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10/2/08 6:23:30 PM

DYCD iSY Workbook • page 85

PreParing To Work

PreParing To Work

Am I really ready to start

Job Hunting??
even if you knoW you can do the job, there are certain thingS that need to be in place When you meet With your potential employer. one of the WorSt miStakeS you can make iS to be unprepared.

You let mcan start refer e quicklytomorrow your ences an call you ! paper d we r work can fi now! ll out

ng to bri orgot you later? h, i f uhhhh can i call … them

job readineSS checkliSt
Check the box next to each item listed below to see if you are ready to start applying for jobs
my completed resume is ready to send out my cover letter is customized for the job i’m applying for i have 3 references from previous employers with full name, title, address, and phone number ready to bring with me on the interview i have practiced completing a typical job application (and have a sample application to bring with me) i have proof of my highest level of education (hard copy of diploma or ged) i obtained an appropriate business outfit that is clean and wrinkle-free i have successfully practiced talking about my resume and work experience i am prepared to talk about any gaps in my resume if the employer asks i can discuss my strengths and weaknesses and i’ve thought through other standard interview questions that i might be asked i have a metrocard in case i’m asked to come in for an interview even if it means arriving early, i can make sure that i can get there on time my housing situation is stable right now i know which work shifts i can commit to (and those that i can’t) i can take direction well, show respect for others, and be a team player i have practiced using professional language and have a positive attitude i am accountable for my behavior and feel ready to take on responsibility i am comfortable talking about my criminal record - what the conviction was, and when it happened (if needed) my childcare and back-up childcare is in place (if needed)

DYCD iSY Workbook • page 86

name ________________________ Date _______

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take the time to complete this data sheet – it will save you energy in the long run - guaranteed. BE AS ComPlEtE AnD ACCURAtE AS PoSSIBlE. If you don’t know the answers right now, find the information and complete it later. Remember -- employers wIll ask for this information!
GEnERAl InfoRmAtIon
nAmE: (lASt) ADDRESS: (no. & StREEt) EmAIl: * make sure you email address is appropriate and professional PhonE: * have a professional voicemail message SoCIAl SECURIty nUmBER: Alt. PhonE: (CIty) (StAtE) (ZIP) (fIRSt) (mIDDlE)

nAmE of SChool: GRADE SChool: JUnIoR oR mIDDlE SChool: hIGh SChool othER: ADDRESS: DAtES AttEnDED: GRADE ComPlEtED: DEGREE oBtAInED:


name ________________________ Date _______

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DYCD iSY Workbook • page 87

PreParing To Work

Personal info i need to keep track of

My 411:

do you have your social security number memorized? What about the address of your high school or the exact dates you worked that summer job last year? do you recall the phone numbers and full names of people that you want to list as your references? it’s time to get organized!

EmPloymEnt RECoRD:

PreParing To Work


list most recent employer first. notE: this section only pertains to individuals with employment experience.
name of emPloYer: aDDreSS: Phone #:


PoSiTion or Job helD: DaTeS of emPloYmenT: from To

DeParTmenT: STarTing SalarY: enDing SalarY:

name anD TiTle of SuPerviSor

reaSon for leaving or Seeking neW PoSiTion:

Job DeSCriPTion:

2 name of emPloYer:
aDDreSS: PoSiTion or Job helD: DaTeS of emPloYmenT: from To DeParTmenT: STarTing SalarY:

Phone #:

enDing SalarY:

name anD TiTle of SuPerviSor

reaSon for leaving or Seeking neW PoSiTion:

Job DeSCriPTion:

Work relaTeD eDuCaTion anD/or Training:

anY aDDiTional informaTion:

DYCD iSY Workbook • page 88

CiTiZenShiP: (viSa STaTuS, alien STaTuS, reSiDenT STaTuS, immigraTion STaTuS) u.S. CiTiZen: YeS ____ no ____ alien regiSTraTion number: PermanenT viSa number:

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PEoPlE to notIfy In CASE of EmERGEnCy:


nAmE: ADDRESS: PlACE of woRk:

RElAtIonShIP: PhonE #: BUSInESS PhonE #:

(Please list two professional references and one personal reference.) *Remember to let your references know they may get a call.



nAmE of REfEREnCE: JoB tItlE of REfEREnCE: ComPAny nAmE: ComPAny ADDRESS: ComPAny PhonE #: REfEREnCE EvEnInG PhonE #: EmAIl of REfEREnCE:




nAmE of REfEREnCE: JoB tItlE of REfEREnCE: ComPAny nAmE: ComPAny ADDRESS: ComPAny PhonE #: REfEREnCE EvEnInG PhonE #: EmAIl of REfEREnCE: ACComPlIShmEntS/AwARDS:

