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featuring Estate Silver, Jewelry, Textiles & Couture
Sale 2463 June 17 & 18, 2009 Marlborough

Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art


Discovery Auction
featuring Studio Paintings & Musical Instruments
July 15 & 16, 2009
Sale #2466

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Discovery Auction
featuring Estate Silver, Jewelry, Textiles & Couture

Specialists in Charge

Kerry Shrives Department Director 508.970.3256

Garrett J. Sheahan Assistant 508.970.3246

Harry B. McNabb Assistant 508.970.3295

Nicole Nicas Rovner Assistant

Discovery Department - 508.970.3202


Session I: Lots 1-500 Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 2 p.m.

Marlborough Gallery 274 Cedar Hill Street Marlborough, MA 01752

Session II: Lots 501-1200 Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 10 a.m.

Marlborough Gallery 274 Cedar Hill Street Marlborough, MA 01752


Tuesday, June 16, 2009 Wednesday, June 17, 2009 Thursday, June 18, 2009

12 to 5 p.m. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 8 to 9:30 a.m.

Sale 2463

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Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board - Nancy R. Skinner Richard Albright Barnet Fain Stephen L. Fletcher Karen M. Keane


President/Chief Executive Officer - Karen M. Keane Chief Financial Officer - Don Kelly Executive Vice President - Stephen L. Fletcher Vice Presidents- Gloria Lieberman, Carol McCaffrey, Kerry Shrives, Stuart G. Slavid, Stuart P. Whitehurst

Expert Departments

SKINNER, INC. Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art 63 Park Plaza Boston, MA 02116 617.350.5400 Fax 617.350.5429 274 Cedar Hill Street Marlborough, MA 01752 508.970.3000 Fax 508.970.3100

American & European Paintings & Prints - Robin S.R. Starr, Director Pro Tem; Assistants: Laura Conover, Kathy Wong American Furniture & Decorative Arts - Stephen L. Fletcher, Martha Hamilton; Assistants: LaGina Austin, Karen Langberg, Chris Barber, Susan Zacharias American Indian & Ethnographic Art - Douglas Deihl Art Glass & Art Pottery - Jane D. Prentiss Arts & Crafts & The Modern Movement - Jane D. Prentiss Asian Works of Art - James F. Callahan Books & Manuscripts - Stuart P. Whitehurst Assistant: Sara C. Wishart Bottles, Flasks & Early Glass - Stephen L. Fletcher Ceramics - Stuart G. Slavid Classic Automobiles & Motorcycles - Jane D. Prentiss Clocks - Robert C. Cheney Discovery Sales - Kerry Shrives; Assistants: Garrett J. Sheahan, Nicole Nicas Rovner, Harry B. McNabb European Furniture & Decorative Arts - Stuart G. Slavid; Assistants: Stuart P. Whitehurst, Sara C. Wishart Fine Wines - Marie Keep Jewelry - Gloria Lieberman; Assistants: Sheila Barron Smithie, F.G.A., G.G.; John Colasacco Judaica - Kerry Shrives Museum & Collections Services - Martha Hamilton Musical Instruments - David Bonsey Oriental Rugs & Carpets - Gary Richards Science, Technology & Clocks - Robert C. Cheney Silver - Stuart G. Slavid; Assistant: Sara C. Wishart Toys & Dolls - Robert C. Cheney Auctioneers - LaGina Austin, David Bonsey, Stephen L. Fletcher, Karen M. Keane, Marie C. Keep, Gloria Lieberman, Kerry Shrives, Stuart G. Slavid, Robin S.R. Starr, Laura V. Sweeney, Stuart P. Whitehurst


Exhibitions and Property Distribution


Warehouse Manager - Jonathan Dowling, ext. 3280 Property Manager - Samuel Combs, ext. 3262


Elisabeth Benson-Allott, ext. 4312 Property Distribution Manager - Jessica R. Lincoln, ext. 4308

Finance Department


Accounts Receivable - Denise Johnson, ext. 3269 Accounts Payable - Kathleen Hayes, ext. 3268 Credit Supervisor - Denise Ubaldino, ext. 3266



Karen Skinner, ext. 3240

Service Departments

Absentee Bidding - Carol McCaffrey, Marie C. Keep, Laura V. Sweeney Appraisals - Patricia Walker King, Beth Zwicker, Cara Ammendolia, Katharine Holtman Advertising Production - Pamela Van de Houten Auction Services - Patricia Walker King Boston Gallery Director - Laura V. Sweeney Assistant Gallery Director: Paige Lewellyn Gallery Assistant: Sarah McDermott Buildings and Grounds - Robert Tower Catalogue Production - Pamela Van de Houten, Kristina Harrison; Assistant: Cheryl Freeman Customer Relations - Carol McCaffrey Human Resources - Carol McCaffrey Information Technology and Internet Auctions - Kerry Shrives Assistants: Timothy Shaughnessey, Nicole Nicas Rovner Inventory Control - Marlborough: Registrar - Deanna Williams Hubert P. Borg, Gary Dahl, Eric Jones, Megan J. Blomgren Managing Director - Marie C. Keep Marketing & Public Relations - Catherine Riedel, Anne M. Trodella Photographers - Stanley P. Bystrowski, Jeffrey R. Antkowiak, Stephanie Paulus Receptionists - Marlborough: Elizabeth H. Wilson, Judy McLeod; Boston: Erica Boccard Transportation - Eric Jones; Assistant: Mark McCaffrey


Skinner, Inc. - Conditions of Sale
1. Some of the lots in this sale are offered subject to a reserve. The reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon by the consignor and Skinner, Inc. below which the lot will not be sold. In most cases, the reserve will be set below the estimated range, but in no case will it exceed the estimates listed. A representative of Skinner, Inc. will execute such reserves by bidding for the consignor. In any event and whether or not a lot is subject to a reserve, the auctioneer may reject any bid or raise not commensurate with the value of such lot. 2. All property is sold “as is,” and neither the auctioneer nor any consignor makes any warranties or representation of any kind or nature with respect to the property, and in no event shall they be responsible for the correctness, nor deemed to have made any representation or warranty, of description, genuineness, authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin, or condition of the property and no statement made at the sale, or in the bill of sale, or invoice or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty of representation or an assumption of liability. 3. Except as provided in paragraph 1 above, the highest bidder as determined by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the case of a disputed bid, the auctioneer shall have sole discretion in determining the purchaser and may also, at his or her election, withdraw the lot or reoffer the lot for sale. 4. All merchandise purchased must be paid for and removed from the premises the day of the auction. Skinner, Inc. may impose, and the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly storage charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or portion of a lot not removed by the purchaser within three (3) business days after the date of sale. Skinner, Inc. shall have no liability for any damage to property left on its premises for more than three (3) days after the date of sale. At the option of Skinner, Inc., the merchandise may be transferred to and stored at a bonded warehouse and the purchaser agrees to pay all transfer and storage expenses. Skinner, Inc. may impose, and the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly interest charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or item not paid by the purchaser within thirty-five (35) days of the date of sale. 5. Skinner accepts cash or check for payment. Personal checks will be acceptable only if credit has been established with Skinner, Inc. or if a bank authorization has been received guaranteeing a personal check. Skinner, Inc. reserves the right to hold merchandise purchased by personal check until the check has cleared the bank. The purchaser agrees to pay Skinner, Inc. a handling charge of $25.00 for any check dishonored by the drawee. Please contact Accounting for additional payment methods. Skinner does not accept payment by credit card for merchandise purchases. 6. If the purchaser breaches any of its obligations under these Conditions of Sale, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price of all items for which it was the highest successful bidder, Skinner, Inc. may exercise all of its rights and remedies under the law including, without limitation, (a) cancelling the sale and applying any payments made by the purchaser to the damages caused by the purchaser’s breach, and/or (b) offering at public auction, without reserve, any lot or item for which the purchaser has failed to pay in full the purchase price, holding the purchaser liable for any deficiency plus all costs of sale. 7. In no event will the liability of Skinner, Inc. to any purchaser with respect to any item exceed the purchase price actually paid by such purchaser for such item. 8. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Upon request, our staff will provide the list of shippers who deliver to destinations within the United States and overseas. Some property that is sold at auction can be subject to laws governing export from the U.S., such as items that include material from some endangered species. Import restrictions from foreign countries are subject to these same governing laws. Granting of licensing for import or export of goods from local authorities is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Denial or delay of licensing will not constitute cancellation or delay in payment for the total purchase price of these lots. 9. All purchases are subject to the Massachusetts 5% sales tax unless the purchaser possesses a Massachusetts sales tax exemption number. Exemption numbers from other states are accepted in Massachusetts if presented with a business card or letterhead. Dealers, museums, and other qualifying parties can apply for a Massachusetts exemption number prior to the auction by contacting the Massachusetts Department of Corporations and Taxation at 100 Cambridge Street in Boston. 10. Except for property purchased via on-line Live Auctions, a premium equal to 18.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 10% of the final bid over $200,000, will be applied to each lot sold, to be paid by the Buyer as part of the purchase price. The buyers premium on property purchased via on-line Live Auctions will be in the amount equal to 22.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 15% of the final bid over $200,000. 11. Bidding on any item indicates your acceptance of these terms and all other terms announced at the time of sale whether bidding in person, through a representative, by phone, by Internet, or other absentee bid. 12. Skinner, Inc. and its consignors make no warranty or representation, express or implied, that the purchaser will acquire any copyright or reproduction rights to any lot sold. Skinner, Inc. expressly reserves the right to reproduce any image of the lots sold in this catalogue. The copyright in all images, illustrations and written material produced by or for Skinner, Inc. relating to a lot, including the contents of this catalogue, is, and shall remain at all times, the property of Skinner, Inc. and shall not be used by the purchaser, nor by anyone else, without our prior written consent. 13. These conditions of sale shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (excluding the laws applicable to conflicts or choice of law). The buyer/bidder agrees that any suit for the enforcement of this agreement may be brought, and any action against Skinner in connection with the transactions contemplated by this agreement shall be brought, in the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or any federal court sitting therein. The bidder/buyer consents to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of such courts and waives objections that it may now or hereafter have to the venue of any such suit.


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Copyright © Skinner, Inc. 2009 All rights reserved


Session I Lots 1-500
1. Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Berry Serving Spoon, grapevine pattern and scalloped rim. $100-200

7. George II Silver Covered and Footed Dish, London, 1759, ht. approx. 5 1/4 in., approx. 10 troy oz. $100-200

2. Three Kirk Sterling Repoussé Serving Items and a Repoussé Ladle, approx. 14 troy oz. $200-300

3. Five Silver Pencils, from .800 to .900 silver content. $150-250

7A. Gorham Sterling Child’s Mug, early 20th century, cylindrical, with cast applied rim band decorated with plaques depicting scenes from nursery rhymes, including the cow that jumped over the moon, and blackbirds baked in a pie, ear handle, and low foot, engraved with name and dated 1911, ht. 3 1/8 in., approx. 5 troy oz. $200-300

12. Group of Silver Plated Items, a tray, a bamboo handled covered pitcher, a swing handled bowl, two covered vegetable dishes, a pair of 19th century salts with figural lion’s feet, and various serving pieces (12 total). $300-500 12A. Group of Miscellaneous Sterling and Silver Plated Flatware, a set of nine sterling Dominick & Haff spoons with twisted handles, lg. 5 3/4, set of seven Dominick & Haff demitasse spoons with twisted handles, lg. 4 1/4 in., a set of six Dominick & Haff shell-form spoons, a set of two Towle dinner forks, a Dominick & Haff fork with grape design, three Rogers silver plated spoons, approx. 22 troy weighable silver. $200-300 13. Set of Twelve Gorham Sterling Silver Seafood Forks, approx. 6 troy oz. $300-500 13A. Dominick & Haff Sterling Mug, 1900, retailed by Theodore B. Starr, New York, with reeded rims and ear handle, monogrammed to side, and with presentation inscription to underside “Presented by the Phi Alpha Society October 1903,” ht. 2 3/8 in., approx. 8 troy oz. $150-250 14. Set of Six Hamilton Silver Plated Soupspoons, approx. 8 troy oz. $150-200 14A. Eight Silver Table Articles, including a Whiting sterling repoussé dish, a sterling silver dish, a sterling Watson company open edged dish, a footed sterling Watson dish, two coin silver salt spoons, a sterling banded cheese knife, a sterling silver ladle, approx. 17 troy oz. $200-300 15. Small Silver Presentation Box, Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham, England, 1832, the box purportedly once the property of the noted American scientist, botanist, educator, and inventor George Washington Carver (1864–1943), with the initials “GWC” engraved on the cover; rectangular box with hinged lid, the interior lid cover engraved with the names “Queenie Woods Washington” and “Marina Harris Meade,” ht. 5/8, wd. 2 1/8, lg. 2 3/4 in., approx. 2 troy oz. $400-600

3A. Sterling Silver Angel Cake Cutter and Cased Pie Server. $75-85

8. Boxed Fish Serving Flatware Set for Six, flatware with bone handles, medallion monogrammed insert in scroll-shaped case. $200-250

4. Set of Twelve Asian Silver Plated Service Plates, marked on lower rim, crested with mythical beast on outer edge, dia. approx. 11 in. $200-300

8A. Sterling Dish, leaf decoration including base of bowl, dia. 8 3/4 in., approx. 8 troy oz. $75-100

4A. Frank Smith Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Set, Adrienne pattern, approx. 60 pieces, including flatware and serving items, weighable silver approx. 50 troy oz. $600-800

9. Eleven Colorless Glass Wine Serving Pieces, five wine rinsers, and a set of six small, footed wine glasses. $100-150

5. Four-Piece Sterling Silver Tea and Coffee Set, possibly by James T. Wooley, coffeepot, teapot, creamer, and covered sugar bowl all with urn finials, ht. to 10 in., approx. 58 troy oz. $400-600

10. Two Silver Pourers, in the form of a woman in a dress carrying a basket, ht. to 8 in., approx. 11 troy oz. $100-200

5A. Three Sterling Dresser Items, a set of two mirrors, and a sterling comb edge (missing comb). $100-200

6. Six Sterling and Silver Plated Table Items, a pair of Theodore Starr sterling silver salts, a French silver plated pepper grinder with bone handle, a tea strainer, and Dominick & Haff sterling silver creamer and open sugar bowl set. $100-150

11. Silver Plate and Sterling Serving Items, including a silver plated Rogers Reveretype bowl, a B & M sterling weighted vase, an Empire sterling weighted footed dish, a footed and fenced rectangular tray, a crumber, a Dominick & Haff spoon, a Towle sterling spoon, a set of six sterling specialty forks, a partial Alvin silver plated flatware set, etc., approx. 8 troy oz. weighable silver. $100-150

11A. Pair of George V Silver Open Salts, London, 1916, Chas. and Richard Comyns, makers, made for Tiffany & Co., Georgian-style, ovoid, raised on three pad feet, dia. 2 1/2 in., approx. 3 troy oz. $200-300


15A. Bigelow, Kennard & Co. Sterling Porringer, Boston, third quarter 19th century, pierced stylized shell handle, with beaded and reeded rim, lg. 7 5/8 in., approx. 8 troy oz. $100-200

20. Silver Footed and Handled Bride’s Basket, stamped .875 m on underside of handle, scrolled floral edge work, approx. 5 troy oz. $100-150

24A. Georgian-style Sterling Silver Tea Kettle on Warming Stand, ht. 11 1/2 in., approx. 30 troy oz. $1,000-1,200 25. Approximately Sixteen Silver and Silver Plated Flatware and Serving Items, including a .800 silver cigarette case, .835 miniature vase, .800 miniature handled tray with matching open sugar and creamer, small pair of sterling casters, a pair of .800 silver salvers, a pair of .800 silver small dishes, a silver plated bread plate, a silver plated naturalistic branch and leaf designed cake server, and a pair of weighted sterling tall candlesticks (both damaged). $150-250 25A. Approximately Seventeen Pieces of Silver and Silver Plated Flatware, including a set of eleven Reed & Barton sterling butter knives, a set of four Hotchkiss & Schreuder spoons, etc., approx. 10 troy oz. $100-200 26. Set of Eleven Coin Silver Spoons, M. Eastman, approx. 6 troy oz. $200-300 26A. Five Small Sterling Tablewares, Tiffany bud vase, Reed & Barton gold-washed candy dish, a pair of Gorham casters with decorative lion legs, and a Black, Starr/Gorham leaf-form footed dish, approx. 16 troy oz. $125-150 27. Approximately Forty-two Sterling and Silver Plated Flatware, including a set of sterling straws, a set of eight Tiffany electroplated knives, a set of six Tiffany electroplated knives, a set of six Ball, Tompkins, & Black forks, a Gorham sterling open serving ladle, several Dominick & Haff flatware items, etc. Provenance of Tiffany Knives: Belonged to Colonel Alexander Robert Chisolm (1834-1910). Owner of Coosaw Island Plantation in South Carolina, and served as personal aid to Confederate General Pierre G.T. Beauregard, commander of Confederate troops in Charleston. Some claim it was Chisolm who gave the order to fire on Fort Sumter. He served in the battles of Bull Run and Shiloh, among others. He later went on to marry the daughter of Union General Richard L. Schieffelin. $200-400

16. Eight Sterling Silver Vanity Items and Accessories, including a sterling silver and mother-of-pearl rattle/teether, a sterling silver nail buffer, sterling silver nail file, sterling silver boot hook, sterling silver and ivorine glove stretcher, sterling silver scissors, a shoe horn, and a coat brush. $200-300

21. Approximately Twenty-four Sterling and Silver Plated Souvenir Spoons and for Th. Marthinsen, etc., approx. 8 troy oz. $250-350

17. Set of Six Sheffield Silver Plated Grapefruit Spoons and Four Serving Items, including David Carlson small serving fork, a W & H sterling silver ladle, etc. $75-125

21A. Group of Sterling Silver Flatware and Banded Fish Knives, a pair of Gorham sterling serving pieces in the Chantilly pattern, a set of six sterling Wallace forks, a set of twelve sterling dessert spoons, a set of six mother-of-pearl knives, and two sterling spoons, approx. 19 troy oz. $150-250

17A. Whiting Sterling Silver Reticulated Basket, sold with round Reed & Barton silver plated tray, and a rectangular Wallace handled silver plated tray, approx. 8 troy oz. $150-250

22. Five Sterling Silver Flatware Items and a Set of Six Sterling Spoons, a Stieff sterling silver spoon, a Whiting sterling silver open serving spoon, a set of six sterling silver Gorham spoons, and a Kirk & Sons sterling handled cake server. $200-300

18. Heirloom Sterling Silver Partial Flatware Set for Eight, Damask Rose pattern, including eight dinner forks, eight luncheon forks, fourteen spoons, eight sterling handled knives, three butter knives, and five additional pieces. $300-500

22A. Set of Six Gorham Silver Plated Candlesticks, ht. 11 in. $200-300

18A. Group of Sterling Silver Table and Decorative Items, a pair of two small Alvin/Gorham footed nut dishes, a small dish with ball feet, and a spoon decorated with a figural sailboat, approx. 6 troy oz. $200-300

23. Five Pieces of American Coin Silver Flatware, a set of three L & S coin silver serving spoons, a small S & S coin silver ladle, and a L & B coin silver fork, approx. 9 troy oz. $150-200

19. Set of Six American Coin Silver Spoons and a Whiting Sterling Spoon, William Ball, late 18th/early 19th century, approx. 13 troy oz. $200-300

23A. Approximately Twelve Pieces of Silver Flatware, including a Whiting sterling silver ladle, a E. Gerson serving spoon, a Reed & Barton gold-washed serving spoon, a small coin silver ladle, a set of three sterling pickle forks, etc., sold with a set of five silver plated salt spoons, approx. 8 troy oz. $100-200

19A. Three Sets of Sterling Silver Candlesticks, weighted, a set of four and two pairs. $100-150

24. Set of Twelve Kirk Coin Silver Forks and Set of Five Coin Teaspoons, forks with light bright-cut decoration, approx. 25 troy oz. $300-500


27A. Whiting Sterling Partial Flatware Set and Eight Mexican Sterling Stirrers, St. Martins pattern, set consists of six forks, a serving spoon, and six sterling handled knives. $150-250

32. Group of Sterling and Weighted Sterling Table Items, a set of four sterling and cobalt blue table casters, three sterling and one silver plated individual baby pushers, a pair of Empire sterling casters with glass inserts, six other pair of weighted sterling table casters. $100-150

36. Group of Silver Plated and Sterling Silver Victorian Flatware, sold with a silver plated mug and two napkin rings. $100-150

28. Group of Sterling and Coin Flatware, including an assembled set of ten forks, a set of four coin spoons, a set of six sterling handled knives, a Gorham sterling serving spoon, etc., (approx. 25 pieces). $300-500

32A. Two Sterling Baby Articles, an A. Newsale child’s sterling handled mug and a sterling table picture frame, approx. 4 troy oz. $100-200

36A. Five Silver Serving and Dresser Items, sterling creamer and open sugar bowl, two sterling and colorless glass jars (larger one is Gorham), and a silver overlay bottle, approx. 14 troy oz. weighable silver. $200-300

28A. Three Pairs of Sterling Weighted Candlesticks and Silver Plated Pickle Caster, ht. to 19 in. $100-200

29. Approximately Twenty-four Silver Spoons and Forks, including a set of six Norwegian enameled demitasse spoons marked J.T., a set of six Gorham sterling silver forks, a set of six Gorham sterling demitasse spoons, a set of three early coin spoons, and three additional coin spoons, approx. 13 troy oz. $100-150

33. Four Pieces of Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Tableware, a Lunt sterling silver open sugar and creamer in Early Dublin design, a pair of sterling silver tongs, and an Oneida silver plated tray. $100-150

37. Approximately Twelve Silver Plated Serving Pieces, including a Reed & Barton water pitcher, a two-piece Reed & Barton leaf-form dish, a rolled-edged wine bottle coaster with lion medallion, a round tray, a large Sheffield serving spoon, etc. $50-75

33A. Five Sterling and Silver Plated Serving Items, a pair of English three-light silver plated candelabra, a sterling and colorless glass jar, a Gorham sterling bread tray, and a Gorham sterling weighted compote, approx. 11 troy oz. $300-500

37A. Group of Sterling and Silver Plated Flatware, including a Dominick & Haff two-piece sterling serving set, a partial Gorham sterling flatware set of nine forks and twelve sterling handled knives, a set of four Gorham sterling spoons, etc., approx. 28 troy oz. $150-250

29A. Three Silver Personal Items, a .800 silver cigarette case, a .830 silver pendant pencil, and a .900 silver pendant box. $100-150

34. Four American Coin Silver Serving Spoons, a set of three E. Eastman serving spoons, and another coin silver spoon, approx. 6 troy oz. $100-200

30. Group of Wine Serving Items, silver plated wine funnel with gold-washed insert, a crystal decanter with a Port tag, and a wine bottle coaster with crest. $200-250

38. Five Danish Sterling Serving Flatware Items, retailed by H. Nils, New York, a set of two serving pieces, a spoon, and two salt spoons. $200-300

34A. Coin Silver Mug, Boston, Shreve, Stanwood & Company, ht. 3 1/4 in., approx. 7 troy oz. $100-200

31. Approximately Forty Mother-of-pearl Handled Knives and Nutpicks, Abram French Co., A. Garrell’s, some with sterling bands. $200-250

35. Four Wine Serving Items, two colorless glass decanters with Gebelein sterling silver tags, and two early 19th century silver and wood wine coasters. $300-500

38A. Group of Silver and Silver Plated Flatware and Serving Items, coin silver serving spoon, small sterling serving fork, a coin silver spoon, a silver plated Rogers ladle, a pair of small sterling table casters, a coin silver napkin ring, a silver leaf-form serving piece, silver scissors-shaped tongs, etc. $125-175

31A. Partial Durgin and Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware Sets, in Fairfax pattern, eighteen Durgin, and thirteen Gorham flatware pieces, approx. 34 toy oz. $250-350

35A. Russian Silver Ladle, St. Petersburg, late 19th century, approx. 8 troy oz. $100-200

39. Gorham Sterling Silver Serving Spoon, St. Cloud pattern, lg. 9 in. $200-300

40. Pair of English Sterling Silver Weighted Tall Candlesticks, ht. 10 1/4 in. $200-300


40A. Lot of Miscellaneous Sterling and Coin Flatware, Gorham, R. Brown, Dominick & Haff, Towle, R. Wallace, Reed & Barton, Whiting, etc., tongs, spoons, forks, etc., sold with several silver plated items, approx. 66 troy oz. $200-400

44A. The Thomas Company Enameled Sterling Silver and Cut Class Bud Vase, Attleboro, Massachusetts, ht. 5 1/2 in. $75-100

41. Silver Dish, mounted with a Spanish Charles IV coin, coin makes the central portion of the dish, marked, dia. 3 3/4 in. $75-125

45. Gorham Sterling Silver and Lenox China Demitasse Service for Six. $150-200

48A. Six Assorted Sterling Silver Table Items, a Reed & Barton sterling dish, a pair of Manchester Silver Co. casters, a pair of weighted sterling silver low candlesticks (damage), a Whiting silver and colorless glass coaster. $100-150

41A. Silver Plated Gravy Boat with Undertray. $100-125

45A. Two Pewter Serving Pieces and Four Silver Plated Towle Spoons, pewter pitcher by L.H. Vaughan of Taunton, Massachusetts, and a London cast pewter handled mug. $100-150

49. Approximately Twenty Pieces of Sterling Silver, Coin, and Silver Plated Flatware, including a set of five Gorham sterling silver butter knives, knives, forks. $300-500

42. Three Sterling Silver Table and Decorative Items, a Webster Co. sterling bread dish with reticulated edge, a Gorham Revere-style sterling bowl, and a International Revere-style sterling bowl, approx. 50 troy oz. $150-250

46. Five Sterling Silver Shallow Repoussé Bowls, Adelphi, Whiting, etc., approx. 12 troy oz. $150-250

49A. Group of Coin, Sterling, and Plated Silver Flatware and Decorative Items, a Continental sterling ladle, a Webster sterling snuffer, a sterling tea ball (hinge damaged), a silver overlay bottle, and a group of silver and silver plated spoons, weighable silver approx. 13 troy oz. $300-500

42A. Partial Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware Set for Six and Other Items, includes five sterling handled knives, six butter knives, six forks, six salad forks, five spoons, six soupspoons, sold with a pair of Gorham sterling casters, and two Gorham salts, total weighable silver approx. 40 troy oz., with group of silver plated flatware. $250-300

46A. Nine Assorted Silver Items, urn-shaped caster with pointed finial, salt with cobalt glass insert, porringer, Cartier leaf-form footed dish, footed pot, toast rack, hand mirror, Poole cigarette box, sterling match box cover, and a cameo pin. $200-300

50. Six Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Tablewares, two sterling child’s mugs, two sterling open dishes, a silver plated wine coaster, and a weighted sterling serving dish. $150-200

47. Five Silver and Silver Plated Items, a silver footed bowl, Continental tongs, a Continental spoon, and a set of two Continental rectangular footed dishes. $300-500

51. Pair of Sterling Pagoda-form Casters and Two Sterling Nut Dishes, approx. 6 troy oz. $100-150

43. Set of Six Tiffany Sterling Silver Cream Soupspoons, Queen Anne pattern, approx. 6 troy oz. $100-150

43A. Six Coin Silver Spoons, H. F. Miller, H. Richmond, R. Radbury, etc. $80-100

44. Three Tiffany & Co. Serving Items, a sterling silver porringer, a silver plated footed salt, and a small tray, approx. 7 troy oz. $400-600

47A. Group of Approximately Twenty Silver Plated Serving Items, Saks Fifth Avenue, Reed & Barton, International, etc., including Sheridan water pitcher, a Federal Silver Co. water pitcher, a porringer, a Continental souvenir spoon, table urns, a double jigger, a covered vegetable dish, a Hotel Statler shell-form dish, an International Silver Company shell-form dish, a Reed & Barton Reverestyle bowl, a Saks Fifth Avenue Reverestyle bowl, a number of round trays, etc. $75-125

51A. Six-Bottle Silver Plated Vinaigrette with Silver Plated Serving and Flatware, including a silver plated child’s mug, a crumber, a three-light candlestick, a group of silver plated flatware, and two sterling demitasse spoons. $75-100

52. Large Sterling Silver Fruit Dish, reticulated with bow and wreath rim decoration and classical medallion profile, approx. 19 troy oz., lg. 10 in. $200-300

48. Gorham Partial Sterling Luncheon Flatware Service for Eight, Old French pattern, forty-eight pieces, approx. 45 troy oz. $300-500

52A. Three Georgian Sterling Silver Ladles and a Pair of Salt Spoons. $200-300


53. Nineteen Assorted Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Flatware, Th. Marthinsen, Towle, Gorham, including a Gorham long handled serving spoon, fish forks, demitasse spoons, etc. $200-300

58. Five Pieces of Sterling Silver Hollowware, two Gorham dishes, a Wallace porringer, a two-piece Quaker Silver Company/Gorham bowl and underplate, approx. 36 troy oz. $250-350

62. Tiffany Sterling Silver Wine Coaster and Two Other Coasters, including a Webster sterling silver overlay coaster, and a two-piece silver plated coaster. $200-300

53A. Four Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Ramekins, with white ceramic inserts. $80-100

54. Five Silver and Silver Plated Serving Items, Tiffany, Mitchell & Tyler, etc., a large Tiffany sterling bright-cut open bowled serving spoon, a bone-handled two-piece silver plated serving set, a silver fish server, and a coin silver butter spreader. $300-500

58A. Sterling and Silver Plated Flatware Items, including a sterling handled twopiece carving set, a Towle ladle, a silver plated serving fork, a set of eleven William Durgin sterling spoons, a Whiting sterling handled cake server, a Gorham shell-form sterling spoon, a set of eight sterling silver stirrers (one broken with missing section), Dominick & Haff sterling serving knife, a Manchester sterling serving fork in Amaryllis pattern, with assorted silver and silver plated flatware, approx. 15 troy oz. weighable silver. $300-400

62A. Seven Pieces of Assorted Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Flatware, a pair of spoons in wave edge pattern, tongs, two ladles, and two salt spoons. $100-150

63. Aesthetic Movement Silver Plated Toast/Bun Server, three-section serving dish with mechanical movement that exposes a gold-washed interior, shell-form exterior with three feet in the form of hooves, ht. 10 in. $100-150

