ActuateOne: One Design, One Server, One User Experience

ActuateOne fulfills the vision that Actuate has had since the inception of BIRT: to redefine the Business Intelligence category by moving away from a set of disparate tools to a suite of integrated capabilities within a single environment. ActuateOne is recognition of a single, common architecture for development and deployment that meets the dynamically changing needs of information consumers. ActuateOne products’ common interface and common design make it possible to work across the organization with minimal effort. The product suite is engineered for rapidly developing and deploying custom BI applications and rich information applications that leverage BIRT, a leading open-source Eclipse project founded and co-led by Actuate. BIRT is the premier development environment for presenting data to users from multiple, disparate data sources in compelling visualizations. Applications built with ActuateOne provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server, with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success. ActuateOne is a complete BI solution built on BIRT that introduces new products and features to its suite of Rich Information Application-ready products.

Actuate 11—the latest Actuate release—adds numerous new features and more than 40 enhancements to its products, extending the value of the Actuate BIRT product suite by providing: • • • • • •
64-bit, in-memory analytics Live Excel® export Print/export Flash® output in PDF files Agile access to virtually any data source An improved design interface User-created analytical and operational dashboards • New mobile options • Access to document print streams • More interactive content for diverse user styles

Major changes to the Actuate BIRT environment include: • Unified BIRT engine: Single common engine for
interactive data visualization and OLAP

• Unified data access: Multi-layered and sourced • Unified metadata layer (Optional): EII-powered
with incremental updating and caching

• Unified deployment server architecture:
Disseminate information to a single or a million users both inside and outside the firewall • Unified, open API: Access and integrate any content created by the platform into existing applications

The following pages outline the capabilities and possibilities provided in open source BIRT and the full suite of ActuateOne products.



strategy maps and hierarchical scorecard gadgets • Understand cause-and-effect relationships and focus on relevant metrics • Collaborate using user-written commentary. POJO and Web Services data connectors • Extend reports and integrate them into applications programmatically Design multi-source. parameters and JavaScript API • Build and publish content for the BIRT onDemand SaaS platform • Define massively scalable. DB2.IF YOU WANT TO : USE: TO CREATE: Design basic reports • Use WYSIWYG page design to develop non-interactive HTML. SQL Server and DataDirect JDBC drivers • Use BIRT reports as data sources • Define intelligent. in-memory cubes called Data Objects • Integrate reports into apps via URLs. interactive reports • Access and integrate data from multiple and custom sources • Use commercial Oracle. UNFIED BIRT REPORT DESIGN BIRT Designer Pro . ad-hoc content. individually personalized content via Page-Level Security • Create a reusable foundation and templates for branding. PDF or XLS reports • Access simple data sources via open-source JDBC. Analyze and Improve Performance via an enhanced dashboard metaphor • Develop and manage performance with Key Performance Indicators that track performance against goals • Use color-coded scorecard visuals such as briefing books. multi-dimensional. dashboards and applications OPEN SOURCE Eclipse BIRT Report Designer Open Source ACTUATE BIRT – COMMERCIAL Integrate high-volume electronic content from: • High-volume print streams • Documents from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems • Operational data and reports from mainframes • Resurrect and incorporate historic archives within current analytic applications X2BIRT Discover. initiatives and alerts BIRT Performance Analytics SINGLE.

Android and Playbook tablets • Support Apple iPhones via native previewer • Create custom BIRT-powered mobile applications Deploy BIRT applications via hosted service • Deploy applications without acquiring. PDF and CSV file formats • Save reports in simple MS Office rtf. dashboards. installing. run reports for many users • Run report design once to create reports for all users • Each report secured and personalized for users • Users see only information to which they are entitled BIRT Mobile Enable BIRT content on mobile devices and tablets • Support Apple. spreadsheets.IF YOU WANT TO : TO DEPLOY: USE: AND ADD: Enable users to view non-interactive reports • Use a complete open-source implementation • Distribute static reports in HTML. ppt and xls file formats OPEN SOURCE ThirdParty Applica tion Server BIRT Runtime Engine Open Source SINGLE. scorecards Deploy using a public.or private-cloud implementation • Serve users inside and outside the firewall • Implement server clustering and elastic provisioning • Let admins make configuration changes on the fly • Install on new or existing systems • Access and integrate any data source • Phase in services as needed. analytics. UNFIED BIRT REPORT DESIGN BIRT iServer Deploy BIRT rich information applications of all kinds • Deploy reports. configuring and maintaining hardware and software • Add capacity and users as needed for as little at $29/user/month BIRT OnDemand . start small and grow to any capacity Server capacity as required Page Level Security ACTUATE BIRT – COMMERCIAL From a single design.

formulas. including pivot tables • Include enterprise data. compute. delete columns and items • Add and remove page breaks • View charts. show. roles.IF YOU WANT TO : TO ACCESS: USE: OPEN SOURCE Enable users to view basic. • Enable users to re-configure without assistance Provide ad hoc report design tools to users • Enable power users to develop reports from predefined data sources and BIRT templates • Give users ad-hoc BI tools to create. Adobe® Flash® charts. projects. PDF and CSV reports • View spreadsheet data that excludes formatting and calculations Browsers Acrobat Excel Eclipse BIRT Sample Viewer Open Source Deliver animated. non-interactive reports • View static HTML. filter. high-fidelity. static BIRT content and operational dashboards • Deploy dashboards created with BIRT 360 • Provide dashboards specific to the needs of users. modify and view BIRT content Provide browser-based OLAP analytics to business users • Access predefined multi-dimensional data objects • Produce multi-dimensional reports and analyses easily • Visualize data to Identify trends and spot anomalies • Perform root cause analysis by linking to operational data Browsers BIRT Standard Viewer SINGLE. hide. etc. ready-to-analyze spreadsheets to users • Deploy Excel files and reports simply by saving BIRT content as Live Excel. and group report data • Move. formatting and live charts • Take advantage of the Excel skills that users posess Design self-service information and analytic dashboards • Tailor to the needs of users. graphs and gadgets • Modify. align and format text and numbers • Manipulate interactive crosstabs and generate live pivot tables • Save modified reports and report designs • Save offline content as analysis-ready Excel files Provide live. UNFIED BIRT REPORT DESIGN BIRT Interactive Viewer ACTUATE BIRT – COMMERCIAL Excel BIRT 360 BIRT Studio BIRT Data Analyzer . roles and projects • Re-configure and personalize dashboards without assistance Enable users to access and customize BIRT reports • Sort.