ComPAny nAmE: ComPAny ADDRESS: ComPAny PhonE #: REfEREnCE EvEnInG PhonE #: EmAIl of REfEREnCE:

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DYCD iSY Workbook • page 89


nAmE of REfEREnCE: JoB tItlE of REfEREnCE:



nAmE: ADDRESS: PlACE of woRk:

RElAtIonShIP: PhonE #: BUSInESS PhonE #:

PreParing To Work


nAmE: ADDRESS: PlACE of woRk:

RElAtIonShIP: PhonE #: BUSInESS PhonE #:

Green Mountain Summer Camp
PreParing To Work

{Q: Why practice completing a job application in advance?}

tive! are unattrac g is true: sy scribbles mes the old sayin hite out and s possible – fill be as neat a n. When you a: because w ations should to make a first impressio ings. lic e and misspell your job app le mistakes econd chanc and litt tas responsible, rs do notice you never ge g organized, on, employe licati with bein out a job app te neatness atically equa they autom mple fill out the sa prepared. ste of time to s down the like a wa istake might seem e ly to make m at a glance it ou have all th l be less like although you so that y w, you wil on belo tion with job applicati ctice applica bring this pra front of you. road. in fact, ht in you need rig information

PERSonAl InfoRmAtIon
(lASt) (fIRSt) (mIDDlE)

(no. & StREEt) (CIty) (StAtE) (ZIP)

EmAIl: PhonE: Alt. PhonE:

SoCIAl SECURIty nUmBER: 947-25-8945 (Sample- please do not write your own)

CItIZEn of thE U.S.? YeS


If “no,” ARE yoU lEGAlly AllowED to woRk In thE U.S.? YeS no

DYCD iSY Workbook • page 90

job intereSt poSition deSired date available

name ________________________ Date _______

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EmPloymEnt hIStoRy
lISt All EmPloymEnt, StARtInG wIth yoUR moSt RECEnt. InClUDE JoB-RElAtED volUntEER woRk. JoB tItlE EmPloyER’S nAmE AnD ADDRESS DAtES of EmPloymEnt REASon foR lEAvInG






2 3


I SwEAR thAt All StAtEmEntS In thIS APPlICAtIon ARE tRUE AnD CoRRECt. I UnDERStAnD thAt fAlSE AnSwERS wIll BE CAUSE foR DISmISSAl If I Am hIRED. ___________________________________________ APPlICAnt SIGnAtURE

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DYCD iSY Workbook • page 91

PreParing To Work

ReSuMe WRitinG
PreParing To Work (everything you wanted to know about resumes AnD MORe!)
Writing a resume can be frustrating and take a lot more time than you might think. it is not easy to figure out a concise way to present yourself best to employers on one single sheet of paper! read the helpful hintS beloW before creating your reSume. limit your reSume to one page. your goal iS to create a brief, but informative advertiSement for yourSelf. your reSume Should reflect your goalS aS much aS it repreSentS your experience.
reSumeS muST inCluDe:
bonuS TiPS!!!!!!!

• if you mail your application, type or write the address very neatly on the envelope. • Show enthusiasm! attitude counts more than just about anything else. • make sure your email and phone are ready for employer calls. Your voicemail should be professional (i.e. no music or profanity).

1.your name, address, telephone number, and email address (if you have one that you check at least every few days) 2.your objective or goal as it relates directly to the job you’re applying for displayed near the top of the page. 3.relevant job experience, skills, education, and training. 4.military experience, volunteer activities, and professional/ organizational memberships. 5.any awards or academic and community service recognition.

use a variety of action words to describe your strengths and accomplishments.
edi t. edi t. ed i t. a n d t h en ed i t s o m e m o re.
rewrite your resume until it is as concise as possible, while still providing the best possible view of you. Your resume should not need to exceed one page in length.

DYCD iSY Workbook • page 92

yoUR RESU mE I S A R E f lE CtI o n o f w h o yoU A R E A nD who yoU hoP E to B E ! h I Gh l I Gh t E x P E R I EnC E S A nD S kIll S thAt S h o w w hAt yo U ’ v E AC Co mP lI Sh E D A nD yoUR kEy Int ER E StS.
name ________________________ Date _______

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leave as much

“ white spa c e ”

as possible on the page. it’s easier to read.

Always include a cover letter with your resume, Even if you are sending it by email! The email you send will also be reviewed as part of you application, so be sure to treat it with the same care as you do the rest of your application. This includes using a professional email address.

be honest.

Any information that employers find to be false can be used as a reason to not hire you. If the information is discovered as untrue after you’re hired, you can be fired.