55. Group of Sterling and Silver Plated Flatware, mostly souvenir spoons, including a Gorham sterling silver Aquarius Zodiac spoon, a Panama-Pacific Exposition spoon, a .830 Central/South American style spoon, a silver fork and spoon set. $150-250

59. Five Silver Plated Serving Trays, a large oval open-sided tray, lg. 31 in., a rectangular gated serving tray, an oval footed and gated serving tray, a round tray with raised and reticulated edge, and a rectangular tray. $100-150

64. Eight Richard Dimes Sterling Silver Bread Plates, monogrammed, approx. 28 troy oz. $100-150

56. Set of Nine Silver Forks, marked SK, lg. approx. 7 3/4 in., approx. 18 troy oz. $150-200

59A. Silver Plated Egg Warmer Serving Dish, Rogers Brothers, ht. approx. 9 in. $100-150

64A. Nine Pieces of Victorian Serving Pieces, N. G. Wood & Son serving knife, a bright-cut coin silver ladle, a large Gorham serving spoon, a sterling serving knife, a Wilcox silver plated serving piece, and other sterling, coin, and silver plated serving items. $150-250

56A. Eleven Silver Plated Serving Items, including an assembled six-piece set including water pitcher and glasses with tray, a carafe server, a footed dish, a twopiece gravy boat, and two tumblers. $100-150

60. Tiffany Sterling Silver Trophy Cup, 1879, with applied bow and wreath decoration, (losses), approx. 19 troy oz. $75-100

65. Chinese Figural Silver Plated Duck, lg. 9 in. $50-75

57. LaPaglia Sterling Silver Oval Tray, International Silver Co., with handles ending with two flowers, lg. 12 3/4 in., approx. 18 troy oz. $200-300

61. Silver Plated Kettle on Stand, scrolled decoration with bird medallion and nut and leaf finial on lid, ht. 16 in. Provenance: Purported to be from the estate of the Right Hon. Sir Charles Whethain, a former New Lord Mayor of London; sold with framed 1878 newspaper with background information on Whethain. $200-250

66. Five Sterling and Silver Plated Table Items, a Meriden Britannia Co. bowl, a Simpson, Hall & Miller hammered bowl, a Boardman sterling creamer, a silver plated pin tray, a William Durgin Company bread tray. $150-250

57A. Group of Silver Plated Serving Pieces, including shrimp server, covered vegetable, casserole dishes, etc. $150-275

61A. Approximately Thirty-five Piece Partial Wallace Sterling Flatware Service, Rambling Rose pattern, sold with four Towle sterling spoons, and three silver plated spoons, approx. 34 troy oz. $200-300

66A. Small Group of Silver and Silver Plated Items, including three boxes, a shuttle, a paper knife, a pen knife, and a silver plated lighter. $150-200


67. Nine Victorian Silver Plated Table Items, including a Meriden teapot with grape and leaf finial and bright-cut decoration, a Meriden Britannia doublewalled pitcher with swan finial, a Reed & Barton water urn, etc. $150-200

67A. Group of Silver Plated Serving Articles and Flatware, including an ice bucket, a set of six soupspoons, three other spoons, etc. $25-50

72. Nine Pieces of Assorted Sterling Silver, a Tuttle Revere-type bowl retailed by Shreve, Crump & Low, a sterling silver Revere-type trophy bowl from the Algonquin Club, a small International sterling silver Revere-type bowl, a pair of weighted sterling tall candlesticks, a twopiece sterling handled carving set, a sterling handled knife, and a sterling handled serving piece. $200-400

76. Eleven Sterling Silver Serving Pieces, including a large Kirk serving spoon with bright-cut decoration, a silver butter knife, a sterling serving fork, six fruit knives, etc. $150-200

76A. Gorham Partial Sterling Flatware Set, New Queens pattern, seventeen pieces, approx. 20 troy oz. weighable silver. $200-300

68. Sterling Silver State House Partial Flatware Set for Twelve, Stately pattern, cased, including twelve sterling handled knives, twelve forks, twelve lunch forks, twelve spoons, a three-piece carving set, and five additional serving pieces. $600-800

72A. Twelve Gorham Sterling Knives and Forks, sterling handled knife lg. 9 3/4 in., approx. 24 troy oz. weighable silver. $150-200

73. Wallace Sterling Water Pitcher, ht. 9 1/4 in., approx. 19 troy oz. $125-150

77. Ten Sterling Silver Flatware Items, Gorham sterling silver server, a Whiting sterling silver serving spoon, Continental sterling Aesthetic movement spoon and fork, two large sterling silver serving spoons, an R. Wallace and Sons sterling serving set in the Violet pattern, a Manchester sterling silver sugar spoon; sold with a Reed & Barton silver plated ladle. $100-150

68A. Approximately Eighteen Silver Souvenir Spoons, Gorham, Durgin, etc., approx. 14 troy oz. $100-200

74. Twelve Assorted Sterling Silver Spoons, mixed patterns, all engraved “Pamela,” approx. 12 troy oz. $150-250

77A. English Silver Plate Kettle on Stand with Burner. $100-150

69. Approximately Thirty-six Sterling, Silver Plated, and Silver Boxes and Pendants, includes seven pocket watch cases, several marked sterling, etc. $100-150

69A. Old Newbury Crafters Sterling Silver Hammered Footed Bowl, dia. 9 in., approx. 22 troy oz. $300-500

70. Reticulated Silver Fruit Dish, approx. 15 troy oz. $300-500 70A. Seven Tiffany Sterling Flatware Pieces and a Pair of Tiffany Shears, a set of six forks in the Colonial pattern, a broom corn patterned spoon, approx. 13 troy oz. $100-200 71. Five Sterling Flatware Serving Items, two Gorham sterling serving items, a sterling serving fork, a sterling handled cheese knife, and a sterling handled serving spreader. $75-125

74A. Group of Sterling Flatware Table Items, including a set of four sterling weighted casters, a pair of sterling casters, a sterling biscuit tray, a sterling crumber, a pair of sterling hand-wrought table items, a pair of sterling handled Von Cleff & Co. grape shears, four Sheibler sterling teaspoon in various patterns, a Gorham sterling zodiac spoon, two Mexican sterling stirrers, sterling tongs, a group of approx. twenty-two pieces of silver souvenir flatware, a set of four butter knives, and other silver with several silver plated flatware and serving items, approx. 40 troy oz. weighable silver. $300-500

78. Ten Sterling Silver Table and Serving Items, a set of six Gorham sterling silver water glasses, a tall Gorham trumpet vase, a weighted Gorham trumpet vase, a Tiffany trumpet vase, and a Hallmark weighted sterling bud vase, approx. 40 troy oz. weighable silver. $200-400

78A. Group of Silver Forks and Spoons, Denmark, a set of eight Danish cocktail forks, and a set of eight spoons, approx. 10 troy oz. $150-250

75. Group of Sterling and Silver Plated Flatware, Towle, Gorham, International, etc., includes approximately twenty-seven pieces of sterling silver flatware, and three pieces of silver plated flatware. $200-300

79. Eight Sterling and Silver Plated Flatware Items, including small Gorham talon ended tongs, a bright-cut coin silver shell-form serving spoon, a silver plated punch, spoons, and forks. $150-200

75A. Gorham Colorless Glass and Sterling Perfume Bottle, with etched and scroll decoration on base of bottle, silver top over glass stopper, ht. 6 in. $150-250

79A. Set of Six Whiting Sterling Handled Knives, Lily pattern, lg. 9 1/2 in. $100-200


80. Group of Small Silver Table and Vanity Items, including a silver overlay perfume bottle, a small pair of casters, a keychain, a Gorham salt, a silver over colorless glass jar, napkin rings, etc. $100-150

84A. Approximately Thirty-five Sterling and Coin Silver Spoons, Whiting, Reed & Barton, Dominick & Haff, S. Kirk, Towle, etc., approx. 22 troy oz. $100-200

89A. Cased Elkington & Son Silver Plated Flatware Set, Liverpool, for six. $100-200

81. Fourteen Pieces of Sterling Silver Flatware, S & T Child, a set of twelve forks, a butter knife, and a shell-form serving spoon, all bright-cut. $100-150

81A. Twelve-Piece R. Wallace and Sons Sterling Demitasse Set with Lenox Cups. $200-400

85. Group of Sterling Napkin Rings, Candlesticks, and Salts, a pair of Richard Dimes low weighted sterling candlesticks, a pair of sterling weighted medium candlesticks, a pair of Gorham sterling weighed table casters, four sterling napkin rings, a set of eight pewter salts, and three silver plated napkin rings. $100-150

90. Two Silver Plated Tea Sets, a Convertible Candelabra, and Silver Plated Flatware, a five-piece Gorham tea/coffee set, a three-piece Pairpoint silver plated tea set, a four-light convertible candelabra, two crumbers, and a group of silver plated flatware. $100-150

86. Seven Georgian Sterling Silver Soupspoons, all monogrammed. $200-300

91. Nine Sterling and Silver Plated Serving Spoons, including a set of six. $100-150

82. Eight Sterling Silver Serving Items, a set of four Lambert brothers sterling silver shell-form footed dishes, a Gorham helmet-form creamer, a Towle open dish, a Richard Dimes open-edged plate, and an open-edged plate. $300-500

86A. Sterling Silver Serving Pieces, Hollowware, and Flatware, a set of two pilgrim creamer and open sugar bowl, three sterling napkin rings, a silver child’s mug, a Durgin serving spoon, a Towle spoon, a ladle, and a Durgin butter knife. $100-125

92. Sterling Silver Shell-form Ladle, lg. 5 in. $75-125

82A. Silver Fish Set and Sterling Banded Six-Piece Fish Serving Set, a set of six sterling silver Durgin gold-washed knives, assembled mother-of-pearl fish set including six knives, eight forks, and twelve small knives in different patterns, approx. 11 troy oz. weighable silver. $150-250

87. Boxed Partial Flatware Set of Whiting Sterling Flatware, Portland pattern, twenty-four sterling handled knives, approx. 107 pieces in total, approx. 120 troy oz. $200-400

93. Frank Smith Partial Sterling Flatware Set for Twelve, twenty-four soupspoons, twelve forks, twelve lunch forks, twelve butter knives, and twelve sterling handled knives; and a pair of sterling and wood salad servers, approx. 70 troy oz. weighable silver. $400-600

83. Eleven Sterling Silver Goblets/Martini Glasses, Shreve, Crump & Low, ht. 5 3/4 in., approx. 54 troy oz. $300-400

87A. Two Coin Silver Spoons, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, early 19th century, one by Steven Hardy (1781-1843), with engraved “L” monogram on the handle; the other by Thomas Pickering Drown, with engraved “H” monogram on the handle, lg. 5 3/4, 6 in. Provenance: Reportedly from the estate of Tobias Lear (George Washington’s private secretary) and later purchased from the 2004 Valentine Lear estate in Rye, New Hampshire. $150-250

94. Gorham Sterling Gravy and Underplate and a Gorham Revere-type Bowl, approx. 24 troy oz. $200-300

83A. Large Group of Silver Plated and Weighted Sterling Serving and Tableware, including four sterling weighted footed dishes, two pairs of weighted low candlesticks, Gorham threepiece silver plated tea set, a Pairpoint three-piece silver plated tea set, a silver plated candelabra, and silver plated trays, serving pieces, and flatware. $100-200 84. Set of Twelve Whiting Sterling Silver Dessert Spoons, Louis XV pattern, sold with two matching Whiting sterling sugar spoons. $300-500

95. Three Sterling Silver Table Items, a pair of Garden Silversmith three-light candelabra, and a Durgin sterling silver open-edged side dish. $200-400

96. Twenty-four Whiting Sterling Handled Knives, lg. 9 or 10 in. $200-300

88. Richard Dimes Sterling Silver Bowl, approx. 16 troy oz. $100-200

89. Five Georgian Sterling Silver Spoons, lg. 8 3/4 in. $150-250

97. Group of Sterling and Silver Plated Serving and Tableware, including a sugar server and scoop, a small Black, Starr & Gorham cup, a sterling silver reticulated cake dish, a large Reed & Barton silver plated bowl, etc. $150-200


97A. Four Silver Plated Tablewares, including a large meat tray, a pair of twolight convertible candelabra, and a Gorham sauce bowl with attached underplate. $75-125

101A. Manchester Sterling Silver Vanity Set, nine pieces. $200-300

106A. Five Sterling Silver Dresser Items, Dominick & Haff, Bigelow and Kennard. $200-300

98. Approximately Fifty-six Pieces of Assorted Silver Flatware, American and Continental, including a large Gorham serving spoon, a Tiffany grapefruit spoon, a large Gorham ladle, a set of nine Durgin sterling spoons, etc. $200-300

102. Group of Sterling, Coin, and Silver Plated Flatware and Serving Articles, including an S. Kirk berry spoon, an S. Kirk ladle, a coin silver shell-form serving spoon, an .800 silver miniature cup, sold with two silver plated serving spoons, a silver plated salt in the form of a teapot with cobalt blue insert, etc. $100-150

107. Eight Weighted Sterling Silver Table Items, a pair of tall Empire candlesticks, and a set of six sterling sherbets. $200-300

98A. Three Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Serving Flatware Articles and a Danish Sterling Silver Serving Piece, approx. 8 troy oz. $100-150

102A. Three Silver Plated Tablewares, a wine cooler, a bright-cut kettle on stand, and a bright-cut tea urn. $100-200

107A. Assorted Silver Plated Flatware, approx. thirty-eight pieces of Rogers silver plated flatware, a two-piece Norwegian salad serving set with Viking motif handles, a set of Japanese Mirage knives, etc. $75-125

99. Eight Pieces of Assorted Sterling Silver, including a International weighted open-edged tazza, a pair of weighted low International candlesticks, a small twohandled trophy from the Camden Yacht Club, a Reed & Barton sterling hat trophy from the Algonquin Club, a Richard Dimes side plate, a colorless glass with sterling lid mustard/relish dish, and an R. Wallace and Sons oval platter. $200-300

103. Large Pair of Sterling Silver Reed & Barton Tongs, with claw and talon figural end, lg. 7 in. $200-300

108. Eleven Sterling and Silver Plated Silver Flatware Items, including a large Reed & Barton sterling silver serving fork, a toast server with bone handle, a large Gorham serving spoon, sterling handled shears, a large coin silver fish server, etc. $300-500

103A. Eight Sterling Silver Dresser Items, a hand mirror, a sterling and colorless glass jar, a silver overlay bottle, a comb, two brushes, a buffer, and a sterling ball. $75-100

108A. Nine Pieces of Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Flatware, two Erickson beverage spoons, ladle, a pair of Lunt sugar tongs, and a four-piece serving set. $150-200

99A. Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Flatware, Whiting, International, Wallace, Towle, Reed & Barton, approx. 16 troy oz. $100-200

104. Set of Five Tiffany & Co. Electroplate Forks and Spoons, Beekman pattern. $30-50

109. Pair of Gorham Silver Casters and a Large Stowell & Co. Silver Caster. $100-150

100. Group of Sterling Silver and Other Items, Gorham sterling silver souvenir spoon, ten additional sterling souvenir spoons, three silver and colorless glass coasters, other silver plated souvenir spoons, a 1893 Columbian half-dollar made into a pin, a group of eyeglasses. $150-200

104A. Thirty Pieces of Old Newbury Crafters Sterling Silver Flatware, a set of fifteen butter knives, a set of eleven butter knives, and a set of three serving pieces, along with a coin silver spoon, approx. 39 troy oz. $150-200

110. Durgin Sterling Silver Porringer and a Gorham Sterling Silver Salver, approx. 15 troy oz. $150-200

105. Mexican Sterling Silver Tray, approx. 38 troy oz. $100-150

111. Sterling Footed Gravy and a Sterling Repoussé Bowl, repoussé bowl retailed by a Hardy & Hayes Co., and a Dominick & Haff/Shreve, Crump & Low gravy boat. $150-200

101. Seven Assorted Flatware Items, including a Gorham serving spoon with enamel accents, an early sterling ladle, a miniature ladle, etc. $200-300

106. Group of Sterling and Silver Plated Flatware, including a coin silver Jones, Ball, and Poor serving spoon, a Gorham sterling ladle, a silver-plated Wallace ladle, a silver snuffer, a sterling shell-form open spoon, etc. $100-150

112. Two Coin Silver Horse Racing Presentation Tumblers, mid-19th century, ht. approx. 3 1/2 in. $200-400


112A. Group of Silver Plated and Sterling Silver Serving Pieces, a Gorham presentation bowl, a pair of Whiting sterling silver and colorless glass wine bottle coasters, a presentation bowl, a covered serving piece, a square shaped handled tray, three oval trays, and a large round English serving tray. $100-200

118. Group of Sterling and Silver Plated Spoons, a set of twelve Dominick & Haff soupspoons, a set of six Whiting soupspoons, and a set of eleven Rogers silver plated demitasse spoons. $250-300

122. Three Small Sterling Serving Articles, Fenniman Company small plate with reticulated rim, a Watson Company oval serving dish, and a sterling bread plate. $150-250

113. Four Pieces of European Silver, a pillbox, a tea strainer, and an underplate colorless dish, and a covered bottle. $100-150

118A. Georgian Silver Toddy Ladle, with twisted baleen handle, the unmarked ovoid bowl inset to center with an English coin dated 1787, lg. 13 in., approx. 1 troy oz. Provenance: Purchased at S.H. Harris & Co. London, 1959. $200-250

122A. Towle Sterling Egyptian Revival Fruit Bowl, early 20th century, with shaped, lobed sides, sides stamped with winged scarab beetle cartouche offset with anthemia, engraved to center with stylized monogram shaped as a further scarab beetle, dia. 10 in., approx. 11 troy oz. $200-250

114. Six Sterling and Silver Plated Tableware and Vanity Items, a silver plated triangular box with decoration of a horse and “Its never too late to mend,” a Dominick & Haff canister with milk glass insert, a silver salt with goat’s head decoration, a weighted bud vase, a sterling salt with ruby glass insert, and a sterlingtopped colorless glass bottle. $150-200

119. Group of Assorted Silver and Other Tablewares, including a pair of Wilden & Co. footed and handled salts, sterling silver and ebony handled tea strainer, a .800 Silver tea strainer (break), a Gorham tea strainer, a .800 silver flask funnel, seven cocktail forks, and a silver plated candle snuffer. $200-300

123. Five American Coin Silver Spoons, a set of four by Clark & Coit, and a single spoon marked “Benedict, Wall St.” $200-300

114A. Nine Continental Silver Decorative Ships and Windmills. $150-250

124. Three Sets of Sterling Demitasse Spoons and Two Whiting Sterling Sugar Spoons, a set of six Theodore Starr demitasse spoons, a set of four Whiting demitasse spoons, and a set of eight Whiting demitasse spoons, (20 items). $400-600

115. Set of Ten Alvin Sterling Silver Side Plates and Two Sterling Trays, including a Wallace sterling plate and another sterling plate; sold with a silver plated open dish, sterling approx. 33 troy oz. $100-150

119A. Three Silver Serving Items, a sterling footed tray, and a pair of footed salts with ram’s head and hoof legs, approx. 23 troy oz. $200-400

124A. Five-Piece Sterling Handled Serving Set. $100-200

120. Gorham Sterling Silver Cigarette Box and Three Silver Plated Jewel and Cigarette Boxes. $75-100

125. Set of Twelve Shreve, Crump & Low Sterling Silver Dinner Spoons, lg. 8 3/4 in. $150-200

116. Pair of Georgian Sterling Silver Repoussé Berry Spoons, (later repoussé). $150-250

121. Whiting Sterling Silver Berry Spoon and Four Matching Teaspoons, Lily pattern. $200-300

117. Three Pairs of Sterling Weighted Candlesticks, one in the form of a threelight candelabra. $200-250

125A. Group of Silver Plated Serving Material, including eight trays, water pitcher, three-piece tea set, crumber, candlesticks, and a silver plated presentation water pitcher, etc. $100-200

117A. Two Silver Baby Cups, one Watrous Manufacturing Company, cut with scrolled, banded base. $50-75

121A. Five Sterling and Silver Plated Serving Items, including a sterling basket with cobalt blue insert, a sterling handled basket, a silver dish with open edge, a Victorian silver plated Reed & Barton teapot, and a silver plated water pitcher; sold with nine pieces of silver plated flatware. $150-225

126. Nineteen American Coin Silver Spoons, W & B, Hildeburn, etc., a set of eleven teaspoons marked W & B, etc. $300-500

126A. Four-Piece Silver Plated Pairpoint Tea Set and Silver Plated Flatware, including a Gorham serving spoon, a ladle, a pair of tall Wallace vases, motherof-pearl partial fish set, etc. $100-150


127. Group of Sterling Tableware, set of six boxed Danish demitasse spoons, four weighted sherbets, a cake plate, a pair of casters, and a bread tray. $300-500

131. Eight Small Silver Tablewares, two side bowls, set of three leaf-form dishes, Modernist candy dish, wine goblet, and a Kiddush cup. $150-250

127A. Two Weighted Sterling Silver Candlesticks and a Tiffany Silver Plated Pepper Grinder, candlesticks with etched glass hurricane shades. $80-120

131A. Five Silver and Silver Plated Items, an adjustable silver plated punchbowl stand, and two spoons and two forks with Russian hallmarks. $200-400

137. Silver Plated Serving Items and Flatware, a set of six knives and forks flatware set with sterling bands and mother-of-pearl handles, a two-piece cased fish serving set, a Gorham silver plated gravy boat and underplate, a silver plated dish, a silver plated oval tray, and a silver plated fenced tray. $100-200

128. Thirteen Silver Serving Pieces, a Terry coin silver tong, a Dominick & Haff sterling taloned set of tongs, a Whiting sterling taloned set of tongs, and ten sterling and silver plated flatware items. $150-200

132. Wallace Sterling Silver and Lenox Demitasse Set for Six, cased. $100-200

137A. Silver Overlay Bottle and an English Silver-mounted Leather Address Book, English marks on address book. $75-125

128A. Gorham Sterling Soup Ladle, late 19th century, acid-etched to stem with wildflowers and to interior of bowl with morning glories, bowl with scalloped rim, presentation inscription to back of stem, lg. 13 1/2 in. $200-300

132A. Silver Plated Ink Stand and an Antler Handled Page Cutter. $150-200

138. Four Small Sterling Silver Serving Items, a pair of weighted candlesticks, a Towle side bowl, and a Richard Dimes side bowl. $150-200

133. Approximately Twenty-six Sterling Souvenir Spoons, sold with six silver plated souvenir spoons. $500-700

138A. Seven Silver Souvenir Spoons and Forks, many in the form of sailing ships and windmills, approx. 13 troy oz. $200-300

129. Seventeen Pieces of Sterling and Silver Plated Assorted Flatware, including a Gorham sterling ladle, a pair of sterling ladles, four Reed & Barton sterling spoons in the Majestic pattern, four Reed & Barton sterling handled knives, a set of five Gorham knives, etc. $100-150

133A. Coin Silver Repoussé Pitcher, T. S. Crosby, engraved MLW from AD NW 1857, ht. 11 1/2 in., approx. 16 troy oz. $300-500

139. Two Sets of Gorham Sterling Silver Egyptian Revival Spoons, of six and five pieces respectively. $200-300

129A. Approximately Forty-Piece R. Wallace Sterling Partial Flatware Service, Carthage/Watson pattern, approx. 38 troy oz. $300-500

134. Approximately Twenty-seven Sterling and Coin Silver Spoons and Small Ladles, A. Stowell, McKay, Pierce and Brown, Georg Jensen, etc. $200-250

139A. Group of Silver and Silver Weighted Serving and Decorative Items, a sterling bowl, a Gorham sterling Revere-type trophy bowl, a single tall sterling weighted candlestick, and a sterling weighted threelight candlestick, approx. 18 troy oz. weighable silver. $100-150

130. Eight Pieces of Sterling Children’s Dishes and Flatware, child’s mug, four spoons, a fork, a Towle porringer, and a small tray. $150-250

135. Two Tuttle Sterling Silver Revere-type Bowls, retailed by Shreve, Crump & Low, approx. 45 troy oz. $150-200

139B. Group of Silver and Silver Plated Items, a Whiting silver and colorless glass coaster, wine coaster, and two jelly holders (no inserts). $100-175

136. Towle Sterling Silver Vegetable Dish, (lacking the upper handle). $150-250

130A. Twelve Pieces of Assorted Sterling Silver Flatware, including cased hornhandled serving set, two Tiffany serving pieces, a pair of Towle serving spoons, etc.; sold with a silver plated serving fork. $150-200

140. Assembled Set of Eight Weighted Sterling Goblets in Fitted Case, ht. approx. 6 1/2 in. $200-400

136A. Copper and White Metal Ceremonial Article, early 20th century, copper drum applied with lettering, with beaded bands, cast shell-form clapper suspended by short chain, on tapering stem, lg. 8 in. $100-200

140A. Group of Silver Plated Flatware, including berry spoons, serving pieces, napkin rings, etc. $75-125


141. Five Sterling or Coin Serving Flatware Items, a Palmer Chesterson and Co. ladle, a Towle sterling silver square serving spoon, a Reed & Barton sterling silver spoon, and a Towle serving fork; sold with a Rogers silver plated cake server. $100-150

144A. Gorham Sterling Three-Piece Demitasse Set, early to mid-20th century, elongated egg-shaped coffeepot with peaked lid with urn finial, ht. 9 1/2 in., and ovoid creamer and open sugar, approx. 19 troy oz. $200-300

148A. Seven Silver Plated and Sterling Serving Pieces, including a silver plated ladle, a Gorham silver plated serving spoon with wooden handle, a pair of sterling handled and wood salad servers, a sterling ball tea strainer, a silver plated tea strainer, a small pair of sterling tongs. $125-150

141A. Thirteen Pieces of Silver Children’s Items and Tableware, a Sanborns sterling silver porringer and underplate, two children’s spoons, a rattle, a napkin ring, and seven small serving dishes. $150-250

145. Sterling Silver Fruit Bowl, with raised floral decorated rim and raised swirl decorated base, dia. approx. 10 in. $100-200

142. Group of Sterling and Silver Plated Serving Items, including a sterling silver water pitcher, an Apollo Co. silver plated flask with hinged cap, a sterling Watson holder (missing insert), a caster, a small Revere-type sterling bowl, a sterling plate, a silver plated coaster, a pair of silver plated candlesticks, salts, etc. $250-350

145A. Partial Gorham Sterling Silver Cased Flatware Set for Twelve, King Albert, sold with a silver plated Gorham carving set, approx. 68 pieces, approx. 53 troy oz. $200-300

149. Small Group of Sterling Items, including a Gorham sterling dish, two Richard Dimes sterling silver bowls, a pair of small sterling silver baskets, a drumform sterling silver jelly dish with ruby glass insert, a Frank Smith sterling silver dish, a pair of sterling casters, and a set of four sterling and colorless glass coasters. $100-200

146. Four Sterling Silver Serving Items, a Danish silver salad set, a Danish silver ladle, and a sterling Richard Dimes serving spoon. $200-250

149A. Arthur Stone Sterling Silver Oval Tray, (knife marks), lg. 16 in., approx. 38 troy oz. $400-600

142A. Five Frigast “Princess Fuchsia” Sterling Flatware Servers, Denmark, mid-20th century, a tomato server (lg. 8 1/4) and similar server (lg. 7 3/4), a fish serving fork and spoon (lg. to 10 3/8), and a spoon with stainless bowl (lg. 8 1/4 in.), approx. 14 troy oz. weighable silver. $400-600

146A. Five Victorian Silver Plated Flatware and Table Items, a Rogers ladle and cake server, a reticulated Sheffield cake dish, a small Rogers dish, and a compote with swing handle. $75-100

150. Set of Four R. Wallace & Sons Sterling Silver Weighted Candlesticks and Three Small Sterling and Silver Plated Articles, a Tiffany sterling tie pin, a Harrod’s silver plated Christmas ornament, and a decorative sterling box with beach scene, ht. 9 1/4 in. $150-200

143. Nine Assorted Sterling Silver Table Items, including an Arthur Stone dish, two weighted serving dishes, a dish with handle, an Alvin dish, a Gorham goblet, a Watson footed dish, a Watson presentation mug, and a bottle opener. $200-300

147. Frank Smith Cased Sterling Sherbet Set for Six. $100-200

147A. Vernon Silver Plated Partial Flatware Set, approx. 32 pieces. $30-50

151. Three Art Deco Sterling Silver and Paste Necklaces, probably France or Continental Europe, two round-cut examples in colorless and blue glass, and a lozenge-shaped example in amber glass, lg. 14 and 15 in. $150-200

143A. Approximately Twenty-six Pieces of Mostly Sterling Flatware, including a pair of French sterling and wood salad servers, an S. Kirk repoussé berry spoon, a sterling shell-form ladle, a CambellMetcalf sterling serving fork with enamel decoration, four stirrers, a Norwegian Ansel Kolmser mechanical tongs, a silver handled bottle opener, a pair of Towle sterling tongs, etc., approx. 14 troy oz. $200-300

148. Group of Mostly Sterling and Coin Silver Flatware, Durgin, Dominick & Haff, Gorham, S. Harding, including a set of six sterling handled small knives, a sterling handled grape shears, a set of six mother-of-pearl knives, open serving spoons, souvenir spoons, sold with several pieces of silver plated flatware, etc. $200-300

152. Two Pieces of Art Deco Jewelry, including a 12kt gold, pink quartz, green quartz, and colorless faceted crystal jabot pin and a sterling silver, quartz, and marcasite brooch. $200-300

144. Set of Eleven Gorham Sterling Dessert Forks, Lancaster pattern, lg. 6 in. $150-200

153. Two Pieces of Turquoise Jewelry, including a double-strand tumbled bead necklace, lg. 14, and a turquoise and coral pendant (on later chain), 2 3/4 x 2 1/2 in. $150-200


154. Two Vintage Lee Menichetti Designed Gilt Leather and Paste Costume Necklaces, 1960s, labeled. $300-500

159. Eleven Pairs of Mostly Sterling Silver Earrings, including a pair of Danecraft, three Mexican examples, and a Jensenstyle example. $100-200

165B. Modernist 18kt White Gold, Ruby, and Diamond Ring, size 5. $600-800

155. Two Vintage 1950s-60s Blue and Purple Paste Costume Necklaces, one an unsigned choker, the other a Countess Cis Zoltowska bib-style necklace. $200-300

