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Service Information
Document Title: Function Group: Information Type: Service Information Date: 01/09/2009

Profile: EXC, EC210B LC (Volvo) [GB]

Vehicle control unit V-ECU, function description

Figure 1 Vehicle control unit, position The vehicle control unit is mounted on the inside right hand cab wall. The vehicle control unit is the controlling node in the system. It contains overall functionality that is vehicle related. Overall strategic decisions are made in the vehicle control unit. It controls, regulates and monitors the hydraulics. Information is sent out/read in on the data bus for coordination with the other control units. Functions
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Self diagnosis Machine status indication Mode selection Engine speed sensing power control Auto idling Auto and one touch power boost Safe start and stop Auto travel speed control Emergency control Pump flow control

Inputs and outputs Inputs Digital SW2704 Emergency switch (EMS power check) Emergency switch (IVS) ECU Outputs Digital Flow control proportional valve (signal) Air cleaner clogging


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SW9105 SW3301 SW9107 SW9109 SW9110 SE9102 SW9104 SW9103 SW2703 SW2702 SE9103 SE9101 MA9117 SW9116 SE9111 SE8501 Analogue SW2701 SW9101

Quickfit switch (confirm) Engine start switch (R2) Engine start switch (ACC) Boost/hammer/shear selection switch Control lever switch, rotator left Control lever switch, rotator right Hammer pilot pressure switch Quickfit switch Travel speed selection switch Auto idling selection switch Power maximum mode selection switch Travel pilot pressure switch Attach pilot pressure switch Hammer selection solenoid valve Float position switch Float position pilot pressure switch Safety lever switch

warning lamp Power shift proportional valve (signal) Air preheating indication lamp Engine coolant temperature warning lamp Radiator coolant level warning lamp V-ECU status Travel speed selection solenoid valve Boom conflux shut off solenoid valve Power boost solenoid valve Arm conflux shut off solenoid valve Battery relay EMS power shut off relay Float position solenoid valve Float position indicator lamp

LC2501 MA9102 LC2502 LC2601 LC2602 MDU MA9103 MA9105 MA9107 MA9106 RE3101 RE3701 MA9120 LC9112

Analogue Engine speed control switch Flow control switch Not used

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