Things to avoid:
including personal information like your social security number, race, age, marital status, disability, hobbies, height, weight, etc. these things are not relevant in your resume. using jargon, slang or abbreviations. your resume is a formal document, and you need to follow strict rules of written english. including negative words or descriptions. again, highlight your positive achievements. using the first person—“i” or “we”. you can write in this style in your cover letter, but your resume is more formal. using a format or style that is too fancy, cute, or sloppy. do not use different colors, fonts, or background designs. your resume should be clean and neat. Sending the exact version of your cover letter and resume to every employer. While remaining honest, change the focus to match the demands of the job that you’re seeking. Sending your resume to just anyone in the organization. find out specifically who will be making the hiring decision for that position and send your resume to him/her. also be sure to send a copy to the human resources (hr) manager.

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DYCD iSY Workbook • page 93

for example: if you’re applying for a job in child care, you’ll want to emphasize different skills and experience -- “Supervised youth group on weekend retreat” -- than if you’re applying for a job in sales -- “Sold 450 boxes of chocolates going door-to-door—a community group record!”


PreParing To Work

ProofreaD for SPelling anD grammar verY CarefullY. ask someone that you trust to proofread your resume. ask them if it shows your strengths—“is it a good picture of me?” also, have them look for grammar and spelling mistakes. When this person is finished, ask a second person to do the same.

PreParing To Work



attach your completed reSume to thiS page and provide the facilitator With a copy for their fileS.
make sure to keep both a hard and electronic copy of your resume for yourself!

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DYCD iSY Workbook • page 94

’s alling that personal c to of us has a t way to succeed is that each believe t the bes hers in the ve come to fingerprint - and tha way to offer it to ot i’ as a find a ergy of the as unique ing the en e and then w hat you lov d also allo discover w e, working hard, an rvic form of se ad you. infrey - oprah W iverse to le un

10/2/08 6:23:53 PM

(organize your experience sequentially – from most to least recent)
michele anne Chen 1600 Pine Street • bronx, new York 11203 tel. (718) 555-0789

objective: To obtain an entry-level position in a retail clothing store

emPloYmenT hiSTorY
Dr. lee Chen meDiCal offiCe, bronx, nY offiCe organiZer november 2007 - marCh 2008 •reorganized files and paperwork for locally-owned medical office. •Created orderly filing system for invoices, and assisted in conducting inventories. •Stocked shelves and performed light custodial duties. mS. Talia loPeZ ChilDCare ProviDer oCTober 2006 - aPril 2008 •responsible for the care of two young children (ages 3 and 7) after school and on weekends on part-time basis. •Prepared healthy snacks and meals; created age-appropriate, educational activities to entertain children; and safely escorted children to their grandmother’s house three days a week. •also responsible for light housekeeping duties and taking phone messages. volunTeer hiSTorY •Completed nYC aiDS Walk in may 2008 and raised $250 for the cause. •helped care for elderly grandmother in 2007.

maY 2008 2007

eDuCaTion anD SkillS
Claremont high School, bronx, nY Candidate, h.S. diploma Class of 2010

exTra CurriCular aCTiviTieS Completed Career Planning and Work Preparation Program offered through my high school. Sold holiday wrapping paper for high school fundraising program. Jazz/tap/hip-hop dance classes. oTher SkillS: experience using computers (e.g. microsoft Word, internet), printers, and calculators. excellent customer service skills, highly organized, punctual, reliable, team player, and eager to learn. languageS: bilingual in english and mandarin
DYCD iSY Workbook • page 95
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PreParing To Work

PreParing To Work
roberto ramirez 1234 farmington Street Queens, nY 11130 Phone: 718-555-5583 email: objective: To find a job working the mailroom of a medical company.

(organize your experience into groups or categories, based on distinct skill sets)

SkillS anD abiliTieS:
• • • • • • • • able to lift 50 pounds, pack boxes, responsibly use a dolly cart to move boxes, and follow safety instructions. Detail oriented; able to listen and carefully follow through with instructions. Strong organizational skills; experience juggling multiple tasks and meeting deadlines. able to operate machines such computers, fax machines, printers, messaging systems. excellent customer service skills; calm, friendly and professional demeanor. flexible team-player; willing to perform other related tasks to build my knowledge and experience. Dependable; punctual, responsible, and hard working. Speak english and Spanish fluently.

emPloYmenT: Job TiTle: mover employer: Self-employed (with cousin), Queens, nY Job TiTle: volunTeer employer: Queens Youth baseball network, Queens, nY DaTeS: JanuarY 2008 - maY 2008

DaTeS: June 2007 – SePTember 2007

P.S. 525, Queens, nY geD, 2008 Planning to enroll at laguardia Community College in fall of 2010 to pursue business administration degree. oTher informaTion: very comfortable with computers (microsoft office, internet, email, graphic design software), create websites, and operate a printer and scanner. Possess nY State Drivers license with clean driving record. guitar player.
DYCD iSY Workbook • page 96

referenCeS: available upon request.