160. Twelve .800 and Other Silver Filigree Butterfly-form Pins, several with enamel or gold-washed decoration. $200-300

165C. Thirteen Modern Silver Cuff, Bangle, and Link Bracelets, one Tiffany & Co., together with a sterling chain necklace. $200-300

155A. Group of Coral, Ivory, and Turquoise Jewelry, including an ivory beaded necklace, an agate and ivory lavaliere, a branch coral necklace, a coral and silver necklace and bracelet suite, and two silver and turquoise necklaces. $150-250

161. Small Group of Assorted Silver Jewelry, including an Austrian schilling cuff links and brooch, an early Mexican bunch-of-grapes bracelet and earrings suite, a monogram brooch, a turquoiseinset bar pin and a turquoise-inset barrette, and a Continental silver buckle. $200-250

166. Six Assorted Rings, including three silver and abalone examples, a 10kt gold and abalone example, a silver and jade example, and a silver and malachite example. $100-200

155B. Assortment of Sterling Native American Style and Contemporary Jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, cuff links, and a money clip, many with turquoise accents. $200-250

162. Three Sterling Silver and Marcasite Brooches. $100-200

167. Three Mexican Sterling Silver and Hardstone Bracelets and Three Other Sterling Silver Bracelets. $100-150

156. Small Group of Paste and Paste-inset Costume Jewelry, including a 1940s Staret Jewelry Co. floral brooch, a pair of vintage Butler & Wilson chandelier earclips, a vintage oversized lizard brooch, lg. 9 in., a modern unsigned necklace, an unsigned, manner of Flato, oversized paste-inset faux pearl choker, and a modern barrette. $200-300

163. Small Group of Assorted Silver Jewelry, including three sterling silver badges, an .800 silver cross pendant, two coin fobs and a pierced coin brooch, four Victorian brooches and two other brooches. $100-200

168. Twelve .800 and Other Silver Filigree Butterfly-form Pins, including four enamel decorated examples. $200-300

169. Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver, Coral, and Jade Brooch, Matl, Mexico City, c. 1945, of Asian-influenced design, wd. 3 in. $200-300

157. Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver ThreePiece Suite, Taxco, 1950s, maker’s mark TRM, including necklace, bracelet, and single earring. $200-250

164. Small Group of Assorted Mostly Silver Jewelry, including an Egyptian silver and ceramic scarab bracelet, earrings, and ring suite and a similar pure silver brooch, two Mexican silver and abalone brooches, a Chinese silver and turquoise brooch, and two enameled brooches. $100-200

170. Three Pieces of Artist-Designed Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry and Two Art Deco and Faceted Glass Necklaces. $200-300

158. Four Pieces of Modernist Sterling Silver Jewelry, Mexico, Denmark, America, 1950s-60s, including a William Spratling abalone-inset fish-form brooch, (bearing marks for 1951-56), a Jane Wiberg sterling silver and moonstone brooch, a pair of unsigned earrings, and an unsigned turquoise and quartz-inset triangular brooch. $300-500

165. Group of LaPaglia and LaPaglia for Georg Jensen USA Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a calla lily brooch, no. 134, wd. 3; a leaf bud link bracelet, no. 102, lg. 7 1/4 in.; a pair of floral earrings, no. 105; a pair of un-numbered heart and scallop shell earrings, and two pairs of floriform earrings, nos. 145 and 214. $250-350

165A. Kenneth J. Lane Faux Pearl and Paste Suite and a Costume Purple Lucite Suite. $100-200

171. Group of Mostly Vintage Mexican Silver Jewelry, including a vintage purple quartz-inset necklace, vintage malachiteinset bracelet, an early .980 silver Taxco brooch, a turquoise-inset brooch, a turquoise-inlaid necklace, a tumbled turquoise necklace, a blue glass bracelet, an onyx and silver bead necklace, a filigree bead necklace, a silver chain, a silver bracelet with Our Lady of Guadalupe fob, and a vintage floriform brooch and earrings suite, maker’s mark. $300-500


172. Two Los Castillo Sterling Silver and Hardstone Rings, Taxco, 1940s-50s, one with amethyst, the other with green quartz. $100-150

173. Modern Alberto Luzzi Designed Italian Sterling Silver Necklace, 20th century, lg. 16 1/2 in., boxed. $100-150

180. Small Group of Estate Jewelry, including two stickpins, two Bohemian garnet bracelets, four Victorian gold and gilt-metal brooches/pins, an Art Nouveau 10kt gold and enamel pin, an Etruscan revival gilt-metal, enamel, and seed pearl slide, two Victorian single earrings, a pair of 14kt gold and garnet cabochon cuff links, a gilt-metal bead necklace, a sterling silver and citrine quartz ring, a single sterling silver and turquoise earring, a sterling silver cuff and assorted findings. $100-200

186. Gold, Opal, and Rose-cut Diamond Pendant/Brooch and an 18kt Gold Underwater-themed Pendant, the latter marked “Mappin.” $250-350

187. Three Gold Jewelry Items, including a gold, diamond, and pearl circle brooch, a 14kt gold, diamond, and pearl necklace, and a 14kt gold and onyx pendant. $400-600

174. Five Art Deco and Art Moderne 14kt Gold and Diamond Rings. $200-300

181. Modern 14kt Italian Gold and Pavé Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace, lg. 18 1/4 in. $300-500

175. Seven Mostly Gold-filled Lady’s Wristwatches, makers include Hamilton, Bulova, Gruen, Elgin, and Caravelle. $50-100

182. Art Nouveau Style 18kt Gold, Pearl, and Plique-a-Jour Pendant Necklace, on 14kt gold chain, lg. 16 1/2 in. $150-250

188. Small Group of Costume and Other Jewelry, including two Art Deco sterling silver and paste line bracelets, a vintage Boucher colorless paste bracelet, a pair of 14kt gold-framed shell carved cameo earpendants, and a modern Extasia costume cameo bracelet. $150-250

175A. 18kt Yellow Gold and V-shaped Diamond Ring, size 8. $250-350

183. Two Stickpins, a gold, amethyst, seed pearl, and rose-cut diamond example and a gold-framed carved lava cameo example. $150-250

189. Malachite Bracelet, the carved malachite panels set in an elaborate scrolling silvertopped low-karat gold mount, applied flower motifs, and engraved accents, 47.5 dwt, interior cir. 7 1/4 in. $200-400

176. Lady’s Art Deco Platinum and Diamond 17-jewel Waltham Wristwatch, on gold-filled band. $500-700

177. Four Hand-painted and Gilt Decorated Porcelain Pins, Rosenthal and others. $100-200

184. Art Deco 12kt Gold and Diamond Bar Pin, possibly French, of oval form with seven old European-cut bezel-set diamonds framed by rose-cut diamonds, lg. 2 1/2 in. $500-700

190. Three Pieces of Estate Jewelry, including a 14kt gold and synthetic ruby ring, an Art Nouveau 10kt gold, enamel, and seed pearl pin, and a Victorian cannetaille decorated amethyst brooch. $250-350

178. Small Group of Gold Estate and Costume Jewelry, including a Krementz 14kt gold, blue enamel, and seed pearl pin, a 14kt gold safety pin and similar gold-filled example, an Art Deco 10kt gold and gemstone pendant, a pair of giltmetal University of Chicago cuff links, a pair of red stone cabochon cuff links, a 14kt gold watch chain, a lady’s open face 15-jewel Waltham pocket watch, and two costume brooches. $200-250

185. Two Art Deco Rings, an 18kt white gold and diamond bezel-set example and a platinum, diamond, and sapphire cocktail ring. $300-500

185A. Modernist 18kt Gold and Cultured Pearl “Sputnik” Brooch, 2 x 2 3/4 in. $400-600

191. Three Pieces of Antique Coral Jewelry, likely part of a suite, including a 12kt gold, carved coral, and coral bead bracelet, a similar carved coral brooch, and a single 12kt gold and carved coral earpendant. $150-250

185B. Group of Silver Jewelry, including charm bracelets, charms, necklaces, etc. $250-300

192. Three Pieces of Estate Jewelry, including a man’s Tiffany & Co. retailed 18kt gold Universal Geneve wristwatch, a 14kt gold and moonstone brooch, and an 18kt gold, diamond, and lapis lazuli ring. $300-500

179. Small Group of Estate Jewelry, including a lady’s hunting case Waltham savonnette, William Ellery movement no.2017073; two Victorian gold and gem-set rings, a silver bangle, a sliding watch chain, and a letter B-form pin. $200-300

185C. Group of Modern Silver Jewelry, including twenty assorted rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, some with gemstone accents. $200-250

193. 18kt Gold, Diamond, and Pink Sapphire Pendant, lg. 1 1/4 in. $250-350


194. Limoges Gilt-metal, Foil, and Enamel Hand-painted Pendant, signed Ls. Clement, Limoges. $150-250

201. Sterling Silver Necklace, William Spratling, Taxco, 1964-66, comprised of ball and paper clip chain, lg. 17 1/2 in. $300-500

195. Art Nouveau Arizona Turquoise Mines 14kt Gold and Green Turquoise Ring, size 7. $150-250

195A. Modernist 14kt Gold and Cultured Pearl Ring and Earrings Suite, size 7. $400-600

202. Swiss .800 Silver Billodes Hunting Case Key-wind Pocket Watch, retailed K. Serkisoff & Co., Constantinople, 1880s, for the Ottoman market. $200-300

207. Gold Plated Hunting Case Pocket Watch, Hampden Watch Co., the white enamel dial with Roman numeral indicators, subsidiary seconds dial, enclosing signed jeweled nickel movement no. 247699, lever set, within engineturned case with cartouche, 52 mm, (scratches to case). $75-125

195B. Large Assortment of Silver Jewelry, including a small group of sterling and marcasite jewelry, earrings, hair combs, chain necklaces and bracelets, moonstone pendant, etc. $225-275

203. Small Group of Silver Jewelry, including a vintage Mexican silver burroform brooch, a modern Mexican sterling silver cat-form brooch, a Russell sterling silver blueberry branch brooch, a N.E. From Danish sterling silver floriform brooch, and a Danecraft sterling silver necklace. $250-350

208. Two 14kt Gold, Pearl, and Enamel Brooches, including an oval black onyx example studded with an enamel decorated gem-set fish engulfing a pearl and a French Art Nouveau pendant/brooch with enameled leaf, ruby glass cabochon, and natural pearl decoration on a love knot type frame. $300-500

209. 14kt Gold, Diamond, and Pear-cut Amethyst Ring, size 7. $250-350

196. Art Deco Enamel Watch and Chain, with polychrome champlevé enamel, suspended from a fancy link chain, giltmetal case and chain, dia. 7/8, lg. 27 in. $100-200

204. Two Georg Jensen Denmark Sterling Silver Brooches, including a 1930s floriform brooch, no. 186, and a post1945 double dolphin brooch, no. 317. $150-250

197. Art Nouveau 14kt Gold Pin, Krementz & Co., depicting a young woman and a garland of leaves highlighted by diamond mêlée, dia. 15/16 in., maker’s mark. $200-300

210. Small Group of Estate Jewelry, including a pair of Victorian 8kt gold and pearl earpendants, a retro 16kt white gold and diamond bow brooch, and a retro 18kt gold, diamond, and pearl insect-form brooch. $250-350

198. Georg Jensen USA Sterling Silver Sauce Ladle and a Group of Danish Silver Jewelry, including two Aarre & Krough Eftf brooches, a Firmaet Eggert Glaskunst Flora Danica brooch, and a Georg Jensen Denmark tie tack, post 1945. $150-250

205. Pair of Emma Melendez Taxco Sterling Silver Earrings and a Mexican Silver and Purple Quartz Bracelet, the latter unmarked. $100-200

210A. Modernist 18kt White Gold, Opal, Midnight Blue Enamel, and Diamond Suite, comprising earclips and a ring. $800-1,200

205A. Pair of Modernist 14kt Gold and Cultured Pearl Earrings. $400-600

210B. Two Art Deco Diamond Bar Pins, one with seven diamonds interspersed by leaves. $600-800

199. Three Pieces of Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a 1945-51 Copenhagen-retailed Georg Jensen Denmark hammered floral brooch, no. 100; a Los Ballesteros, Taxco sterling silver and abalone-inlaid pendant, and a Genuine Norseland floral brooch. $150-250

205B. Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Bar Pin. $800-1,000

210C. 18kt Gold, Emerald, and Diamond Ring and a 10kt Gold Chatham Emerald and Diamond Ring. $200-250

200. Vintage Pair of Margot de Taxco Sterling Silver Earclips and Two Maricela Sterling Silver and Stone Brooches. $200-300

206. 14kt Gold, Gem-set, and Enamel Butterfly Brooch, set with ruby emerald and diamond mêlée, green enamel frame with engraved accents, wd. 1 1/2 in., (evidence of prior findings). $250-350

211. Pair of 14kt White Gold and Pavé Diamond Earrings. $400-600


212. Platinum, Sapphire, and Seed Pearl Bar Pin, c. 1915, composed of rows of seed pearls highlighted by channel-set step-cut sapphires, lg. 3 in. $200-300

213. 12kt Gold Filigree and Coral Button Bracelet, marked 500, lg. 7 in. $300-500

219. Lady’s Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Wristwatch, c. 1915, Hodgson, Kennard & Co., Boston, the platinum case with engraved scrollwork and millegrain openwork to the shoulders suspending 14kt yellow gold bands, Swiss 18-jewel Agassiz Watch Co. movement. $300-500

225A. Italian Modernist 18kt Gold and Lapis Lazuli Whimsical Swirl Ring, size 7. $200-400

214. 14kt Gold, Diamond, and Pear-cut Amethyst Pendant, lg. 1 1/4 in. $500-700

220. Fluorite and Sapphire Necklace, designed as faceted pale pink, lavender, and sea green fluorite beads, with four pink sapphire mêlée roundel spacers, white metal mounts, lg. 18 in. $150-250

225B. Group of Four Women’s Vintage Wristwatches, some with diamond accents, including Tissot, Elgin, and five others. $100-150

215. 18kt Gold, Diamond, and Emerald Ring, size 6 1/2. $300-500

215A. Modernist 18kt Yellow Gold, Pavé Diamond, and Jadeite Cabochon Ring, size 8. $400-600

221. Small Group of Art Deco Costume Jewelry, including a gold and green and colorless paste ring, a large colorless paste and velvet ribbon choker, a faceted black glass and colorless crystal beaded necklace, and an early plastic bracelet. $150-250

225C. Assortment of Estate Jewelry, mostly gold, including cameos, lava cameo, jade/jadeite bracelets, onyx and pearl jewelry, assorted ruby and garnet rings, a gold-filled Waltham pocket watch, etc. $300-400

226. Vintage Miriam Haskell Faux Pearl and Paste Suite, comprised of a necklace, bracelet, and a pair of earrings, signed. $200-300

215B. Four Gem-set Gold Rings, one with a retro mount, and three 14kt gold, amethyst, and diamond rings. $200-300

222. Carved Amethystine Pendant, carved as a bird among fruit-laden branches, suspended from a faceted paste bead and disk necklace, lg. 27 and 1 1/2 in. $100-200

216. Chinese 14kt Gold and Jade Cabochon Bracelet and an Asian 18kt Gold Brooch, the latter with enamel and gem highlights. $300-500

217. Small Group of Mostly Costume Jewelry, including a pair of Pierre Cardin cuff links, a green plastic bead necklace, a Victorian slide bracelet, and an Art Nouveau gilt-metal and seed pearl cross pendant necklace. $100-200

223. Small Group of Assorted Estate Jewelry, including an Asian gold and jade hinged bangle, a 14kt gold ropetwist chain bracelet, a gold-filled chain necklace, a silver chain, a costume pendant necklace, two sterling silver bangles, a Modernist Southwestern silver, turquoise, and hardwood ring, and a Polish .800 silver and amber ring. $250-350

227. Small Group of Assorted Estate and Costume Jewelry, including a Modernist sterling silver cuff, a Victorian gilt-metal and purple glass clip, a gilt-metal and glass bracelet, seven costume or silver rings, a gold bracelet, a glass charm, a 14kt gold and black onyx scuba diver-form charm, and a 10kt gold and opal ring. $200-300

218. White Gold, Diamond, and Ruby Suite, comprised of a necklace, earpendants, and dome-style cocktail ring. $600-800

224. Group of Costume Jewelry, including an Asian cloisonné bead necklace, studio purple and green glass bead necklace, an Asian jade necklace, two faux pearl necklaces, an ethnic-style turquoise bead necklace, and an R. Goosenns, Paris giltmetal and glass necklace, and a studio sterling silver and blue glass necklace and earrings suite. $200-300

228. Small Group of Assorted Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a gilt-sterling and blue glass brooch and earrings suite, a bird-form brooch, a multicolored paste and gilt-silver tree-form brooch, a .900 silver floriform brooch, a Mexican silver and green quartz ring, and a silver and amber brooch. $250-350

229. Small Group of Costume Jewelry, makers include Ciner, Mazer, Coro, Stanger, and others. $200-300

225. Small Group of Assorted Art Deco to Modern Costume Jewelry, makers include Pastelli, Enco, BSK, etc., including two sterling silver rings and assorted paste-inset costume. $200-300

230. Two Pieces of Signed Vintage Costume, including a sterling silver, paste, and faux pearl Eisenberg Original brooch and a Miriam Haskell goldtone and paste choker. $200-300


231. Small Group of Assorted Estate Jewelry, including a gold-framed shell carved cameo brooch, two gold charms, a trio of gold bands, a 14kt gold vest chain, assorted gold findings, and four lady’s wristwatches. $150-200

236. Pair of 18kt Gold and Jade Navetteform Cuff Links. $200-300

237. 14kt Gold and Jade Scenic Brooch, wd. 4 5/8 in., 22.4 dwt. $500-700 238. Indian Gilt-metal and Gemstone Bangle and a 14kt Gold, Jade, and Gemstone Suite. $200-300 239. Small Group of Estate Jewelry, including and pair of Chinese white gold and jade cuff links, a 14kt gold, coral cabochon, and diamond cocktail ring, and a carved coral stickpin. $125-225 240. Southeast Asian Heavily Chased and Repoussé Silver Buckle-form Bracelet, French Indochina, of hinged form. $200-300 241. Two Chinese Silver Filigree and Jade Bracelets. $150-250 242. Five Chinese Silver Bracelets, including a carved malachite and gilt-silver filigree example, a green jade, cloisonné, and giltsilver example, a silver, cloisonné, and turquoise example, a gilt-silver, cloisonné, and turquoise example, and a silver, white jade, and cloisonné example. $200-300 243. Two Silver Framed Carved Coral Brooches and a Gilt-silver and Carved Coral Bracelet, bracelet lg. 6 3/4, brooch wd. 3 1/4 and 3 in. $200-300 244. Three Coral and One Pink Quartz Necklaces, two coral examples having 14kt gold clasps. $150-250 245. Gold-framed Shell Carved Cameo Brooch and a Carved Coral and Pearl Brooch, the former 2 1/4 x 2 in., the latter wd. 2 1/4 in. $150-250

245A. Baume & Mercier 14kt Gold and Diamond Evening Bracelet Wristwatch, with textured gold bracelet and asymmetrical diamond accented covered face, lg. 6 1/4 in. $1,000-1,500

232. Small Group of Assorted Gold Estate Jewelry, including two 14kt gold curb link bracelets, a 14kt gold band, and 18kt gold unmonogrammed signet ring, a pair of pearl earstuds and five assorted single earrings, two stickpins, a 14kt gold watch chain, and a 14kt gold mounted cigarette holder. $300-500

246. Three Pieces of Gold Jewelry, including a 14kt gold bracelet, lg. 7 1/2 in.; an 18kt bicolor gold-framed cameo brooch; and a 14kt gold chain with a 14kt gold slide/pendant, total 41.2 dwt. $200-300

233. Small Group of Assorted Estate Jewelry, including a pair of 10kt gold and gemstone earrings, a 10kt gold, diamond, and ruby ring, a 14kt gold and diamond ring enhancer, assorted findings, a Victorian English gold brooch, a Victorian gilt-metal slide bracelet, a 12kt gold, diamond, and ruby ring, and a 14kt gold, pavé diamond, and enamel ring. $300-500

247. Finely Carved Shell Carved Cameo Brooch, depicting a Classical goddess with a grapevine wreath and lion pelt mantle, in gilt-metal frame, 2 1/4 x 2 in. $200-300

248. Two 14kt Gold and Jade Brooches. $250-350

249. Dark Green Jade Ring, size 10. $100-150

234. Four Hand-painted Portrait Miniature Brooches and a Framed Hand-painted Miniature Portrait on Ivory, including a gilt-metal framed example on porcelain and three silver framed examples. $200-300

250. Victorian Gold-filled Beetle Scarab Pendant Necklace. $100-150

235. Two .800 Silver Shell Carved Cameo Bracelets, a Gold-framed Shell Carved Cameo Brooch, and an Israeli Silver and Mabe Pearl Ring, signed “Avi Soffer.” $200-300

251. Man’s 14kt Gold Ring Signet Ring, bearing the initials “GL” with floral chased shoulders, size 10. $300-500

235A. Costume Faux Pearl Necklace. $200-400

252. Four Assorted Rings, including an antique ruby and cameo ring, a gold and Bohemian garnet dome ring, a 14kt gold and amethyst dome ring, and an Art Deco 14kt gold and peridot ring. $200-300 253. Gentleman’s 14kt White Gold Threestone Ring, approx. 0.50, 0.33, and 0.33, total 1.16 cts. $300-500

235B. Small Group of Gold Jewelry, including 14kt white gold, aquamarine, and diamond ring, 14kt white gold and diamond pendant, 14kt white gold star ring, four pendant necklaces, and two sapphire-mounted bar pins. $300-500

254. 14kt Yellow Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire Bracelet and a 14kt White Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire Cocktail Ring, lg. 8 in., size 5 3/4. $200-300


255. Ippolita Pearl and 18kt Gold Bracelet and a Pair of 14kt Gold, Pearl, and Diamond Earpendants. $150-250

264. Lady’s Platinum and Diamond Wristwatch, battery-operated, lg. 6 3/4 in. $300-500

271. Swiss 14kt Gold Hunting Case Savonnette Pocket Watch, white enamel dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial. $250-350

255A. 14kt Gold, Pearl, Onyx, and Carved Opal Portrait Cameo Brooch, 2 3/4 x 2 1/4 in. $500-700

265. Lady’s Retro 14kt Gold and Diamond Wristwatch, with mother-of-pearl dial, lg. 6 3/4 in., 22.1 dwt. $200-300

272. 18kt Gold Etched Dial Open Face 13jewel Key-wind Pocket Watch, with two keys. $400-600

256. Gold, Seed Pearl, and Gem-set Harem Ring and a 14kt Gold, Ruby, and Diamond Ring, size 10 and 7 3/4. $150-250

257. 18kt Gold, Turquoise, and Gemstone Bouquet-form Brooch, 2 1/2 x 2 in. $400-600

265A. 18kt Gold, Diamond, Ruby, and Turkish Enamel Two-Piece Suite, comprising a pendant convertible to a brooch and earclips, both of rosette form with centered with rubies and intermittent radiating lobes of gold and enamel. $1,500-2,500

273. Boxed Must de Cartier 18kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Wristwatch, with brown reptile skin bands, with accompanying certificate and instruction booklets. $200-300

258. Unmounted Old European-cut Diamond, 0.99 cts., (fractured). $300-500

266. Lady’s Swiss .935 Silver Enamel Decorated Pendant Watch on .800 Silver Chain, watch hallmarked on the bail and covers, with key. $200-300

259. Edwardian Gold, Pearl, and Diamond Sword-form Jabot Pin, the hilt set with seed pearl, diamond mêlée, and four pearls, lg. 3 3/4 in. $150-200

267. Swiss Art Deco 14kt Gold Open Face Pocket Watch, goldtone dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, the reverse monogrammed “GL.” $200-300

274. Small Group of Estate Jewelry, including a gold bead and pearl rope with 18kt gold enhancer, a multi-strand freshwater pearl choker with 14kt gold clasp, a 14kt gold and pearl bracelet, three loose pearls, and a boxed lady’s 18kt gold and stainless steel Cyma quartz bracelet wristwatch. $150-250

260. Goldtone and Enamel Necklace, the ropetwist chain suspending capped foxtail fringe tassels, shell-form slide, black enamel accents. $150-250

268. Swiss 14kt Gold and Enamel Decorated Hunting Case Savonnette Pocket Watch, white enamel dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, 15-jewel movement. $250-350

275. Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a gilt-silver filigree brooch, a charm bracelet, a French Art Deco marcasite and jade monogram pin, a mother-of-pearl ring, and a Swiss E. Gubelin .935 silver and enamel miniature travel clock. $150-200

261. Gold and Diamond Earpendants, Art Deco style drops suspended from modern findings, pendant lg. 1/2 in. $150-250

269. Man’s Vintage Swiss 14kt Gold Bracelet Wristwatch, with rectangular face, goldtone dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, lg. 7 1/2 in. $150-250

262. Art Deco 14kt White Gold, Diamond, and Pearl Ring, the rectangular ring having rose-cut diamond mêlée accents, centered with an old European-cut diamond and pearl, size 8 1/2. $200-300

275A. Large Group of Assorted Costume Jewelry, makers include Kramer, Carol Lee, Monet, Pell, Trifari, Les Glass, Frierich, Christian Dior, Joan Rivers, D’orlan, Richelieu, and others; together with a group of men’s jewelry, including several reverse painted crystal cuff links, tie tacks, etc. $100-150

263. 14kt White Gold Lady’s Hamilton Wristwatch and a Diamond and Gemstone Clasp. $150-250

270. Three Lady’s Watches, including an 18kt gold Concord battery-operated wristwatch, lg. 6 1/4 in.; a Bucherer 17jewel gold plate and enamel decorated hinged bangle wristwatch, and a Pedre gilt-metal and pearl 17-jewel pendant watch. $200-300

276. Two Art Deco Sterling Silver Mesh Purses, both Binder Bros., one of square form, 4 x 4, the other of bullet-form with fringe, lg. 6 in., (not including fringe). $250-300


277. Gilt Silver Filigree and Carved Carnelian Bracelet and Six Pieces of Hardstone Jewelry, including three sterling silver pendants, a Zuni cuff, a lapis lazuli and sterling silver bracelet, and an onyx and ivory necklace. $150-250

285A. Group of Assorted Silver and Estate Jewelry, including a pair of cut steel shoe buckles, two stickpins, a small group of unmounted cameos and cameo jewelry, a group of silver jewelry, and assorted miscellany. $100-200

294. Eight Sterling Silver Bracelets. $150-250

295. Five Sterling Silver and Two Other Bracelets. $150-250

278. Sterling Silver and Ruby Bib Necklace, probably India, lg. 17 3/4 in. $200-300

286. Vintage Diaz Santoyo Mexican Sterling Silver Bracelet, 1940s, maker’s mark CJB, made up of pierced panels of stylized cornucopia with a solid backing, lg. 7 in. $100-150

295A. Boxed Set of Forty Colorless Glass Diamond Cut Models. $200-400

279. Small Group of Assorted Estate Jewelry, including three Peruzzi .800 silver bangles, a David-Andersen sterling silver and enamel panel bracelet, an Asian silver filigree bracelet, a silver tone necklace and four assorted enameled pins. $100-150

287. Vintage Margot de Taxco Sterling Silver Cuff, a Pair of LaPaglia for Georg Jensen USA Sterling Silver Earclips, and Two Other Mexican Silver Jewelry Items. $150-250

296. Tiffany & Co. Three-Piece Sterling Silver Suite, 1984 and 1985, comprising a necklace, earclips, and brooch, necklace lg. 18 in. $75-125

280. American Indian Sterling Silver Bear Claw and Turquoise Necklace, maker’s mark “AB,” lg. 34 in. $150-250

288. Swiss 14kt Gold 17-jewel Agassiz Open Face Pocket Watch, movement no. 222074. $300-500

281. Nine Celtic Pins/Brooches, mostly sterling silver. $300-500

297. Three Sterling Silver Jewelry Items, including a vintage Mexican silver and art glass insect brooch, a Los Ballesteros sterling silver and purple stone brooch, and a Chinese export sterling silver, hard and semi-precious stone-inset panel bracelet. $100-200

282. Small Group of Assorted Tiger’s-eye Quartz Jewelry and a Costume Necklace. $150-250

289. Small Lot of Mostly 14kt Gold Jewelry, including a pair of 14kt gold, diamond, and enamel earrings, a pair of 14kt gold earstuds, a 14kt gold, topaz, and diamond ring, and a 10kt gold thimble. $200-250

298. Egyptian Gilt and Etched Silver and Paste Cuff, cir. 6 1/4 in. $100-200

283. 14kt Yellow Gold and Carved Blue Topaz Leaf-form Earrings. $200-400

290. Tiffany & Co. Three-Piece Sterling Silver Bow Suite, 1985, comprising a brooch and pair of earrings. $100-200

299. Seven Assorted Lady’s Wristwatches, one 14kt gold 23-jewel Lady Elgin. $200-300

284. Small Group of Assorted Silver Bracelets and a Necklace, including a .980 silver Taxco bracelet and a gilt-silver .800 panel bracelet. $100-150

291. Art Deco Molded Blue Glass Bead and Silk Knot Necklace, lg. 46 in. $50-150

300. Boxed Tag Heuer Lady’s Stainless Steel Wristwatch. $350-450

285. Art Deco 14kt White Gold and Diamond Bridal Suite, B.C. Clark, Oklahoma, comprising an engagement ring and band, size 7. $600-800

292. Art Deco Weiner Werkstatte .900 Silver and Enamel Brooch, pre-1922, depicting a silhouetted nude reclining on a divan, 1 x 1 1/2 in. $200-300

301. Man’s Vintage Hamilton Incabloc Automatic Wristwatch and Three Other Wristwatches. $150-200

293. Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver and Goldfilled Bracelet, lg. 7 1/2 in. $100-150

302. Two Lady’s Wristwatches, including a platinum and diamond 17-jewel Concord Watch Co. example, retailed by Sharfman’s and a gold-filled Hamilton. $150-250


303. 14kt Gold Hunting Case Nelson Savonnette Pocket Watch, movement no. 16767. $300-500

