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David H. Sidwell, Chairman Daniel M. Fox, Vice-Chair and Secretary Patricia M. Owens, Treasurer Eleanor S. Applewhaite Bernard B. Beal Dawn Bryan Elizabeth M. Butson Yuisa Carillo-Rey Emma DeVito Rev. James J. Gardiner, SA Peter M. Gottlieb Lambert N. King, M.D. Darren Manelski Michael Mazier Glenna R. Michaels Frank J. Oldham, Jr. Charles B. Persell Evelyn Redlich, M.D. Catherine J. Wise Honorary Members Catherine Abate Sam Burneson Monsignor Charles J. Fahey Dennis Math Allan Rosenfield, M.D. (deceased 2008) Susan Sarandon Doris Travis Mitchell Waife Marc Wolinsky Ann Wyatt

Emma DeVito President and Chief Executive Officer Jose Belizario Administrator The Momentum Project Jerry Biga Vice President Residential Care Kristie DeKoker Director of Development Sanjay Dutt Chief Administrative Officer/ Chief Financial Officer David Finkelstein Chief Information Officer Louis J. Ganim Vice President Public Affairs Lisa Garay Vice President Community Care Roberta Greengold Administrator Certified Home Health Agency Suzanne Haber Corporate internal Auditor and Compliance Officer Matthew Lesieur Director Public Policy Allison Nidetz Director The Village at 46th and Ten Dorette Norris Vice President Human Resources ilene Pendrick Director of Marketing Neil Pollack Adminstrator Village Nursing Home Nancy Schwartz-Weinstock General Counsel and Vice President Legal Affairs Allison Silvers Director Business Development & Planning Ken Stewart Director Community Case Management Program Ruby Whitfield Administrator Village Care Plus, inc Jan Zimmerman Administrator Community Services



A M ission


s ervice


c hAllenging T iMes

One hundred and fifty years ago, Charles Dickens wrote the opening line to A Tale of Two Cities: “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Were he writing today, Dickens might be hard-pressed to find anything in our economy that would fit a “best of times” label, as we collectively struggle through perhaps the most difficult economic crisis since the Great Depression. Village Care of New York is not insulated from the ravages of the economic downturn, nor are those whom the organization serves – they are already among New York City’s poorest, and frailest, of citizens. Most of our patients, clients and residents rely on the largesse of government programs, and that of individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations. Village Care is vitally dependent on government entitlement programs – Medicaid and Medicare in particular – to provide resources needed to support the breadth, depth and quality of services we offer both to persons living with HIV/AIDS and to frail, older adults with disabilities, chronic illness and disease, and long-term care needs. A significant state budget shortfall, deepened by the nation’s economic woes, has created an unprecedented funding crisis for those relying on government programs. Moreover, state government has displayed determined resolve to achieve reform in the way government allocates and spends its “health care dollar.” The goal is to obtain the appropriate mix of care options that deliver quality that is timely and affordable. in many respects, this means less government money is available, and care providers – be they acute or long-term care – need to adjust. it further means that Village Care and others must make up the loss in government funding with private donations. For the communities we serve, these shifting circumstances can be dire. individuals in need can face the prospect that the services they require may not be there for them. Complicating this is that needs are increasing, as individuals with borderline resources become impacted by the economic crisis and are forced to seek help, expanding the burden on care providers who are already hardpressed to deliver. While there is certainly justification to characterize these as dark times, and while Village Care and other providers are facing perhaps their most significant challenges in a generation, not all is bleak. Although there may be little, if anything, to be considered as “the best of times” at the moment, there are many bright lights and shining examples, which you will find in this annual report of Village Care’s activities in 2008. Even in the face of the fiscal and economic challenges, Village Care has pursued new opportunities and created new partnerships and relationships aimed at improving services to our community. Village Care continues to develop and expand its care components, seeing an obligation more than ever to reach out to those in need. We are innovative, and reform-minded, as you will read in this report. We are creative in using our resources, and we respond directly to community need. We are firmly committed to our mission to serve older adults, persons living with HIV/AIDS and individuals in need of long-term care and rehabilitation services. People choose Village Care because they are confident that we will be their care partner in an environment that is warm and supportive, knowing that we will guide them on a path toward better health and well-being.

