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In the summers of Chambersburg air conditioner will be your most important investment.

Can you imagine a sweltering July without the cool relief of air conditioning? Don’t let another moment go by without ensuring your comfort by purchasing a high-quality air conditioner today. Your Chambersburg PA air conditioner wasn’t invented yesterday; temperature control has been an essential comfort since the days of Ancient Rome. Wealthy ancient Romans routed aqueducts through the walls of their luxurious houses, protecting them from the Sicilian sun in even the hottest days of summer. In the Han Dynasty of the second century, Ding Huan invented manually powered rotary fans with wheels ten feet in diameter. Subsequently, Emperor Xuanzong of the eighth-century Tang Dynasty created the Cool Hall by using water to power his enormous fans. Open pools in central courtyards called cisterns and wind towers cooled during the summer. Wind towers directed area over the rain-catching cisterns, evaporating the air and cooling the building. Expensive and inexpensive ventilators were used in many houses in Cairo, Egypt during the thirteenth century – much different from Chambersburg air conditioners you use today! Chambersburg, PA’s sweltering Junes and Julys played a part in the Civil War. In the Gettysburg campaign of summer 1863, the Virginia Cavalry used the heat to accelerate their burning of several Chambersburg warehouses. The dastardly heat must have been as much of an enemy as the Northern Army when, Robert E. Lee set up shop in Chambersburg during the campaign. The Confederate troops used the heat to incite another fire the following summer while burning down the majority of Chambersburg. Chambersburg may have played host to major battles in this Civil War, but there’s no need for you to battle the heat so ferociously this August. A quality Chambersburg PA air conditioner will ensure that the summer heat incurs no casualties this summer. Air conditioning is an essential and expected modern convenience. Though Union soldiers may have had to suffer through hot summers with nothing to cool them, you don’t have to suffer without a Chambersburg air conditioner. There are different types of air conditioning systems to suit your needs. A unit air conditioner is set up in your window, cooling a small space. It’s inexpensive and perfect for small apartments, houses, and single rooms. Central air conditioning pushes air throughout your house through a system of ducts. While more expensive, it’s the best way to efficiently cool your house and keep the temperature consistent from room to room. Air conditioning makes summer living easier in many myriad ways. The dog days of summer can be insufferable; air conditioning can cool you and your home or business to your exact comfort. Don’t waste three roasting summer months suffering indoors; embrace the cool breeze of air conditioning and relax in comfort. Your Chambersburg air conditioner will help you find relief from the summer heat.