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<html> <head> <title>Bodiversidad en Mexico</title> </head> <font color="#0000FF"><u><a href="#ABAJO">IR al final de la pag

</a></u></font> <body bgcolor="pink"> <font color="blue" face="algerian" size=8><center> <marquee behavior="alternate"> * BIODIVERSITY: MEXICO AS A COUNTRY Megadiverse * </marquee></center></font><br><br><br> <font color="white" face="script mt bold" size=5> <center> <br> Mexico is first in biodiversity in the world. <br> its territory is home to one tenth of all species on the planet, which many Del�s <br> do not live anywhere else.<br> <img src="C:\Users\Usuario\Pictures\kosas\Imagen048.jpg"> </img><br> <br>Cuatro Cienegas is located in the state of Coahuila and is home to over 100 species <br> endemic plants and animals, and houses one of the most important wetlands in Mexico. <br></font><font color="red" face="forte" size=5> <hr size=5 width=75% color="black"></hr> SPECIES IN DANGER OF EXTINCTION <br> <br> <br> The extinction of species is due to human activities and changes in climate <br> But all these weather changes are the consequences of our actions <br> until one day in ns is not aware of any species of plants and animals. <br> Some examples are:</font><font color="purple" face="tahoma" size=4> <ul> <li><a href=" htm">berrendo</a> <li><a href="">Tapir</a> <li><a href="">manati</a> <li><a href=" o_gris/informacion.htm">oso gris</a> <li><a href="">Flamingo</a> <li><a href="">Halcon peregrino</a> <li><a href="">Aguila arpia</a> <li><a href="">Aguila real</a> <li><a href="">Perrito de las praderas</a> <li><a href="">Jaguar</a> <li><a href="">Zacatuche</a> <li><a href="">Nutria del rio</a> <li><a href="">Tortuga de mapimi</a> <li><a href=""></a>tortuga de carey </ul> <br> <br><hr size=5 width=75% color="black"></hr><br> <font color="orange" face="comic sans" face=5><center><b> ECOLOGICAL RESERVES </font></center></b><br><br><br> <font color="sky blue" face="arial"size=4><center>

An ecological reserve or nature reserve is a portion of land devoted exclusively <br> the protection of biological interest with an area, whether land or sea or both. Its aim <br> is the protection of natural ecosystems and biodiversity protection and there are <br> to avoid legal activities that degrade. </font></center> <br><br> <TABLE WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="100" BORDER="1" bgcolor="purple" BORDERCOLOR="WHITE"> <TD>Montes Azules, Ocosingo, CHIAPAS </ TD> <TD> MACHILIA LA, AND SUCHEL Mezquital, DURANGO </ TD> <TD> Mapim�, TLAHUALILO, DURANGO </ TD> <TD> THE SKY, TAMAULIPAS </ TD> <TD> SIAN KA AN, QUINTANA ROO </ TD> SIERRA <TD> Mazatlan, Jalisco and Colima


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