Vegetable carving completed display piece

Category: A2.... Participants: each participant may display 1 exhibit per day. Each participant may only take part in this category once. But participants can also take part in Category A1 for the title “Champion of the 1st International The Big Carving Contest Innsbruck – fafga 2013”. Exhibition days: September 16, 17 & 18. Exhibition venue: Each participant is allocated a display space on the morning of their exhibition day. Maximum size 80 cm wide x 120 cm long. It is recommended you bring along a signboard showing the topic of your display piece. Sequence of events: Delivery of display pieces and registration from 6.30 – 8.30 a.m. From 8.30 a.m. start of jury assessment. Nobody exhibiting may be present in the competition area during this time. 4 p.m. Notification of results. Please note: Your display piece must remain in the exhibition until 5.30 p.m. Each participant removes their own display piece. Pieces not removed by then will be removed by us and the following day they will be displayed, not as part of the competition, with the carver’s name on them. Material: All kinds of fresh vegetables and fruit are permitted. This shall be brought to the exhibition already carved and put together in the time allowed. Each participant is permitted to have one helper. Permitted: Toothpicks, sticks, vegetable adhesive for fixing and stabilising. These however must not be visible (subject to deduction of marks) Decoration materials (see above for exceptions) to enhance your carving. You should not use: - Decoration materials that contain bacteria (e.g. moss with earth, fresh bark, prepared animal life…) Application: Verband der Köche [Association of Chefs] Austria, Province Tyrol go to The Big Carving Contest 2013 Information: Alex Neumayer or 0043/664 5120172 In German or English

Payment: € 30.- on application. Participants’ application fees will be reimbursed at the registration venue. Account holder: Verband der Köche/Sektion Tirol IBAN: AT69 2050 3033 0130 8445 BIC: SPIHAT22XXX Prizes: Places 1 to 5 a cup - Everyone receives a certificate Participants receive a certificate of participation and prizes if applicable at the awards ceremony on their participation day. Prizes are also awarded for the best 5 display pieces over all 3 days. Place 1 € 800.Place 2 € 600.Place 3 € 400.Place 4 € 200.Place 5 € 100.+ + + + + Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate + Cup + Cup + Cup + Cup + Cup

Criteria for assessing the Category Vegetable Carving DISPLAY PIECE: Level of difficulty: 0- 25 Level of difficulty involved is assessed on personal artistry, absolute commitment, as well as the carving techniques applied and different elements in the completed work. Competence with materials / execution (including cleanliness): 0- 25 Assessed on the skills involved in working the materials, as well as delicacy and precision of execution. Creativity / artistic design: 0- 25 The overall impression should generate enthusiasm. Implementation of own ideas should be identifiable. Advertising effect / sales promotion: 0-25 In this connection display pieces based on original ideas should be realised with fresh fruit and vegetables. The work should be appropriate to the chosen theme and the overall impression should be of an integrated piece. 300 is the total number of points possible. No half points are awarded.

Photo rights: The organiser and press representatives invited by the organiser have the right to publish photos of participants’ work. Participants have the right to publish their own pieces of work. Participants and others do not have the right to publish work by other participants in their publicity material or anywhere else, except with the permission of the participant or the organiser.

For questions on competition rules & regulations: By e-mail to: or 0043/664 5120172 In German or in English Accommodation: Accommodation and catering from 16.09. – 18.09.2013 are organised by the Tyrol section of the Association. Application for the accommodation required must be carried out by participants themselves to the following address: Villa Blanka Innsbruck Tourismusschulen and Internate Weiherburggasse 31, A 6020 Innsbruck Tel. no: (0043 +512) 292413 (Mrs. AUER) Reservations must be in by 06. 09. 2013. On competition days there will be a free shuttle bus to take you to the events venue and back. The Tyrol section will pay only for services actually used. Should a participant reserve for a longer period and leave earlier, or not use their services, they will need to pay for the services not used. A midday and evening meal with a drink can be consumed at the fafga without charge. Organiser: fafga VKÖ / Tyrol Kochen und Kunst ( Alex & Angkana Neumayer) For participants in categories A1 and A2 The prize for the winner for the best vegetable display piece from competitions A1 + A2 together will be awarded on the day of the final. The points from both competitions are added together and result in the ranking. The winner is

The Champion of the 1 International The Big Carving Contest Innsbruck - fafga 2013

Own cup with prize money of € 500.-

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