Ikeda’s Guidance during his second visit to Malaysia (November 2000) Although we had studied this together before, different thoughts have emerged after my repeated study of this guidance again recently. I pen these thoughts down for mutual learning and exchanges with all of you. It is my hope that these thoughts set off a fresh wave of spiritual renewal to scale higher achievements in our great undertaking of Kosen-rufu. I urge you for feedback and suggestions towards this end. Next year, 2010, will be the 21st and 10th Anniversary of Ikeda Sensei and his wife's first and second visit respectively to our country; the 80th Anniversary of Soka Gakkai and the 50th Anniversary of Ikeda Sensei's inauguration as the 3rd President of Soka Gakkai. In anticipation of this glorious moment, let's us all gather to study once again Ikeda Sensei's guidance to us during his second visit to renew and strengthen the spirit and the bond of mentor and disciple in our lives. Part I – (6 Paragraphs) Original Text: (1) Malaysia, which is soaring valiantly towards the 21st century, shines with the light of unlimited hope. (2) I am overjoyed to finally be able to visit this young, dynamic country again after a gap of twelve years. (3) It is the realization of a long-cherished dream. I am filled with deep emotion to be here, and I congratulate you with all my heart on the truly phenomenal development that Malaysia has undergone in this past decade. Para 1-3: In these paragraphs, Ikeda Sensei praised the spirit of dedication of SGM members. While feeling proud about these praises, we should be mindful to guard ourselves against complacency and arrogance so as not to impede our progress in our practice. We all have the tendency to allow praises get to our head, becoming self centered and arrogant. Actually, there is another meaning in praising others; it also aims to spur people on, encourage them, urge them to create greater value and achievement.

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Original Text: (4) You, the members of Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM), for whom I have the greatest esteem and affection, have worked together with General Director Koe Teng Hong and Women’s Division Leader Tan Lian Kim to become exemplary citizens of your respective communities and of your country. And as a result of your efforts, you have earned the trust of people in all areas of society, including the top echelons of the Government. Para 4: "To become exemplary citizens of your respective communities and of your country" teaches us about the principles of "faith equals daily life" and "Buddhism is society". The is the hope and expectation Ikeda Sensei places upon all the members of Soka Gakkai throughout the world. From Buddhism point of view, a person of faith is one who lives with a mission, compassionate and practise for others; one who takes responsibility for and contribute to his family, work, organization, society and country, fulfilling his obligations as a citizen; one of noble character, good moral values and ethics, , wellmannered, law-abiding, neighborly, caring, trust-worthy and an exemplary of contribution to the society and country. As Ikeda Sensei always remind us of the Gosho that states, "The purpose of the appearance in this world of Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, lies in his behavior as a human being" [No.106, Page 851, col 2, paragraph 22, The Three Kinds of Treasure] and "Bring forth the great power of faith, and be spoken of by all the people of Kamakura, both high and low, or by all the people of Japan, as “Shijo Kingo, Shijo Kingo of the Lotus school!” [No.35, Page 319, col 1, paragraph 9, Early Desires Are Enlightenment]. Similarly in his guidance to us during his first visit in 1988, Sensei emphasized that "A person of true wisdom is one who is actively participating and contributing and adding value to the society" and "Be one who can perceive the reality of life who exerts oneself for the happiness, safety and security of others. Honest and thoughtful actions are proof of true faith". Sensei has indicated to us in this guidance the way to become a person of true wisdom who is honest and thoughtful. I urge that you, having understood his intention, honestly practise his guidance to prove its validity in your daily life. Under the guidance of Ikeda Sensei, we made great achievement during the last century in contributing to the society and country. We made encouraging development in Kosen-rufu and expanded our circle of trust and understanding. Based on the same principles of Mentor and disciple and Sensei's guidance and philosophy, we shall continue to fulfill our role as exemplary citizen in the days ahead to live up to Sensei's expectation of us and to repay our debt of gratitude towards Sensei.

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Original Text: (5) The growth and activities of the youth, the protagonists of the new century, are also deserving of the highest praise. In addition, centres of Kosen-rufu have appeared one after another around the country. Such community centers are a crystallization of your noble sincerity and symbol of your immense good fortune. (6) Before coming here today, incidentally, I stopped by at the construction site of the new SGM Grand Culture Centre, which is scheduled for completion in February next year. While I was there, I chanted daimoku for the construction work to proceed smoothly and for the centre to become a wonderful base for activities dedicated to social contribution. Para 5 & 6: The growth and vitality of the youth determines the future development of Kosen-rufu. The Youth Division is the successor of our future. It is precisely for this reason that the Youth today must be conscious that fact in order to live up to Sensei's expectation. The Youth of SGM of the past contributed significantly to the development of SGM with the support of the Men and Women Divisions (who's credit must be remembered by the Youth). The Youth Division exhibited excellent tradition of the spirit of Soka Youth, taking responsibility for Kosen-rufu with strong faith and tenacity. As a reminder to the Youth Division: "Flowers that flourish within the greenhouse environment cannot withstand the beating of harsh weather". It is my hope that the Youth Division today inherits the same spirit and ability. It is time for the Youth Division to carry out review, introspection and selfreflection. Sensei has always reminded us that failure to progress is to regress. Be mindful of this. The materialization of our cultural centers throughout the country is the actual proof of the good fortune accumulated by our members through their faith and practice in accordance with the guidance of Ikeda Sensei. This proved the greatness of Sensei's guidance and philosophy and members' faith and practice. Alongside the completion of these cultural centers one after another, our good fortune has also snowballed, evidencing the validity of the law of simultaneity of cause and effect of Nichiren Buddhism. Part II

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family. fulfilling our commitment to him as his disciples. (2) I would like before anything else to share this proud honour with all of you. 'You. my beloved SGM members. faculty and students. my friends here in Malaysia. I applaud you wholeheartedly. And. heartfelt welcome of the university officials. it must be made clear to all of you and for record that it ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 4 of 34 ᩱ . my friends here in Malaysia. I remember him saying at the time 'I humbly receive this conferment on behalf of the members of SGM' and 'I thank all beloved members of SGM for your effort!'. Para 1-4: Ikeda Sensei was conferred the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from the University Putra Malaysia (UPM) on 29 November 2000.Original Text: On the wall of this room is a banner with next year's theme: 'Year of Victory for the New Century'. whose sincerity and good wishes pervaded every inch of the ceremony. have won on all front'. growth and talent development) in the 21st Century. We must echo Sensei's guidance and expectation by delivering to him reports of victorious achievements. encouraging us saying. It is therefore Sensei's wish and it encourages us to achieve victory in all aspects of our life (individual. Ikeda Sensei chose to be with all of us in Malaysia at the dawn of the new century. I had the privilege of receiving an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from the University Putra Malaysia [on November 29]. children and career) and Kosen-rufu (organizational unity. You. This is the first conferment of its kind to Ikeda Sensei by a Malaysian university. words cannot express my profound appreciation for the warm. Part III (6 Paragraphs) Original Text: (1) During this visit. (3) The conferment ceremony was most dignified and solemn. Looking back. We practice Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism in order to win in life and to become happy. (4) It is also my humble pleasure to report that many people at the University Putra Malaysia voiced genuine praise for the contribution that all of you of SGM are making to society. Ikeda Sensei set a new long term goal 'Year of Victory for the New Century' for SGI worldwide. Three cheers for SGM's resounding victory! Three cheers for your brilliant triumph! At the dawn of the new century. have won on all front.