May 2009

David H. Sidwell Chairman of the Board

Emma DeVito President and CEO

T he c Are W e D eliver
Village Care of New York offers a full complement of community care programs for both older adults and persons living with HIV/AIDS. Our care networks deliver the right service at the right time and place. As a long-time provider of services for frail seniors in the Manhattan community and as one of the oldest AiDS providers in the nation, Village Care has witnessed dramatic changes both in the care implications of aging and in the needs of those living with HIV/AIDS. Village Care has responded to evolving need by developing new programs, by adapting existing programs and by opening community services components, which are preferred by many over institutional settings. One of the developments over time has been the overlapping of needs of frail seniors and persons with HIV/AIDS. There is a great similarity in what is needed by those with HiV disease and by adults who are growing older. Persons with HiV infection are living longer because of treatment therapies. Many older adults are healthier than previous generations, but still face frailty that is intermittent and progressive, brought on by the challenges of aging. There are a variety of community care services in both SeniorChoices and the Network of AiDS Services. in 2008, about five times as many persons were served by Village Care in community settings than in residential settings, a far cry from the days when the leading locus of care was the nursing home. Both frail older adults and those living with HIV/AIDS have similar care needs, many of which can be accommodated at home or in another community setting. Village Care has responded – with the therapeutic environments of adult day health centers and AiDS day treatment programs, with home care programs providing a complete range of services, with supportive housing and with care management. Village Care’s work force is a diverse group that is committed to the organization’s mission of service to meet the community’s care needs. Women, who dominate the caregiving field in general, make up 79 percent of Village Care employees. With some 1,500 staff members, the work force reflects the diversity of the people served in the SeniorChoices and AiDS Network programs: » » » » 52 20 17 11 percent percent percent percent of employees are black are Hispanic are white are Asian Village Care’s staff members strive to provide the highest quality possible along with an elevated level of consumer satisfaction.

Residential Care

Rivington House The Nicholas A. Rango Health Care Facility Rivington House provides the crucial residential component for HIV/AIDS care, offering comprehensive clinical services in an encouraging and supportive environment. Our residential services are interactive and holistic, integrating traditional and alternative therapies to support the individual in a caring environment. The entire person is treated with a wide range of services addressing the physical, mental and spiritual needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS. The Village at 46th & Ten A contemporary senior living community for New Yorkers, The Village at 46th & Ten is for those who love the culture of the City, value diversity and cherish their independence. The community, located in Midtown Manhattan, provides an array of hospitality services, and for those who find they need some assistance with their day-to-day activities, there is an on-site licensed home care services agency, which can design an individual service plan of personal care. Village Nursing Home Village Nursing Home has a strong bond with the community and is a place where families can find reliable, comprehensive, quality services for older adults needing full-time care for chronic conditions and in-patient rehabilitation. A dedicated team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants are on duty around the clock, with an RN managing each unit and coordinating care. A major component is the short-stay rehabilitation program, where comprehensive care includes occupational, speech and physical therapy and audiology services. Medicaid Assisted Living Program (ALP) The state Department of Health has given Village Care approval for Medicaid Assisted Living Program slots for both SeniorChoices and the Network of AiDS Services. Village Care has pursued this care option as part of its reconfiguration of services with a reduced reliance on more costly and more intensive residential care options in favor of more “user friendly” offerings that present individuals with greater independence and choice while meeting their health and well-being needs, no matter how considerable they might be. For SeniorChoices, Village Care has licensing for 80 Medicaid ALP slots, and is in the process of opening an assisted living program with the first 40 of those slots at The Village at 46th & Ten. The Medicaid ALP at this senior living

