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tongue twisters
Ready for a challenge? Quintilian, a Roman educator from the first century C.E., says kids learning to speak should practice with words “with a chain of syllables that crash like ́tōs et véluti confragṓsōs). Quintilian calls rocks” (sýllabīs catēnā these words “χαλινοὶ” (chalinoí), which is Greek for Latin “frḗnī.” Frḗnī are horse bits. No, not bits of a horse. A frḗnus is a piece of metal that fits across the horse’s tongue and teeth. Tie a rope to each side of the frḗnus and you can steer the horse! These mosaics show famous charioteers holding their horses by the bit. Try the frḗnī ínfrā. Why do you think the Romans call tongue twisters frḗnī?

́dī • uī ́cī I. uḗnī • uī
Focus on pronouncing u cónsonāns and long vowels. I came, I saw, I conquered Gaius Iulius Caesar after the Battle of Zela, 47 B.C.E.

́ te Táti • tíbi tánta • týrrane • túlistī II. ō Títe tū
Focus on pronouncing /t/ before a vowel. Oh, Titus Tatius, you tyrant, you took on so much! Quintus Ennius, a poet who lived about 2200 years ago

́ bunt III. ménse Maíō • málae nū
Focus on pronouncing /m/ and /n/. Evil people get married in May. Traditional Roman saying

IIII. súpersit • súppetat • supérstitet
Focus on placing stress on the correct syllable. May she survive, continue to exist, and remain. Titus Maccius Plautus, a comedian who lived around Ennius’ time

́ gina ́ma pā I · prī

Sources @ · © Elliott K. Goodman · 3/5/2013

E. Plautus VI. you’re a way better woman than the best women. simple idiots Plautus A frḗnus. NM ́ dā • dā ́ te tḗla • latḗte X. I make free men out of children using books and a scale. Focus on pronouncing u cónsonāns and u uōcā Alive. fácio lī Focus on vowel length and putting stress on the correct syllables. near Pompeii. Plautus ́ que ́berōs • ex lī ́berīs • líbrīs lībrā VIIII. dumb. John’s College in Annapolis. Rome. with my bare hand! Give up your arms and hide. Mom. and /b/. Ennius ́uus uídens uī ́uit • uálet VIII. Goodman · 3/5/2013 . He freed only me for himself alone with his own money. /f/. supposedly said by Hannibal Barca. dull. and a decorative flap for a horse. mā Focus on pronouncing /m/ before a vowel. foolish.́ uit V. stúltī stólidī fátuī fúngī bárdī blénnī buccṓnēs Focus on pronouncing /st/. the seer lives and is well. and are from the town of Boscoreale. tē térō • Rṓma • mánū nū Focus on pronouncing repetitive syllables. stupid. The rope and flap were made before 79 C. MD and Santa Fe. Motto of St. sṓlam ílle mē • sṓlī síbī • súō súmptū • līberā Focus on pronouncing /s/ before a vowel. silly. ́ ter • optimā ́ rum • múltō múlier mélior • mulíerum VII. coiled rope. I will bury you. (see ́ gina!) The frḗnus is from the pā area north of · © Elliott K. enemy of Rome ́ gina II · sécunda pā Sources @ lexiconlatinum. uī ́ lis.wikia.

plaúdite pórcellī • porcṓrum pígra prōpā Focus on /p/. maybe about a college dean in Oxford. and /pr/ and vowel length. mī ́nī mūnī ́minum • immínui uī ́uī mínimum uólunt uī Focus on pronouncing /m/ and /n/. so much moaning. and u. sī prócul • ā Próculō • Próculī Campā prócul • ā Próculō • Próculus ípse • fóret Focus on pronouncing final syllables.written by Ioannes Placentius around 1530 ́ ne décane • cánis • sed nē cáne • cā ́ ne XIIII. gray-haired dean. then Proculus himself is far away from Proculus. Sing about gray hairs. Goodman · 3/5/2013 . so many tears.a Latin poem where every word starts with ‘p’ . This is what the sentence looks like in a printed book from 700 years ago: ́ go XIII. /pl/. from a graveyard in Bologna. Campania is 350 miles south of Bologna. gray-haired dean! written around · © Elliott K. m.wikia. n. The smallest mimes of the snow gods hardly want the responsibility of finishing too much wall-wine while they’re alive. But I heard so much crying. so much weeping! Marcus Porcius Cato. you lazy children of porkers! from “Pugna Porcorum” . Gray-haired dean. Clap little piggies. cā ́ nīs • cā ́ ne décane • cáne décane • dē cáne • dē cā Focus on vowel length. Proculus who died around 1390 C. you’re singing! But don’t sing about a dog. ́ minum níuium mínimī • mū ́ nium nímium ́mī nū XII.́ nia • fúisset • XI. a grumpy politician who lived about 2100 years ago ́ gina III · tértia pā Sources @ lexiconlatinum. from the 12th-14th century Europe. part of a challenge to create the longest sentence with i.E. If Proculus’ home Campania is far away from Proculus. Italy for St. set quántum lúctum • quántum gémitum • ́ rum • quántum flḗtum • fáctum audī ́vi quid lacrimā Focus on pronouncing similar sounds. England who sang hunting songs XV.

Latin has aspects—like long vowels and consonants—that are new to speakers of English. mā Focus on vowel length. However. ́ rta pā ́ gina IIII · quā Sources @ lexiconlatinum. Lastly. These authors wanted their words to sound a certain · © Elliott K. quántum mātériae • māteriā ́ ri sī mármota mónax mātériam • póssit māteriā Focus on vowel length. Latin has been spoken and used by children and adults continually for nearly 3. Spanish. Modern ́ tur mármota mónax • XVIIII. and other languages. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Modern who cares about pronouncing a dead language? A “dead language” has no native speakers.́ la mā ́ lī • málō • mála cóntulit ómnia • múndō XVI. Part of learning a foreign language is to learn to speak differently. is a dead language because basically no one can say he has spoken Latin since he was a baby.000 years. Second Latin is beautiful to hear and speak. in márī mérī mī Focus on /m/ and vowel length. I really want to eat birds. This gets to the first reason why learning to pronounce Latin is important: to make sure other Latin speakers can understand you. by this definition. The mouse must die in a sea of delicious wine. We read Latin that ancient Romans wrote.wikia. grandpa. An apple’s cheek brought all the evils to the horrible world. áuē áue • áueo ḗsse áuēs Focus on vowel length. We learn to pronounce Latin like they did so we can hear how ancient Roman authors heard their own words. Hey. when we speak Latī́nē we hear ancient Rome come alive again. meaning no one is brought up from birth speaking that language. Goodman · 3/5/2013 . written before 1876 ́ rī nécesse est ́rī • mórī mū XVII. As you use Latin more you will find sounds and phrases that are pleasing to your ear. Modern XVIII. The frḗnī are a good example of Romans writing to make certain sounds and have fun with Latin. Latin.

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