calls for the need to return to humanism and for spiritual revolution. She continued 'in his series of speeches and in his effort promoting friendship and mutual understanding. religion. Mr. We must guard ourselves against our tendencies of becoming credit seeking and condescending especially when we manage to achieve some level of success. She went on to say that 'with sincerity and spirit of nobility' he meets with scholars. Dean of Faculty of Educational Studies. Ikeda spoke highly of the role of women in promoting and upholding peace principles. Mr. chose to be present in Malaysia to lead the advancement of SGM. showing ingratitude towards Sensei and some may even manipulate their position in the organization for some selfish gain. Sensei showed us the essence of a true humanistic leader who has an openheart. We must constantly check ourselves against the examples set by Sensei. treasure and respect every individual. Kamariah Hj Abu Bakar. who values and appreciates the efforts of grass-root members. the President of Soka Gakkai International. education. Ikeda Sensei was the first individual of Japanese nationality to be conferred an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from the University Putra Malaysia on 29 November 2000. is a name that is synonymous with the values of peace. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 5 of 34 ᩱ . Ikeda is active delivering speeches at world renown Universities and learning organizations. "if by strength is meant moral power. if non-violence is the law of our being. striving with them to learn and improve together through mutual encouragement and in the process strengthen the bond of friendship and unity that will in turn set off a new wave of Kosen-rufu movement.was in fact Ikeda Sensei who acted out of his compassion. culture and education in the opening of her citation for the conferment ceremony saying 'Daisaku Ikeda. He crave for peace on earth. He echoed the views as emphasized and pointed out by Mahatma Gandhi. culture and education'. treat people with humility. He believes that children should be groomed and shaped to assume the role of future leaders of the country with capability and sense of responsibility and the same time able to contribute to realizing world peace’. literature. culture. We may dwell in the world of hunger and animality. social activist and world leaders to communicate his thoughts in his pursuit of world peace to fulfill his hope a better world. harmony and world peace'. He submits his proposal on disarmament to the United Nation. especially our seniors and those contributing behind the scene. then the future is with women". UPM paid tribute to Ikeda Sensei for his contribution in the promotion of world peace. These speeches cover topics from arts. We shall then acquire the heart equivalent to that of Ikeda Sensei. Associate Professor Dr. then women is immeasurably man's superior.'He aslo emphasized the importance of early childhood education and development. Let's walk amongst the members. He represents an example of faith in action for all leaders to emulate.

working for peace and happiness for the future of mankind at the same time guiding us in faith everyday without fail. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 6 of 34 ᩱ ." This is the only means to transform suspicion into trust. Maybe it is time for soul-searching and resolve to study more of Sensei's writings. she stressed that "Mr. Ikeda dedicated his life to propagating the truth. Before closing. The above passage 'Mr. Ikeda dedicated his life to propagating the truth' recognizes Mr. ideology and ethnicity. praying and calling for the revival and liberation of the human spirituality and humanism". more than us within the organization.She continued. we shall continue to practice and advance with unwavering spirit based upon the guidance and philosophy of Sensei's. speeches. At an age passed 80. Sensei took faith at the age of 19. We as his disciple. Ikeda Sensei carries out his duty in order to protect the members of the SGI families and to show the greatness of teacher and to prepay his debt of gratitude to his beloved teacher Mr. It is my hope that each one us appreciates and remembers this so that no matter what happens. it is a fact that the rapid expansion of SGM for the last 30 years was achieved after Sensei's visit. The above were the citation in honor of Ikeda Sensei. Kamariah Hj Abu Bakar has help me understand how much learned individuals outside the circle of our organization recognize and appreciate Sensei's thoughts and philosophy and his contribution towards world peace and him as a man of noble character. we must in return respond by following closely his footsteps dedicating ourselves for Kosen-rufu. always giving his best to encouraging others. It is shameful to note that we as leaders of the organization may not appreciate Sensei as much even though he is with us. peace and prosperity for our country. The citation by Associate Professor Dr. dialogues. substituting eternal peace for conflict. he continues to be active on the world stage. Josei Toda. transcending national boundary. which I would like to put on record for posterity. peace proposals and guidances to elevate our state of life. he lived his life steadfast to his belief and ideals and continues to challenge himself until this very day. promote and spread his teachings as the beacon of hope for peace and happiness for the people in the world. Ikeda for his noble character. Are we the disciples of Ikeda Sensei doing the same for our teacher and mentors in life? Ikeda Sensei visited Malaysia twice to path the way for the advancement of Kosen-rufu in this country. and hostility into understanding. "He is convinced that the best means towards connecting the hearts and minds of the citizen of the world is by building and expanding the network of cultural exchanges. For 60 years.

(More articles on Sensei's teaching through his actions during his visits to Malaysia can be found in the June 2009 publication of Cosmic and an article dated 17 August 2009 entitled "Regarding Mentor and Disciple Spirit"). While pursuing the path to world peace and happiness in broader sense through peace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. which I had the opportunity to witness for myself. Ikeda Sensei has the wisdom to view matters relating to Kosen-rufu on both the macro and micro level. Ikeda Sensei recorded a golden page in history for each member of SGM. Part IV (2 Paragraphs) Original Text: (1) There is a Malaysian anecdote that dates back some two centuries that I would like to share with you today.Original Text: (5) Yesterday [30 November 2009]. This is how Sensei has taught us and safeguarded SGM Kosen-rufu through his own actions.000 of our SGM members at the opening ceremony of the 16th Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur in September 1998. Dr Mahathir said he had been most impressed by the performance. I met with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad at the new Prime Minister's Office Complex in Putrajaya. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 7 of 34 ᩱ . but the actual conversation lasted more than 30 minutes. I sense the strong spirit of exerting oneself and yet magnanimous and calm. I also brought up the subject of the spectacular card stunt performed by 5. We had a very meaningful discussion. cultural and educational activities and the same time he also perceives the intricate importance of transforming human spirit and societal structure through the promotion of the Soka path of humanism based on Buddhist principles. It was my first meeting with our national leader. I owe everything to you. This is the manner of a man of extraordinary wisdom. Para 5 & 6: Sensei met our former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir for the second since February 1988. The original agenda was to take only 30 minutes. It was our second meeting. This was also the first time that I have seen Sensei in action which I would describe it as action that 'treasures every single moment of life'. (6) Each day of my stay here in Malysia has been one of creating golden pages of history with you. centering on Malaysia and the world in the coming century.

"Even if we leave you an inheritance . Para 1: This is an extract from the "Abdullah's Story". a Malay literary classic. The reference made to Chairman Mao was to bring out the point about the importance of having the right attitude to study. The account of this has been recorded in his "Youthful Diary". This is an important point. "I'm sick of studying!' Maybe some of you have felt the same way. Abdullah is the boy's name. When Sensei was young. Mao Tze Dong. Day in. During the historical Communist Long March (1934-35) he was reported to have read the book on the horse back so engrossed that he was not aware of reaching the destination." she pointed out. The boy was of an age when he wanted to be out playing with his friends and having fun. if you are unlucky. His mother. She proceeded to tell him gently and persuasively why it was important to study. Be it Buddhism. he gave up on the opportunity to continue his tertiary study when he undertook to bear full responsibility for the difficulty encountered in running Mr Toda's business. In the story. "I'm sick of studying!" I believe we might have said the same thing ourself. Abdullah says. it can vanish in an instance. society and life. however. they would study together. day out. Youth Division members. knowledge. and shouted.A father was teaching his son languages. Even amidst heavy workload and adverse conditions. jotting down notes on every pages he read. He lived up to his mother's expectations and went on to become a famous language teacher. They stay with you until you die." This is an episode that appears in Hikayat Abdullah (Abdullah's Story). did not fly off the handle and start scolding him when he said this. Sensei never fail to exert himself to his utmost to learn and study from Mr Toda and Japanese and world mentorpieces and make notes. the former Chairman of the People of Republic of China read the book "Zi Zhi Tong Jian" (A Mirror for the Wise Ruler) for a total of 17 times. One day he had enough. we must acquire this relentless learning attitude from Sensei. there is no way we could finish learning them all in one lifetime. As disciples. All great people in the history mankind acquired knowledge and experience ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 8 of 34 ᩱ . As the old Chinese saying 'Learn young before it is too late'. "But sound knowledge and learning are not like that. do not live a life of regrets. There is an old Chinese saying 'There is no limit to learning' and ’Never too old to learn'.

education is very important. Just as I have always shared that it is crucial to be an understanding person regardless of your age and gender.through relentless learning. Para 2: This is a clear recognition of our SGM Women Division for their contribution in Kosen-rufu. For that reason. unwavering and seeking spirit shown by Sensei during his youthful days and enter the true path of Mentor and disciple. They are words of wisdom and philosophy reflecting a deep understanding and insight. Original Text: (2) The words of this mother are truly profound. learning or skills that we have acquired and made a part of ourselves are lifelong treasures. you must embody the continuous learning. guided and educated her child well from an elevated state of mind. learn and keep on learning". Following from the Abdullah story. To our Youth Division. Part V Original Text: Money and material wealth can be fleeting when the fickle winds of fortune blow against us. "Keep on learning" means never stop learning not just one more time. it is more important that we check ourselves against Sensei's remark in order to carry out our own human revolution to manifest the wisdom of Women Division. I can never forget this. I hope that we eliminate the 'I am sick of studying' attitude or we would become self-centered and arrogant. Therefore. Abdullah's mother transcended the social structure of the time. which means being wise and intelligent in our action. Although being a female of her time. I remember once heard a wise man said when I was young. It is only through elevating our state of mind that we could produce intelligent action. "learn. Abdullah's mother is a model for our Women Division. In contrast. like that which characterizes our SGM Women's Division members. turning praises into self-encouragement. Abdullah had a wise and intelligent mother. However. Abdullah eventually became a famous language teacher. Sensei taught that we must have a proper understanding of the Buddhist view of 'impermanence' so that we would not ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 9 of 34 ᩱ . A wise and intelligent guidance and education provided by a mother (female) will produce healthy growth in any individual.

