – that they won’t even know about themselves!

Open pathways are before you everywhere; if you will just open your spiritual eyes you will see them. In the flesh you
only see the limitations, the confines, the ‘hole’ in which you see yourself. Seek Me, therefore, to lift you out of your hole
& onto the pathways of your choice.

If you want to see the things of My Spirit, you’ve first got to open your eyes to them, to the depth that lies beyond the
apparent, the physical!

What great & mighty things I would show you, which thou knowest not! Open your eyes! We’ve managed to get you to
pass the first lesson of opening your spiritual ears. The 2 nd step will be to get you to open your spiritual eyes & see what I
want you to see, the things I’m going to show you, that I’m willing & eager to show you, if you will just open your eyes!

Some of you, whose eyes have not yet been opened yet in the spirit, are still oblivious to what's going on all around you
in the spirit, and all you see is the shiny wagons, armor & weapons of the Enemy. "Surely, surrender is our only hope,"
you think. But just like Elisha prayed for his servant for Me to open his eyes so that he could see that more were with
them that day, than with the enemy, so you, whose spiritual ears and eyes are already more attuned to My heavenly realm,
must pray for those who can't see yet. Don't let them be deceived & fooled or actually join the losing party just because
they can't see the full truth! Pray for them, help them to see what you see! Help them to hear what you hear & feel what
you feel: the grand excitement, the moving & stirring of the Spirit.

My Words didn't make sense to those who were blind & deaf to the spirit... Therefore, be not like them, but let your eyes &
ears be opened & be ye healed of your blindness & deafness to the things of the spirit!

With the eyes of the spirit you'll see things beneath the surface that reveal the true beauty of the spirit, even in someone
that doesn't appeal to your physical sense of beauty at all.
Open your eyes! There's so much more to see! Everywhere! In My creation, even in a simple story! The world is full of
wonders! Blessed are they who see them!

The type of people that stories are being told about, movies are being made about & books are being written about, are
not the mere survivors, those who fight for nothing else but their survival, like all the rest of them, but the types who take
time to live, to learn the lessons of life, who go through life with both eyes & ears open & find out what it's all about: those
who find Me, and let Me teach them the gist and essence of life.

I'm urging you to see the invisible cause of the visible more, to open up your spiritual eyes, the eyes of faith. If you see
the physical as an aimed & purposeful result of the Spiritual, then it simply takes on a lot more meaning. You know I
meant something by allowing this or that to happen, or even creating this or that situation. You'll know that nothing is
without guidance, nothing is by chance; it's all going somewhere, and thus you develop much greater faith and trust with
which to walk through every day of your life, and which you can then impart to others, too.
Every day should be a vast scope and canvas of opportunities for you, of things to learn, and things to pass on.

Everything mirrors My message, My essence and what I'm trying to convey to you and all of mankind: You've just got to
open your eyes and ears to perceive it.

Watch out for the great & mighty things of the Spirit I wish to show you! Come, taste & see. There is more; yet so much
more to be heard, felt experienced and seen.

The real & natural taste of life isn't always sweet, but heartier. Even so it is with your spiritual intake: for a healthy diet,
you won't only listen for sweet words of love, but also the stuff that's naturally a little bit harder for you to chew on, but
essential for your spiritual health.

There's so much more you haven't even begun yet to experience, to taste, to see and feel and hear and see.

How much magic & power there can be in one kiss, one touch, and just how much a touch can mean, what a disaster a
lack of touch can be for humans, how important it is to touch and be touched!

If you just manage to be real everyday, to walk humbly on the ground of My reality, staying faithful in the little, mundane
things of life & keeping the heavenly vision while doing so, focusing on Me & My reality without being deceived by any of
the Devil's soap operas, then in My eyes that's already a lot, & you won't even have to tell people all that much about you.
They will sense it. They will feel it. The very air about you will be different. There will be "strange" vibes accompanying
you wherever you go, of a world that smells & tastes so weird to them: the smell & taste of the real world.

Try to taste, smell, hear and see and feel a little more each day the way I do, more intensely...
Learn to live more intensely.

To your physical senses, I’m very unattractive, because there is nothing there that they can perceive, and your flesh is
rigged up in such a way that it will desire the things that will ensure its survival and fill its cravings. Yet that’s where your
faith needs to come in to tell the rest of you that even though it may not seem like it, I am an exceptional Source of
Your natural senses are still trying to look elsewhere for the satisfaction of your desires and needs, but I want you to
realize from your experiences, that there is an even more trustworthy Source of all the things you need, and that is Me.

Learn how to hear and listen with your spiritual senses, and think deeper than just with the mind. Know deeper than just
with the head.

Spiritual short-sightedness comes from the abuse of your spiritual eyes, focusing and glaring too much at the Devil's
shiny distractions...
That's just the development of the world... people growing less & less capable to see any farther than the end of their

You have to open your spiritual eyes and ears. There is yet more to hear and see, there is yet a much larger scope to
discover in the spirit.

(next chapter:)

…Stars & Space

There are different types of human personalities, like there are different types of angels and of spirit beings, just like there
are different types of animals or astral bodies: there are stars, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, etc., and they all fulfill
their own different purposes to maintain the perfect balance of the universe.

The only thing that's stable, that's going to outlast the moon and the stars and their influences in stability, and any other
factors involved in creating or affecting your moods, is My Word. It's the solid rock on which your faith can stand firmly,
even when your feelings seem to sway.

As long as I'm your sun, you will be able to spin & dance around Me hand in hand with the other planets, moons & stars,
too, in loving unity and united love.
But many stare into the darkness of space, waiting for their bright & shining star to appear, all the while neglecting &
failing to make Me the true Source of all they're looking for. Many are just trying to use Me to get them what they want, but
they don't truly turn to Me to find the fulfillment of all their desires in Me.

I’m the Giver and Provider of all things, as has been written in the stars since the beginning of creation.

Lead them on to a greater Home, everlasting Home, and their real Home. Bring them Home, into My sheepfold! That's part
of the message that's there in the stars, since the world began... the sign of Cancer, the sheepfold. You see how
everything goes together, makes sense and belongs?

See the constellations: none of those stars and planets in the universe is in their distinct position by coincidence, but
they all influence each other with their light and gravity, their mass, etc. in perfectly ordained and synchronized
proportions. Don't you think that what I have done with lifeless rock and matter I'm also able to do with living souls?

(next chapter:)


The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, is bringing back all these things to your remembrance, using the information that has been
stored there somewhere before, to bring home new lessons I want to teach you each day.

Don’t just let the things you learn inform you, but form you, shape you into something greater. You must learn to see with
the eyes of the spirit, not merely acknowledge data & accumulate information. Don’t just accept facts with your brain, but
come to know with the tacit knowing of faith, so you learn to apply the information adequately, and the right bits at the
right time. That’s when believing becomes seeing and faith becomes knowing.

I have yet greater things in store for you. Not to elevate you or entertain you, but as an important tool & instrument of
yielding vital information that will ensure your survival and that of many others, and consequently, the salvation of many

Stay focused on your goal, just like a student would be focused on his diploma or final exam, his graduation, throughout
years of studying, listening, absorbing information and material in school.

Sometimes knowledge is the greatest stumbling block to divine revelation, because it interferes with what I would like to
reveal to you and pipes up with its own input! When you come before Me, you must lay aside your own opinions, your
own background information as much as possible, and any preconceived ideas & bias, otherwise a message can very
easily become tainted by what you "know."

There are oodles of books written about what kind of care certain plants or animals need, but only recently have relatively
few people begun to care enough to provide helpful information about what their fellow humans need.

The (result of) loss of information in micro-evolution: fruits and vegetables are not as nutritious anymore as they used to
be. They may look better through all that genetic "enhancement" & manipulation; they may in some cases even taste
better, but they actually aren't any better as far as nutritive value and health factors are concerned.
This coincides with people, how they actually seem to look better on the surface, almost as if to prove evolution right, but
they aren't any better when it comes to true and lasting values... They've actually lost a lot of quality & "information."
Although the best is yet to come in the world to come, as far as this age is concerned, the best human pair, as well as the
best fruits and vegetables, as well as animals, already existed long ago, & everything that has derived from the originals
has deteriorated somewhat in the copying process. While some things seem to have gotten better on the surface,
technology has improved, progressed & developed, & so have commodities, enabling people to live at much greater ease
than ever before, which again enables them to put much greater emphasis on superficial things like their looks than ever
before, which may give a certain appearance of genuine improvement; when it comes to a good, deep look beneath the
surface, there is actually no genuine improvement of life there.
As people are finding out: with all the devices they're inventing to save time, yet they always seem to be running out of
time & seem to have less time than ever. Paradox, isn't it? That's why it pays to see things the way I see. That crummy
looking root or vegetable your forefathers ate may have well been a much greater source of vitamins, minerals, & thus
health and nutrients, than all that "too-good-to-be-true" almost plastic-like food they sell nowadays. And their hard and
rough life-style may have rendered them greater genuine happiness than all of today's technology & gimmicks can give

It's not as if I'm telling you the exact same thing over and over. Each time I add a little bit of a new angle to it, a tiny little
speck of a new truth and a new revelation in it, so that - although the fundament may be quite old - the whole thing grows,
slowly, like a gigantic puzzle, bit by bit (information by information), revealing My Big Picture, in which you're actually

You can fill your head until it explodes, but what matters is what you do with every little bit of information, how deeply
you allow it to sink in, so that it can be seen in your actions. Otherwise you wind up with a case of spiritual bulimia where
you stuff and stuff yourself, but fail to digest it all properly, and so it will never do anybody any good...
(Spirit Helper:) Welcome to the Great Link! The pool of unlimited inspiration and exchange of vital information - the place
where all holy spirits connect and become as one. It's not really "a place" as much as a gigantic phenomenon, a
wavelength, an ethereal area and broadcasting range without limitations that expands throughout not only the entire
physical universe, but also all other dimensions: the Great Link is the Spirit World. Here you are truly at Home. In the
physical world you have causes for fear and anxiety, and you worry about the diminishing state of your substance. Here,
there is no fear, because nothing diminishes, nothing can ever be lost - everything constantly grows, and there is only
eternal gain, no loss, whatsoever.

The genetic information for any complete life-form is already there in its simplest state. Although the outward appearance
may change over time, the essence, the gist, the information in its genes, does not change.

I begin My work with the tiniest unit. I work on the little things, and their precision, the small entities on which the whole
show is based, the single units, single cells, to make sure that when they part, spread and grow, they don’t spread any
corrupted information, which can result in deformation, and other less than desirable results.

In order to prevent storms from wreaking the most possible damage, you need unity and communication, and the doors
must be open for and exchange of information to take place. The worst thing to have is an “I already know it all” attitude.
That is no way to prevent trouble, but the way to cause trouble…

(next chapter:)

Stay in close touch with Me, pumping down My power, My life & light & instructions, moving & growing in the spirit by
maintaining a live & pulsating, intimate relationship & line of communication with Me.

All I want is to love you & be loved by you, to communicate with you & have you communicate with Me.

The light of open & honest communication shoos away the Devil's darkness & his opportunity to sow any discord or start
any rumors.

Communication won't ever stop or slowly trickle down to a halt or fade out, but it will go ever on, ever increasing, ever
improving, ever resulting in greater fruit, greater wisdom, greater light & greater love, in spite of anything the Enemy
might try to do to make it not look that way! He’s trying to stifle & smother communication that's spiritually edifying in
any way he can.
Although the physical means of communication have improved & multiplied tremendously, you can tell how the quality of
communication has been deteriorating.
His communication is all very one-sided, like someone who only likes to talk about himself, and thus he's also getting
people onto his same, selfish wavelength of only wanting to talk about themselves & all boring each other to death, when
they could find so much life, so much fun & excitement by focusing outward.

If you don’t take time to communicate with your King, how can you be a successful ambassador?

Learn to communicate & deal with the issues, instead of letting them rot away, hidden away in the darkness.
If you don't confront them and deal with whatever there needs to be dealt with, if you just wrap everything up in silence &
never talk about it, never address it, you'll suffer for it! You'll reap the consequences of not having communicated openly
& honestly.

Learn to communicate with My help. I'm the Center, the Hub, and you're coming together over Me. I'm the central
exchange point of well-working communication between you, and without Me, you can't do anything, not even
But if you focus on Me and keep your faces turned toward Me, I will be the One Who unites you, Who will interpret what
the other one is really saying.

Sometimes you find solutions & reach helpful conclusions by just talking and communicating about things.
Communication is really a magical thing. It triggers a lot of answers, opens doors & possibilities you weren't aware of

When you can freely communicate without fears, when there is harmony, mutual respect, and My Spirit can flow from
each of you to the other, as it does from Me to each of you, then the world will also see and get the message, for they will
see My love at work in you (Jn.13:35).

If instead of just talking & blurting out whatever pops into your mind you pray about it or make sure that what you're
saying is going to be inspiring & comes from Me, you'll probably be talking less, but you'll be saying more!
It will move your communication to a higher level, to where you're going to be much more in tune with each other.
Communication is more than just talking. In Heaven, there's a lot of communication done without actual spoken words,
and you could try a little bit of that already now, in this realm.
Let My Spirit permeate your communications

Bathe your decisions, your communications and your actions in good counsel with Me and with each other.

Communication with Me is not just happening in words, it also happens with pictures and the accompanying emotions. I
can grasp & assimilate all you’re going through - especially when you give & communicate it to Me - I sympathize with
you & send you My appropriate answer. The more you communicate to Me, the more I can help you. The more you're
allowing Me to take part in your problems, the more solutions I can offer. The more you ask, the more I can help.

You've got to let My heart speak to your heart, in order for your heart to be able to speak to theirs.

If you can communicate in love and just share without inhibitions or fears, you will progress, you will advance and get
further toward the goal. Withholding, withdrawing, holding back and refusal and seclusion will lead to stagnation.
Openness brings you further.

In My Father's house, with its many mansions, there is lots of communication happening; spiritual communication, verbal
communications, all kinds of communication. Folks aren't bound to earthly confines & limitations. There's no more need
for "firewalls"... It's all sort of "open source." Everyone's an open source of information and communication.
Just consider yourself part of our heavenly communications network, because you are.

Your little daily interactions and conversations with little people are just as important to the general outcome of your day
as the seemingly more important exchange of communication with "big," important people.

Women’s need to talk is like men's need for sex. So, just focus on that there's a need here, for more talking, more

It's all about interaction with others, about communicating from the heart.

There may come a time when your connection with folks will come to a halt, but there will never be a time when your
communication with Me will be cut off. That's the lifeline that will survive any crisis, and thus it's your No.1 lifeline, the
most important of all.

Who ever said that communication isn't something you have to invest some time and effort into, learning its skills? Who
said that it was going to come out perfect from scratch?
What matters is the gist of what's to be communicated: there is a pupose to life, and most people are oblivious to it, and
it's a large part of your job to let folks know about it.

Communication with the other, the different, that's what it's all about: the re-unification of all things... the restoration of
the peace and unison that was there between My creatures in the beginning, and that's the way it shall be again, so you
might as well get ready for it, and not be so stuck on your own kind only.

Folks are prone to stick to their own kind, unless I allow them not to be satisfied with what they find among their own
kind. For some it is My will to go out and communicate and interact with the other kind; to act as intermediaries,
communicators, mediators, peacemakers, ambassadors, spokesmen, what have you...

Most of My children aren't interested in communicating with Me, and at times that's the reason why I'm not about to say
much to them, either.

A factor that influences your level and abilities of communication is that sometimes you're quite simply on different
wavelengths. One thing you can do about that is to make an effort to tune in to the other's wavelength.
But what if you feel that you're on a "higher" wavelength than they are, you wonder? Well, if you truly are convinced that
you are on a happier and more inspired wavelength than they are, then you can try to pull them up to yours. That's what
inspiring others is all about.
But that requires some work, since people naturally won't just snap out of their own familiar wavelength and tune into
yours, especially if they have no clue what your wavelength is all about. In order to get them interested, you have to
"broadcast" and "advertise" a little, and let them know what your "station" is all about. You have to "play some of your
music" in order for them to find out whether they like it or not.

It pays to put more emphasis on teamwork, on unity, on communication, doing things together, counseling, planning
things together, etc.

Times are changing and requiring different, more mature attitudes, which require more mature openness in

This procedure of learning to communicate with Me is going to be vital for you and expedient for your survival in the near

I am the Broadcasting Station that makes all good and true communication possible in the first place, and without using
Me as the Central Exchange, the Main Pivot and Axis on which all your other communication hinges and turns, it isn’t
really much more than a bunch of hot air.

Communication with Me isn’t always established right from scratch. Sometimes it takes a while until you get there. What
matters is, that eventually you do manage to communicate with Me. It pays to strive to get to know Me during your earthly

Getting to know Me is what it’s all about, and what better initial way is there, of getting to know someone, than exchange
of words and communication? Words are always good for starters, just like John said, “In the Beginning was the Word.”

Self-satisfaction is a real stopper and blocker when it comes to abundant communication with Me.
I’m also teaching you personally through the school of life and your experiences, all that you have to go through, your
trials and lessons… these are all ways in which I communicate and interact with you.

(next chapter:)

…Jesus & Salvation

He that liveth by the sword shall also die by the sword.

They’ll find out one day that they have been puppets in the hand of the god of this World, the god of war, of hate, of pride,
and of all that is an abomination to Me.
I am Love! He is hate! I am humility! He is pride! I am Forgiveness! He is self-righteousness! I am Wisdom! He is the
epitome of foolishness, of one relying on his own understanding & falling to their doom. I am Glory! He is shame! I am the
true light. His light is only darkness! I am the Bread of Life! He feeds on the flesh, souls & spirits of countless millions! I
am the Giver of all things, he is the thief who only comes to steal, rob & suck the life out anything you let him! I am the
Lamb, slain from the foundation of the World for the sins of man, he is the ravenous wolf who seeks to attack, annoy or

Greater faith than (Abraham), to be willing and ready to sacrifice your own most beloved son to obey Me, has very rarely
been found. You can do miracles, move mountains, heal the sick & raise the dead, and it still won’t amount to that kind of
faith. It looks most irrational to the whole world. How could they know, that the God of the universe was going to sacrifice
His only Son, and He was asking Abraham, ‘would you be willing to go that far?’ And He was showing the world a little
glimpse & example of what He was going to do, just like He had from the beginning: The requiring a lamb of sacrifice from
Cain & Abel. And again, one chose My irrational way, and one chose the logical, reasonable way of, ‘Why should I kill a
lamb?’ Remember, during that time people did not yet eat meat, & furthermore, they were able to communicate with the
animals... But the Father wanted to show them an example of His sacrifice that He was going to make in sending Me to die
for all.

To most unbelievers it looks like I didn't go to the cross voluntarily, but that I was simply another victim of Roman
injustice and cruelty. But believers understand that it was more than that. It was an act of love. In fact, the greatest act of
love ever known to man, and a path I had chosen to walk voluntarily, long, long before. "The lamb which was slain before
the foundations of the world."

It was My destiny to become an eternal, living symbol and sample of humility, God's Lamb slain, in humble surrender &

Tell them about My great mystery, why I suffered that cruel death, the key part of My mission, that I did it for them, and if
they can just believe and accept that, they won’t have to worry anymore about what will come, about their mistakes, or
whether they will make all the right decisions or do all the right things in this life. Tell them of My unconditional love. The
New Testament, a new agreement and contract I have made with Man, means: unconditional love.
All you’ve got to do is accept and receive it. Stretch out your hand, and let Me lay there the greatest gift in the universe,
and you will be forever Mine to care for, to love, to shield and zealously protect from any harm, to provide for, to satisfy,
to make happy and to fill with joy, to fill your very heart’s desires.

My name means "Savior." My cry and My call to mankind is to "Come, let Me save you!" I want to save you wholly &
entire, I want to cleanse and heal all of you, your mind, your body, your heart, your spirit... your soul.

Salvation and redemption is all about delivering you from evil. Firstly, and foremost, the evil of your own hearts, and
lastly, once you have overcome and have been redeemed from your own sins, I deliver you out of the evil of this world!
That's why the first and primary requirement to receiving My Salvation is realizing that you're a sinner, and that you need
My Salvation from your sins.

When I came and died for mankind, everything changed. The New Testament was the new way. The new way is the
meek way, the humble way.

(Jonah:) "Salvation is of the Lord" means, only the Lord can save you! He's your only way out! There's no use looking for
relief elsewhere, hoping you'll find something better.

They all screamed, "crucify Him!" They wanted Me to die in order to prove that My way had been wrong, and theirs was
right! And for 3 days and nights it seemed as though they had been right. It seemed as if the Devil had won, but when I
rose, that's when the true story really began, as My power was multiplied manifold in My disciples.
Sometimes you've got to overcome death first, in order to really break through to life.
Well, that's what I did for all of you! I have overcome death for you, I plucked out its sting, so that you could all partake of
My life - My unending life, life eternal, life forevermore, life ever-increasing.

The moment of My death was virtually the crux and crucial point on which all history hinges, the great Crossroads of
I had become a Partaker in mankind, I had walked your same road; I had come down to the bottom, to the same ground as
you, and even descended into hell after that.
I took the burden of the law off your shoulders. I have paid the price, and I have taken that weight off your shoulders.
It's a matter of faith, though. How much do you really believe in My Salvation power? Of how much guilt do you believe
My sacrifice was capable of cleansing you?
Some folks prefer to still take some of the load on their own shoulders.
They insist on carrying part of the burden themselves.

(next chapter:)


Picture yourself as an archer. You skillfully hold the bow, focusing on the target, sharpening the better of your eyes, aim
exactly as you pull the arrow, stretching the string to the point where you feel that this is what will give the arrow the
momentum needed to hit the bull’s eye with the right impact. That's what good prayer is like.
Your soul is the bow, the arrow is your prayer, & My heart is the bull’s eye. I am the True Goal, & if you hit Me, it’ll always
have the desired effect. You only need to shoot short distance, as I’m always close. Just wrap your burden, your question
or desire around the arrow & let it fly to Me.

Pray for those around you, for your prayers can do & will do mighty things, which, in turn will strengthen your faith, and
their faith, and result in more people praying, more prayers, more miracles, etc.

Shoot the arrow of your prayers into the future which is as bright & golden as My promises.

The best thing you can do is pray!

You could accomplish so much more if you would use the weapon of prayer more. Come to Me! Ask Me what you will!
Wanna change the world? Pray! Wanna do things that count & make a difference? Pray!
I can show you great & mighty things thou knowest not of, IF you will call unto Me (Jer.33:3)!
Ask Me to perform any wonders & miracles for you that are needed to obtain the victory! I’ll remove any obstacles in your
path & help you defeat your enemies.

Through prayer you have the power which created the universe at your disposal to do anything for you, so don’t let
laziness keep you from making use of it!

Make prayer, your most important task in life a habit! Use that power! You can really change things if you pray! ‘The
effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!’ Change the world through prayer! Change your life & the lives
of those around you!

By praying you can relieve the suffering, and by neglecting to pray, you sin. For to him that knoweth to do good & doeth it
not, it is a sin.
I have to withhold My blessings, because you do not pray. How blessed are those who pour out their hearts to Me in
prayer every day. Who not only pray for themselves, but dedicate their time, their most precious commodity to pour out
their hearts in intercessory prayer for the benefit & concern of others. That is a love I will richly reward. That is a faith
which will be most highly honored in My Kingdom: That of knowing that in praying for another, you’re doing the greatest
work, the greatest service, for you don’t only give of your own time & heart to them, but you rely on Me to do the work you
cannot do.
There is nothing wiser on Earth you can do.
Stir yourself up into action of prayer! And pull down My blessings upon your fellowman & thereby BE a blessing unto
your fellowman! You want to be free & set others free also? Pray! The power I have given you to release in prayer on the
behalf of others can do more to change the course of history you see unfolding before your eyes right now than you
think! Make history! – PRAY! Change the course of coming events!

“Our Father, which art in Heaven, Thy will be done! Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven! Give us this day our
daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever, Amen!”
This prayer is based on the founding principle of the rules of the Spirit! You’re simply praying for that same law to apply
in your temporary, physical realm, which is ever permeating the calmness, tranquility, timelessness, and eternal
assurance of Heaven. You trust in Him for your daily bread & cease to struggle & toil for it. You concentrate on the truly
essential, the learning of the spiritual lesson you were sent here to emphasize on: the forgiveness of others’ wrongs
against you, and the recognition & refusing to yield to the temptation of evil, recognizing that the power & Kingdom are
truly God’s & not the usurper’s.

‘Pray without ceasing.’ Keep your channel open at all times. Be ready for anything! Especially when you have a needy
situation. Be always prepared for the option that I might bring about some unexpected means of supply for you, even at a
time or from a direction you might not expect it.

Look for someone to help, too cheer up, to encourage, to pray for, to witness to.
You’re not bound by time, tide nor space, you can just close your eyes anywhere you are & ask Me to guide your
thoughts to someone who might need your prayers.
Prayers, just like love, are not bound by time or tide or earthly spheres. As the wind bloweth where it listeth & thou
knowest not from whence it cometh, nor wither it goeth, so is everything that is born of My Spirit. You cannot lock it up or
confine it. So, whenever you feel like you’re trapped by the hopelessness & discouragement of this world, break out into
My Spirit & know that I can use you wherever you are to love someone else.
(Spirit Helper:) Prayer – the great unrecognized action of faith – only & purely conceivable as effective by the eyes of faith
– useless in the eyes of the unbeliever; one of the great mysteries of God. For who, in their carnal minds, would have ever
begun to assume that in all the great & glorious efforts & works of man, which will all come to naught in the end – the
most lasting & effective deed & effort should be the one which commits the task into the hands of the Lord, in obedience
to His command, ‘Stand back & see Me fight!’? ‘Stand back & see Me work! – For hath not My hand made all this?’ He
Who hath begun all this, should He not also complete it? – The Beginning & the End.
It is man’s temptation to assume that he needs to finish what God has started. In reality, God is only choosing those who
choose to let Him work through them, to help Him establish His true Kingdom.
How finite are the works of man. In all their doings, in all their toil & striving, they accomplish not a fraction of what a
believer can achieve on his knees, committing the matter which needs to be done to the Maker.
God wants to work. He begs, ‘Command ye Me!’ He wants us to tell Him what He should do, like a Genie in a bottle, Who
would be without a job without our prayers. So, let’s let Him work through us! Pray! Commit what you would have done,
to Him, & He will do it.
Command the Lord what He should do for you, instead of trying to get there by your own strength & efforts, & you’ll see
how much further you will go on the wings of the spirit than your own two feet could ever carry you. Why walk when you
can fly?

A day in My courts is better than a thousand others. An hour spent in the halls of My courts, in prayer & praise &
worshipping, seeking & trusting Me will accomplish a thousand times more than any hour spent trying to solve the
problem in the flesh.
In other words, prayer is a thousand times more effective than anything else you can do, because by praying, you’re
leaving the matter in the hands of Him Who is really able to do something about it.

Why don’t you just say, ‘Let’s pray!’? So much pain & suffering could be eased if you’d simply pray more.
Point others, who are having a problem, to the Answer Man, and what’s easier than offering to pray together? Take the
problem to Me!

Pray for Me to help you to be more efficient in your work & to really help you to accomplish something that lasts, fruit that
remains & to become 'a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.
Even prayer is work – spiritual work, and I reward you for your effort of obedience to petition Me, by granting your
requests. 'Ask and you shall receive.'
Become a holy man by immersing yourself in prayer & communion with Me. That way you can always be sure you'll be
doing the right thing, if you follow Me step by step & let Me guide you by the hand. Pray without ceasing. It's like keeping
your 2-way radio on all the time. Ready & on stand-by to receive new last minute instructions and to let Me know
whenever you need help. Just keep your battery recharged & stay tuned to My wavelength. You just might have to turn
the knob a little every now & then to make sure we're still connected, and you might have to recharge your battery, then
you won't have to worry about losing the connection. You can stay online with Me 24/7 without wasting money or energy.
If you can't do anything else, you can always pray.

When you think of Me, it’s like the contact is made from your side. I’m always there, but as long as you ignore Me, you
don’t profit as much from My presence, naturally, as you do when you tune in to Me. And, of course, I can’t use you as
much as I would like to if you’re literally in a state oblivious to Me & you fail to acknowledge Me.
In all thy ways, acknowledge Me, & I will direct your paths.
You can determine the positive or negative outcome of a situation by deciding whether you’re going to pray or not.
Don’t let the Enemy & the power of habit cheat you out of this opportunity to make a golden opportunity out of each one.
Every moment is a golden opportunity to do something wonderful, if you include Me in it.

So few stir themselves up to call upon Me, to intercede for others. So few weep & feel & pain with those who are lost.

Don’t let the misery of the World just pass you by untouched, but implore Me to change things!

If you reach out to Me, I will reach out to you!

Pray without ceasing, and commit all your cares to Me.

I can take better care of them than you ever could, just give Me a chance!
There are many who need your prayers. Come, and implore Me for them. I need you to pray for them.

One of the first steps to getting something done for Me is to pray for them to happen. It’s like you’re charging My angels
to go before you & clear the way of any obstacles. You want to get something done for Me? Then start off by praying
them through! Your own physical energy will never be enough. The power of prayer is the secret.
If you would take the time, I could show you things about each person you meet, and you should. You must pray more
about things...

Nothing comes from nothing. The same principle applies to your prayer life. Ye have not because ye ask not.
I’m bound to certain rules & can only give you what you actually ask Me for. You believe in prayer as much as you pray!
If you shall seek Me with all your heart, I will let you find Me.

Whatever troubles you, give it to Me, & don’t let it distract you from the job at hand! Prayer is the pump that sucks down
My sap from the heavenlies. It creates a vacuum for Me to fill.

Come to Me & find Me waiting with open arms & eager to answer you, eager to supply your needs! I have needed &
longed for you to stir yourselves up.
I need your concern & your desperation!
When there’s a need, it creates a vacuum. It’s like the darkness that cries for the light, the cold that longs for My warmth,
the question that waits for My answer, the problem which yearns for My solution. I’m pleased when you earnestly cry out
for My help!

Too many times you let incidents pass you by indifferently without getting stirred up to seek Me about them, to counsel
with Me or beseech Me about them. It’s that passive, fatalistic attitude, which makes people go around in circles without
ever getting anywhere, ever learning but never coming to knowledge, as one that beateth the air. You don’t commit things
unto Me or into My care, you don’t always commend a situation into My hands, nor ”command Me concerning the work of
My hands”; you don’t tell Me what you expect Me to do about a certain thing.
It’s always better to have prayed for a situation & to commit it into My hand, than not. The results will always be better!
If you leave anything to itself, it won’t just automatically improve by itself. Everything needs care, and the best care you
can give things, people & situations, is to pray for them.
Pray & cover everything there is to pray for, until you know, ”it is done” & you have done all you could!

Praying is not only an essential part of love a parent should have for their child, but it’s actually the most important &
effective thing you can and must do!

You’ll see how vast the difference is that prayer has made in your life.

The greater the desperation, the greater the vacuum, the power with which you draw strength, energy, input & counsel
from Me! The greater the need, the more I can fill, for I can only fill the hungry with goods, but will have to send the rich,
the full, the self-satisfied away empty.
Stir yourselves up & implore Me, seek Me & beg Me to fill the need. Where there is no need, there is no space to fill...

When you can’t do anything but pray, let Me remind you that praying is not the least you can do for someone, but the
There’s not as much in it for you as when you comfort them with your natural presence, but – believe Me: prayer is MUCH
more effective! You’ll SEE it one day!

Anything that makes you pray more than you usually would, is a blessing.

If you’re too tired to do anything else, there’s still so much you can accomplish through prayer!

The moment you integrate Me & include Me in the equation, the solution will be underway. As soon as you cast the
burden on Me, it will leave your tiny shoulders & it will be on Mine, which are quite a lot more capable, and the matter is
resolved; I don’t want you to worry about it anymore. You can keep it in prayer, but don’t worry! Convert every worry into
a prayer.
If worry is a sickness or a poison, then prayer is the cure. Worry is the question mark, prayer brings the answer. Worry is
the black hole of the need that’s there to fill & prayer is the switch that turns on the heavenly machinery that sets the
filling process in motion. Worry is the darkness, prayer turns on the light. So, pray, instead of worrying.

There will always be those who go the way of Cain, the way of the flesh...
These are the enemies I asked you to pray for in My Word, those personal enemies who just resist the voice of truth
coming from their brethren whom they despise. Pray for them, that My Spirit might manage to come through to them.
You never know which Saul, no matter how hard he has been kicking against the prick, might turn into a Paul, because of
My miraculous intervention in answer to prayer.