The majority of employees – 66 percent – are between the ages of 31 and 54, and 23 percent are 55 and older.


residence in the Clinton neighborhood, known to long-time city residents as “Hell’s Kitchen,” is expected to be fully operational by the summer of this year. The new program will meet the needs of persons who might otherwise have gone to a nursing home, and its availability and integration into the senior living facility will also support continued residence at 46th & Ten and reduce the transfer rate to nursing homes. in the AiDS Network, the state has approved Village Care’s proposal for a 50-bed Medicaid ALP at Rivington House, the largest AiDS skilled nursing facility in the nation. As the premier AiDS residential care facility in the New York metropolitan area, Rivington House has experienced the great, and welcome, changes brought to the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS with treatment therapies. Facing a future where demand for nursing-level care will diminish for AiDS patients, and seeking to address the shortage of supportive housing, Village Care pursued an ALP configuration to address a significant service gap in the metropolitan area. Approval by the state Health Department clears the way for Village Care to advance plans for a significant reconfiguration of services at Rivington House. Architectural and legal review is proceeding, along with an effort to determine if financing issues will make it feasible and practical for this undertaking ultimately to move forward.

cial work, nutrition counseling and physical, occupational and speech therapies. These services can be obtained 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Community Case Management The Community Case Management Program provides a full range of services that are designed to help foster independence and autonomy for persons living with HIV/AIDS. The program also manages a referral caseload from Adult Protective Services. With the goal of improving quality of life, the case manager works directly with the client to complete an initial assessment identifying what services are needed and to develop a goal-oriented plan. Regular follow-up visits by the case manager ensure that service goals are met and that new and developing needs are identified. Long-Term Home Health Care The Long-Term Home Health Care Program offers families and individuals the opportunity to remain in their own homes and receive a range of health care and supportive services. Each participant receives a full assessment of his or her needs, and an individualized plan is developed and monitored to assure that care is coordinated and complete. Essentially a “nursing home without walls,” the Long-Term Home Health Care Program offers an alternative to institutional placement for seniors and chronically ill individuals. Red Hook Community Service Center – Brooklyn The Red Hook Community Center is a welcoming and receptive place where individuals can learn about many helpful community and government programs that are available to assist them, including the services of Village Care of New York.

Community Care

AIDS Day Treatment Village Care’s two AiDS day treatment programs are responsive and inclusive treatment settings providing adult day health care for persons living with HIV/AIDS. The professional staff takes an interdisciplinary approach in developing an individualized plan of care for each person. Staff assists in the management of the many challenging situations faced by persons living with HIV/AIDS, coordinating, where appropriate, with other Village Care programs. Adult Day Health Care The Village Adult Day Health Center is a free-standing, state-of-the-art facility, providing comfort, safety and independence through a full range of nursing, nutritional, case management and rehabilitative services along with social activities. The center offers physical therapy, personal care assistance, health-related diagnostic services and social services. Full-time nursing services ensure timely, appropriate health monitoring, assessment, intervention and education. Certified Home Health Agency The Certified Home Health Agency provides nursing care and in-home rehabilitation therapy with comprehensive management and administration of medications. The specially trained nurses and therapists work as a team to help each patient reach his or her optimal level of independence. CHHA services include skilled nursing, medical so-

