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Face drilling

Atlas Copco Hydraulic rock drills

COP 3038
Technical specification

A 30 kW hydraulic rock drill for fast tunnelling and drifting in the hole range 43–64 mm. Exceptionally high penetration rate and excellent drill steel life.

Features and benefits
• Efficient, hydraulic dual-damping system absorbs and dissipates the shockwaves from the rock, as well as establishing the best possible contact between the drill bit and the rock. This feature makes it possible to transmit maximum power to crush the rock without risking nontightening of threads in the drill string. • High-frequency technology - instead of striking the drill steel harder, the piston strikes it at higher frequency. This makes it possible to drill exceptionally fast without increasing the stress on the drill steel. • Low and slender profile permits drilling close to the walls. • Double sealed flushing chamber, which complies with up to 40 bar water pressure and less risk of waterintrution into rockdrill. • Easy to service with few, small and light weighted parts.

Nm Working pressure. kW Hydraulic pressure. kW Input power to rock drill. max. bar Oil consumption. max. max. Hz Impact energy. All product names in this publication are trademarks of Atlas Copco. Any unauthorized use or copying of the contents or any part thereof is prohibited. The figures above are typical values for spherical button bits in granite. No warranty is made regarding specifications or otherwise. Sweden. mm Height over drill center. max. Örebro. drill rod size and rock hardness. bar Flow rate. bit type. mm 165 970 300 240 84 Impact power. l/min* flushing flow and pressure COP 3038 20–40 5 60 *Flushing water consumption depends strongly on hole diameter. l/min Impact frequency. Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB. rpm Torque. l/min 0–380 400 (06 (125 cc) 0–300 500 140 60 07 (160 cc) 0–240 650 Flushing water pressure. mm Height. l/s Flushing water consumption. Illustrations and photos in this brochure may show equipment with optional extras. max.Face drilling Technical data COP 3038 Dimensions and weight COP 3038 Weight. Penetration rate COP 3038 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 m/min Limestone 160 MPa Granite 200 MPa 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 Ø mm Hole dimension Laboratory test results Overhaul kit COP 3038 Seal kit 200 impact hours kit 400 impact hours kit Overhaul kit 3115 2900 03 3115 2900 04 3115 2900 07 3115 2900 06 Shank adapters COP 3038 T38E TC45 TC45E 7490 5157 74 7490 5161 30 7490 5156 66 9851 2657 01 09/2009 . mm Width including connectors. Nm impact ratings COP 3038 © Copyright 2009. max. Consult your Atlas Copco Customer Center for specific information. kg Length without shank adapter. bar Lubricating air consumption at 2 bar. 30 60 200 150–175 102 294 rotation motors COP 3038 05 (100 cc) Rotation range. Specifications and equipment are subject to change without notice. 200 MPa.