Oone of the greatest actions you can take is action through prayer.
You’ll get so much more accomplished than you could ever do yourself, even with an army of people serving you.

There is no spiritual life without prayer. Prayer is the A & O of it. If you want to live in the spirit, if you want to bring
forth fruit in the spirit, and accomplish anything in the spirit, it's going to have to begin with prayer.
Praying for others is one of the first steps of love. Through prayer, you become a practicer of what you believe in, it's one
of the first ways of putting your belief into action! You put My power & magic into effect through your prayers!
Draw them in through your prayers. All the words in the World won't do the trick, it's gotta be My Spirit working in their
heart, and the only influence you have on this process is through your prayers.
Just because prayer sounds so familiar, simple & childlike, it's not very appealing to the intellect. It doesn't come across
as anything glorious, mysterious or special you can do, since it's basically something every child can do. But how many
really use that power?
It is your means to practice the greatest magic in existence, your usage of My power, and you should think twice about
whether you should allow the Enemy to cheat you out of that weapon, just by making it look as something simple &
childlike and completely different in your eyes than it really is!
Just like praise, prayer is one of those weapons that sound so simple, so contrary to all that appeals to the human
intellect & ambition to accomplish something on your own, that it's pretty easy for the Devil to trick you into neglecting
them, which is lucky for him, because he knows that if you start using those weapons as you should, his days are

Make room for it to happen - through prayer. You're not only creating a vacuum inside of your own heart & spirit for Me to
fill, but you actually create a space for Me to fill with My miraculous answer within your realm of operation, your world,
your environment, your surroundings & circumstances, your situation. Make room for miracles through prayer! Make it
happen - through prayer! Use My magic! - Pray! Get rid of obstacles, both, in the physical and the spiritual - through
When you start becoming aware of all that prayer is capable of and what you're capable of through prayer, it just about
becomes ridiculous that you don't use that greatest of all powers available to man to a greater extent than you do -
doesn't it? Of course, it takes time and requires patience and faith to pray! It doesn't minister to your carnal sense and
desire for accomplishment. When you pray, you're using a remote control for My hands to do something. You will realize
that this way - using My hands, instead of your own - you can get so much more accomplished, it's like multiplying your
own strength innumerable times over.
With your own two hands you can maybe move a few bricks at a time, but using My power, you can move a whole wall or
as I have said in My Word - a whole mountain, with the same or even less physical effort.
I appreciate your wanting to do things for Me. But there are so many spiritual forces at work behind the scenes, that you
simply must forsake any attempt to do this with your own natural means. You must operate in the spirit. That means you
must give Me commands and put Me in charge of the things you want Me to do! "Command ye Me!" - Especially
concerning the work of My hands, and My sons & daughters.
When you can't do something yourself, then you've got to ask Me to do it!
You've got to learn to let Me work!
Take it easy! Stand back and watch Me fight! Enjoy life a little bit! Learn how to let Me do it, instead of thinking you've got
to do it all yourself! You can't do it yourself! I've got to do it for you! Stop trying to carry that heavy load yourself! Let Me
help you! Let Me carry your burden! Let Me carry your load!

I have purposely limited Myself to give to you only what you ask for - usually, that is - and often "ye have not because ye
ask not," which is pretty sad, because I'm so much more willing to give than you are to receive. The only requirement is
that you ask. That's not asking too much is it?

"Deliver us from evil" is part of the prayer I taught you to pray, because it's very relevant to each of you.
Each one of you is prone to become a target of evil, that's just one of the facts of life, and that's why you've got to pray &
stay in close communication with Me to help you overcome that evil, to withstand it, to resist it, & that I might deliver you
from it.
Stay desperate with Me to deliver you from evil, just as I have taught you to pray.
It actually works, & is a system I have established in order for you to learn to fight & care for each other, to remain in
I didn't say, "deliver them", or "so-and-so," but I said "us", because everyone is subject to it, and you're all going to have
to be forgiven for trespasses as you will have to forgive others theirs, and all have to pray not to be led into temptation.

The times to just ignore things & just let it pass are over! I want you to take action, action through prayer & do something
about it in order to enable Me to do something about it!
When someone in your midst is being attacked, it's a test of love, whether their battle also becomes your battle, or you
just indifferently continue whatever you just happen to be into! You've been through similar battles & have come out
alive, & you can see things from the top of the mountain in some ways, & to you they don't look nearly as bad. But what
does that help them unless you come down & descend from your high horse, & help them up & pray for them?
Don't continue business as usual. Call on Me for help! I'm your 24h emergency call hotline, always available & at your
service, always ready to send out a rescue squad to help you!

One of the reasons I'm letting you get into these difficult, twisted & complicated, seemingly impossible situations, is to
have you realize that there's nothing in the World you can do about it... except to pray!
I and the Father, and all My heavenly realm of counselors are at your disposal, waiting for your instructions, your
communications, having you tell us what you would like us to do about all these situations, to commit them into Our
hand. If you commit the situation into Our hands, there is so much more we can do about it than you ever could.
There's nothing you can do, and no talking in the World is ever going to help as much as prayer. When you have the
choice which weapon you're going to apply, prayer is the wiser choice.
We have the means to do things and set processes into motion that you can't. We can do what you can't. No matter what
We might tell you to do, the circumstances could change and cancel the effect of our counsel, but if you commend the
situation directly into Our omnipotent hands, We'll do something about it against which Satan and circumstances are
We will open the right doors, instead of just pointing you toward them. We will make things so obvious that there won't be
anymore doubt as to whether this is the right way you should walk.
If you could only see the need for more desperate & fervent prayer in your life! Satan would be powerless against you,
and he would just be forced to stand by in awe as you would clearly rise above any of his ludicrous attempts to try to do
anything to stop, hinder or delay you!
The Devil has put all his money and wit onto the tactic of having you do anything else put pray, to distract you from using
this weapon, to keep you in a state where you're content enough in order to keep you from praying desperately & really
getting ahold of My power on your behalf!
I'm right here, and we're only waiting for your instructions to start working on your behalf! Tell us what to do! Tell us what
you want done, and if it's in line with the Father's will, you know you have the petition you asked of Him! This is the
confidence you should have in Him! (1.Jn.5:14,15)
The amazingly & astonishingly simple answer to your complex conglomeration of question marks & blanks in your mind
is: just pray! It'll do more for you than you can ever think or say or know or come up with & do yourself...

Stir yourself up & search Me with your whole heart! For he that calls unto Me wholeheartedly will also receive a
wholehearted reply! It's that half-heartedness that comes from people being so self-satisfied, & complacent with the way
things are, that stands in the way of them ever getting stirred up enough to really get something done for Me. In order to
really do the humanly impossible, one has to get desperate for the cause. It's that desperation that makes things happen;
the realization of the urgency of the matters at hand.
You’ve got to show by your attitude that you're real, not just another fake & phony with half-hearted or selfish motives.
That's why you've got to pray desperately each day, with genuine concern for others - that's why I want you to start
showing more concern for others.

Where there's a need, there's a vacuum to fill. You just have to assign that vacuum to the right address, namely Me, and
not take it onto your own shoulders & try to carry the burden yourself!
Sometimes you have to be made aware of the need first, and you have to go through experiences & dry spells that will
help you appreciate the blessings more.
I'm limited by your prayers, so, you actually get what you pray for, and if you stop praying, I can't keep pouring. That's
another reason why it says, "Pray without ceasing." I keep supplying as long as you keep praying.

So much is in your hands. So much power! Your destiny lies in your own hands, & you can determine so many things
through prayer. I can do anything & there's nothing I won't do for you if you ask in faith!
I might just change your way of looking at things & help you to see through My eyes, but whichever way, you'll notice the

You don't like the way things are? Pray for Me to change'em!

Take Me with you! Don't let our communication go under in all the stress & the distractions!

The more pleasure people derive from this world, the more successful they are at managing to lead satisfactory lives, the
less they see the need for Me and intimate contact with Me, but if you pray for them, I can create that same vacuum &
longing in their souls for Me that I have placed in you, because you have asked Me for it.
If you pray that they won't be truly satisfied by none of the Devil's materialistic counterfeits & by anything but the real
thing, I can protect them from that deception, just as I have protected you, and I can consecrate & reserve them unto Me.
You've got to claim them for Me!

If you lack, ask Me.

Prayer could solve all your problems & prevent many of them from happening in the first place!
If you walk in prayer, My Spirit will show you how to properly handle people and situations.
If you have a problem, make sure that you've done your part to commit it into My hands, so that you know it'll be taken
care of and that I'm working on the solution.

The more vehemently you pray, the more vehemently My hedge of angels will protect you!

Electricity is an illustration of the spiritual Power of God's Love.

How do you avail yourself of that power, the great energy of God? Through prayer!

I am able and I am willing to solve your problems! I'm more willing to solve them than you are willing to believe it or to
accept My solutions or to even ask Me for them!

The more you communicate with Me, the more I can help you. The more you're allowing Me to take part in your problems,
the more solutions I can offer. The more you ask, the more I can help. The more you pray, the more I can make a way.

Prayer is like a sweet, spiritual perfume that changes the atmosphere of a room. A room in which one has prayed has
a clean and bright spirit, it's as if someone has been in there with a sweet, heavenly perfume, and has left a trace of that
scent there.

Prayer is the gist of all that makes the difference!

Wisdom is asking Me. Wisdom is availing yourself of My power instead of trying to do it on your own.
The big mistake the majority is making is not coming to Me when something's wrong, they try to figure it out & fix it

Prayer changes things. When you feel like you're not prepared for something that's coming at you, pray. When you feel
like you can't cope, and what life is handing you is too much for you, then pray. Prayer is the magic that makes Me help
you carry your load.
If there's been any improvement, any progress, it's because of your combined prayers. You must continue to pray. When
you pray, you show you care.
you've got to invest more of your faith in prayer, pour more of your life out in prayer. You believe in prayer as much as
you pray.
Prepare yourself through prayer! Prayer is the magic I want you to practice! The magic witches practice is only an
imitation of the power you release through prayer.
Chase away the doubts & attacks of the Enemy through prayer, the way you get rid of flies with a fly swatter or insect
spray! Spray some prayer magic in their direction & soon you'll hear their annoying buzzing no more! Prayer is pure
energy, pure light, pure magic that never runs empty, the very force that not only created the universe, but also holds it
together. The forces of gravity, speed and light, etc., are all parts of one great force, namely Mine, and you can avail
yourself through it through prayer! Wouldn't it be foolish not to do so?
You can also prevent problems from ever even happening by applying yourself of that force in a preventative way.
Breathing is a lot like prayer. You breathe in My life-giving oxygen, you spiritually inhale My Spirit, My love, My force, and
you exhale it again, as you breathe out your influence of positiveness on the world. You shed light into the darkness
through your prayers.
Show them the magic of prayer! Share the magic! Pour it on them! Let them experience it, feel it, enjoy it! Let them notice
the difference! Make a difference through prayer, My magic!
You can perform miracles if you learn to truly avail yourself of My power through prayer! I give it to you freely. I want you
to use it!

If you accomplish nothing but to pray for those who need your prayers, then you're already accomplishing a lot more than
some multi-billion dollar mogul who's raking in the millions by the minute! His millions are going to be absolutely
worthless to him the minute he dies, whereas you will have saved your riches where they will truly count, for eternity!
Making praise & prayer a habit is a key to success in life.

The power of prayer is the main power I'd like you to avail yourself of. Otherwise, it's like running merely on the power of
your own rechargeable 9 Volt battery, when you could avail yourself of My full and constant 230 Volt.
Nothing's too unimportant for Me. The question is, how important are they to you? Important enough to stir yourself up
about them to call Me up about them?

I'm trying with all My might to convince you that prayer is more than just a last resort when all else has failed! Prayer isn't
the last thing you should do, but the first, and if things aren't what they should be, then chances are that the main culprit
is the fact that you haven't prayed!
More often than not, it is true, the guilt and the blame lies with you, although the atrocity you committed may have been
none other but that you didn't pray!
Quit trying to do things better than I can. Just let Me do it for you!

Make it your duty to pray over things. If there's one thing you should be truly prayerful about, it's your words.
Pray before you say - or write.

If you pray more in the things you do, you'll find that it's never going to be time wasted. In fact, "time spent in prayer, is
time saved."
So, if you want to save time, instead of wasting it, keep praying.

The best thing you can do is pray. You want to change your life? Pray! Whatever you want and have the vision and the
faith for: pray!
If you want folks to get the point and the heart of the matter, the best thing you can do is pray for it! You can change the
world through your prayers! In fact, it will be the first sign and proof that you got the point yourself.

In prayer, you can spread your soul out like a healing balm, and thus have it benefit many, simultaneously. If you don't
pray, the balm stays in the jar. But as soon as you pour out your soul to Me in prayer for those whose lives concern you,
and those I put on your heart to pray for, because their lives concern Me, it goes to work and soothes, heals, performs
miracles, and you become like a magician puppeteer, influencing many lives from behind the scenes: you're becoming My
hands, pouring out the balm of My healing elixir over them.
So much good can be done and accomplished through prayer. There's virtually nothing better you can do!
Prayer is the way through which you can become a partaker of My all-powerful nature and create little miracles
everywhere, of new life, new hope, bring light and love where there was none.

You can accomplish a lot for someone by caring enough to pray for them and commit their care into My hands!

I hand you some situations for you to hand them back to Me, the way a father rolls a ball toward his child, expecting him
to roll it back. After you've rolled it back to Me by committing the problem to prayer, and I've done what I can to improve
the situation, I'll roll it back to you, and have you do what you can.

Whenever you get the chance, pray! It will make all the difference in the world. It will show that you're relying on Me to
get it done, you're not just trying to pull it through in the flesh. You're giving Me a chance to work that way.
You're saying "yes" to Heaven when you stop to pray and give Me a chance to work through you. You're making choices
that allow the forces of Heaven to become active in your life.

In order to keep problems from happening, you have to take certain measures in order to prevent them, and one of the
basic measures you can take to avoid problems is to pray. You can ask Me to prevent them from happening.
If you don't pray, I can't do anything except watch you go through it and hope that next time you'll be smarter!

(next Chapter:)

…Hearing from God

I should always be your first & foremost focus point of communication! Without Me you could make a mess of things.
Only I’m way out there & know what’s ahead, where the dangers lie & I can show you ‘things thou knowest not’ (Jer.33:3).

Try to imagine how I feel about so few being willing to listen to Me. This is a pain I feel everyday when I look down upon
the children of men & suffer from their neglect.

Don’t do anything without Me! Don’t move until you hear My voice or get My sign, ‘This is the way, walk ye in it!’

Ask Me about the things that are going on in your life. There is so much to learn from all you’re going through.

If you really want to serve Me, then start by sitting down at My feet & listening to Me daily.

Hear! Hearken for the sound of My voice, My whispers, the Words from My lips throughout the day!
And always check in with Me before you start doing something new.

When you can’t look anywhere but up, lying flat on your backs, I can get through to you the best & reveal My will to

Every individual situation is different & has its individual solution. Seek Me for the specific answer.
Be a sample of a God-follower! You don’t have to know anything except how to call on Me & receive My answers. If you
do this faithfully, they’ll see that it works, & they’ll follow your sample!

I can answer every question if you’ll but ask.

Your primary responsibility is to make sure you get a hold of Me & My perfect will for you & find My perfect path for you.
Everything depends on learning to get My counsel & direction! I answer you with the same intensity with which you seek

Few people on this Earth come to Me for counsel when they’re having a problem. Lots of people pray, but few wait for the
As soon as you come to Me, I will give the answers that will make the mountains just melt away.

The worst thing in the world you can do when you don’t know what to do is to keep going... It’s a time of great transition &
upheaval, & there will be even greater upheaval in the future, so, it behooves you to pray as if everything depended on
prayer, which it does, and to hear from Me & seek My face as if everything depended on getting a hold of My instructions
& revelations, which it does.

Whenever something happens, you should seek the purpose & lesson I have in this for you.
There are many lessons involved in the things I'm allowing to happen around you, if you ask Me & care enough to find

Nobody's interested in their Creator, nor in finding out what He's got to say, they're all too enwrapped & busy with
creation, trying to keep it functioning. They need to get back to their Maker & refer to the Manual or call the service
hotline, but it won't even occur to them.

It's not an exclusive thing to have Me as a chatting partner, Advisor, Helper and Counselor, it's something available to
anyone who would only dare to give Me a chance.

Keep looking for signs along the way. I'm trying to teach you to read My signs. They are all over the place, and often
people don't register them. If they would stop to notice them and ask Me, "Lord, what does this mean?" I could show
them so much more & teach them so much more, and their path would become clearer.

I will speak to you anytime, regardless of the way you feel.

There are times when My children don't have a clue. But I can give you a clue. I'm the Clue-Giver! Haven't got a clue? Ask
Me what to do!

As long as you're listening, there's hope, because My Word will not return unto Me void.

Let Me teach you what you have to know in order to walk your specific and individual path that is destined for you. If you
pick up input that is not what I know is best for you, it can serve as a distraction.
Listen to Me, your Coach, in order to avoid any mean knock-outs by the Enemy.

You can always come to Me for another shower of My golden Words to you, another snack of manna, My heavenly
bread, My water of life, which is better than wine.
In order not to stumble, you have to keep your spiritual ears open! And have your antenna tuned in My direction!
Turn on & tune in to the music of My Spirit!
It's always available!
Why feed on crumbs, when I could serve you a whole delicious meal?

There are many reasons why it pays to get your directions & instructions, counsel & guidance from Me. "Come now & let
us reason together..."
I like to communicate with you!
There is hardly anything more important to Me than achieving that My children learn to walk the right path, in the right
direction, based on the right instructions from Me; that they become liberated from the confusion that's a result of the
Devil's lies they've often grown up with; that they can see instead of wandering around groping through the darkness.
There's scarcely anything more important for Me than ensuring that each of you find the center of My perfect will for you,
that you take time to learn to hit the mark instead of missing it, and I'm a very patient teacher.
My capacity to teach is only limited by your attention span, your capacity to learn, to receive, to listen, to tune in, to let go
of your own ideas long enough
I've got so much to share, so much to give, and yet there are so few really willing to listen and to receive it.

My Spirit is like a broadcasting station that's broadcasting all the time, with the same constant intensity as ever, and the
only thing that changes is the intensity of your own receptivity.

If you want to be like Me, you're going to have to be with Me. If you want to learn from Me, you have to spend time at My
feet, listening to Me.

Even if you have found the truth, you should always stay hungry for more, and that's what prophecy is all about: you get
more everyday, fresh from the heavens, like Manna.

When there's no vacuum, then there's nothing I can fill. You need to create a vacuum first.

If you don't acknowledge Me in all your ways, then how can I direct your paths? (Prov.3:5,6)
Counsel & guidance from Me would be available to anybody who would avail themselves of My gifts.
That’s why I've got so much to say: there IS so much to say that mankind is totally unaware of. Not because I wouldn't
have been willing to tell them, but mostly because there were so few willing to listen.

I've nearly always got something to say, the question is only whether you're willing or able to hear it! As long as you've
got a listening ear and a proper functioning receiver, I'll have something to say.

I can always set your view straight & show you which things to focus on, and what tricks the Enemy is up to, just getting
you through life, clearly seeing the truth and the path ahead, in today's dark and confusing world.

Let Me fill and satisfy your spiritual hunger every morning, before you get into anything else. You'll have My Spirit, My
plan and My viewpoint of things, and you'll be much better equipped for whatever the day may bring!
If it costs you some effort to find Me and to be able to hear My voice and receive My personal words, then you will
appreciate them more and won't run the risk of taking them for granted.

There is always only a very small minority of those who really get the point, who really let Me talk to them. The majority
will always follow their own impulses.

My still small voice can best be heard in the silence.

Let Me teach you!

My signal is relatively weak and quiet, compared to all the blaring noisy signals the Enemy is sending out into the world,
and it does require a certain skill to stay tuned to My signal.

Most of My children aren't interested in communicating with Me, and at times that's the reason why I'm not about to say
much to them, either.

Nothing’s going to cheer you up or light up your view on things as much and as effectively as My voice, My Word, and My
glimpses of Heaven that I show you.

I have created life as a series of riddles the answers to which you won’t find so easily without Me. Try and solve them
without Me, and you’ll have problems. Ask Me to help you, and you’ll fare well.

(Prophet Daniel:) God speaks just about all the time, and everywhere, and you need to learn to interpret His messages all
around you.
It’s all about deciphering God’s handwriting on the walls and screens all around you.
His world is like a multi-dimensional screen on which He constantly writes His messages, and youmust interpret them tell
people what it means and decode the messages for them…

If people wanted communion with Me, they could have it. You get what you ask for and have the faith for.
The world is in such a mess because they lack the truth and love that a healthy connection with Me would give them.

I’m teaching you personally through the school of life and your experiences, all that you have to go through, your trials
and lessons… these are all ways in which I communicate and interact with you.
They complete another piece in the puzzle of the deeper meaning of everything.

The gift of prophecy is for those who need to know My will for them in a more specific way than I have already laid down
in My Word.
Once your “boat is in motion,” and you are moving in My direction, you will find situations in which you will need more
specific and personal advice and counsel and direction from Me, and I will not hesitate to give it to you.
Those who are faithful students of My written Word will also eventually hear My living Word, as I have promised, but first
you’ve got to do your part and what you can do make sure that My Words dwell in you (see John 14:23).
Before you can receive My Words, you have to create a space for Me to fill, and you have to prove with your actions that
you want to go My way, because prophecy is for those who want to go My way, follow Me and do things to further My
You have to become familiar with My voice through reading My written Word, and eventually you’ll also hear My voice
speaking to you personally.

I speak through many means. I speak to you through the things you read, through My personal words to you, but also
through My written Word, and I speak to you through what’s going on around you, the signs of the times, and even
through the words of the proclaimers and interpreters of such events.

(Spirit Helper:) The heavenly words from Jesus make the difference that’s needed to bring back that heavenly spark into
your life that you’re missing.
His input and His gifts are different from all the things that befall you in your earthly life. They simply don’t have that
imperfect and thus disappointing quality about them that earthly things do.
The words the Lord has for you are the factor that are going to give you the victory. They’ll be the difference between
victory and defeat, between positiveness and negativity.
Enemy may try to diminish their value in your mind and tell you, “What good is it all, anyway?” But just stop to pause and
think why he would do that. Certainly not in order to help you! He’s just sick and tired of being defeated and exposed by
them day after day, month after month, year after year! There’s not much progress he can make in your life, as long as
you keep receiving and heeding the Lord’s counsel, and he sees he’s fighting a losing battle in your life. So, the best
thing he can do is to persuade you that the very factor that’s strengthening you is one you actually don’t need, that it’s
Just because not many other people seem to be interested in what the Lord has to say, doesn’t mean that hearing from
Him is not the one possible best thing you could ever do! Just because you’re seemingly the only one doing the right
thing doesn’t make it wrong!

(next chapter:)

…Heart Matters

Listen to your heart! It’s so much greater to live by the heart & following what the heart tells you to do than do just
hearken to the narrow confines of the mind. The mind sees the boundaries & impossibilities & why it can’t be done &
shouldn’t even be tried. The heart just feels the urge to do it anyway & trust Me for the outcome.

It’s the heart that counts. You won’t be judged or rewarded by how smart you were in this life, but by the love you show.
It’s the heart that matters most!

You've just got to have a heart for people, be concerned about them, be moved with compassion upon them as I was and
still am.

Take time to absorb Me fully, and to become a part of Me - to let Me become a part of you, a conscious part of you that's
always there, one that you cannot lose. Staying in My presence is more a matter of the heart than of the mind.

Even though with your mind you can make the decision to love somebody, it's still another step until you can truly say
you love somebody, and that's just something that comes from the heart, not the mind. Love is a matter of the heart, "the
heart of the matter..."
If you really want to dig down deep, you not only have to discover mind-boggling truths, but let those truths sink deeply
into your heart where they will change your life & take the desired effect.

Drops of heavenly rain, heavenly love, cause your heart to blossom into life and warmth. The spiritual winter of your heart
is over. The hardships you've been experiencing, the heat I've been putting on, are causing the hard shell to soften &
crack open & finally the new you is coming to life, the person I wanted you to be. Not the cold, reserved, critical &
calculating old you, but the loving, warm, affectionate, embracing you, that does not hold back from Me nor from others!
A giving you, a smiling you, bubbling over with My humble joy and love, dropping warmth and love and affection and
encouragement into the hearts of those you pass by.

Changes of the heart are miracles that only I can bring about, you can't do it yourself, so quit trying & let Me do it!

You must allow My Words to really sink into your hearts. That's from where the fruit of learning comes. Wisdom is so
much more a matter of the heart than the mind. You've got to let Me plant My seeds into your heart, & you must absorb
them with all your heart, not just acknowledge them with your mind. You've simply got to take the time for those seeds to
really sink in.

Relate from the heart and gut side of things, the love side, not the judgmental, analytical side of the mind. From the side
of mercy, as you would want mercy if you were in their shoes.
You just can't legislate sincere goodness of the heart.
Those who get the core and gist of My message, that love, nothing else, is the secret, they are the ones who have their
hearts open to Me.
It's the heart that matters, not some kind of dogma or theory, doctrine or any other head stuffing. The key and the gist of
My teachings and of My life, and of all I want to convey to mankind is love, and that's a matter of the heart, not of the
Let your faith, your religion, what you live and preach, be a matter of the heart, not a head issue!

"The heart speaks to the heart." You've got to learn that language of the heart, the communication from heart to heart,
that's what's going to touch lives, change people, and consequently, change the world.
Words won't do you any good if you just keep them up there in your head. You need to reach out & apply them on a heart-
to-heart level, saying "I understand. I've been there, too. But He pulled Me out, & I know He can do it for you!"

You've got to let My heart speak to your heart, in order for your heart to be able to speak to theirs. Everything is a matter
of the heart.
It's gotta be the heart. Hope is a matter of the heart. Faith has got to be a matter of the heart in order to become really real
and spur you on to works and deeds which prove that your faith is alive; and love certainly also is a matter of the heart,
not just a "concept" you can grasp.

The position of your heart has to be right.

It's not that I'm opposed to people using their brains, but I'm trying to get you to operate more by the heart, & not so
much by the head. It's the heart that attracts people. The regular, average people are almost always rather inclined to be
suspicious & mistrusting of intellectually inclined people, who convey an air of intellectual superiority, usually because
they often breathe criticalness of those who are less so inclined.
And I usually side with them. The Devil is the smart aleck who tries to pretend he's so much smarter than everybody else,
& he ridicules them & makes them feel inferior. But blessings come from elsewhere, not only smartness. I bless the
honest, humble, hard working people, & they're often more blessed than those incredibly intellectual thinkers, which
usually tends to make the thinkers only more bitter & cynical & critical, but what it actually should do is cause them to
think for real: that it's not only this supposed intellectual superiority that makes things happen, but the heart is an engine
that can generate wealth more efficiently and reliably than mere intellect.
The brain alone doesn't do it. It's the heart that moves one to action, which then actually makes the difference. The mind
alone doesn't really have creative power. It's the heart that moves the rest of your body along to really get something
going. You need inspiration, not just mere brain-power & intellect.
If it all just remains in the realm of thought, it can so often be and remain nothing but hot air. You can think things up &
down until it hurts & you can talk about them for ages, but usually the simple people will have simply done it long before
you ever got around to stop talking about it.

I am a very deeply integrated and inseparable part of you, the heart and center from which you've got to live.

I want to be connected to your heart.

My Kingdom must be based on more than mere intelligence or thought. It's got to be more than brainpower, but love
power that moves you into action... emotion!
Put your heart into it! If you try to figure it all out in your head & analyze it to pieces, it's going to look ugly. From a
rational point of view, this life doesn't make a lot of sense; too much imperfection. It's not smooth enough for the mind.
It's too rough, too many rough edges.
That's why you're only really going to get through life successfully if you put your heart into it.

The heart is what matters, the motivation; you've got to have the right incentives.

You can only change another heart through something that comes from your heart in the first place: words from the
heart, prayers from the heart… Whatever love has been there in your heart in the first place, must go out and reach
another’s heart.

There are other challenges in life than finding out what the great universal truth of everything is. Sometimes it’s the little
truths, the little right attitudes and the proper position of the heart that make life on a local and practical level a lot more

While with some acquaintances and friendships the mind can be helpful, it is the heart, not the mind that will draw them
to you. It is the Spirit that will thrill their hearts and minds and refresh and quench their weary and thirsty souls, not so
much the input that comes of the mind.

(next chapter:)


Sometimes big secrets of the universe lie in such seemingly insignificant things as the name of a flower: Forget Me not!
Don’t forget Me! Don’t forget to give Me the glory! In your remembering Me every step of the way lies the course, the
quality & the effectiveness of your voyage through life.

I really AM, I really DO exist. I told Moses that’s My name because it is the answer to the most essential question:
'God, are you REALLY there?’ I AM!!! I’m not often quite easily perceived & recognized, nor accepted as the God of Love
that I am. But I AM.

Keep on overcoming by praising Me, trusting Me and loving Me in spite of anything, and I will give you that white stone,
and in it a name written that no one else will know but you - and Me! A name that will be your special code of direct link-
up & instant utter communication & oneness with Me, your personal access code to My heart. I cannot grant access &
entrance to the Holy of holies & inner core of My heart only to those who will approve themselves in this life as true

The ship's going down, & yet the band plays on & the captain & his crew are saying, "Don't panic, everything's under
control...." when really everything's out of control, because they're trying to grab the control more & more away from Me,
practically want to eradicate Me from people's minds, lives & consciences & give it over to the one they will receive, who
will come in his own name, unlike Me, Who came in His Father's name & they did not receive.

My name means "Savior." My cry and My call to mankind is to "Come, let Me save you!" I want to save you wholly &
entire, I want to cleanse and heal all of you, your mind, your body, your heart, your spirit... your soul.

Act in the power and in the name of the Author, the Founder, the Ruler over all, in His undisputable Authority over
everything else, any circumstances and forces that would dare to stand in the way of My will.
The Devil is like some ferocious dog that barks and growls and acts up as if he were the boss, but just one word spoken
in My name and authority will shut him up and remind him of who's the Boss around here.

Look beyond, at the ultimate purpose of all, not the immediate thing. Just as in magic the name of the thing controls it or
makes it "happen," even so ignoring the thing, and instead focusing on the Maker, the Author of everything, will enable
you to perform the greatest magic of all: My magic of faith, the magic of "nothing is impossible."

(next chapter:)


As long as you learn from your mistakes, nothing is lost. Even your mistakes made are then one of ‘all things’ which work
together for good for them that love Me. As long as you come to Me, and I can teach you about the things you did wrong
or could do better, there’s no need for remorse, which never helped much, anyway. But you can turn right around,
determine to keep an eye on that weakness, ask Me to help you be on guard & ‘deliver you from evil’, strengthen the
feeble knees & the hands that hang down, & go to work on building new, healthier habits. And that’s what you call
‘progress’ & learning.

Mistakes are an essential part of the meaning of life.

It’s just the inborn sinful human nature not to want to obey me at first.
The Devil comes up with his contra immediately & pipes up, ....’Sssssso, did God reaaally ssssay ssso...?’ And you know
what’ll happen next. You’ll make a mistake. Call it a sin – you miss the mark. I have to punish you, you learn the lesson,
and that’s the cycle of things at the present state of creation under the curse.
It will not always be so. This is only practice with weights, so that soon you’ll be able to fly.

It took that road of humbling, the road of making mistakes, the road of failure, to come to the realization of My
unconditional love for you.

You cannot turn back time, and everyone has made mistakes, but you’re not meant to make the same mistakes over &
over. Some mistakes you don’t even realize until much later, some only when you get here.

Do your best to learn from your mistakes & not to repeat them.

You have learned precious lessons out of these deep dark experiences that can benefit them all. These things have
happened to you as an ensample to them, that they might learn from your mistakes and marvel at My breakings, at My
mercy, at My chastisements & wisdom. This is a lesson for Eternity; the lesson of the breakings from this world.

A wiser man will learn from the mistakes of others, providing those others will share their mistakes as lessons.

Wanna quit making mistakes? Remember Me! Wanna stop blowing it? Remember Me! Wanna make continuous uphill
progress without the 2-steps forward, one-step-back grind? Simply remember Me & give Me the glory by acknowledging
Me, thanking & praising Me & asking Me to keep you from falling, even when you think you’re safe.

When it all comes down to it, you’re still just a child, and children do embarrassing things, sometimes. But it’s better to
make blunders of the mind than be so afraid of making mistakes that you never dare to do anything.

you have need of patience. Patience with others, even patience with yourself. Patience with your & their mistakes &

If you ask Me to show you your weak areas & how you can improve them, you'll fare so much better. And you'll have
much to share from the revelation & overcoming of your own mistakes, flaws, faults & shortcomings.