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employerS have a right to be chooSy about Who they hire !

after all, it’s their bottom line that is impacted when an employee performs well or poorly. it’s easy to assume that businesses are just being picky or finicky about what they are looking for in a new hire, but if it was your company, wouldn’t you want to have the best staff possible so that your investments paid off? it’s not always easy to determine which candidate is the best on paper (or in person!).

put yourself in the employer’s shoes for a moment and try to determine which candidate to hire if you had to make the call.
you are the director of “Caretakers”, a small day care center for children 6 months to 5 years old, which caters to working parents. Recently, one of your childcare workers moved away. you need to replace her. the new staff member will have to work well with children and parents. he/she will answer the parents’ questions, solve problems, and make both the kids and the parents feel comfortable. the childcare worker will have to be patient and have excellent communication skills. And of course, he or she must be great with the kids. you placed an ad in the local paper, and have received 30 resumes. your staff has narrowed down the pile to two resumes. Everything you know about the applicants is what you’ve learned from these resumes. you plan to interview only one of them – the best candidate.


name ________________________ Date _______

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DYCD iSY Workbook • page 97

PreParing To Work

Put yourself in the eMPlOyeRS SHOeS!

PreParing To Work


Who Deserves the Standing Ovation?
Resume #1
Rosie DeSantos 8835 wood Street Bronx, ny Phone: 718-555-2125 objective: to find a job working with children. woRk ExPERIEnCE:

please read the two resumes on the following pages. then, decide which applicant to interview and fill out the questionnaire. ask yourself: What do you know about them? do you think either one would be a good fit for the job? What kind of impression does each resume make on you? how will you make your final decision?

Job title: Classroom volunteer Dates: november 2007 - may 2008 Employer: PS 3, Bronx, ny Accomplishments: worked with teacher to plan lessons. helped small groups of children with reading. Accompanied class on field trips. helped in the cafeteria and at recess. tutored children after school one night a week. Job title: office Clerk Dates: January 2005 - march 2006 Employer: Phillips tool Company, Bronx, ny Accomplishments: organized files. Scheduled appointments. Answered telephones. Prepared bills. typed letters. Greeted customers. EDUCAtIon: SChool mAJoR CoURSE of StUDy/DEGREE green South literacy Center g.e.D. **have valid CPr certificate CIty/StAtE bronx, nY DAtE Jan.2006

DYCD iSY Workbook • page 98

other Information: Speak, read, and write Spanish. help with children’s Sunday School at my church. organized people in my building to get landlord to make repairs. Eldest of 5 children growing up; helped raise my siblings. References: furnished upon request.

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10/2/08 6:24:01 PM

i choose to interview: ________________________________ • • • reasons why i decided not to interview the other person: • •

Resume #2
Bernice Benson 486 Driver Avenue Bronx, ny Phone: 718-555-1880 objective: to find an entry-level job. woRk ExPERIEnCE: Job title: Clerical worker Dates: may 2007-August 2008 Employer: nyC human Resources Administration, willis Avenue Center, Bronx, ny Accomplishments: filed. Contacted most annoying clients. operated office machines. Job title: Recreation Attendant Dates: December 2005-September 2006 Employer: Bronx Jewish Community Council, Bronx, ny Accomplishments: let people know about activities. helped them get around the building. helped them get to the bus. Served lunch and cleaned up. Job title: Playground Assistant Dates: April 2004-october 2004 Employer: nyC Department of Recreation, Bronx, ny Accomplishments: watched children. tried to be sure equipment was safe. Picked up garbage. EDUCAtIon: SChool hostos Community College madera high School mAJoR CoURSE of StUDy/DEGREE Did one semester toward degree in early childhood education high school diploma CIty/StAtE bronx, nY bronx, nY DAtE 2007 2003


other information: Computer literate. Good customer service skills. I am very physically fit. References: tBD.

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DYCD iSY Workbook • page 99

PreParing To Work

reasons why i want to interview this person:

PreParing To Work

r t of cover the A etter Writing l

Writing a cover letter to accompany your resume is never easy! While it can be daunting to eloquently present your interests and intentions on paper, a good cover letter is just as important as your resume. a well-written cover letter can make an employer look at a resume that they otherwise wouldn’t have considered. a poorly written cover letter can eliminate even the most experienced applicant. Striking a balance of getting acroSS hoW intereSted you are in the poSition (Without Sounding too deSperate) takeS practice. moSt of uS find it hard to market ourSelveS and talk up our StrengthS. no one iS born a good cover letter Writer. remember, if at firSt you don’t Succeed, try, try again!