V C n y. O R G


The Momentum Project In 2008, The Momentum Project became an affiliate of Village Care and is now a part of the Network of AiDS Services. Founded in 1985, Momentum is recognized nationally as a model food, nutrition and supportive services agency, serving poor and homeless men and women living with HIV/ AiDS. Momentum provides communal meals and pantry bags at nine locations in four boroughs of New York City, partnering with churches that offer their gathering spaces to the nutrition program. This affiliation brought more than 2,500 individuals during the year into the Village Care “family” and expanded the organization’s reach into new communities, particularly in the South Bronx and upper West Side. Senior Information Center The Senior information Center offers older adults a place to find answers about a wide range of issues impacting their lives, whether their concerns are about government benefits, living well, medical issues and aging, long-term care services for themselves or an older family member and other needs. The center has a Prime Time Club with free membership for those 55 and older, entitling them to special benefits that include discounts from community merchants. in 2008, new mental health outreach programs, expanded Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NNORC) operations and improved information and referral services were offered by the staff and volunteers at the Center. Grants were received to collaborate with St. Vincent’s on identifying and serving high-risk frail seniors in the emergency room and providing follow-up in the community. Village Care Plus With a complement of highly trained, dedicated and bonded caregivers, Village Care Plus meets a wide range of home care and staff relief services, including: Private pay home care services; skilled nursing visits; shift relief for RNs and LPNs; home health aides; personal care attendants; livein companions, and escort aides. Village Care Plus also provides many domestic services, including housekeeping, errands and chores and home and travel companions. Village Care Plus is a licensed agency with services available throughout the metropolitan area, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Village Health Center By bringing doctors, dentists and nurses together, the Village Health Center makes it possible to have a full range of preventive and chronic care services conveniently available. The Center, which is state-licensed as a diagnostic and treatment center, provides adult medical services, including primary care, for seniors and other adults. With a goal of promoting a longer and healthier life, the Village Health Center serves each patient using an all-inclusive,

coordinated approach to make sure that each person’s diagnostic and treatment needs are met.

T he n eW v illAge c enTer for r ehAbiliTATion AnD n ursing
Village Care has broken ground at the West Houston Street site of the new Village Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing (VCRN), a 105-bed, state-of-the-art residential care setting that is the capstone of the development of the SeniorChoices Long-Term Care Demonstration Project. VCRN will replace the aging Village Nursing Home and “rightsize” the organization’s institutional capacity for older adults. Four years ago, Village Care was selected by New York State for the Demonstration to “develop, evaluate, and implement programs to test new models” for the delivery of long-term care. Through the work of the Demo, Village Care is moving the nursing home from an end-point in longterm care to a position where residential skilled nursing care is just one of a number of integrated care opportunities offering the right service in the right place at the right time. Already, through the Demo, Village Care has achieved a remarkable transformation as some 95 percent of nursing home admissions are ultimately discharged back home or into another community setting.


Scheduled for completion in 2010, VCRN will have 80 beds dedicated to short-stay rehabilitation, with the remaining beds available for palliative and end-of-life care. This facility will replace the current 200-bed Village Nursing Home. Features of VCRN will include intimate and home-like areas that will function as neighborhoods, with all dining and recreational experiences occurring on the floors. The facility will break from the traditional concept of a nursing home. Through the efficient interrelationships of the SeniorChoices residential and community care opportunities, Village Care will make growing old a better proposition by offering seniors and their families access to services and supports that are responsive and safe, effectively combining medical and nonmedical interventions in the most appropriate setting. Electronic Medical Records and VCRN Village Care has achieved substantial progress in putting in place electronic record-keeping, which will be integral to the operation of the new VCRn. Among significant strides that have been made, electronic progress notes has gone “live” at both the 20th Street and Rivington House AiDS day treatment programs. The progress notes are available to all disciplines to view, helping to assure continuity of care. The electronic progress notes offer quick and ready access to activities involving each client. At Village nursing Home, nurses and certified nursing assistants have begun using EMR technology, employing touchscreens to document patient findings and to record tasks and results directly into the patient record. The rollout of EMR at Village nursing Home will be completed during the first half of 2009, and EMR will be introduced to Rivington House in 2009. A wireless EMR will be an essential part of the new VCRN.

s ociAl A ccounTAbiliTy
in addition to providing care and services to improve health and well-being, Village Care pursues community service and outreach initiatives using the organization’s own resources. These include the Senior information Center in Chelsea and the Red Hook Community Center in Brooklyn. The Chelsea center is a place where older adults and caregivers can find professional guidance about a wide range of issues and concerns. The Red Hook center is a welcoming and receptive place in a disadvantaged community where individuals can learn about helpful community and government programs and health care. The two centers also serve as effective and non-threatening points of entry to SeniorChoices and the Network of AiDS Services and to other services and programs offered by a variety of community providers. Village Care also employs persons who are HiV-positive as peer outreach workers who help bring into treatment HiV-positive individuals in underserved communities. Village Care makes some of its space available for community services, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Alzheimer’s support groups.