310B. Three Assorted Gold-filled or Goldplated Wristwatches, including an Art Deco Bulova, a vintage Helbros, and a vintage 17-jewel Mondia Incabloc. $75-100

316. Pair of 14kt Gold Earrings, 14kt Gold and Pearl Brooch, Two 10kt Gold Rings, and a Gilt-sterling Stickpin. $300-500

304. 14kt Gold Open Face Elgin Pocket Watch, movement no. 1495700. $200-300

305. Man’s Vintage 14kt Gold Hamilton 19-jewel Wristwatch. $150-250

311. Small Group of Assorted Vintage Costume Jewelry, mostly signed, including a Coro Duette horse head brooch, a Trifari blue paste earclips and choker suite, a pair of Trifari textured goldtone and paste earclips, a pair of Trifari paste earclips, three other pairs of earclips, and a Givenchy heavy link necklace. $125-200

317. Four Art Nouveau 14kt Gold and Enamel Jewelry Items, three pins including a cluster of forget-me-nots with diamond mêlée highlights, lg. 1 3/8, an enamel grape leaf with seed pearl grapes, lg. 1 1/8, and a pair of lovebirds, and an enamel pansy pendant with diamond accent, suspended from a delicate fancy link chain, lg. 1/2 in., (last with later findings). $400-600

305A. Lot of Costume Jewelry and Assorted Miscellany. $200-300

306. Lady’s Art Deco Platinum and Diamond 17-jewel Wristwatch. $150-250

312. Art Nouveau 14kt Gold, Opal, and Seed Pearl Fringe Necklace, the swirling form set with three cabochon opals, seed pearl highlights, completed by swags of delicate trace link chain, suspending a freshwater pearl drop, lg. 17 1/2 in. $150-250

318. Gold-framed Shell Carved Cameo Brooch and Three Lingerie Pins. $150-250

307. Graduated Pearl Necklace and a Pair of Pearl and Diamond Earrings. $150-200

313. Pair of 14kt Gold and Diamond Earstuds and a 14kt Gold and Diamond Pendant Necklace. $150-200

319. Three Pairs of Victorian-style Earrings, including a pair with black onyx, shellcarved cameo, and turquoise. $300-500

308. Small Group of Assorted Silver and Other Jewelry, including a large brooch, four bracelets, two horse-form charms, a Danish double-fish form charm, a pair of stickpins convertible to a jabot pin, etc. $100-150

320. Two Man’s 14kt Gold and Diamond Rings. $700-900

314. 10kt Gold-framed Shell Carved Cameo Brooch and a Pair of 14kt Gold and Cameo Earstuds. $150-200

321. Pair of 14kt Gold and Lavender Jade Earpendants and a Pair of Gold, Jade, and Diamond Earclips. $300-500

309. Silver and Marcasite Bow-form Brooch and a Continental Silver and Marcasite Retriever-form Pin. $100-150

315. Two 14kt Gold Zodiac Pendants and a Large 14kt Gold Nefertiti Pendant on 14kt Gold Chain. $400-600

310. Swiss .935 Lady’s Wristwatch and Three Gold-filled Lady’s Wristwatches. $30-50

310A. Group of Four Open Face Pocket Watches and a Swiss Stop Watch, the watches in coin silver cases, three 18 size by Waltham, 14 size marked A.C. Tucker on enameled dial and movement marked A. C. Tucker Whitman, Mass. 15 Jewels; and a Swiss stop watch marked Capitol. $150-200

315A. Three Gold-filled Pocket Watches and a Tiffany & Co. Travel Clock, two pocket watches by Elgin and one by American Waltham, the travel clock marked 8 Days and Tiffany Co. on dial and Concord Watch Company 15 Jewels on the movement. $150-200

322. Small Group of Estate Jewelry, including a gold-framed hand-painted porcelain portrait brooch, two 14kt gold and diamond rings, a rose-cut diamond tie tack, a gold and diamond stickpin, and a 14kt gold bamboo tie tack. $250-350

323. 9kt White Gold and Diamond Cocktail Ring, size 6. $200-400

315B. Three Sterling Silver and Marcasite Pendant Necklaces, including a crossform pendant, and two black onyx examples. $200-300

324. Platinum and Princess-cut Diamond Solitaire, with baguette accents to the shoulders, approx 0.61 cts. $800-1,000


325. Pair of Diamond Earstuds, each approx. 0.25 cts. $400-600

325A. Sixteen Wrist and Pocket Watches, including four wristwatches by various makers and twelve small size open and hunting cased pocket watches, mostly in gold-filled cases, three by Waltham, two by Illinois, one by Elgin, one by South Bend, and five by other makers. $150-250

331. Six Pieces of Modernist Sterling Silver Jewelry, including a Stuart Nye dogwood brooch, an Aksel Holmsen floriform enamel decorated brooch, a Grosse elliptical link bracelet, a sailboat-form pendant on chain, and a James Avery Craftsmen cuff, and sterling silver and 14kt gold necklace. $200-300

337. Small Group of Jewelry, including sterling silver, hardstone, and studio pieces. $75-100

338. Group of Assorted Mostly Signed Costume Jewelry, including Monet, Trifari, Napier, Coro, etc. $75-125

332. Los Castillos Mexican Sterling Silver Necklace, Taxco, c. 1942-48, lg. 16 in. $300-500

325B. Small Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry, including an Arts & Crafts style leaf and berries brooch, a Carla sterling bangle, a ring, an engraved heart-shaped pendant necklace, an engraved lapis-lazuli-inset locket, and an Arts & Crafts engraved topaz-inset brooch. $250-350

333. Two 14kt Gold Rings, Two Sterling Silver Rings, and Two Enameled Sterling Silver Items. $200-300

339. Group of Assorted Modern and Designer Goldtone and Other Costume Jewelry. $75-125

326. Two Art Deco-style Pendant Necklaces, an Art Nouveau Silver and Enamel Pendant, a Carved Onyx Stickpin and a Victorian Onyx and 8kt Gold Brooch. $300-500

334. 18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Panel Bracelet, depicting a dragon chasing a golden pearl, lg. 6 in. $200-300

340. Two Sterling Silver Necklaces, early to mid-20th century, one Coro flowerhead link example, the other a Fishel, Nessler & Co. Art Nouveau design. $50-70

327. Jade Saddle Ring, size 8. $30-50

335. Small Group of Sterling Silver Jewelry, including three cuffs, a watch band, six brooches, two pins, an earrings and brooch suite, a sterling silver and 18kt gold bracelet, and three pairs of earrings. $200-300

341. Group of Art Deco and Retro Pasteinset Costume Jewelry. $100-150

328. Etched and Enamel Decorated Silver Fish-form Pendant, probably Ottoman empire, lg. 3 in. $75-125

329. Small Group of Assorted Sterling Silver and Other Costume Jewelry. $50-75

335A. Four Pocket Watches and a Watch Movement, two approximately 10 size Swiss watches in silver cases, a detached lever, key-wind, key-set open face watch by Cooper, Liverpool, a large Swiss open face watch with Arabic numerals and bar movement, and a watch movement by T. Huguenin, Locle. $150-250

342. Small Group of Assorted Vintage Costume Jewelry, including two Art Deco crystal necklaces, an unsigned pink and white seed bead necklace, possibly Miriam Haskell, and three other seed bead items; a pair of unsigned paste-inset earrings, possibly Miriam Haskell; two early plastic bangles, a plastic beaded clip, and a pair of lily-form plastic earclips, a painted wood hat pin, a pair of Boucher earclips, a paste-inset clip, a hummingbird-form brooch, and a Barclay paste-inset floral spray brooch. $30-50

330. Small Group of Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry, including a set of eight bangles, three pairs of earrings, a heartshaped brooch, a bar pin, a sterling silver ring, and six costume rings. $200-300

335B. Three Modern Artist-Designed Sterling Silver Brooches, two with mother-ofpearl, signed “Navarro,” the third with hardstone scarabs, signed “Kate Hines.” $150-250

343. Small Group of Vintage Colorless Paste Costume Jewelry. $150-200

336. Three .800 Silver Filigree Jewelry Items, a Pure Silver Pendant, and an Arts & Crafts Style Sterling Silver Bracelet. $200-300

344. Group of Man’s Cuff Links and Studs, including a 14kt gold example, a Southwestern silver example, two Swank dress sets, and a pair of 14kt white gold and gem-set links, (one lacking T-bar). $50-75


345. Two Vintage Costume Paste Suites and Five Vintage Costume Paste Brooches/Clips. $100-150

353. Small Pietra Dura Morning Glory Pin, lg. 1 5/8 in. $200-250

345A. Seven Cord and Hardstone Bolo Ties, including bloodstone, agate, chalcedony, etc. $150-200

345B. 14kt Gold, Seed Pearl, and Gemstone “Broken Heart” Bar Pin, late 19th/early 20th century. $200-300

354. Small Group of Gold Pins/Brooches, including a pair of Harvey J. Flint, Providence, 14kt gold, amethyst, and seed pearl beauty pins, a trio of 14kt gold and amethyst lingerie pins, a small 10kt gold crescent moon pin, and a 14kt gold circle pin. $150-200

360. Group of Men’s Jewelry, including a pair of Carrington & Co. 14kt gold, mother-of-pearl, and seed pearl cuff links, a W.G. Clarke abalone and seed pearl partial dress set, a pair of Modernist sterling silver cuff links, an abalone dress set, a pair of mother-of-pearl cuff links, etc. $300-500

361. White Gold, Pearl, and Diamond Spray Brooch, 1 1/4 x 2 1/4 in. $300-500

346. Nine Pieces of Assorted Vintage Costume Jewelry. $75-100

355. 18kt Gold, Coral, Enamel, and Diamond Earpendants, each elaborate scrolling form with blue and white enamel accents, set with coral cabochons, singlecut diamond mêlée highlights, 10.5 dwt, lg. 1 1/2 in. $300-500

362. Pair of 14kt Gold Shrimp Earrings and a Pair of Israeli 18kt Gold Disc-form Earstuds, total 10.6 dwt. $200-300

347. Small Group of Trifari Costume Jewelry, including a necklace and earrings suite, three goldtone brooches and a pair of earrings, a sterling silver and paste crown-form brooch, and a pair of pasteinset crown-form brooches. $200-300

355A. Four Pieces of Costume Jewelry, including an oversized enamel decorated ornithological brooch, a goldtone pasteinset leopard-form brooch, a Banana Bob silvertone and paste-inset musical-theme brooch and a pair of similar earclips. $150-200

363. Two Pieces of Egyptian Revival Jewelry, including a F.H. Cutler & Company, North Attleboro, 14kt gold, sapphire, and seed pearl pin, and an Edward R. Roehm, Detroit, gold, enamel, and ceramic pharaoh-form stickpin. $200-250

348. Small Group of Antique-style Costume Jewelry, including a bracelet, five stickpins, a pair of earrings, and seven brooches/pins. $75-100

355B. Lady’s 14kt Gold Hunting Case Elgin Savonnette, movement no. 2377450. $250-350

364. Three Pieces of Gold and Hardstone/Gemstone Estate Jewelry, including a green and white opal bead necklace, a lapis lazuli brooch, and an agate stickpin. $200-300

349. Lady’s 14kt Gold Longines Wristwatch, lg. 6 3/4 in. $300-500

356. 14kt Gold and Diamond Bangle Bracelet. $200-300

350. Agate and Citrine Link Bracelet with Sterling Silver Boar-form Fob. $150-250

357. Italian 18kt Gold Bar and Link Bracelet and a Gold and Diamond Bar Pin. $250-350

365. English 15kt Gold, Opal, Seed Pearl, and Diamond Brooch and an English 18kt Gold Buckle-form Band, both late 19th century. $250-350

351. Three Gem-set Jewelry Items, including a pair of 14kt gold and seed pearl earpendants, an opal ring, and a 14kt gold and amethyst ring. $300-500

358. Silver-framed Shell Carved Double Portrait Cameo Brooch and Gold and Citrine Pendant. $100-200

365A. Eight Pairs of Sterling Silver and Other Artist-Designed Earrings and an Artist-Designed Brooch and Earrings Suite. $100-200

352. Multi-strand Pearl Necklace with Sterling Silver Clasp, together with an unattached strand of pearls. $150-250

359. 14kt Gold, Diamond, and Enamel Kinetic Ring. $150-250

365B. Five Paste-inset Costume Brooches/Clips, including one Celticstyle brooch, an Austro-Hungarian style clip, an Art Nouveau clip, and two other brooches. $50-75


366. Three Gold Gem-set Brooches, 14kt gold, diamond, and seed pearl photo memorial brooch, a 14kt gold and blue topaz floriform brooch, and a gold and gemstone bar pin. $300-500

375A. Art Deco 14kt White Gold and Gemstone Lacework Bar Pin, lg. 2 3/4 in. $200-300

367. 14kt White Gold and Moonstone Bracelet and Similar Brooch. $300-400

375B. Retro Lampl-style Sterling Silver Vermeil and Blue Stone Costume Bow Brooch, 4 x 3 in. $50-75

383. Group of Assorted Antique and Later Estate Jewelry, including a 14kt gold, diamond, and amethyst brooch, a 14kt gold and diamond rosette brooch, a boxed silver and abalone stickpin and cuff link set, a boxed Krementz man’s dress set, and seven mostly gold gem-set stickpins. $200-400

368. Vintage Mexican .980 Silver and Turquoise Cross Pendant, attributed to Matl, no maker’s mark, 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 in. $200-300

369. Vintage Italian .800 Silver and Coral Bracelet and a Continental Gold and Coral Ring. $150-250

376. Thirteen Primarily 14kt Gold Gem-set Stickpins, makers include Enos Richardson & Company, Newark; Chas. E. Hancock Company, Providence; D. Wilcox & Company, Providence; J.B. Bowden & Company, New York; H.A. Kirby, Providence, and others. $150-250

384. Vintage Trifari Sterling Silver Vermeil and Paste Fur Clip, designed by Alfred Philippe, 1944, design patent no. 138203. $75-100

370. Group of Assorted Antique Buckles and a Buckle-form Brooch, including enamel, paste, and turquoise examples. $250-350

377. 14kt Gold and Jade Bracelet and a 14kt Gold, Carved and Pierced Jade, and Seed Pearl Brooch. $150-250

385. Small Group of Costume Jewelry, makers include Wells, D’Abros, Winard, etc. $100-150

371. Southwestern Sterling Silver and Red Turquoise Cuff. $150-250

378. Angelskin Coral Bead Necklace, Asian Carved Carnelian Bead Necklace, a Victorian Gold, Enamel, and Onyx Cameo Brooch, and a Pair of Black Onyx and Gilt-metal Earstuds. $200-300

385A. 14kt White Gold and Gray Pearl Multi-strand Necklace and a Sterling Silver and Ruby Necklace. $200-300

372. Art Deco Sterling Silver Watch Chain and a Pair of Bohemian Garnet Lingerie Pins. $150-200

379. Four Gold-filled Hardstone and Bone Scarab Bracelets. $50-75

385B. Three Pieces of Vintage Paste Costume, including a sterling silver and colorless paste tennis bracelet, a green and colorless paste necklace, and an Art Deco colorless paste brooch, convertible to a brooch and pair of clips. $75-100

373. Peruzzi Sterling Silver and Coral Cabochon Bracelet and a Gold and Coral Cabochon Ring. $200-300

380. Three Gold and Seed Pearl Pins. $150-200

374. Pair of 14kt Gold Hoops and a Pair of 14kt Gold, Enamel, Seed Pearl, and Diamond Earclips. $150-250

381. Carved Coral Portrait Brooch and a Pair of Gold and Coral Earpendants, the latter with diamond highlights. $300-500

386. Two WWII Era Cigarette Lighters, 14kt Gold Watch Chain, and Two Hunting Case Pocket Watches, one a modern Pulsar, the other a 21-jewel Imperial savonnette, movement no. 2257946. $100-150

375. Gold and Diamond Leafy Branch-form Brooch, 1 1/2 x 1 3/4 in., 12.7 dwt. $300-400

382. Eight Primarily Gold Stickpins, including three turquoise examples, a knight-form example, an enamel floriform example, a silver love knot example, etc. $200-250

387. Illinois Open Face Pocket Watch and a Lady’s Boxed Elgin Gold-filled Wristwatch, former movement no. 1819491. $100-150


388. Group of Assorted Gold-filled Wrist and Pocket Watches, including a hunting case Elgin savonnette, movement no. 10092755; a lady’s Hampden hunting case savonnette, Molly Stark model movement no. 1556234; an Art Deco open face example, an open face Ingersoll, movement no. 3280855; an open face Waltham, movement no. 12331486; an open face Elgin, movement no. 26543712; a loose 15-jewel Waltham, movement no. 8726025; a lady’s Waltham open face savonnette, movement no. 11936144; a lady’s open face Waltham lepine, movement no. 21399530; five wristwatches, and two watch chains. $400-600

394. Group of Mostly Signed Costume Jewelry, including a Ciner sterling silver and paste bracelet, a Trifari paste and enamel bracelet, a Castlecliff sterling silver vermeil and paste spray brooch, a Hattie Carnegie brooch, a Trifari paste-inset brooch, a Robert figural brooch, two paste and green glass bracelets, a Boucher rooster-form brooch, two other anthropomorphic brooches, a paste-inset earrings and brooch suite, a paste-inset fish-form brooch, an Art Deco colorless paste necklace, and a vintage white glass beaded necklace with an enameled clasp; together with a pair of cuff links. $100-200

400. Red Branch Coral Necklace, lg. 18 in. $150-250

401. Assortment of Lace Accessories and Trims, 18th/19th century, including a heavy Gros Point de Venise collar, a Venetian collar, a Brussels lace jabot, a single Brussels lace lappet, a French lace collar, a length of Honiton trim, a Brussels lace fragment, a group of black Chantilly edging, and assortment of other edging, a Devonshire lace collar, a large band of silk Blonde edging, a piece of Venetian needlework, and several lengths of needlepoint trims. Provenance: Ex-collection Ruth Hoe Sterling, New York City. $300-500

389. Group of Assorted Fashion Watches. $25-50

395. Group of Vintage Coro Costume Jewelry. $100-150

390. Large Group of Assorted Lady’s Goldfilled Wristwatches. $30-40

395A. Lady’s 14kt Gold and Diamond Concord Wristwatch. $200-300

391. Nine Assorted Beaded Necklaces, including mother-of-pearl, amber, hardstone, glass, and shell. $100-150

395B. Small Group of Assorted Costume Jewelry. $125-150

392. Small Lot of Assorted Jewelry, including a Trifari faux angelskin coral bead necklace, a pink coral necklace, a wooden bead necklace, a carved bone suite, a painted porcelain floral brooch, and a brass-bound shell box. $100-150

396. Small Group of Vintage Paste Jewelry, an Antique Paste Brooch, and a Pair of Paste Buckles. $100-150

402. Assorted Lace Collars, Cuffs, and Other Accessories, 18th/19th century, including two Brussels lace collars, a pair of lace trimmed sleeve ruffles, a Point de Gaze collar, a modern Milano lace collar and pair of cuffs, and two Burano lace trims/fragments, a Carrickmacross collar, a pair of Venetian lappets, a pair of Venetian cuffs and matching collar, two Irish crochet lace collars, an Old Milano collar and cuffs set with figural decoration, seven Duchesse fragments, a Venetian needle lace collar trim and similar doily, and assorted lengths of Valenciennes, Alencon, and Reticella trims. Provenance: Ex-collection Ruth Hoe Sterling, New York City. $400-600

393. Small Group of Mostly Signed Costume Jewelry, including a Krementz floral brooch, a Napier goldtone and black plastic necklace, a Napier birds nesting brooch, a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt pasteinset earclips, a Kenneth J. Lane enamel decorated bangle and a similar unsigned bangle, a Boucher dachshund-form brooch and a similar unsigned poodleform brooch, an Anne Klein II goldtone necklace, a Monet goldtone chain, a pair of floriform earclips, and a horse brooch. $200-300

397. Small Group of Assorted Estate and Costume Jewelry, including an 18kt gold and pearl brooch, a pair of silver earpendants, a jade pendant, a 14kt gold and gemstone ring, a 10kt gold and gemstone ring, and a costume cameo. $400-600

398. Green Jade Bead Necklace and a Coral and Jade Bead Necklace. $100-150

399. Southwestern Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace and Earrings. $300-500

403. Group of 19th Century Embroidery and Lace Accessories, including a bodice cover and collar trimmed with lace, three pairs of assorted cuffs, two single cuffs, a collar, two embroidered silk squares, several lengths of assorted filet and Irish crochet lace trims/edging, a crochet lace collar, a pair of crochet lace cuffs, a pair of Milano cuffs, three Cluny appliqués, a Gros Point de Venise doily, a bobbin lace doily, two Venetian needle lace samplers, a small bobbin lace appliqués, a lace fragment on frame, and three unfinished Venetian needle lace fragments. Provenance: Ex-collection Ruth Hoe Sterling, New York City. $300-400


404. Group of 18th/19th Century Lace or Lace Embellished Accessories, including a Point d’Angleterre lace fall cap, a Point de Venise bodice, and an embroidered linen and lace edged collar, a filet lace collar with figural decoration, an Irish crochet lace fichu-style collar, a Point de Venise collar; together with three assorted fragments. Provenance: Ex-collection Ruth Hoe Sterling, New York City. $300-400

410. Three Late 19th Century LaceEmbellished Brimmed Hats. $75-100

405. Group of Drawnwork Lace and a Filet Lace and Linen Table Cover, 18th/19th century, including a group of seven squares depicting various reptiles and birds, a square depicting Justice, another embellished with mermaids, a border fragment depicting geese, a floral decorated fragment, and a rectangular table cover with filet border of winged birds, interspersed with animal decorated filet squares and cutwork linen, and having two central squares, one depicting Bacchus, the other Elephant and Castle. Provenance: Ex-collection Ruth Hoe Sterling, New York City. $150-250

411. Group of Twelve Victorian and Art Deco Purses, including an French Art Deco gray silk velvet and cut steel bead purse, a Victorian black silk and cut steel bead pouch, a Victorian hand painted black cotton drawstring pouch, an Art Deco black silk pouch with gilt-metal and paste expandable frame, a black silk and white metal frame pouch, three vintage needlepoint clutches, a small black suede and cut steel bead purse, and three knit bead pouch-form examples, one depicting a bucolic landscape with a shepherd and flock, cottages, and duck pond. $100-150

416. Group of Assorted Victorian to Vintage Clothing and Accessories, including a man’s brushed silk top hat, retailed by Brooks Brothers, New York, a man’s R.H. Macy tailcoat, a man’s dress shirt, women’s and children’s whites, a large quantity of 1920s-40s vintage nightwear, lingerie, and undergarments, a black lace capelet, several scarves/hankies, caps, gloves, a woman’s 1920s black silk satin and straw cloche, a vintage lamb furtrimmed coat, a 1920s black silk satin and metallic thread party dress, an Edwardian black silk satin, lace, and velvet tea dress, a Victorian two-piece black wool and silk ensemble, and six assorted vintage to modern dresses. $400-600

412. Small Group of Victorian Whites, including a tea dress, a night dress, two night caps, a hankie, three children’s items, and a petticoat. $200-300

417. Small Group of Assorted 19th Century Accessories, including a ruffled black silk hairband, a gray silk and black lace bonnet, a black velvet, grosgrain ribbon, and jet bead bonnet, a blue and brown velvet bonnet, a hand lace and coral silk hair band, and four horn, tortoiseshell, and faux shell combs. $200-300

406. Small Group of Crocheted Lace Doilies and a Runner. $100-150

413. Five Assorted 19th Century Bonnets, including a brown silk quilted example, a black and white printed cotton example, a cream silk and wool example, a black faille example, and a brown silk and braided cord embellished example. $150-200

417A. 19th Century Painted Silk Fringed Shawl, 53 x 56 in. $200-300

407. Small Group of Assorted Early 20th Century Household Linens, including a large embroidered pillowcase and matching duvet, four other duvets, two tea towels, and a tablecloth, 117 x 80 in. $150-250

414. Thirty-eight Victorian and Art Deco Beaded, Mesh, and Other Purses, together with a beaded plant hanger and assorted miscellany. $300-500

418. 19th Century Silk Velvet Long Shawl, with later black silk backing, 23 x 104 in. $75-125

408. Group of Assorted Mostly Crochet Embellished Household Linens, 19th and early 20th century, together with a hand-embroidered gray silk kimono and six assorted 19th and 20th century cotton aprons. $100-125

414A. Two Beaded Purses and a Mesh Whiting Davis Purse, (damage). $100-150

419. Three Edwardian Velvet and Silk Feathered Wide Brim Hats, one retailed by Chandler & Co., Tremont Street, Boston. $50-75

409. Group of Victorian Lady’s Clothing, including two three-piece outfits, a blue silk dress, a two-piece brown plaid outfit, a brown skirt, and a hoop. $300-500

415. Group of Victorian Mourning Clothing and Accessories, including a black velvet silk satin-lined beaded cape, three petticoat/skirts, a jacket, and two bodices. $200-300

419A. Edwardian Beaded Green Velvet, Cream and Gold Brocade Silk, and Cream Lace Coat, French, c. 1900, labeled “A St Vincent de Paul/Maison Gaildraud/41 & 43 rue du Bac, Paris,” with leg-of-mutton sleeves and pleated collar. N.B. A similar example can be seen in the collection of the Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. $200-300


420. American Arts & Crafts Floral Printed Silk Fringed Shawl, 1910s, bearing artist’s monogram of two pine trees. $150-200

428. Two Art Deco Beaded Purses, one Whiting & Davis green and white knitted bead bag with sterling silver frame and a French beaded and silk embroidered purse with rose glass mounted frame. $200-250

436. Four Vintage 1940s-60s Hats, including a Mizzi and Irene paisley cap, a black felt and leopard fur cap, a Coralie cream brushed felt cloche and an Adolfo black brushed wool trilby. $25-50

421. Two Edwardian Straw Hats and an Edwardian Velvet, Chenille, and Feathered Floral Hat. $75-100

422. Three Early 20th Century Dresses, including a printed white cotton day dress, a blue silk drop-waisted day dress, and a white silk drop-waisted day dress with mother-of-pearl buckle accent. $200-300

429. Two 1930s Cloches, one with natural straw and wooden bead embellishments, the other in black silk satin with metallic thread, seed bead, and floral embellishment. $50-75

437. Vintage 1950s Alligator Handbag, labeled “Made in England.” $150-200

423. Group of 19th and 20th Century Clothing and Accessories, including a 1920s lace trimmed black silk satin dress and related bead embellished net lace overdress, a velvet muff, a velvet neck scarf, a pink cotton underskirt, a brown velvet skirt, a gros point embroidered black satin purse, a 19th century organza trimmed black silk faille bodice, a 19th century black silk faille passmenterie embellished coat, a 19th century black silk skirt and black cotton petticoat, a pair of gray leather heeled boots, and a pink taffeta throw. $200-300

430. Vintage 1930s-40s Black Velvet Original Kalmour Wrap Hostess Gown, with black satin lining, Fredley’s retailer label. $150-200

438. Group of Primarily Vintage Purses, including a 1950s alligator bag, four 1950s-60s beaded evening bags, a Whiting and Davis mesh bag, a 1920s cut steel and bead purse, three 1940s wooden bead purses, and a textile purse. $50-75

431. Two Vintage Alligator Clutches, 194050, of similar form, one dyed navy blue. $50-75

439. Two Vintage Purses, including an Asian silk brocade with jade clasp and silk lining, the other of black velvet embellished with an Eisenberg Original fur clip. $30-50

432. Approximately Fifteen Assorted Vintage 1940s-60s Hats, makers include Lora, Venus, Marche, Evelyn Varon, Mr. A, G. Howard Hodge, etc. $100-150

440. Three Vintage 1950s Lily Dache/Dachettes Hats, labeled, including a floral brimmed example and two straw examples. $75-100

424. Large Art Deco Knitted Bead Bag with Sterling Silver Frame, early 20th century, depicting a landscape scene of a cottage and swans, lined in green silk with matching mirror and change purse, lg. 9 in. not including frame or fringe. $150-250

433. Small Vintage Marc Cross Alligator Wallet and Two Plastic Faux Tortoiseshell Bracelets. $75-100

441. Two Vintage 1950s Schiaparelli Straw Hats, labeled. $50-75

425. 1920s Yellow Silk Beaded Party Dress, with rhinestone appliqué embellishments, labeled “Made in France.” $150-200

434. Six Assorted Vintage 1940s-60s Brimmed Straw Hats, makers include Mr. Kurt, Marcelle Originals, Mlle Arlette, Mr. Josephs, Le Charme Creations, etc. $50-75

442. Seven Vintage Lady’s Handbags, mostly mid-20th century, including three foldover clutches, a white beaded evening bag, an Asian silk example with carnelian clasp, a brown faux alligator bag, and a fine alligator and tan leather bag. $30-50

426. Art Deco Floral Knitted Beaded Drawstring Bag, ht. 9, wd. 6 in. $50-100

435. Three Vintage Purses, 1940s-50s, including a Whiting and Davis mesh change purse, a white beaded satin evening bag, and a metallic floral brocade bag. $100-150

443. Group of Vintage Fur Items, 1930s60s, including four lady’s coats/jackets, two capes, six stoles, a hat, a child’s jacket and four hats. $300-500

427. Five Early 20th Century Wide Brimmed Hats, 1920s-30s, including two straw examples and three silk examples. $75-100


443A. Vintage Mink Stole and a Vintage Mink Jacket with Red Fox Collar, 1950s. $80-120

451. Three Vintage Fur Coats/Capes and a Vintage Fox-Trimmed Gray Wool Suit, 1950s-60s, the latter unlabeled, one fur with Henri Bendel label. $200-300

459. Three Women’s Felt Hats and a Man’s Blue Felt Trilby, makers include Mr. John, Mr. Charles, and Coralie. $25-50

443B. Six Lady’s Printed Silk Scarves, c. third quarter 20th century, designers including two Vera, an Odile St. Germain, Anne Klein, and Giorgio di Sant Angelo. $20-30

452. Vintage Cream Silk Satin Party Dress, 1960s, no label, spaghetti strap with Vneckline and full skirt with lace and chenille high-necked long-sleeved blouse. $150-250

460. Two Vintage 1960s Chiffon/Jersey Halter-style House Gowns, including a coral nylon and rhinestone example, labeled Lucie Ann, Beverly Hills, and a green, pink, and blue silk, paste decorated example, unlabeled. $200-300

