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Carleton Condominium Corporation No 419 (GALLERY COURT) Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors

March 25, 2009, at 7:30pm, Unit #311 Presents: Alessandro Alasia Mike Shaikin Henri Proulx James McHugh Regrets: Jack Cadieux Maria Lo


President Secretary Director at Large Axia Management Ltd. Director at Large Treasurer

Call to order. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by the Board President Alessandro Alasia. A quorum was noted. The meeting is recorded. It is noted that Jack Cadieux missed six Board meetings in a row for travel and health reasons. It was suggested asking him if he prefered to indicate a possible substitute, who would be then nominated by the Board. Approval of agenda. The Agenda is approved. Approval of Minutes of February is postponed. Status Certificate. Directors and Management confirmed that they were not aware of any circumstances that could affect the Condominium legally or may require a special assessment. Manager confirms that the current condition of the Corporation is good and the wording would be modified in the next Status Certificate to reflect this. Signing authority document requested by TD are filled with complete name and address of all Directors. Review of finance with Management Review of the accounts up to March is conducted the Manager. A director notes that there is one cheque that is not listed in the cheque register (that is one cheque number is missing from the list of cheques). Management is asked to verify and report. The cheque number 0419-005531 made to Environtower Inc. is put on hold because the company it did oes not provide the information requested by Board for invoices. The cheque refers to a work completed in July (hence approved by the previous Board) and the invoice does not provide enough information on the type of work/service. Review of the Reserve Fund account and transfer of funds to the RF: the Manager report that, over the next month, there should be a transfer approximately $60,000 to the reserve fund. New policy for invoices: It is proposed that a new procedure be followed for new invoices received for payment. All invoices and cheques are to be presented to the Board at the Board meeting for signature, with the exception of utility bills which have a due date before the monthly Board meeting. All in favour. Approved. Review of maintenance and repairs


No major maintenance or repair work is reported since the last Board meeting. An invoice of $1,200 is presented for a work done recently but refers to a damage caused by a flood that happened two years ago. The work was approved by previous Board. Cheque signed. No more invoices for repairs that occurred in the past are expected. Snow removal from balconies: The Board discussed, voted on expense and outlined of a policy on this. It was proposed a split 50/50 of the snow removal expenses (total about $500). Property Manager will draft an explanation letter to owners. The Board will outline a policy to owners to ensure transparency and equal access to services in the future. Manager indicated that there were no updates on (1) testing of pipe, engineer need to come to the building to verify the pipe; (2) the Board is still waiting for the invoice for emergency repair (pipe replacement) conducted in February by Total Fire Protection. Update postponed to next meeting in April. Seasonal work. The Board discuss about plants and flowers in front of the building. One quote was provided by Tivoli ($400). The Florist indicated that no planting should be done before the end of May/first week of June. More detail in May. An inventory of bike racks to be conducted in April. The Manager is asked to complete this inventory. Forthcoming/planning of maintenance and repairs Review of Repair and Maintenance planner submitted by Jim. No entries to be reported. Inventory of assets and materials of the corporation, the manager is asked to finalize document, which can then be made available to owners. It is proposed to purchase foldable chairs for meetings with owners (AGM, Special meeting) to save on recurring chairs rental and delivery costs. The expected expenditure is about $400, for 40 chairs (foldable IKEA chairs). The expenditure is approved. Major projects Update on hallway renovation: most of the large samples of carpet that were requested are now available, but some of the large samples are still expected. The Board will set tentative date for the last meeting of the House Committee to review the proposal and the large samples of carpet and wallcovering. The Board discussed an indicative date for meeting with owners (the meeting could take place the beginning of May). Discussion on planning window repairs for summer: Windows options are discussed. The Directors ask for quotes from three companies and want to verify whether or where the defrosting option is feasible. Henri will inquire on this option. Furniture replacement in the lobby. Mike Shaikin will identify possible options for furniture for the lobbies (couch/armchairs and possibly a table). Possible minor improvements in the lobby are discussed such as frame the mail boxes, a new bulletin board, mirrors, carpet and painting/pictures/posters. Lobby renovation will be a second phase of the renovation project. New contracts and review of existing contracts The current contract with the audit company is discussed with the Manager, after a substantial misreporting of the audit fees was identified in the Budgets of the past two years. Two options are discussed with the Manager First, make an offer to our Audit for the amount we have in the budget. Second, tender the audit service. The Manager indicate that the Corporation has six months to conduct the audit after the end o the fiscal year and quotes for the service will be provided.


The Board request to the Manager the documents concerning the current contracts of the Corporation (copy of the documents provided in the following weeks). Reserve Fund Study: The Board received three quotes form three engineering companies. These will be reviewed and discussed in details at the next meetings. Legal / regulation issues Manager indicated there was no response from the former solicitor of the corporation Ms. Deborah Bellinger, Nelligan O'Brien Payne, on the second request of documents concerning past and pending invoices submitted by her company (no document and no formal response was received). The Board voided three pending cheques made to Nelligan O'Brien Payne as follows: cheque #00005423 for a total of $181.65; cheque #00005439 for a total of $2,819.10; and #00005404 for a total of $1,341.49. The Board reiterated a request to the Manager for a letter indicating the status of the documents (listed in the invoices of Nelligan O'Brien Payne) and available to the Corporation at the end of the fiscal year, as well as the sequence of written requests and verbal responses (phone messages by Bellinger) reported by the Manager to the Board. Adjournment and next meeting The next Board meeting is tentatively set for April 29, 2009 (to be confirmed). With no further business to come before the Board meeting and upon motion duly made, seconded, and unanimously carried, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Mike Shaikin, Secretary Alessandro Alasia, President