Don’t repeat the mistake of letting others drag you down a road you’re not meant to go or you won’t want to go, neither
look at others for excuses to let down your standard.

It’s a mistake to judge God by the people who supposedly represent Him, & their interpretation of what He supposedly

Making mistakes is part of the school of life, but the desired goal & progress is to learn to be making less of them as you

If you don’t want to keep making the same mistakes over & over & over again, some things are going to have to change.
Some things you’re simply going to have to get serious about & desperate.

In a way, your love for Me is a result of your mistakes & screw-ups, cause, let’s face it: If you had been more successful,
do you honestly think you would have been that eager & desperate to find Me?
Nobody’s expecting you to do a completely perfect job without any mistakes.

Everyone will see the wrongs they have committed, sooner or later. Not everyone is eager or ready to see how they are
failing in this life-time.
Sometimes I have to let them go ahead & do something, even if it entails mistakes & wrongs, just in order for something
to get done...

If you're only focusing on the flesh & the blunders & mistakes My people make, you're doomed to disappointment &

If the people around you have become a disappointment & you're blaming Me for it, the reason I'm allowing this is so that
you will put your faith in Me, not in them, put your eyes on Me, not them. Only I can help you make it through the night!
You're supposed to be My follower, not theirs. Or if you want to be their follower, follow them in the spirit & look at them
with the eyes of the spirit, not the eyes of the flesh! Look at them as those who are fragile just like you, who make
mistakes just like you, who doubt & waver just like you, but they just won't give up, even if they're tempted to. Look at
them as those who've got nothing in this World & nowhere to turn but to Me. As long as you keep toying with other
options, of course you will be double-minded.

You've got to learn to love folks even with their mistakes, just like they love you with yours. "Love the sinner & hate the
sin" doesn't really mean, like you apply it: "Sure, I'll love the sinner. As soon as he gets rid of the sin!" Imagine if that
were My attitude! No, loving the sinner means loving them in spite of their sin & patiently helping them to overcome their
sin & having the faith that will eventually manage to do so by My grace!

Overcoming mistakes, faults & weaknesses & sins is one of the major objectives in life. Your weaknesses & sins are an
important part of this school of life. If I would have sent you all perfect to this Earth, what would there be to learn? What
would there be to save? What purpose would there have been for Me to come & live & die for?

It's easy to find fault! It's easy to see the mistakes in others & where they screwed up & how difficult they're making your
life, and "if you look for the bad in people, you're going to find it!" But I say, look at the good! Count your blessings! Life
could be much worse than this! But don't even focus on how much worse things are going to get or could be, but focus
on how good you've had it, and most of all, on how good it's still going to be!

An unforgiving & self-righteous attitude in itself becomes worse than the mistake that was committed by the other party.

Everyone makes mistakes, including you, and forgiveness and being forgiven are simply integral parts of the school of
life. So, don't view mistakes you or others make as some kind of permanent, irreparable damage, but remember that even
those serve My purpose & work together for good in the long run.

Paying attention to the details will help you not to overlook important factors, it will teach you patience & the importance
of little things. It will help you to not so easily misjudge or misunderstand things, not to make snap judgments. If you
realize how much hinges & depends on little things, you will learn to hold your peace on a matter until you're certain
you've got all the details straight & you're not missing out on any of the factors in the equation, and you'll see, you'll be a
lot less prone to making mistakes in your life.

You haven't really learned all there is to learn out of these lessons yet, and some of the mistakes you made you're not
even aware of.

If whatever your brother does causes you to stumble or give up, that brother may be held responsible for his mistakes,
but you will be held responsible for your own decision to focus on his faults instead of Me, and whatever your looking at
the waves will result in. If you want victory, you've got to keep looking at Me. Everything else will only spell defeat...

It's good to come out straight-forward when you see a mistake: "Oh, I don't think that was right. I don't agree." This is
much better than keeping it in & letting it all out later in a barrage of bitter questions, remarks, statements & accusations.

It's time to quit repeating the same mistakes over & over again, of just doing what comes naturally, the obvious, without
even bothering to ask Me about it & consult with Me.

You've got to keep pouring and pouring out that healing balm of love and forgiveness, letting them know that no matter
how many mistakes they'll make, many waters cannot quench this fire of My love for them.

Judging people by their past mistakes, mentally putting people in a box consisting of the walls of the confines of your
own mind which you create for them out of your negative memories & experiences with them is not appropriate anymore
in this day & age when I'm changing lives radically & sometimes rapidly.
The carnal mind is quick to put both Me, and the way it thinks I should operate, and others into a box, and that's not a
very smart thing to do in My business. Sometimes knowledge is the greatest stumbling block to divine revelation,
because it interferes with what I would like to reveal to you.

If you think the time has arrived when there's nothing for you to learn anymore, no more mistakes to improve or correct,
then you're just about to make the biggest mistake of all!

Just because some things have gone wrong in the past & mistakes were made and you failed at an earlier attempt, that
doesn't mean it will always go that way. Don't be so discouraged by the times you stumbled & failed! It's okay! Just get up
& try again!
I'm allowing you to have so many mistakes, faults & sins so that you realize just how much you need My Salvation!

Nobody's perfect, and thus, no matter how anointed they may be, they don't deserve to be worshipped without any
reservations, completely ignoring or hushing up their mistakes! In fact, you only help them by pointing out their mistakes
to them, and you prevent worse mistakes from happening.

I allow people to learn from their mistakes in the Spirit Realm by having them accompany their descendants as spirit
helpers, to see what the late ricochets & repercussions of their actions are over time.

It's always tough to find out where it ain't at, that's the hard & painful way of finding direction, but it's also very effective.
At least it helps you to never want to make the same mistake!

You ask yourself, "What could I have done or avoided doing in order to not wind up here? What did I do wrong? What was
the mistake I made?" And I can show you. But if you're not open to learn from your mistakes, you won't make the
necessary progress.
Everybody makes mistakes. The question is, how much do you learn from them? Instead of being ashamed of them & try
not to think about them, you should do the opposite: you should think about them & view them as opportunities to learn
precious lessons from them, for some of the most precious lessons you learn are those which you learn from your own
Of course, that takes humility. It's tough on one's pride to take the blame & face the consequences of their own actions,
and to deal with what it is you have done wrong in order to bring certain conditions about. It's always easier to blame the
other party for it. But that's not the way you learn.

Do you trust Me, that I love you so much that everything that happens to you is the best possible option? If you've been
praying and committing your day into My hands, how am I going to disappoint you by doing anything less than the best? I
will even allow the Enemy to only attack & test you in those ways that I know will bring forth the best possible results, &
even the mistakes you will make will be those that will teach you the most effective and important lessons, so that truly
ALL things will work out for not only good, but for the best for you!

If you must compare yourself to those who have made even graver mistakes, then try to learn from them, not to make the
same mistakes, and never use them as an excuse that just because you're doing better than they, you're doing alright. If
you truly want to give your best to Me that you can, then you cannot settle for "doing alright."

So many mistakes are made because people don't remember. Why do people not remember? Because they don't really
make an effort, they don't really care. They're too busy occupying their minds with the next pleasure, the next
entertainment, the next amusement, the next "escape route" that leads them "away from thinking."

Although I do try to teach you lessons or deal with you for your wrongs, it does not influence My amount of love for you if
you make mistakes or fail.

It's human to make mistakes! They keep you humble. The proud & haughty who do nothing but criticize have their reward
in feeling so high & mighty & superior in this life, that they can look down on everybody else.

I will use anything to save a soul, including the Devil himself, if need be. It's the results that count. I'd rather use a lesser
evil, like a mistake, a human error & unintentional untruth in order to achieve a greater good, instead of being so self-
righteously stuck on all the details, painstakingly making sure that I've got every little fact & figure straight that I don't
accomplish or achieve anything!

If you have failed, use your failures & mistakes to their full extent to do & accomplish what they were ordained for, namely
to learn from them. Make the most out of them by praising Me for them!

I make the best out of down-slope experiences, those lessons learnt from mistakes.

Love means to be willing to help someone out of a mess they've gotten themselves into, even if it was caused by their
own mistake. Love doesn't say, "It's your own fault!" Love quietly acknowledges, "We all make mistakes" & reaches out a
hand to help the other up in whatever way you can.

Dealing with your sins and mistakes is important; you cannot just ignore them. Some who have refused to deal with them
aren't around anymore, they didn't make it. It takes that honest confrontation with them.

I don't view your "mistakes" as anything nearly as bad as you tend to see them yourselves! Many "mistakes" you made in
your life were necessary pathways to a whole new dimension, a world of insight and wisdom that you never even would
have found the door to, otherwise. And even if you had found the door, you would not have chosen to walk through it
voluntarily because it would have looked so uninviting.

Whatever you do, you've got to make sure you're doing it for My glory by bathing it in prayer. If you don't, then it easily
happens that you slip into the mode of operating in the flesh, and you'll reap the repercussions of that: You make

Yes, there are mistakes, there is sin to deal with. But without Me, you won't be able to deal with these things properly and
in the right spirit, and will only tend to make matters worse, to commit an even greater sin.

If you know that I believe in you in spite of all your flaws, and you know that I believe in them also, in spite of theirs, then
you can believe in Me for them, and thus believe in them, too.
If it's just you, without Me, if there's no connection with Me, then you might not really be trustworthy, simply because the
Enemy can short-circuit you and cause you to make some serious mistakes & thus become less reliable. But as long as
someone is making sincere efforts to come close to Me, not for any glorious elevation of self's sake, but really only for
the love of Me, the love of truth, and the love of love itself, it's okay, you can trust such a person, including yourself.

That's why I can forgive you for all your mistakes and sins: I can see you're going to make it in spite of them.

Men of force are men of faults, and anyone who will be used by Me to a greater extent than others will be subject to
greater attacks of the Enemy, greater temptations, and they're probably more prone to making mistakes.

You're subject to flaws & mistakes just like everybody else & you should thus stay open for suggestions & improvement.

Some mistakes you make can haunt you for a long time, & follow you around for quite a while.

One mistake to make would be to think that you have arrived where you should be, because you're merely getting started.
Sometimes, when things are looking okay, the Devil sends his demons of compromise & settling for less than the best,
that are specially in charge of Christians, and make you think you're already at your destination, when you barely even
got going.

Satan makes you think you're a "prisoner," a captive of the mistakes & flaws of others, that you're going to have to deal
with & be subjected to them for the rest of your life. But I'm saying, "not really!" Because by simply making the choice
that you're not going to let it affect you or bother or aggravate you, but instead choosing to look at and praise Me for their
positive qualities, you deny those negative qualities to have power over you whatsoever, and it's almost as if they
wouldn't exist!

Everybody makes mistakes, and without them, there'd be hardly anything to learn from in this life! By showing you which
is the wrong way, by letting you experience it first hand, I'm also showing you the right way, which way you need to go to
overcome, to rise above, to succeed: you just need to turn around, and instead of following all those other misleading
voices, you just come to Me and follow Mine!

The big mistake the majority is making is that they're not coming to Me when something's going wrong, they try to figure
it out & fix it themselves.

That's one of the biggest mistakes successful people make: they strive so hard for the "big" things, and constantly
"bigger" things, greater things, that they nearly totally neglect the little things that already surround them, that I've
already given them, and that would bring them much greater happiness (if they would just care to pay attention to them)
than all their chasing after ever greater things. "Seekest thou great things for thyself? Seek them not" (Jer. 45:5).

I'm using your sins, your faults, your weakness, your mistakes, to bring about the best in you. As I use all things to work
out together for good for you, I also use these dark abysses of your souls in order to bring about some good in you and
each other. In some ways, I use you to discipline each other.
You're learning how to behave correctly in order to avoid certain reactions in the other.

Only I see the whole "elephant." The biggest mistake you can possibly make is assuming that your view and Mine are
always identical. That's the epitome of self-righteousness.

That was your mistake: You sort of let things run and have their "natural" course, and the natural course of things didn't
turn out to bring any improvement at all, but rather decay and a deterioration of the situation, of the condition of things or
even your children.
You can't just let the Enemy have the world & passively stand by as he wrecks it. You've got to do something about it!
You've got to counteract, you've got to oppose him.

I use your mistakes, and even those errors in your own doctrines of the past... You learn by trial & error. I have given no
one a perfect blue print of the truth, but leave it up to everyone to discover it with My help throughout their lives.

If you wouldn't make any mistakes, there wouldn't be half as much for Me to talk to you about. Your sins, shortcomings &
failures draw you closer to Me. You want to learn how to do better, and that's basically what healing, learning, growing
and salvation is all about: that void, that need to grow, that emptiness. You have a need for Me when you're not perfect,
when you realize you failed, when you need help to see, when you realize you really don't know much of anything.

Will you make the same mistake so many others have made and become harsh and unforgiving? Forgiveness is a much
greater issue than most people realize.

With some saints, like Mother Teresa, it's easy to say, "Now here's a good person," because of their sacrificial life-style,
and the evident good she did in helping the poor. But when it comes to helping the spiritually poor and feeding the
spiritually starving, things become a lot more difficult.
And because it's more difficult, it's also easier to make mistakes. For one thing, the Enemy fights your feeding the
spiritually starving a lot more violently than your giving to the physically poor. He's much more concerned about the
intellects and minds of people. That's, after all, the realm he is trying to usurp and grasp away from Me.

Moses died in the wilderness, unable to enter the promised land, as a result of his own mistake. The lesson gained out of
this is more important and valuable than the temporary, fleeting pleasure he might have experienced, had I granted him to
enter the promised land. The real Promised Land is not in this world. Your real and final and ultimate satisfaction,
fulfillment, peace or goal, whatever you may be trying to achieve, won’t be found in this world or life.
The most effective way to teach you where it’s at, was to let you find out where it’s not at. You find this out by your
mistakes, but as the proverb goes, an even wiser man learns not only from his own mistakes, but from those of others,

There was a time for Moses to be ready for the Exodus, but there was also a time when he wasn't ready yet. There's a time
of definite, visible anointing, and there's a time of preparation, of finding out where it's not at, how not to do it, which
mistakes not to make.

It's not the glorious road that leads to the Kingdom, but the low and humble road, often paved with many seemingly
mundane and very humbling acts: many dishes to wash, many problems to solve and learn from, even many mistakes to
make, many diapers to change, both physically and spiritually.

I know the human heart, and that it doesn't seek My interests in the natural. You don't have to put on any false pretenses
with Me. I know you inside out, and I totally know where you're at. I know what to do in order to get you to turn around
and learn from your mistakes.

You don't have to be bogged down with all of earth's little problems. If you keep looking unto Me as you should, they will
practically dissolve, because you will have My supernatural wisdom that will help you to say and do the right things. You
won't be making so many mistakes anymore that are going to cause your loved ones to stumble. You will walk in love
more, as you absorb My love by looking unto Me.

The mistakes are part of the training. You find out which way it am by finding out which way it ain't. Not the recommended
route, but still the most common one. Without mistakes and errors, there's no need to repent, nothing to admit to, nothing
for which to humble yourself and admit you were wrong and need help, no need to change.
That's why those who suppose they do everything right are the ones who are most distant from Me. They simply don't
need Me as much as folks who screw up a lot.
The best thing you can learn out of your mistakes is: don't try to do it on your own, but always avail yourself of My help! If
you call on Me and rely on Me, you won't fail.

It's never wrong to be putting your bucket under the one Source that won't disappoint you. But not doing that is precisely
the mistake so many immature people make. They don't come to Me, they look elsewhere.

Your mistakes are part of the great purpose of everything.

Most people don't have a clue about the extent to which they screwed up until they get Here - totally oblivious to the
mistakes they made and the impact they had on others and the consequences they brought about.

You can't blame the Devil for everything. Some things are simply the result of man's sinful nature, the results which he
has brought about by his own choices - which may have been initiated by the Devil's temptations, that's true - but they
were still, nonetheless, his own choices.
And the circumstances outside the Garden of Eden teach you the consequences, and thus you learn from your mistakes.

How do you learn? By making mistakes and realizing you made them, right? So, the most dangerous threat to genuinely
learning is to be left in the illusion that you're right, there's nothing to change about your views & attitudes...

Your mistakes are an important part of the meaning and purpose of your lives, since they are what you learn the most
from. It is out of the "deep, dark experiences that we learn some of our most precious lessons from the Lord," and when
those experiences are missing, then life looks a little dull in comparison to those of others sometimes.

The more responsibility you carry, the more weight your mistakes have.

There's nothing that teaches you how to do it like the experience you gain from learning how not to do it. Only your
mistakes make you change your previous modes and habits.

The way to enlightenment always leads via the path of recognizing and learning from one's own mistakes.

The only unpardonable mistake a believer can commit is to doubt his own Salvation and still stay stuck in his own
"badness," when I have saved him from that already.
Of course, it would be a mistake to assume that one is guiltless without having accepted My sacrifice and without having
experienced Salvation, but isn't it an equally grave mistake to do the opposite and assume that Salvation doesn't make
any difference, and that you still have to pay for your sins yourself?

The flaws, mistakes and imperfections in your co-fighters have been little more than a big test of your faith, to see
whether you would still keep going for Me, still keep holding on faithfully, in spite of them all.

An outstanding shepherd questions his own actions sometimes, he's not too proud or self-confident to do that. He
doesn't take for granted that just because of his position he might never be making a mistake. He stays aware of making
potential mistakes.

My hope is that this present age will be a sufficient reminder and warning for everyone not to want to repeat the same

You can only glean so much from watching others and learning from their experience. What will stick with you forever is
your own experiences, your own pains and hurts and scarring results and consequences of your own poor choices and
It's one thing learning from your mistakes. It's another getting so stuck on them that you never get any further, never
move out to touch another's life.

It takes more than being a follower in blind obedience, sometimes, to become a good leader yourself. The trick is to
remain loyal and obedient, even when you realize that your leaders aren’t infallible and do make mistakes, just like
everybody else does.
Leaders need to be forgiven and unconditionally loved and accepted for who and what they are, like everybody else. And
this attitude is healthier than one refusing to see the possibility that your leaders might make any mistakes.

It would certainly be a mistake to assume that you know better than Me.

It’s better to have tried and failed, to have loved and lost, to have done something and made mistakes, than to just blindly
and self-righteously think you have arrived, without any need to do or change anything…

Life is constructed in such a way that it’s bound to happen that you slip and fall and make mistakes, so that precious
lessons can be learned from them. But it’s pretty important that you do learn the lessons, and not just keep falling into
the same trap and repeating the same old mistakes over and over again.

People are bound to make mistakes, and mistakes have happened, and they keep happening, and you’ve got to grant
others the same right to make mistakes that I grant you.

Nobody ever does only good. Everybody makes mistakes, and nobody’s perfect; nobody has ever lived a perfect life of
which they can say, “I never made any mistakes.” It’s erroneous to have that kind of an attitude. And, well, some folks
just have the kind of attitude – which is their besetting sin and handicap to carry around through life – that they simply
can’t see their own faults as easily as they see the faults of others.

A life that has failed learning from its own mistakes isn’t much of a life at all, since your mistakes are one of the greatest
purposes in life per se.

Mistakes are something everyone can relate to, and if you teach others from mistakes you made, that shows them just
how human you are, and how much just like them, and that you’re not some super special case, endowed with
extraordinary gifts from on high, but that you’ve learned by trial and error, basically the same way they have.

Mistakes are actually quite precious in the service of teaching you some of your most valuable lessons.

No matter what you do, what mistakes you’re going to make or how badly you might ever slip, you’re always going to be
loved by Me unconditionally.

There comes a time when everyone will have to reflect about their sins and mistakes.

Taking responsibility for your own mistakes is often the very ingredient that makes all the difference in the world. Refusal
or inability to see one’s own mistakes & failings stifles spiritual growth like nothing else, and encourages straying from
the path, instead of sticking to My straight & narrow. In fact, what makes My straight & narrow pathway the most
uninviting to most people is the fact that it’s strewn with the recognition and repercussions of one’s own failures left and
right, and uphill progress is only made by dealing with them properly. That means, you recognize them, admit them and
try to change them, but you don’t allow them to put you under condemnation. Once you’ve given them to Me and they’re
confessed and forgiven, they don’t have any more power over you.

It gives you new zest for each day of life, knowing fully that no matter how badly you’ve blown it in your life, or what sort
of mistakes you’ve made, you’re totally forgiven as long as you did learn something out of it by facing the problem and
your guilt and responsibility in the matter, which usually is already enough guarantee on it’s own that you’re less likely to
repeat the same mistake.

I am the One Who doesn’t and won’t make mistakes, so it pays to make Me the one true foundation of your lives and to
put your entire trust in, instead of any man or woman, or group of people.

That’s what I’d call learning and progress, when you get to the point of learning from mistakes where you stop making
them and can prevent them from happening through the things you have learned.

Once you’ve learned to deal with your mistakes and have learned how to handle that responsibility, treating it as
something as natural as going to the toilet, then you’ll also have an easier time coping with the rest of the things going on
in this world that are less than satisfactory. You’ll see and recognize it all more as one big challenge to improve things
with My help wherever you can, to “change the world,” in that sense, or, if nothing else, at least learn a good deal from it
that is going to help make the world a better place in the long run. Changing the world starts with recognizing the void
and the need, the places that lack and where errors have been committed, and then taking the initiative to do what it takes
to replenish and refill them again, even if may look like a senseless waste of time to others, because you may not be
reaping immediate benefits from your work or sacrifice.

Adam & Eve's mistakes served to draw them closer to Me than they ever could have come otherwise.

Sometimes you just have to deal with your mistakes to their full extent, and learn all there is to learn from them. It’s not
like there is no forgiveness, no reconciliation, but it’s also important that you bear the full consequences of your actions
and become aware of them.
You cannot just skip school and play hooky in the school of life. That’s what the Devil is tempting everyone to do with his
numerous distractions: “No, don’t think about your mistakes, don’t waste your time wracking your head about them! It
just depresses you! Fill your life with pleasure instead!”
There are a lot of mistakes made that people could learn from, a lot of lessons to be learned out of life, and out of history,
but that’s not what they’re interested in or concerned about, They’re not concerned about avoiding to make the same
mistakes over and over again, the thought would never even cross their mind. That’s the one reason why people never
learn anything from history; not their own, and much less anyone else’s: they’re not interested.

There is a lot of wisdom to be gained from the mistakes you will make…

Refusal to deal with one’s own blame is probably the most widespread and most common spiritual disease… The pride to
refuse to reckon with one’s own mistakes, sins and faults… The Pharisee syndrome…

You don’t have to keep repeating the same mistakes, nor the mistakes of your forefathers. You can interrupt that vicious
cycle, reverse fate, stop that treadmill of always falling for the apparent, or even the inclinations of your own mind.

(next chapter:)

…Computers & Us

My Spirit, the Comforter, Whom I will send unto you, will bring all things to your remembrance. If you walk in the Spirit,
you WILL remember things: She will remind you! She’s like a super-duper-mega-smooth computer program that can
enhance your rusty little system anytime with all the knowledge you need, brings up any stored data from the past, or
even brand new information that hasn’t been there so far, in revelations, dreams & prophetic visions. All you gotta do is
download Her & install Her on your system!

Every little move & action of yours depends on a choice, whether you will react to the impulse with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, a 1 or
a 0.... 1s and 0s,... that’s all a computer program is based on.
Make your right choices today. Say YES to Me! Every time!

As soon there’s some space for Me to fill it, I will. Tune in to My wavelength, log on to My server & press the download
button, & as soon as My computer detects any blank storage space on your hard drive, I will fill it with the desired &
needed input!

If you want to grasp the meaning of every day & every moment of life, start learning to read My signs. A lot of things you
may not understand may be My handwriting on the wall, & if you seek Me & ask Me, I can reveal their meaning to you.
To you, My brides of the End, it is given to read & understand the signs of the times. If you look beyond that which is at
hand & seek Me in it, & the deeper meaning, it’ll be like reading the Matrix. It’s like learning to read computer
programming language.

I'm trying to help you to score points in the love game, so, I'm showing you what unselfish things you could do. Keep
your eyes open for more opportunities like that. They're scattered & strewn all over, hidden blessings, sometimes well
disguised, like bonus points in a computer game.

Before, you've had a slow connection, and now you've got a fast broad-band connection. Take advantage of your spiritual
flat-rate, and stay online permanently! Don't go off-line anymore! Stay online & attuned to Me permanently, "walking by
faith and not by sight!"
I want to be with you and talk to you always.
Like this I'll be able to guide you much better & lead you by the hand, and you'll be doing & saying those things which I
want you to do & say.

Problems are more often than not being caused not by your circumstances, but your own attitudes, your "system
settings." Your attitude affects the way you are going to function, just as the settings of your computer will affect its
usability & effectiveness.
If your monitor settings are too dark, then you won't see clearly. Or if your system is overloaded with too much clutter,
that won't do you much good, either; it's going to slow you down.

Set up a spiritual firewall against evil intruders! Don’t let them plant their spyware cookies on your system so they can
spy out when you’re most vulnerable! Don’t grant them any access & make sure your firewall doesn’t allow any leakage!
Run your spyware checker program regularly against any evil little intruders & keep your system clean of anything that
might cause trouble! Only turn to safe sites for good, healthy, clean & uplifting input & don’t take any risks! Better safe
than sorry!
A spiritual firewall shields you from hostile intrusion & attempts of the Enemy to hack into your system! Keep it up &
running & activated all the time!

"You are a new creature, yes, but boy, how that old man likes to pop up again." It's the old man, your carnal man, which is
at enmity with God, whom you must deny access to your system, the place from which you govern your life, like an old
operating system that doesn't want to give up its realm easily, although it has already been replaced by a new and better
Of course, the Enemy actively tries to install the old system again, your old ways of doing things, your old habits, or the
old ways of the flesh sometimes in a new disguise.

Sometimes you have problems downloading a file, and you've just got to try again. It all depends on how badly you
want it. If you really want it, you won't give up so easily. So, how badly do you want today's latest update?

You absorb the vibes of those around you, & if you pass them on to Me & commit them into My hands & ask Me to work in
their lives, you can change them & change your environment, your surrounding – your world! I can give you the answers
& solutions – the words & attitudes & actions those people need, individually tailored to their data, which you first
transmitted to Me. You transmit the data, & I send you the answer, the update, the plug-in or fix-up, whatever they need. If
you’re too tired to do anything else, there’s still sooo much you can accomplish through prayer!

Life isn't only theory! It's important you grasp the theory, but the practical part is what will get you somewhere.
You've been receiving it, now it's time to start giving it. Absorb & study it & let it become part of your being. You're one
step further now. We've moved from receiving mode to application mode. You've received all the initial software, now you
need to get going & get your machine operating. You'll still receive more information and occasional updates, but
basically, your Operating System is installed now, and you can just work away!

The Devil is so scared of you, fighting you like crazy because he knows he's going to lose victims out of his clutches of
hell, and they're going to have heaven happening in their lives. That ingredient of heaven is like a poisonous, deadly virus
to his kingdom, his system, his Matrix! It totally busts it! It's like what the Spring does to the snow! It breaks the cold spell
of winter & just makes it all melt away, and everything becomes possible again: where there was only cold and grey, all of
a sudden, life springs up again everywhere!
You can be like that to those people! You can be like the sun of spring to them!

There was a time when your own strength was sufficient, but that time is running out now, it’s going to be over soon.
Soon you’ll only be able to operate in My strength. But see it not as a loss, for what you gain is so much more and so far
beyond that which you need to let go and forsake. See it like an upgrade, a promotion, a powerful innovation that
revolutionizes everything.
Plugged in to Me, you are strong, because then we are together, and it’s not you functioning on your own anymore, as a
separate little entity, but you’re plugged in to My circuit, a part of My gigantic, universal network, the network of My
“single spoken sentence,” (“uni-verse”) where I utter a phrase and it is done, My creation magic.

You can find Me right at the very center of your being, in your heart, the place you invited Me to come into when you
received Me and asked Me to save you from your sin, your old man, and I did. I came in and have been living there ever
since. That's why you can live from your center from then on, and you don't have to roam about the fringes anymore, the
outer and superficial things. You have Me in you! I am your new Center! I am the new Operating System or Program that's
there now at the core of your "machine," the complex creation of what is you.
I'm not off in space somewhere, far away and hard to reach, but right there at the very core and center of your being,
inseparable from you. That's why nothing, no high or low could ever separate you from the love of God, because it's right
within you, very deep, right where I've planted it. Right where you allowed My key, My seed, to merge with your inner lock,
and it has long taken root there since then, has been activated and has started to bear it's fruit and change your system.

(next chapter:)

…Asking God What Happened

"What happened?" It's a question to which most people only receive an answer once they get Here. "Where did I fail?
Where did I get off the track? What did I do wrong?"
A life starts out quite promising, but then, somewhere along the track they lose the vision, the faith or the zest and they
slide down the hill. "What happened?"
Well, as you know from the story of Job, it's usually your Enemy who's responsible for, or involved with a lot of what
happened. Like the evil old man, Mr. Potter, in "It's A Wonderful Life," who unbeknownst to the hero of the story found his
money & kept it, and thus caused many problems & trials... that's the way the Devil works, too. He sees an opportunity to
work his evil plan, to exploit others in order to spread out his power & convert innocent villages, homes and entire
countries into one big "Pottersville."
But with My children, those who communicate with Me and are serving Me, I don't want them to be ignorant of his

We're trying to expose the Devil's hidden workings in your life. Hidden to you, that is. And you must ask Me every step of
the way, as soon as something's fishy: "What happened? Lord, what has actually happened here? I can't see it, I don't
understand it, I don't have a clue! But You do, so, please, show me!"
There is a lesson in everything! Expose the Devil's workings! Ask Me to show & reveal to you what he's doing!

There are a lot of things going on in your life that you're not aware of, mistakes that you're making you're not aware of,
forces affecting your life, etc. So it pays to tune in to the Spirit World to find out what they are, because I and your spirit
helpers, are aware of them and can reveal them to you, if you're only interested enough & care enough to find out & listen.
You must study & investigate at times in order to really find out what happened, what's been going on here, "who
dunnit?" "Why are we stuck in a rut & don't seem to be making progress?" And that's exactly what We're here for: to let
you know.
You don't have to grope around blindly in the dark, clueless to the machinations of the Devil & what he's been up to in
your life in order to sabotage My plans for you. You can find out. That's what prophecy is for. You don't have to be
ignorant of the Devil's devices, plans & schemes, in fact you shouldn't and must not!
My heavenly forces are in a way like policemen or officers of law enforcement, and it is their job to catch and expose the
culprit. A crime has been committed - or rather, countless crimes - and it is their and your duty to find out who was
responsible for this. Who were the perpetrators? Who instigated it, and who were the helpers? Who was involved?
You won't be able to solve the whole mystery of My workings in this life, but I'm giving you a glimpse. There's a lot to
learn, there's a lot to find out, and only those who don't see it, those who don't have a clue to the vastness of all that is
there to explore & to find out about, actually get bored with all the potential excitement around them that they're not even
aware of.
There's so much more going on behind the scenes that concerns you than you could ever even possibly find out in life.

Even better than finding out what happened or why things happened, is preventing them from happening in the first
place, through prayer.

I can show you a whole lot of things that can make this whole thing called life a lot easier for you!

I can show you ‘things thou knowest not’ – great & mighty or humble & small. But the things I show you will make all the
difference in the universe.

You've got to be savvy to My plan, you've got to be in on it, and get a clue of what I'm up to. And that's basically what
you're doing in prophecy: you're getting a clue. Before you were clueless, but now you're getting a clue of what I'm going
to do, and what I want you to.
And everything all of a sudden obtains rhyme and reason.

I don't leave you clueless. You may be clueless up until the point you ask Me about it, but once you do, everything can
change. In that "New York Minute" when you come to ask Me anything, everything can change!

The moment you realize that you don’t have a clue what to do & call on Me, then I’ll have a chance – the only chance there
is – to right the wrongs. For only I can see what the Devil is trying to accomplish, only I can see where the real danger

There are times when My children don't have a clue. But I can give you a clue. I'm the Clue-Giver! Haven't got a clue? Ask
Me what to do!

(next chapter:)

…Witnessing (Passing It On)

Build lasting works onto the true foundation of faith in Me. Build, in faithful labors of love, an everlasting house of souls
unto Me, reap a harvest of gold, pure & everlasting.
When I return, will you cry, ‘If I only had given up this thing and that or the other for the Lord, how many more I could
have saved!’?