444. Vintage 1960s Printed Linen and Rhinestone Gown, unlabeled, welltailored sleeveless sheath with a black and brown leaf pattern on white ground. $100-150

453. Vintage Ben Kahn White Fox Fur and Cream Silk Coat, 1960s, labeled, silklined. $250-350

445. Eight Mostly Vintage 1950s-60s Feathered Hats, makers include Ja Lee, New York, Coralie, Elizabeth Ford, etc. $75-100

446. Five Vintage 1950s-60s Mr. John and Mr. John, Jr. Hats. $50-75

454. Approximately Twenty-six Assorted Vintage 1950s-60s Floral Hats, makers include Elizabeth Ford, Miss Mary, Coralie, Roberta Bernays, Evelyn Varon, Mr. Sal, Miss Nancy, La Rose, Mr. A Hats, Don Anderson, Filbert Orcel, Jr., Valerie, etc. $150-200

461. Group of Eight Vintage and Vintage Designer Handbags, 1960s-70s, including a vintage Gucci black leather and Cotton ribbon Gucci travel case, a vintage Gucci black leather, gilt-metal, and enamel pocketbook, a vintage Lucille de Paris black alligator double-handled doctor’s bag style handbag, two vintage leather pocketbooks, and three Whiting and Davis mesh pocketbooks. $100-200

447. Vintage Cream Silk Satin Cocktail Dress, 1960s, Cyreld, Brookline, retailer label, thin straps and beaded bodice and skirt. $150-250

455. Four Pieces of Vintage Emilio Pucci Clothing, 1960s-70s, all labeled, including a silk long-sleeved blouse, a pair of silk stretch pants, size 10; a cotton blouse with Neiman Marcus Trophy Room retailer label, and a sleeveless cotton maxi-dress, size 6, with Neiman Marcus Trophy Room retailer label. $300-500

462. Vintage Emilio Pucci Silk Baby Doll Blouse/Mini Dress, 1970s, unlabeled and altered. $200-300

463. Vintage Gucci Monogram Canvas and Cotton Ribbon Folio, 1970s, with stamped zipper and interior stamped leather tag. $200-300

448. Two Vintage Sleeveless Evening Dresses, 1960s, unlabeled, including a cream sequin and cream knit wool columnar gown and a bead, paste, and sequin silk brocade cocktail, both fully lined. $200-300

449. Two Vintage 1960s Christian Dior Floral Hats and a Vintage Reproduction Pierre Balmain Floral Hat, labeled. $75-100

456. Two Vintage Evening Outfits, 1960s70s, including an unlabeled vintage sequined floral silk jumpsuit and capelet ensemble, all-over floral pattern, jumpsuit with cap sleeves and matching capelet, size 14; and a vintage Gertrude Frank, Brookline, pink satin and silver lamé gown. $100-125 457. Group of Vintage Fur Coats, Jackets, or Stoles, 1950s-70s, including shearling, mink, raccoon, etc., one with Henri Bendel label. $200-250 458. Vintage Bill Blass for Bond Street Leopard-print Velvet Coat, 1960s, labeled, of A-line form with mock collar. $300-500

463A. Vintage Perry Ellis Bohemian-style Overcoat, 1970s, labeled, with Saks Fifth Avenue retailer label, size 2. $100-150

464. Vintage Stavropoulos Pale Peach Chiffon Two-Piece Outfit, 1970s, labeled, comprised of a pair of wide-leg palazzo pants and matching tunic with scarf collar. $100-150

450. Vintage Pedro Rodriguez Beaded and Sequined Ecru Silk Crepe Gown, 1960s, labeled, Foley’s Houston retailer label, sleeveless columnar sheath with overall decoration of green sequin, gold, white, and faux pearl beads. $400-600

465. Vintage Andre Laug Three-Piece Printed Chiffon Ensemble, 1970s, comprised of a floor-length pleated skirt, long-sleeved blouse, and matching floorlength coat. $100-150


466. Vintage Adele Simpson Brown Silk Skirt, 1970s, labeled, size 8, with two matching sashes on brown silks and plaid. $100-150 467. Vintage Chanel Boutique Two-Piece Blue Wool and Cream Silk Ensemble, 1970s, labeled, size 34, including a short jacket with shaped collar and lapels and single goldtone monogram button closure, and a dress with pleated cream silk sleeveless bodice and high-waisted blue wool knee-length skirt. $500-700 468. Pair of Vintage 1970s Beaded and Sequined Black Velvet Pants and a Vintage Michael Novarese Beaded and Sequined White Linen Jacket. $75-100

474. Vintage Oscar de la Renta Printed Silk Chiffon Strapless Halter Gown, 1970s, labeled, with ruffle bodice and skirt trim and wide belt. $200-300

483. Judith Leiber Pink Reptile Skin Evening Purse, 1980s, signed, with cabochon decorated frame and clasp, containing the change purse, comb, and mirror accessories, with cloth dust bag. $300-400

475. Vintage Carlos Falchi Leather Handbag, 1980s, labeled. $200-300

484. Anya Hindmarch Nylon Zip Round Travel Box, 1990s, ht. 2 1/4, wd. 7 1/4, dp. 5 in. $50-75

476. Small Brown Coach Purse, together with a vintage alligator wallet. $50-75

485. Daniel Swarovski Crystal and Blue Silk Evening Purse, 1980s, labeled. $50-100

477. Two Goldtone Hardcase Purses, one Judith Leiber, the other with quartz. $300-500

469. Two Pieces of Vintage 1970s Glam Wear, both labeled, including a Holly Harp cream silk peasant blouse, size M; and a pair of Sniggin Piggin appliquéd cream silk pants. $100-150

478. Two Judith Leiber Designer Handbags, 1980s-90s, both labeled, including a pink reptile skin with goldtone frame accented with tiger’s-eye and purple quartz and a white leather, coral plastic and glass beaded example, both with dust bags. $200-300

486. Nine Vintage to Modern Straw Hats, 1950s-80s, makers include Evelyn Varon, Sandra, Ruth Kropveld for Chapeau Creations, Miss Nancy, Don Anderson, Rori, etc. $75-100

470. Vintage Valentino Black Silk Blouse and Pair of Vintage John Meyer Cream Silk Trousers, 1970s, both labeled, the latter size 6. $75-100

487. Valentino Mink Cape Collared Belted Jacket, 1980s, labeled, with Neiman Marcus retailer label. $600-800

471. Three Vintage 1970s Gowns, all unlabeled, including a sleeveless red sequined columnar gown, a chartreuse chiffon strapless example with shawl, and a sleeveless rhinestone decorated Kelly green jersey example. $150-250

479. Small Group of Vintage Designer Accessories, including a boxed Chaumet Paris blue leather card holder, a Judith Leiber black reptile skin, goldtone, and paste dog collar, and a oversized Gucci printed cotton scarf. $125-175

480. Pair of Vintage Manolo Blahnik Lowheeled Tan Leather Boots and a Vintage Bleached Alligator Handbag, the former labeled, size 37 1/2. $150-250

488. Two Designer Jackets, 1980s, both labeled, including a Christian LaCroix white wool evening jacket with threequarter length sleeves, wide collar and lapels, single rhinestone and goldtone button closure at waist, peplum hem with false pockets and vented back studded with buttons; and an Emanuel Ungaro Parallele Paris linen and lace blazer, white lace body trimmed in denim linen, size 12. $100-150

472. Vintage Bill Blass Fuchsia Taffeta Ruffled Cocktail Dress, 1970s, labeled, size 10, long-sleeved sheath with accordion-pleated ruffle cuffs, skirt, and collar, the plunging V-back and bustle similarly ruffled. $200-300

481. Vintage Judith Leiber Belt, a Gucci Brown Leather Belt, and a Paloma Picasso Cream-colored Leather Purse. $150-250

489. Chloe Black Wool Overcoat, 1980s, labeled. $150-250

473. Vintage Oscar de la Renta Peach Striped Silk Chiffon and Rhinestone Gown, 1970s, labeled, size 10, of caftan form with rhinestone decoration to bodice and sleeves. $200-300

482. Salvatore Ferragamo Brown Suede Handbag, signed, serial no. P 21 05 87, and a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo black satin pumps, size 8AA. $250-400

490. Lady’s Giorgio Armani Two-Piece Brown and Taupe Wool Pants Suit, 1980s, labeled, size 46. $150-250

491. Vintage Giorgio Armani Gray Wool Knit Blazer, 1980s, labeled, size 42. $100-150


492. Dolce and Gabbana Floral Printed Linen Jacket, 1980s, labeled. $50-75

493. Four Victor Costa Cocktail Dresses, 1970s-80s, all labeled, including a black tulle strapless example, size 8, a Victor Costa for Saks Fifth Avenue printed polyester sleeveless ruffled example, size 12; a strapless printed cotton example with I. Magnin retailer label, size 12; and a Victor Costa for Saks Fifth Avenue floral asymmetrical example, no size (likely 12). $300-500

494. Scaasi Boutique Red Tulle, Satin Cutout, and Sequined Strapless Cocktail Dress, 1980s, labeled. $150-200

500. Group of Assorted Vintage and Designer Ready-to-Wear, 1970s-90s, including a vintage Anne Klein Thai inspired sleeveless dress, labeled, size 12; a vintage Arjon, California, black cotton lace trimmed peasant-style maxi dress, labeled; a pair of Bill Blass sport pink satin jeans, labeled, size 6; an Emporio Armani black velvet beaded and sequined jacket, labeled, size 42; and a Gianfranco Ferre two-piece floral outfit, labeled, size 42; a Salvatore Ferragamo printed cotton leopard T-shirt, size M; a Salvatore Ferragamo black wool knit column skirt with button sides, size S; a Ungaro Solo Donna silk and sequin short-sleeved blouse, probably size 8/10; a Louis Feraud sheer silk hound’s tooth pattern blouse, size 10; and a Bill Blass Sport black silk and gold brocade blouse, I. Magnin retailer label, size 8. $150-250

End of Session I 495. Oleg Cassini Red Sequined Longsleeved Cocktail Dress, 1980s, labeled, size 6. $150-200

496. Two Vintage Designer Blouses, 1970s80s, both labeled, both size 8, including an Oscar de la Renta black and gold lace blouse and camisole and a Mary McFadden black cut velvet blouse. $100-150

497. Three Vintage Yves St. Laurent Cotton Items, 1970s-80s, all labeled, including a Rive Gauche black cotton smock dress, size 36; a Variation printed cotton overshirt, size 40; and a Rive Gauche printed cotton blouse. $200-300

498. Two Scarves, 1990s, a Yves Saint Laurent printed wool floral and foliage themed example in shades of red, orange, green, and blue, the other a silk example with black ground and equestrian motifs, including stirrups, bits, tackles, etc. $100-150

499. Vintage Gianni Versace Two-Piece Printed Rayon Jersey Outfit, 1978-80s, labeled, size 46, comprising an off-theshoulder three-quarter length sleeve top and fitted wrapped skirt. $100-150


Session II Lots 501-1200
501. Japanese Circular Hardwood Planter with Lacquer Floral Inset Decoration, with copper liner, ht. 8 1/4, dia. 12 in. $200-300

511. Vintage Asian-manufactured Baby’s Christening Outfit and a Vintage Baby’s Knit Three-Piece Outfit. $100-125

519. Set of Twelve Colorless Wheel-cut Glass Soup Bowls, with polished pontils, dia. 8 3/4 in. $100-150

502. Czech Cased Iridescent Yellow Glass Footed Bowl, unmarked, ht. 5 1/4, dia. 7 3/4 in. $75-100

512. Victorian Oak Tall Clock, Germany, with applied carving, round Arabic numeral dial, eight-day time and strike movement with two weights and pendulum, ht. 78 1/2 in. $300-500

520. Mustard-painted Wood Four-Door Corner Cupboard, the upper cabinet with three fixed shelves, the lower cabinet with one shelf, ht. 79 1/2, wd. 48 1/2, dp. 22 1/2 in. $800-1,200

503. Tekke Rug, West Turkestan, 20th century, 8 ft. 8 in. x 5 ft. 2 in. $400-600

513. Mahogany Dovetail-constructed Hooded Rocking Cradle, lg. 38 1/4 in. $50-75

521. Jacobean-style Carved Oak Flat-top Desk, ht. 30 1/4, lg. 60, wd. 28 in. $300-325

504. Baroque-style Repoussé Brass-mounted Wooden Mirror, lg. 25 3/4 in. $100-150

514. Pair of Queen Anne Style Glazed Pine Hanging Corner Cupboards, the interiors with two fixed shelves, ht. 60 1/4, wd. 26 1/4, dp. 19 1/2 in. $200-300

522. Green-painted Pine Six-Board Sea Chest, lg. 4 3/4 in. $300-400

505. Upholstered Settee, approx. lg. 66 in. $50-75

506. Chippendale Carved Mahogany Tilttop Tea Table, dia. 34 in. $400-600

515. Pair of Cast Iron Seated Lion Garden Ornaments, ht. 39 in. $150-200

523. Chinese Watercolor on Paper FourPanel Folding Table Screen Depicting Ducks in a Landscape, ht. 34, panels to wd. 17 7/8 in. $150-250

507. Set of Eight Queen Anne Style Carved Mahogany Dining Chairs, including six side and two armchairs. $300-500

516. Mahogany Patent Timepiece or “Banjo” Clock, signed Aaron Willard, with painted iron dial signed Aaron Willard, reverse-painted gilded frames and pedestal and eight-day time-only weightpowered movement, ht. 40 in. $400-600

524. Rococo-style Gilt-gesso Trumeau Mirror with French Hand-colored Portrait Engraving, lg. 56 in. $200-300

508. Vintage Narragansett Beer Advertising Liquid Light Hanging Cabinet Sign, Liquid Light Co., California, lg. 24 1/4 in. $200-300

509. Continental Gilt .800 Silver Filigree St. Theresa Reliquary Keepsake, ht. 5 1/2 in. $150-250

517. Large Framed Assembled Panoramic Photograph of a Himalayan Karakorum Glacier, attributed to Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy, Duke d’Abruzzi, (1873-1933), c. 1909, possibly Baltoro Glacier, (loose in frame, some tears, fading, imperfections), approx. sight size ht. 18 1/2, lg. 123 in. $100-150

525. Kuba Rug, Northeast Caucasus, 19th century, 5 ft. x 3 ft. 8 in. $200-300

526. Sarouk Rug, West Persia, 19th century, 4 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. 6 in. $400-600

510. Asian Silk Embroidered Black Silk Three-Piece Outfit. $400-600

518. Group of 19th and Early 20th Century Hat Stands, Displays, and Forms, including four turned wood stands, a J.R. Palmenbergs & Son, New York, ceramic bottomed stand, a gilt-metal multi-arm adjustable floor display, and two forms. $100-150

527. Late Victorian Oak and Glass ElevenDrawer Retail Countertop Watch Cabinet, ht. 25 1/4, wd. 19 1/4, dp. 16 1/4 in. $300-500

528. Painted One-Drawer Stand with Tapering Legs. $200-250


529. William & Mary Style Oriental Rug Pattern Upholstered Green-painted Wooden Ottoman, with additional upholstery fragment, ottoman ht. 17 1/4, lg. 20 1/2 in. $200-250

538. Parcel-gilt Patinated Metal and Cobalt Glass Kerosene Table Lamp with Marble Base and Colorless Frosted and Wheel-cut Glass Shade, and a Victorian Oval Gilt-gesso Framed Beveled Glass Mirror. $200-225

546. Heriz Carpet, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 8 ft. 8 in. x 7 ft. $500-600

530. Country Federal Cherry Four-Drawer Bureau, ht. 38 1/2, wd. 44 1/2 in. $300-500

547. Tekke Rug, West Turkestan, 20th century, 6 ft. 10 in. x 5 ft. 2 in. $300-500

531. Large Contemporary Davis Glazed Art Pottery Vessel, flared rim with short neck on shaped body, decorated with various abstract designs in blue, gray, tan, and white, marked “Davis” on base, ht. 26 1/8 in. $100-150

539. Two Vintage Leather and Brass-bound Wardolettes, Wheary Trunk Company, 1930s, one having hangers and a shoe pallet, the other having four drawers, each with various ocean liner and hotel labels including Cunard White Star, Montreaux, Claridge’s, etc. $300-500

548. Rosewood-framed Marble Checkers Game Board, overall 18 x 18 in. $200-400

532. Small Group of Assorted Knit, Woven, Crocheted, and Embroidered Household Linens, including a linen table cover, a number of doilies, mats, tea towels, hankies, a night cap, and a velvet belt. $50-75

540. Boston Red Sox J.D. Drew Autographed Baseball, signed in blue ink on a Rawlings ball, accompanied by an August 22, 2007 letter, on Boston Red Sox letterhead, referring to the baseball as a donation from the Boston Red Sox. $50-75

549. 1927 Charles A. Lindbergh Portrait Print and Envelope, with original 10 cent U.S. Postage Lindbergh-Air Mail stamped envelope, return address “from Col. Charles A. Lindbergh, Care of Chamber of Commerce, St. Louis, Mo.,” print with note “I am proud to have done it for America. My reward will be your continued use of Air Mail. Charles A. Lindbergh,” print 5 1/4 x 7 3/8 in. $35-50

541. Modern Bronze Sculpture, unsigned, on a black marble base, overall ht. 15 3/4 in. $200-300

533. Millefiore Art Glass Paperweight Decanter. $250-350

550. Large Chinese Enamel Decorated Porcelain Bottle-form Vase, ht. 26 1/2 in. $400-600

534. Pair of Asian Carved Green Hardstone Phoenix Figures, ht. 13 1/2 in. $225-250

542. Baker Furniture Historic Charleston Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Doublepedestal Dining Table, with leaf, metal tags, ht. 30, lg. 68 1/2, wd. 46, leaf wd. 20 in. $400-600

551. French Gothic Mantel Clock, with applied enameled Roman numerals, name boss marked Libert, Lorient, and eight-day time and strike count-wheel movement with pendulum, ht. 17 in. $250-350

535. Federal-style Upholstered Carved Mahogany Easy Chair. $200-300

543. Baker Furniture Regency-style Inlaid Fruitwood Veneer Bowfront Chest, metal tag, wd. 34 in. $400-600

536. Pair of Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Drop-leaf Pembroke Tables. $50-75

544. Chinese Export Brass-mounted Black Leather-clad Camphorwood Storage Trunk, ht. 19 1/2, lg. 41 1/2, wd. 20 3/4 in. $400-600

552. Two Gentleman’s Brass Inlaid Mahogany Dresser Boxes, both with personal care item fitted interiors and including two straight razors, lg. to 11 in. $300-500

537. Federal Mahogany Drop-leaf Pembroke Table with Drawer. $150-200

553. Isparta Rug, West Anatolia, 20th century, 7 ft. 8 in. x 4 ft. 10 in. $1,000-1,500

545. Set of Twelve Royal Cauldon Gilt, Embossed, and Transfer Decorated Scenes of Britain Porcelain Dinner Plates, dia. 11 1/8 in. $150-200


554. Folk Painted and Parquetry Decorated Wooden Steam Ship Model Anthony Jr., in a glass case, approx. ship lg. 37 in. Provenance: A handwritten note accompanying the model reads: “This is a model of a United Fruit Company yacht given to Mr. Anthony Jr. who at one time was president of this company. It was the custom to give each outgoing president a replica of the yacht that was used during his tenure. This model was obtained from his estate. Circa 1910.” $200-300

562. Three Steuben Colorless Glass Bowls and an Ashtray, etched mark, ht. 2 1/4, dia. 2 3/4 to ht. 3 1/2, dia. 6 3/4 in. $100-150

563. British Colonial Brass-mounted Threetier Camphorwood Campaign Washstand, 19th century, with oval tiers and cast iron supports, ht. 34, wd. 24, dp. 18 in. $300-500

570. Chinese Export Black Lacquer Floor Screen and Two Sets of Four Wall Panels, the four-panel floor screen mounted with carved hardstone scene with figures, a black lacquered panel set with carved hardstone floral and bird decoration, and a coromandel set with floral decoration, screen ht. 72, panel wd. 18, panel lg. 36, wd. 12 in. $200-400

555. Classical-style Upholstered Carved Mahogany Sofa with Paw Feet, approx. lg. 82 in. $700-900

564. Classical Carved Mahogany Drop-leaf Table with Rope-turned Legs, ht. 28 1/4, lg. 36, wd. 24 1/2, leaf wd. 13 in. $200-300

571. Asian Iron-mounted Pine Tansu Chest, ht. 34 3/4, wd. 40 3/4 in. $200-300

556. Neoclassical Purple Velvet Upholstered Parcel-gilt and Ebonized Wood Recamier, lg. 81 in. $150-200

565. Black-painted Empire Revival Oak Two-Drawer Server, ht. 38, lg. 50 in. $400-600

572. Late 19th/20th Century Mahogany and Beveled Glass Five-Door Document Cabinet, each section fitted with four oak drawers, drawer ht. 6, wd. 11 1/4, dp. 20 1/2, overall cabinet ht. 74, wd. 26 1/2, dp. 22 3/4 in. $300-500

557. Empire Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Writing Desk/Bookcase, ht. 78, wd. 40 1/4 in. $500-700

566. Gong Revolving Chimes Bell Toy and Part of a Cast Iron Mule-drawn Vehicle, late 19th century, nickel plated bell with cast iron wheels and heart-design spokes, dia. 3 3/4; gray mule with red wagon, lg. 8 1/2 in., (missing rear axle, wheels and driver from the waist up). $100-150

573. Eleven Assorted Yellowware Kitchen Mixing Bowls. $300-500

558. Set of Twelve Limoges Gilt and Pale Yellow Banded Porcelain Dinner Plates and a Set of Six Wedgwood Gilt Gold Florentine Pattern Porcelain Plates, respective dia. 10 3/4 and 8 in. $150-225

559. No lot.

567. Ten Chase Chrome Plated Serving Items, a cylindrical pot, covered sugar, creamer, a waste bowl engraved “Harmony Club 1935,” a round tray, and five Cheshire mugs in original boxes, pot ht. 10, tray dia. 11 3/4 in. $200-300

574. Victorian Walnut and Burl Veneer Slant-front Five-Drawer Retail Counter-top Chest, ht. 20 1/2, wd. 23, dp. 15 3/4 in. $400-600

575. Two Yomud Chuval, West Turkestan, 19th century, 3 ft. 9 in. x 2 ft. 6 in. and 3 ft. 5 in. x 2 ft. 2 in. $300-500

560. Group of Vintage, Country Kitchen, and Domestic Items, including two enamelware coffeepots, a streamline design electric iron, Table Talk and Mrs. Robinson’s pressed tin pie plates, a pewter creamer and sugar, an enamelware sauce pan, a pair of wrought iron tripod-base candlesticks, and a “Peel Away” apple peeler. $50-75

568. Vintage Oak Mfg. Co. Glass and Painted Cast Metal Gumball Machine and a “Nevada” Cast Metal Slot Machine, respective ht. 14 3/4 and 11 1/4 in. $50-75

576. Silk Brocade Manable or Ecclesiastical Stole, 19th century, the rust-colored silk trimmed with ribbon and backed with green silk. $100-150

569. Framed Japanese Woodblock Triptych Depicting Women in an Interior and a Framed Watercolor on Silk Landscape. $100-200

577. Asian Bamboo-handled Painted Paper Parasol and Seventeen Assorted Hand Fans, including several Asian examples. $150-200

561. Vintage Neon Schaefer Beer Sign, wd. 14 1/2 in. $35-50

578. George III Style Carved Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Drop-leaf Table with Drawer, ht. 28, lg. 26 in. $100-200


579. Victorian Renaissance Revival Upholstered Carved Walnut Parlor Armchair and an Eastlake-type Ebonized Stand with Splayed Legs. $100-150

589. Framed Boston Bruins Bobby Orr Autographed Photograph, signed “Best Regards, Bobby Orr,” in blue felt pen, sight size 15 1/2 x 19 1/2 in. $150-200

598. Bronze Talisman, China, 18th century or earlier, figure of a Buddha on one side and five fish on the other, dia. 3 in. $100-150

580. Rococo-style Carved Mahogany Easel, ht. 85 5/8, wd. 35 3/4 in. $300-500

581. British Mahogany Book Press, with volumes I and III, The Art Gallery, J.S. Virtue & Co., London. $200-300

590. Boston Celtics John Havlicek Autographed Basketball, signed “Best Wishes, John Havlicek,” in black felt pen on a Wilson Pro 1000 basketball, in a Plexiglas cabinet on a mirrored base. $100-150

599. Oval Trinket Box, amber-colored resin, lid carved with scene of a girl with a dove, with applied silver patination, within foliate border, base bearing faint maker’s mark L. Guigolis (?), Paris, lg. 2 7/8 in. $250-350

582. Small Victorian Embroidered Silk, Velvet, and Cotton Crazy Quilt, (unfinished back, silks shattering). $200-300

591. Brass Student’s Microscope by E. Leitz, Wetzlar, with five additional eyepieces and condenser, ht. 11 in. $250-350

600. Three-piece Czech Art Deco Art Glass Console Set. $50-75

592. Three-piece White-painted Cast Iron Grapevine Pattern Garden Seating Set. $200-300

601. Podmore, Walker & Co. Flow Blue Manila Pattern Ironstone Platter, lg. 15 7/8 in. $200-300

583. Pair of Chinese Glazed Ceramic Standing Foo Dog Figural Roof Tiles, ht. 19 1/2 in. $150-250

584. Four Victorian Yellow Satin Art Glass Rose Bowls. $250-350

593. French Walnut Tambour-front Night Table, with thin three-quarter gallery above a door and drawer, on square, tapered legs, ht. 23, wd. 15 1/2, dp. 10 1/2 in. $150-250

602. Hooked American Scenes and Linear Pattern Runner, 107 x 26 in. $300-500

603. Northwest Persian Long Rug, 19th/20th century, 7 ft. 10 in. x 3 ft. $200-300

585. Pair of Louis XV Style Brass-mounted Marble-top Veneered Kidney-shaped Three-Drawer Stands. $200-300

594. Diminutive Louis XV Style Marble-top Inlaid and Veneered Swell-front Commode, wd. 28 1/2 in. $250-350

604. Japanese Paper Hanging Lantern on Iron Stand, (shade damaged), overall approx. ht. 25, shade dia. 8 1/2 in. $100-150

586. Large Italian Renaissance Style Carved Walnut Mirrored, Marble-top, TwoPart Sideboard, approx. overall ht. 113 1/4, wd. 78 1/2, base ht. 40 in. $300-500

595. Woven Lidded Nantucket Basket and a Reproduction Woven Lidded Nantucket Basket, each with a swing handle, the former mounted with carved ivory whale on ebony panel, and signed on the base “Nantucket, Mass., 1965, Stanley M. Roop.” $350-575

605. Victorian Oval Marble-top Carved Walnut Stand. $100-150

587. Venetian Etched Glass Mirror, wd. 47 in. $150-200

596. Avar Kelim Fragment, Northeast Caucasus, 20th century, 5 ft. 7 in. x 3 ft. 4 in. $50-75

606. Late Victorian Giltwood Mirror with Oval Beveled Glass, 41 1/4 x 33 1/4 in. $200-300

588. Collection of 19th and 20th Century Clinton, Massachusetts, Related Collectibles and Ephemera, including chromolithograph trade cards, postcards, bill heads, receipts, medals, fraternal items, folio maps, etc. $200-300

597. Machine-made Woven Wool Paisley Shawl, late 19th/early 20th century, red and green ground, lg. 130, wd. 55 in. $25-35

607. Victorian Renaissance Revival Marbletop Carved Walnut and Burl Veneer Mirrored Dresser. $150-200


608. Five Victorian Light Blue Satin Art Glass Table Items, two rose bowls, two vases, and a ruffled-rim bowl, including quilted and enamel decorated. $200-300

616. Pair of Colorless Cut Glass Compotes, ht. 9 1/4 in. $200-250

626. Northwest Persian Long Rug, 20th century, 9 ft. 4 in. x 3 ft. 4 in. $150-200

609. Five Asian Carved Hardstone and Quartz Figures, including two seated Buddhas, two birds, and an Immortal, the latter ht. 11 in. $250-300

617. Large Japanese Satsuma Ceramic Vase, ht. 26 in. $200-300

627. Victorian Shadow Box Framed Seashell Floral Still Life, overall ht. 17, wd. 14, dp. 4 1/2 in. $75-100

610. Thirteen-piece Meissen-type Blue and White Decorated Porcelain Partial Dinner Set, including four dinner plates, four salad plates, and a soup bowl, unmarked. $150-250

618. Aesthetic Movement Style Brass Table Lamp, cast with cranes in flight, with hardwood base, (electrified). $400-600

619. Framed Oil on Canvas Moonlit River View with Sailboat, unsigned. $150-200

628. Victorian Giltwood-framed Mirror, late 19th century, rectangular, with beaded inner frame, molded outer frame with gesso fruit and flower edge, mounted with later beveled glass mirror plate, frame 46 x 37 in. $150-250

611. 1836 Bureau of U.S. Topographical Engineers Lithograph Map Fragment of Provincetown Township/Cape Cod, 30 x 36 3/4 in. $30-50

620. Victorian Renaissance Revival Carved Walnut Hall Tree with Marble-top Drawer. $200-300

629. Victorian Rosewood and Petit Point Needlework Firescreen, mid-19th century, rectangular shaped frame on a flared trestle base, needlepoint depicting birds perched on branches, ht. 28 3/4, wd. 15 1/2 in. $200-300

612. Framed Pietra Dura Landscape Plaque and a Pair of Mid-Century Modern Enamel on Copper Floral Still Life Plaques Mounted on Wood, landscape sight size 4 x 6, enameled plaque lg. 10 in. $100-150

621. Pair of Black-painted Late Victorian Cast Iron Garden Urns, ht. 23, dia. 24 in. $200-300

630. Green-painted Wooden Two-Tier Wall Shelf, ht. 32 3/4, wd. 39 1/4, dp. 5 1/4 in. $100-150

622. Three Victorian Walnut Stands, one with marble top. $75-100

613. Victorian Carved Walnut and Veneer Tilt-top Breakfast Table, c. 1850, the oval top with quarter veneer inlay above a turned stem and four foliate carved angular legs ending in scrolled feet, ht. 27, lg. 57, wd. 41 1/2 in. $500-700

