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The Mental Monster Delaney Taylor Ms. Roberts/English 1 5/20/2013 Waxahachie Global High School


When people have lost their perspective on life, it is often said that they, Cant see the forest for the trees. Living can become complicated when you try to objectify and expect huge achievements from yourself. It is very important not to get caught up in little things, or the trees in that quote, and lose track of the large things, like the forest. It creates major problems when you forget to keep track of who and what you are and instead choose to focus on what you need to be and what is expected of you. Dont get caught up in lifes minor issues and forget what it is that you stand for. Goals are a major part of life. Almost everyone in the world has at least one goal or even a bucket list that they want to accomplish before death. There is nothing wrong with goals until they encompass who you are. The most common life goals are often positive such as losing weight, getting a job, and not procrastinating. The issue comes when your goals begin to be unattainable or unrealistic. They can begin to overwhelm you. Your life begins to become objectified and goal focused. In moderation, goals are good, but many people take goals past the point of normalcy and realism. Goals can be helpful in that they often lead to achievement. This causes contentment and a sense of self capability in people. When you achieve your goals, it makes you more motivated and happier with your life. According to Ed and Carol Deiner, 89% of people call themselves content. These statistics are very positive. They reflect a high percentage of the population that has a positive outlook on their life and station. The other 11% may struggle to achieve their goals according to Michael Angier, because They dont know what they want, lack motivation, or set unrealistic goals. The right kind of goals can make you happy, but if your goals are unrealistic it can impact your outlook on life.
Satisfaction in life almost always spawns from a deep contentment and sense of achievement. Most Americans would rate their life a 7.1 grade of 10 according to OECD. This is a very good study that shows how positive peoples outlook on life is. An OECD Better Life Index writer says happiness is, The presence of positive experiences and feelings. This tells us that the 7.1 rating is due to an optimistic outlook and a surplus of upbeat spirits in someones life. These feelings are most likely based on the achievements, goals, and life satisfaction of Americans. America as a country has a very high life satisfaction rating and percentage compared to other countries. America is a very optimistic country. However, we also have a shockingly low sense of morality and values. The morality level in the United States has been decreasing steadily over the last few decades. Today, it is the worst it has ever been. The definition of morality stated by Bernard Gert is, Codes of conduct possessed by society. This is partly due to the goal oriented life style that is based on achievement. When trying to achieve goals, achieving those goals becomes more important than most of the other things in someones life. Religion and morality are often pushed aside in the face of accomplishment. Today, 16.1 % percent of Americans over 18 do not claim a religion. As the morality of this country decreases, that percentage will climb higher and higher. Morality is often stimulated by religion. Religious beliefs usually cause a heightened sense of conduct and responsibility in members of that religion. Goals are usually a positive step in the right direction. However, they can become discouraging if they are made in the wrong context and without moderation. If you are realistic, motivated, and gracious with yourself when creating your goals, they can lead to a sense of achievement in yourself. When you feel triumphant, it can lead you to a happier outlook on life. These goals can also lead you down a darker

THE MENTAL MONSTER 3 path when they are not realistically made. They can lead to a harmful path that can steal away your optimism and positivity. Sometimes, they lead you to a lack of morality and a loss of religion. Goals can lead you toward a better life, or create mental monsters for you to deal with. It is very important to make constructive goals that you are capable, motivated, and excited to fulfill.


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