I’m able to use best those who gladly share My love in a smile with anyone they pass by. They don’t care if anyone thinks
they’re nuts. They know the principle of happiness. They just go out there & shine & shine & give & give, and their
radiance grows, as they grow closer to Me, until, as My Word says, they shall shine as the stars & the brightness of the
firmament forever. Those are the REAL stars.
The cheerful givers, the little saints, the diamonds of dust, without whom My light would be invisible, & without which this
World would be in total, absolute darkness.

Be one of My seekers - not for answers or fulfillments, for you have found the answers - a seeker for My lost sheep to give
My answers to, and in this highest of all callings, find the greatest fulfillment of all.
Would you lay down your life for Me and for the sheep?

Look for somebody to love! If you look for someone to love, you’ll always find something wonderful to do! If you can live
according to this task & convey it to others, so much good could be done. Go out unto the highways & hedges & look for
someone to love! For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son to look for someone to love! Go ye into
all the world & look for someone to love! Look for someone to help, to cheer up, to encourage, to pray for, to witness to.
Dare to be different! Dare to be unconventional! Dare to challenge the established rules of etiquette. ‘No, you shouldn’t
talk to that girl, because her boyfriend might get upset!’ YES, you should talk to that girl, no matter what anyone thinks or
says, because you might be her one & only chance in a lifetime to find Me!
Overcome your fears! Don’t let them stifle your inspiration, choke & reduce your usefulness to Me to a trickle compared
to the raging river it could be. Let the torrents & cloudbursts of My Word convert your trickle in the wilderness into a
mighty, raging river, whereby many shall find life, strength & hope.
Break forth! Break the dams & confines that bind you, that would have you trapped & would stop you from where I want
you to gush forth & bring life!
Gush forth & flood them! Stop trickling about hesitantly & gush forth!

Sow the seeds of eternal life. Save their spirits from starvation. Go where My Spirit leads you, to the lowly in heart.
My message is the magic that will change lives & bring life to others who were as good as dead. You can give a meaning
to their lives.

I was a missionary, & if you want to be a true follower of Me, then that's what you, too, will be.
You've got the choice: whether you boldly stand up for Me & proclaim, announce & testify Me before men, or prefer not to
rock the boat, to just hide your light & pull it out occasionally. Are you a do-or-die revolutionary for Me, a shiner, or a
light-hider? Don't hide your light, let it shine. Follow & obey that heavenly commission with heavenly rewards of greater
joy & fulfillment than anything you've ever known, and an eternal crown to shine like the stars.
Make Me happy by trying to make others happy, telling them about Me!
You wanna shine like the stars – forever? Be wise & share My light with them that sit in darkness, & turn as many to
righteousness as will receive Me, & you will! You will already shine in this life & people will see it, not to mention the way
in which you will shine when you come to My kingdom! Let it shine!

Your mouth is your most important instrument of conveying to others what you believe in, what you think and what you
are, by your words you will be justified or condemned, and whosoever controls your tongue, he is the one who is in
charge of the helm that steers your boat. Do from your belly flow rivers of living water (Jn.7:38)? Is it not you that speak,
but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you (Mt.10:20)?

Are you just carelessly going to enjoy what you’ve got or are you going to get concerned about those who haven’t got?

There are countless sheep who are hungry, even starving for My love and truth. I’m going to open up your eyes and will
enable you to see that which lies underneath: the loneliness; the longing for assurance of a glimpse of that which you
have seen and felt and experienced; a ray or glimpse of hope. You’ve got to be My transmitter of hope for them.
Tell them about My great mystery, why I suffered that cruel death, the key part of My mission, that I did it for them, and if
they can just believe and accept that, they won’t have to worry anymore about what will come, about their mistakes, or
whether they will make all the right decisions or do all the right things in this life. Tell them of My unconditional love.

I want you to share Me with the love-starved, hungry & searching out there.
Nothing else will satisfy Me more than your freely sharing Me with others & ever giving more of Me!
Ever giving more of Me to others is the secret to happiness & the meaning of life! Continue to give others ever more of
Me, & you’ll continue to be completely & totally satisfied.

Follow Me & I will make you fishers of men & I will give you such a catch that there will not be room enough to hold it.
Can you believe it?

Winning souls is the most inspiring thing you can do, and the best preparation for Heaven, where you’re going to meet all
of those souls again & they will be your grateful friends.
Don’t insist on having your heaven on Earth first, without bringing heaven to the lost. That’s like chasing happiness when
you ought to be giving it to others. Make others happy.

I would like for you to give encouragement & show kindness to the little people I send across your path on a personal
level. Personal witnessing is so much more effective than mass witnessing.

If I have been humbling Myself & have gone out among the people to preach a message I knew most of them would reject
in the end, and that would lead Me to death on the cross, I am expecting the same of My followers. And when there's so
much to do & so few willing to do it, I just have to ask whoever is willing and available, and I recruit whoever I can get a
hold of.

The more time you spend with Me, the more the urge will grow in you to share that love with others, and the more My love
in you will compel & constrain you to give that love to those who seek Me.

Not very many people get converted by becoming interested enough all by themselves to find out & investigate. They
need incentives. They need someone to spark the flame of interest.

You don't just stand by in complacent indifference when you see a ship go down and most of its passengers drowning,
do you? You can't just stand by, shake your head & say, "Tsk, tsk, I knew all along that this was going to happen."
You've got to DO something about it! You've got to save their souls. Nobody is as concerned about getting their souls
saved as when they're realizing their ship is sinking. And a lot of people are beginning to realize there's something wrong,
more than they're being told, and people will be more & more willing to listen.

Live each day as if it were your last. Like this you won't miss any golden opportunity to get in a witness. You've got
nothing to lose, so don't be afraid or ashamed to talk about Me! You can only gain by it, & so will they, even if they initially
might resist it!
Your light & your fire may seem rather insignificant right now, but it'll really light up the landscape when the darkness
comes. Prepare for it, and help others to prepare for it! The best possible way to prepare for it is by establishing a living
relationship with Me. Encourage others to do that!
Show them that it's possible to talk to Me, hear from Me, to be loved by Me and to receive whatever they might need
straight from Me.

I want to be your warmth when you're cold, your food when you're hungry... everything you ever need. And the more I will
be to you, the more you let Me satisfy you, the more enthusiastically you will also share Me with others!
You will want to advertise Me, because you'll have found out that I'm able to satisfy & quench anyone's thirst & still any
hunger & fill any need.
Be open to the possibility of Me changing anybody, no matter how hopeless it may look to you! It's presumptuous of you
to not even give them a chance because you think you've got them all figured out.

I'm trying to get you to focus outwardly, on the truly lonely people in this world, who don't know Me at all, who have not
yet found Me, who don't have the faith you've got, to help support them through life.
Have compassion and look for them, try to reach them, to find them.
If you feel alone, you've still got Me to comfort you & to share everything with; to get the answers to all your questions
from. But so many people in the world are much lonelier than you and don't know that My comfort is available for them,
they're just waiting for someone like you to come along and tell them.

I want to prove, show and manifest My life-changing power to you first, so that you're going to be all the more "sold" on
My "product," and that your faith will be fresh, fiery and alive, and testifying of your very own experience when you tell
others about how I could change their lives or how they could apply My power to their lives in order to make them better.

The world isn't being won, nor changed, much less saved by just passively sitting there until they're gonna get the point!
They're never gonna get the point unless somebody tells them! Some points they're never going to get in this life,
because you were meant to drive that point home to them!
sometimes you have to discern what message exactly it is that someone needs, and in order to do that, you have to
spend time with them, talking to them, hearing them out, finding out what they're receptive for and what not.
For 1 karat of diamond, you have to shift 1 ton of sand! It takes a while of digging and searching until you find a diamond
in all that sand, someone worthwhile who is hungry for the truth and will receive it. But you have to do that digging,
shifting & searching, otherwise you'll never find out!
You have to hear them out, check them out, talk to them & have a thorough look at them & not be too quick to discard
them! Some that you would have discarded as sand turned out to be diamonds which had to be found by others, which
shows that you didn't look very thoroughly! Sometimes you didn't even have the faith that there were going to be any
diamonds in that pile of sand in the first place. But I promise you: there are diamonds out there, and if you seek them, you
will find them!
What else is more worthy of the investment of your love & time & all, than eternal human souls? Is there any greater
cause to dedicate your life to? That was the cause to which I dedicated Mine, so, if you want to follow in My footsteps,
you'll be wise & do the same! If I thought they were worth it, so can you.

As far as witnessing is concerned, you must not try to work up the grace for it in the flesh! You must learn to enjoy the
product yourself, if you want to be any good at advertising it. Just relax and enjoy My Spirit, and sooner or later it's going
to flow out of you!
Yes, it does take an effort, it does take a sacrifice, it's true, it's like dying to yourself & to your pride, but it also brings a
new joy and fulfillment.
Ask Me to fill you with My Spirit until you just bubble over with My Words and long to give people My message to the
point where talking about Me won't seem like some strenuous effort anymore, but will turn into your greatest joy &

There were many in My days, and in those which followed, who sought to make great names for themselves. But the only
ones who truly went down in immortal fame were those humble little faithful apostles of Mine, who did nothing but their
best to take the totally unorthodox message of a poor carpenter's son who had been killed and risen from the dead, to the
rest of the world.

I guide all My children around the World into the true light, all through their lives, even when they don't get around to hear
the message from one of My servants. I have many ways to speak to them & to prepare them, to teach them in My ways.
The important thing is that you don't miss the golden opportunities to bring them in when you come across them, that
you show them the simple door & entrance path to heaven, so that they don't have to keep walking and searching any
longer than necessary.
You've got the light and the power, the love, and it was given for the purpose that you pass it on to them, it's nothing you
can hide, tuck away or selfishly keep to yourself.

I'm always right here, waiting for you with open arms, and you're never alone, don't ever forget that, and don't forget to
tell others. That's the most important point I'd like you to get across, along with the fact that there's hope for anyone.

If you decide to wholeheartedly listen, you will also find a way to bring Me into the conversation.

Personal witnessing has always been more effective than the mass witnessing and preaching of the churches. I operate
one-on-one, and you must really adopt that style, too.

How exciting and thrilling to be able to really move people in the spirit, to touch their hearts and move them from a place
of darkness into the light, to touch others with that light of love, and shed a glimpse of that light on them, and share some
of it's brightness, splendor and warmth!
The meaning and purpose of your life is to convey that concept of meaning and purpose to others. And by failing to fulfill
that purpose, you only achieve the opposite, namely a contribution to disbelief, that there is no purpose.
"He that gathereth not with Me, scattereth abroad." Activate that purpose in your life and start doing what you're destined
and ordained to do. Tell people about the meaning of life! That life actually has a meaning, a sense of purpose. There is
such a thing as purpose! There is such a thing as meaning! And what better and greater meaning and purpose could
there be for you than conveying that knowledge to people?
It's sometimes a hard and tough job, just like Ann Sullivan's job with Helen Keller, to teach someone the existence of
something they're totally oblivious to: the existence of purpose. But once you manage, it's like breaking through from
darkness into light, and it will have been worth it!
Show them that there is a meaning! Show them where to find God, where to see Him; help them decipher His handwriting,
help them to discover His signs!
Show them that despite all the apparent meaninglessness, there IS a meaning, much greater than they could fathom. But
it's not beyond their reach! In fact, God is more than willing to reach out to them and show them and teach and tutor
them, to talk to them.
Show them that there is a way that they can listen, even though they're deaf. That there's a way they can learn how to see,
even though they are blind! There is a way to know that which they know not of, that which they don't even believe exists,
they cannot believe because they have been poisoned with the gas of unbelief. But you can revive them, resucitate them,
awaken them and bring them back to life! All you need to do is give them the truth: there is a meaning to everything.

A conversation, just like all of life, is give and take, speak and listen. The goal is not always necessarily to impart as much
information as possible to another, but to have as large of a mutual exchange of information as possible...
By giving them space & time to empty their minds & hearts, you create the room and vacuum for more new input you
might be able to share with them.
Be a receptacle for the contents of their hearts, and once they have poured out, they will also let you pour in some.

Giving out and passing it on means putting it to use and into practice, and it makes it all come alive much more than if
you just try to store it all away in theory.

People won't just snap out of their own familiar wavelength and tune into yours if they have no clue what your wavelength
is all about. In order to get them interested, you have to "broadcast" and "advertise" a little, and let them know what your
"station" is all about. You have to "play some of your music" in order for them to find out whether they like it or not.
In order to pour out to others, you've got to have a vision for them, and the faith for them, that they will take what you're
going to give them.
If you want others to consider your wavelenth worth tuning in to, then you've got to play happy tunes, and deliver a sound
quality that attracts them, and not play doleful dirges and draggy ho-humm songs.
In order to truly inspire others, you've got to broadcast inspiring and uplifting music.
You've got to gear your music to your audience, not just play for your own edification. You've got to tune into them first
and find out what they need.

It’s not all about what's inside and how you feel! What's more important is what goes out and how you affect the world.
Not what goes into the body makes a man unclean, but what comes out of his mouth (Mt.15:11)!

The good news is that there is a solution to all the oodles of problems in the world today!

My message to every single human being is: “Come to Me!”

There is nothing more effective than personal witnessing in order to promote My Cause and really drive the point home to
people to the extent where they actually get saved. It takes that personal interaction. All else is compared to cyber sex vs.
the real thing. It may be somewhat satisfactory, but you’ll never get pregnant from it and bring forth the fruit of a new life.
In order to have spiritual babies, there’s nothing like really getting down to the nitty-gritty of spiritually making love to
them with My Words, personally, wooing and winning them and impregnating them with My seed. There’s just nothing like
the real thing!
Witnessing is part of what makes true discipleship.
It may be exhausting and tough work to personally witness, but it’s still the number one most effective way to bear
spiritual babies and get real lasting fruit!

Introducing them to Me, the Great Teacher, does the same for them that Ann Sullivan did for Helen Keller: She brought
meaning, yes, the very concept of meaning into her life, and that’s what I do for many others, too. But usually I don’t get
much of a chance, because so few of My people want to introduce Me to those who don’t know Me yet.
Introduce others to the Great Teacher Who will bring meaning and light and love into their lives. Isn’t that a worthy

Help people to find Me, so that they can find out with My help who they really are, what they’re here for, and give their life
a meaning.
In order to find their purpose – perhaps that which many people refer to as “finding themselves” – they’ve got to first find
Me, their Maker, and I will reveal to them what is their purpose and who they are and precisely what they are here for.

…Nature & Creation

It isn’t a bad thing to want to know how I created the World and yet, when it comes down to it, it all remains a matter of
faith and what you or they are willing to put faith in: whether it be Me, My Word and the supernatural, or the finite
reasoning of man.

You’ve got to have some kind of contrast against which you can see the light. It works like this in many other aspects of
My creation.

With all their knowledge about the intricacy of My creation, of how complex everything is, they still refuse to accept Me,
just because that would be ‘too simple’...

I am the Great ANYHOW! My specialty is to do things in spite of the unfavorable circumstances & against all odds. The
very existence of life is a proof of that. I am He Who creates something out of nothing; in fact, everything.

There is always an upgrade & an improvement on each of My creations in the physical! Everything down there, on Earth,
is only a shadow of a heavenly reality... an image of something greater to come.

The drawing power, the suction, the empty space you create in you for Me to fill is the way to happiness & fulfillment. I
can answer every question if you’ll but ask, solve every problem you put Me in charge of, fill any need & empty space you
open for Me! All nature is full of examples of this principle: Every creature seeks her mate to unite with, so together they
can bear fruit.
Everything is a sample of how My love, My heart seeks you & yearns for union with you.
Most people never even acknowledge My presence nor existence at all, blatantly denying the possibility of My existence
in spite of the plain evidence all over My creation. Imagine your children just simply refusing to acknowledge your very
existence! – ‘No, I’ve got no father! – I simply came into being by an unplanned, random process called evolution...’ If you
think you have reasons to be frustrated sometimes, all I can say is ‘Welcome to the club!’

Every day is an intricate new creation of Mine, full of many planned & coordinated processes, innumerable activities
behind the scenes...

When there’s a need, it creates a vacuum. It’s like the darkness that cries for the light, the cold that longs for My warmth,
the question that waits for My answer, the problem which yearns for My solution.

You think the Spirit realm has little to offer to the physical? The physical realm is only a product of the Spiritual.
Everything you see, feel, touch, is a creation of the Spirit. ”God is a Spirit”, and just because ”spirit” to you means
”invisible”, you mentally restrict & minimize Our potential to near ”impotent”, instead of what it really is: omnipotent!

Nobody's interested in their Creator, nor in finding out what He's got to say, they're all too enwrapped & busy with
creation, trying to keep it functioning. They need to get back to their Maker & refer to the Manual or call the service
hotline, but it won't even occur to them.

Take a hint from Me, the Creator of all things, and Master of precision: you'll get more done, and you'll do it a lot better, by
not ignoring the little details! Details are important! Tiny little herbs & spices can completely change the entire flavor of a
big meal. Tiny little strokes & touches make the big picture come to life. Tiny little thoughts gear the actions of people, big
& small, and tiny little words can make the difference between life & death... Tiny little atoms & molecules, the building
blocks of the entire, gigantic universe... Tiny little sperms & egg cells uniting into a new human being, consisting of
innumerable more little cells.
To Me, every little detail matters. Every little hair on your head, every little sparrow, every little word you say.
Even all of eternity consists of tiny little moments, as does the ocean, of tiny little drops... One of these days you'll just
see how much I am into details: every man & woman being faithful in doing just the tiny little thing they can do.

Worship of creation isn't going to bring the same satisfaction and fulfillment as the worship of the Creator.

The tale that there aren't any absolutes is just one of those poisonous lies of the Devil. Just because he put his own
curse-resulting filter of "less-than-perfect" over My creation, in order to hide the perfect from man's view, doesn't mean
there is no perfect!
Since man didn't want to whole-heartedly embrace the perfect, but rather chose the option of doing his own thing & be his
own "perfect enough," I allowed life to be imperfect, with Me and the perfection of the Spirit World being invisible; in other
words, with man groping around through life blind to all that's perfect.
They're starting to see the mathematical impossibilities of all the perfection in creation to have occurred by itself. But it
still doesn't cause many of them to stop & pause long enough to find out what I've got to say. As long as there are other
things they're more interested in. How about you? How interested are you?

The light and power of love are not exactly the same form of energy as electricity, but it's very much like it. Electricity is
its physical counter part, and an illustration of the even greater, spiritual Power of God's Love.

Things break. They deteriorate. They don't get better or improve by themselves, as the evolutionists claim.
The only way to grow is in the spirit, because your natural man decreases. You have to sow to the immortal, the spirit.
Nothing in this world lasts forever. In fact, time is running out. Your natural stature is diminishing, deteriorating. The only
way you can actually gain something that will last is by giving away what I've given you.

All of creation is connected and intertwined, the separations are only temporal.

The term "blindness" really describes the human refusal to see just how much I am engaged in caring for My creation.

Seek My mind, and My ways of seeing things: the beauty in the imperfect, in the humble and childlike, and escape the
thinking of the carnal mind, which will only criticize, belittle and complain about all the innumerable little imperfections
you see in My creation!

Many people see the Devil in sex, just because he happens to use it. The question is, who created sex? Me or the Devil? I
did. You can see Me in everything if you look hard enough. It's a greater weakness to see the Devil in everything than
trying to portray Me and My story even if there are elements in your portrayal that the Devil uses, too!
The Scribes & the Pharisees even saw the Devil in Me! They accused Me of being a devil, and so the modern Scribes &
Pharisees of the churches accuse those with greater freedom than what they have, of the same.
Open your eyes! There's so much more to see! Everywhere! In My creation, even in a simple story! The world is full of
wonders! Blessed are they who see them! How miserable are those who see the Devil in everything!
My story is everywhere! There are those who decry astrology & astronomy, when My Word clearly says that "the heavens
declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork... there is no speech nor language where their voice is
not heard..." (Ps.19:1,3).

You were thinking of the loss of information in micro-evolution, and remembered that you read in a news article that fruits
and vegetables are not as nutritious anymore as they used to be. They may look better through all that genetic
"enhancement" & manipulation, they may in some cases even taste better, but they actually aren't any better as far as
nutritive value and health factors are concerned. And you were wondering how this coincides with people, how they
actually seem to look better on the surface, almost as if to prove evolution right, but that they aren't any better when it
comes to true and lasting values. They've actually lost a lot of quality & "information" when it comes to that.
Although the best is yet to come in the world to come, as far as this momentary age is concerned, everything that has
derived from the originals has deteriorated somewhat in the copying process. While some things seem to have gotten
better on the surface, technology has improved, progressed & developed, & so have commodities, enabling people to live
at much greater ease than ever before, which again enables them to put much greater emphasis on superficial things like
their looks than ever before, which may give a certain appearance of genuine improvement; when it comes to a good,
deep look beneath the surface, there is actually no genuine improvement of life there. As people are finding out: with all
the devices they're inventing to save time, yet they always seem to be running out of time & seem to have less time than
That's why it pays to see things the way I see. That crummy looking root or vegetable your forefathers ate may have well
been a much greater source of vitamins, minerals, & thus health and nutrients, than all that "too-good-to-be-true" almost
plastic-like food they sell nowadays. And their hard and rough life-style may have rendered them greater genuine
happiness than all of today's technology & gimmicks can give you.
A lot of people may think that they are better than their forefathers, that they may have "evolved" & progressed, but an
objective, un-biased look and comparison might tell a different story, in which many of those who have lived before would
shake their heads at the arrogance of today's population, to actually fall for such a gross deception to think that they have
improved, when, according to lasting standards & values, it is rather plain that man has deteriorated.

In all living organisms, there are good things that work toward the furtherance and enhancement and procreation of life,
and there are negative things, which also have their time and purpose, such as bacteria & other parasites, which are
present a-plenty in any body, and just show that there is a war to be fought.
Those bacteria are not your actual enemy, but help to keep and make your body strong for the actual fight.

The entrance of My Word giveth light, it creates the difference between that darkness of an empty & meaningless life and
one that sees purpose and fulfillment in everything. Everything is orchestrated by Me, everything visible is only a
physical result of some spiritual truth, and thus there is a plan behind it.
I'm urging you to see the invisible cause of the visible more, to open up your spiritual eyes, the eyes of faith. If you see
the physical as a result of the Spiritual, then it simply takes on a lot more meaning.
You'll know that nothing is without guidance, nothing is by chance; it's all going somewhere, and thus you develop much
greater faith and trust with which to walk through every day of your life, and which you can then impart to others, too.
Every day should be a vast scope and canvas of opportunities for you, of things to learn, and things to pass on. It
shouldn't ever just be a struggle for survival.

The forces of gravity, speed and light, etc., are all parts of one great force, namely Mine, and you can avail yourself of it
through prayer!

There's a lot more detail to everything. It takes time to get an accurate picture of everything. I don't paint in black & white.
My palette of colors is as infinite as My creation. There will never be a lack of surprises, of new discoveries, of new,
unexpected twists and turns in events. You will never be able to say, "Now I know everything there is to know..."
There will always be whole new worlds and dimensions to discover, new angles from which to see things, new additions
to make your scope wider, which will burst your former limits.

The Devil is so scared of you, fighting you like crazy because he knows he's going to lose victims out of his clutches of
hell, and they're going to have heaven happening in their lives. That ingredient of heaven is like a poisonous, deadly virus
to his kingdom, his system, his Matrix! It totally busts it! It's like what the Spring does to the snow! It breaks the cold spell
of winter & just makes it all melt away, and everything becomes possible again: where there was only cold and grey, all of
a sudden, life springs up again everywhere!
You can be like that to those people! You can be like the sun of Spring to them!

‘Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground & die, it abideth alone... ’ On its own, the grain of wheat doesn’t do much
good. And down there in the darkness it doesn’t see, feel or perceive much but its immediate surroundings: the earth &
the worms, an occasional mole or bug. But if it absorbs the heat of My sunshine & the waters of My rain & lets its shell
become soft, something inside starts growing, which finally wants to burst through the shell of your former confines. And
that’s the moment when your old man dies to make room for something new, something greater than your former self.
And as you grow steadily heavenward, finally you see the light & eventually find yourself side by side with many,
countless other stalks of grain. Your roots intertwined with theirs, you sway & dance in the wind in unison, you’re not an
individual entity anymore, alone – no, that lone self & former you has died – you’re one with the harvest now, ready to
‘bring forth much fruit’.

Sometimes the solution consists in separating two factors so that we can get a closer look at them individually. Progress
& growth comes by parting cells. In order to bring forth growth, the cell needs to divide & multiply. "Except a grain of
wheat fall into the ground & die, it abideth alone. But if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit." So it is also with cells. The
disintegration of things, the spreading of things, the partition of things, especially of living things, is one of the great
secrets of life & of the universe. First 2 cells get together: the sperm & the egg. They unite as one & form a new entity.
Then that has to part many times & develop into a new baby.
For the baby to grow, you're going to have to do some splitting. Otherwise the baby will die. No new life that could have
been. No joy brought to all those it would have touched. Just the sadness that death & stagnation brings.
The smaller unit has to die in order to give way to a greater new unit... That's the secret & principle on which all living
things are founded. Cell partition.

Bringing forth new fruit is not a process that can be achieved in a rush. You don’t just pop a seed in the ground and ‘plop’
an new tree or plant stands there, but first the seed has to remain in the soil, be moistened & warmed, until its shell grows
soft & breaks open. Then a tender shoot pokes out its tiny white tip at first, then it grows, and after a while you see the
first tiny leaf on the surface. I specify in quality fruit. Quantity’s alright, but quality is better.

All these things from My hands: milk & honey. And yet, so many, so often take it for granted. They don’t see the myriads
of miraculous processes needed in order to get these things to you: the precision in the exact right distance of the sun
from the Earth in order for plants to grow... water... people never realize what a miracle water is. They just take it for
granted & waste it, waste it, waste it... But soon, all this flow of blessings will come to an abrupt halt, & everything
willfully wasted now will be willfully wanted then.

Consider My heavenly light that source of energy you need in order for your spiritual flower to really come to full bloom &
blossom into its full beauty! So far, you have felt its warmth & it has pulled you up above the ground from the depth of the
cold, dark Earth; you have soaked in My water & rain, but now you must open up your petals fully & look fully into My
wonderful face!

Have you watered your little plants? Have you cared for your garden? Have you been faithfully sowing My seeds into their

No ocean or mighty river without the tiny little drops of water, or the even tinier water molecules, and likewise, ”no
greater love than this” without all the tiny little, but consistent & constant manifestations thereof.
No babies without tiny little, invisible-to-the-naked-eye sperms & eggs, no body without tiny little cells... It’s the tiny little
faithful actions & deeds of love that make Love the greatest thing in the universe.

I created the animals to illustrate human behavior in many ways, but to base your knowledge about humans on the
assumption that human behavior stems from the animals, is not exactly conducive to genuine wisdom, nor real solid
knowledge about the human psyche.
Unfortunately, by denying the true origin of the human spirit, man is often somewhat reduced to that animal state in
which they believe they are in the first place, for "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." If he believes he is an animal,
an animal he shall be. And the more people there are walking about, thinking they are animals, the more it seems to
confirm that delusion. The "herd instinct," "Monkey see, monkey do."

Although My signs are everywhere, and My handwriting is seen all over creation, it is only few who are able to see it. Only
few are able to make out My path, because the majority choose to look out for other things. People primarily focus on the
things they are interested in, and My still small voice of truth that promotes the path of humility is inaudible to the

Man was the master over creation and over the animal world, and when he turned from Me, he was leading his entire
kingdom away from Me. The result was enmity. That's what the Enemy does, he sows enmity wherever he can: enmity
between people, even hostility between brothers and sisters, enmity between animals, and enmity between man and
animals. If you follow the Enemy and his way, you'll reap enmity.
The reversal of that process is My way of friendship, of love, of peace, the original way, it's "back to the Garden." Back to
the place where all is in harmony with each other, with its Creator. They way of union, of unity.

The machinery of life is very delicate and intricate, and you wouldn't want to mess with certain factors, or you'll disturb
and unravel the equilibrium of life.
The secret of the beauty of creation lies in the exact proportions.
Some folks think I just slapped things like air, water and earth together, nothing much to it; but each of them are very
carefully concocted combinations of ingredients following strict measurements and an exact balance, otherwise the
result wouldn't have been the same.

The sun is a very good illustration of what each of you can be: either a source of life, or a scourge. It all depends on the
right balance, and whether you agree to make sure to always abide by My rules and parameters: the exact distance and
timing I have laid down for earth's rotations both around its own axis and around the sun, etc.
You are My stars. You're the stars of My show, and you become, bringers of life in this world, sources of words of wisdom
and the pivots on which hinges the equilibrium of all, without which there would be a false balance which would cause
everything to collapse.
Once you've become a sun, you don't revolve around them anymore, your path isn't dictated by their rules anymore, or
whatever circumstances they dictate on you, but you become the pivot around which things revolve, you determine the
rules and the course of events.

Pressure is one of the physical forces in the universe that get things moving, and without pressure, there's stagnation.

There are 2 sides to nearly everything. There is a good and a bad side to even all apparently bad things, as well as to
seemingly purely good things. That's one of the side effects of the curse, that everything has a shadow side to it, a dark
side. Even sunshine: you get too much of it, and it can ruin the crops, or your health, and cause whole lakes to
Chalk it up to the great party pooper of all times to see to it that even the most perfect aspects of My creation have some
drawback to it, a result of the curse.
Even water, as necessary it is to make all life possible, can also drown you and bring death.
Too much air can pop the balloon or - in the form of a storm - tear down your house.
It's one of the mysteries of creation: the dual nature of things.
No wonder some folks cooked up the Yin and Yang philosophy, because that dual nature and coexistence of good and
evil seems to be prevalent and permeate all of creation.
What they don't see is that it is a result of the curse which man's choice to believe Satan, rather than obeying Me, has
brought into the world, and that this may be the nature of things presently, and temporarily, but it is not the order of
things according to My eternal laws. The darker side of things is programmed for elimination, as impossible as that may
sound to the carnal mind.

We have to strengthen and fortify the cell from its core, before you can consider cell partition, multiplication and growth.
You've got to establish and make sure you've got a healthy cell and unit first, before you're thinking of making that
organism grow.
There is such a thing as "natural selection," only that nature itself doesn't do the selecting, I do.
Of course, I've got oodles of helpers to join Me in that endeavor, which aren't recognized by scientists, because they can't
see'em, and so, because they can't see what's going on, they accredit it all to "nature." They don't recognize that nature
has a Source. They don't realize that there's more to nature than meets the eye, because of the invisible, driving and
creative force behind nature.
Those scientists have been looking for signs of intelligence in outer space, when the vastest source of intelligence was to
be discovered right at home, on the level of the tiniest living unit known to man.
There's a time for everything under the sun, and the time for exploring the universe hasn't really arrived yet before you've
explored your own little universe at home.

There is a certain order required at every basic level of the universe, and at the basis of every smallest unit, in order for
things to work. If you just allow them to decay and deteriorate, there won't be progress, but regress; you'll fall behind
instead of making headway.
You will have to take care of things in order for them to continue to develop in a positive, favorable and progressive way.
If you neglect them, there'll be chaos, no order, and things will fall apart.
Energy plus matter plus information makes life possible. You've got the matter, but then you've got to invest some energy
in a well-planned, organized, intelligent way, otherwise there will be no new life, just a slow decay of the old.

You've got to look at Me first! Without looking at Me first, there's no use looking anywhere else, because all you'll see will
only drag you down. So, come & have a good, long look at Me!
All those scientists looking at creation without Me on their minds stare out into space and figure that the earth must only
be one random, coincidental little planet among the vastness and diversity of the sea of stars and planets. They look at
"the evidence" on earth and figure it all must be millions of years old. What comes out is a worldview of vast, endless
nothingness and meaninglessness: no plan, no Planner; no purpose, because there is no purpose Giver.
If your focus is primarily on Me, you'll look at the dinosaurs and won't see "millions of years," and out into space and
won't see the earth as a random speck of dust, but you'll see My hand in it all. Sure, you may be tempted to wonder,
"Lord, what on earth did You make dinosaurs for?" But you'll reach the conclusion that like everything, I have also made
them to illustrate certain things: some people are like huge, greedy monsters, devouring everything in their path. Some of
those giants are peaceful and slothful, and yet can be dangerous, simply because of their weight and size. My whole
creation is full of drastic differences in size, and just because some things are way bigger than you are, or some stars are
way bigger than your planet, doesn't make you or earth less relevant. Let it teach you that size isn't everything! What
makes you really precious is what you're made of.
A huge piece of rock or mountain may be impressive, but still not be worth as much as a fraction of its weight and size in
gold. It's all about finding the true treasures among the vast rocks in this life.
People are always impressed by size, neglecting the beauty and importance of little things and thus coming to wrong and
erroneous conclusions. More is sometimes less. A tiny diamond is more valuable than a ton of rocks. Are you smart
enough to spot the true treasures in life among all the impressive, but often worthless big and huge things?