623. Pair of Renaissance Revival Bronze Single-Light Wall Sconces, early 20th century, back plate with grotesque mask and scrolls, with single scrolled arm topped by a warrior on horseback, electrified, lg. 18 in. $300-500

631. Inlaid Quarter-chiming Mahogany Mantel Clock, Germany, with Arabic numeral silvered dial, mahogany tambour case with oval patera and eight-day time, strike, and Westminster chiming movement, ht. 13 3/4 in. $300-500

614. Set of Four Rococo-style Green-painted Side Chairs with Rush Seats and a Circular Pedestal-base Breakfast Table, with chairs with knitted cushions. $250-350

624. Pair of Buffalo Pottery Hand-colored Floral Transfer Decorated TwoHandled Vases, 1906-07, ht. 10 in. $100-150

632. Six Victorian Art Glass Table Items, a compote, cased quilted satin glass bowl and rose bowl, pink satin and peachblowtype rose bowls, and an enameled pink satin glass rose bowl. $300-500

615. Pair of Louis XV Style Carved Oak and Oak Veneer Two-Drawer Bombe Commodes. $100-150

625. Lillihan Rug, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 6 ft. 4 in. x 5 ft. $250-350

633. Heintz Art Metal Arts & Crafts Giltbronze Vase and Sterling-mounted Gilt-bronze Cigar Box, impressed marks and respectively “8817 B” and “4099B,” box lg. 5 3/4 in. $75-125


634. Large Asian Carved Hardstone Figure of a Seated Kuan Yin, ht. 28 1/2, wd. 19 3/4 in. $400-600

643. Modern Circular Glass and Chrome Plated Tubular Steel Coffee Table, ht. 16 1/2, dia. 30 in. $50-75

654. Carousel-style Carved Wood Pegasus Horse Figure, approx. ht. 36, lg. 46 in. $200-300

635. Art Deco Style Marble-top Brassmounted Inlaid Veneered Three-Door Cabinet on Stand, fitted oak interior with drawers, shelves, and compartments, approx. ht. 64, wd. 74, dp. 24 in. $200-300

644. Pair of Brass Belted Ball-top Andirons. $100-200

655. Chippendale-style Carved Mahogany Side Chair. $100-150

636. Pair of French-style Art Deco Upholstered Carved Beechwood Highback Parlor Chairs. $150-200

645. Group of 19th and Early 20th Century Brass Furniture Hardware, including Chippendale-style set of three pairs and two other pairs. $150-200

656. Queen Anne Style Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Lowboy. $150-200

637. Three-piece Lloyd Loom Type Art Deco Painted Woven Fiber Seating Set with Two Stand, a sofa, and two armchairs with upholstered cushions. $150-200

646. Turkish Rug, 20th century, 5 ft. 4 in. x 4 ft. $150-200

657. Chippendale Mahogany Tip-top Tea Table, dia. 34 in. $300-500

647. Small Lillihan Carpet, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 9 ft. 9 in. x 7 ft. 6 in. $750-1,000

638. Three Small Contemporary Woven Splint Nantucket-style Open Baskets, initialed “JEM,” and dated “1984,” “1985,” and “1991.” $150-200

658. Two Carved Giltwood-framed Oval Miniature Hand-painted Portraits of Young Women on Porcelain, one with hat and one with scarf, the former signed, both impressed “15,” porcelain lg. 3 1/2 in. $150-250

648. Five Assorted Victorian Art Glass Items, a pair of coralene vases, two peachblow-type rose bowls, and an enamel decorated rose bowl. $250-350

659. Large Asian Carved Rose Quartz Figure of a Recumbent Horse, ht. 17 1/2, lg. 24 in. $400-600

639. Early 20th Century Gilt-metal Mounted Three-Part Folding Travel Dressing Mirror, with beveled glass and machine-made tapestry-clad backing, lg. 10 7/8 in. $50-75

649. Crown Staffordshire Hand-painted Porcelain Widow Bird Figure, J.T. Jones, no. 28, ht. 6 1/4 in. $150-250

660. Contemporary Studio Iridescent Art Glass Bowl with Folded Rim, ht. 4 1/4, dia. 9 in. $200-300

640. Copeland/Spode Transfer and Handpainted Ironstone Platter, lg. 16 3/4 in. $150-250

650. Assorted Vintage Household Linens, first half 20th century, including tablecloths, tea towels, doilies, napkins, curtains, etc. $100-150

661. Two Asian Carved Ivory and Three Carved Resin Netsukes. $200-250

641. Chinese Export Polychrome Decorated Porcelain Rooster Figural/Table Lamp, with cast metal base, body ht. 18 in. $200-300

651. Seventeen-piece Japanese Gilt Kutanipalette Porcelain Tea Set. $50-75

642. Arts & Crafts Mahogany Tabouret, a Green-painted Rustic Plant Stand, and Two Vintage Galvanized Metal Watering Cans, tabouret ht. 18, dia. 14, stand ht. 24 1/2, wd. 15 1/2 in. $125-175

652. Late Victorian Architectural Leaded Glass Window, 32 x 29 in. $75-100 653. Two Chinese Rugs, 19th century, 4 ft. 3 in. x 2 ft. 6 in. and 3 ft. 11 in. x 2 ft. 2 in. $200-300

662. Framed Oil on Canvas Landscape As Night Steals..., inscribed “W.J. Prentiss 1911” l.r., artist identified as Walter J. Prentiss on Worcester Art Museum Fall Exhibition, 1912, label affixed to the reverse. $200-300

663. Jacobean-style Carved Oak Sideboard, early 20th century. $150-200


664. Brass-bound Mahogany Lap Desk on Stand, ht. 18 3/4, lg. 20 5/8, wd. 11 in. $200-250

672. Victorian Onyx-top Brass Stand, a Black-painted Iron Table, and a Painted Floral Decorated Wooden Folding Stand. $100-150

681. Pair of Carved Alabaster Vases, ht. 12 1/2 in. $150-250 682. Painted and Stencil Decorated “Reliance” Wood and Iron Child’s Sled and an Art Nouveau Brass-mounted Bentwood Easel, sled lg. 40 1/2, easel ht. 66, wd. 23 in. $100-150 683. Family Silhouette Wall Plaque, cut-out paper forms applied to an oak veneer panel, with gilt highlights, (tears, losses), 9 1/4 x 23 3/4 in. $200-400 684. Two Asian Carved Wood Snuff Bottles. $100-150 685. Windsor-style Maple Spindle-back Deacon’s Bench with Woven Rush-inset Panel Seat, lg. 60 in. $100-150 686. Blue-painted Pine Two-Door Paneled Cupboard, the interior with two fixed shelves, (added height), ht. (61 3/4) 60 3/4, wd. 52 3/4, dp. 16 1/2 in. $800-1,200 687. Set of Three Green-painted Windsor Arched-top Birdcage Side Chairs. $300-500 688. Late Victorian Gilt and Enamel Decorated Pink Cased Art Glass Footed Vase, with polished pontil, ht. 9 1/2 in. $200-300 689. “Clinton Transfer, New England-N.Y.N.J.” and “Clinton Engines” Painted Metal Advertising Signs. $75-100 690. 1908 W.A.C. Baseball Team Albumen Photograph and a Group of Other Clinton, Massachusetts Related Photographs, including a small album, portrait cabinet cards, ten views of mills, store blocks, a gentlemen’s dinner event, two stereoviews, etc. $200-300

665. Queen Anne Style Carved Maple Highboy, one piece, ht. 56, wd. 34 3/4, dp. 19 in. $200-300

666. Sheathed Sword, a Reproduction Flintlock Pistol, and Three Percussion Shotguns, including a Forehand & Wadsworth, and a double-barrel. $200-300

673. Woven Lidded Nantucket Basket/Purse, the lid with carved ivory seagull mounted plaque and fittings, the base inscribed “Made in Nantucket,” with a sketch of the island, and “Jose Formoso Reyes,” lg. 9 3/4 in. $800-1,200

667. Late Victorian Opalescent Art Glass Epergne, with three arms, overall ht. 21 1/2 in. $200-400

674. Pair of Brass Push-up Candlesticks, ht. 9 in. $75-100

668. Twenty-five Clinton, Massachusetts High School Yearbooks, a Marching Drum Head, Hat, and a Megaphone, the yearbooks 1930, 1941-43, 1950-71, including pictured Skinner employees Judy McLeod (‘60), Judy McLean (‘63), and Kathy Hayes (‘66). $50-75

675. Baluch Rug, Northeast Persia, last quarter 19th century, 6 ft. 4 in. x 3 ft. 4 in. $200-300

676. Staffordshire Figural Group and Two Bing & Grondahl Porcelain Figural Groups, a young couple, maiden with geese, and a young man feeding a pig, respectively, Staffordshire ht. 12 3/4 in. $150-250

669. Alabaster French Clock and Six Connecticut Shelf Clock Movements, the French clock with brass dial with Arabic numerals, applied spelter decoration and eight-day time and strike movement, the spring-powered Connecticut movements are complete and are eight-day, thirty-hour, time and strike, and timepiece varieties. $100-150

677. Four Asian Carved Hardstone and Quartz Figural Groups, a Kuan Yin, a foo lions and bats group, and a pair of phoenix groups, the latter ht. 12 1/4 in. $300-500

670. Chinese Export Floral and Landscape Decorated Red Lacquer Bureau and a Pair of Cabinets, respective ht. 41 3/4, wd. 43, dp. 20, and ht. 27, wd. 18, dp. 13 in. $200-400

678. William & Mary Style Maple and Tiger Maple Drop-leaf Gate-leg Table, with three leaves, ht. 29 1/4, lg. 47 1/2, wd. 18, leaf wd. 14 1/2 in. $200-250

679. Pierced Brass Fireplace Fender with Paw Feet, ht. 13 1/4, lg. 49 1/2, dp. 13 1/2 in. $100-150

671. Polychrome Painted Carved Wood Carousel Horse, on stand, approx. lg. 47 in. $200-300

680. Two Diminutive Chippendale-style Walnut Veneer Chests of Drawers, a Late Victorian Carved Mahogany Northwind Side Chair, and a Federalstyle Mahogany Side Chair. $200-250


691. Pair of Wrought Iron Andirons, ht. 11 1/4 in. $100-150

700. Five Asian Carving Jade and Hardstone Figures, two jade foo lions, an Immortal, and three deity figures, along with a standing Buddha in resin. $300-500

710. “Ideal Ice Cream Co., Clinton, Mass.” Green-painted and Stencil-labeled Wooden Ice Cream Making Barrel, ht. 24 in. $75-100

692. Pine Blanket Chest over Two Long Drawers, wd. 37 in. $400-600

701. Framed Oil on Canvas Marine Scene with Sailboat and Steamer, unsigned. $200-300

693. Country Classical Maple One-Drawer Stand. $75-125

711. Lalique Colorless and Frosted Molded Art Glass Footed Jar with Cover, etched mark, ht. 8 1/4 in. $50-75

694. Classical Glazed Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Two-Part Writing Desk/Bookcase, ht. 67, wd. 37 1/4 in. $600-800

702. Pairpoint Neoclassical Gilt-metal, Marble, and Colorless Cut Glass TwoLight Table Lamp, impressed marks and “E 3014,” ht. 11 3/4 in. $200-300

712. French Gilt-bronze and Onyx Figural Clock, with eight-day time and strike movement, ht. 19 in. $400-600

695. Three Pieced Cotton Quilts, a handstitched and embroidered figural pattern, a machine-stitched stars pattern, and a hand-stitched blocks pattern, respectively 72 x 38, 116 x 86, and 83 x 68 in. Provenance: Ocean Born Mary House, Henniker, New Hampshire. $300-500

703. Northwest Persian Rug, 19th/20th century, 6 ft. x 3 ft. 6 in. $150-250

713. Federal Cherry Candlestand. $100-150

704. Pair of Spanish Baroque-style Pressed Copper and Metal Decorative Wall Mounts, formed as flower-filled urns. $200-300

714. Brass Fireplace Fender, ht. 6 3/4, lg. 35 1/2, dp. 14 in. $75-100

696. Three Oriental Rugs, 20th century, Hamadan, 4 ft. x 2 ft. 6 in.; Qashqai, 3 ft. 2 in. x 2 ft.; and Anatolian Yastik, 3 ft. 2 in. x 1 ft. 7 in. $250-350

705. A.H. Stiehl Furniture Federal-style Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer FiveDrawer Tall Chest. $200-250

715. Federal Cherry Drop-leaf Pembroke Table with Drawer, crossed-stretcher base, ht. 28, lg. 31 1/2, wd. 19 1/4, leaf wd. 9 in. $200-300

697. Three Asian Porcelain Bowls and a Dish, a footed bowl, Imari porcelain bowl and dish, and a Satsuma bowl, the latter ht. 3 1/2, dia. 10 3/4 in. $200-300

706. Late Federal Mahogany Quarter-round Corner Chamberstand. $200-250

716. Late Victorian Black Lace Parasol with Carved and Painted Wooden Dog’s Head Handle, dog with glass inset eyes. $200-250

698. Eight Art Glass Decanters, a Bohemian etched ruby flash, a pair of Bohemian colorless cut and etched, three blown glass, and two colorless cut glass decanters. $300-500

707. Old Colony Furniture George III Style Glazed Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Breakfront, each top section with three fixed shelves, metal tag, approx. ht. 86 1/4, wd. 71 1/4, dp. 19 3/4 in. $600-800

717. Three Colorless Cut Glass Decanters. $200-250

718. Elephant Tusk, early 19th century, lg. approx. 26 in. $600-800

699. Collection of Clinton, Massachusetts Relate Advertising Ephemera and Collectibles, including approximately twenty calendars and thermometers, labels, hand fans, Green-O insect repellent, etc. $75-100

708. Seven Assorted Art Glass Items, a Steuben bowl, a Baccarat ornament, a Lalique vase, a Phoenix painted vase, an Orrefors sapphire cut center bowl, a Walsh cut vase, and a Kosta cranberry and colorless glass with trapped bubble pattern, Lalique ht. 6 5/8 in. $300-500 709. Asian Carved Jade Bowl, ht. 2 in. $35-50

719. Pair of Chinese Dragon-mounted Bronze Vases, ht. 8 1/8 in. $200-400

720. Chinese Export Circular Marble-inset Carved Hardwood Stand, ht. 18 1/2 in. $200-400


721. Six Murano Attributed Art Glass Fish Sculptures, a Bowl, and Nine Long Stem Art Glass Flowers, fish to ht. 13 1/2, flower lg. to 19 1/2 in. $300-500

722. Late Federal Mahogany Deep Drop-leaf Dining Table, ht. 29, lg. 44 1/4, wd. 19, leaf wd. 20 in. $300-500

730. Classical Carved Mahogany Armchair, possibly Middle Atlantic States, c. 1820, carved with bellflowers, acanthus leaves, and scrolls, on vase and ring-turned reeded tapering legs ending in turned feet, 20th century paint, (repairs), ht. 32, seat ht. 18 in. $500-750

738. Two Renaissance Revival Pressed Brass Desk Articles, possibly Dutch, a salver, and a pair of scissors in case. $30-50

739. Asian Carving of a Man, 19th century, ht. 3 3/8 in. $200-300

723. Cased 19th Century Miniature Oval Hand-painted Portrait of a Young Girl on Ivory, an Enamel “A Friend’s Gift” Patch Box, and a Mother-of-pearl Inlaid Black Lacquered Spectacle Case, the miniature accompanied by a group of exhibition and genealogy related documents and books. $250-375

731. Late Victorian Brass-mounted Oak and Beveled Glass Jewel Casket, an Art Nouveau Silvered Metal Figural Inkwell, and a Two-piece Gilt-metal Mounted Colorless Pressed Glass Smoking Set, casket lg. 12 in. $150-250

740. Japanese Netsuke Carving of Two Boys, at play with turtle, ht. 2 1/8 in. $250-350

724. Large Asian Carved Hardstone Carving of a Standing Buddha, ht. 39 1/2 in. $400-600

732. Four Decorated Ceramic Jugs, a transfer decorated President McKinley portrait and “Old Glory” ceramic jug, a pair of French Erphila cobalt highlighted sgraffito decorated stoneware jugs, and a Flow Blue Staffordshire jug. $100-150

741. Two Asian Carved Jade Figural Groups, an eagle and snake group and an Immortal group, respective ht. 13 and 15 in. $450-550

725. Two Chinese Nichols Rug, 20th century, 4 ft. 2 x 23 3/4 in. and 3 ft. 9 in. x 2 ft. $150-250

733. Pair of Empire-style Cast Bronze Three-Light Candelabra/Table Lamps, candelabra ht. 24 in. $200-400

742. Classical Upholstered Carved Mahogany and Mahogany Sofa, approx. lg. 83 in. $500-700

743. Classical Cherry Stand with Turned Legs, ht. 28, lg. 16, wd. 15 3/4 in. $100-150

726. Chinese Carpet, 19th century, 9 ft. 8 in. x 8 ft. $150-200

734. Large Painted Plaster Figure of a Shogun, ht. 33 1/2 in. $500-700

727. Three Animal Figural and Hardstone Ashtrays, a painted cast metal elephant and onyx, a gilt cast metal jungle cat and marble, and a German bronze ducks and marble ashtray. $200-300

735. Classical-style Carved Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Two-Door China Cabinet, the interior with four fixed shelves, ht. 72 1/4, wd. 47 1/2, dp. 18 3/4 in. $250-350

744. Classical Carved Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Pedestal-base Card Table. $200-250

728. Set of Eight Edgerton Gilt Porcelain Dinner Plates, dia. 10 5/8 in. $100-150

736. Neoclassical-style Circular Veneer Center Table with Fluted Pedestal Base, attributed to Baker Furniture, ht. 29 1/4, dia. 38 in. $200-400

745. Ten Small Decorative and Collectible Boxes and Other Items, including three Russian lacquer boxes, Halcyon Days/Tiffany enameled trinket box, Limoges porcelain Noel trinket box, Crummels & Co. enameled trinket box, a Haviland Shalimar porcelain basket, a Wedgwood embossed Queen’s Ware box and Wedgwood bone china box, and a miniature Royal Copenhagen porcelain frog on a stone figural. $100-150

729. Art Pottery Dedham-style Flying Goose Pattern Plate, attributed to Pewabic Pottery, dia. 9 1/8 in. $200-250

737. Empire Glazed Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Writing Desk/Bookcase. $250-350

746. Baluch Rug, Northeast Persia, 19th century, 4 ft. 10 in. x 3 ft. 2 in. $100-200


747. Hamadan Carpet, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 9 ft. 6 in. x 7 ft. 10 in. $125-175

756. Continental Provincial-style Paint Decorated Fourteen-Drawer Bureau, with turned feet, ht. 38 1/2, wd. 54 in. $300-500

748. Chinese Export Hexagonal Celadon Glazed Pate sur Pate Decorated Porcelain Garden Seat, ht. 18 7/8 in. $300-500

757. Rococo-style Polychrome Paint Decorated Two-Door Cabinet on Stand. $300-500

765. Chinese Export Coromandel Floral Decorated Four-Panel Floor Screen and a Set of Six Carved Hardstonemounted Figural Decorated Black Lacquer Wall Panels, screen ht. 72, panel wd. 16, wall panel lg. 17 3/4, panel wd. 6 1/4 in. $200-400

749. Group of Judaica and Other Decorative Items, including Mettlach Villeroy & Boch stein with Star of David, a blue and red art glass charger, a pair of brass candlesticks, plaque, two trays, signed clay statue of a woman, scroll in metal and wood gilded box, a combination Torah holder and spice container, a bird in flight on oak stand with representations of the Star of David, a seashell, an ark, and an animal on base, etc. $300-500

758. Framed Oil on Canvas View of a Quiet Village Street by Durval Pereira (Brazilian, 1924-1995), inscribed “Durval Pereira” l.r. $400-600

766. Vintage Christmas Tree Stand, Greenpainted Wrought Iron Roof Weather Vane Mount, and a Tin Twelve-Hole Candle Mold, the tree stand a North Bros. painted cast iron mechanical. $150-200

759. “Taft & Company, Keene, N.H.” Cobalt Floral Decorated Stoneware Jug. $40-60

767. Vintage Painted Pressed Steel “City Fire Dept. Pumper No. 1” Pedal Car, lg. 40 in. $100-150

750. Red-painted Fairbanks Cast Iron and Brass Counter Scale with Tin Scoop and a Fyr-Fyter Brass Fire Extinguisher. $200-300

760. Eight Small Old Master Style Animal Prints, mounted to cardstock. $75-125

768. French Provincial Style Painted Composition Five-Arm Chandelier, (electrified), approx. ht. 18, wd. 23 1/2 in. $100-150

751. Collection of Mostly Early 20th Century Clinton, Massachusetts, Souvenir China and Restaurant Ware, approx. forty-nine pieces. $400-600

761. Hand-stitched Pieced Cotton Quilt. $150-250

769. Pair of Bohemian Amber Flash Etched Glass Lustre Garnitures with Prisms, ht. 12 3/8 in. $200-400

752. Pair of Paris Porcelain Gilt and Handpainted Floral Decorated Vases, ht. 10 5/8 in. $200-400

762. Two Asian Hardstone Reclining Buddha Figures and a Ceramic Figure of an Immortal, including a carved jade Buddha, and a carved soapstone Buddha, the first lg. 17 1/4 in. $700-900

770. Two Asian Export Metal Bowls, one with red and white prunus pattern cloisonné. $75-125

753. Pair of East Anatolian Bagfaces, 19th century, (sewn together), 2 ft. 4 in. x 1 ft. 5 in. $150-250

763. Continental-style Demilune Cast Stone and Painted Metal Pier Table, approx. ht. 35 3/4, wd. 46 1/2, dp. 17 1/2 in. $300-500

771. Victorian Upholstered Carved Walnut Lyre-back Side Chair. $200-225

754. Mahogany Miniature Banjo Clock by New Haven Clock Company, ht. 17 in. $50-150

764. Louis XVI Style Marble-top Brassmounted Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Side Cabinet, ht. 37 3/4, lg. 63 3/4, wd. 22 1/2 in. $1,000-1,500

772. Victorian Carved Walnut and Walnut Veneer Davenport Writing Desk, ht. 32, wd. 21 1/4 in. $400-600

755. Louis XVI Style Oval Walnut TwoDrawer Stand with Brass Gallery. $200-400

773. Bronze Figure of a Bull, Europe, late 19th/early 20th century, the standing figure on oblong base, unsigned, lg. 14 1/2, ht. 9 3/4 in. $300-500


774. Gilt Cast Metal Boudoir Lamp with Reverse-painted Floral Decorated Art Glass Shade, ht. 13, shade dia. 7 in. $75-100

775. Isparta Rug, West Anatolia, 20th century, 5 ft. x 3 ft. 5 in. $100-125

782. Group of Elsie de Wolfe Designed Silk Brocade Curtains and Valances, early 20th century, in the Persian-style, the curtains having green and pink urn and flower decoration on a black silk satin ground and fringed trims, the valances of shaped form with braid decoration, including five curtains and four valances; together with a group of tassels and other window dressing accoutrements. $200-300

790. Chinese Carved Soapstone Seal and Carved Amethyst-colored Hardstone Figural Cup. $150-225

791. Vintage Anheuser Busch Budweiser Beer Cast Metal Neon Sign, with “Property of Anheuser Busch” metal tag, lg. 27 1/4 in. $200-300

776. Asian Carved Green Hardstone Dragon Ship, carving lg. 24 3/8 in. $400-500

783. Patinated Bronze Sculpture of a Young Girl Blowing Bubbles, unsigned, on a marble base, overall ht. 10 3/8 in. $200-300

777. Two Robert E. Kuhn Painted Wrought Metal Sculptural Figures a Woman with Parasol and a Young Woman with Hat, the latter on a stone pedestal, both signed “Robert E. Kuhn” in felt pen and dated “60,” respective sculpture ht. 39 and 30 in. $200-400

792. Queen Anne Style Carved Mahogany Tray-top Low Table, ht. 23 7/8, lg. 39 1/4, wd. 27 1/2 in. $150-200

784. Dedham Pottery Rabbit Pattern Bowl with a Cover, base incised “Dedham Pottery,” and blue stamp mark, bowl ht. 3 1/8, dia. 7 in. $200-300

793. Chippendale Cherry Serpentine Tilttop Tea Table, ht. 28 3/4, wd. 44 in. $300-500

778. Victorian White Marble-top Walnut Three-Drawer Chest. $200-300

785. Painted Floral Decorated Victorian Tin and Iron Plate Warming Cabinet. $200-300

794. Chippendale-style Upholstered Carved Mahogany Wing Chair with Ball and Claw Feet. $150-200

779. Modern Sheet Copper Sculpture of a Woman, unsigned, approx. lg. 56 in. $200-300

786. Green-painted Victorian Cottage FourDrawer Bureau with Painted Landscape Decorated Drawer-fronts, wd. 38 1/2 in. $200-300

795. Mahogany Shelf Clock by Seth Thomas, with eight-day time and strike movement, ht. 14 1/2 in. $75-100

780. Renaissance Revival Carved Oak Tall Case Clock, early 20th century, with German works, copper face with two-train movement, case carved with putto, foliage, masks and astrological symbols, on paw feet, ht. 82 in. $1,000-1,500

787. British Rosewood Slant-front Letter Box and Oak Slant-front Desk Box, respective ht. 12 1/4, wd. 14 3/4, and ht. 10 3/4, wd. 12 in. $100-200

796. Baluch Rug, Northeast Persia, 19th century, 6 ft. 2 in. x 3 ft. 6 in. $50-75

781. Pair of Baccarat Colorless Molded Glass Candleholders and Etched Shades, the holders with raised “BACCARAT,” the shades with etched mark, holder ht. 6 1/2, overall ht. 16 3/4 in. $300-500

788. Large Woven Splint Open Basket, ht. 10 3/4, dia. 22 in. $30-50

797. Modern Gilt-bronze Figure of an Indian Buddha, 21 1/4 in. $300-500

789. Chinese Export Porcelain Vase, early 20th century, balustroid, neck with underglaze blue lappets, with polychrome foliate and geometric motifs on stylized pale blue and chartreuse cloudwork, ht. 12 in. $100-150

798. Asian Carved Hardstone Horse Figure and a Jeweled Carved Hardstone Elephant Figural Ewer, the latter ht. 17 1/2 in. $350-450

799. Country Turned Wood Six-Candle Chandelier, approx. ht. 13, dia. 24 3/4 in. $50-75


800. Painted and Stencil Decorated Oblong Wooden Chopping Bowl and a Sailormade Parquetry Decorated Wooden Box with “C.A.B.” Bone Inlaid Lid, box lg. 10 1/4 in. $200-250

809. Parian Maiden and Cherub Figural Group, impressed “RC209,” ht. 14 7/8 in. $150-250

801. Four Chinese Export Porcelain Dishes, Eleven Pieces of English Staffordshire Pink Lustre Table and Teaware, and a Staffordshire Seated Spaniel Figure, including a set of seven soups, figure ht. 8 1/2 in. $100-150

810. Seven Assorted Decorative Items, two ivorine dresser boxes, a silver plated figural table clock for Neiman Marcus, a pen holder, a desk clock paperweight, a Chinese printing block, and a miniature circular framed automobile print. $15-25

818. Lot of European Porcelain and Ceramic Tea and Tableware, an English ironstone footed tureen with cover, a set of eight Mintons Gold Rose pattern dessert plates, a set of eleven Schumann reticulated silver lustre dessert plates, an eighteen-pieces Dansk ceramic demitasse set, and a twenty-piece Czech tea set. $125-175

802. Fourteen Small Parian Historical and Character Busts, including Shakespeare, two Beethoven, Goethe, T. Tasse, two Wagner, Haydn, Liszt, Holbein, Lermontov, Weber, and George V, ht. to 7 3/8 in. $200-400

811. Crystal Clear Colorless Pressed Glass Eight-Arm Chandelier, (electrified), approx. lg. 20 1/2 in. $100-150

819. Twenty Small Parian Historical Busts and Figures, including miniature Washington and two others, Augusto, Michelangelo, Louis Philippe, Garfield, Liszt, Van Dyck, two Rubens, Goethe, Edward VII, Alexandra, two Dickens, Wordsworth, Washington, Schubert, and Beethoven, ht. to 6 3/8 in. $200-300

812. 19th Century Yellow-painted Copper Banner Weather Vane, lg. 38 3/4 in. $300-500

820. Edwardian Polychrome Paint Decorated and Caned Wooden Side Chair. $200-400

803. Kazak Rug, Southwest Caucasus, 19th/20th century, 3 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. $75-100

813. Lane Mid-century Modern Hexagonal Walnut Veneer Low Table with Two Cabinet Doors. $50-100

804. Asian Carved Jade Cabbage and a Recumbent Buffalo Group, and a Carved Malachite Deity Group, cabbage ht. 10 in. $200-300

814. Bentwood Armchair and a Pair of Side Chairs. $75-100

821. Five Assorted Side Chairs and a Diminutive Paint Decorated Maple Side Cabinet, including two slat-back, a Mexican painted slat-back, and a pair of painted spindle-back. $100-150

805. Mid-century Modern Tile-inset Mahogany Coffee Table, (loose tiles), ht. 16, lg. 50 3/4, wd. 23 in. $200-300

815. White Overlay Cut to Cranberry Glass Oil Lamp, (electrified). $200-250

822. Brown-painted Wooden Cricket Table with Splayed Tripod Base. $150-250

806. United Mid-century Modern Walnut Credenza and Two-part Breakfront, respective ht. 30 3/4, lg. 56, and ht. 73 1/4, lg. 62 in. $200-300

816. Colorless Cut Glass Vase, Two Bowls, and a Set of Ten Sherbets. $150-200

823. Six Asian Carved Hardstone and Resin Figures, a quartz parrot, jade Buddha, mythical dragon, Immortal, hardstone leaping stag, and a resin foo lion group. $150-200