T hAnk y ou
Village Care would like to thank the many individuals, foundations and corporations for their generosity and support. Your contributions help make sure that Village Care continues its pursuit of innovative care and services in our community and residential programs.

v illAge c Are r eAches o uT
Village Care has continued to reach out to other organizations and to form partnerships to expand and improve services through collective approaches. Among organizations with which Village Care has partnered are: The Caring Community; VOLS, a group of volunteer lawyers who help those on limited incomes with legal issues and entitlements; the Hospital for Joint Diseases; Visiting Neighbors; St. Vincent Hospital’s Department of Behavior Health and Services; the Alzheimer’s Association; the National Parkinson’s Foundation; NYu Medical Center’s Rusk institute, and SAGE (Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Elders). Village Care has also heightened its role in influencing public policy, particularly in the AiDS arena, working in a joint venture with The National Association of People with AiDS (nAPWA). This effort is aimed at influencing AIDS policy and direction at the federal, state and New York City government levels. Village Care also plays an active role in the efforts of statewide associations, particularly the Continuing Care Leadership Coalition, the New York Association of Homes and Services for the Aging and the Home Care Association.

l eArn M ore A bouT v illAge c Are
Village Care of New York has a comprehensive website at where visitors can learn more about each of our AiDS and senior care programs and about the organization in general.

V C n y. O R G



Total People Served in 2008:

SeniorChoices 4,671 AiDS Network 5,758
Long-Term Home Health Care - 190 Adult Day Health Centers - 211 Neighborhood NORC - 213 AiDS Day Treatment - 325 Community Case Management - 711

Village Care Plus, inc. - 1,405

The Village at 46th & Ten - 111

Village Health Center - 1,452

Certified Home Health Agency - 1,565 Rivington House - 628

Village Nursing Home - 1,045

The Momentum Project - 2,573

Residential Care

Community Care

Asian 5.5%
Others/Unknown 7.5%


Black 36.6% Hispanic 24.0%

Transgender/Unknown less than 1% White 25.5%

Women 43.1%

Men 56.2%

70-79 12%

0-39 9%
40-49 24%


60-59 13%

60-69 13%

80+ 20%
V C n y. O R G

50-59 22%




Community Care 49.4%

Residential Care 50.6%

Community Care 49.3%

Residential Care 50.7%



Consolidated Balance Sheet December 31, 2008 and 2007
Current Assets Cash & investments Accounts Receivable (net of Allowance for Doubtful Accounts of $7,161,034 in 2008 and $5,683,981 in 2007) $38,378,770 21,889,088 $38,174,329 21,618,283 2008 2007

Other Current Assets



Consolidated Statement of Activities December 31, 2008 and 2007
Revenues, Gains, and Other Support
Skilled Nursing Facilities Day Treatment Centers 2008 $67,119,596 7,898,155 41,294,031 2,763,057 6,940,739 2,929,288 3,644,613 * 2007 $62,924,739 7,533,439 34,161,980 2,087,996 4,872,304 2,514,524 772,647

Fixed Assets (net of Accumulated Depreciation and Amortization of $75,049,805 in 2008 and $68,211,616 in 2007)



Other Non-current Assets Total Assets

50,816,075 173,660,998

51,551,047 173,463,970

Certified Home Health Care Agency Case Management Long-Term Home Health Care Program