past. ageing. ultimately. As the Chinese saying goes. pag851 [MW-II238] {279}) (2) But even these more 'superior' treasures of the body are not everlasting. present and future . Here we understand from the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin that even the "treasures of the body" are impermanent due the basic human suffering of birth. it means elevating ourselves to become a person of lofty character through our Buddhist practice and study and demonstrating actual proof of human revolution. Sensei also taught us about the importance of both education and skills.and can never be destroyed by even the cruelest fate? (4) The Daishonin tells us clearly: "The treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all. ageing. On the other hand. 'Education' means elevating and polishing our mind and character through learning and experiencing." (WND. Para 1-5: This follows Part V above. In Buddhism. directing someone to aspire and prepare oneself towards achieving a higher value and purpose in life and hence greater contribution to the society and mankind is in a deeper sense the true meaning of 'self-defense'. the treasures of the heart refer to the wealth and richness we build within us and. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 10 of 34 ᩱ . sickness and death cannot be solved by treasures of the body alone. the good fortune and benefit we obtain through faith. Part VI (9 Paragraphs) Original Text: (1) Nichiren Daishonin writes: "More valuable than treasures in a storehouse are the treasures of the influenced by it and therefore able to transcend the suffering and circumstances caused by the 'impermanence' of life. pg 851 [MW-II-238 {279}]) (5) To put it simply. can we find an indestructible treasure in life? What is it that has golden value that shines across the three existences . The fundamental sufferings of the human condition characterized by the four suffering of birth. sickness and death. pointing out that only the treasures of the heart is indestructible. 'Skills' is about acquiring specialized knowledge." (WND. (3) Where then. 'Having a specialized skill for "self-defense"'. Although it is the basic requirement for existence.

present and future . words and thoughts without missing a single one. . When we devote ourselves wholeheartedly to accomplishing our mission for Kosen-rufu. (7) Only the good fortune we accumulate in our lives is indestructible. The Gosho states 'man and the law are both eternal and worthy of respect'. They are impermanent and can be destroyed. status.To live eternally in accord with the mystic law. We must set our eyes on the future unperturbed by the current negative circumstances. in addition to having complete faith in the Gohonzon and the law. In (2). money or physical assets. Para 6-7: Sensei clearly pointed out to us the clear direction in life: . Original Text: (6) When we live in accord with the eternal law. Sensei assures us that we shall all attain a life of true value and expansive life state by dedicating our lives to fulfilling our mission in Kosenrufu.Ikeda Sensei pointed out some issues of concern in his guidance: (1) Where then. can we find an indestructible treasure in life? (2) What is it that has golden value that shines across the three existences past. Of course we must first discard or change the narrow and shallow thinking we may have and expand our vision and open our hearts and minds beyond our perceived limitation. practice it to understand the teaching ourself and live a life of philosophical existence based on the mystic law as our compass in life. Ikeda Sensei urge that we understand and recognized that. our lives will shine eternally throughout the three existences.and can never be destroyed by even the cruelest fate? The treasure in life in (1) does not refer to reputation. Sensei clear pointed out to us that the treasure of life is the treasures of the heart. resolving to dedicate our lives to the mystic law and to fulfill our mission for Kosen-rufu following the footsteps of Sensei. we will develop a state of life as vast and as expansive as the universe itself. It is very strict and must be alert at all times and must ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 11 of 34 ᩱ . achieve our human revolution in the process by learning and training and walking the path of Mentor and disciple. Therefore we must practice it with full conviction in all aspects of our body.To devote ourselves wholeheartedly to accomplish our mission for Kosenrufu is the highest form of Buddhist practice surpasses that of the Six Paramitas and the benefits that derived from it. good fortune and benefit we obtain through unwavering faith in fulfilling our mission in Kosen-rufu.

coveting pleasure. 'Our heart is like an emperor. Individuals practicing this way will have difficulty maintaining trust and respect from others. 'Our heart is like lightning difficult to retain'. Original Text: (8) This is why. As stated in the Gosho.adorned with infinite and immeasurable treasures of the heart. as the Daishonin teaches. It is very superficial and shallow. cautioning us to safeguard ourselves against 'the thief in our heart'. The is the mission inherent in our lives. rip us off our fortune'.millionaires of life . 'It is easier to seize the thief in the woods than it is to seize that of the heart'."Our heart is the most important thing" Regarding this matter. 'we will develop a state of life as vast and as expansive as the universe itself'. To practice literally means to purify oneself or to refine one's actions which include that of one's body. and 'Our heart is like emptiness. As the Daishonin teaches. Para 8-9: . 'Our heart is like a foe. vast and formless' and many more.Our Mission in Buddhism has profound meaning. 'Our heart is like monkeys. It is difficult to practice what we preach if we stop at only giving religious guidances. words and mind. difficult to calm and tame'. It involves reevaluating our religious understanding and conviction. An unwavering heart of faith can be found in one with strong conviction to one's belief. our heart is the most important thing. A person of strong faith can overcome all difficulties in life with courage and strength that flow from one's conviction and win over one's selfᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 12 of 34 ᩱ . Our heart is constantly changing. The Buddhist scriptures contain many description of the 'heart'. (9) Because you are making the highest possible good causes each day.not slack. fame and power'. you are all people of fabulous riches . very dictatorial'. 'Our heart is like blowing wind difficult to grasp'. . "The human heart is like the changing colors of flower induced by the morning dew'. It is not given to us by anyone else. 'Our heart is like thieves. It is a vow that we made as Bodhisattvas of the Earth to accomplish our mission for Kosen-rufu with the Daishonin in time without beginning. we must appreciate and treasure the importance of a heart of unwavering faith and conviction. Now that we are aware of the vulnerability of our heart to the ever-changing circumstances. causes destruction in fields'. Sensei has always caution us to safeguard our 'heart' which is complex and in constant flux. 'Our heart is like a painter. Our heart is like a moth. 'Our heart is like a wild elephant. causes much agony'. able to paint in variety'. If we have the conviction and are enlightened to this.

arrogance and ego. self-centered. small towns and villages and met many leaders and members. They are teaching me about the truth and famous words 'it is the heart that is important'. Due to the efforts of Women Division. Therefore.e. from stupidity to wisdom. I have been many cities. we are not able to carry out our Buddhist teachings in our daily life to show actual proof of human revolution. youth or in Buddhist humanistic study if one resolved to put in the effort and challenge one's weaknesses. from self to others nurturing civic-mindedness. This indicates the importance of education and hard effort. We spend most of our time in the society and therefore are affect by what is happening in the society. When we find ourselves in these conditions. elevate ourselves to open-up our Buddha nature. causing our faith to oscillate up and down. rest and work). our organization and Kosen- ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 13 of 34 ᩱ . disturbed. we have basically forgotten about our Buddhist teachings and about the importance of our actions in our body. attending study and discussion meetings. in morning and evening Gongyo. Any one could become an outstanding individual and live a life of value be in a small child.centeredness. In other words. from irritable to compassionate. worry. being irritable. An intelligent and wise mother's (female) thoughtful action could change any member of a family. Many Youth and Men's Division members too are now active on the stage of Kosen-rufu as a result of the efforts of the Women Division. from a narrow to an open mind. from fundamental darkness to enlightenment. Part VII (4 Paragraphs) Original Text: (1) The story of the mother and son I have just mentioned was about the importance of making efforts in your youth. More so in our Buddhist practice. reducing self-centeredness and selfindulgence. many junior division members participated in activities. words and thoughts. I have always been touched by their sincerity and earnestness. we need to have wisdom to change. from anger to empathy. However the time we spend practicing Buddhism is very short. we must be mindful to practice with our body. For example. i. from greed to give. having doubts. words and thoughts ceaselessly and persistently. lost etc. I must say that they are my mirror that allows me to reflect and reexamine myself. Each one of us possesses 24 hours a day (including time to sleep. we need to change from small to big. Para 1: Abdullah resolve to work hard and succeeded in becoming a language teacher because of his mother's teaching. if our Women Division were secured and able to exert themselves in faith. feeling anxious. In times of uncertainties.

