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Marathon benefits

• The reinforced plastic tank is warranted not to leak as long as you own your home. Components are warranted for five years; labor for one. • The seamless Polybutylene tank will not rust and is reinforced by a fiberglass shell. • Envirofoam™ insulation, which is completely free of ozone depleting gases, completely surrounds the tank for greater efficiency. • Each tank comes complete with a factory installed vacuum relief valve, a ¾” brass tee and a ¾” brass nipple for easy installations, and an easily accessible drain valve. • The all-plastic tank eliminates the need for an anode rod. Unlike steel tanks, nothing inside the tank will give your water an unpleasant flavor or odor.

Local dealers
Marathon water heaters are available from these local retailers and plumbers. You are not required to purchase your water heater from one of these retailers to qualify for the rebate. Rainier: Illias Plumbing True Value Hardware Diedrich’s St. Helens: Ace Hardware NW Plumbing Services RLJ Plumbing Sharp’s Plumbing Stan’s Refrigeration Scappoose: Ace Hardware Columbia NW Heating (503) 543-0902 (503) 543-3624 (503) 397-2244 (503) 366-1323 (503) 397-4947 (503) 397-7900 (503) 397-5510 (503) 397-3941 (503) 556-3171 (503) 556-9439

Guide & Rebate Form

Available models
Capacity (Gallons) 50 85 Energy Factor Diameter Height .94 23 1/2” 62 3/4” .92 28 1/4” 66 1/4”

Marathon Water Heaters

For more information, contact: Energy Experts Columbia River PUD (503) 366-5470

Earn $250 on Marathon® lifetime warrantied tanks

Water heater rebates
You can earn a rebate of $250 when you purchase a new, energy-efficient Marathon® electric water heater. Marathon water heaters carry a lifetime warranty against tank leakage and are among the most energy-efficient water heaters on the market.

Rebate application
All information must be provided in order for your rebate to be processed.



Rebate qualifications
• Marathon water heaters with a storage capacity of at least 50 gallons qualify. • The water heater must be installed in a home or business served by Columbia River PUD. • The tank may be a replacement for an existing tank, or a new installation.

How to apply
1. Purchase a qualified tank at the dealer of your choice. Local dealers and plumbers who carry Marathon water heaters are listed on the back of this form. 2. Make a copy of the sales receipt or invoice, or ask the dealer for a duplicate. The receipt must show the brand name and model number. 3. Fill out and sign this application. Attach a copy of the receipt or invoice and keep the original for your records. 4. Return the completed application to the PUD within 90 days of your purchase. By mail: Post Office Box 1193, St. Helens, 97051 Delivered to our office: 64001 Columbia River Hwy, Deer Island By email: By fax: (503) 397-5215 5. We will process your rebate application within three weeks.

Daytime Phone: __________________ Mailing Address: __________________________________ City: _____________ State: ___ Zip: __ How would you like to receive your rebate? Apply to account ____ Mail check ____ Address where tank is installed: __________________________________ City: ____________________________ Water Heater Model #: ____________ Serial #: _________________________ Dealer: __________________________
Terms of this offer:
• The water heater must be installed at a location that receives electric service from Columbia River PUD. • You must submit this rebate form within 90 days of the date of purchase shown on the sales receipt. • The PUD or its designated representative reserves the right to inspect or otherwise verify installation of the water heater. • The rebate program is a time limited offer, is subject to the availability of funds and is subject to change without notice.

Instant rebates available
At the time of puchase your retailer or plumber can contact us to verify that we serve your home, and then they can offer you an instant rebate.

Financing available
Financing is available for qualified customers. Terms are 0% interest for 12 months, billed on your PUD account. Please call us for loan approval before you make your purchase.

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