Liabilities and Net Assets
Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses Due to Third Parties Other Payables Total Current Liabilities Long-Term Liabilities Mortgage Payable / Other Long-term Liabilities 74,871,116 69,374,028 13,946,803 42,706,134 7,229,938 63,882,875 14,434,477 37,721,265 11,747,385 63,903,127

Senior Housing Grants & Contributions Other Revenues Total Revenues, Gains and Other Support

1,292,069 ** 5,427,365 133,881,548 120,294,994

Skilled Nursing Facilities Day Treatment Centers 51,353,703 7,299,319 34,303,074 2,727,720 6,664,783 1,779,278 3,425,464 * 1,824,882 6,669,742 3,810,544 16,801,141 46,462,730 7,553,669 26,883,197 2,161,554 4,814,098 2,072,051 2,072,448 6,308,898 3,740,359 15,744,123

Total Liabilities Net Assets unrestricted Restricted



Certified Home Health Care Agency Case Management

34,777,807 129,200

40,122,615 64,200

Long-Term Home Health Care Program Senior Housing Outreach Programs

Total Unrestricted Net Assets



interest Depreciation and Amortization

Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$173,660,998 $173,463,970

New York State Revenue Assessment Other Total Expenses Change in Net Assets before Other Changes inclusion of The Momentum Project, inc. Opening Net Assets Loss on Swap Agreement

136,659,650 117,813,127 (2,778,102) 206,711 (2,708,417) 2,481,867

Change in Net Assets Net Assets - Beginning of Year Net Assets - End of Year

(5,279,808) 40,186,815

2,481,867 37,704,948

$34,907,007 $40,186,815

* in 2008, The Momentum Project, an AiDS outreach program became a wholly owned subsidiary of VCNY. Momentum’s 2008 revenue and expenses are included in this financial statement. ** includes unrealized loss on investment of $3,683,564

V C n y. O R G


Through the support of corporations and foundations and the generosity of individual donors. Village Care of New York receives considerable assistance each year in its efforts to respond to community needs and to expand the organization’s reach. These gifts help make sure that Village Care can continue its innovative pursuit of care and services for older adults and persons living with HIV/AIDS that provide high quality and consumer satisfaction. $1,500 - $2,499 Mr. Alan Andolsen and Mrs. Barbara Andolsen Ms. Eleanor S. Applewhaite Bedford Barrow Commerce Block Association Mr. David Beer Burrito Loco Cabrini Nursing Home Mr. David Finkelstein Hudson Castle Group, inc. Mr. Jon Klein and Ms. Sue Klein M & M Sanitation Pepe’s Restaurant Group, LLC Perkins Eastman Architects, P.C. Petno Restaurant inc. - Gaetana’s Ms. Deborah Pines Mr. Robert Rinaolo and Mrs. Mary Jo Rinaolo Mr. Salvatore Saraceno Schervier Nursing Care Center Ms. Nancy S. Schwartz-Weinstock and Mr. Steven P. Weinstock Dr. Leroy Sharer Tio Pepe Restaurant Washington Square Hotel Mr. Arthur Y. Webb and Mrs. Sally Webb