807. Mid-century Modern Wooden Armchair with Upholstered Cushions. $100-150

817. Pair of Rococo-style Carved Giltwood Mirrored Wall Sconces, (electrified, damage), lg. 24 in. $200-250

824. Calcite Art Glass Tri-part Vase, polished pontil, base etched spurious “Steuben,” ht. 12 in. $400-600

808. McCoy Pottery Vase, ht. 13 1/8 in. $200-300

825. Baluch Rug, Northeast Persia, 19th century, 4 ft. 7 in. x 2 ft. 8 in. $50-100


826. Isparta Rug, West Anatolia, 20th century, 9 ft. x 5 ft. 4 in. $50-100

827. Bradley & Hubbard Painted Cast Metal and Reverse-painted Stenciled Wisteria Decorated Bent Glass Panel Table Lamp, three sockets, ht. 21 3/4, dia. 18 1/4 in. $500-700

836. Chippendale-style Upholstered Camelback Carved Mahogany Sofa and a Rococo-style Upholstered Carved Mahogany Bench, respective lg. 85 and 48 1/2 in. $600-800

844. Georgian-style Mahogany Flat-top Double-Pedestal Desk with Leatherinset Writing Surface, ht. 30, lg. 49, wd. 28 in. $250-350

837. Two Cloisonné Covered Cups with Underplates. $150-250

845. Seven Colorless Cut and Mold Art Glass Bowls and Vases, most signed with etched marks, including Lalique, Tiffany & Co., Waterford, Rogaska, Atlantis, and Brierley. $200-300

828. Pair of Continental Caned Carved Beechwood Stands, ht. 35 in. $400-600

838. Inuit Carved Ivory Figure of a Billiken, ht. 4 in. $100-125

829. Early 20th Century Oak Three-Door Ice Box, with painted metal lining, ht. 39 3/4, wd. 31 1/2, dp. 17 in. $200-300

839. Colorless Glass Decanter and a Franz Grosz Etched Colorless Glass Footed Vase, the decanter with trapped bubble stopper and polished pontil, the vase with etched signature. $50-100

846. Pairpoint Attributed Colorless Glass Compote, a Steuben Colorless Cut Glass Bowl and Pair of Cornucopia Vases, etched Steuben signatures, vase ht. 6 1/2 in. $200-250

847. Five Art Glass Paperweights. $35-50

830. Two Pairs of Opaque White Pressed Glass Oil Lamps, (electrified). $250-350

831. Eight Assorted Art Glass Rose Bowls. $200-300

840. Three Metal Lighting Items, a pierced tin lantern, a pierced brass folding parade lantern, and a Japanese brass kerosene lamp with raised dragon decoration. $100-200

832. Stromberg Colorless Etched Art Glass Vase, etched signature, ht. 13 1/2 in. $150-200

833. Six Steuben and Other Colorless Art Glass Table Items, a Steuben twohandled urn with cover and a pair of ashtrays, a cut glass lighter and footed center bowl, and a pig-form cigar ashtray. $300-500

841. Nine Clinton, Massachusetts and Other Labeled, and Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Jugs and Crocks, including a C.W. Molter & Co. jug, three Burke & Hastings jugs, an F.B. Norton Sons, Worcester, cobalt script “P.C(?) Morrison, Clinton, Mass.” jug, a W. H. Nugent, Clinton, Mass. cobalt floral decorated two-gallon crock, an Augustus Smith, North Brookfield, Mass., cobalt floral decorated three-gallon crock, and a D. Weston, Ellenville, N.Y., jug. $400-600

848. Two Folk Art Painted Landscape Decorated Wood Panels, Swordfish Bill Sword, Paint Decorated Tambourine, Artist’s Palette, Wooden Barrel Churn, and a Painted and Stenciled Retailer’s Tin Coffee Bin. $350-500

849. Four Small Colorless Cut Glass Trays and Low Bowls. $150-250

850. Five Asian Carved Jade and Quartz Figurals, a pair of jade phoenix, a Buddha group, quartz seated Buddha, and a deity, bird, and floral group. $300-500

834. Five Asian Carved Jade and Hardstone Figures and Figural Groups, a Kuan Yin, Buddha, a pair of bird groups, and a bird. $250-350

842. Beacon Hill Collection Georgian-style Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Traytop Coffee Table with Brass Gallery, model 32/2, paper label, ht. 26 3/4, lg. 28 1/2, wd. 17 3/4 in. $200-300

851. Three Pieces of Cobalt Decorated Stoneware, a floral decorated pitcher, a leaf decorated crock, and a floral decorated crock. $150-250

835. American Drew Queen Anne Style Carved Walnut Bonnet-top Highboy, ht. 82, wd. 37 in. $250-350

843. Georgian-style Crewel Upholstered Wing Chair. $200-300

852. Frosted Mottled Pink Art Glass Bowl, polished pontil, base with etched Steuben fleur-de-lis mark, approx. ht. 4 5/8, dia. 7 1/2 in. $100-125


853. Pair of Small Sevres-type Gilt and Hand-painted Porcelain Compotes, ht. 3 1/8, dia. 5 1/2 in. $200-300

862. Six Colorless Art Glass Items, including an Orrefors attributed decanter, Steuben ashtray and compote, a pair of Simon Pearce bowls, and a Baccarat cat figure, etched signatures and marks. $100-150

854. Set of Four Dresden Gilt and Handpainted Floral Decorated Porcelain Candlesticks, ht. 6 3/4 in. $300-500

863. Two Small Japanese Carved Ivory Figures, along with a small display case. $150-250

871. Six Pieces of Assorted Furniture, a mahogany veneer two-door book cabinet, a Phyfe-style mahogany veneer drop-leaf table, a maple drop-leaf gate-leg tuckaway table, a mahogany stand with stretcher base, a tuckaway card table, a Chippendale-style carved mahogany piecrust tilt-top tea table. $100-150

855. William & Mary Style Inlaid Walnut and Burl Veneer Center Table, ht. 29, dia. 36 in. $300-500

864. Pair of Black-painted Windsor Stepdown Side Chairs and Two Ladderback Rockers. $200-300

872. Georgian-style Nest of Three Inlaid Maple and Mahogany Stands with Tooled Leather-inset Tops. $100-150

856. Two Windsor Yellow-painted and Stencil Decorated Thumb-back Side Chairs and a Black-painted Thumbback Child’s High Chair. $200-250

865. Samson-type Porcelain Figure of an Asian Man with Continental Armorial Crest, hole in top of head, ht. 8 3/8 in. $75-100

873. Two Red-painted Wood and Iron Child’s Sleds, one labeled “Paris Mfg. Co., Paris, Maine.” $200-300

857. Classical Carved Mahogany Mirror, a Classical Grained Split-baluster Mirror, and a Giltwood Framed Mirror, two with reverse-painted glass tablets depicting a house in landscape and a basket of fruit, respective lg. 36 1/2, 29 3/4, and 17 in. $100-150

866. Eight Small Asian Carved Jade and Hardstone Figures, a deity, seated Buddha, basket of flowers group, three tomb figures, a censer, and a Buddha and frog group. $100-150

874. Patinated Bronze Fragment of a Buddha, with hardwood base, overall ht. 9 1/4 in. $250-350

858. Art Deco Etched Stained and Colorless Molded Art Glass Decanter, possibly Czech. $100-150

867. Seventy-three Piece Lenox Enameled Sheraton Ivory Pattern Porcelain Partial Dinner Set, for fifteen, including dinner plates, salad plates, cups, fourteen saucers, and bread and butter plates. $400-600

875. Doulton Burslem Aesthetic Gilt, Cobalt, and Transfer Flow Blue Floral Decorated Ceramic Floor Vase, (foot repair), ht. 24, dia. 14 in. $200-300

859. Copper Hot Water Kettle, a Brass Hearth Trivet, and a Pair of Pewter Candlesticks. $125-150

868. 19th Century Needlework Sampler, America, approx. 16 1/4 x 16 1/4 in. $100-150

876. Eight Asian Carved Jade and Hardstone Figurals, a jade head of Buddha, a rhinoceros, monkeys group, a phoenix group, a bird, peasant, deity, and an urn with flowering branch group, phoenix ht. 9 in. $125-175

860. Three Ethnographic Pottery and Carved Stone Seated Figures and an Eskimo Carved Soapstone Figure, the latter dated “1983” and signed. $125-175

869. Large Parian Bust of Marie Antoinette and Plaster Bust of John Paul Jones, late 19th/early 20th century, respective ht. 21 and 28 1/2 in. $200-400

877. Three Inlaid Grain Painted Wood Cased Cylinder Musical Boxes, one with six airs tune card and 8 1/4 in. cylinder, other cylinder lg. 13, and 8 1/4 in. $200-300

861. Vincent Glinky Molded Marble Reclining Nude Figure, signed on edge of marble, ht. approx. 7 1/2 in. $150-250

870. Georgian-style Inlaid Mahogany and Burl Veneer Pedestal-base Breakfast Table. $800-1,000

878. Queen Anne Style Carved Cherry Lowboy, from Eldred Wheeler, ht. 27 1/2, wd. 25 1/2 in. $200-300


879. Classical Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Card Table with Rope-turned Legs, ht. 30, wd. 34 3/4 in. $400-600

888. Large Lot of Contemporary Collector Christmas Ornaments and Decorations, including Jay Strongwater, assorted large kugels, snowbaby figures, etc. $200-300

896. Five Parian Busts of Statesmen, Sumner, Washington, Lincoln, Grant, and Garfield, ht. to 11 3/4 in. $600-800

880. Five 19th Century Miniature Molded and Giltwood Frames, some with silhouettes. $100-150

881. Nine Assorted Art Glass Items, including a Vaseline vase, small colorless lacy tray, a fluid lamp, ruby wine, two baskets, an amber tray, emerald vase, etc., some Sandwich. $100-125

889. Mottled Blue Glazed Earthenware Bottle/Table Lamp Base and a Patinated Cast Metal Table Lamp with Leaded Art Glass Dome Shade, the latter attributed to Hubley, ht. 27, dia. 16 in. $100-150

897. Pair of Classical Revival Bronze Lamp Bases, late 19th century, signed F. Levillain, urn form, with loop handles terminating in bull’s heads, bodies cast in low relief with Dionysius and celebratory followers, with vine and husk bands, on stepped green marble base, and scrolled feet, electrified, ht. to handle 15 1/4 in. $400-600

882. Gold-painted Gesso and Wood Framed Czech Gilt and Transfer Portrait of Maidens Decorated Porcelain Cabinet Plate, plate dia. 10 3/4 in. $75-100

890. Eighteen Pieces of Italian and Venetian Brass and Metal Figural Flatware, a set of eleven Italian brass and silver figural spoons, a Venetian pierced silvered metal server, a Venetian brass figural serving spoon and fork set, a three-piece set of Montagnani brass flatware with micromosaic-inset handles, and a brass fork. $35-50

898. Framed Continental Cross-stitch Sampler, dated 1858, possibly Italian with band of alphabet, over various motifs, with woman at prayer, woman playing lute, and cherubs in flight, over topiary flanked by seated griffins, sight size 21 x 20 7/8, frame 24 x 24 in. $300-500

883. Pair of Richard Vanderfold Ellery (American, 1909-1993) Watercolor on Paper Hunting and Farming Scenes, signed l.r., framed, sight size 14 1/2 x 21 1/4 in. $200-300

891. Baroque-style Silver Giltwood and Gesso Pricket Candlestick/Table Lamp, and a Brass-mounted Hardwood Storage Box, candlestick ht. 34 1/4, box lg. 24 in. $350-650

899. Early 20th Century Woven Wicker Table Lamp with Silk-lined Shade, two sockets. $100-125

884. Two Modern Asian Gilt-bronze Kuan Yin Figures and a Bronze Warrior Figure, the latter ht. 16 in. $200-400

892. Mersman Bros. Mt. Vernon Replica Federal-style Glazed Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Writing Desk/Bookcase, ht. 76, wd. 38 in. $500-700

900. Asian Carved Hardstone Seated Buddha with Animals Group and Two Carved Jade Seated Buddha Figures. $275-325

885. Late Federal Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Bow-front Four-Drawer Bureau, wd. 42 1/4 in. $300-500

901. Twenty Richardson Root Beer Glasses, Bottles, and Mugs. $75-100

893. Mersman Bros. Mt. Vernon Replica Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Card Table. $400-600

886. Mersman Bros. Mt. Vernon Replica Federal-style Carved Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Double-pedestal Dining Table with a Set of Six Dining Chairs. $500-700

894. Queen Anne Style Flame-stitch-type Upholstered Carved Mahogany Wing Chair. $150-200

902. “Richardson Root Beer, It’s So Flavorful, 5 cents” Oak Barrel Fountain Dispenser, with cover, overall ht. 27 1/2 in. $300-500

887. Mersman Bros. Mt. Vernon Replica Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Serpentine Sideboard, ht. 40, wd. 72, dp. 24 in. $600-800

895. Six Carved Wooden Figural Items, two Continental-style busts, two ethnographic, and a pair of modern sculptural. $150-250

903. Five Parian Historical and Character Busts, including Shakspeare and Gladstone, ht. to 12 1/2 in. $400-600

904. Nineteen Blenko Colored Art Glass Vases and Table Items, ht. to 14 1/2 in. $300-500


905. Empire Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Bureau. $400-450

914. Empire White Marble-top Mahogany Veneer Commode. $250-350

906. Neoclassical-style Caned Bird’s-eye Maple Armchair with Seat Cushion. $200-300

915. Neoclassical-style Carved White Marble Pedestal, ht. 38 3/4, top dia. 8 1/4 in. $200-400

923. Vintage Carlsberg Beer and Lite Beer on Tap Neon Advertising Signs, Everbrite Electric Signs, with Anheuser Busch transformer cabinet and Universal Electric Sign Co., with Miller Brewing Co. label, respective lg. 24 1/4 and 21 in. $75-100

907. Neoclassical Circular Marble-top Brassmounted Blondewood Stand. $100-150

916. Asian Carved Hardstone Vase with Cover, Carved Jade Deity, and a Dragon Ship, the vase ht. 14 1/4 in. $250-350

924. Small Tiffany-style Favrile and Millefiore Floral Decorated Art Glass Vase, spurious etched “L.C.T., V9848,” (damaged), ht. 4 1/4 in. $400-600

908. Dahl Jensen Gilt and Hand-painted Crackle Glazed Porcelain Vase, ht. 12 in. $150-250

917. Set of Twelve Bayel Colorless Glass Wine Stems and a Set of Seven Colorless Wheel-cut Glass Cordials. $35-50

925. Five Parian Figural Groups, “Joe’s Farewell/Dolly Varden and Joe Willet,” Desaix, James Watt, Shakespeare, and Hoche, ht. to 11 1/4 in. $400-600

909. “Cecile” Music Automata Doll, the two-door ball-footed oak cabinet with music box below opens to reveal Cecile in full pink and red costume, large hat with feather and high top shoes flanked by floor length drapes standing at a piano, with music playing she moves her arms to simulate playing while nodding her head, remains of paper label on the reverse, ht. 18 1/2, wd. 13 1/2, dp. 9 in. $150-200

918. Framed American School Oil on Artist Board Whimsical Day of Fishing, unsigned sight 15 1/2 x 19 1/2 n. $75-100

926. Six Small Parian Historical and Character Busts, including Comte. D’Orsay, Burns, MacDonald, and Byron, ht. to 8 1/2 in. $300-500

910. Framed American School Watercolor and Gouache on Paper Ocean Waves and Gulls, signed “Marta Dickinson Ruthuen(?),” sight size 13 x 19 in. $100-150

919. Group of Ephemera from Early Marlborough and Hudson, Massachusetts Area Families, late 18thearly 20th century, primarily from the Rice and Brigham families including an 18th century leather wallet, account books, numerous receipts, two daguerreotypes, four tintypes, property deeds, autograph/memory book, newspaper clippings etc. $400-600

927. Tiffany-style Blue Favrile Art Glass Footed Center Bowl, spurious etched marks on base “L.C. Tiffany Favrile W,” (damage), ht. 3 7/8, dia. 13 in. $150-250

928. Three Louis XV Style Upholstered Painted Carved Wood Parlor Chairs, an armchair and two side chairs. $200-400

911. Oak Framed American School 19th/20th Century Oil on Canvas Nest of Birds among the Ferns, unsigned, sight size 13 x 18 in. $150-200

920. Pair of Painted Iron Garden Armillaries, approx. ht. 33 1/2, wd. 22 in. $300-500

929. Paint Decorated French Provincial Rococo Walnut Table, ht. 28 5/8, lg. 39, wd. 25 1/2 in. $300-600

912. Glazed Sgraffito Decorated Art Pottery Bird-form Table Lamp Base. $200-300

921. Set of Six Italian Rococo-style Carved Walnut Dining Chairs with Upholstered Slip Seats. $400-600

913. Neoclassical Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Book Cabinet with Two Sliding Doors, the interior with four adjustable shelves, ht. 52 3/4, wd. 47 3/4, dp. 16 1/4 in. $150-200

922. Italian Neoclassical-style Marble-top Painted Carved Wood Columnar Pedestal-base Stand. $200-400

930. Rococo Revival Gilt-bronze SevenLight Chandelier, late 19th century, of cage form with three serpentine supports issuing six leaf molded candle arms ending in floral shaped nozzles, ht. 29 in. $500-700

931. Two Asian Carved Jade Vases with Covers, one with peapod, birds, and flowers, and a tree with birds, (damage), the latter ht. 12 1/2 in. $200-300


932. White-painted Carved Alabaster Bust of a Maiden with Bonnet, overall approx. ht. 20 1/2 in. $200-300

941. Pair of Carved Marble Urn-form Table Lamps, body ht. 18 in. $300-500

933. French/Belgian Japonesque Enamel Peasant Mice Decorated Ceramic Plate, dia. 8 7/8 in. $150-350

942. Georgian-style Mahogany Doublepedestal Dining Table, with leaf, approx. ht. 29 1/4, lg. 66, wd. 39, leaf wd. 17 3/4 in. $300-500

934. Framed Continental Wool Needlework Sampler, c. 1830, with scattered foliates, chinoiserie and Commedia dell’arte figures, animals and houses, sight size 19 3/8 x 19 5/8, frame 21 1/2 x 21 5/8 in. $300-400

943. Classical Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Drop-leaf Two-Drawer Stand with Rope-turned Legs. $200-250

950. Collection of Clinton, Massachusetts Soda and Beverage Bottles, Crates, and Advertising Signs, including brands Kleer Kool, Artesian, Million Dollar, Smack Punch, MarBert, J.F. Burke, Hastiings & O’Toole, M.T. Dwyer Co., J.H. Kilcoyne, Big Boy, George A. Hartshorn, etc., a framed 1943 Kleer Kool American Bottlers Membership Certificate, a “Million Dollar” grape soda painted pressed metal sign, and an “M.T. Dwyer, Clinton Beverages” painted pressed metal sign, approximately 170 bottles. $250-375

935. Two Victorian Rococo Revival Upholstered Carved Walnut Parlor Chairs. $100-150

944. Chippendale-style Chinoiserie Decorated Armchair with Upholstered Slip Seat. $400-500

951. Small Asian Bronze Deity Figure and a Chinese Champlevé Bronze Footed Censer. $150-200

936. Late Victorian Walnut Slant-lid SixDrawer Retail Counter-top Desk, ht. 15, lg. 32 1/2, wd. 23 in. $200-300

945. Vintage Electric Neon Sign Co. Painted Metal Gear Framed Wall Clock, Cleveland, Ohio, with label on dial, dia. 27 in. $250-350

952. Set of Eleven English Colorless Cut Glass Goblets. $75-85 953. Three Parian George Washington Busts, a Figural Group, and Two Carved Marble George Washington Busts, ht. to 18 1/4 in. $400-600

937. Victorian Eastlake-type Marble-top Carved Walnut Mirrored Dresser. $200-400

946. Seven Small Parian Historical Busts, Cowper, Locke, Queen Victoria, Ben Johnson, Martha Washington, Edward VII, and Dryden, ht. to 9 1/8 in. $400-600

954. Inlaid Grain Painted Wood-cased Cylinder Musical Box, cylinder lg. 7 in. $200-300

938. Pair of Sitzendorf Hand-painted Porcelain Figures of a Gentleman and a Lady, respective ht. 13 1/4 and 13 4/8 in. $300-500

947. Four Parian Historical and Character Busts, and a Pair of Parian Pedestals, including Thackery, bust ht. to 12 3/4, pedestal ht. 10, top dia. 5 3/4 in. $500-700

955. Modern Colorless Wheel-cut Linear Pattern Bent Glass Panel Coffee Table, attributed to Pace, ht. 19 3/4, lg. 47 1/4, wd. 17 3/4 in. $800-1,200

939. Framed Late 16th Century Ink on Vellum Indenture. $35-50

940. Framed Watercolor on Masonite Portrait of a South American Man, signed “Louis Bliss,” sight size 18 1/2 x 13 in. $50-75

948. Asian Carved Jade Censer and Three Figurals, a phoenix and floral group, a mythical dragons group, and a birds group, $300-500

956. Conant-Ball Modern Set of Three Nesting Maple Tables, attributed to Russel Wright. $200-300

949. Framed American School Watercolor on Paper Summer Beach Scene, signed “Applegate,” sight 8 3/4 x 11 3/4 in. $75-100

957. Modern Blondewood Armchair and a Maple Spindle-back Side Chair, attributed to Russel Wright and Russell Spanner respectively. $150-200


958. Seven Small Asian Carved Jade and Hardstone Figures and Items, two elephants, two Kuan Yin, an immortal, and two jars with covers, immortal ht. 4 7/8 in. $150-200

959. Kitac Pachislo Wonder Review Token Slot Machine, Japan, ht. 32, wd. 18 3/4, dp. 14 1/2 in. $150-200

966. Sixteen Clinton, Worcester, Lancaster, and Middlesex County, Massachusetts Related Books, and a Collection of 20th Century Clinton, Massachusetts Ephemera and Collectibles, titles include four History of the Origin of Clinton, 1653-1865; two Clinton Memorial Volume, 1850-1900; History of Worcester County Vol. I, History of Lancaster, Mass.; Lancaster on the Nashua; a 1930s Clinton Republican Party ledger; 1959 Colonial Press Diary; Middlesex County and it’s Peoples, Vol. I, III, and IV; 1956 and 1959 Clinton Directory. $150-200

974. Japanese Bird and Floral Decorated Porcelain Set of Six Tea Cups and Seven Saucers, and a Set of Twelve Royal Worcester Lavinia Pattern Porcelain Demitasse Cups and Saucers. $175-250

975. Three Parian Napoleon Busts and a Figure, ht. to 10 1/8 in. $200-400

960. Framed American School Oil on Artist Board Winter Scene, signed “Shipley 48,” sight size 16 x 20 in. $200-300

967. Baccarat Colorless Glass Vase, designed by Robert Rigot, etched “Baccarat, RRigot” on side, etched Baccarat trademark on base, approx. ht. 8 3/4 in. $300-500

976. Asian Export Carved Wooden TwoDoor Jewelry Cabinet. $100-125

961. Framed American School Oil on Canvas Pulling the Fishing Boat Ashore, signed “Walter S. Richter,” sight size 20 x 27 in. $150-200

968. Framed Oil on Artist Board Valley Farm in Mountain Landscape, signed l.l., sight size 16 x 20 in. $150-200

977. Framed Dutch Wool Needlework Sampler, dated 1863, wrought by Gysberta Van der Zwaan, foliates and angels over central band of ladies in a garden and a flower arrangement, over recumbent stag flanked by flowering potted roses, in running foliate vine border, ebonized wood frame, sight size 27 1/2 x 25, frame 28 x 30 1/2 in. $400-600

962. Large Brass Fireplace Fender, Tool Stand with Brush, and a Pair of Brasshandled Steel Fireplace Tools. $100-150

969. Eight Asian Carved Jade and Hardstone Vessels and Figures, two cups, a footed jar with cover, a pair of recumbent horses, a foo dog, seated frog, and a Buddha, foo dog ht. 5 3/4 in. $150-250

978. Bannister-back Side Chair with Woven Rush Seat. $100-150

963. George Nelson Rectangular Teak and Teak Veneer Dining Table. $50-75

970. Federal Cherry Drop-leaf Pembroke Table with Drawer, ht. 28 1/4, lg. 31, wd. 19, leaf wd. 9 3/4 in. $400-600

979. Small Red-painted Wooden Six-Board Blanket Box, lg. 38 in. $300-500

964. Thonet Caned Bentwood Child’s High Chair, with paper label and stamped mark. $200-250

971. Polychrome Painted Carved Wooden Sculpture of a King, ht. 60 1/2 in. $200-400

980. Set of Six Hickory Chair Co. Queen Anne Style Walnut Dining Chairs with a Drexel Travis Court Dining Table, chairs include two arm and four side with upholstered slip seats. $400-600

965. Eight Knoll Upholstered Black-painted Laminated Wood Armchairs. Provenance: Seagram Collection. $125-175

972. Rustic Circular Pine Folding Table, (damage). $150-250

981. Two Chromolithographed Roses and Hunting Dog Decorated Tin Trays and a Hand-painted Green Apples Decorated Tole Tray, the latter lg. 29 in. $150-200

973. Vintage “Worcester Telegram/Evening Gazette Sold Here” Painted Metal Floor Display Newspaper Rack, ht. 44 1/2, wd. 19 in. $100-150

982. Two Colorless Cut Glass Decanters. $125-150


983. Two Freundlich Novelty WWII Era Army WAAC and General MacArthur Composition Dolls, respective ht. 15 and 18 1/2 in. $100-150

992. Chippendale Maple and Pine Slant-lid Desk, wd. 36 1/4 in. $400-600

1001. Painted Papier-mâché Theater Stage Wall Mask, lg. 29 1/2 in. $300-500

984. Asian Carved Hardstone Vase with Cover and Two Jade Figural Groups, a figural basket of flowers and figural vase with cover, hardstone vase ht. 12 1/2, basket wd. 12 in. $300-500

993. Georgian-style Celadon Velvet Upholstered Carved Mahogany Easy Chair. $150-200

1002. Pair of Neoclassical Brass Pillar-form Andirons and a Set of Three Brass Fireplace Tools with Stand. $150-250

985. Georgian-style Mahogany Veneer Sideboard and Double-pedestal Dining Table, with table leaf, sideboard ht. 35, lg. 54, table ht. 28 3/4, lg. 57, wd. 34, leaf wd. 18 1/4 in. $200-250

994. English Mahogany Corner Washstand, 19th century, of typical form, with fitted shelf of holes for basin and cups, medial shelf with drawer, on splayed legs joined by stretchers, ht. 44 in. $150-250

1003. Seven Parian and Bisque Historical Busts and Figures, including Mozart, Louis XVI, two Bismarck, and Weber, ht. to 13 1/4 in. $500-700

995. Imari Porcelain Fruit Bowl, ht. 3 1/2, dia. 10 in. $200-400

1004. Framed Asian Gouache on Paper Buddhist Thangka, sight size 26 1/2 x 19 in. $150-200

986. Kittinger Historic Newport Reproduction Queen Anne Style Carved Mahogany Tray-top Tea Table, 1960, for Preservation Society of Newport County, paper label, ht. 26 1/2, lg. 29 3/4, wd. 20 1/4 in. $100-150

996. Five Parian and Bisque Figural Groups and Figures, including Queen Victoria, Joan of Arc, Hahnemann, and Milton, ht. to 15 1/4 in. $500-700

1005. Pine and Cherry Tavern Table with Drawer, ht. 24 3/4, lg. 33 1/2 in. $300-500

987. Chippendale-style Upholstered Maple Wing Chair. $200-300

988. Carved Marble Tiger Sculpture, with glass eyes, lg. 24 in. $150-250

989. Kittinger Chippendale-style Carved Mahogany Piecrust Tilt-top Birdcage Tea Table, metal tag, dia. 37 1/2 in. $200-250

997. Thirty-one Pieces of Mostly English Ceramics and Two Art Glass Bowls, including Staffordshire blue and white transfer decorated plates, Clews landscape, a Stubbs & Kent, a Halls Warleigh House, Somersetshire, a Hall Tombs near Etaya bowl, four Wedgwood Mandarin pattern, ironstone Mulberry Athens plate and Jeddo footed sugar, a spatterware dish, a set of four dessert plates with pierced rims, etc. $250-350

1006. Country Pine Quarter-round Chamberstand. $100-150

1007. Continental Polychrome Paint Decorated Pine Dovetail-constructed Dome-top Dower Chest, ht. 16 1/2, lg. 41 1/2 in. $100-200

990. Large Thonet Bentwood Costumer, paper label, ht. 80, base wd. 21 1/2 in. $200-250

998. Pair of Asian Carved Hardstone Foo Lions and a Hardstone Reclining Buddha Group, lion ht. 13 1/4 in. $200-300

1008. Early 20th Century Cherry and Giltgesso Puppet Theater Cabinet and Five Folk Carved and Painted Wooden Hand Puppets, theater ht. 26, wd. 28, dp. 20 in. $150-200

991. Pair of Steuben Colorless Glass Candlesticks, with trapped teardropshaped bubble within stem, etched mark, ht. 9 in. $300-500

999. John Danner Walnut Revolving Bookcase, Clinton, Ohio, on casters, stenciled label, ht. 58, wd. 23 1/4 in. $250-350

1009. Ten Assorted Art Glass Decanters and Perfume Bottles. $200-250

1000. Pair of Late Victorian Machine-made Portier Panels with Needlepoint-type Border. $100-150

1010. Victorian Walnut Needlepoint Upholstered Walnut Parlor Armchair and Ottoman. $150-200


1011. Four Pieces of Steuben Etched Cranberry Cut to Clear Glass Stemware, a pair of goblets and a pair of champagnes, etched fleur-de-lis mark, (two repaired). $500-700

1020. Regency-style Oval Tray-top Painted Oak Leaf and Acorn Decorated and Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Tea Table, ht. 26 1/4, lg. 25 1/2, wd. 20 in. $400-600

1028. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Tall Chest with Mirror, case ht. 46 1/2, wd. 27 1/2 in. $300-500

1012. Three Blanc de Chine Kuan Yin Figural Table Lamps, including a pair, ht. 15 and 20 in. $150-250

1021. Federal Octagonal Inlaid Mahogany Tilt-top Candlestand. $200-250

1029. Federal Maple and Bird’s-eye Maple One-Drawer Stand. $75-125

1013. Gilt and Black-painted Wooden “Somervilla” Sign and a Vintage Painted Wooden Double-sided “Jewett’s Restaurant” Sign, 9 x 36 and 18 x 34 in. $50-75

1022. Pair of Regency-style Floral Brocade Upholstered Carved Mahogany Armchairs. $100-150

1030. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Deep Drop-leaf Dining Table, ht. 28 1/4, lg. 48 1/4, wd. 18 1/8, leaf wd. 17 3/4 in. $200-300