The genetic information for any complete life-form is already there in its simplest state. Although the outward appearance
may change over time, the essence, the gist, the information in its genes, does not change.
The “genetic code” of God, so to speak, is permanently good and reliable, nothing can change about that, which is the
essence of the message, “I, the Lord, change not.” You can count on Him, trust in Him. He’s not going to turn bad on you.
With Him, it can only get better.

My creation is all else but uniform; otherwise I would have restricted Myself to a lot less variety in species and kinds.
The abundance in variety in My creation ought to give you a glimpse of the liberty I want to give You, My children, My
crowning creation, to be whoever you want to be, and whatever I have put in your hearts to be, regardless of how far it
may veer from the mainstream, as long as you stick to My general rules and codecs of the Law of love.

Plugged in to Me, you are strong, because then we are together, and it’s not you functioning on your own anymore, as a
separate little entity, but you’re plugged in to My circuit, a part of My gigantic, universal network, the network of My
“single spoken sentence,” (“uni-verse”) where I utter a phrase and it is done, My creation magic.

Everything that is alive breathes Me in and out, and I, in return, in- and exhale you, all of My creation. It’s a supernatural,
and yet “natural” process in the spirit world, comparable to the process of photosynthesis in the natural world.

To disrespect My creation is to disrespect Me.

Some of the “laws of nature” that are in place today were not part of the original equation. But since death entered
through disobedience, things naturally tend to decay. Things are getting worse, not better, and that process isn’t going to
be reversed until I return to restore things to the way they were before…
The right choice to make is to accept Me, to integrate and include Me, and to acknowledge Me, to seek Me in My Creation.

Things in this world deteriorate and fall apart…

They don’t improve, as the evolutionists claim. That’s one of the qualities of this world, and Satan is trying to create an
appearance of the opposite, by creating artificial enhancements on the surface, that create the illusion of improvement,
while the real body underneath keeps deteriorating and slowly rotting away.
I’m literally having to allow this world to die in order for it to become desperate enough to finally accept and welcome My
return to reclaim My own.

Things are a little more complicated, a whole lot less transparent and clear than man would have it, which also makes it a
little harder for him to believe how a God in His right mind could have ever created such a seemingly chaotic world.
Because how carefully designed and how intricately it is truly organized only appears upon second or third glance.
The universe is made in such a way that it cannot all be figured out easily upon first glance, analyzed and wrapped up in a
single formula, and then to be said of: “Here, this is it. All you’ve got to know. Nothing more to find out…” It takes a bit of
a greater effort to figure it all out than even today’s advanced scientists have managed.
They’re wracking their brains on that challenge to outsmart God, to show that they could either do without Him or
outsmart Him, and that’s in a way precisely why it is a bit more complicated than some would have it. It’s a constant
testimony to the fact that it’s not all that easy to outsmart God, and that a Genius has been at work here; a Master Mind
indeed, and well, if you want to try to beat Him at His own game, good luck!

The moon revolves around the earth, while the earth revolves around the sun, which is the source of its light and life, and
also for the moon, and is immensely bigger than both, earth and moon.
So am I to you. The moon is necessary to keep you stable, but it is I Who provide you with light and life and warmth. The
sun definitely plays a bigger role in earth’s life and survival than the moon, even though the moon is also necessary and
It is the sun you derive your nutrition and energy from, and when it comes to Me, your spiritual Sun, I also regulate
everything else, the forces that keep your spiritual universe in order, along with the physical forces control the universe.
The more you establish the importance of your revolving around Me, your Sun, the more stable you will be as a factor for
their lives to revolve around. It’s the order of the universe, symbolic of spiritual laws that govern the World that for you
right now remains unseen.

(Next Chapter)

…Change & Variety

Habits and familiarity stand between that what you are & what you could be, between what you could accomplish and that
which you actually wind up doing.

Everyday is a completely new chapter. Be prepared for anything, for changes.

I am a God of the New. Although I, the Lord, change not, I am always the ‘new’, the unknown element, which is why
people shun Me, for they are used to their old, comfortable ruts. Because they have no changes, therefore they fear Me
not. He that is open to Me is open to change. He that seeks Me seeks the new.

As long as you’re pleased with yourself, it’s pretty hard for Me to get you to desperately want change.

Stay alert in the Spirit, and open to unexpected moves & changes, never underestimating the little things.

I’m re-making you. It’s a painful process, but it will be worth it.

Empty your mind, the glass of your life, completely of all that has been filling it previously, let Me give it a real good rinse,
or even create a whole new vessel of it altogether, if need be, and let Me fill it.

If something doesn’t work, I don’t seem to be blessing it, and withdraw My support, it’s time for a change. As long as
everything is all comfortable, I hardly get any of My children to move. I always have to turn up the heat before they will get
stirred up enough to look for a change or a different direction.

Are you willing to change & let Me make you a new creature, or are you hanging on to the old – the shadows of the past?

Life is exciting if you flow with My river of change!

Walk that road toward new horizons, open doors of change, toward surrender of your own ways.
Those who are in their ruts of doing what they've always been doing the way they've always been doing them, will
probably continue to do so, but those who are open & receptive to My winds of change can enjoy new breezes & exciting
changes, both, in the spirit, and as a result of those changes in the spirit, also significant changes in the physical.

Each day is like a new beginning from scratch. You can't take the inspiration, the feelings of victory and triumph from the
day before with you into the new day. It's a little bit like daily forsaking all, or dying daily & being born again. It shows to
which extent I like to make all things new. So, every new day is a new challenge, a new chapter of your life to be written,
involving new lessons, new treasures to hunt and collect, and, of course, new battles to win.
They're really continuations & sequels of all you've learned in the days before today, but yet there's a feeling & nuance of
newness & strangeness to it all. The victories of yesterday were won, but the outcome of today is still undetermined.

It’s better to make changes than merely taking them.

I make all things new. I am the One Who brings variety & change!
You can either you passively wait until I bring change about, or take part in bringing change and renewal about by
absorbing Me, including Me in everything and focusing on Me, expecting change & thus helping to make it happen.
All newness & variety that is good & positive originates from Me, and I am the Newness, the Variety & the Change you

Following Me requires flexibility & openness to change. Following Me is a constant revolution. I am Revolution. Stay
flexible and revolutionary!

It's so important to keep revoluting, to keep changing in your life, & not fall into any ruts, routines & habits.

You're supposed to come away changed from My Presence; you're supposed to take some of My Presence with you &
show the World, let them see that you've been with Me, it's supposed to make a difference!

You have the power to change your circumstances, and I need you to make use of that power!

Ringing out the old, ushering in the new is one of life's cycles & main themes.
Live a life of moving, vibrant change. Ever-flowing, turning, revolving, moving, never stopping, never stagnating, forever
young, forever changing. You can only do that by living the life of the Spirit, by attuning your life to My Spirit, for what My
Spirit signifies in this world, is change.

Some of My changes are not fast, but slow & majestic. I take time.

The most important changes take place in the heart, and changing your circumstances won't do the trick if there hasn't
been an inward change happening.

Changes are good for you. I never take one thing away from you without giving you something better.
Keep your eyes & ears open for changes. Be flexible. Be movable.

You can change your attitude, your way of seeing things, you can let Me change your heart, and much of your world will
already be changed.

As long as there's still room in your life for improvement, as long as your life isn't perfect yet, you should always be
openly welcoming change and that wonderful opportunity to learn how to do things differently than in the past, to see
things from a totally new angle, and just let each day be a new learning experience.

We're supposed to change the world. You're not just supposed to moan about the state it's in, you're supposed to do
something to change it!
What have you done today to change the world, to improve it and to make it different from the miserable state you're so
miserable about?

Nothing has to stay the same. I've got the power to change and radically alter everything, any situation, mood or
circumstance you may find yourself in, any state of powerlessness or frustration.

The winds of change are blowing, but man's nature is thus that he often ignores them and resists them. He tries to keep
things the way they are, tries to preserve and conserve them, and continue all things as they have been (2Peter 3:4).

It's the essence of change vibrating in you that lets others know you're alive.

If you want to change the world, the first step is to change yourself, or allow Me to change you or help you change.
You should actively seek out the areas in which you need change in your personal life!
Don't let the vicious cycle become a permanent cycle.

One of the obstacles that prevent change is the inability to see the need for positive change, progress and improvement.

I'm teaching you to discern personality types, not in order for you to put them in boxes, but to show you the variety &
wonders of human nature, just as other people would study the variety of species in nature...

Personal relationships & getting along with people is one of the major categories in the school of life, with a variety in
possible scenarios just about as numerous as the amount of combinations of people... a never ending adventure.

You just have to take people for what they are. They're each different. None of them are the same, like pebbles: the variety
is incredible and endless. No 2 rocks are the same.
You look at them and enjoy them, absorb them, their shape, the way they're made, and you just accept them the way they
are, even if some of them seem to have some rough edges that can even hurt you, or some ugly side, maybe some slime
or mud at the bottom that needs to be washed off. They're still just another pebble, like you are, and all together you form
the river bed through which My mighty river of life-giving waters can flow; My conduits to bring life to the world.

I'm an Advocate and Fan of variety, rather than monotonous similarity. I delight in the differences between you.

The Devil is the champion of conformity and the opponent of variety, of the liberty and freedom to dare to be different.
He may pretend to champion the cause of "being different" when it comes to rebellion against God, but only in order to
lure everybody into his trap of endlessly boring monotony and similarity.

So, I’ve made you different… Is that such a burden to live with?
Why not leave the variety I like to create up to Me, and trust Me that that’s okay? It may not be perfectly okay according to
the Devil’s and the System’s standards, but it will be certainly okay according to the status quo of the eternal World to
come! The name of the game there won’t be, “Try really hard just to act and look and be like everybody else,” but “Just be
yourself, and enjoy the way God made you!” That’s the liberty and freedom I have ordained for My children and creatures
to have, not the bondage of having to worry about how different and “apart from the norm” I made you!

They’d better get used to some variety. There aren’t just going to be the average standard type models in My society, but
a whole bunch more, and a greater variety than you’ve ever experienced before, so, you might as well start getting used
to it now and stop putting other folks in boxes.
My creation is all else but uniform; otherwise I would have restricted Myself to a lot less variety in species and kinds.
The abundance in variety in My creation ought to give you a glimpse of the liberty I want to give You, My children, My
crowning creation, to be whoever you want to be, and whatever I have put in your hearts to be.

Dare to be different, and not only different, but unique! Because you are. There is nobody in the whole universe quite like
you, so, trying to fit into the mold of others & yielding to the Devil's attempts to get you to blend in & just act like
everybody else is denying your true calling & your real identity.

You all have different tasks & purposes; you're not necessarily all to function the same way or do the same thing. A heart
does different things than a lung, a liver does different things than a kidney, etc.
It's okay to be different. If I'm telling you to be different, then it's okay. I might tell others, "stop trying to be so different,"
but you need something else. Don't be scared to be different. It's okay!

I've made it so that sooner or later, everybody is going to be confronted with different people, the differences in people,
and thus they're forced to at least be confronted with the different view of things, even if they may not accept it. It is so in
order to show people that there is such a thing as a different view and perspective, and I'm already hinting through that,
that they're all going to get a surprise in the end to find out how I have seen things all along: the totally different view -
God's view!

I have a different plan for everybody. Something different works for everybody, and one of these days you'll realize how
My hand was at work in a different way in everybody's life.

Just as there are vehicles that run on gasoline and others run on Diesel or some kind of organic fuel, electricity, or what
have you, so different people are motivated by different incentives.

(Next Chapter)

…Laws (Physical and Spiritual)

In My kingdom, the standard of love will be just as tough a law as the laws of man today. If you will break it, you will reap

The laws of physics don’t apply to you anymore in the hour of faith, when I call you to step out on the water, when I
challenge you to rise above.

If you focus on the needs of others, you can’t feel lonely or sorry for yourself, nor feel unloved, because as you give, you
receive, as you pour out, I pour in, it’s one of the laws of My Spirit; as certain as the laws of physics, and more so.

The fruits of the spirit are love, joy, meekness, temperance, goodness, faith, mercy... Against such there is no law, and
the rules & laws of this physical World, that hold you down or keep you thinking about yourself, will fade away & lose
their meaning.
When you're bound by My law & rules of love, you're actually free of the physical laws & boundaries of the physical
World. Do you believe this? Then rise above & overcome, simply by giving Me a chance to prove it & letting Me implement
My laws & rules of love & unselfishness in your life! If you cling to My laws & the things that I want & seek to obey Me in
everything, you will see the fulfillment of this, & you will witness My miracle working power & the blessings of true
freedom in your life!

Let's defy the laws of physics together, by means of the superior laws of the spirit and confound all those thinkers &
would-be scientists with a science and knowledge that will defy all theirs, and that is deeper & greater than anything they
could ever come up with in their finite minds!
My path is higher than that. So much higher... Learning to fly. That's what it's all about.
Just a little while longer you will be confined to the boundaries of the physical World with it's laws. Just a little while
longer you will be bound to the laws of gravity that tie you down to the ground. Soon we'll leave all that behind. "Come fly
with Me!"

Make Me and others happy first, and then happiness will find you! That's one of the principal laws of the universe.

The Law, (along with) the laws of nature, are going to be left behind once you enter the realm of the supernatural, the
Realm of the Spirit.

The Spirit World is not subject to the laws and rules of the physical world, just as a parent is not bound to the same rules
he demands of a child, of “be home at five o’ clock,” and “go to sleep at nine,” etc., just because what may be perfectly
alright for an adult, isn’t necessarily appropriate for a child.
There will come a time when creation will have reached maturity and will be melded with the Eternal World and thus
become subject to its same liberty when it comes to the rules and laws that right now restrain the physical.
These are factors that worldly physicists and scientists are oblivious to, as the vast majority of them leave Me entirely out
of the equation.
If they leave out the Major Factor, how can they get an accurate or complete picture? All they look at is their immediate,
physical part of the picture.
If people insist on believing a lie, I will often give them a little “evidence” to support that lie, or rather, I’ll allow the Enemy
to do so.
In order to find the truth, a certain hunger for it has to be there. As long as they are looking for results that exclude Me
from the equation, that’s all they’re ever going to find.
Unbelievers say, “Coincidence rules.” Believers say, “There is no coincidence.” As a believer in Me and My Eternal Realm
you believe that there is something greater than the physical world and its rules, that surpasses all physical laws.

The more you establish the importance of your revolving around Me, your Sun, the more stable you will be as a factor for
their lives to revolve around. It’s the order of the universe, symbolic of spiritual laws that govern the World that for you
right now remains unseen.

‘Thy Kingdom come, on Earth, as it is in heaven’ means the marriage of the physical & the spiritual realm. The veil shall
be rent! And soon everything that was hidden shall be revealed. Everything will be open! Now you see through a glass
Then you shall see as I see.

Without spiritual progress, there won’t be much progress in the physical realm.

You think the Spirit Realm has little to offer to the physical? The physical realm is only a product of the Spiritual.
Everything you see, feel, touch, is a creation of the Spirit.

The time of the merging of the spiritual & physical realm is drawing nigh, and I want you to be prepared for it, by focusing
more on the spiritual & less on the physical.

If you see the physical as a result of the Spiritual, it takes on a lot more meaning.

You can combine the physical with the spiritual, and thus convert every physical matter into an at least partly spiritual
You’re working toward the recapture of the kingdom for the rightful Heir, and by "infecting" anything that's merely carnal,
material and physical with a breeze of spiritual, it changes. Blessings flow from one party to another.

Pressure gets you going. Pressure is one of the physical forces in the universe that get things moving, and without
pressure, there's stagnation.

The children of men have always needed help in learning how to avail themselves of the powers and sources of energy
that lay hidden all around them. Let them know about the greatest Source of Energy in existence that they can tap into for
the asking...The Source of all life and all Power, even much greater than the sun, greater than atomic power, greater than
electricity or gravity or any power they know. The Great Power behind them all: the Factor that unites all the forces of
nature or physics, the great spiritual Force Which created them all in the first place - the God Factor that's not to be
Once you've availed yourself of the God Factor in your equations, then everything else starts making beautiful sense. All
the question marks slowly turn into exclamation marks of wonder and awe...

The spiritual building blocks are those destined for eternity, while the physical will largely have to undergo major
modifications and changes and adjustments, before they’re going to be ready to merge with the Spirit World.
In creating a spiritual diamond, jewel or gem when someone is “becoming gold” in the spiritual aspects, every little
lesson involved in that process is important. The degrees of pressure and “heat” have got to be just right, the amount of
adversity you experience, before you can be taken out of the fire again to be cooled by My fresh pure waters.

A lot of things happened in the spirit, when disobedience entered the physical creation, and it set in motion a chain
reaction of various events that would slowly but surely change the face of My creation, and that process is still
Some of the “laws of nature” that are in place today were not part of the original equation. But since death entered
through disobedience, things naturally tend to decay. Things are getting worse, not better, and that process isn’t going to
be reversed until I return to restore things to the way they were before…

In the present, fallen state of man and all things physical, it’s no wonder that man more often than not comes to the
wrong conclusions, including some of My own believers, because the human mind is less inclined to believe the truth
than to doubt and believe a lie in general, just as the human heart is rather inclined towards darkness than the light, as
John put it (Jn.3:19).
The only thing that can help you reverse that state and process right here and now is the intake of My input, which is the
same power that brought the original positive chain reaction of Creation into being, and which will restore it in the end,
too, when all will have learned their lesson, or the big basic chapter of this part of history will be concluded. “The Era of
the Fall” will soon come to an end, to be replaced by a better one.

Just as everything physical has come from the water, so everything spiritual has also originated in one spot, and the
beginning and the end both wind up in the same place…
(next Chapter)

… Opposition & Adversity

If there wouldn’t be any opposition, there would be no challenge. You’ve got to have some kind of contrast against which
you can see the light. It works like this in many other aspects of creation. Adversity is what makes you strong.

There’s a storm of opposition from the Enemy and even those, of whom you don’t know exactly whether they’re friend or
foe - time will tell – but all those things will just serve to strengthen you.

The price of true godliness is persecution, ridicule, rejection, opposition and adversity.

I like to pride Myself in all the things My children accomplish in spite of opposition, suppression and all attempts to shut
up and stomp out the truth.

Conviction is all about knowing that you’re doing the right thing in the face of opposition and in spite of many voices who
may think to know better than you.

That is the school of character that has shaped just about every significant man and woman of God: That very lack of
support, that being forced to walk alone just with Me and Me alone on their side, against the opposition, is precisely
where their inner strength comes from that makes them rise above the status quo.

Leaders are always envied, resisted, rebelled against, rejected, opposed & fought against by some people some of the
time, but that's exactly the kind of adversities that make a character strong.

You can't just let the Enemy have the world & passively stand by as he wrecks it. You've got to do something about it!
You've got to counteract, you've got to oppose him. Otherwise, if you don't oppose him, it's almost as if you're siding with
him. You've got to oppose the Enemy in order to really be on My side.

There will always be those who oppose, resist and reject you and all you have to give, just as they rejected the prophets
and Myself, and nearly each and every one of My true apostles throughout history.

It's tough when those who oppose and slander you are from among your own, but that's the kind of treatment and treason
I experienced, and if I did, haven't I promised that you would experience the same?
Of course, it's sad when there's war between brethren, but as you can tell from history, it's what the Devil has been up to
since the beginning. There will always be repetitions of the story of the fate of Abel and Cain, in different forms, as long
as the Devil is around...

It’s no great art or feat to love those who love you. The proof of the pudding, how much you’re really capable of love,
comes especially when it’s down to loving those who don’t love you, but seem to oppose and reject you. Loving those
requires a skill in the art of loving that not everyone is master of, and it requires the supernatural, superhuman type of
love that only I can give and teach and equip you with.
Training yourself in the art of loving in the face of hatred, rejection and lack of love will also sharpen your skills and
abilities to deal with unloving behavior on behalf of your loved ones, and instead of going on the defensive right away
and withdrawing and reacting negatively and allowing their lack of love to produce more lack of love in you for them, you
can learn to counter that natural process and stop the chain reaction and vicious cycle, and allow love to continue and go
on, in spite of the adverse circumstances.

Adversity is making you more profound, it opens your eyes to where you can see through the Devil's lies. Isn't it worth it?

I must allow adversity in order to keep that vacuum alive inside you, that urge to seek Me or else you know you're not
going to make it through the day!

It takes perseverance to change the world, not letting adversity discourage you & turn you away at the first show of

Adversity is what makes you strong. You want to have power over unclean and evil spirits? It's these fighting experiences
that give you the power you seek. For although it is I Who give you the power, I give it to you by way of applying the little
power you already have and finding out that it's not quite enough, that you need to come back to Me for more; that you've
got to keep on training, fighting, hanging on...

How do you manage to bring love where there is hatred, to bring light where there is darkness, joy, where there is
sadness? You cannot do this unless you even refuse to look at the hatred, the darkness, the sadness, or their causes, to
begin with. You refuse to see the adverse circumstance as such, but only as an occasion to put My power to the test. You
rejoice in the adversity, because it has brought you a new challenge to prove to the universe that I am greater than any
Once you truly love, you eventually get to the point where you accept and welcome hardship and adversity, and embrace
them as friends who will make you stronger on your path.

In creating a spiritual diamond, jewel or gem when someone is “becoming gold” in spiritual aspects, every little lesson
involved in that process is important. The degrees of pressure and “heat” have got to be just right, the amount of
adversity you experience, before you can be taken out of the fire again to be cooled by My fresh pure waters.

What else does it mean to be an overcomer, but to rise above adverse circumstances? The greater the adversity, the
greater the victory!

The extent to which you’re learning to trust Me calmly now in the face of adversity and loss will determine how well you’ll
be faring then, when adversity and loss will reach unprecedented proportions.

If you do things right the Devil will fight you, & he'll fight you the hardest in the beginning stages, so that he can convince
you to quit before you can even get started...

The Devil will fight you all the more, the closer you come to My perfect will for you, the more you threaten to really
accomplish for My Kingdom.

(next chapter)

…Overcoming & Rising Above

Physical circumstances are irrelevant to Me! To rise above means to rise above anything that binds you, confines you to
any boundaries, any limits, anything that says, ‘It can’t be done!’

To hell with the circumstances. Circumstances don’t count. Soon the circumstances will be the most disastrous they
have ever been in all of history, and you will wish you had learned not to go by or look at the circumstances. Only look at
& go by Me.
I am your only hope, but if you begin to cherish that hope for its true potential you will start to realize more & more just
what powers, what possibilities lie at your fingertips.

Whatever the circumstances are, I want you to look past & beyond them, through them, at the hidden blessing, the greater
victory which will come about through seeming defeat; at the lessons & wisdom gained by means of an apparent loss, at
the greater purpose of God, at the greater good which will always come forth out of supposed evil for those who love Me,
at the beauty which will come out of the ashes of the old.

Only when you have learned to treat success & failure with the same desperation, yet clinging to Me in joyful trust in spite
of anything that happens, only then will you be stable, unshakable, immovable by any event or obstacle & can say with
the true overcomers: ‘None of these things move me’.

Let Me carry you above all the waves the storms are whipping up. The sea beneath you is seething & foaming, a black,
menacing brew. But you are safe in the palm of My hand, little bird! And you sing on, in spite of the storm. You experience
My peace in the center & the eye of the storm.
As those on your left & on your right fall prey to confusion, you can rest tranquilly & peacefully in My palm.

After every storm the sun will shine again: this is the way it has always been. I will not forsake you utterly, however
hard the wind & rain of My purifying chastisements may seem.
For though much terror has been brought into the world & worse shall come: is not My power greater than all that? Isn’t
My love greater than their hatred?
I don’t want you to be overwhelmed by the evil you see in the world, leaving you stunned & unable to give life & light to
others, I want you to be overwhelmed by My joy, My love & My goodness & light and to shine it forth & overflow onto
them, like a fountain of life, love & light, everywhere you go.

Glory in your sufferings, excel in your tough times... that’s rising above. To smile in situations where others
would despair. To be calm when others would freak out. To feel safe & secure when there is nothing to hold on to, no
rope, no net – only My invisible hand. Trust in the face of adversity.

Don’t let circumstances drive you into a defensive position! Stay on the attack! Rise above the circumstances.
You can rise above anything. New, unexpected situations are simply new challenges for you to rejoice at & to laugh in
their faces, thanking Me for bringing them along to make you grow stronger.

Give Me your mess, and I’m going to create a Masterpiece of My perfect harmony & order out of it!

Whatever the Devil tries to present to you as reality or relevant is absolutely irrelevant, and doesn’t stand a chance as
soon as you let Me move in with My reality, that what I consider relevant & important! The Devil goes: “Oh, but the money,
and all the bills...” I say, “Seek ye first My Kingdom & the welfare of My sheep, seek My lost souls, and all these things will
be added unto you, freely!”
Make the choice to overcome! Make the choice to defy all your natural weaknesses & all that the Devil will scream into
your ears, & be a faithful servant of Mine!

You have available now for yourselves the same power that I had, and that My disciples had, to do miracles & to
overcome the Devil & all his temptations, fears, doubts, agonies & devices he tries to trick you with, and as the days will
grow ever darker, that light of the truth of the keys will also ever shine brighter, for where sin doeth abound, there grace
doeth much more abound.

Find in Me true abundance when you're lacking, and the ability to rise above your circumstances.
I don't want you to be swayed by them, nor have them dictate your moods or actions, I want you to learn to have Me
dictate your circumstances by your trust & by your prayers.

Overcomers - and that's what I have called & chosen you to become - see with the eyes of faith. They see the good even
in the bad. They don't feel sorry for themselves, but they look outward at others & their needs & are driven by
compassion for them.
Overcomers focus first of all on Me, then on others & their needs, & not on their own. Choose to be an overcomer today.
Choosing to be an overcomer means forgetting about yourself.

I am capable of taking care of any amount of contrary circumstances and turn them to your good, and, as I have
promised, "I will make a way where there is no way".
I have also said that I have put before you an open door that no man can shut.

The power to obtain the victory and overcome all obstacles is in your hands, but it depends on your application, and your
determination to wield that power, that will actually DO it and give you the victory. You need to get up & grab it!

We shall overcome. I have already overcome him, and that's why you will also overcome him through Me.

I want you to be fully aware & conscious of the fact that I am able and willing to alter your conditions favorably for you at
any time and in any situation.
It's a good time for Me to do a miracle when you find yourself in an impossible situation. See the opportunity instead of
the difficulty.

Don't keep your eyes on the "impossibilities" of your circumstances, but on Me and the fact that they each come from My
hand, only to draw you closer to Me and as a test to see whether you're going to fall for the lie that indeed there is such a
thing as "impossible" or whether you're going to accept My challenge & turn the "impossible" situation over to Me to deal
with & prove to you again that there is no such thing.

All My truly greats of faith, although Satan had desired to have them, in the end turned out to be way more than he could
handle, and they all defeated him. I'm so proud of My overcomers!

Learn to love others in spite of their faults! Recognize that they are all victims of something greater, just like you, and that
you're all there to help each other to overcome those weaknesses & things that hold you captive.

I cannot give you the victory without you having done your part of fighting.

The main point & lesson, when you're faced with a trial, a burden, any challenge, is: are you going to give it to Me, or what
are you going to do? If you have 3 options: a) hand it to Me, b) freak out & despair, or c) to try to tackle it in your own
strength, which option do you think is the right one?
Next time you're faced with anything that might frighten or stress you, just remember the abc of success & overcoming.
The right answer is always a): hand it to Me!

The greater the problem, the greater the victory, and the more it's going to strengthen your faith in the end. You need
those greater problems, in order to give you greater faith, in order to tackle even greater problems, greater obstacles &
seeming impossibilities in the future.

What makes you think that I'm limited in My power to save you? My power isn't limited, just your faith! My arm isn't too
short, it's just your vision, your scope - your faith is short-sighted! You can always only see up to the point where the
next obstacle appears. But from a bird's eye view, it isn't really there. It isn't really relevant. You just fly over it... so what?
"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles." One of the surest
ways to rise above your problems, circumstances & obstacles is praising Me for them, accepting them happening to you
& finding Me there.

You can choose to rise above anything; not only your own weaknesses, but also those of others, simply by not allowing
them to affect you adversely. It's not the same as simply ignoring them; it's a supernatural act, because it requires a
miracle of My love. Love's power is so prevalent, that anything about any person which might be disliked by another is
simply "overshadowed" & made invisible, annihilated by it.

Even if you don't feel victorious, you can still be a victor, more than a conqueror, even though you don't feel like a
conqueror at all.

I do things "King-of-kings"- style. If you don't see anything magnificent and glorious about this day, then it's due to your
personal perception of it! It's only due to your lack of faith to see beyond and rise above physical circumstances.
Because the more you see with the eyes of faith, the more you will see My glorious golden opportunities in even the
blackest of nights & most gloomy situations!

Look at the positive, not at the negative circumstances, but beyond them, at My power to alter them, and at My purpose in
them to teach, train & strengthen you, trusting Me that I know what I'm doing.

If you keep your eyes on Me, on My promises and on My love for you, you will know that I give you - and have already
given you - the potential to overcome all these obstacles, these weaknesses, both, your own and those of others that bug
you. I have made you an overcomer.
My love for you is so strong that this love in you can overcome all that. You don't have to allow these things to bog or tie
you down. In fact, all the Enemy's attempts to do so are nothing but empty bluffs. My love in you is strong enough to
overcome and rise above all that.
You can just let all that antagonism, rejection and resentment bounce off like a rubber ball, or like a stone off a rubber
wall, you're immune to it. You see what's happening, and you figure, "Hey, this is supposed to hurt me," and you're
expecting the pain, but I'm asking you, where is the pain? It isn't there because My love for you is so strong, it just erases
You're thinking you should be offended, that this thing might become a problem, but I'm telling you, what problem? What
offense? There is nothing! You don't feel any offense, you just feel the temptation to be offended, but I'm causing you to
rise above this, simply because of My great love for you. My love for you is stronger than all obstacles, stronger than any
lack of love or all the hatred in the world or of the Enemy that would destroy you.
That's why I'm telling you, this is not a problem, this is but a joke. Just focus on My love for you, and everything else will
become irrelevant. Focus on what I'm trying to teach you. Focus on what I'm giving you.

No matter how hard or tough or adverse the circumstances, you can rise above them.
If nothing can cause you to give up, then this means you tested "negative" to any infection with the Devil’s virus of the
loathsome Giving Up disease. But sometimes you've got to build a resistance to a certain disease or virus first. You've
got to recognize what you're up against, what his weakening tactics are, and for this you need to have experienced the
symptoms first, and have been confronted with the virus & the disease.

If you see what's happening in the spirit, instead of the carnal view, then you're on your way to overcoming.
The flesh will tell you, "Hey, this is not what I'd call success! It doesn't look very much like God is blessing you! Why are
you having so many problems? You must be doing something wrong!" But you'll be mature enough to tell, "To hell with
success or failure! To hell with the circumstances! All that counts is the battle, and that I'm on the right side, so, bring it

It's easier than you think for you to change your circumstances; all it often takes is your choice to want to have them

Yes, the Enemy is there, and he rules the world, but he doesn't rule your world! You are a citizen of My world, the bigger
picture, the larger Matrix, that engulfs and surrounds everything, including the puny, artificial matrix of the Enemy. Mine
is the Real Thing. And if you experience the real thing and are part of it, the results of the curse and all the disturbances
of the Enemy will affect you much less. In fact, you can learn to let them have virtually no effect on you whatsoever, which
is what the art of rising above is all about, and what I have been stressing in My words to you from the beginning: the
ability to rise above your circumstances. You rule, they don't rule over you!

I give you My power to overcome all things, even death! Live in that conscience, that assurance, in that vocation, that
calling, that destiny! Play the role I have created you to perform!
If the Son hath made you free, you shall be free indeed! Grant Me the permission to exercise My power in you to the full!

See the opportunity, not just the obstacle.

Choose to overcome: No longer will you be ruled by fears and anxieties or circumstances, but you will rule them. You can
take the upper hand, take charge, take command.

I ordain you to go and bring faith where there is doubt, hope where there is despair, love where there is hate, pardon
where there is injury, light where there is darkness, joy where there is sadness! That means, you will be an overcomer,
and eraser of all those negative manifestations, and you will fill that dark void of nothingness, wherever you see it, with
My warmth.

I want you to learn to rise above the circumstances, because they're going to get worse.