Giving Level $50,000 +
Carnegie Corporation of New York

$25,000 - $49,999 $10,000 - $24,999

Mr. Henry van Ameringen

Bank of America Gay Men’s Health Crisis, inc. Mr. Milton Gottlieb and Mrs. Barbara Gottlieb Mr. Peter M. Gottlieb and Mrs. Roberta Gottlieb Jerome Robbins Foundation Morgan Stanley & Co., inc. Mr. David H. Sidwell Mr. Barry Skovgaard and Mr. Marc Wolinsky The Stonewall Community Foundation J. T. Tai & Company Foundation, inc. Alexander Infusion, LLC d/b/a Avanti Health Care Services Avon Clearview Festival Production Hirschen, Singer & Epstein LLP isabella Geriatric Center, inc. The Bruce & Nancy McGaw Foundation, Ltd. New York Life Foundation Professional Placement Associates, inc. Ms. Barbara A. Shapiro Ms. Candida N. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Trevor R. Stewart Stonebridge Medical Anonymous Continuing Care Leadership Coalition Cortel Business Solutions D&J Ambulette Service Evercare New York, inc. The Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. Mr. Seymour Klausner and Ms. Margaret McCarthy The Edith And Herbert Lehman Foundation, inc. The Litwin Foundation, inc. Loeb & Troper C.P.A. Marco Martelli Associates, inc. MetLife Foundation new york University Office of Government & Community Affairs Mr. Charles Persell and Mrs. Caroline Persell Phil Zwickler Charitable and Memorial Foundation Trust SAGE St. Vincents Catholic Medical Centers of New York Mr. Kenneth K. J. Stewart Tala investments Valana Construction Corp.

$1,000 - $1,499

$5,000 - $9,999

$2,500 - $4,999

Bendiner & Schlesinger, inc. Ms. Lauren Bogart Mr. Samuel T. Burneson Ms. Elizabeth Butson Cabrini Eldercare Consortium Canon Business Solutions-Northeast, inc. CitiStorage & u.S. Document Security Mr. and Mrs. Sanjay Dutt Mr. and Mrs. John Fabian Dr. Ellen Flaherty and Mr. Mel Aaron Mr. Louis J. Ganim and Mrs. Linda A. Ganim Mr. J. Roberto Gutierrez and Mrs. Rosita Gutierrez Dr. and Mrs. Norman Kahn Dr. Lambert N. King Mr. James Leary James A. Macdonald Foundation Ms. Claudette Mayer Metzger-Price Fund inc. Milbank Memorial Fund The National Association of People with AiDS National interfaith Cable Coalition, inc. The New York Community Trust Ms. Dorette Norris NYu Community Fund Committee Ms. Patricia M. Owens Pace Editions inc. Mr. Carl Pellicane Mr. ira Pittelman and Mrs. Carole Pittelman Dr. Evelyn Redlich Roche Laboratories incorporated Dr. Allan Rosenfield Ms. Ruth Saada Mr. Geminiano Sanz and Mrs. Rocio Sanz Align Source Ms. Kathleen S. Andersen Ms. Catherine Antonetz Mrs. Rebecca Bakunin Mr. Jerome E. Biga

$500 - $999

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Birnbaum Blind Brook High School AiDS Awareness Club Dr. Jo ivey Boufford and Dr. Melville Boufford Mr. Joseph Brown and Mrs. Theresa Brown Mr. Saul D. Bruh Buchbinder and Warren Ms. Mary Caracappa The Caring Community The Carl Jacobs Foundation Ms. Lucy Cecere Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Chase Community Foundation of New Jersey Ms. Sylvia Cremonini Ms. Lynne Darcy Dashal 20, LLC Mr. James Dennis Mrs. Emma DeVito and Mr. Robert DeVito Ms. Marilyn O. Dimling Prof. Rose Dobrof Mr. James J. Egan Elite Control Contracting, inc. Far West Tenth Street Block Association Dr. Daniel M. Fox Mr. James Gorman Dr. and Mrs. Cono M. Grasso Ms. Roberta Greengold Hamilton Cavanaugh & Associates Mr. Stuart Hellman Mr. Peter Hoffman Mr. Steven Kuchuck Mr. Leonard G. Lambert Mr. Steve Leonard The Martin R. Lewis Charitable Foundation, inc. Ms. Jan Lingle Ms. Dee Loring Manolo Blahnik uSA, LTD. Mr. Eli Marcus Patricia M. Martinez Ms. Margaret M. McConnell Ms. Glenna R. Michaels Ms. Mary A. Mullin Nicholas C Pappas Architect PC Ms. Allison Nidetz Mr. Edward J. North Nouveau Elevator industries, inc. Mr. Frank J. Oldham, Jr. The David & Lucille Packard Foundation Ms. Melina Papazian Ms. Lou Ann Pavelin Ms. ilene Pendrick Mr. Lawrence Peters Mr. Neil Pollack Prager, Sealy & Co., LLC Precision Health inc. Anonymous Mr. Mark Rosenwasser Mr. Nicolas Rossetti Ms. Kay Rothman and Mr. Tom Bundrick Mr. James R. Ryan Select Equity Group, inc. Dr. Sheree Starrett Ms. Elaine Stein Mr. Jack Taylor