good and evil karma are the result of our actions ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 14 of 34 ᩱ . angry. It enlightens us about the workings of life and clarifies our doubts and ignorance. or 'You reap what you sow'. The cause and effect relationship of the past and the present is complex and without an all-seeing mind and intelligence. The strong will find ways to survive by hook or by crook but the weak at wits end may choose to end their lives to end it all. (3) This is the law of cause and effect. practice by participating in all forms of activities of Kosen-rufu in the organization (discussion meeting. Little that they know that the current circumstances are the result of their past deeds and causes made out of their greed. If we were to achieve a life of stability and tranquility. we shall receive protection from the Gohonzon and lessen or eliminate our karmic retribution. Original Text: (2) Only to the extend that you make efforts can you develop ability and strength. join the line of Kosen-rufu and carry out our human revolution. So. repent and our Buddhist practice. (4) And we see this even more so in our efforts for Kosen-rufu: none of our hard work is ever wasted. Para 2-4: There is a common saying. The law of cause and effect illuminates the ways of the world and it is imperative that everyone knows that. we must work at the roots and follow the teachings of the Daishonin and the Gosho.) together with human revolution and other charitable deeds. Once taken faith in Buddhism. especially under very stressful condition. This is the Buddhist law of cause and effect. stupidity and anger.rufu will be stable and strong. According to Buddhist laws. shakubuku and other activities relating to faith. one must first perceive and understand the law of cause and effect. Those who do not understand the law of cause and effect is easily influenced by their environment. 'There is no free lunch'. exhibition and charitable activities for social improvement etc. present and future. It is very strict. sad and disturbed when we encounter adversity in life. it is crucial that our Women Division must be graceful and kind and rational and wise. Now we believe in the Gohonzon. It is normal that we feel lost. how can we comprehend? Those who commit evil deed in the past will have to suffer the consequences not just in the present existence but also in the future existences. study the Gosho. Only to the extend that you work hard can you polish yourself and grow. resentful. carry our daily Gongyo. home visiting. Good and evil karma permeate our three existences of past. What you give you will receive in return. practice and study including 'Malam Mesra'.

follow Sensei's guidance. stepping up on our human revolution. eliminating greed. But because we harbour doubt in our passed life.(body. But because of their evil deeds they are committing now. As long as we devote ourself wholeheartedly to the Gohonzon. The law of cause and effect is very precise and intricate. anger and stupidity. we shall definitely receive great good fortune in this lifetime and the next. shakubuku. the same will produce good fortune in the next life. It is precisely because we have practised the correct teaching and planted good seeds (Gongyo. If we could repent and redirect ourselves towards good. When we profoundly perceive this law. Kosen-rufu etc. Because they have also created evil causes at the same time. practice in accordance with the Gosho. Part VIII (4 Paragraphs) ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 15 of 34 ᩱ . If we are poor now even though we have carry out good deeds. 'Buddhism begins and ends with the principle of cause and effect'. we were not able to attain enlightenment. It cannot go wrong. which allow us to devote our live to the Gohonzon and to practicing the Daishonin's Buddhism? We must not betray ourselves. accomplish Kosen-rufu based on the spirit of Mentor and disciple. would we dare to commit any evil causes? Would we not practice arduously to transcend the six paths to attain Buddhahood in this lifetime? I may appear to be wordy on this but I would like to help you deepen your understanding so that you appreciate the significance of the law of cause and effect. words and thoughts. But equal and opposite forces cancel each other. it is because the severity of evil deeds we committed in our previous existences. the so called great good fortune from the past would be depleted which otherwise would be increased indefinitely. they will sink into dire circumstances in their next lives. The causes that we made in our past lives are diverse and the effect of which cannot be evaluated based upon our actions in one lifetime alone. Let's live our life now to the fullest before it is too late. increasing our good deeds and reducing our bad ones. words and thoughts). earnestly carrying out faith. we shall attain happiness naturally. How could we not be grateful for Ikeda Sensei and the organization and the development of the Kosen-rufu movement.) that we managed to lessen our karmic retribution which could have been worse. practice and study every correctly in all body. We devote our live to the Gohonzon and practice the Daishonin's Buddhism in this lifetime because we planted this seed in our passed life. There are those who are committing wrong doing but appearing to be enjoying a secured life because of the great good fortune they accumulated over their passed lives.

pg 4 [MW-I-4]) (3) True victors of life are those who work hard themselves and forge within them an indestructible and unvanquishable state of life. it points to us that the path to victory lies in our unceasing efforts to train ourself to accumulate good causes in our lives. will make their lives shine with the golden light of character and boundless good fortune and benefit." (WND. for the welfare of society. Para 1-3: Here. Ikeda Sensei continues to guide us on this Law of Cause and Effect using the the Gosho as theoretical proof. more than anyone else. study to understand it and put it into practice. This will lead to a life or future lives of three existences of nobility and good fortune in strict accord with the principle of simultaneity of cause and effect. One cannot devote oneself wholeheartedly to accomplishing one's mission in Kosen-rufu if one cannot believe or have faith that one can achieve a happy life in the future. which is directed specially to the Youth Division. It is not easy to believe what we cannot see in the future especially when Buddhist principles usually appear to contradict the ways of the society. Similarly. I sincere hope you appreciate that your future lies in the current causes that you create. for others' happiness. Para 4: In this paragraph. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 16 of 34 ᩱ . pg 907 [MW-V-259])." (WND. 'substitute faith for wisdom' etc. Buddhism emphasizes the importance of 'faith' as evident in '“Buddhism is like an ocean that one can only enter through faith'. if one cannot plant the seed of devoting oneself to accomplishing Kosen-rufu now. With this conviction you should strive in faith. Original Text: (4) I hope my beloved Malaysian youth division members will be confident that all their exertions for the sake of the Law.Original Text: (1) "Where there is unseen virtue. In (3). Advance and immerse yourself ceaselessly in the powerful flow of Kosen-rufu when you are young based on the spirit of Mentor and disciple will accumulate limitless good causes in your life. how can one reap the fruit of a happiness life in the future? The Buddhist principle of cause and effect is very strict. there will be visible reward. you must engrave this in your heart. only through having faith in the principle of cause and effect that you would be able to free yourself from the imprisonment of your current circumstances and the shackles of negative karma. (2) and "All your virtuous acts will implant benefits and roots of goodness in your life.

Ever since his inauguration as the third president of Soka Gakkai." (WND. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 17 of 34 ᩱ . (2) In Buddhism. The Youth Division must be the first to perceive Sensei's hopes and aspirations. to undertake a spiritual purification and human revolution process to realize the oneness of mentor and disciple for the rest of our lives. books and guidances. (5) On the other hand. Sensei showed us the path towards realizing human happiness and stability through the application of timeless thoughts from the Lotus Sutra and the Gosho. Let's resolve. Youth Division ought to terminate all bad values and influences of the society on your life by spending more time to study Sensei's Gosho lectures. Youth Division must not be contented and savor the fruit of success of the pioneers. He fosters high hopes and expectation for the Youth Division and has entrusted them with great missions. the saha world is a place where we have to endure and persevere. it leads to arrogance and paves the way to ultimate defeat in life.Therefore. Hence. Instead. to earnestly put into practice the spirit and the true path of oneness of Mentor and Disciple. Sensei has nurtured and cared for the youth. by enduring all kinds of sorrow and suffering and triumphing over them. (3) That is why another name for the Buddha is "One Who Can Endure. Sensei opens our heart and mind and inspires us to create a life of noble and limitless value through his books and dialogues incorporating the wisdom of world-renowned individuals. And out in the real world we are confronted with the contradictions at every turn. Saha means 'endurance'. you must learn the pioneering and tenacious spirit of the pioneers to be the first to contribute and take on the responsibility to accomplish the mission for Kosen-rufu. beginning with ourself. we speak of this existence as living in the strife-filled saha world . pg 23 [MW-II-35]) (4) If everything always goes smoothly. we can become truly strong. The current senior leaders of the Soka Gakkai have been groomed directly by Sensei and have become visionary leaders. I call upon all of you in the Youth Division to rid yourself off all undesirable habits and deluded belief. (6) Such a life ultimately shines with happiness and victory. PART IX (6 Paragraphs): Original Text: (1) In the course of a long life there are often times when things do not go the way we plan.