January 15, 2008 ms. mabel favis Strategic Solutions 100 fordham Rd. Bronx, ny 10468 Dear ms. favis:

here’S a Sample cover letter. What do you think? now that you have seen a sample, it’s your turn to write a cover letter. use the attached template to help you the first few times. remember, this is a skill that requires lots of practice! good luck!

I recently found your advertisement for a summer basketball team assistant coach in the new york Daily news. I am familiar with the Strategic Solutions’ after school and extracurricular offerings. my love of basketball and my experience on my high school’s basketball team drew me to apply to the coaching position. I believe my skills and background make me an ideal candidate for this summer job. for the past three years, I have played as point guard for the Rushmore high School Girls Basketball team. from my involvement in this engaging team sport, I have gained leadership and problem-solving skills. Although I do not have official coaching experience, as point guard I am often in a position to direct plays during high pressure games. Additionally, I have experience working with younger children, as I am the oldest of four. this background will be useful to the assistant coaching position, which calls not only for someone with basketball knowledge, but also for someone able to act as a role model for younger children. Enclosed is my resume, which has more information about my skills and experience. I look forward to meeting with you at your convenience to talk more about this position. I can be reached at (212) 555-9876 or thank you for your consideration. Sincerely yours, Ana Gabriel

SED102_DYCDguide_Sec3_M.indd 16

DYCD iSY Workbook • page 100

10/2/08 6:24:07 PM

tipS for a cover letter Slam dunk • reSearch the company So you knoW What itS needS are – ShoWcaSe What an aSSet you’ll be to them in thiS poSition. • format the letter profeSSionally; uSe SenSible marginS & font Size. • proofread, proofread, proofread! • keep it to one page or leSS; be conciSe & Specific.

Date (month, day, year) Employer’s name name of Company Street Address Suite or floor City, State, Zip Code

Dear mr./mrs. _____________________ (if you do not know the name, write “human Resources manager”): Paragraph 1- Introduce yourself and explain why you are writing, including what job you are applying for and how you learned about it.

Paragraph 2- State your skills and experience related to the job and, if possible, how you can contribute to the company.

Paragraph 3- Say that your resume is attached. Request an interview. Provide your telephone number. thank the employer in advance for considering you.

Sincerely, your Signature further resources: for more sample cover letters and professional writing tips, consult the following websites: 1. Quintessential Careers: 2. Career Services @ virginia Tech: 3. 4. 5.


name ________________________ Date _______

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10/2/08 6:24:09 PM

DYCD iSY Workbook • page 101

PreParing To Work

mY Cover leTTer

the all-important

PreParing To Work

tHAnK y HAnK HAnK yoU nOte

Why is a thank you note so important?


1) it’s just good etiquette to thank someone for their time. 2) to remind the employer of your interest in the position. fact: job applicantS are expected to Send proSpective employerS thank you noteS after any job intervieW Within five dayS (preferably Within 24 hourS) of the intervieW. fact: you can eaSily get overlooked in the hiring proceSS if you forget thiS crucial Step .


[even if you do not want the job, write a thank you letter respectfully withdrawing your application, you never know what might happen down the road - why burn bridges?]

September 27, 2009 Dear mr./ms. Jones, thank you very much for speaking with me last wednesday regarding the Administrative Assistant position at Jones Accounting Company. Based on your description, I think that my skills and interests fit well with the job and your company, and that I could be a great asset to your team. I neglected to mention in the interview that I spent two summers working as an office assistant at a summer sports camp. I think that this experience will serve me well in the accounting tasks that I will be expected to perform at your company, and I understand the importance of paying careful attention to detail. finally, I look forward to the prospect of working with your talented staff and I am eager to join this impressive company.
DYCD iSY Workbook • page 102

thanks again for your time, and please contact me at 212-555-7632 if you have any further questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Ana Gabriel

SED102_DYCDguide_Sec3_M.indd 18

10/2/08 6:24:11 PM

tipS for a Slam dunk thank you note • if poSSible, neatly hand-Write the thank you note rather than type it – it SeemS more perSonal. • keep in mind the ‘perSonality’ of your intervieWer. • reinforce that you Want the job and remind them of Why you are a fit. • mention anything relevant that you did not have the chance to diScuSS While you Where there.

Date (month, day, year) Employer’s name name of Company Street Address Suite or floor City, State, Zip Code Dear mr./ms. _____________________:

Paragraph 1- thank them for their time (mention specifics from meeting). In this paragraph include areas where you fit with the position/company.

Paragraph 2- Restate your skills and experience related to the job and, if possible, how you can contribute to the company (and any details on your background that you may have left out before).