1014. Black-painted Wooden Trestle Table. $200-300

1023. Eleven Victorian Art Glass Table and Dresser Items, including four Mary Gregory-type vases, an opaque blue muffineer, two opaque glass trays, two boxes, and a pair of decanters, some with traces of painted decoration. $150-250

1031. Set of Eight Colorless Cut Glass Rinsers. $150-250

1015. Set of Six Painted and Stencil Decorated Slat-back Side Chairs. $100-200

1032. Group of Nine Assembled Austrian Enamel Decorated Porcelain Plates, dia. 8 1/2 in. $150-200

1016. Patinated Cast Metal Sculpture Premiere Lecon de Musique, after E.H. Dumaige, on a painted wood base, overall ht. 9 7/8 in. $100-150

1024. Pair of Dresden Hand-painted Porcelain Figures of a Gentleman and a Woman, respective ht. 13 3/4 and 14 1/4 in. $300-500

1033. Japanese Bronze Umbrella Stand, ht. 23 3/4, top dia. 8 5/8 in. $200-300

1017. Framed English Needlework Sampler, c. 1820, done in tiny stitches with various motifs including Adam and Eve with angels, potted plants, roses, peacocks, and trees, with three lines of verse to top, initialed AC, sight size 9 x 8 1/4, frame 11 1/8 x 10 3/8 in. $300-400

1025. Eight Small Parian Historical and Character Busts, including Washington, Lincoln, Longfellow, three Grant, and McKinley, ht. to 9 in. $400-600

1034. Brass Footed Ash Bin with Cover, and liner. $100-200

1026. Six Asian Carved Jade and Hardstone Figurals, two deities, an Immortal, a bird and floral group, a maidens group, and an ornamental vase, deity ht. 8 in. $150-250

1035. Set of Five Graduated Chinese Export Polychrome Paint Decorated Pigskinclad Trunks, ht. 5, wd. 9 1/2 to ht. 11, wd. 25 in. $300-500

1018. Carved Jade Plume Holder, China, 19th century, gray stone with tan areas, surface engraved with floral sprigs and a poem, lg. 2 in. $300-500

1019. Pair of Brass and Colorless Blown Glass Wall Sconces, lg. 22 1/4 in. $300-500

1027. Fourteen Pieces of Assorted Decorative and Collectible Ceramics and Ten Assorted Art Glass Items, including two three-piece partial porcelain tea sets, a floral decorated ceramic ewer, a Royal Bayreuth Rose Tapestry hat pin holder, a Sebastian figural group, an encrusted porcelain rose bowl, and lidded box, and a Staffordshire figural group. $425-600

1036. Classical Carved Mahogany Drop-leaf Table, ht. 28 1/2, lg. 35 3/4, wd. 19, leaf wd. 12 in. $200-250

1037. Empire Pine and Mahogany Veneer Three-Drawer Chest. $200-250

1038. Pair of Brass Belted Ball-top Andirons with Matching Hearth Shovel and Tongs. $150-200


1039. Loetz-style Squat Iridescent Oil Spot Pattern Art Glass Vase, with polished pontil, ht. 3 1/2, dia. 5 3/4 in. $200-250

1048. Brass Bust of Mercury Inkstand with Green Onyx Base. $200-300

1056. Rococo-style Oval Giltwood and Gesso Mirror, lg. 44 in. $250-350 1057. Baroque-style Oak Coffee Table and a Rococo-style Parcel-gilt Carved Wood Library Table. $100-150 1058. Victorian Glass Syrup Jug, a Mt. Washington-type Potpourri, Lidded Jar, and a Garlic-form Shaker. $200-300 1059. Sarreguemines Glazed Pottery Recumbent Greyhound Figural, lg. 18 1/4 in. $200-300 1060. Four Pieces of Modern Art Glass, 1990s, etched “Stase(?),” ht. to 15 in. $400-600 1061. Art Pottery Vase, possibly Weller, unmarked, ht. 5 1/8 in. $200-300 1062. Set of Twelve Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Gilt and Hand-painted Game Bird and Water Fowl Decorated Porcelain Dinner Plates, dia. 10 3/4 in. $200-300 1063. Green Onyx and Patinated Metal Pedestal, late 19th century, square top, on columnar stem with shell and flute girdle, on gilt scrolled base, with silver and gold patination throughout, ht. 41 1/2 in. $300-500 1064. Rococo Revival Carved Mahogany Console Table, 20th century, serpentine top above a carved apron and cabriole legs joined by a curved stretcher, ht. 36, wd. 45 1/4, dp. 15 in. $300-400 1065. Charles X Style Fruitwood and Mother-of-pearl Inlaid Tripod Table, top inlaid with flowerheads, tied ribband, and husks to the center, the borders with small plaques and flowerheads, on a turned stem with pad feet, ht. 26 1/2, dia. 32 1/2 in. $1,500-2,500

1040. Five Pieces of Assorted Victorian Art Glass, a pair of opalescent blue pressed glass plates, a small Mary Gregory-type blue dish, a small silver plate mounted enameled glass epergne, an enamel decorated amber glass vase. $200-250

1049. Two Late Victorian Art Glass Biscuit Jars and Seven Decorated Ceramic and Glass Items, including a pair of handpainted porcelain dishes and a jug, an Etruscan majolica strawberry pattern plate, a miniature gilt boot, Luneville waste bowl, and a woven wire basket with glass liner. $150-250

1041. Four Asian Carved Hardstone and Jade Figurals, including three figures and a bird and floral group, along with a resin figure. $250-350

1050. Thirty-eight Piece Theodore Haviland Limoges Porcelain Transfer Rose Decorated Partial Dinner Service. $100-150

1042. Classical Cherry and Mahogany Veneer Tabernacle Mirror, lg. 38 1/2 in. $200-300

1043. Regency-style Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Pedestal-base Dining Table, with one leaf, approx. ht. 29, lg. 59, wd. 42, leaf wd. 23 3/4 in. $200-250

1051. Pair of Royal Worcester Porcelain Candlesticks, England, late 19th century, square shapes with tinted ivory ground trimmed in gold, printed marks, ht. 4 1/4 in. $100-150

1044. Pair of Chinese Bone Inlaid Carved Hardwood Mirrored Candle Torchieres, ht. 82 1/4, wd. 22 in. $250-350

1052. Framed Schoolgirl Embroidered Map of Europe, signed Sophia Stather and dated 1824, rectangular, stitched in plain silk and chenille on linen ground, depicting Europe, including “European Russia,” Iceland, and the Netherlands, in oval border of running foliates and acorns, in giltwood frame bearing paper label for “J. Wardell, Gilder,” sight size 18 1/2 x 16 1/2, frame 21 1/4 x 19 1/2 in. $200-400

1045. Amberina Salt, an Opalescent Low Bowl, and Two Ruffled Rim Art Glass Bowls. $250-300

1046. Six Parian and Porcelain Figurals, a seated maiden figural group, a commemorative Wilhelm I/Konigsgratz figural match holder, Queen Victoria, Longfellow, Humboldt, Garibaldi, ht. to 8 7/8 in. $200-300

1053. Eight Parian Historical and Character Busts, including Lafayette, T. Roosevelt, Bismarck, Burns, Virgil, Dickens, and Schiller, ht. to 9 in. $300-500

1054. Two Asian Carved Jade Deity Figures and a Wood-framed Carved Jade FivePanel Table Screen. $225-275

1047. Pair of Brass Seven-Light Candelabra with Stepped Bases, with rotating arms, ht. 14, wd. 12 1/2 in. $50-75

1055. Small Louis XV Style Marble-top Veneer Three-Drawer Commode and a Marble-top Wooden Stand with Brass Gallery. $350-450


1066. Marble Chess Game Board with Thirty-two Carved Stone Chess Game Pieces. $200-300

1075. Twelve Parian Historical and Character Busts, Napoleon, Salisbury, Mendelssohn, Cromwell, Schiller, Tennyson, Balfour, Handel, O.W. Holmes, Shelley, Mozart, and Beethoven, ht. to 7 7/8 in. $500-700

1084. Pair of Japanese Polychrome Figures, ht. 6 in. $300-500

1067. Three Colorless Cut and Etched Art Glass Items, a liquor stem with etched decoration and cover, a cut glass candlestick, and a Bohemian etched goblet with internal spiral and trapped bubble pattern, the latter ht. 11 in. $100-200

1076. Japanese Carving, of seated man with bottle pouring into bowl. $250-350

1068. Georges Briard Sterling Overlay Colorless Glass Bowl, ht. 4 1/8, dia. 7 1/2 in. $75-125

1077. Seven Assorted Asian Metal and Wood Figures, a bronze reclining Buddha, Immortal on oxen, a metal peasant figure, and wooden warrior, Buddha, Immortal, and peasant figures. $125-150

1085. Edwardian Painted Satinwood Bureau/Bookcase, early 20th century, molded cornice above a pair of glazed doors enclosing two glass shelves, all above a slant lid with interior of small drawers and pigeonholes, on square tapered legs ending in spade feet, painted all over with floral sways and with figural roundels, ht. 82 1/2, wd. 42, dp. 20 1/2 in. $1,200-1,800

1086. Edwardian Nesting Set of Four Inlaid Mahogany Stands. $150-250

1069. Two Exotic Seashells and Two Pieces of Ocean Coral. $35-50

1070. British-style Brass-mounted Mahogany Double-Pedestal Captain’s Desk with Leather-inset Writing Surface, ht. 31 1/2, lg. 48 1/2, wd. 24 1/4 in. $400-600

1078. Rococo-style Brass-mounted Inlaid Rosewood and Burl Veneer Serpentine Vitrine, with mirrored interior fitted with two fixed shelves, ht. 52, wd. 19 1/2, dp. 13 1/2 in. $300-500

1087. Two Framed Japanese Painted Landscape and Figures in Landscape Paper Screen Panels, each ht. 59, wd. 26 1/4 in. $100-150

1071. Victorian Rosewood Grained Carved Walnut Sewing Stand. $150-200

1079. Eight Victorian Parlor Chairs and Rockers, a set of four Renaissance Revival upholstered carved walnut parlor side chairs, a Rococo Revival upholstered carved maple parlor side chair, a caned maple armrocker, an upholstered carved walnut armrocker, and a child’s caned maple armrocker. $75-100

1088. Japanese Cloisonné Flower and Crane Decorated Charger, dia. 11 3/4 in. $200-300

1072. Victorian Rococo Revival Gilt-gesso and Wood Mirror, approx. lg. 60 in. $300-500

1089. Modern Amberina-style Blown Glass Ewer, possibly Blenko, broken pontil, ht. 15 3/4 in. $200-300

1073. Asian Carved Lapis Lazuli Lotus Lily with Frogs Figural Writer’s Coupe, wd. 6 1/4 in. $250-350

1080. Victorian Rococo Revival Rosewood Veneer and Inlaid Slant-lid Writing Desk, (converted from a piano), lg. 52 1/4 in. $200-300

1090. Pair of Asian Cloisonné Dragon Decorated Vase/Table Lamps, body ht. 11 in. $150-200

1081. Mt. Washington Attributed Enamel Pansy Decorated Glass Bowl. $150-175

1074. Four Colorless Art Glass Table Items, a Hawkes wheel-cut liquor jug with Gorham sterling silver stopper, a cut footed fruit bowl, a pressed table lamp and shade, and a Jugendstil-type giltmetal mounted pressed glass bowl, (jug with spout chip). $200-400

1091. Six Pieces of Victorian Cased Art Glass with Ruffled Rims, including two rose bowls, a jug, and three vases. $300-350

1082. Tusk on Stand, lg. 15 1/2 in. $100-150 1092. Late Victorian Upholstered Carved and Spool-turned Walnut Settee, lg. 54 1/4 in. $100-150

1083. Salamandra Glass/Todd Phillips Art Glass Footed Vase, etched signatures, 5/77, ht. 10 1/4 in. $200-250


1093. Chippendale-style Carved Mahogany Block-front Four-Drawer Chest, ht. 34 1/4, wd. 36 in. $400-600

1101. Carved and Decorated Nautical Item, sailing ship with eagle and flag decoration, ht. approx. 5 in. $400-600

1111. Jugtown Pottery Orange Glazed Jug and a Hewn Burlwood Chopping Bowl, jug with impressed mark, bowl ht. 5, lg. 23 3/4 in. $150-250

1094. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany and Tiger Maple Veneer Bowfront Card Table. $800-1,200

1102. Colorless Cut Glass Vase/Table Lamp, (drilled), base and body ht. 17 in. $200-300

1112. Set of Six Steuben Colorless Footed Cocktail Glasses, with trapped bubble stem, etched mark. $200-400

1095. Seven Assorted Asian Items, a painted metal footed urn, a deity, woman, carved stone shrine temple, wooden deity, Buddha, and a pottery tomb-type figure. $100-200

1103. Seven Parian Busts and a Carved Marble Bust, parian Puccini, Mascagni, Glick, Mendelssohn, Schiller, Grieg, and a marble Mascagni, ht. to 11 in. $300-500

1113. Small Limbert Oak Slat Rocker, branded mark. $100-150

1096. Six Parian Historical and Character Busts, a Pedestal, and a Pair of Gilt Porcelain Pedestals, bust ht. to 11 5/8, parian pedestal ht. 8 1/8, pair of pedestals ht. 4 1/2 in. $400-600

1104. Amberina Thumbprint Art Glass Pitcher and a Pair of Cups. $150-200

1114. Queen Anne Style Carved Walnut TwoPart Bonnet-top Highboy. $800-1,200

1097. British Pierced Brass Fire Fender, 18th/19th century, of typical form, with band of scroll piercing over pierced panels and applied spherules, fitted with a pierced detachable kettle stand, lg. 48 1/4 in. $300-400

1105. Chinese Gilt Decorated Black Lacquer Four-Panel Floor Screen, ht. 67, panel wd. 18 3/4 in. $150-200

1115. Country Cherry Turned Post Bed, with rails. $75-125

1106. Modern Neoclassical Patinated Brassmounted Mahogany Low Table with Xform Base, ht. 14, lg. 72 1/4, wd. 30 in. $200-300

1116. Chinese Export Porcelain Footed Bowl, an Asian Glazed Ceramic DoubleGourd Vase, and a Japanese Satsuma Footed Jar, bowl ht. 3 1/2, dia. 8 in. $200-300

1098. Framed British Schoolgirl Embroidered Map of England and Wales, signed Sarah Goulden, 1818, oval format, stitched in silk on linen ground, with running foliate border, black and gold verre eglomise glass matting, walnut veneered frame, sight size 18 1/2, frame 25 1/2 x 22 1/2 in. $300-500

1107. Pair of Modern Upholstered Bent Steel Tub Chairs. $300-500

1117. Eleven Small Asian Carved Hardstone Figures, including quartz, jade, and malachite, a Buddha, deity, and baby figures. $150-200

1108. Two Carved Nautical Items, including a depiction of a clipper ship with long boat and figures, lg. 6 in., and small carving of two whales on stand, lg. 2 1/2 in. $200-300

1099. Framed Margaret Gwen Longacre Print Surf at Carmel... and a Framed Eugene Kingman Lithograph Gaspee Peninsula, the former edition 3/8. $100-200

1118. Small Victorian Gilt-gesso Framed Oil on Panel of a Woodland Stream, unsigned, sight 6 1/8 x 4 3/4 in. $50-75

1109. Two Asian God of Longevity Netsuke, ht. 2 3/4 to 2 1/4 in. $200-300

1119. Seven Victorian Quilted Satin Art Glass Vases and Rose Bowls. $700-900

1100. Fifteen Assorted Art Glass Paperweights, unsigned. $400-600

1110. Gilt Oak Framed American School Oil on Artist Board View Woods to the Lake, sight size 7 1/2 x 9 in. $100-200

1120. Chippendale Mahogany Scroll Mirror, last quarter 18th century, of typical form with scrolling cresting, borders, and pendant, ht. 40 in. $700-900


1121. Georgian-style Black and Polychrome Lacquered Corner Cupboard on Later Stand, the cabinet 19th century, bowfronted case fitted with two doors decorated with chinoiserie scenes, modern stand with square legs, ht. 66, wd. 22, dp. 15 1/2 in. $250-350

1129. Biggs Queen Anne Style Carved Mahogany Tray-top Tea Table, with end draw panels, branded mark, ht. 26 1/4, lg. 29 1/4, wd. 18 in. $300-500

1137. Country Pine Step-back Cupboard, one-piece with slant-back top, overall ht. 69 1/2, wd. 51 1/4, dp. 19 1/4 in. $250-350

1122. Chippendale-style Carved Mahogany Supper Table, early 20th century, shaped top carved with a large flowerhead and with plate wells, gadrooned and turned stem on a tripod base with acanthuscarved knees and claw and ball feet, ht. 26, dia. 21 1/2 in. $150-250

1130. Country Pine Step-back Two-Part Cupboard, ht. 77, wd. 51 3/4, dp. 21 1/2 in. $800-1,200

1138. Pine Blanket Chest over Long Drawer, lg. 46 3/4 in. $400-600

1131. Six Pieces of Victorian Art Glass, a pitcher, footed vase, trumpet vase, footed bowl, cruet, and a jug, including Peachblow and Burmese. $700-900

1139. Tooled Leather Horse Figure, ht. 11 3/4 in. $200-300

1123. Large Boch Frères Metal-mounted Blue and White Drip Glazed Pottery Vase, stamped mark and impressed “976, K,” ht. 14 1/2 in. $250-350

1124. Fan Painting, Korea, 19th century, scene of a pair of crabs and a poem, framed and glazed. $300-500

1132. Pair of Louis XV Style Gilt-bronze and White Marble Five-Light Candelabra, early 20th century, each molded with a putto holding aloft a candleholder, foliatemounted white columnar base, now mounted as lamps, ht. 19 in. $800-1,200

1140. Collection of Toys, including dollhouse furniture, games, cast iron banks, dolls, a sled, miniature cars and carriages, a Mickey plate, doll clothes, etc. $200-300

1141. Asian Carved Pink Quartz Footed Vessel with Cover, ht. 4 7/8 in. $100-200

1125. Twelve Parian and Alabaster Items and Historical Busts, including a covered matchbox, Darwin, Handel, Dante, Byron, Sumner, Berliotz, Ippocrate, Scott, Liszt, and Wilhelm III, ht. to 7 7/8 in. $300-500

1133. Framed Hand-colored Botanical Book Plate, 18th century, depicting “Momordica” variants, French matted, in bird’s-eye maple frame, sight size 13 1/8 x 8 1/2, frame 23 1/2 x 18 3/8 in. $150-250

1142. Country Pine Hanging Spoon Rack, lg. 18 in. $100-150

1126. Two Netsuke of a Warrior with War Horse and a Bathing Woman, (damage to woman). $200-300

1134. Seven Asian Carved Jade and Hardstone Figurals and an Ethnographic Carved Hardstone Figural Panel, Asian including two jade deities, a dragon and mythical creature group, two bird and floral groups, a horse, and an Immortal. $200-300

1143. Federal Maple Candlestand with Shaped Corners. $200-250

1144. Salmon-painted Pine Dovetailconstructed Bible Box with Bun Feet, wd. 17 in. $400-600

1127. Set of Ten Ashworth Bros. Asian-style Decorated Ironstone Plates, dia. 10 1/4 in. $200-400

1135. Italian Neoclassical Elmwood Open Armchair, c. 1810, backrest carved with wheat sheaves, overupholstered seat on paneled square, tapered legs, seat ht. 19 in. $200-300

1145. Pair of Asian Export Carved and Painted Wood Seated Foo Dog Figures, ht. 16 in. $150-250

1128. Georgian-style Carved Walnut and Walnut Veneer Four-Door Built-in Bookcase, two sections each with four adjustable shelves, ht. 55 1/2, wd. 84 1/2, dp. 14 1/4 in. $600-800

1136. Baroque-style Wrought Iron SevenLight Floor Candelabrum, early 20th century, with tiered lights, with floriform sconces, on twisted stem, and tripod base, ht. 70, wd. 29 in. $200-300

1146. Four Parian Busts, including Schiller, Mendelssohn, and Haydn, ht. to 12 in. $400-600

1147. Pair of Sevres Gilt and Pale Blue Decorated Porcelain Compotes, ht. 3 1/4, dia. 8 1/4 in. $200-300


1148. Seven Pieces of Enamel Floral and Insect Decorated Art Glass, three rose bowls, a ewer, and three vases. $375-525

1156. Federal Cherry Drop-leaf Pembroke Table with Drawer, ht. 28 1/2, lg. 32, wd. 19 1/4, leaf wd. 10 3/4 in. $400-600

1164. Federal Cherry Drop-leaf Table, ht. 28, lg. 42, wd. 12 1/4, leaf wd. 15 3/4 in. $200-400

1149. Silk Needlework Picture of a Shepherdess in a Landscape, probably England, early 19th century, executed in silk threads on a silk ground with painted face, (toning, minor fray l.c.), 14 x 11 1/2 in., in a later eglomise mat with oval aperture and molded wood frame. Note: A label affixed to the reverse is inscribed “Collection of Beatrice Affleck Descendant of Thomas Affleck Philadelphia, Pa.” This may refer to Scottish-born Thomas Affleck (17401795) who was one of pre-Revolutionary Philadelphia’s most prestigious cabinetmakers. $300-500

1157. Henckel-Harris Virginia Galleries Inlaid Mahogany Liquor Chest on Stand, branded mark and paper label, ht. 40 1/4, lg. 21 1/4, wd. 15 3/4 in. $200-250

1165. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Drop-leaf TwoDrawer Work Table. $300-500

1158. Two Carved Nautical Items with Sailing Ships, one with sailing ship and whale, one with two sailing ships and lighthouse. $300-500

1166. Five Asian Export Porcelain Items, a famille noir plate, a pair of Rose Medallion dishes, a small footed blue and white bowl, and a scalloped-rim celadon glazed blue floral decorated oval bowl. $100-150

1150. Carved Walrus Tusk, carving depicts five walruses, inscribed “Johnson P. Eningorick (?) Shishmaref, Alaska,” lg. 20 in. $300-500

1159. Victorian White Satin Glass Pitcher and a Blue, White, and Colorless Art Glass Pitcher. $150-225

1167. Loetz-style Iridescent Oil Spot Pattern Art Glass Vase, with rolled rim and pinched body, polished pontil, ht. 11 1/8 in. $200-300

1151. Italian Modern Gilt and Enamel Decorated Pottery Bottle-form Vase and Bowl, vase ht. 13 3/4 in. $200-250

1160. Silk Needlework Picture Depicting Bible Characters Ruth and Naomi, “Wrought by Penny Lee Drew Plymouth,” probably England, early 19th century, wrought in silk and chenille threads and paint on a silk ground, in an eglomise mat with title and maker’s name in gilt lettering, (toning, tears, stains), sight size 23 1/4 x 28 3/4 in., in a period molded giltwood frame. $600-800

1168. Two Bronze Plaques Depicting Hamlet and Ophelia, approx. 5 3/4 in. square. $100-150

1169. Pair of Hanging Scrolls, Korea, late 19th century, calligraphy, 59 x 15 1/2 in., framed and glazed. $100-200

1152. Six Asian Carved Jade and Hardstone Figurals, a pair of mythical dragons, a seated priest, an octopus, bat, and creatures group, a ducks group, and a foo dogs on globe figural seal, priest ht. 5 1/8 in. $550-700

1161. Group of Assorted Reference Materials Relating to General Antiques and Art, pertaining to furniture, ceramics, glass, fine art, etc., approx. twenty-two titles. $100-150

1170. Continental Empire-style Mahogany Veneer, Ebonized, and Painted Console Table, late 19th century, rectangular top above a concave frieze with two lion’s head and paw supports, on a concavesided platform stretcher, ht. 34, wd. 50 3/4, dp. 25 1/2 in. $600-800

1153. Six Parian Historical and Character Busts, including a pair of Goethe and a Martha Washington, ht. to 11 1/4 in. $400-600

1154. Japanese Figure of a Basket Seller, approx. ht. 5 in. $200-300

1162. Eight Assorted Asian Carved Hardstone Figurals, including two quartz figural table lamps, a jade Immortal and deity, two other figures, a soapstone Buddha, and a bird and floral group. $250-300

1171. Empire Rosewood and Mahogany TwoDoor Cabinet, the interior with three adjustable shelves, ht. 61 1/2, wd. 41 1/2, dp. 17 1/2 in. $400-600

1155. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Sideboard, ht. 41, wd. 63 1/2, dp. 22 1/2 in. $1,500-2,500

1163. Federal Cherry Deep Drop-leaf Dining Table, ht. 28 1/4, lg. 44 1/4, wd. 16, leaf wd. 18 1/4 in. $300-500

1172. Italian Renaissance-style Marble-inset Carved Mahogany Stand with Carved Griffin Supports, ht. 20 1/2, lg. 23 1/4, wd. 17 1/2 in. $100-150


1173. English School, 18th Century “Plan of the House Gardens and Plantations of Haldon in Devonshire, The Seat of George Chudleigh, Barronet,” signed S. Mace l.l., India ink on paper, framed, sight size 19 1/2 x 12 1/4 in. Note: Sandford Mace is listed in the Cartographers Database as an 18th century draughtsman. Pevsner dates this Palladian house to 1735 and as such, this drawing is likely c. 1735-1738. Haldon Hall was demolished in the 20th century. $200-300

1181. Bing & Grondahl Porcelain Recumbent Greyhound and a Dahl Jensen Porcelain Seated Scottie Figurals, respective lg. 11 1/2, ht. 5 1/2 in. $300-500

1182. Pair of Sheffield Mfg. Co. Brass Balltop Andirons, New York, with paw feet, ht. 21 in. $300-500

1189. Two Silk Needlework Pictures Depicting “Plenty” and “Charity,” by Eliza Johnson and Polly G. Johnson, probably England, early 19th century, allegorical figural depictions of Plenty and Charity executed in silk and chenille threads and paint and applied paper on a silk ground, titles and maker’s names in gilt on eglomise mat below, (toning, tears), sight sizes 16 1/2 x 19 1/2 in., housed under eglomise mats and molded giltwood frames. $600-800

1174. Set of Six Turned Bone Napkin Rings, 19th century, with flute turning, dia. 1 1/2 in. $200-300

1183. Framed Chinese Gold and Silver Thread Embroidered Silk Panel Depicting Flowers and a Bird, sight size 23 1/2 x 8 1/2 in. $150-250

1190. Bisque Figure of a Boy and Dog, ht. 11 3/4 in. $75-100

1175. Eight Parian Historical and Character Busts, including Shakespeare, Virgil, General Lee, Garfield, and Wordsworth, ht. to 8 1/2 in. $300-500

1184. Three Charles Lotton Art Glass Vases and a Dick Slater Art Glass Vase, two Lotton with etched signatures, dated “1976,” and titled “Multiflora,” dated “1994,” and volcanic bottle-form attributed to Lotton and dated “1993,” Slater signed, respective ht. 7 1/8, 8 5/8, 10 1/8, and 7 in. $300-500

1191. Four Pieces of Meissen-type Blue and White Porcelain Tableware, a platter, serving dish, covered jar, and a footed holder, including Blue Onion pattern. $75-125

1176. Eight Assorted Victorian Art Glass Rose Bowls, a Jack-in-the-Pulpit Vase, a Cased Vase, and a Vase with Ruffled Rim. $500-700

1192. Set of Four Victorian Eastlake-type Upholstered Carved Walnut Parlor Side Chairs and a Settee. $150-200

1177. Set of Thirteen Spode Gilt and Handpainted Rose Decorated Porcelain Salad Plates and Soup Bowls, and a Set of Nine Lenox Gilt and Yellow Banded Porcelain Lunch Plates, the Spode plates for Tiffany & Co. $300-500

1185. Continental Fruitwood Marquetryinlaid Center Table, composed of antique elements, likely Dutch, removable rectangular crossbanded top inlaid with shields and strapwork, carved and ebonized apron and cabriole legs ending in ebonized paw feet, ht. 30, wd. 39 1/4, dp. 32 in. $500-700

1193. Italian Neoclassical Carved Wood Double Chair-back Settee, with needlepoint upholstered slip seat. $250-350

1178. Inlaid Mahogany and Burl Veneer Revolving Bookshelf, ht. 31 3/4, wd. 18 3/4 in. $200-250

1186. Louis XV Carved Beechwood Fauteuil, early 20th century, with shaped oval backrest, voluted frame and cabriole legs, carved all over with foliates, seat ht. 17 in. $150-250

1194. Late Victorian Carved Cherry Library Table with Long Drawer, carved apron and rope-turned legs, ht. 30, lg. 48, wd. 33 in. $400-600

1179. Four Chinese Export Marble-inset Carved Hardwood Stands, ht. 17 3/4, 23, 23 1/4, and 28 in. $600-800

1187. Pair of Continental Baroque-style Needlepoint Upholstered Carved Walnut Hall Chairs. $500-700

1195. British-style Oak Hotel Letter Box, ht. 23 in. $300-500

1180. Neoclassical-style Part-ebonized Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Double-Pedestal Console Table with Drawer, ht. 30, lg. 48 in. $75-100

1188. Four Victorian Art Glass Items, a small ewer, reeded satin glass vase, a bowl, and a quilted satin glass footed ewer. $300-350

1196. Ten Parian Historical and Character Busts, including J. Rainis, two Goethe, Gustaf V, Bodenstedt, Beethoven, Byron, and K. Matiss, ht. to 8 1/2 in. $400-600


1197. Chinese/American School, 20th Century Two Calligraphic Abstract Compositions. Each signed “OK. chiang,” one dated “12.2.77” l.r. Ink on paper mounted to silk, sheet sizes to 10 3/4 x 25 5/8 in., unframed. Condition: Minor surface abrasions. $50-75

1198. American School, 20th Century Lot of Two Female Nudes. Unsigned. Mixed media on paper, sight sizes to 11 1/2 x 7 1/2 in., framed. Condition: Trimmed sheet, soiling, taped to window mat, spiral-bound margin to one. $25-50

1199. Lot of Venetian Glass Jewelry and Small Articles, including beads, rings, a bracelet, etc. $50-75

1200. Three Assorted Victorian Art Glass Rose Bowls and a Cased Spiral Satin Glass Bottle Vase. $300-400





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