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If 37 % of a number is 900, what is 62 % of the number? i) a% of b + b% of a = ? % of ab ii) 40% of 70 = 4 ? iii) 0.025 in terms of percent is The price of a wall coal be raised by 20%. Find by how much percent a house holder must reduce his consumption of that article so as not to increase his expenditure. Due to a fall of 10% in the rate of tea, 500 gm more tea can be purchased for 140. Find original and reduced rate. The population of a town is P. it increases by 5% during first year, by 10% during the second year and by 20% during the third year. Then find population after 3 years. Also find the net percentage change in population after 3 years. The tax on a commodity is diminished by 15% and its consumption increased by 10%.Find the effect of the revenue derived from it. With what increase percent in its consumption would the revenue remain the same? A shop keeper marks his goods 12% higher than its original price. After that he allows a discount of 12%. What is his percent loss or profit? Fresh grapes contain 90% water by weight while dried grapes contain 20% water by weight. The weight of dry grapes available from 20 kg of fresh grapes will be? In an examination 70% of the candidates passed English, 65% in Mathematics, 27% failed in both the subjects and 248, passed in both the subjects. Find the total number of candidates.

10. Due to reduction in the price of mangoes by 30%, a customer can buy 15 mangoes more in the same amount. Find the original number of mangoes he used to buy. 1] 25 2] 18 3] 35 4] 21 5] 30 11. Radius of the base of a right circular cylinder is increased by 10% and the height is decreased by 20%. What is the percentage increase or decrease in I. Area of the base? II. Volume of the right circular cylinder? 1] 21% increase, 5.6% decrease 2]10% increase, 5.6% decrease 3]10% increase, 12% decrease 4]21% increase, 3.2% decrease 5]21% decrease, 5.6% increase 12. Which of the following is/are true? I. 5% of x added to x is equal to multiplying x by 1.05. II. 20% of x subtracted from x is equal to dividing x by 1.25 III. 23% of x added to 17% of x is same as dividing x by 2.5 1] I & II only 2] I & III only 3] II & III only

4] I, II & III

5] None of these

13. A fruit vendor has 50% mangoes, 10% grapes, 25% bananas and peaches in his stall. 4% of the mangoes, 1% of the grapes, 3% of the bananas and 2% of the peaches are rotten. What is the percentage of rotten fruits in the stall? 1] 4.25% 2] 5.5% 3] 3.15% 4] 3.50% 5] None of these 14. n% of the total population voted in an election. Only the men population cast their vote . l% of those who did not cast their votes was men. All the children were minor and hence were not eligible for voting, and they comprised m% of the total population. What percentage of population were women? 1] 100- (l + m + n) + 2] 100 – (l + m + n) 3] (l +m +n) + 4] None of these 5] Data inadequate 15. Two numbers b and c are 20% and 28% less than the third number d. Find by what percentage is the number c less than the number b? 1] 8% 2] 12% 3] 10% 4] 9% 5] None of these 16. The owner of an art shop conducts his business in the following manner. Every once in a while he raises his prices by x%. Then a while later he reduces all the new prices by x%. After one such up-down cycle, the price of a painting decreases by Rs. 441. After a second up-down cycle, the painting was sold for 1944.81. What is the original price of the painting in Rs?

50.000 2] Rs 5. Which of the following is definitely true? 1] p + q = r 2] p + q > r 3] p + q < r 4] Data inconsistent 5] None of these 20. Shobhit pays tax at the rate of 5% of the taxable income and 10% as special surcharge on the amount of income tax levied.Percentages 1] 2756.000. In accordance with the provision of the new budget.000 5] Rs 4.00.000 people voted each time. Then he gives a single discount of r% to bring the selling price down to the level of the cost price.000 3] 1. 8. and lost by a margin twice as large as that by which it had won the previous election. how many voted for the ‘X’ Party in the election? 1] 1. Find the gross pay of the man (taxable income = 80% of gross pay) 1] Rs 6.000 5] 1. In an Election involving two parties only.00.000 4] Rs 3. There were four passages of equal length (in words) and they had 5.000 3] Rs 4. Assume that his rate of reading and answering question remains the same across all four passages.40.000 2] 1.10. Amit was writing an entrance exam.000 4] 1.00. Rohit marks up an item successively by p% and q% on his cost price.000 19. 8 and 6 questions respectively.50. He altogether pays a tax of Rs. .30.5% 3] 25% 4] 15% 5] 15. By what percentage should Amit increase his speed (reading) in order to cut down the total time spent by 10%? 1] 20% 2] 18.25 2] 2256.000 18.25 3] 2500 4] 2000 5] None of these 17. the number of votes against ‘X’ Party increased by 25% over the previous election.60. Amit can answer exactly 12 questions in the time he takes to read any one of the four passages. If a total of 2.