Paragraph 3- Restate your interest in the position, in hearing from them, and provide any additional contact information.

your Signature

name ________________________ Date _______

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10/2/08 6:24:13 PM

DYCD iSY Workbook • page 103



mY Thank You noTe

PreParing To Work

what if they ask me about something I’m totally unprepared to discuss it??

PreParing To Work

In tE Rv IEwS

Common interview QueStiOnS

What if everyone else they interview does well and i don’t???

you won’t be asked all of these questions on an interview, but you will abSolutely be asked a few of them. you should be ready for anything on this list when you sit down in front of your potential employer.

on e o f t he t hi n gs t h e e mpl o y e r wan t s to kno w i s w h e t h e r y o u ’ v e p r e p a r e d e n o u g h t o be r e ady f o r t h e s e s tan dar d qu e s t i o n s . wh e n you ’r e r e a d y f o r t h e s e q u e s t i o n , i t s h o w s t h a t you ’ v e d o n e y o u r h o m e w o r k , a n d t h a t y o u ’r e able t o wo r k i n de pe n de n t l y.
take a minute to think about hoW you Would reSpond to theSe QueStionS – Some are difficult to anSWer. 1. tell me about yourSelf. 2. hoW did you learn about thiS job? Why do you Want to Work here? 3. Why do you think that you are Qualified for the job? 4. What do you think you can do for uS? 5. have you ever Worked aS a (name of job) before? 6. Which dutieS did you like the beSt? Which dutieS did you like the leaSt? 7. What Would you like to be doing five to ten yearS from noW? 8. tell me about your education background. 9. What are Some of your intereStS outSide of Work? 10. When Would you be able to Start Work if you Were hired? 11. Why Should i hire you? 12. hoW do you fit the reQuirementS for thiS job? 13. What are three of your greateSt StrengthS for thiS job? 14. What are your greateSt limitationS for thiS job? 15. do you conSider yourSelf a “people perSon”? whAt If I nERvoUSly 16. do you moSt like to Work independently or in a team? StUmBlE ovER my 17. have you ever been fired or aSked to reSign? woRDS AnD CAn’t thInk 18. Why did you leave your previouS job? of whAt to SAy??? 19. have you ever been convicted of a felony? 20. What Salary do you have in mind?

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DYCD iSY Workbook • page 104

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Tell me abou T Your Self. TiP S: Wh Y Shoul D i hire You? TiPS: WhaT are Your ma Jor STre n g ThS ? TiPS: WhaT are Your ma Jor Wea k n eSS eS ? TiPS: WhaT SorT of PaY Do You e x P eC T To r eC e i v e ? TiP S: WhaT exPerien Ce Do You h av e Th aT r e l aTeS To T h iS J o b ? TiPS: WhaT D o You See YourSel f D oi n g fi v e Y e a r S fr om n oW ? TiP S: WhaT are Some of Your in Te r eSTS o uTSi D e o f Wo r k? TiP S: Wh Y D o You Wan T Thi S Job ? WhY D o You Wa n T To Wor k for T hi S or ga n i ZaT i o n ? TiPS: hoW D o You han D le D i ffi CulT S i T uaT i on S ? TiP S:

name ________________________ Date _______

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PreParing To Work

In tE Rv IEwS

Don’T geT burneD! tips for answering Common Interview Questions

PreParing To Work

In tE Rv IEwS

Striking out: it happens to everyone! inevitably, you will not get an interview or job offer that you really want every time you go for it. learn from this and do not get discouraged. it truly happens to everyone.

now that you have mastered the questions, consider your body language and nonverbal communication tips.
nonverbal Communication Tips: - firm handshake - eye contact - Smile when appropriate - nod when appropriate to show you are paying attention - Take notes; it shows you are paying attention and will help when it is time to ask questions (and when you send a thank you note) - never cross your arms or bite your nails - Sit up straight in your chair - Try not to nervously tap your foot, twirl your hair, or laugh too much other Tips: - go to the restroom before the interview to double-check your appearance (e.g. is your tie crooked?) - Wipe your face if you are perspiring- remember, never let them see you sweat! - Don’t ask about the salary in the interview - wait until you are given a job offer!

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practice makes perfect … don’t mock the importance of ‘mock interviewing’!

inStructionS: break into pairS. the perSon providing feedback Should pay cloSe attention to the “job applicant” aS he/She role playS an intervieW. read through thiS form before the intervieW beginS So that you can focuS on Specific aSpectS of the applicant’S performance. make specific comments that will help the applicant to improve his/her interview performance. Use the categories included on the form below. nonvERBAl CommUnICAtIon—DID thE PERSon: Dress appropriately? Shake hands at the beginning and end of the interview? make eye contact with the interviewer? Sit up straight? yes yes yes yes no no no no

Is there anything else your peer did to help or interfere with good nonverbal communication? If yes, what? vERBAl CommUnICAtIon—DID thE PERSon: listen carefully? Speak clearly? Ask an appropriate number of questions? Get across her or his strengths?

yes yes yes yes

no no no no

Is there anything else your peer did to help or interfere with good verbal communication? If yes, what? what are the one or two things that the person did best? what are one or two suggestions you can give so your peer will make a stronger impression during a job interview? Based on this interview, would you want to hire this applicant? why or why not?
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name ________________________ Date _______

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PreParing To Work

In tE Rv IEwS

Q: Why go through the effort of ‘pretending’ i’m on an intervieW? a: because it’s not enough to merely think through how you’ll respond to interview questions – you need to actually practice saying what you want to get across. Q: What if i’ve already practiced What i’m going to Say on my oWn? a: great start. practicing alone or in front of a mirror is really helpful, but it is even more important to practice with someone else – you must be ready to respond to interview questions off the cuff (pay attention to nonverbal communications too!). Q: do i Still have to do thiS even if i find it really embarraSSing? a: yes, you won’t be the only one who feels this way – but you have to practice answering these types of questions in uncomfortable situations, because you’ll certainly be nervous on a real job interview.

nASA internship interview
you are the hiring manager.

PreParing To Work

In tE Rv IEwS

pleaSe complete thiS Scoring Sheet for all job applicantS. pleaSe provide conStructive criticiSm that Will help theSe candidateS improve their intervieWing SkillS. there iS Space beloW each QueStion for noteS.

thE hAnDShAkE was the applicant on time? note: five minutes early is ideal was the applicant polite to staff that passed him/her in the waiting area? Did the applicant have a firm handshake? Did the applicant make eye contact with you when you met – did s/he seem confident? Did the applicant have crisp copy of his/her resume? overall, what was your first impression? (A) I wanted to run out of the room screaming (B) I was ready to begin the interview (C) I was ready to hire the candidate thE ShowStoPPERS – lItERAlly! Was the applicant taking the interview seriously?
Poor Examples: wearing sunglasses, a hat, flashy jewelry, glitter or gemstones on their clothes; arriving late and sweaty

y/n y/n y/n

y/n y/n


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Good Examples: wearing a suit, blazer, button down shirt, tie, made eye contact Did the applicant appear too trendy or sexy?
Poor Examples: mid-section or cleavage showing, skirt not knee-length or longer, tight clothes, brightly colored or patterned clothing, spaghetti straps or other sleeveless and revealing clothing, heavy make-up or bright lipstick, stilettos or sneakers, strong perfume


name ________________________ Date _______

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thE ShowStoPPERS – lItERAlly! Did the applicant appear neat?
Poor Examples: wrinkled clothing; nails too long or ornate; messy or shaggy hair or shaggy beard; obvious tattoos or piercing


overall, what was your opinion of the applicant’s appearance? (A) I was wondering if s/he was auditioning for that show “what not to wear” (B) I thought the applicant basically understood what was appropriate (C) I was ready to hire the candidate – s/he was dressed to impress! thE SPokEn woRD

ask the applicant ten of these classic interview questions and provide feedback on the attached sheet.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

how did you learn about this job? why are you interested in joining our organization? Is there anything you would like to explain or change on your job application form? why do you think that you are qualified for the job? what do you think you can do for us? have you ever worked as a (name of job) before? what made you become a (name of job)? what do you think would be the very best job for you? what would you like to be doing five to ten years from now? tell me about yourself.
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PreParing To Work

In tE Rv IEwS

thE SPokEn woRD (continued from the previous page)

PreParing To Work


tell me about your education. Did you take part in any activities when you were in school? what are some of your interests outside of work? have you had any special training for this job? which duties did you like the least? why should I hire you? how do you fit the requirements for this job? what are three of your greatest strengths for this job? what are your three greatest limitations for this job? Do you have any physical condition that may limit your abilities to do this work? which of your job supervisors (if you’ve had any) did you like the best? why? which of your job supervisors (if you’ve had any) did you like the least? why? how do you get along with people? what kind of people do you most like to work with?

In tE Rv IEwS

12. 13. 14. 15. 16 17. 18. 19 20 21 22 23

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25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

what kinds of people do you least like to work with? Can you operate any machines or equipment? how many days of work did you miss at (name of job)? why have you changed jobs so many times? have you ever been fired or asked to resign? why did you leave your previous job? have you ever been convicted of a felony? what salary do you have in mind? what is the lowest salary you would accept? when would you be able to start work if you were hired? Is there anything else about your work record that you would like to tell me about?