The greatest victors are those who refuse to believe the circumstances that indicate or announce defeat! They keep
fighting anyway, they keep believing anyway, that they're going to win. That's the kind of attitude that refuses to give in
even to the most un-promising circumstances.
True victors don't go by what "it seems like." They know that those appearances can be deceiving. They don't fall for
"false evidence appearing real." Instead, they cling to My Word, that all things are possible to him that believeth. It seems
impossible? Make it possible, by believing anyway. You can make it possible, you can make it happen through your faith,
because all things are possible to him that believes.
It may seem to you as if you're losing ground, but you refuse to believe in the loss, because the eyes of faith can see that
beyond every apparent loss there is always something greater to gain from it and through it. It's never a true loss, but
only an opportunity for something greater to be gained by it. They've learned that apparent losses are only opportunities
for progress, because they've come to experience that "God never takes one thing away from you without giving you
something better."

The challenges are there for you to tackle and overcome, not for you to be overcome by them and fold up in dismay!

"Victory is life," so, walk in the victory. Walk in the life of a victor, one who is born and destined to win, simply because he
has chosen to fight on the right side of the ones who are willing to seemingly appear to be the losers... the losers that
turn winners.
Remember My promises to "him that overcometh" in the Book of Revelation. It's all about overcoming and resisting those
temptations of the Enemy, overcoming all seeming impossibilities, difficulties and potential excuses to quit, and rise
above them all on the wings of faith in Me, refusing to doubt that what I have promised I am well able to keep.

Welcome to the battle of faith of overcoming your fears and all the reasons in the world why you shouldn't be doing this.
This is your "Don Quixote destiny," your chance to "reach the unreachable stars." To become a knight, even though you
never were a knight!
If you're met with resistance, you'll know what to do: just pull out your lance and attack those darn windmill giants!

You've got the power to control or at least influence the circumstances, and I want you to avail yourself of that power
more. There will come a time when circumstances will be too tough and too difficult to just "accept" them and take things
the way they are, and it would be good for you to train and prepare now, so you'll be ready then to face things in the
appropriate spirit and attitude of faith.

My Spirit, helps you to rise above the confines and limitations of your ego, and lets you find out that you'll get much
further in life if you let Me take over.

I'm leaving the ball in your court, no whining about circumstances accepted. It's time for you to rise above them and look
beyond them, to accept the power I have given you to change them or to act in spite of them!

Once you've overcome death, what other obstacle could there possibly be? All the Devil's power is in death and the fear
thereof, so, be of good cheer, I have overcome all that he can muster up! My love is a fire that all his flood of death cannot
quench. I'm an unquenchable fire that will bring life, and life, and ever more life, even through all the death, destruction
and havoc the Devil will wreak and unleash upon the earth. I have overcome him, and will cause you also to overcome!

It’s important that you believe that I have given you the power to overcome your weaknesses, and don’t accept the
mindset of the Enemy that you’re helpless against them.

Just keep on loving in the face of a lack of love. You ignore the circumstance of the void, and just act as if it weren’t there
and continue to fill the atmosphere with your positive vibrations from Me, and you will often bring about miraculous
results that way.

You can’t blame circumstances and allow them dominion over you, whether they’re tough or pleasant. It all still depends
on your choices, and what you’re going to make out of those circumstances, and whether you’re going to regard them as
the supreme factor, or Me, able to help you to master each one of them according to My will, and not as they will.

You’ve got to use and apply the power in faith, and not with an attitude of “let’s see if this works!”
“Faith knows God will do it, and He does!”
It doesn’t mean that all your troubles, trials and challenges will suddenly, “poof,” vanish into thin air! But it does mean
that you can avail yourself of an extra portion of My grace and strength to bear it all, face it all, combat the adversary and
rise above him as you fight.

You are My heralds of light, and you must learn to be overcomers of the darkness and not be intimidated nor affected by
It may seem like a lot to ask when the darkness appears to be so overwhelming and nearly all-encompassing, but that’s
where faith comes in, the little strength that you have, which is going to turn out greater than everything the Enemy can
muster in the end.
See the victory beyond the battle, the resurrection past the crucifixion, the new glorious life beyond the grave, the brilliant
light just beyond that stretch of pitch black darkness.

You shouldn’t be intimidated by obstacles. Where’s your faith in My ability to help you overcome them? I’m here to help

You have to claim authority over your situation, your circumstances, and just take the upper hand, and not allow yourself
to be overwhelmed.
The circumstances will never be perfect, so you must learn to rise above them, take them where they are at, but not let
them govern or determine your spiritual state. You must keep the upper hand and the authority.

You can trust Me, and you can commit yourself wholly into My hands, even when you’re going through your defeat and
the pain of crucifixion, or whatever equivalent in your life, your trials, your problems, your times of doubt and despair…
If you will overcome those doubts and finally yield and trust and commit your life and your all into My hands, you also will
experience a glorious and miraculous resurrection.
That’s how you overcome. Not by constantly riding a high horse, but by getting up again after you fell by committing your
life to Me. I’m trying to teach you to treat your circumstances impartially and treat “success” and “failure” the same; to
stay in the same victorious spirit and attitude, come rain or come shine… to stay “on top,” spiritually and mentally, even
when you’re on the ground.
If you commit your spirit into My hands, I can help you to be cheerful and victorious in spite of any circumstances. I can
help you to truly overcome. After all, what else does it mean to be an overcomer, but to rise above adverse
circumstances? The greater the adversity, the greater the victory!

(next chapter:)
…Dreams & Visions

The Spirit will remind you! She’s like a super-duper-mega-smooth computer program that can enhance your rusty little
system anytime with all the knowledge you need, brings up any stored data from the past, or even brand new information
that hasn’t been there so far, in revelations, dreams & prophetic visions. All you gotta do is download Her & install Her on
your system!

There are many who believe in Me, but few who know that I’m present in every human being’s life every day, eager to
interact with My children, to speak to anyone who will listen.
For these are indeed the last days, in which, as I have promised, I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, that they may
prophesy, dream dreams & see visions, if only they be willing to receive and believe!

When I meant for you to shoot your arrow into the unseen distance, do you think I was talking about physical distance?
I'm asking you to aim for My Realm! My Realm is the invisible horizon I want you to shoot for, and the only place where
you're really going to find your dream and its fulfillment.

(Spirit Helper:) Find your dream! Anything is possible! You can go and be and do whatever you want! You have the power
to make it happen! If you really want to live your dream, you can do it! You've just got to commend that dream, that vision,
that desire into the Lord's hands & pray for it to happen and for that dream to become reality!

If you want a happy and fulfilled life, one in which your dreams come true to the most possible extent in this life, just
make it revolve around Me, instead of trying to merely use Me as a means to your own ends.

Someday soon you're going to fly!

It's a promise I'm going to keep, as unbelievable as it may sound to unbelieving ears! That age-old dream... I'm going to
fulfill it! I'm going to make it come to pass! It's going to be part of My great "Restoration Act Part 1," at the Rapture, which
will herald the Millennium!

The art is, when you aim and shoot for your goal on the distant horizon in your quest to "find your dream," not to forget
that the place from which you get there is your present position. Your here and now is what's going to get you there, and
it's an essential part of the plan and of the whole picture.
The present is the only place from which to reach the future. And thus, what you make of your present (the gift of your
being) determines your future. "Despise not the day of small things." Here and now, with all its little problems to deal
with, is the foundation on which you're building that which is to be.

The way to truly enjoy life is found by integrating Me in your activities, lives, plans, visions and dreams, to acknowledge
Me in them, to enjoy it all as a gift of My hands.

Haven't I always said, "according to your faith be it unto you?" And if you have the vision and burden for something, or a
"dream," then by all means, grab it.
Life is life for those who grab the opportunities, and not those who hesitate. Sometimes you've got to grab life's

I limit Myself to working through your faith. The connection & link between the physical and the spiritual - the
manifestation of your hopes and dreams - lies in your faith. It's the vacuum that draws from the Spirit World that which
you hope for.
If you hope for something, then act & believe & have faith for it... walk toward the goal of the fulfillment of your dreams.
You must not only hope, but also believe, in order not to be disappointed.

Make Me the focus of your hopes and dreams, I'm the only One Who can fulfill them.

I can't fulfill all your dreams and desires right here and now in this life, or you wouldn't be looking forward to what's there
to come... You wouldn't be desiring My change and My revolution, My metanoia...
Like this, you keep praying, "Thy Kingdom come!" You know that it hasn't arrived yet, contrary to the way some
Christians seem to perceive things.

That’s the neat thing abut heaven: everybody can have their dreams fulfilled there, and yet it will all blend together

Shoot your arrow of your vision, your destiny, your prayers into the future which is as bright & golden as My promises.

Ask Me to open your eyes & expand your vision that you may be able to see those things which right now you can’t see,
and I will broaden your perception. There’s more to life than what meets the eye.

A picture is worth a thousand words, & the gift of vision can be an even more efficient & quicker way for Me to
communicate certain things to you. Watch out for the great & mighty things of the Spirit I wish to show you! Come & see;
taste & see. There is yet so much more to be heard, felt experienced and seen. I’m more willing to give than you are to
Tune up for the gift of vision! Get ready for Spirit-TV! Stop seeing things merely with the eyes of the flesh. If you look at
people with the eyes of the spirit, you will see their true nature.
Open your eyes to visions of heavenly light!
You ‘ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!’ Open your eyes, & I will show you! I will give you visions of things that thou knowest not.
There is no limit to what I can show you with the eyes of the Spirit.
As the days grow ever darker, & you find ever less satisfaction in the finite beauties of the world, look for more, for
greater things, beyond those seen with mortal eyes.

Now that I’ve managed to stretch your vision toward further horizons I would like you to walk mindfully of this, your new
vision, wherever you go & whoever you talk to & testify of My higher calling for you.
Stay faithful to the vision & keep it fresh in your mind & on your heart everyday, knowing that there is a higher calling for
you, a higher destiny that I have in store for you, & if I have promised it, know that I will bring it to pass! Prepare for it!
Keep this vision & make it known.

Keep your vision on that shining crown, that high calling of God!
Keep your vision of the things I’ve ordained you to do! Tear loose from the little, insignificant distractions & mundane
affairs of life! Trust Me for more. Enlarge your vision! Raise your goal, your standard & vision. Aim high! The future’s
yours to claim! It’s yours! Grab it now!

Keep the vision that you’re not of this World, that you’re pilgrims & strangers, & that you’re never really going to fit in if
you want to be My disciples. Everybody wants to be accepted, nobody wants to feel or be treated like an outcast, but
those who have decided to follow Me are never really going to be fully accepted by the System.

Continue seeing Me in everything. Continue to grasp My vision, My way of seeing things. Continue looking to Me for
guidance & direction, even correction, for better ways to do things than you have been doing them.

The art is to keep the vision for the glorious things in the doing of the humble & mundane, little things of everyday life.
If you manage to be real everyday, to walk humbly on the ground of My reality, staying faithful in the little, mundane
things of life & keeping the heavenly vision while doing so, focusing on Me & My reality without being deceived by any of
the Devil's soap operas, then in My eyes that's a lot and people will sense it. They will feel it. The very air about you will
be different. There will be "strange" vibes accompanying you wherever you go, of a world that smells & tastes so weird to
them: the smell & taste of the real world.

The Enemy hates My predictions & visions of the future & tries to ensure that the opposite is going to happen.
His attitude is, "Oh, yeah, did God say so? Well we're going to see about that!" And he tries all he can to foil My plans. All
he can do is try to delay Me & My plans by throwing a few monkey wrenches into My machinery, frantically trying to
postpone My future, because he knows the future will bring his doom.

You have a goal? You have a vision? Ask Me to make it happen!

If you shoot for the stars, you might at least reach the moon, & the higher your vision, the higher you'll also fly.

Without a vision the people perish. Without someone showing them what they could be doing for Me and for others, how
they could invest some of their lives, energies & resources into My eternal cause, their spiritual muscles wither, their
focus grows more & more narrow all the time, & the opportunities of what they could have accomplished for Me, and thus
for greater & everlasting rewards, literally perish & become lost, so, it's your responsibility to make sure to give them the
Give them priceless opportunities to invest in eternity and My eternal values, as opposed to living visionless, selfish &
materialistic lives.

When I give you a vision or plan for the future, the Devil will fight it, and it depends on all involved to ward off those
attacks from the evil one, and if one link in the chain fails to see their part & the conditions they have to fulfill, the whole
plan may come to naught.
If any party allows the Enemy to foil the plan, the final victory is going to have to be brought about by some other means,
or even by other players...

Don't view circumstances as obstacles, but as stepping stones, & rise above... Aim your arrow way beyond the horizon,
beyond the scope of what you see... That's the kind of vision I want you to have, to break out of the confines of the
familiar, to get out of the "think local" gear. Think universal!

I don't create "perfect" humans factory-style! I take My time to shape each one personally by My own hand. I take infinite
care in every little detail. You wonder, "What’s He doing that for?"
But that's where you've got to trust Me that I can see the finished result of what you're going to be, I have a vision and
inspiration of what the finished symphony of your life is going to sound like.
I like to take the time to make it perfect.
I'm trying to get you to shoot for something more than the immediate cheap thrill.

Zooming in on carnal things, you neglect your spiritual view and insight, your vision. And thus it easily happens that you
see things not quite as they are.

I'm broadening your spiritual horizon. You confine your scope, your perception & what you think you know about the
world to your own experiences, those things which you have already seen & heard & felt or perceived in some way. But
there is so much more to discover, a whole new bandwidth to upgrade to, when it comes to vision and perception!
This is only the beginning of a whole new world I'm about to reveal unto you!
Why limit yourself to the same confines that all mortals do, when I'm giving you a chance to break out of them, by
widening & opening up your horizon to a greater capacity to receive and perceive than you were ever able to before?

Forever is the only reality that counts, as far as I and all My true visionaries of all times were ever concerned.

Ask Me to open your eyes and to renew your vision! All the fancy images of distraction of the Enemy are disappearing,
and now you're ready for My picture! Seek it with your whole heart.

Just because things look far from perfect doesn't mean they'll always stay that way. Just tell'em, "Well, the picture is not
yet finished." And tell'em to either wait & see, or to come to Me for a glimpse through My eyes, & I'll give them the vision
of what it's going to become & what it's going to look like when it's done!

The Devil will tempt you with compromise. "Oh, but you can use both, the flesh and the Spirit!" But the more you fall back
into the gear of the fleshly methods of support, the less emphasis you will put on My vision for you, of truly putting My
Kingdom and My sheep first in your life!
Focus on the new way, the new thing I am doing in your life, and on the goal and vision of its purpose, namely not merely
to gain support and ensure your physical survival, but to bring true, eternal life to many, many souls who hunger and
thirst for Me!

Without a vision the people perish. If you don't know where you're going, you'll often get nowhere...
When I called out Abraham & he went out not knowing whither he went, he did have the vision of that country that I
promised him. He had a vision, & he got the fulfillment of it. He didn't have a clue where it was going to be, but because
he followed Me step by step by faith, I finally gave it to him.
It's time to start looking and to start walking.
Get the boat into motion so that the rudder can take effect. It takes giving what you've got, or even what you haven't got,
and as you give, I will fill that void!

Come to Me each morning in order to get the vision from Me and be reminded of who you are and how much I love you.

Whether people are going to accept the medicine you offer them, no matter how convinced of its effectiveness you may
be, still always remains another question. But you've got to sell & offer it anyway, because you believe in it, and you want
to help them; you know it's good for them. That's being a "soul doctor" & a missionary or a salesman for Me! You've got
to do the right thing, you've got to continue producing the good stuff, even if it seems like nobody wants it. The need is
there, and sooner or later you're going to come upon your "clientele," your "crowd," your niche in the market, the people
who will have been just waiting for what you've got to offer. This is what I call (having) a vision!

When you do something good, don't immediately rest on your laurels, but let it be only the beginning. There's lots more
to go on to from there. Don't stop already when you've hardly yet begun! Stretch your faith; stretch your vision: there's
more, lots more!
If you see Me perform a miracle for you, don't limit your faith to that one, but stretch your faith & your vision & believe
that I'm going to do the next miracle, too!

Come out of your finite & limited world & breathe a whiff of My heavenly, fresh air of "no impossibilities" and "no limits."
Allow Me to expand your horizon and stretch your faith, your focus and your vision & point you further than your
temporary horizon that you saw when you were still dealing with the little numbers & limitations of the world.
The Devil's goal is to limit everyone. Subtly, he does so under a cloak & pretense of "liberating" them from the supposed
narrow-mindedness of Christianity and conservative religionism. He pretends to be their liberator, when he's really the
limiter. I'm the one who opens the lid & stretches the horizon beyond limits, but he always tries to put it back on & keep
everyone boiling inside his kettle.

Expansion is the name of the game, as far as I'm concerned: expansion of your horizon, your vision, your faith, your
spiritual muscles & of the range & limits you have known & conquered thus far. There's always more. Never let your mind
limit you to that which you have already known before, there's always more to find out, new things to discover, to explore,
to learn.
Pray for new visions, new ideas, new methods & new territories to explore, for new souls, new people, new friends, new
contacts. Pray for new faith for new things, new goals... pray for newness & change, a new outlook, a new horizon.

Stretch your faith, your horizon, your vision, your outlook, your spectrum, your methods & expand! Look into which
directions you can go which you haven't tried yet!
There are things for you to do here, and your job is to find them. Your job is to make the best out of the situation I've
given you and put you in!

If you keep the heavenly vision and act as if nothing else matters, then whatever happens down there just won't be able to
get you into a fuss. People still think that survival and acquiring those things that make it possible are more important
than life itself. If the mere purpose for your existence were the insurance of your existence, that would be pretty stupid,
wouldn't it? And yet, that's the way most people live.

The mind often only sees the obstacles; it sometimes even creates them, whereas to be a pioneer, you need more than
mere intelligence. You need to be able to see beyond the confines of the mind. Intelligence (and I'm talking about the
average amount that people boast of these days), is not enough, it's too limited to accomplish any truly great and
outstanding feats. Only those who can see further than the confines of their minds can break out & dare to go where no
one else dared to go, do what no one else dared to try. Their minds simply don't know that it can't be done.
If you put the right kind and amount of energy and vision into the little things, the right amount of elbow-grease, attention,
interest & umph, then those very little things are going to get you far. If you project your long-term vision into your short-
term projects it can fuel them and get you a lot further than if you just go through your daily routines in a ho-hum kind of
Keep your long-term vision in your short-term activities, goals & projects, and thus you'll be using those short-term
projects as vehicles to get you to your distant destination.
You can get more out of the here and now, there's more potential in the present than you've been making use of. You've
got to not only look further, but you've also got to look deeper. There's more to see, both, in the far distance, and right
before you, in the small, intricate little things of everyday life. There's more to discover in the distance and at home.
There's more directions in which to look than one.

Stop thinking you already know it all, so that you can be more open to My revelations. Don't be so sure you already see,
but ask Me to expand your vision!

Let Me renew you, your vision, your concepts, your outlook, your whole being.
This day can be the first day of not only the rest of your life, but of a brand new life altogether, with brand new prospects,
aspects and perspectives, a brand new outlook, brand new horizons, visions, goals, methods... all depending on how
open you are for Me and My changes, My Grace!
I bring new concepts, new perspectives, new pictures & illustrations to your mind to give you a renewed vision.

Stretch your vision and expand your spiritual muscles... expand your horizon and look forward, look ahead!

The real art of living lies in recognizing each challenge and task set before you as your special and individual, tailor-made
destiny that only you can fulfill. Of course, that requires a good portion of faith and vision when that "glorious destiny" is
a pile of dishes, a load of laundry or taking the garbage out.
It's relatively easy to do some glorious job that's going to be noticed by a bunch of people. But those who can keep doing
those little, menial jobs with that same vision are My greatest and truest heroes.

Walk by faith, not by sight! If you always and only go by what you see, you won't walk the walk of faith very far. It's not
about what you see, it's about what you can't see!
Believe Me for the things that you can't see! Believe Me for them because I have promised them. According to what you
see, I must be a liar, or I must have simply made a mistake, right? But wait and see! I'm not done yet. I'm not finished yet.
And if you look at history, I've often used people that nobody would have expected the sort of feats from that they wound
up doing in spite of all the probabilities that stood against those miracles ever happening.
I know you even better than you know yourselves, and I know what you're capable of and who you really are, in spite of
what you see now in yourself, and the failure that you see when you look at yourself.
Only the true visionaries and prophets can see what I see. They don't see the failures and losers that those see who look
with the eyes of the flesh only. But they believe Me for My promises. They refuse to doubt that what I have promised is
true, and I will honor their faith.
Believing is easy when all the evidence supports what you believe. "Blessed are they who, not seeing, yet believe"

If you keep your eye and your vision of that heavenly goal and reward, you become a partaker of these things already
here and now. That heavenly joy won't just set in when your life on earth is through and you receive your crown of glory.
If you focus on the heavenly reward, part of it will already be yours as you focus on it. That's what gave all My martyrs,
faithful witnesses and true saints the power to not give in. It was more than a mindset or the ability to rationally figure that
someday in Heaven they were going to get their reward for it. They could feel that reward already, even while they were
"Keep your eyes upon the goal and the victory in your soul!" It's more than a mindset! It's more than a feeling! It's more
than a conviction! It's "the victory that overcometh the world, even your faith!" It's that "little strength" that you have and
put to use by drawing power from Heaven that is much greater than your own! It's putting that "little strength" to use, that
you've got, and making it work, and pulling down with it the tremendous power of God. It's finally getting your eyes off
yourself, and your petty little problems and situations, and focusing where it counts: You may indeed be very small and
seemingly insignificant, but you've got one mighty God, and He can make all the difference in the universe for you

You may not see the plan, but I've got a very clear picture of it, and I can let you partake of My knowledge, My wisdom, My
vision, My goals and My plans for you, and not for you only, but for this whole planet and mankind per se.

In order to pour out to others, you've got to have a vision for them, and the faith for them, that they will take what you're
going to give them and bring forth fruit with it.
That's what shepherds do: they feed their flocks and bellwethers in hopes that they're going to lead others to greener
pastures as well.
Failure to inspire others is often due to lack of vision and faith to even start broadcasting. You underestimate their
capacities to receive and pass on what you're giving. You figure they're not interested and they're not going to listen
anyway, so why even waste your breath, your time, your energy?
Visionaries are those who never consider their time, breath and energy wasted. They're those who have faith in their
audience, and enough faith in Me to believe that nothing happens by coincidence, and if I have put these people there, as
much as they may be on a "different wavelength," then I knew what I was doing, had a sense and purpose in it, and it's
merely up to you to find out what that purpose is by letting loose whatever you've got to pour into them and then see
what happens.

Vision keeps your eyes on the goal in the distance and thus keeps you from becoming distracted by the immediate little
issues of here and now and instant satisfaction. You're willing to chew your way through another rough stretch in the
faith and hope that the outcome will be well worth it and make more than up for it.
Put on your Don Quixote vision and see the beautiful beyond the ugly!

You start receiving revelations and visions by making yourself receptive for such input and creating a vacuum and an
interest for it.

Allow Me to give you a steady and clear vision for each day to pass on and convey to others.

How much of a “foreigner” in this world are you? How fixed is your vision on the eternal World beyond?

Keep your eyes, your vision and your focus on the goal, and on what’s to come, on Eternity. It will take the sting out of
anything you might have to go through in this life, any lack of happiness and physical comfort, any amount of suffering
and trials. No matter what you do, and what is going to become of your life, the best is yet to come!

Leave behind all those things that are bothering you, that may seem so important at the moment and seem to take your
mind by storm, and come to Me and let Me revamp your concepts, your perception and your vision and focus for the day.
Let Me wipe the slate clean and give you a new menu, free of all the things that would occupy your mind, and put on My
mind instead.

(next chapter:)


Soon that which they say now rules the world – money – will be no more, and you will look and it’s gone. First to be
replaced by Satan’s mark for his short time and then to be replaced forever and eternally by My new & everlasting System
of true values. Prepare for it and adapt to it, learning to apply the true values of faith and unselfish love right now, and
you will be rich. People will come to you & look up to you for possessing the most priceless possessions which no
money on Earth can buy.
Each of My Words is worth infinitely more than the most valuable bill or coin. My Word has brought forth the universe,
which has brought forth everything humans manufacture and produce and sell for a certain price in the first place.
They’re all just borrowing it from Me to begin with.
Those who are rich in this world often walk away from Me sadly, unwilling to find true happiness in giving their all to Me
and others to bring them Salvation & happiness.

I’m preparing you for times when no one will be able to buy or sell unless he has the mark of the Beast. This game of
commerce isn’t going to continue forever.
Paper is not a very good foundation to base your life on, to hinge your hopes on & to build your actions around! It’ll be a
very disappointing master.

"A disciple is someone whose primary goal in life is to serve God and not mammon." Is your primary goal to serve Me,
and not mammon?
Every penny in the service of mammon is hard earned by bearing the heavy yoke of mammon, while every cent I bless
you with in My service, that is being given to you in return for My Words and Family tools is a testimony to My great
power of supply, My power to lift you up.
Putting on My yoke is almost like putting on a pair of wings, in comparison to the heavy, steely yoke of the System and
mammon, who will squeeze every drop of energy out of you in return for every penny you earn. That money just
disappears again, as it develops eagle's wings itself & disappears into this hole or that, this bill or that need... it never
stops; it's a vicious cycle & a deadly trap!
Step out of that treadmill! And step out on the water of My will for you!

Life is too precious to be only living it for money.

There are greater riches in life to be gained than material wealth.

If I would not require of you to have the faith first, I would make it too easy; there would be no challenge, no test, and the
"game" would be boring! Everybody could become a "winner" too easily. So, I've made it thus that this "treasure hunt" of
life wouldn't be all too easy. I'm not telling everybody: "Hey, everybody; the treasure’s over here! Come and grab your
That is, I often do tell them, but they won't believe! They won't believe, because they've already been conditioned by the
Enemy, the great "party pooper" and his lies that "there is no treasure!"
"There's only this dull life, and the only reward you'll ever get is the money you'll get in exchange for the work you do,
and that's it!" "The only reward you'll ever get is that which you earn with your sweat!"
Well, that's his variation of the game I called "Life - more abundant," and which he dubbed "Survival - if you manage!"
You follow the twist of the world: "I'll do it because everybody does it," and spend your time & energy worrying about and
doing all you can to get the Devil's little "Monopoly" paper money rewards for your sweat, while I'm waiting for you to
start hunting My real treasure: the lost souls out there, buried in the harvest field of life.
Lost souls are a greater and more valuable treasure to "hunt" and look for than money.

I'm trying to get you to shoot for something more than the immediate cheap thrill.
Money will buy you things, will pay your bills & give you instant satisfaction, even some kind of peace of mind,
temporarily. But oh, the eternal rewards for each soul that you win for Me!
Do you have the faith and the kind of long-term vision it takes to win souls? This treasure hunt is a little tricky. The clues
that guide you to My true treasure aren't always that easy to find. And the Enemy, the party-pooper has made the game
more difficult by hanging nice & shiny distractions all over the place, little "plastic treasures" & imitations, to keep you
from looking for the real ones.
Money is his master piece of those counterfeit treasures. The love of money is the root of all evil because it distracts
people from the true essence of life. All their lives long they're chasing paper, getting nowhere, when all along; if they
would just look a little more carefully and if they would just stop for a moment and cease to be so distracted by the Devil's
counterfeit treasures, they could find the real treasures that are there to find in this life. Not in elusive paper money, nor in
the things that it buys, but in the very fellow human beings I have created to be by their side to be reached, to be touched,
to be explored, to get to know, to give to and share with all that you've found & learned in life.
No man can serve two masters. Blessed is he who has chosen the right Master. Who is your master? Who are you
serving? Me? - Investing your time and energy into winning souls for My Kingdom? Or are you settling for the cheap
thrills of the immediate gratification that paper money brings? Where is your focus? Where is your aim? What are you
shooting for? Which treasure are you hunting?

Making money is the System's idea of fruitfulness, not Mine. I will bless you with money if you're doing My job, but I want
you to trust Me for your income.
It's the difference between investing in the immediately visible result (money) vs. the longer term, slower results of
sowing My seeds & feeding the sheep.

Put your faith & trust in Me, not in the green paper pig god of the System!
Your "less" in physical blessings brings so much "more" in spiritual blessings, the true blessings & the true excitement
of life.

We all know you need money, and everybody knows they need money, and that's what everybody else's life is revolving
around, that's nothing new! But living by faith, & really putting faith in the first place is, in this day & age, something quite
new & radical.

All that hype about wealth being a sign of God's blessing isn't always true. Especially not when that wealth distracts you
from Me & keeps you too busy to hear My voice of truth. Wealth isn't always a sign of My blessing, but often merely a sign
of compromise with the System.

It’s obviously easier & more comfortable to preach the Gospel with money in your pockets. The problem is, it's pretty
hard to get the Gospel across to the desperate, from a stuffed, self-satisfied attitude, especially when much of the
desperation in the world is being caused by that very self-satisfied, greedy & gluttonous attitude of the leading nations of
the world...
Supply and abundance cannot be the principal factor about your life-style.

You were wondering about your role you're having to play right now. Well, I just want to encourage you that I and many
great men of faith have been in the same boat. If you look at My life on earth, you should be encouraged: it wasn't
anything to be envious of. Then there was St. Francis, & many of My apostles... They all were just humble slaves for My
work's & Word's sake. None of them died of old age as rich millionaires in their fancy villa somewhere...
I see you as the rich man, and them as the paupers. You are the one who is truly blessed. Those others are just inheriting
the fake blessings of the Devil. They appear and fade into nothing as soon as the show is over. They turn out to have
been nothing but a fake! They lose their value and shining appearances as soon as the curtain falls: "Game over," "The
End," & "welcome to the Real World," the Spirit World! They're all going to find out that they have been fools, fooled by
the greatest fool of all, the great imposter.
So, act out & play your part with the dignity of one who knows that he's the heir of the heritage that lasts, the poverty that
will turn into everlasting riches when this game, this show of life on earth is over!
You've got to do the right thing, you've got to continue producing the good stuff, even if it seems like nobody wants it.
The need is there, and sooner or later you're going to come upon your "clientele," your "crowd," your niche in the market,
the people who will have been just waiting for what you've got to offer.

It seems to be difficult for you to believe that I can supply all your needs, but it's definitely not difficult for Me to do so. It's
an easy thing for Me, as easy as a breeze! As easy as supplying you with every breath of air you breathe. Oxygen is at
least as difficult to produce as paper, or some numbers on your bank account.
I understand that this game of "numbers" is hardcore reality for most people, but they are not the essential part; I am. I
am the Provider, the Maker, the Essence behind this whole game called life, and you're severely underestimating Me if
you doubt that I'm able to supply your needs.

Borrowing money isn't the solution...

Making debts is really not the way to make headway in your financial situation.
Debts usually take longer to pay back than one thinks.

Their entire system of values has just been blown up to look bigger, but is so fragile; one little pin will put an end to it
very rapidly.

I want your major concern each day not to be your bank account, but the state the world is in, and what you can do about
it, what you can do to wake up more people & rally them to My cause.

The Devil realized that it's much easier to corrupt people by a constant flow of wealth than by poverty. Poverty will make
them desperate, will make them return to Me and pray, will make them appreciate whatever little thing they've got. But
constant wealth will make them despise nearly everything and take it for granted. It makes you lose the power & will to
fight the very fight of life.
Stay on the rock bottom of reality of what you truly can afford and what not; what your needs really are, realistically, and
how much you're going to have to work up or pray down accordingly. The buck is going to stop with you - at zero, there's
no more trespassing that line, living on borrowed money or time. You've got what you've got, and what you don't have,
you're going to have to get. This is a much more positive life-style than life in the minus.
Welcome to the reality, the freedom of living on what you've actually got, and not what the System lends you!

The things you do for Me have everlasting rewards. Show Me that you esteem My rewards more valuable than the lucre of
the world.

Sin, time and money are connected somehow. If the love of money is the root of all evil, then it is certainly connected to
sin, plus, if "time is money," as they say... they're living away their lives in the slavery of sin. As I told the people, "He that
commits sin is the servant of sin" (John 8:34), and I'm the only One Who can liberate anyone from that bondage. They
slave away for their meager wages, which, in the end, turn out to be nothing but death, that "way which seemed so right
unto a man," but turned out to be the ways of death...
You slave away for little colored papers all your life, and all you get for it in the end is the sting of death. But not so for
those who receive Me. For I can turn anything and everything into an everlasting value. I'm the Great Alchemist Who can
turn their worthless copper into eternal gold. Even death will be something precious in My sight, when someone has
become one of My saints by receiving Me. And I can even turn money into something useful, something that creates &
brings life (when) used for the good of My Kingdom.

