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3. One-year post-doctoral research in Germany TARGETS OF THE IGSP PROGRAMME 1. Improving human resources in accordance with MOECs Strategic Plan (Renstra). 2. Contributing to the objectives of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia in upgrading Indonesian lecturers to Doctoral level. 3. Improving the cooperation of Higher Education institutions between the two countries Indonesia and Germany. PRIORITY OF STUDY FIELDS 1. Economics and Finance focused on Poverty Alleviation 2. Climate Change, Environment and Biodiversity 3. New and Renewable Energy, Natural Resources 4. Food Safety and Security 5. Health, Tropical Diseases, Nutrition and Medicine 6. Disaster Management and Mitigation 7. National Integration and Social Harmonization 8. Regional Autonomy and Decentralization 9. Arts and Culture/Creative Industry/Culture Technology 10. Infrastructure, Transportation and Defense Technology (satellite) 11. Information and Communication Technology 12. Human Development and National Competitiveness 13. Marine Science and Technology 14. Nano Technology

Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC) of Republic of Indonesia has an education collaboration program with the Government of Federal Republic of Germany. The two parties have agreed to run the Indonesian-German Scholarship Program (IGSP) as part of the Debt Swap VII programme with the aim of improving the quality of Higher Education of Indonesia (in the field of human resources). The Debt Swap programme is the Indonesian foreign debt reduction. In the field of education, Debt Swap Programme I and II have been accomplished in the field of basic education and rehabilitation of school facilities. WHO CAN APPLY - TARGET GROUP Master graduates who are permanent/ prospective lecturers from State and Private Universities, and Master graduates who are recommended by Indonesian universities to be lecturers, including students from Fast Track programme, are eligible for this scholarship. The IGSP is a full scholarship for PhD/Doctoral studies in Germany. Every appllicant from the above mentioned group can apply for the following schemes: 1. Full PhD Programme in Germany (3 years) 2. One-year Research in Germany during PhD studies (Program S3) at an Indonesian university. Collaboration agreement between supervising professors in both countries is recommended.

REQUIREMENTS OF APPLICATION FOR IGSP PROGRAMME 1. Potential lecturers with the following qualifications: a. Holding a Master degree with a total study duration of at least five years (including Bachelor). b. Academic qualification: - GPA for regular Master graduates 3.20 - GPA for candidates from Fast Track programme: Bachelor 3.00 and Master 3.20 c. Non-academic qualification: - ITP/iBT/CBT TOEFL 550/79/213 or IELTS 6.0 - Good track record in the number of publications or research - Good work and research ethics 2. Candidates are obliged to register online at DOCUMENTS THAT NEED TO BE SUBMITTED: 1. Form A DIKTI 2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English 3. Research proposal in English or German language, minimum 4 pages 4. Letter of Acceptance (LoA) or written confirmation of academic supervision by a professor in Germany 5. List of scientific writings (if any) 6. 2 (two) letters of recommendation written in English 7. Copy of legalized academic certificate of Bachelor and Master studies 8. Copy of legalized of academic certificate of Bachelor and Master studies in an official English translation 9. Copy of legalized academic transcript of Bachelor and Master studies

10. Copy of legalized academic transcript of Bachelor and Master studies in an official English translation 11. Thesis abstract (for Bachelor and Master) plus dissertation abstract (for post-doctoral candidates) written in English 12. Valid International ITP/iBT/CBT TOEFL or IELTS certificate with minimum score 550/79/213 or 6.0. Prediction TOEFL will not be accepted 13. Copy of German language course certificate (if any) 14. Employer's study leave endorsement and a guarantee of re-employment 15. Contract of prospective lecturer 16. Legal certificate of permanent/prospective lecturer at an Indonesian university 17. Any other relevant training certificate / diploma obtained 18. One (1) photo (3x4) Important! Please make sure that you fulfill the requirements of the faculty/university you are planning to do your PhD study. Therefore please check the website of the faculty/university. After online application at please send two (2) hardcopies of the required documents to the following address: Direktorat Pendidik dan Tenaga Kependidikan Gedung Dikti Lantai 5 Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Pintu Satu Senayan Jakarta-10270


Application through online registration and hardcopy

Application check through Debt Swap Office

Interview through Joint-Selection Committee

Pre-departure course


Start study or research in Germany

SCHOLARSHIP DURATION 1. PhD studies/Doctoral Graduate School: enrollment in Germany for 3 years. 2. Research Programme: enrollment in Germany for 12 months. PROGRAMME COORDINATOR Dr. Gatot Hari Priowirjanto (SEAMOLEC) Dr. Purwanto Subroto (Lemkerma DIKTI) Istri Hardiyati (Dittendik DIKTI) CONTACTS Listya Ayu Saraswati Nevada Larasati WEBSITE: EMAIL: