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 Working as Unix-Oracle DBA  Acquired around 4.0+ yrs of progressive experience in infrastructure services (as Oracle DBA (9i/10g/11g)).  Profound Understanding of Oracle 9i/10g Architecture and creation of databases  Good understanding on 11g new features.  Experienced in Installing and configuring 2 node RAC and knowledge in adding nodes  Experienced with SRVCTL, CRSCTL, OCR and Voting Disk  Applying patch sets for stand alone and RAC instances  Up gradation of oracle instances  Migration of databases across different platforms  Expertise in Table space Management and User Management.  Creating tablespaces, sizing the System Tablespace, and allocating default Tablespace for users.  Transportable Tablespace using Export/Import utility.  Creating and Managing Tablespaces (LMTS and DMTS) using normal and Oracle Managed files.  Creating users with restricted access, with default and Temporary Tablespaces.  Creating and managing user access to the database, assigning privileges, and roles.  Creating roles and granting to users based on their group requirements.  Creating profiles and attaching them with users.  Exporting and importing databases.  Creating and Managing DBLINK to link schema objects residing on remote database  Experienced in creation and maintenance of DB objects, tablespaces and datafiles  Experienced in scheduling RMAN Backups and performing recoveries.  Strong exposure in performing critical production database recoveries  Efficient in performing flashback mode recovery in 9i and 10g (flashback query, flashback table, flashback database).  Experienced in building and managing standby databases (Dataguard) for PROD DBs  Database Cloning using Hot and Cold backups and RMAN  Good Analytical and Strong interpersonal and excellent communication skills  Having good knowledge on generating AWR report and ADDM report, Explain plan, Tkprof.

PRESOFSIONAL EXPERIENCE  Working as Database Administrator in CENVIEN TECHNOLOGIES from Apr 2009 to Till Date.

Creating and managing DBLINK to link schema objects residing on remote database. data and video services to residential customers. schemas and full database level as scheduled by using Data pump Export & Import Utility. businesses and the US federal government over intelligent wireless.PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION  B. Creating tablespaces. Data Pump : Oracle Enterprise Manager : RMAN. Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering) from JNTU Hyderabad. Administered the cluster database using CRSCTL and SRVCTL utilities Converted single instance database to cluster database Performed TAF(Transparent Application Fail over) configuration Creating users and granting privileges like roles. tablespaces. Roles & Responsibilities:             Perform regular Remote DBA activities Installation and configuration of RAC. RAC PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN Project 1: Client: Duration: Role: Description: Verizon Data Services India is a leading network company and a global leader in delivering innovation in communications. Hot & Cold Backups : Data Guard. VERIZON. system privileges and object privileges. Export & Import of tables. Restoring databases from RMAN backup sets. INDIA November 2011 to Tilldate Database Administrator . Recovering databases from Archivelogs. Verizon stay a leader in offering superior voice. Conversion of Database in Archive Log / No Archive Log Modes. information and entertainment. in 2008 TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Database Administration Operating Systems Oracle Tools DBA Tools Backup Strategeies High Availability : Oracle 9i/10g/11g : Solaris. adding/resizing datafiles. RHEL : Export /Import.

Open Database Backups (Hot Backups / Online Backups). Roles & Responsibilities:      Daily monitoring the performance of database Performing oracle installations Performing Export and Import operations. Oracle network configuration. Roles & Responsibilities:            Database creation. Closed Database Backups (Cold Backups / Offline Backups). The project take care of IT support for AMFAM and DBA is one of the key support area for AMFAM. Creating users and granting privileges like roles. Conversion of Database in Archive Log / No Archive Log Modes. INDIA Nov 2010 to October 2011 Database Administrator Project 3: Client : Duration : Role : AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE. Cold Backups & RMAN) & disaster recovery procedures Monitoring . and database objects. USA Apr 2009 to October 2010 Database Administrator Description: AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE was one of the leading insurance companies in USA and they handled all kinds of insurance. Creating database Users. index hits etc.Tablespace and Extent growth. Refreshing databases. Taking Hot and Cold backups. Project 2: Client : Duration : Role : Description: CITI BANK was one of the leading bank in India. system privileges and object privileges. Estimate the size of the database. Performing backup and recovery operations if needed Database Creation . and we provide round the clock support to the project with databases and we provide oracle database support. CITI BANK.we provide 24X7 services in handling databases and maintaining the backups.  Backup and restore database and database objects using export/import. Database backups (Logical.

Control files. Checking database locks and clearing the blocking sessions. Creating table spaces with storage parameters. Checking alert log file. Users. Creating Database objects. Datafiles.. Redo Log files. .      Managing Tablespaces. Creating Databases. Roles. Profiles for the databases. Cleaning up unused spaces from the server for backup process.