it is the prerequisite for a person of outstanding character. 'unfavorable' influences of rebuke. undefeated in failure. unmoved by wind. the greatest force in the world is 'endurance'. Sometimes we tend to misinterpret this as not speaking up and not doing anything about the situation. Sensei then referred the 'Saha World' in the Buddhist scripture in (2) and teaches us about attitude in faith in (3) . withstanding and embracing all in various intensity. fearless in challenges and composed in slander. We require the practice perseverance and tolerance in whatever we do.1107) neo-Confucian scholar of Song Dynasty states 'Only a person of extraordinary knowledge can endure that cannot be endured. deceit and 'favorable' influences of commendation. and patience. a sage is a person who embraces hardship. slander. tolerance. heat. It is like a boulder. In our daily life we often hear of the advice 'Patience opens new options'. The Paramita of 'Forbearance' of the Six Paramitas in the Great Vehicle Buddhism (Mahayana Buddhism) include bearing with hardship of chill. This statement in fact contains a profound life philosophy and wisdom of life. Endurance is a virtue. There is a complete systematic philosophical analysis of the meaning of 'endurance' in the Buddhist scripture. endurance is a virtue and an element of excellent practice. There are more profound meaning in this principle. flattery and praises.Para 1-6: Here Sensei highlights to us that it is inevitable to meet with various difficulties in life and teaches that we face each challenge bravely. In Buddhism. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 18 of 34 ᩱ . as Cheng Yi (1033 . This is found in (1) above. It is in the ability to persevere and tolerate that distinguish a person of virtue from the one who is not. a hero is a person who can persevere. remain modest with commendation and in victory. embrace that can be embraced'. Therefore. It is a virtue that is the foundation of all accomplishments in life. tolerant towards the intolerable. It is said that a person of noble character is a person who can endure. which refers to the ability and maturity to withstand and embrace external stimulus calmly and resolutely. thirst. ridicule. 'Endurance' is a tenacious practice of the mind so that no matter what happens. This is not wise. This is the wisdom of life. In summary. similarly. endurance encompasses perseverance and tolerance. Another name for the Buddha is 'One Who Can Endure' .Endurance here means perseverance. hunger.(6). we remain calm and unperturbed in the face of danger. cannot be penetrated by rain.

However. at work and in Buddhist practice are crucial to succeeding in life. do not tolerate those who repetitively commit the same offense taking advantage of others. Learning to make concessions or to give can foster a virtuous character in ourself. One who suffers and tolerates external obstructions of insult and persecutions and yet remains unperturbed can be said to have achieved a state of life as vast as the land that embraces all beings. As stated in the 'Vimaiakirti Sutra'. Forbearance is also an act and expression of immense compassion. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 19 of 34 ᩱ . decline. "Forbearance is the land of the Bodhisattvas" and the Lotus Sutra. a concession we experience today will develop into our wealth of wisdom in the future. we must first learn to make concessions.To become tolerant with people in relationship building. Therefore. As mentioned earlier.) said: 'Admonish those who err but remove those who err the same repetitively and do not repent. disgrace. to undertake heavy responsibility. we need to be tolerant and patient. It can be said that 'the process of tolerating is painful but the result is peaceful and joyful'. to give. 'forbearance' is the key to successful practice. slander. it belongs to the people'. honor.' It is imperative that an organization forestalls wrongdoing. and gradually become willful. Being patient as a person. one cannot transcend the suffering of life and death and cannot attain Buddhahood. self-serving. censure. Such actions create learning opportunities and therefore experiences. 'The world does not belong to any one person. to embrace those who have done wrong. rebuke.C. without which reaching the opposite shore of enlightenment cannot be accomplished. if one cannot endure external adversities. In that respect. we need to tolerate indignation without bearing grudges as well as guarding ourself against the influence of the Eight Winds of prosperity. with special emphasis on tolerance towards incrimination. ridicule etc. everyone discerns the practice of forbearance as the path to Buddhahood". suffering. thereby causing one to be disturbed and deluded. The ways of the world lies in our ability to overcome difficulty. Therefore. An old maxim states. Mencius (372-289 B. The success in practicing the paramita of 'forbearance' is the highest state of being where one is not affected by the influence of glory upon attainment of enlightenment. The process of practicing the paramita of 'forbearance' is strenuous and requires immense tolerance. egocentric. the practice of 'forbearance' determines the success and failure of our overall Buddhist practice. praise. 'tolerance' in Buddhism refers specifically to being tolerant towards 'unfavorable' influences of insults. successes and victories. Remember this. "Seeing that the Buddha engages in the practice of forbearance that can bear the insults and persecutions inflicted upon him. persecution. and pleasure. To overcome difficulty. arrogant and domineering. On the other hand.

protecting them and lead them to happiness. It is pivotal to note the difference or we will not being able to reap the benefit and manifest the wisdom of practice. ridicule. it is not about giving up one's position or resigning oneself or being submissive. Ikeda Sensei tolerated abuses and defamations of the Japanese society at the time about the organization being one for the poor and the sick. self-discipline or self-control to accept others for their wrongdoing. A cultured person can accurately discern the harm an ill-intentioned person could bring upon himself and therefore exercise forbearance or the practice of self-cultivation. This is the noblest action of forbearance that has lead to the marvelous development of the Soka Gakkai. protecting the faith and happiness of the members. Ikeda Sensei has done the same for my brother and my family all these years. losing one's self -esteem. Ikeda Sensei has taught us all aspects of life through his own actions and ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 20 of 34 ᩱ . insult. contempt and deprivation and remained steadfast to his duty and responsibility to his mentor Mr Toda to the very end. beyond any words and descriptions. A person with an evil intention to cause harm to a wise man will only hurt himself with his own action. realizing the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple After the passing of Mr Toda. self-discipline or self-control towards others as we would ourself. Sensei endured tremendous pain due to his illness while challenging ceaselessly to visit and provide encouragement for the members. I have taken great pain to summarize the explanation for the paramita of 'forbearance' for your better understanding. realizing the vow of worldwide Kosen-rufu. It is rather detailed and I sincere hope it would be helpful to all. However. Ikeda Sensei endured in silence and at the same time advance to rebuild the organization and worked towards realizing worldwide Kosen-rufu. As described in the New Human Revolution. we must take note that the practice of forbearance in Buddhism is not about compromising or living an insular existence. Taking forbearance to the extreme will render one feeling worthless. To submit to humiliation or to suffer in silence will often lead to an desirable end which one must be cognizant of. Ikeda Sensei forbore persecutions and insults to protect the members and the organization. selfdepreciating and eventually become conservative and lackadaisical. Ikeda Sensei relentlessly provides guidances and warm encouragements to the fellow members with great compassion and tolerance. Ikeda Sensei suffered the pain of illness. There is a analogy in the Buddhist scripture of 'spitting upwards into the air only to have the spit landed back on one's face'.Forbearance is a practice of self-cultivation. enslaved. sacrificing oneself and one's own identity as an individual. The level of achievement is reflected in practice of forbearance or self-cultivation itself.

As there was no change of life state from the beginning. (2) There may be times when you cannot do a full morning or evening gongyo. (3) I think it is perfectly all right at such times if you just do.seeking title and position. he eventually backslided because he refused to perform Gongyo. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 21 of 34 ᩱ . His ichinen was not right . philosophy and guidance through our own actions and deeds in our daily life. He was not pleased with the answer because he thought he could resume his position of as a leader. asking. i hope that you will warmly encourage and support others who are facing various hardship and problems. Para 1-6: I remember meet with an ex-leader sometime in the late 1990's about resuming his practice. Part X (8 Paragraphs) Original Text: (1) I would like now to touch a little on Gongyo. the portion from the 'Hoben' chapter and the jigage." I answered. having stopped for 10 years. about his irregular work and living habits. or even just simply chant three daimoku. a short Gongyo and daimoku. "Where do I start?".] (5) What matters is continuing and moving forward. (6) By the same token. I heard he left the organization again not long after that returning to another organization where he was given the position and title. The important thing is that you maintain continuous faith that flows unceasingly like water. I share this experience as a caution for everyone as I revisit this guidance of Ikeda Sensei and reflect on the past. because you are genuinely exhausted. of the 'Juryo' chapter. or because you are ill . That is why I advised him to go back to the basic of practice starting with Gongyo. "Start with Gongyo. that you will watch over them with genuine concern and advance together with them. [ Note: Short Gongyo here refers to reciting parts A and C of the Gongyo sutra book that is. or verse section. The truth is. I had known for sometime about his not performing Gongyo for a long time. and his deviating from the practice of faith as the basis of life. or because of some other set of unavoidable circumstances .deeds. I sincerely hope that each one of us shows the greatness of our mentor's thoughts. for instance. (4) Even just one daimoku contains unfathomable benefit.

