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DPAR43 SCR2008

GovernmentSecretariat, Karnataka VidhanaSoudha, Date :I8 .12,2012 Bangalore,

In exerciseof (Computer Li Services

hereby notifies the Syll

NOTIFICATION powers conferred by ru1e-5 of the Karnataka Ci Test) Rules, 2012, the Government of , Number of papers, duration and maximum

Liter of the Computer

of the saidrule which shallbe test for the purpose

in the Schedul below,namely:specified ''SCHEDULE SYLLABU FOR COMPUTER LITERACY TEST (MaximumMarks- 80) Time- 90 Minutes (5 Marks) 1. Introductionto omputer:(a) What is C mputer (b) Broad oriies of Computers (c) Language f Computer (d) Basic appl cations of Computer (e) Compo of Computer Unit (CPU) Processing Central Input andOutputdevices memory Computer andsoftware Concept of hardware of dataprocessing (0 Re concepts ion of data Definition of data Basic datatypes Storage of dataasfiles
Introduction to indows and Windows concepts:(a) What is OperatingSystemand basicsof Window (b) Theuseri terface

2 -

andmovingIconson the Usingmouse screen Icon TheMy Computer

The RecycleBin StatusbaroStart and Menu Running an application Windows Explorer Viewing of File, Folders and Directories Creatingand Renamingfiles and folders Opening and closing different Windows. (c) Windows setting Control Panels Wall paper and ScreenSavers Setting the date and sound Conceptof menu using helP (d) Advanced Windows Using right button of the mouse Creatingshort cuts Basics of window setuP Notepad Window Accessories cut, copy & paste

3. WORD PROCESSING IN ENGLISH : MS WORD:(Maximum 20 Marks) Basic (a) Word Processing An introductionto MS WORD OpeningMS WORD Package The Menu Bar Using the Help Using Icons below menu bar (b) Opening and Closing Documents OpeningDocuments- Saveand SaveAs Pageset up Printing Documents Display/Fliding of paragraphmarks and inter word space (c) Moving around in a document Scrolling the document-Scrolling by link/paragraph Fast scrolling and moving Pages (d) Using a Document/HelPWizard


3 (e) Text creationandmanipulation andTab setting Paragraph Text selection Cut, CopyandPaste Font and sizeselection Bold, Italic andUnderline Alignmentof text-center,Left,Right and Justiff text: (f) Formatting font, sizeandcolor Changing indenting Paragraph Bulletsandnumbering Useof Tab andTab setting Case Changing documents multiple (g) Handling andclosingmultipledocuments Opening the documents across Cut,Copyandpaste Savingof clip boards (h) TableManipulation: andcells of Table- Rows,Columns Concept Draw table cell width andheight Changing Alignmentof text in cell of cell Copying of row or columns Delete/inserting of table Borders (i) Printing -

Printing Print Preview page Print selected Mail merge (Maximum20 Marks)


EXCEL Sheet-MS Spread (a) Elements of Electronics sheet of Spread Application/ usage of MS Excel Opening TheMenubar Work Book andsheets of cellsandaddressing Creation Cell inputting Edit features


4 (b) Manipulation of cells Enter text, numbersand dates Insertion of cells, rows and columns Formatting of cells, rows and columns Creationof tables Cell height and widths Copying and moving cells (c) Use of formulas Usageof basic formulas Functions- Financial, Statistical, Date & Time, Math & Trg and Logical (d) Data Manipulation:Sorting Filter Subtotal (e) Window Freezepans Split Hide (f) Charts What is chart and its usage Different typesof chart-Column ,Bar, Line, Pie etc. Creationof chart Customization (g) Spreadsheetfor small accounting Maintaining invoices/budget Totaling of Various transactions Maintaining daily and monthly salesreport Preparingmonthly salarybills PreparingStatisticalreportswith charts 5. Computer Communication and Internet:- (Maximum l0 Marks) (a) Basic computernetworks LAN Internet WAN (b) Internet Conceptof Internet Application Internet (c) Serviceon Internet WWW and web sites Communicationon Internet


(c) web :'o*'r'Lil"#ffi orer

Communicator NetscaPe (d) Surfing the Internet Giving URL address ' Search ' Moving aroundweb-site


pases portion ofweb il';Tri"ffi,?iling


(e) Chattingon Internet

mail (a) Basicof electronic

Mailbox inbox and outbox (b) Using E-Mails Viewing Sending Saving

_ ffiii:ffi,*f;ricmair -

users mailto various and

(c)Document i;;lill?same
soft copyasattachment Sending to E-mail Enclosures asE-mail portionof document Send (Maximum5 Marks)

6. Power Point:(a)Basics -

and Document between Difference Presentation UsingPowerPoint PowerPointPresentation Opening presentation UsingWizardfor creating (b) Creation of Presentation Title Text creation Font andsizes Bullet andindenting Moving to nextslide


6 (c) Prep aration of slides Selection typeof slides Importingtext from documents Moving to nextslide The slideManager (d) Providingaesthetics SlideDesign Background andtext colors Marking your own slide format Footnotes andslidenumbering (e) Slidemanipulation andslideshow (f) Presentation of slides Usingslideshow Printingthe slidesandHandouts Slidesorter Title sorter 7. Knowledge of KannadaNudi softwarein,(Maximuml0 Marks) (a) Wordprocessing; (b) Spread Sheet; (c) Powerpoint presentation; and (d) InternetandCommunication. II. PATTERN OF TESTING :. (1) Thetestshallbe online, multiplechoice type. (2)Total questions shallbe g0, cirrying I markseach (3) Indicative allocation of 80 marks based on syllabus is asfollows:(a) Computer fundamentals andWindows _ Maximum5 marks. (b) WordProcessingMS Word - Maximum20 marks. -MS Excel- Maximumz} marks (c) spreadsheet (d) Computer Communications, Internet and e-mail - Maximum20 marks. (e) Nudi Kannada software Knowledge in Word - Maximum l0 marks. Processing (f) Powerpoint _ Maximum5 marks.

7 ---

III NUMBER OF PAPERS:(1) There shall be one paper combining both theory and practical configuration questions. (2) The questionpaper shall be in both English & Kann ada. Candidates can opt any one of the languages."

By Orderandin the nameof the Governor of Karnataka.


IJnder Secretary to Governm.nt. Department of Personnel and Adryrinistrative Reforms @lSrrvice Rules-t).


To: The compiler,KarnatakaGazette for publicationin the specialissueof the Official Gazette and to supply l00copim to the DPAR (Service Rules-B) section immediately Copyto:TheAccountant General, Karnataka,Bangalore TheChief Secretary to Government. TheAdditionalchief Secretaries to Government. TheAdditionalChief Secret ary to Government andDevelopment Commissioner. 5) All Principalsecretaries : Secretaries to Government. 6) All Regional Commissioners. 7) TheAccountant General, Karnataka Bangalore. 8) All Heads of Departments. 9) All DeputyCommissioners/Chief Executive Office rs of Zilla panchayats. I 0) *The Secretary, Karnatakalegislative Assembly/Council, Bangalore. I l) *The Secretary, KarnatakaPublic Service Commission, Udyogi Soudha, Bangalore. 12)*TheRegistrar General, High court of Karnataka,Bangalore. I 3) *TheRegistrar, Karnatakalokayukta, Bangalore. I 4) t TheRegistr at, KarnatakaAdministrative Tribunal,Indiranagar, Bangaore-560 038. l5) All Sections of the Secretariat. 16)cabinet section (C:343:200g, dated: 01.0 t.2009) 17)WeeklyGazette. 18)Guard File. (* with a covering letter) l) 2) 3) 4)