I want you to shift the "sense of security" that the possession of money gives you, to another "bank," another address, so
to speak, namely to Me. I want to be your sense of security factor, and no longer can I tolerate money to be that factor in
your life. As long as you still trust in money to give you a feeling of security, what good is that? Moreover, it's a false
sense of security, as My Word also says (1Tim.6:17, Prov.23:5). My Word calls it "that which is not," in other words, it isn't
really real, it's the perfect distraction the Enemy created & came up with to lure most of the world away from Me, and he
has managed successfully, all throughout history.
Money is the hole in the donut that everybody's staring at in their constant, insane quest for more and more goods &
possessions of whatever kind, all the while ignoring Me, the donut, and all that I have already given you. Money is the
Devil's perfect alternative and antidote to Me, his wonder drug and no. 1 addiction and distraction, his greatest and most
effective weapon to turn people away from Me. That's why I said there are only those 2 possibilities: you either serve God
or Mammon. Your focus is either on Me or on money, it can't be both.
If you can't imagine a future without money, then I'm wondering whether money isn't the greater god in your life than I am.
If you can't see how I could run a world without money, then it's as if Mammon, to you, is a more powerful god then I am,
and the lasting value according to your mindset, and not My Word. - Duped into believing in the "omnipotence" of money.

You cannot serve God and Mammon: one of the 2 voices will always gain the upper hand. They won't jibe. They're always
fighting for lordship and the first position in your lives. The Enemy will try to get you entangled and under his yoke and in
the bonds of his slavery. He will try all kinds of tricks & use all kinds of pressure to get you trapped in his "snare of the
fowler." You are My free songbirds, and he's trying to catch you to lock you up in one of his cages!

The love of money is the root of all evil (1.Tim.6:10), because for the love of money people will compromise the truth. For
the love of money people will neglect other, more important tasks in life, such as their fellowship with Me, and their care
for each other, all in order to gain more money.
Once people covet it, they won’t act out of love, and thus, missing the mark of acting out of love, they sin.
The love of money can become like an addiction; in fact, it’s probably the most wide-spread addiction on earth. People
are willing to do almost anything for money. They virtually sell themselves as slaves to the System in order to get it, and
they will hardly stop short of doing anything for it.
The love of money is My greatest rival. Scarcely a man has been willing to do the same for Me that he has been willing to
do for money. Money is the one thing the Enemy invented to direct people’s focus on in order to totally distract them from
Me. Money has been his most successful tool.
Money is the most worshiped item on earth, the most coveted, the most loved, even though it is only an illusion, for its
value is based on faith in the existing System, instead of Me and My eternal Kingdom.
Money is the wages of the flesh. Cursed be the man that maketh flesh his arm (Jer.17:5) and trusts in his own work and
says, ‘Mine own arm has saved me.’ Money is the item that most provokes Me to jealousy, because even many of My
children have fallen prey to the love of it.
For the children of the world, everything revolves around money, yet from My children I expect that their lives revolve
around Me, not Mammon.

Greed, the worship of mammon, is the rage, the rush, the addiction of the masses... they're all junkies of things, no matter
what pretty names and noble cloaks they want to give it on the outside.
That greed and compulsion for consumption may be so accepted by the System that they're not even recognizing it as a
weakness, but even make it look like a virtue (the virtue of capitalism, for by spending you keep up the flow of currency,
you keep the machine rolling), but I'm giving you a glimpse of what it really looks like to Me. It's like a bunch of kids
totally obsessed with their toys and never even giving a glimpse of acknowledgment to their Father. The "kind uncle" has
shown them a way to get all their toys, and they all dance to his tune instead now. When he calls, they jump, and they'll
even believe him when he tells them that their Father is their Enemy, and that those who stay true to the Father are
traitors and must be wiped out.

Flee youthful lusts, run away from the temptations and enticements of the flesh, and run in the other direction; pursue
those things I want you to seek, and "follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a
pure heart" (2Tim.2:22).
Instead of running after money, you'll be running after faith; you'll be following My footprints of faith, and obtain
everlasting riches.

You can benefit from and avail yourself of the sheer endless pool of wisdom of all ages that is stored Here, according to
the effort you make to draw from it, like activating a pump...
It's like a heavenly bank of spiritual wealth. The Father has put an account there in your name, and you can draw from it
whatever you need, anytime you need it. You don't have to walk through the physical world as a spiritual pauper.
Sometimes you feel as if you lost your bank card or forgot your PIN... it seems more difficult than usual to "pick up
money from the bank," or maybe you got there too late, after closing time... But all these worries are unsubstantiated. You
have permanent access without having to show any card or having to remember any number, because you have the
Father's mark and seal in your forehead. You are one of the royal heirs with special privileges.

Money can't buy rain. Money will buy food, but also only for so long, without rain. Certain things can't be replaced or
substituted by money...
They put all their trust in that paper, but every now and then, I need to allow certain things just to remind them that there
are other things they need, which money won't buy them.

Don't put your faith in numbers, but in Me!

It's like the "abundance" of money on their bank accounts that some people think their life consists of. Their life and its
value basically consist of a number: the amount of money they have on their bank account.
Your true value is determined by the amount of My Spirit you allow to flush through your life.

Attention is one of those things that money theoretically can't buy. The sad thing is, a lot of people are being respected
more for their money than for their character or personal attributes. So, showing and paying attention to someone for just
being themselves shows that you don't judge or go by the standards of the world.
It would be easy to show them the necessary respect if they were a millionaire or would spout off really wise and
educated, impressive things all day. But what are the attributes that really count, according to My book? Certainly money
and brains are not on the top of My list!

I want you to adopt an attitude about the money you’re earning that makes you see that you’ve really been given that
money! You’ve been given the opportunity to earn that money by My hand.
You never know just how much longer the whole “money game” is going to last. It might be over sooner than some
people think, and “Show Me the Money” will acquire another meaning then. It will mean, “Show Me the goods! Show Me
what you have learned and earned with all that’s been given you and invested in you.” Just like the man in the Bible who
had given a varying amount of talents to his servants and upon his return was asking to see the returns and fruits of his
See, even money talk can be applied in spiritual ways. How have you been investing what I first invested in you? What
dividends are you bringing and rendering for Me? What is the fruit, the gain of all that I have poured into you? Where is
the result? Show Me the money! Am I getting My money’s worth out of you?
That may sound capitalistic, and not at all like the Gospel of unconditional love you’re used to; more like a business
transaction and partnership rather than a marriage, but it’s just to serve as a reminder that something has been given to
you, and the world is expecting you to do something with it for their sake. I’m expecting you to do something with it for
their sake. Not for anybody’s selfish gain, but for the benefit of lost souls, and in order to save lives!
When the money will collapse, it will become evident what people will have invested their lives in, and whether it will still
be worth anything or not.

A humble attitude is the opposite of self-reliance.

There’s the connection between money and pride: Reliance on money and your own abilities to get it provokes and
invokes pride, as opposed to humility, the place where there’s lots of room for Me to bring improvement and My
goodness. Pride is the filling up of that room with things you have created (at least in your mind) for yourself, instead of
letting Me fill it…
Pride is the sin that allows things like money to fill and usurp the place that was destined for Me. And when you trust in
riches, instead of the living God Who giveth richly all things to enjoy, then you’re in trouble, as far as I’m concerned.

Faith is a better and more trustworthy currency than cash.

My Promises are certainly worth more than those pieces of paper that the majority of mankind pursue with all their might
and energy.
In the long run, money will cease to exist. And faith will be replaced by the actual, tangible rewards for believing the
previously nearly unbelievable. It will always show to have been the wiser investment in the long run. Money will turn into
ashes, while faith will turn into untold riches that money could never buy.

Financial tight passes always put you in a position of greater respect for the Giver, the One responsible for paying your
bills. It makes you look around for ways you might possibly improve, which you don’t see a need for as long as
everything’s going alright.
But when things are tight, you look around and wonder, “What could I be doing better?” “What might I be doing that is
bringing this momentary situation upon me?” You’re not taking it for granted any longer that you must be doing okay, but
you figure, “Wait a minute, why has the Lord stopped blessing me?”

I cannot allow you to think that “Money equals blessing,” and “acquired money equals ‘mission accomplished.’”
If as soon as money starts pouring in you stop making an effort to make more progress, and thus you stop all growth and
bring the maturation and advancing process to a halt, then I have to conclude that pouring money in your lap isn’t a good
What was that verse about not putting your trust in uncertain riches?

In this world, it may not buy you much, being one of God’s jewels. After all, their system of values is based on paper, and
will soon be reduced to nothing but virtual digits in a computer system. Numbers…
What do they know about true values?

Whatever it takes for you to touch people’s hearts and really bring across My message to them is what I would consider
service for Me, not whatever brings in money.
Put Me, My Cause and Kingdom first, and not the money! You cannot serve the purpose of both. If it’s the money you’re
there for, then My purpose and message goes under! You’ve got to be there primarily for My sake, and not care or worry
about the money. Just deliver My message wherever you go, and let the money and your supply be My problem.
Remember Who’s your Boss! Don’t let them intimidate you with their bills of paper that is here today and gone tomorrow!
Live for My eternal currency! If you’re going to be real and a representative of the Real Thing, then you’re going to have to
be real in this aspect, too!
Don’t let money, or whoever wields it run your life, but let Me run it. You’ll see the results will be infinitely more
The knowledge of evil is always geared toward personal advantage over someone else, and personal gain. The knowledge
of good serves to do good to others.

Isn’t love a worthier cause to live for than money?

The wealthier people are, the more high-minded they also become and the more they think they are. They base their worth
and significance on their wealth, when I have charged you not to put your trust in uncertain riches but in the living God
Who gives you freely all things to enjoy.

This is your freedom! Freedom from the slavery to money, freedom from fear and worry and pressure the System tries to
put on you by telling you you’re not going to survive if you dare to buck the tide… Freedom to challenge that ridiculous
claim in My name and power. I have challenged it before, and I will gladly challenge it again and again through you and
whoever lets Me.

Your strength and faith in the face of calamities will determine whether you’ve really got something to give, and whether
what you have is going to be real gold faith that’s not going to go up in flames like their paper money and their paper
money faith.

People always figure that as long as they’re doing well financially, I must be pleased with them, and everything’s in order.
Just about the worst imaginable “punishment” for them and the greatest shame is when their finances start to dwindle.
They start feeling useless, or as if I had forsaken them and withdrawn My blessings, when it could also be that I’m
preparing them for a future situation without any money at all, in which case the withdrawal is a token of My love for
I want you to become dependent on Me, not on paper!
I want you to know that I’m a greater force to be reckoned with than any amount of money in the world.
Financial power – all good and nice, but nothing compared to My power!
When it comes to a factor that people put their trust in, then money is definitely My rival no.1, and it happens subtly. How
dependent folks become on money only becomes evident once I start withdrawing it or allow its flow to be reduced. If I
see that it doesn’t have any effect on their faith and trust in Me and they remain cheerful and thankful, then I know money
does not affect them, but if I see that their trust starts to crumble, then we have a problem, and we need to work on it.

I’m trying to lead you away from thinking in lucrative terms only. I want you to see the real value in and of things. I want
you to appreciate what you’ve got. To appreciate something means you know its worth.
Where is that paper money going to be in a few years from now? Where is it going to be in the scope of eternity?
That’s why the love of money is the root of all evil: it keeps you from the true values of life. It leads you down the wrong
path. You think you’ve got to go down that way, when all the while I’m beckoning you to come and follow Me up this way!
I’m trying to teach you that there are more important things than chasing after numbers.
Don’t let your life be ruled and governed by numbers. If you do, you’re bound to wind up becoming nothing more than a
number yourself.

…The School of Life

No matter how much you think others may benefit from what you have to say, there is always more you can learn from
them, if you’re just humble & patient enough to find out.

It’s important you take the time to be more thorough & investigate. Don’t be superficial & rash. There are so many factors
you are not aware of yet. Becoming aware of what’s happening, of what others are feeling & going through is the opposite
of leading introverted lives. It takes time. It takes more than a swift glance into someone’s direction & thinking you’ve
absorbed their situation in a glance & now you’re fully equipped to answer a matter. You have so much to learn.

‘When will they ever learn?’ Many are called, but few choose to learn from the lessons & experiences I bring into their

There is yet much more for you to learn, so, open your ears & your hearts, and be diligent. Be ready for many new
exciting lessons, things to achieve, territories we’ll explore, souls & worlds we’ll conquer.
Only those who see with the eyes of My Spirit, only those who are in tune with Me, can see the opportunities all around,
the adventures, the colorful, endless possibilities.

Ask Me about the things that are going on in your life. There is so much to learn from all you’re going through.

Don’t just let the things you learn inform you, but form you, shape you into something greater. Learn to see with the eyes
of the spirit, not merely acknowledge data & accumulate information. Don’t just accept facts with your brain, but come to
know with the tacit knowing of faith, so you learn to apply the information adequately, and the right bits at the right time.
That’s when believing becomes seeing and faith becomes knowing.

The problem isn’t really much more of a problem than what they would call a mathematical problem in school: It’s a test &
an exercise, a lesson for you to learn, to make you smarter, wiser & a better shepherd, sample & fighter! So far, the
problems & enemies you’ve had to battle, were your own, but the next grade of this school is to learn to overcome the
enemies & problems others are battling with. You no longer just take care of yourself, your own little problems, but
you’ve become responsible to help others with theirs as well.
Don’t be like those kids who consider school to be a drag, but consider it a privilege. The very situation you’re in is
specially tailored for you & your needs, your NWOs & the very things you need to learn to grow & make progress.
All these things are happening for your sake & benefit, to make you stronger!
You should be very thankful for them, as without them there would be no lesson, no wonderfully challenging situation
you can learn so much from!
If you flunk the test, they might flunk the test. A lot of their progress depends on your progress; their sample is largely
dependent on yours.

It doesn’t really matter where or who or what you are, but what matters is that you learn this lesson. The desired results of
all I’m doing in your life is you – and each of you – becoming that person I want you to be: a person that is close to Me,
that trusts Me, that relies on nothing but Me and that won’t be shaken because you stand on Me, the firm foundation,
clings to Me, the Author & finisher, and is satisfied by Me, the great Filler of all things.

Even if you can’t see any sense in what I’m allowing to happen, once you realize that ALL things come from My hand, it’ll
help you to acknowledge Me more & ignore Me less.
Certain things may be a signal from Me, a sign, ‘Hi there! Remember Me?’
Many apparently meaningless details & incidents start making sense once you start turning to Me. It’s like turning a light
on in a dark room. It’s like learning to read: all of a sudden those symbols start making sense.
If you want to grasp the meaning of every day & every moment of life, start learning to read My signs. A lot of things you
may not understand may be My handwriting on the wall, & if you seek Me & ask Me, I can reveal their meaning to you.
It’s like learning to read computer programming language.
Come to Me for tutorship more often, & we’ll teach you lessons on reading the secret script of the matrix of your life.

Making mistakes is part of the school of life, but the goal is to learn to make less of them.

If you’re open, you can learn through anything & everything I’m allowing to happen & bringing across your path.
Openness to My Spirit, My truth & My revolutionary new wind, is one of your greatest assets. You’re taking time to absorb
My Words & My lessons daily, My revelations, and there isn’t in this world anything better you could do!

Learn all that you can from others. Hold back with your own wisdom, and hold your peace and learn your piece!

One day, the subtle tricks of the Enemy, which he used to deceive millions to get them to abdicate, for a mess of pottage,
their highest calling of being their brothers’ keepers, of being teachers & shepherds of the flock, will be exposed & laid
open for the whole universe. The mess of pottage of some personal dream or desire in the end often only turned out a
decoy, a distraction of the Enemy, a compromise to settle for a quick, easy-to-see, easy-to-reach solution or satisfaction,
as opposed to the long & winding, thorny road of faith & patience.
For who would have thought that that child or that youngster could have turned into a brilliant mind, a shining light &
beacon to many under your influence & tutorship? Who could have suspected that they were wide-open treasure chests,
waiting to be filled with what you had to give them?
I’m handing out a crown of great glory to those special few who had the vision, who were faithful, who led My little ones
& guided them by the hand, who had an unselfish love to pour their own lives into those young & brittle vessels, often at
the cost of giving up their own dreams & visions & goals they had for themselves.
Because they had the faith that those young ones could grow & rise above their own limits, that they could far exceed
whatever accomplishments their teachers might otherwise have achieved... Because they were unselfish enough to
esteem another, younger one higher and more important than themselves, therefore I say, Hail to the faithful teachers!
Glory and honor to them from everlasting to everlasting... to those who shared the know & shared the glow, who passed
on the knowledge of My truth in faithfulness & a humble anointing. How greatly shall those be honored by countless
millions... forever.

Stay alert & keep your eyes open for those golden opportunities to touch someone’s life, to influence someone for the
good, which might bring eternal changes, to sow the seeds of My wisdom into their hearts – to teach, being instant in
season and out of season...

I have bestowed upon each one of you the ability to see & comprehend different things, & you can only fully profit from
the things I teach all of you individually by sharing them with each other.
Who knows but what you might have to share could be the missing piece in the picture of the major lesson I’m trying to
teach someone at this very moment in their lives! Or perhaps by what you’ve got to share, something else will be
triggered, a reaction, or a related thread, which might help you or yet another person along...
Sharing the know & being your brothers’ & sisters’ keepers is a wonderful thing. Keep an open mind when you come to
Me in prayer, for what I could show you to convey to someone else.

The lessons you learn from your interactions & experiences with key people serve to make you willing to change into
what you’re supposed to become.

It’s a rough & tough exam you’re learning for: the hour which is to come upon the whole world to tempt them that dwell
on the Earth.

You have really only just begun to learn, and the best attitude to have is to know that you know nothing.
How can you grow when you think you’ve already attained? I can only make nothings into something.
I can only fill the empty & void places, the lowly hearts. You need to have a vacuum; an empty space for Me to fill. If
there’s already too much of something, too much of you; too much satisfaction... how can I fill it?

A passive, fatalistic attitude makes people go around in circles without ever getting anywhere, ever learning but never
coming to knowledge, as one that beateth the air.

Learning of Me, will accomplish a lot more than a thousand days running around in the wings.
Come, sit with Me, & learn of Me, & I will teach & show you how to truly accomplish!

My first foundation stone of higher heavenly education: love.

"Fools laugh only in the sun", but a wiser man will have learned to find joy & laughter even in the rain.
There is still so much for you to learn, & this fact alone should keep you young & fresh & excited at heart.
School has just begun! Don't let the Devil fool you, like the fox & the cat in "Pinocchio" when they were telling him not to
go to school...

To gain greater understanding: talk less, listen more; move real easy, quietly, smoothly, softly & slowly. You want to
acquire understanding? Here’s the first requirement: silence!
Just keeping quiet, listening, not giving good advice, much less lecturing, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. If you
can’t keep quiet & listen long enough, they can’t help but think you’re not even interested enough in finding out about
them & trying to understand.
In order to understand, you must listen. And don’t always answer right away whatever comes to your mind. Let it sink in.
Pray about what you’ve just heard. Learn from it. Take the time to deal with every point & every statement. Find out what
it means. THAT’s the way to learn & gain greater understanding!

Don’t only listen to the words of their mouths, but try to hear the unspoken words of their hearts! Learn the secret
language of what they really mean to say. You can only learn this with the help of My Spirit, and only if you’re seriously
interested, if you sincerely care & want to become a soul winner, if you love them & would like to see them in Heaven!

What else is life all about but learning to care for someone else, learning to help those who are weaker?

The lessons & things that you have learned by experiences in your life or by having tried & proven a certain truth, are
living treasures others can benefit from.

The battles you're experiencing will enhance your love, your personality, your character, your understanding & ability to
deal & interact with your fellowman. Just like I learned a lot from My interactions with people during My time on Earth,
became a lot more understanding of their plight, much more patient & merciful, so will all this serve to teach you greater

Sometimes "bad" things aren't all that bad after all, especially not from My point of view, & when weighed against all the
lessons learned & wisdom gained out of them, which drive people closer into My arms.

I'm a very patient teacher, especially with those who want to learn, even if they sometimes tend to think they're smarter
than the Teacher Himself.

Some encounters, acquaintances & even relationships in life are tests & lessons & learning experiences.
Those who will look to man will always fail sooner or later, because they will always discover flaws that will make them
stumble, if they look to man. Only those who look to Me will make it. Only those who can see My hand in it all, even in
spite of the failings of those who perhaps should know better, will make it.

Watch Me a while & see what you can learn from Me! What do you see? What have I already done in your life? What can
you learn out of it and what do you think I'm trying to tell you through this?

View life as an expedition with many things to observe & study, with tons of details to glean & learn from.

Every new day is a new challenge, a new chapter of your life to be written, involving new lessons, new treasures to hunt
and collect, and, of course, new battles to win.
They're really continuations & sequels of all you've learned in the days before today, but yet there's a feeling & nuance of
newness & strangeness to it all.

This is the inevitable road of humanity: that of having to learn from and with each other.

If you're determined to learn from Me, I am determined to teach you.

Make something better out of what you've got by learning from Me!

You're learning, and that's one thing the Enemy can't stop. That's progress he cannot hinder, because even if you suffer
many blows, you will grow stronger and wiser with each one, and ultimately, he's just going to hang himself by fighting

If you think the time has arrived when there's nothing for you to learn anymore, no more mistakes to improve or correct,
then you're just about to make the biggest mistake of all! You will become nothing but another blind guide of the blind.

Sometimes you've just got to forget everything you've learned in order to find the truth for the moment! You've got to
forget those circumstances which framed your condition that formed your view of things, in other words, just smash the
whole picture (icon=idol) of your perception of things & let Me make it over completely!

My capacity to teach is only limited by your attention span, your capacity to learn, to receive, to listen, to tune in, to let go
of your own ideas long enough.

You're meant to reach out to those around you, your fellowman, loving your neighbor as yourself by helping them to find
the same blessings & answers you have found in Me.
I have simply opened up your eyes a little sooner & have allowed you to find and see the truth before them, in hopes that
you would be faithful to pass it on to them, even though they might not seem as interested, but they need it desperately,
just the same.
I can use anything! Focus on what I'm trying to convey to you & teach you & impart to you through everything you
experience! There is a lesson in everything!

What is being associated with the word "teacher" nowadays, is a teacher without the Holy Spirit: a dead exchange of
lifeless information, no life, no spunk, no enlightenment, because there's no light! A blind guide of the blind.
They're the guardians of the ignorance the Devil wants to bathe his captives in. Whereas I want you, as a teacher of My
wisdom & knowledge, to impart life-giving, liberating truths, not the impoverishing, blinding lies of the System, destined
to hide true knowledge from the people!
They bury the truth, you resuscitate it! You will have to undo a lot of the Devil's work they are doing in countless
children's lives!

It's impossible to really get the point & learn the lesson if you can't see Me in it.
There's lots more to learn about love!

Consider this school of life an apprenticeship where you don't only learn the theories, but also how to apply them in
practical ways! It's time to apply your hands & put some feet to the things you've learned. Life isn't only theory! It's
important you grasp the theory, but the practical part is what will get you somewhere.
You've been receiving it, now it's time to start giving it. Absorb & study it & let it become part of your being.

I'm teaching you many things through the various circumstances of your life, and like any teacher, I am pleased when My
students show interest & take note of the lessons, instead of just letting them pass them by.
I'm teaching you about the futility of so-called "security" in the world by people having lost everything over a few days of
excessive rain, no insurance ever meeting a fraction of their need caused by the calamity.
I'm teaching you about the worldly crooks who try to make money of others' need for love & companionship & exploit
their loneliness & longing for love by the incident with that online flirt service.
I'm teaching you that all things are possible to Me, contrary to the thinking of man, by the way I had your wisdom tooth
come out properly, in spite of the lack of space and the pressure and pain it caused you.
I'm teaching you many things about your fellow men through situations arising with folks you come across, teaching you
to discern their personality types, not in order for you to put them in boxes, but to show you the variety & wonders of
human nature, just as other people would study the variety of species in nature...
I'm teaching you to be a parent with conviction, not to take the (apparently) easier way to let your kids get away with
things you cannot approve of, of letting them have their will against your better knowledge...
I'm teaching you to trust in Me for your providence, not in your own arm of the flesh, by putting you in a situation where
you run risk of losing more by obtaining more.
I'm also teaching you that there is no general blue-print of do's and don'ts, but that everybody has to find out what is
good for their own, particular situation, contrary to the urge to give in to peer pressure, & do like the others do, just
because they do it.
Sometimes I also teach you that something you've been looking for feverishly has already been in your possession, but
you just didn't see it yet.

You're not supposed to find total perfection and sinlessness in an instant! Not until the school of life is over. So keep
learning, keep tuning in, keep paying attention and trying to do your best, knowing that it's Me Who's going to have to do
it through you, that you can't make it without Me...
I just want you to learn to be your best by letting Me, to be the strongest you can be by using My strength, to learn the
best & be the humblest & most loving by simply absorbing Me, learning of Me, breathing Me in & just letting Me do it in

Life is a gift, and I want you to enjoy it. More than being a test, it's a gift for you to enjoy. Your idea & mental projection of
this school of life was too much resembling the picture of a System school. But My school is really a lot more fun, a lot
more loving, a lot more personal.
Hanging out with Me, Your Teacher, is really something that's going to help your life to become easier & more beautiful.
My school isn't supposed to make you worry or fret, "Oh my God; what if I'm going to fail this test... what if I'm going to
fail the teacher? That's not Me, that's not how My school works. It's more like, "Hey, let Me show you something; let Me
help you! I can show you a whole lot of things that can make this whole thing called life a lot easier for you!"

The art of loving is a many-colored & multi-faceted world in itself, enough to keep you busy learning forever. Don't freak
out or panic when something happens you think you can't handle. Rejoice over this new challenge.
Be ready for anything at any time, to take it with a grin.
The main point & lesson, when you're faced with a trial, a burden, any challenge, is: are you going to give it back to Me, or
what are you going to do? If you have 3 options: a) hand it to Me, b) freak out & despair, or c) to try to tackle it in your
own strength, which option do you think is the right one? Next time you're faced with anything that might frighten or
stress you, just remember the abc of success & overcoming. The right answer is always a): hand it to Me!
All those things are to teach you to hand it to Me, to involve Me, to "pray without ceasing."

You must allow My Words to really sink into your hearts. That's from where the fruit of learning comes. Wisdom is so
much more a matter of the heart than the mind. You've got to let Me plant My seeds into your heart, & you must absorb
them with all your heart, not just acknowledge them with your mind. You've simply got to take the time for those seeds to
really sink in. Learning is something that just can't be done in a hurry.
There is so much to learn, but it doesn't all fit into your mind. You've got to make room for it in your heart. Don't seek to
absorb it with your head. Let it sink in deep inside of you!

You learn as you teach.

Sharing things with others makes them more real.
If the spiritually rich & satisfied don't want to hear, then go & find new potential vessels & channels. After I found out
where the learned & elders were at, the Scribes & Pharisees, I went out to seek a few unlearned men to educate them in
the Father's ways from scratch.
Find those who don't have an attitude of, "I'm not searching anymore; I've already got it!"
Even if you have found the truth, you should always stay hungry for more.

Be able to learn something valuable from practically anyone you meet, to believe in others, that I made them for a
purpose, and that you can learn something from that person.

The school of life can be a drag sometimes. But it teaches you some really important and essential stuff that you can't
learn in Heaven.

There are so many details & lessons you miss out on if you just rush through life in a "let me have it all," consumer-type
of attitude. You want to enjoy all there is to enjoy, eat your cake & have it, too, but the most precious lessons & things
gleaned from this life don't come from seeking to receive, but from learning to give.
It's one thing to serve when you're forced to, but it's another thing to really learn to serve voluntarily from the heart,
because you choose to. That is an important lesson to pass on to others, especially your children, because if they only
learn to serve because they have to, then they will always seek a way out of servitude as soon as they can. You must
instill in them a desire to serve, to give, to be of service to others voluntarily, out of love.
It’s nearly impossible to do in the flesh, which is why you need the help of My Spirit. It helps to have a convicting sample
of someone faithfully serving that convicts others & motivates them to think & feel, "I should be like that, too."
Teaching somebody to serve out of love really requires love, and giving and living a loving sample yourself, first.

I'm teaching you how to love, the most important and biggest lesson in life. I want you to learn love from Me. From the
way I love you, you can learn how to love others.

I lead you gently. I'm not telling you bluntly, "This is it you should do," or "that is it," but I teach you to look. "Look! Look
ahead - what do you see? What is there before you today? When you look at the day ahead of you, what do you see? In
what way does My plan for you seem to be manifested today?"

Often it's not so much in what you do as in what you learn.

Sometimes, instead of teaching you a new lesson, I have to make sure you solidify your gains, I make sure that you've
really learned the lesson you've just been taught.

Sometimes, in order to really learn, you must forget all you think you know.
As long as you're eager to learn ever more from Me, chances are that you're really going to learn something. It's only
when you think you already know it all that you stagnate, get stuck & lose it. Be open for the new, My radical and
revolutionary new input, My surprises!

I can only do so much teaching through words. Words are like the theory, but the most effective training is the practical
training, that which you experience in daily life, and your fellowmen are your trainers & fellow-trainees, your coaches, and
sometimes also your pupils and students who need to be coached by you.
I like to be efficient and catch various birds in one shot, and so I have ordained for all of you to be both, each other's
teachers and pupils. The problem is that most folks are much more willing to teach others and have them hear what
they've got to say, than to listen and learn from others.
It's hard when they don't want to hear - like children who don't want to listen and obey. It gives you a glimpse of what I'm
having to deal with, and it makes you appreciate it all the more when you finally do find someone willing to listen.

The essence of My whole teaching is to love others instead of living in a life-long quarrel or even at war with them...
I have given no one a perfect blue print of the truth, but leave it up to everyone to discover it with My help throughout
their lives.

Learn how to see everything through My eyes, to perceive everything with My sense of awareness, perceiving Me in
everything, and thus, along with it, My angle of perception.

Learn to give thanks to the One Who giveth all things, and that all things in this life come from My hands, sometimes as
blessings in disguise, as lessons to learn from, as mountains and goals to tackle; that life isn't just one joyride, but it's
much more like a school, and certain blessings don't precede obedience.
Learn to delight in Me, so that I can give you the desires of your heart.
Learn that happiness can be yours right here and now, through Me.

The best attitude to have and the best role for you to assume is not so much that of the teacher who knows it all, but of a
humble co-learner. There are definitely a lot of things for you to learn, and it's not so much that you are the teacher here,
but more like My principal student. There is nothing that will inspire others to learn the lessons from life, like the sample
of someone doing so: a fellow student who shows his peers and younger brothers all the things he discovers on their
Not in the way of some old know-it-all, but someone young at heart, and fresh, like them, only just discovering those
mysteries and secrets of life, happy and eager to share them with those on your path, as they unfold.
Being a spiritual man means always staying a simple child at heart, an eternal pupil and learner. It's those who think they
know something, who don't really know anything at all; those who think they already see are the ones who are blind. But
as long as you go through life desperately wanting to learn and see and discover what life's all about, that's what I would
consider spiritual.
As long as there's still room in your life for improvement, as long as your life isn't perfect yet, you should always be
openly welcoming change and that wonderful opportunity to learn how to do things differently than in the past, to see
things from a totally new angle, and just let each day be a new learning experience, a new episode, almost like the
beginning of a whole new life.
Don't get stuck in any old mindsets, even if you "already have the truth." Good for you! But what is the truth that I want to
teach you today? What is the lesson, the metanoia, the revelation for this day?

The lesson is more important and valuable than the temporary, fleeting pleasure.
My ambition for you lies in the eternal: what can we take along that’s for keeps, the value of which will last into eternity?
The pleasurable moments are only good for memories that will be shadowed by any tiny moment in Eternity; merely a
drop, compared to the ocean. But the lessons are something not only you, but untold others after you will benefit from for
ages beyond this one. And the lessons usually come out of the less than pleasant experiences...
Lessons come from battles, from confrontations, from sufferings and trials, often brought about by your own human
weaknesses and frailties, the very things you often try so hard to avoid. That which you think is going to be to your
disadvantage, that which you would call a demerit or a minus point, those are actually often the plus points for Me.
Those seeming defeats make you dig down deep in the dirt, like a man digging a well, and they prime the pump that
makes the heavenly water flow. - Heavenly water to refresh generations to come.
There is so much to learn out of all the open books of life - of lives I’ve written, things which at this time many are not able
to grasp, but they will unfold, and one day it will all be so clear, and learning won’t be a boring chore, as it may be for
many today, but it’s going to be one endless thrill.