Ikeda Sensei spoke about doing Gongyo and chanting consistently like flowing water and not about omitting them. col. please never leave SGI. if you like. Because they form. (8) If you get off the train midway. I hope you would understand Ikeda Sensei's painstaking efforts and expectation. Page 1027. please never let go of the Mystic Law. The Gosho teaches. paragraph 5] Part XI (8 Paragraphs) Original Text: (1) Buddhism expounds that each human being is a microcosm . Para 7-8: In these two paragraphs.145. 'the journey from Kamakura to Kyoto takes twelve days. If you travel for eleven but stop with only one day remaining. Ikeda Sensei went on to painstakingly guide us in detail about the importance of Gongyo and chanting. In (3) and (4). Modern science today corroborates this view. as stated in the Gosho 'unceasing like flowing water and 'having faith that can transform impossibility into possibility'. (This serves as information for those who took faith subsequent to the change). Ikeda Sensei again emphasizes on the correct attitude of faith 'like ceaselessly flowing water'.a miniature version of the universe itself. the railway track that leads to absolute happiness. you cannot reach your destination. Likewise. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 22 of 34 ᩱ . Original Text: (7) No matter what happens. it is important not to veer from the fundamental path in life. Full Gongyo mentioned In (2) was practiced before the organization made the change to the current practice responding to changing times and needs. how can you admire the moon over the capital?' [Letter to Niike No.Ikeda Sensei taught us that we must refocus on the importance and significance of Gongyo if we were to continue to be victorious in the new century. This is the original purpose of life and of faith. True happiness lies only in working with an organization of 'good' utterly challenging ourself to accomplishing our mission for Kosen-rufu.

The some 360 joints of our body are said to correspond to the days in a year. hairs that falls out is like falling stars!) It further likens our eyebrows to the Big Dipper. (4) Gongyo is a ceremony in which the microcosm of our lives communes with the macrocosm of the universe. we recite the jigage vere section of the 'Juryo'. which is eternal and precious beyond measure. It is supported by modern science and logic and it is superstitious as wrongly perceived by people in general. I guess you could say. (5) In Gongyo each day. (In which case. Para 7-8: In (6). to the wind. while the cold hardness of our backs represents winter and autumn. to the vault of the heavens. and the hair on our head. the verses 'ji ga toku burrai' and 'sokujojubusshin' extol the respectful practice of oneself which Ikeda Sensei continues to teach us in the ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 23 of 34 ᩱ . Original Text: (6) The Jigage section begins with the word ji (self) in the passage ji ga toku burrai (since I attain Buddhahood) and ends with the word shin (body) in he passage sokujojubusshin (quickly acquire the body of a Buddha). our daily practice of Gongyo and chanting become our source for creating the greatest value of life. We are able to unleash the power and courage inherent in our lives through Gongyo to overcome the difficulties we face in life . the jigage section extols our own incredible life-force. (7) When we combine these first and last Chinese characters. (3) The warmth of our stomachs represents spring and summer. and our breath. It likens our two eyes to the sun and the moon. therefore. the roundness of our head. (8) In general sense. Para 1-5: Ikeda Sensei quotes the Buddhist scriptures saying that Buddhism teaches us about each human being is a miniature version of the universe. please remember that only through the power faith and action can we unleash the power of the Buddha and the Law. (7) and (8). to the stars. Ikeda Sensei went to point out the exchanges between the bigger universe and or miniature universe.(2) The Buddhist scriptures set forth in great detail how our body is like the universe in miniature. they form the word jishin meaning 'oneself'. It is faith put into action that will determine win of lose. From this perspective. or 'Life Span' chapter of the Lotus Sutra. Having said that.

building a life of magnificent values and lasting happiness. But while information is important. In (2). especially the humanism of Buddhism. freedom and health. Original Text: (3) Just as the Buddha is endowed with ten honorable titles. to delve into our existence as human beings. Science and economics alone cannot bring people happiness. that shines with intellect and wisdom." (2) If we believe in the Mystic Law and chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Nevertheless. That is why we need philosophy and spirituality. only Buddhist philosophy can be the source of human search for happiness and peace. strengthening our physical self.following paragraphs. We practice the Daishonin's Buddhism in order to construct a brilliant 'palace of happiness' in the depths of our lives. We have to look within ourselves. rich and healthy. bringing forth greater wisdom. Para 1-2: Ikeda Sensei explains here that although science and economics may be important. it won't necessary guarantee human happiness. too. it will as a result unveil the state of Buddhahood within our own life. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 24 of 34 ᩱ . Ikeda Sensei reiterated the importance of Gongyo and chanting. will come to be crowned with immense good fortune and benefits. Not only will it enable the smaller self to merge with the larger universe. Para 3: This section points out to us the meaning of 'ji ga toku burrai' and 'sokujojubusshin' that we would surround ourself with immense good fortune as great as the Buddha is endowed with ten honorable titles in ourself through unwavering faith in our practice of Gongyo and chanting. the ultimate factor determining our attaining Buddhahood relies upon our steadfastness in adhering to the oneness of the spirit of mentor and disciple and the degree to which we devote ourself and take responsibility for Kosenrufu. we can develop a self that is strong. and that brims with happiness throughout eternity. putting our life in rhythm with the Law of the universe. Part XII (3 Paragraphs) Original Text: (1) A certain scholar remarked: "We have entered the Internet age. we.

embracing the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple and having complete understanding of Ikeda Sensei's thoughts. When they become forces of habits. it can sink it also. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 25 of 34 ᩱ . and humbly serve those around us and members and become a model of fine character to be emulated by all. guidance and philosophy. (In simpler terms. It was only by winning men's hearts that he sought to make converts. it is crucial that we reflect and resolve to eliminate this malignant growth of bad habits. Original Text: (2) These words of Nehru highlight the humanism of Buddhism. As leaders of the organization. it will be more difficult to change. we should work wholeheartedly to propagate Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism and Ikeda Sensei's thoughts and philosophy. renew our faith. rebuild a strong sense of mission.Part XIII Original Text: (1) Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964). But there was no force or compulsion. An old proverb states: 'Not only can water float a boat. I feel that 'spiritual revolution' is the pre-requisite for everyone to walk the path of oneness of mentor and disciple. Therefore. When problems surface. It would be difficult to inspire others to join the flow of Kosen-rufu and fulfill our mission and responsibility if leaders are not accepted by those around them and the society. Why do you think we only managed to advance a small step in the last few years? Why is it that various activity groups are unable to further expand? Why do we not able to set another wave of passion for Kosen-rufu? Why are we not able to upgrade ourself? Why do people relationship matters become more complicating? We has our practice become more reward and benefit focused? Why has our Youth Division weakened? All these concerns have made it necessary for us to seriously reflect and review what we do. it is like my proposition of spiritual revolution back in 2002). a new goal.' Ikeda Sensei often emphasizes the power of the people and on paying special attention to people at the grassroots and those supporting behind the scene. we must seek change and must not wait for things to happen and therefore allowing the same problems to persist and slip into bad habits. new spirit and new thinking. the first prime minister of independent India. made the following observation: "Asoka became an ardent Buddhist and tried his utmost to spread the Dharma. whcih is characterized by deep sincerity and integrity. emitting the brilliant light of Soka humanism." Para 1: Ikeda Sensei quotes King Asoka's deeds to share with us in simple terms the significance of Soka humanism.