Tracy Reese Designs inc Mr. Mark Turken unitex Textile Rental Services V.M.K. Corp. Ms. Monica Vega William F. Ryan Community Health Center Wise Construction Mr. Michael Wolkowitz Mr. Steve Wygoda Dr. Robert Zorowitz

$100 - $499

Mr. Cyrus G. Abbe and Ms. Judith L. Abbe Mr. Glenn Abramson Ms. Lydia Ackerman Mr. Velasquez Adolfo Ms. Thalia Agathocleous Alex Donner Entertainment Corporation Ms. Elaine A. Anderson Mr. John H. Andren Jr. Mr. Louis Annunziata Anonymous Dr. Joseph Askinasi and Mrs. Joyce Askinasi Ms. Claudette Austin Ms. Natalie Ballen Mr. Andrew Bauer iii Mr. Myron Beldock Mr. Anthony Benitez Ms. Carolyn Bennett Ms. Sarah K. Bentley Ms. ilise Benun Bernard Chaus, inc. Mr. Jeff Berns and Mr. Rich Bennett Mr. John Stuart Bevan Mr. Stewart M. Blechner Mr. Maryjane Boland Ms. Marian Adams Bott Mr. John G. Bove Mr. John Bregstein and Ms. Lois Bregstein Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brown Ms. Electa Brown Mr. Michael E. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brown Mrs. Flora i. Bryant Mr. Jon Bryant Mr. John Bulfair Mr. and Mrs. David Burgin Mr. Douglas F. Buxton Cable Positive, inc. Ms. Patricia Caffrey Mr. Steven Caley and Ms. Bonnie Caley Caliber Associates Ms. Barbara Carter Mr. Lawrence Carter Ms. Francine B. Cecere Ms. Kathleen Chalfant Mr. Jeff Chancas Mr. Teddy Chasanoff and Mrs. Debbie Chasanoff Dr. Eun-Sook Cho Ms. Teresa Civello Ms. Virginia C. Clark Rev. David Cockcroft Cohen & Tucker

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AiDS Day Treatment • 121B West 20th Street New York, New York 10011 Tel: 212.337.9220 Fax: 212.633.6587 • 45 Rivington Street New York, New York 10002 Tel: 212.539.6450 Fax: 212.539.6455 Long-Term Home Health Care Program 112 Charles Street New York, New York 10014 Tel: 212.337.5611 Fax: 212.366.6516 Red Hook Community Service Center 603B Clinton Street Brooklyn, New York 11231 Tel: 718.852.5748 Fax: 718.852.5834 Senior information Center 220 West 26th Street New York, New York 10001 Tel: 212.337.5900 Fax: 212.924.5049 The Momentum Project 322 Eighth Avenue New York, New York 10001 Tel: 212.691.8100 Fax: 212.691.2960 Village Adult Day Health Center 644 Greenwich Street New York, New York 10014 Tel: 212.337.5870 Fax: 212.337.5899 Village Care Plus, inc Licensed Home Care 154 Christopher Street New York, New York 10014 Tel: 212.337.5730 Fax: 212.366.1177 Village Health Center 121A West 20th Street New York, New York 10011 Tel: 212.337.9290 Fax: 212.337.9275

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Corporate Office 154 Christopher Street, 1st Fl. New York, New York 10014 Tel: 212.337.5600 Fax: 212.366.5528 Village Center for Care Fund 154 Christopher Street New York, New York 10014 Tel: 212.337.5750 Fax: 212. 337.5759

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