See the opportunity, not just the obstacle.

It’s life, and the hardships it brings, that write these kind of lessons in your hearts...

When I was on earth, I didn’t spend My whole time just ministering, but actually 90% of the time I spent watching,
observing, learning.
your purpose is not only to teach, but also to learn, to observe, sometimes to just silently witness and do what you can to
influence things for the better. When the final crunch comes, only I will be able to save the world, and although I’m
including all of you, My brides, in this, it is I Whose purpose it was to destroy the works of the devil (1.Jn.3:8).
So, sometimes you just have to ‘stand back & see Me fight’ and learn of Me, look unto Me, listen to Me, receive from Me,
absorb Me. Only when you’ve absorbed Me rightly, can you also convey Me rightly. It’s not like you know everything there
is to know in one day and then jump out on the streets and pass it on, but you need to become a vessel yourself, you live
and you learn.
I’m not putting you in charge of saving the whole world, I just want you to do whatever you can to help Me do it! And I’m
very grateful for all the help I can get. Don’t get so preoccupied with teaching that you lose sight of all there is to learn.
You can learn from Me, the Master Artist, by observation; by quietly watching and studying the method of the Master

Everything you’re learning must be put into practice in order to move you forward!

There's always more to learn, even from people you would have not expected that they might have anything to offer you.
It pays to go through life attentively, with both eyes and ears open, and not get too stuck in your dogmas.

Allow some room for disasters, for head-shaking events, stupidities and atrocities to learn from.
The true learners will always - in the end - learn the lessons that were there to learn out of all of this, and they will be there
to teach the world what really happened...
Just keep following My whispers, My still, small voice that you can hear in the wilderness, leading you - slowly, step by
step, lesson by lesson - on Home.

Don't ever think that you have it all figured out.

You're never going to quit learning about love.
The moment you think you've got it all figured out, a new door will open that will lead you into a whole new dimension you
never even assumed existed.

There are still so many things to show, so many aspects to share from My heavenly point of view, to learn to see the
spiritual causes behind things.
There's more progress to make in your learning to become like Me.

I give to every person lessons and challenges in life that are according to their talent and personality type, and what I
know they can handle.
Since I know what you can handle, it's alright for you to go through this lesson.

Where the process of learning from others sets in, voilá, you will have stumbled upon one of the major purposes and
meanings of life.
The meaning behind the differences that exist between people is part of the meaning of life: to behold the difference of
the other and learn from it, absorb it, register it, test it, prove it, and if it turns out to be any good, perhaps assimilate it, or
at least accept and tolerate it.

The "beginner's mind..." - the prerequisite for all learning. The more you know, the more you know you don't know. If
people only had a clue how little they know. If you can face each new day with the innocent ignorance of a child, a hunger
to learn, a desire to still that lack of knowledge, then you're able to learn a lot faster than those who think they already
know everything and have to be re-educated first. There's so much you all have to un-learn!
Forget what you think you know, and realize how little you really know, and how much there is yet to learn! How can you
learn when you think you already know it all?
If you realize you've all got so much to learn together and from each other and with each other, then it's not one person
acting as the "master" over the others, but each one just humbly shares what they're learning as you go...
Let Me teach you! As you continue learning from Me, absorbing the words from My mouth, you will at last truly learn.

If you trust that what I teach you is good and you just take what I give you at a time, you will see that it will all make
perfect sense eventually, and take you to a happiness and enlightenment you would not have deemed possible before.
Like Adam, you walk through this savage garden, surrounded by all the animals, some of which are so much bigger and
taller and stronger than you, equipped with greater survival skills, but you don't find your mate among them. But
suddenly you wake up one day and find next to you one just like you to accompany you through this life's journey, to love
and be loved by, to share with and learn with and from, as well as to teach, or simply to sit at My feet together and learn
from Me.
Everyday is a little bit like the first day, when understanding and clearly seeing and hearing first began... It's not as if
everything you learned previously is all there, right away, but you have to re-activate that knowledge, that conscience, re-
establish your tie of love and trust with Me...

Life isn't going to get boring, because there is yet so much to learn, so much further to go...

Although you have found the truth, your life isn't perfect yet, and it's not as if you'll never have to learn another thing from
someone else.
It's give and take. You teach and you learn, even from people who may seem to have much less to give than what you've
got. If you're humble enough to be in a receiving and learning position in relation to anyone you come across, you'll find
life in general a much greater success, when you come to the end of the road, than if you go through it constantly
pushing your own thing on others.

Everybody wants to be popular with the younger generation, but it's only those who don't care too much about popularity
who are going to be able to teach them anything.
The most dangerous threat to genuine learning is the illusion that you're right, and that there's nothing to change about
your views & attitudes.

You cannot look at the provocation, you must look at the lesson behind it. Will you fall for that provocation right in front
of your nose, or will you be wise and look beyond, at the lesson and the purpose in it?
If you see it as a lesson and a test, it's much easier not to fall for it. Sometimes the gist of the lesson lies in ignoring
situations that would provoke you to become aggressive.
Just look at Me, the Teacher beyond the immediate challenge of the situation.

If you think there's nothing left for you to learn, then you won't have very much to teach others.

Losses and gains are only numbers and statistics, and they may have their place of importance to some extent. But
what's really valuable to Me is the lessons and the experiences they bear, like some deep imprint of life's wisdom on your
soul, that gives your life the real beauty and value.
Loss is gain if you look at it trough My eyes: it will be the gain of new opportunities, greater trust and confidence in Me,
the lasting Factor in your life; greater dependence on Me, greater wisdom, greater treasures of experiences and lessons
learned; the true values of life.

What really matters is not your physical position, but your place at My feet, where you can learn from Me and from those
prophets which were before you that which is essential to give and pass on to those who will be ready to receive you and
your message and whatever you will have to give, especially when the troubles which are to come and must come will

By taking the humble seat and refusing to put yourself above anyone, but respecting their way of dealing with things, you
can sometimes learn a lot more, and wind up with a few surprises here and there.

If you walk through life with the humble attitude that you can learn something from anyone, and anything they've got to
say, from any child or person, you'll find you'll develop a lot more patience with your fellowmen.

Focus (on) what you can do for others in order to help them to move along and make headway in the school of life or just
make it through today's battles.

Whatever lesson I try to teach you always brings home the point better when there's a real life experience attached with it.
Show Me what you've learned and picked up from Me! Show Me who is the greatest among you and can be the servant of

If there is a school of life, and I’m its Teacher, what the Devil came up with in order to distract people from the school
and the meaning of life, was his counterfeit “school,” the compulsory public school system.
He’s trying to make sure that people – and young people in particular – won’t get the chance to tune in to the real school
of life, by keeping them busily stuffing their heads with the counterfeit knowledge concocted in his public school system.
The school system simply won’t “click” with a lot of people, who, like you did, instinctively feel that it’s not doing them
any good, not teaching them anything truly valuable.
Tell them about the cool alternative! Tell them about the school of life! Tell them about Me, the Master Teacher, Who can
really teach them stuff that’s worthwhile, 100% relevant to real life.
If the school system is the Enemy’s counterpart to My real school of life, then you have to cope with the fact that every
hour your child is spending in school, she’s being soaked with something other than what I would teach her, if she were
exclusively under My tutorship.

Life is constructed in such a way that it’s bound to happen that you slip and fall and mistakes, so that precious lessons
can be learned from it. But it’s pretty important that you do learn the lessons, and not just keep falling into the same trap
and repeating the same old mistakes over and over again.

I can show and teach you a lot of things, as soon as you know what it is you want and need to learn… or that there’s a
need for you to learn at all!
You can either drift through life passively, or you can have goals before you that you want to reach, things you want to
learn and accomplish, fruits to take with you along your journey Home.
Do you still have a vacuum and a hunger to acquire more of what I’ve got to share with you? Or are you satisfied, like
those who figure there is so much they know already, there couldn’t possibly be anything they might be able to learn from
anyone else?
The best teachers are those who remain perpetual students. They stay open. They don’t close up. There’s a spirit of give
and take, not just an outpouring from a stagnant reservoir that doesn’t allow any fresh water in!
Once you’ve learned a new lesson from Me in theory, you’ve got to look around for opportunities to put it into action, how
to apply it in real life…
Take it from the dormant domain of your thoughts and your interior into the lucid and awake realm of your actions, the
things you actually do.

Learning to communicate with Me is going to be so extremely vital and expedient for your survival in the near future, that
I can’t let up on you and let you enjoy a carefree life. The lesson has got to be learned, there’s no way around it!
I need to use extreme measures to teach you this ultimate and supreme lesson. Only this way you’re going to be able to
do well in all the other lessons as well. You can only learn how to love others properly if you first love Me by tuning into
Me sufficiently for Me to show you how to love them!
The ultimate lesson is to have Me in the first place in your life.

When you stay tuned to My Spirit and you stay on My wavelength, life will inevitably reveal itself to you as an ongoing
series of lessons and new confirmations and reminders of those lessons in order to make sure that you really learn them,
I’m a Teacher Who dedicates extra time and special attention to each of My students, tuning in to their personal progress,
and always making an effort to give them just what they need.
Of course, you must stay tuned, keep paying attention to what I’m trying to tell, show and teach you.
I present My students with a real life problem, and I challenge them to find a solution in teamwork with Me and their class
mates, and you’ve come up with some wonderful stuff which might potentially help others in similar future situations.
You can definitely tell you’re making progress when the lessons you’ve learned are improving your life-style, your
sample, your witness and testimony, and your fruitfulness for Me.
My school of life is certainly relevant to your daily life, and it isn’t just all theory or useless facts you won’t ever need in
real life, which is one of the great laments about the current public school system.
My curriculum is actually based on real life, and Real Life is one of My favorite subjects I like to teach on!
I teach you the maths as you need it, and the arithmetic as you go, and the writing skills as you employ them.

Learning isn’t just about acquiring knowledge. It’s living the experience you’re growing through, feeling it, absorbing it
and letting it transform you.
Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re gaining or winning anything new at all, but rather as if you’re losing something, and
it’s true: you’ve got to get rid of some excess weight that will just hinder your growth and slow your progress down. Part
of learning is to discern what things to hold on to and what things to let go, and before the end of the day I hope you’ll
have found out that the amount of things to let go far exceeds the amount of those you should hang on to.
One of the major factors in all that you’re learning is to trust in My doing, more than your own. I will always have to do the
major part in order for anything to work, and if I’m not in it, then it usually won’t happen.

There’s lots more to learn and more room for improvement. The worst thing to do is to assume the position of one who
thinks he has arrived. That’s the moment you stop growing and making progress and thus start to backslide.
As long as you’re learning, receiving new things from Me and feel as if there are lots of new things for you to find out and
yet for you to accomplish, and you keep an “empty” attitude of one who has yet much more to learn than what he already
knows, there’s hope.
For some reason I must have brought this person into your life, and that means that you’re going to learn some essential
lessons from your interaction with them.

It’s a pretty lonely job, being Father to so many distracted children, off on Pleasure Island, having fun and letting the Devil
turn them into jack-asses…
That’s why it’s of utter importance to Me that there are at least some who are aware of the Enemy’s scheme and won’t
allow themselves to fall for it, but make others aware of what’s going on, too…
I want them to attend the school of life and pay attention to what I’m trying to teach them. But the Devil whisks them all off
to Pleasure Island, keeping them busy, busy, busy with his amusements, away from thinking – or putting them through
his fake imitation school, where they pretend to teach them things and fill their heads with enough clutter so that there
won’t possibly be any space left for what’s essential.

Follow Me, the Great Teacher, step by step, to find out what I’m trying to teach you out of every single circumstance and
situation of your life, especially the unpleasant ones.

Every day is a fresh learning experience.

The knowledge I hand out to you comes in daily portions, and each day is like a learning unit or a “class.” That’s why
journals are extremely helpful in retrieving the things you learn on a daily basis, and one day you will be able to recall and
summon a particular lesson from any particular day or experience you’ve had in life.
If you teach others from mistakes you made, that shows them just how human you are, and how much just like them, and
that you’re not some super special case, endowed with extraordinary gifts from on high, but that you’ve learned by trial
and error, basically the same way they have.
You’ve come to conclusions, and human conclusions are in some ways more helpful in teaching others than divine
It’s the difference between one who teaches what he has learned from books and one who teaches what he has learned
from experience. You’ve been there, and you can tell of the pitfalls to avoid, and of the things to watch out for.
It doesn’t always seem as though there were an awful lot of people even interested in gleaning such deep lessons out of
life, but you’ve got to trust that even if there’s only going to be one, it will have been worth it.

Learning to take each other where you’re at is part of this school of life, and that also includes learning to take yourself
where you’re at, assessing where you stand, coping with it, and doing your fellowmen the favor of loving and accepting
them just like you’re inevitably going to have to do it with yourself, if you want to live a happy life.

So, you’re having to deal with a set of unpleasant circumstances. What are they trying to teach you?

You cannot play hooky in the school of life.

There are a lot of mistakes made that people could learn from, a lot of lessons to be learned out of life, and out of history,
but that’s not what they’re interested in or concerned about. They’re not concerned about avoiding the same mistakes
over and over again.
That’s why people never learn anything from history; not their own, and much less anyone else’s: they’re not interested.
All they care about is what’s there to consume right here and now, to hell with any potential repercussions and

I’m teaching you personally through the school of life and your experiences, all that you have to go through, your trials
and lessons… these are all ways in which I communicate and interact with you.
They complete another piece in the puzzle of the deeper meaning of everything.

If you honestly and humbly admit that you still have lots to learn, you’ll get further than by the method of appointing
yourself to the only position of the teacher, and everyone else as the students.
See yourselves as “fellow-students,” each in a position of give and take, and with everyone involved able to both teach
and learn something.

The children of disobedience (See Eph.2:2) will be sad history, available for all future generations, as a painful lesson to
learn from.
Folks can tend to become impatient with Me and say, “When will You finally put an end to all this?” But it’s supposed to
be a lesson for all of eternity, so we’ve got to make it have an impact, and not just some short little lesson that people are
going to be prone to forget.
Let’s say, We’re trying to make this Lesson unforgettable.

I’m a lover of details. I’m the Great Teacher, and I love it when My pupils do their homework and thoroughly.

Experience will be their best teacher, even as it has been yours.

After all, isn’t that what life is all about, and what you really learn the gist of life’s lessons from? Not from lectures or from
books, sermons or talks, but from experience. That is the language that really writes those lessons of life deep into your

I never run out of things to teach you. Compared to all that is yet to learn, you haven’t even begun, so I certainly wouldn’t
want you to get the impression that this was it, that the show is over with nothing left to learn, or that you’ve learned all
there is to know.

There is something new to learn out of every situation.

“The unexamined life is not worth living,” Socrates said, and in many ways he was right. It takes a deeper look at
everything, including the degree to which you live up to your own responsibilities, in order to really get out of life all that
it is supposed to teach you. Sooner or later each life will be examined and what will have been gained will be summarized,
so it’s only reasonable and recommendable to begin that process during your life-time, and before the final exam.

Only I can really teach you how to do it. Will you let Me?
Will you finally pay enough attention to Me in order to show you how this really works?
You’ve been trying to rattle around with all the levers and knobs of the machinery of love without really having a clue how
it works, so, should I finally give you a hand and show you how it works properly?
There’s something you learn in the silence, in that void and lack of all the usual noise and clamor that you don’t learn
anywhere else, but it’s the only thing ever worth learning, ever worth keeping going at.
Let Me teach you and show you how it goes. Let’s see what a difference it will make in your life to receive a few lessons
from the Master Himself.
As long as you think you can already do it, what need is there for you to learn anything – according to your perception?
Well, now that you’re realizing that you’re not quite as good at this thing called love as you thought, let Me teach you a
few things about it!

The school of life is about finding out who will be the smart guys who won’t fall into the same old traps over and over
again. Who are the ones who will wake up to the fact that this is not where it’s at and the way things are supposed to be,
and will start looking for an alternative and a way out…
There’s always more to learn, so there’s always more and something new for Me to teach you, although eventually in your
life the emphasis will shift from learning to teaching others.

If you put on a student’s attitude, ready to learn something new from the situation you encounter, then you can be ready
for new lessons, and thus an expansion of your previous scope, and thus the scope of your wisdom and experience will
It all depends whether you encounter the situation in a yielded, ready and open and child-like spirit, or with a wise-guy
attitude, which makes you critical of anything new and different you encounter… The former will make you grow and
progress, the latter will make you stagnate and shrink your horizon and scope into a sad little world in your head that
simply won’t allow any growth or newness, constantly limited by whatever bounds you seek to impose on your little
In the first scenario, you truly let Me be God and show you just how vast the universe I created really is. In the second,
you insist on being your own god, limiting your own, personal little universe to all the limitations and boundaries you
allow, thus narrowing your horizon and your capacity to grow and expand to a fraction of the world that I could show you.
That’s basically what is happening in most people’s minds nowadays, and why intolerance and discrimination are
rampant. Everybody thinks they’re smart enough to judge who is okay and who isn’t, and if, according to their judgment,
a certain group or kind of people is not okay, they will discriminate against them, persecute them, attack them or wipe
them out altogether.
They insist on playing god themselves, instead of allowing Me to be their God and broaden their scenario and teach them
about the different kind.

There’s so much to learn in life, and the greatest tragedy of the times is that folks aren’t really paying attention to what’s
there to learn. Their heads are being stuffed with useless information by the Enemy, and accordingly, they’re totally
missing the point and flunking the school of life.

I usually like for My children to learn from their own experiences.

I allow every type of experience just at the point in time when I think you’re ready for it and when there are actual chances
that you’re going to pass the test and it’s not too obviously predictable that you’re going to flunk it.
I’ve always let you experience what you needed to in order to learn the lessons you had to learn about this world and all it
promises and where it’s really at.
Experience is a better teacher than anything I could tell you in advance. You have to find out for yourself.

Life is a school, which – if you’re an attentive pupil – will teach you that it certainly pays to trust and believe in Me, no
matter how ridiculous the Devil may make that notion appear by all his artistically and artificially concocted appearances
of fake realities and “truths” such as the theory of evolution.

For those who want to know everything, tell them to cheer up: “Nothing is hidden that shall not be revealed.” That’s a
Promise that all of you really curious folks can look forward to being fulfilled by Me.
On a personal and individual level, it happens to some extent at the moment of a person’s death. They’re finding out a lot
of things about their lives that they didn’t see during their life-times, and they’re being shown the gist of the hidden
meaning of things in their own personal lives for starters.
And the learning continues and goes on and on from there.
What good would Judgment day be if there was nothing to be learned from all that has been done wrong throughout
history, including the hidden sins and crimes and deceptions that went on behind the scenes that never came out?


It’s not good to be working with people who can’t give you any spiritual support.

It’s easy to spot the negative in others, and so difficult to see the good. Oh, it’s easy to see the good in others that are far
away, like in those unreachable superstars the Devil is trying to get everyone to think they’re so great, well – maybe some
of them are. But that person next door or in the next room?
Instead of unrealistically glorifying people that are completely out of our reach, why not come to grips with the fact that
their whole wonderful appearance might be just a fake, whereas those people you think you know so well may have a
deeper side to them than you might ever know, if you don’t care to find out.
Look beyond that which you can see! Look into the heart! There you will see real & lasting beauty! You may also see pain,
you may see tears & hurt, but you will never, never wind up disappointed by some pretty false front there that turns out to
be something completely different than what it pretended to be! Look deeper!
Look into the hearts of people! Open your eyes to the depth that lies beyond the apparent!

You don’t all have the same tastes, likes & dislikes, (-and you don’t have to). Are you going to be able to work with
each other in spite of your differences?
There are great lessons to be learned, about team spirit, about humility, about not seeking that which is your own, about
preferring one another...
There are different types of human personalities, like there are different types of angels and spirit beings, different types
of animals or astral bodies: stars, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, etc. They all fulfill different purposes to maintain the
balance of the universe.

Indifference & familiarity are 2 major enemies of true & good friendship & companionship. Gratitude’s an attitude you
can’t do without as friends! And show your appreciation by returning kind deeds of love.
You don’t have the patience for friends with handicaps? I was an Outcast, the Son of God, permanently marked as ”not
one of them”, battling with the Devil all My life, appalled by the hypocrisy, hardness & evil of their hearts & destined to die
a criminal’s death. My destiny was My handicap!
Work on your qualities as a friend. Your companions need someone loving, patient & understanding, not aggravated!
Here comes in the art of discerning between the sin & your friend, the sinner.
Freely give yourselves to each other unselfishly, without expecting anything in return.

I have made women different; the soft, warm, emotional counterpart to the hard, cool, rational way of the masculine
There is more you can do in order to understand them, and I want you to! That’s your homework for this course in inter-
human relationships you subscribed to in this college of life.
It’s work, & the hardest part is overcoming your own lethargy & lack of interest.
Life is all about venturing out into the unknown, exploring the other side, conquering the new. Otherwise there’s no
progress, no challenge, no growing, no forward movement.
Put yourself in their shoes to try to see & feel things the way they do.
In order to be loved by them, you need to love them enough to be willing to try to understand them, to leave your
masculine pedestal & descend to the depth of the female psyche. Don’t worry; don’t be afraid; I’m not going to let you get
lost there... I’m holding your hand, & I’ll be your guide.
I’m the Lover of all lovers, & I can teach you a lot about women that you don’t know, but you’ve got to show some interest
& do the part you can do, so I in return can do what you can’t & fill in the blanks, or whisper in your ears what you don’t
find in the textbooks.
Many men simply don’t care enough to want to understand.
Finding out what women want could improve life on planet Earth a whole lot.

This “in love” type of love is a selfish form of love, it’s wanting another person, it’s not really giving. It falls more into the
domain of Lust & its motto, ”I love me & I want you!” – That’s basically what most of the World is mistakenly seeing as
love, but it’s not always real love, although I can use these kind of feelings sometimes to bring about My will in a person’s
Many people in the World have an in-built, automatic defense mechanism against other people’s ”in love” feelings, & they
often become cold, harsh & unloving towards those who are in love with them, resulting in unrequited love, one of the
great & sad mysteries of life. The answer is rooted in the secret of true love: not looking & waiting for someone to love
you & make you happy, but going out & finding someone else to love & make happy. Once you do this & apply & give love
yourself, you also become more attractive to those you want to love you.
Before the position of your heart is right, it acts like the wrong pole of a magnet: it pushes people away. This feeling of “I
want you!” often has the opposite of the desired effect. But once your heart is truly turned toward Me & you allow Me to
love others through you, they become attracted to you, too.

Don’t only listen to the words of their mouths, but try to hear the unspoken words of their hearts! Learn the secret
language of what they really mean to say.
Many people only act in a superficial manner because they are afraid to show their true, inner self. Listen harder. And
look deep into their hearts, deeply into their eyes & let Me reveal to you their thoughts, their desires, their fears, their
dreams & heartaches.

It is human nature only to want to spent time with those you look up to, those you admire & think are cool. But I have
ordained it thus that in order to truly enrich oneself, they’ve got to give to those who are weaker: those who look lower or
baser in your eyes, those you naturally don’t feel inclined to spend so much time with.
Everybody wants to hang with the rich, the strong, the beautiful, that’s just human nature, so that they can benefit from
those qualities of these privileged somehow. But the way to become truly rich, strong & beautiful yourself - in spirit - is
not by spending time only with those who already have those qualities, but by stooping down to help & lift up those who
are looking up to you.
Look not only at what you can get from others, those you look up to, but look also at what you can give to others, to
those who look up to you, & who need you. Focus on the children, the sheep, the needy.
I want you to become like a river. Where does a river flow? It doesn’t flow to the high places, it flows to the low places. To
those who have not, those who are parched & dry & thirsty & yearn & thirst for you & what you’ve got to give. So, your
focus has just been a little bit too much on the high regions, which don’t really need what you’ve got to give that much.
Give not to those you would like to receive from, but to those who are willing to receive from you.
Look not only up at the high & mighty, but look down on the low & downtrodden & discover the excitement of being
needed - not by those you want to need you, but those who need you already.
In order to find people who look up to you, you must not seek those who are attractive to you, but those who are
unattractive, humble, lowly, those who apparently have got nothing to give in return. You never know what unexpected
rewards might come to you through unselfishly giving to & loving someone you might consider unlovely... Focus on the
need of others & the needy, & I will richly repay.
Do your utmost possible to treat people with an equal amount of respect, courtesy & love, paying attention to the younger
as to the older, the handsome & the ugly, the weak as much as to the strong, to the poor & needy as much as to the rich &
wealthy, & soon you’ll see that there isn’t even such a vast difference between them. Those who you expected a lot from
might turn out to be a disappointment, whereas those of whom you would have expected nothing or little might pleasantly
surprise you.

I'm trying to get you to have positive faith in people, or at least in My power to change people, & not give up on them
prematurely. Have faith in the people I've put by your side, faith that sees what no one else can see, "the good &
possibilities that others cannot see."
I will pray for you, that your faith for them will not fail, & your love for them will not fail.
You don't want to spoil them, & you figure they should learn to manage to function & operate properly, regardless of
circumstances. But people don't "function & operate" like machines, they actually need that little human ingredient called
love to "function" properly!
Physical relationships, marriages, families, etc., have all proven to be more fragile & subject to time than ever before. The
reason for this is that the lasting values that used to strengthen relationships before have been removed from them, and
those are precisely the spiritual ingredients I want you to help people to re-discover.
People don't even know anymore how to find the right partners because they are so conditioned by the System to look for
superficial qualities in partners, & they're making physical things the most important requirements, instead of ensuring
first of all that the spiritual foundation is there, which includes being the right kind of partner, not just finding the right

I give everyone multiple chances, and I want you to learn likewise, to have patience with others & learn better how to
handle their flaws.

I use people to make people, to shape people, to influence people & change people. People are some of My favorite tools
& instruments. There's nothing like people to affect or change or even make people. What they will become mostly
depends on their own choices, & last not least, the influences they get from other people. People make people, in more
ways than one.

You've got to learn to love folks even with their mistakes. "Love the sinner & hate the sin" doesn't really mean, "Sure, I'll
love the sinner. As soon as he gets rid of the sin!" Imagine if that was My attitude! No, loving the sinner means loving
them in spite of their sin & patiently helping them to overcome their sin & having the faith that they will eventually
manage to do so by My grace!
When you look at people, what I want you to see is somebody I love. The way to not motivate somebody is to think of
them as somebody who "doesn't look like they're going to make it" or whatever drawer you feel you've got to put them in!
If you want people to stop putting you into drawers, you've got to stop that habit yourself first of all!
Give people a chance! And give Me a chance to touch them, to work in them, to bring about a change. It's never too late
for that change.
Never ever give up on anyone prematurely. Never condemn them or judge them in your heart for not making progress fast
enough! Never condemn them for their weaknesses!

You're prone to avoid unpleasant subjects, trying to avoid unpleasant confrontations, when it's simply part of love to
bring up those subjects at times, for the sake of greater honesty, openness & humility. It also shows that you have
greater faith in each other, that you believe it's not going to make the other one stumble, if you bring this up now. It
teaches you consideration, tact & responsibility in your conversation, because you will be prayerful about your choice of
words, in order not to offend the one you'll be talking to. This is all practicing & acting out My Law of Love, whereas if you
don't do these things, you'll simply stagnate & never make any uphill progress. No communication, no advancement, all
for fear of touching the unpleasant subjects...

It's all a matter of focus, like Pollyanna said: "If you look for the bad in people, you're going to find it." The trick is to look
at the good & focus on the good, which, in essence, means to focus on Me in each of you, the hope of glory. It's having
faith for each other, faith that looks not so much at what you or they are, but what by the grace of God someday you're all
going to be. That's seeing the spiritual man or woman in each other, as opposed to seeing only the flesh, and that's where
having a spiritual relationship starts.
Sometimes familiarity can really kill it. You live with someone for years & you're so familiar with all their faults & you lose
faith that they could actually be used by Me in some mighty or special way. You lose interest in whatever they're getting
from Me, just because you know the vessel so well, you figure, "Well, what's in there couldn't be much better than what I
already know of his outside." Wrong. You have incredible treasures in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power
may be manifest as clearly being Mine & not your own.

I'm teaching you to learn to love each other to the point where you're willing to lay down your life for the other, in spite of
whatever flaws or imperfections each may have, by learning to see them through the eyes of the spirit and My eyes of

This is the inevitable road of humanity: that of having to learn from and with each other. There are times of solitude when
I just seclude you unto Me & hold you close to My breast & nourish you, just tuning in to you and your needs alone, but
there are also those times when I require you to humble yourself & get down to the nitty-gritty of having to deal with other
humans' weaknesses, the confrontation of their handling your weaknesses and differences of opinion. Climbing the
mountain of this life consists in overcoming those differences & sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles of
qualities you spot in each other you just don't feel you're able to reconcile with. But that's one of My favorite ways I like to
prove My power, when you say, "I can't! I just can't cope or deal with that," I say, "You can! Just give Me a chance, & I'll
prove it to you!"

I want you to be more understanding of your brothers & sisters, to empathize more with them & walk a mile in their shoes.

Have faith in them. Have faith in My power to change them and make them what they're meant to be!

Every living soul is a sheer endless source of subjects to talk about, especially since it also gets in touch with endless
amounts of yet other souls, and each of these encounters & constellations forms a different picture, endless
opportunities, and so many things to find out.

Concern for others is a key to your own liberation.

I want your marriage to be a type of My marriage to you, and there is no way you could hide things from Me, so be honest.

How much are you able to cope with others in spite of their faults?
Blessed are those who see the good & possibilities others can't see & who can just accept & love people the way they

I'm happy you're becoming aware of the need to find out more about people - the most interesting "things" I ever made.
I'm glad you're overcoming your fears of them because you're getting to know what lies behind their actions, and you're
maturing into a state where you will be able to help people instead of considering yourself their victim.
Often they're just victims of their own ignorance, of nobody telling them any better, victims of the lies they've been told &
of a lack of the truth. And one has to be careful to give somebody the light who's been in darkness for so long, they often
react adversely to it. Their adverse reactions have scared you in the past, but I'm teaching you to overcome those fears.
It's a process of your own healing in order for you to be able to heal others.
Praying for them is laying the ground work, & getting done those things you're powerless to do!

I want your relationship and marriage to be one where you really don't have to hide anything from each other.
Find out how much power 2 people can really develop when there are absolutely no secrets between them! Nothing to

Role reversal is part of My scheme to teach people to walk a mile in the other one's shoes.

Everybody in the world can love the person they're emotionally attracted to, they have a crush on or are in love with. But
learning how to love unselfishly, for My sake and for the glory of My kingdom is a whole different ball game!
You're actually learning to become each other's servants for My sake, for My Kingdom's sake, for the sake of the souls
you're winning together by becoming a frutiful team!
And instead of being all enwrapped in your emotions for each other, too busy to care about Me and My affairs, you're
each learning to put Me first in your lives, to let Me be the one to fill that greatest yearning for utter love, and I will honor

Harmony can be obtained by keeping the code of conduct that prefers the others' welfare over their own & that will do
everything in one's power to avoid causing the other's discomfort on your own behalf. If the others' welfare is actually
more important to you than your own, you'll simply conduct yourself in a manner that will always try to make sure that
you are making things alright for them.
Your whole attitude is geared toward them instead of your own needs and desires. It means to lick selfishness & to put
your whole self on the backburner for the sake of others.
If you haven't been willing to lay down your life everyday in the little things & ways for others, if you constantly prefer
your own welfare & consider your own well-being more important than theirs, then you won't be able to lay down your life
for them in a real life & death situation either. It starts today, with the little things.
It means to constantly look out for opportunities to make life a little easier & more pleasant for the others... to seek for
ways to serve each other. It really makes life more enjoyable. So many have lost and forgotten that art, mostly due to
familiarity. As soon as they notice an unpleasant quality in someone they often figure, "Oh, they're so far from perfect,
why should I do them a favor?" Or, "They've got this & that weakness, certainly they're not worthy of me sacrificing
anything of my own resources or efforts for them..." This doesn't happen consciously, but it's often the underlying
attitude that's there.
Whereas the kind of love I want you to have for one another is the kind that keeps loving unconditionally, that refuses to
let the Enemy plant any negative thoughts about them in your mind & automatically casts a veil over any fault or flaw you
might detect in them. You make that conscious decision: "No, I refuse to focus on that flaw in that person." And you can
ask Me, "Lord, help me to see them as You do!"
Even if the Devil insists on showing you the bad, "Look here, their flaws, they're obvious, look at them!" You just slam the
door in his face & say, "Get lost, punk!" And you refuse to even look at it. You just make a constant decision to accept
them the way they are,