dialogue not only with members or friends of Soka Gakkai but with everyone in general. have lived this humanistic existence and protected the members against evil forces. 3) At times you may think you are very focused and engaged in our conversation but may appear frightening to others. spreading trust. yell or shout when we speak. there are tens of thousands of members from 192 countries in the world propagating this humanistic Buddhism. based upon the premise that human existence is of utmost importance and respect worthy. Please take note of the above three points. Spreading friendship includes visiting and dialogue. Ikeda Sensei has propagated the ideology and spirit of humanism through his many writings and books and his dialogues with world-renowned scholars. In conducting dialogue. We must not argue or dispute and therefore avoid criticizing and refuting the other party at all cost. We could share the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin and Ikeda Sensei and Soka Gakkai's ideology and philosophy or similarly. this is a crucial factor in a successful dialogue and it is also a critical trait of a leader. we could listen patiently and attentively to what the other has to say.Para 2: The previous passage. respectful in our behavior and reasonable and substantive in our proposition. through their practice of this humanistic philosophy of Ikeda Sensei and SGI in their respective country. "But there was no force or compulsion. we should maintain a warm smile and look. we must be well-mannered. reaching common understanding with them and achieved unprecedented development and propagation in the history of BUddhism. trust and happiness If we could do these three very well. encouraging others and harmoniously advance together. Para 3: Here Ikeda Sensei spoke about the objective of Kosen-rufu in spreading friendship. The three presidents of Soka Gakkai especially Ikeda Sensei. Original Text: (3) Our Kosen-rufu movement is about spreading friendship. Now. It was only by winning men's hearts that he sought to make converts" pervades the spirit of humanism. Kosenrufu will surely achieve tremendous development . We shall be able to expand our circle of trust and friendship this way and eventually lead them to happiness. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 26 of 34 ᩱ . spreading happiness. instead. Buddhism is about humanistic education. Ikeda Sensei has given the following guidance regarding dialogue: 1) Our words must be easily understood and touching. 2) There is no need to be impassioned or emotional.

the members in each state of Malaysia are advancing confidently. joyfully and high-spiritedly. Praises by Ikeda Sensei in (5) and (6) carry a deeper meaning that tell us about the importance of solidarity and encourage us all to maintain this solidarity for eternity so that we could continue to achieve victory in faith and Kosen-rufu. "Friendship is a bond as indivisible as a fingernail and the flesh beneath it.Original Text: (4) Here in Malaysia you have a saying. Leaders. all states organizations had set goals and mottos. We are all brothers and sisters of the Mystic Law sharing the same pulse of fatih. then unity would be impossible. Para 7-8: Back In the 1990's. In Chinese culture. beware of this! Original Text: (7) Furthermore. we must first have the heart and the intention to unite others. which I believe now have all been forgotten. drawing wide applause from the society. nevertheless the key leaders ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 27 of 34 ᩱ . under respective themes. 'Harmony and Unity' and Eternal Victory'. If we care only for ourself and sideline others. The path of Buddhist practice and victory in life are found in the splendid unity of practitioners striving together in faith. We are like finger and nail each one of us possesses our strength and mutually supports each other. (6) Your sincere actions and your beautiful harmony and solidarity have drawn wide applause from Malaysian society. Even though we could attribute this to changes in the leaderships in the organizations. such as 'Unity and Continual Victory'. they liken brotherly love to 'love between hands and feet'. friendship and solidarity are of utmost importance." (5) The friendship and unity evident among the members of SGM are truly wonderful. Therefore. Para 4-6: Ikeda Sensei quotes a Malaysian proverb about the importance of unity. To be united. (8) Sakyamuni called the assemblage of his followers 'an invincible gathering' and taught that advancing together with 'good friends' constitutes the entirety of Buddhist practice. Please do not forget about Ikeda Sensei's expectation of us.

when people impede the flow of Kosen-rufu by being selfish. inescapable law of Buddhism. disrupting the organization's unity. we must manifest harmony and unity in faith. it will cause friction and disharmony. followed by resentment. only through unity and solidarity could we build a beautiful organization and relationships of people and hence joy and happiness for everyone in the organization. I suggest that our respective state organizations re-adopt the previous goals and mottos as the objective and guideline for faith and practice. Original Text: (9) In were the Youth Division leaders then. be friendly and progress together. Ikeda Sensei went on to elaborate that we must be truly sincere in wanting to unite. one that requires reconsideration and reevaluation. (10) This is a strict. It is shameful to know that after these many years. Do not act based on ourself as the center of reference. holding grudges against fellow members. it was Ikeda Sensei who still remembered those goals and mottos of ours. jealousy and eventually lead to disruption of unity. We should feel shameful that we have let Ikeda Sensei down and we must seriously reflect on our practice and faith. If we sincerely hope for growth and enhancement in faith. Para 9-10: Ikeda Sensei called our attention to the key and essence to faith and practice. In view of the current state of affairs. Only through unity and solidarity could we build an organization that is impregnable against any external forces. carry on the fine tradition of the past. It is through this process aspiring for unity and to becoming good friends that we interact and challenge each other that we shall accomplish our human revolution. it being the principle of faith and practice. causing harm to the organization and obstructing the flow of Kosen-rufu. This has caused 'discontinuity' or 'gap' as apparent in the current situation. According to The Daishonin's Buddhism of simultaneity of cause and effect. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 28 of 34 ᩱ . they in fact bring suffering upon themselves and destroy their own lives from within. Truly fine tradition must be preserved. It is very unfortunate to find that these new leaders have not inherited the fine tradition of the predecessors and discarded them in the name of change and individualism. This is what Ikeda Sensei meant in 'advancing together with 'good friends' constitutes the entirety of Buddhist practice'. victory in life and Kosen-rufu. If everyone is selfcentered. inherited and spread far and wide. no one can elude the strict law and principle of cause and effect. and denigrating SGI activities.

The lack of fervent spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple is the very reason why we find it difficult to stay united now. there is nothing to fear. We fail to challenge our own weaknesses and therefore making it very difficult to practice as taught by Ikeda Sensei.Ikeda Sensei repetitively stressed the importance of unity.e. It is his hope that we live a happy life. Our great wish for Kosen-rufu will also then be fulfilled. being safe from misfortune in his next existence. Therefore.I ask that you create a magnificent human castle that boasts the world's foremost unity. We must always keep in mind Ikeda Sensei's thoughts and guidances as a constantly reminder for ourself. Original Text: (3) If you chant daimoku to the Gohonzon. (4) NIchiren Daishonin writes: "If the votary of the Lotus Sutra neither regresses in faith nor acts falsely. practising exactly as its golden words prescribe. Para 1-2: We must base our unity and faith with Ikeda Sensei as the core. then he will surely obtain supreme blessing in this lifetime. 'create a magnificent human castle that boasts the world's foremost unity'. pg 1357) ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 29 of 34 ᩱ . With our eyes set for the future development of Kosen-rufu for SGM. We often forget the teaching and guidance of Ikeda Sensei and instead acted out of self-centeredness and egotism causing much conflict and discord. We should appreciate deeply and show our indebted by repaying our debt of gratitude for our mentor's immense compassion for our happiness. in whom I place the greatest trust.the tallest building in the world today . we must remain ingrained in our heart Ikeda Sensei's expectation of us i. We must seriously reflect and re-assess ourself and resolve to challenge and completely discard the arrogance and egocentricity that exist within ourself. (Gosho Zenshu. you will attain a lofty state of life that is like being able to stand at the highest point in the universe and gaze serenely down upon all phenomena. Part XIV (4 Paragraphs) Original Text: (1) I ask that all of you advance cheerfully and harmoniously under the leadership of General Director Koe. but places himself fully in the hands of the Lotus Sutra. continue to strive forward towards achieving this objective. (2) And just as Malaysia boasts the famous Petronas Twin Towers .

let us together open the golden door to Kosen-rufu in the 21st Century. sincerely and honestly practice with total conviction in the Gohonzon. As stated in the Gosho above.Para 3-4: Ikeda Sensei teaches again about faith and the importance of chanting based on the Gosho. (3) I pray for Malaysia's unending prosperity. This Gosho statement teaches us that to achieve victory in all we do we must carry out our Buddist practice with the 'heart' of the votary of the Lotus Sutra. our family and ourself will attain happiness. And I also pray with all my heart . The important thing is our attitude towards the Gohonzon when we chant. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 30 of 34 ᩱ . (4) Please give my very best regards to the members I could not meet today. It would be very difficult for those who share weak bond of oneness of the spirit of mentor and disciple to understand and practice. I embarked together with all of you on the challenge to finish laying the foundation for Kosen-rufu by the end of the 20th century. (5) Long live Soka Gakkai Malaysia! Para 1-5: This is the most important and serious part of this whole guidance. especially during the last 60 years with Ikeda Sensei manifesting the greatness of the votary of the Lotus Sutra through his own deeds. and that each and every one of you will lead life of unsurpassed happiness.for the good health and longevity of all the members of Malaysia. on my last visit to Malaysia. Not only will Kosen-rufu spread far and wide. Our ‘heart’ determines everything. (2) So here in Malaysia once again today. and utterly challenge ourself throughout our lifetime just like the Daishonin and Ikeda Sensei. Part XV (5 Paragraphs) Original Text: (1) Twelve years ago. 'The heart is of utmost importance'. hence the statement 'the heart is of utmost importance'.and will continue to do so for as long as I live . The power of the mystic law will be manifested through our 'heart' in accordance with the attitude we carry with us when we chant to the Gohonzon. We must have the realization that we are the votary of the Lotus Sutra. Soka Gakkai has emerged the world's leading religious organization under the guidances and efforts of the three successive presidents.