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PreParing To Work

In tE Rv IEwS

PreParing To Work

nA SA Partner ResPonSe Section
In tE Rv IEwS
please complete this summary report to help the applicant improve his/her skills. remember to provide constructive criticism in a respectful way.
nonvERBAl CommUnICAtIon—DID yoUR PEER BEInG IntERvIEwED: Dress appropriately? Shake hands at the beginning and end of the interview? make eye contact with the interviewer? Sit up straight?

yes yes yes yes

no no no no

Is there anything else your peer did to help or interfere with good nonverbal communication? If yes, what? vERBAl CommUnICAtIon—DID thE PERSon BEInG IntERvIEwED: listen carefully? Speak clearly? Ask an appropriate number of questions on relative topics? Get across her or his strengths?

yes yes yes yes

no no no no

Is there anything else your peer did to help or interfere with good verbal communication? If yes, what? what are the one or two things your peer being interviewed did best? what are one or two suggestions you can give so she or he will make a stronger impression during a job interview? Based on this interview, would you want to hire this applicant? why or why not?

what did you learn about going on interviews from this exercise that will help you?
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name: __________________________________ Date: ____________________

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job interviews are not fashion shows. While it is fine to express your individuality in the way that you dress, work is a professional atmosphere, so leave your most trendy outfits at home. you are there to impress employers with your work ethic, skills, and experience – not with what you’re wearing. keep an open mind about these suggestions before you begin interviewing. first impressions are huge.

1. Don’t CARRy A BACkPACk, fAnny PACk, oR ShoPPInG BAGS to thE IntERvIEw. A purse is fine for women, and a briefcase or messenger bag are generally safe options. your resume can be easily carried in a plain folder if you don’t have a briefcase. Don’t fold the resume so that it fits in your bag; always arrive with two crisp copies of your resume. 2. remove SunglaSSeS from the top of your head, take off hatS, or headphoneS around your neck. tuck thiS Stuff aWay before you arrive. 3. forget about wearing skirts that are too short, lowcut shirts, or tight-fitting outfits. your skirt should come to your knees when you are seated, and don’t wear spaghetti straps. remember that you’re not going out on the town or to a club! Sexy does not equal professional. ask yourself if you would wear your interview outfit to see your grandmother. if not, find something else.

name ________________________ Date _______

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DYCD iSY Workbook • page 113

4. overly bright or wildly-patterned clothing should be avoided, as should decals on the front of shirts or blatant brand promotions. it’s best to stick with something simple. a long-sleeved button down shirt with slacks is a safe option for men (usually with a tie). Jeans are too casual. Skirts, dresses, or slacks are appropriate for women.

PreParing To Work

In tE Rv IEwS

What NoT to WeAR to an interview

PreParing To Work

In tE Rv IEwS

5. hEAvy mAkEUP on womEn (oR Any mAkEUP on A mAn) IS DISCoURAGED. ARRIvE lookInG ClEAn, not ovERly mADE UP. EARRInGS on mEn ShoUlD BE AvoIDED AnD womEn ShoUlD ConSIDER wEARInG SImPlE JEwElRy - moRE thAn onE SEt of EARRInGS on womEn IS not ADvISED. yoU ShoUlD not wEAR moRE thAn SIx totAl PIECES of JEwElRy (EARRInGS, BRACElEt, RInGS, nECklACE). mAny EmPloyERS ARE not oPEn to fACIAl PIERCInGS, tonGUE JEwElRy oR vISIBlE tAttooS. AlSo, USE A SUBtlE fRAGRAnCE, not A StRonG PERfUmE oR AftERShAvE.
6. nails should look clean and be trimmed to a length that doesn’t leave the interviewer pondering how you will pick up a pencil or help customers. Avoid bright or specialty polishes or designs for all interviews.

7. Although this may seem obvious, don’t arrive wearing rumpled, torn, or stained clothing. If you are interviewing late in the day, try to change into a fresh shirt beforehand. Give yourself enough time to get to the interview so you don’t arrive sweaty or out of breath. It is helpful to plan and lay out what you’re going to wear several days before the interview (give yourself time to wash or press garments).
8. Shoes are important. try not to wear scuffed or inappropriate footwear, such as sneakers, stilettos, open-toed shoes or sandals, to a first interview, even if you know that the work environment is casual. men’s socks and belts should match their shoes; try not to wear socks that are too short and leave a gap of flesh when seated. 9. It’s better to over-dress than to arrive too casual. Workplace fashion is pretty basic - button downs, simple black dresses (not tight), pants and even most ties never go out of style. Looking good doesn’t mean breaking the bank.

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DYCD iSY Workbook • page 114

10. If you are wearing a new suit or new outfit to the interview, don’t forget to remove all the tags! If you need professional clothes, consider low cost or free options (e.g. Goodwill, Dress for Success, or Career Gear).

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