As I have shared before. Not in Japan or in any other countries. it is Malaysia that Ikeda Sensei chose to conclude the great undertaking of Kosen-rufu for the 20th century together with all of us. Ikeda Sensei repeated 'Malaysia' and 'together' twice signifying the profound meaning of oneness of mentor and disciple. Besides being proud and honored as Malaysians. ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 31 of 34 ᩱ . let us together open the golden door to Kosen-rufu in the 21st Century'. Ikeda Sensei first visited Malaysia in 1988. Furthermore. when Ikeda Sensei looked forward to the great advancement of worldwide Kosen-rufu of the 21st Century. unity among the organizations nationwide. Coupled with personal guidances from Ikeda Sensei. Ikeda Sensei says. 1988 was a crucial moment from the perspective that the world is entering into a new millennium of the 21st Century. There must be profound meaning for iKeda Sensei to do this. It is only in the constant challenging ourself that we shall grow to become capable leaders who are one with our mentor. For this. hopes and expectation and rise courageously to advance alongside our mentor in the 21st Century. He dispatched senior leaders to assist us in resolving this tricky situation. that Ikeda Sensei chose to make a declaration for Kosen-rufu of the century in Malaysia. This is the actual proof of victory of members of SGM putting into practice the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple. He expresses his hopes and expectation that we follow closely his footsteps marching forward along the path of oneness of the spirit of mentor and disciple. hosted the national cultural festival and completed the Cheras cultural center. It was at that crucial moment of the turn of the century. we must reflect on ourself. I am eternally grateful to Ikeda Sensei for the timely help extended and for the debt of gratitude we owe Ikeda Sensei for the rest of my life. 70's and 80's when the NIkken sect disrupted our organization and members in the 80's. rekindle the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple. At around the same time. established the national organization SGM. In these last two paragraphs. we should be able to deeply discern our mentor's solicitude. expand our vision and elevate our senses and rise above our narrow-mindedness. we must therefore fulfill our mission as a disciple. 'So here in Malaysia once again today. he was still concerned for the faith and practice and happiness of SGM members and Kosen-rufu in Malaysia. It was only one month after the completion of our Cheras Cultural Center. even though Ikeda Sensei himself was forced to resign from his position as the third president of Soka Gakkai. Ikeda Sensei says. elevate our state of life to embrace future challenges of the new age. We had experienced three decades of our journey in Kosen-rufu in the 60's. we finally managed to achieve victory over the devilish functions. 'Let's polish ourself to grow in the midst of challenges and challenge ourself again in the midst of growing'. 'I embarked together with all of you on the challenge to finish laying the foundation for Kosen-rufu by the end of the 20th century'. Being his disciples. So.Ikeda Sensei concludes the whole guidance and expectation of this visit to Malaysia in this section with the oneness of the spirit of mentor and disciple that he shares with all of us.

It is about we standing up on our own.As disciples. the tenth. I would like to suggest that leaders carry out 'individual reformation of the mind. beginning with ourself first. thousandth onwards. carries the profundity for the Essential and Theoretical Teaching of Buddhism. we surge forward with our sight gazed at the magnificent future of the great undertaking of Kosen-rufu. instead. The thought of Ikeda Sensei taking the journey from Japan to appear before us in Malaysia to make pledges for the new century. wouldn't we? Who could discern the hopes and expectations of Ikeda Sensei for personally appearing in Malaysia to blaze the trail of Kosen-rufu for the 21st Century together with us? Who could take the responsibility for the pledges made together with our mentor? Who would realize these pledges? Where are those who shout 'the oneness of mentors and disciples? Did you catch this? Leaders must show the example by taking responsibility with stand-alone spirit to realize our mentor's hopes and expectations. that culminates into a total spiritual reformation movement that proliferates to inspire others. the hundredth. surely we would have the heart of appreciation to repay our debt of gratitude for the immense compassion of Ikeda Sensei. 'Finish' does not mean an end rather part of a continuity taking a significant step towards the future. making pledges together with us in Malaysia. If we do so. not about waiting to see how others do it and it is definitely not about doing it only others have done it. tears of gratitude would well up in every one of our hearts. Only then will it be possible for our organization and our Kosen-rufu movement to expand beyond the achievement of the last century. we would be one who has lost our sense of mission. setting off the first wave. taking the responsibility to inspire those around them to walk the path of oneness of mentor and disciple). How much have we done as leaders in this respect? These are the things we must deeply reflect on ourself. and our path of oneness of mentor and disciple. The word ' finish' in 'finish laying the foundation for Kosen-rufu by the end of the 20th century' twelve years before and 'open' in 'open the golden door to Kosen-rufu in the 21st century' twelve years later. Leaders must bring those around them closer to our mentor (i. it is customary and respectful to appear before our mentor to receive training and taking vows of resolution before him.e. our 'heart' of oneness of mentor and disciple. Ikeda Sensei chose to appear before us. We must not take this lightly. 'Open' means uncovering a magnificent view of the future. This is not about others doing it first. waves of new resolve and determination rush forth to take the pledges together with Ikeda Sensei to blaze the trail for Kosen-rufu for the 21st Century. For this. What a significant moment of blazing the trail of Kosen-rufu for the new ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 32 of 34 ᩱ . the second. reformation of our life condition.

'One must repay the debt of a drop of water with the gratitude of a stream. As the old saying goes. it is also my way of repaying my debt of gratitude to Ikeda Sensei and his wife for the protection. exactly the way he chose to serve Toda Sensei with his life. This is a very significant moment in history and spirit that leaders must awaken ourself to that we are shouldering the same mission as Ikeda Sensei. At the same time. I sincerely urge that. Koe Teng Hong 18 September 2009 (First draft) 29 September 2009 (Final) ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 33 of 34 ᩱ . we must carry out our own spiritual reformation and charge forward everyday. As his disciples. So. we must spur ourself on . guidance and opportunities.' This is the same in Buddhism. to care for and protect us in Malaysia. courageously assuming all responsibility and devoting himself in complete unison with his mentor. and my family. This is the heart of a mentor who cares for his disciples. A disciple who repays debt of gratitude to his mentor reflect the heart of a disciple who has engraved in his heart the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple. you may support this material with you thoughts and other materials deemed necessary during the study meetings. Similarly. care and thoughtfulness. care and forbearance and support extended to my brother and I. cooperation. to realizing and proving the validity of the ideology and philosophy of his mentor through his actions and deeds. for your assistance. When deemed appropriate. Yours respectfully. 'This is the truly the right time for repaying our debt of gratitude. This document is presented solely as a reference material for the purpose of mutual encouragement. I sincerely hope that this material serves its purpose and apologize for any shortcomings and inadequacies. Ikeda Sensei is ever so persistent to be with us. Repaying debt of gratitude is the purest of humanity and it is very human to repay one's debt of gratitude. this is the crucial moment to embark on the path of oneness of mentor and disciple!' I present the above with an objective for mutual learning and encouragement as my way of repaying my debt of gratitude for the nearly 40 years of working with all of you. you may use it for faith study meetings. we must rise to mirror our mentor's heart and awaken to our mission to pioneer the future of the great undertaking of Kosen-rufu in our own country.century Ikeda Sensei chose to personal spend with us in Malaysia.

ᩱ Manifesting Soka Spiritual Renewal 19 Sept 2009 I Page 34 of 34 ᩱ . you could also photocopy this for those interested to study. also read out the original text of the paragraph and then study the explanation together for easier understanding. (3) If you think it is helpful for learning. read out the complete text. or ask them to bring their own copy of the publication entitled ‘Open the Golden Door to Kosen-rufu in the New Century! ‘ (4) You could split the study meeting into a few sessions. (2) When studying every paragraph. (5) If you think it will help to allow more people to learn. photocopy the original text of Ikeda Sensei's guidance to the participants.Remarks: (1) When studying every part of the original text. or finish it in one long session on a Sunday.