1 Rohini-paksha Ayanamsa

Fri Jul 6, 2012 2:38 am (PDT) . Posted by: "Akhilesh Kumar Singh" singhakhilesh_igau

Respected Vinay Jha ji, Namaste, I have copy-pasted the following message from JyotishWritings of Shri PVR ji. It is regarding a new research aspect to take the Ayanamsa from Rohini-paksh. Shri PVR ji has suggested the step wise procedure to select such Ayanamsa in JHora 7.62 just released. I did try these steps with Drik Siddanta, and found some interesting results too, out of which some were close to what I used to find with the settings of SSS. Then I started suspecting whether these might be somewhere close to SSS or something else. Or can we take this ayanamsa with SSS settings too, to be more accurate in predictions. Sir, submitting for your kind expert view on this. With regards, Akhilesh Singh Rohini-paksha Ayanamsa! Message List Reply Message #324 of 324 < Prev | Next > Namaste friends, With the sidereal zodiac, physical stars will be nearly fixed in different areas of the zodiac, but not necessarily fixed at specific longitudes. Each physical star (corresponding to a nakshatra) may fluctuate around a specific longitude. But it is possible to fix ONE specific physical star at a specific longitude and take that as the "anchor". *** The Lahiri ayanamsa is based on fixing Spica star in the middle of Chitra nakshatra (i.e. beginning of Libra). So Chitra is the anchor. Lahiri commission may have tried to find a bright star close to the solar system plane near the beginning of Aries (so that they can fix 0Ar0 at its longitude) and, unable to find one, perhaps fixed 0Li0 at Spica. But it has no philosophical or logical justification.

(1) Select "Preferences" in main menu. Try it on a lot of charts (using drik siddhanta of course). (2) In the combo box in the ayanamsa dialog box. Rohini fits the bill rather than Chitra. select "Fixed star based CUSTOM ayanamsa". For all these reasons. use the *mean* solar rotation plane for a more logically sound reference frame. (3) In the next dialog box. Rohini is the only fixed nakshatra that also happens lie in a fixed rasi. Please note that these stars are sorted in the increasing order of longitude. in a less arbitrary and more logical manner. One more small factor is that Rohini means "the red one" and Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri) is a really bright red star close to the middle of Rohini. enter "16" deg. check the checkbox that says at the bottom "Use the FIXED mean solar rotation plane instead of the fluctuating ecliptic plane". (4) In the boxes below it. Rohini is a far better and more logical choice for being the anchor nakshatra. Rohini is the nakshatra owned by the Creator! Also. Click "OK". It is the only one of those four containing a really bright physical star.000 fixed stars are displayed in the first combo box. Lat -5 deg>". Select "Related to Calculations" and "Ayanamsa". So this entry will be towards the top of the list.*** If you want to decide one particular Jyotish nakshatra which should be fixed in the zodiac around a fixed physical star. "40" min and "0 sec" and select "Taurus" in the combo box below. but some may be the same to a large extent.62. Some divisional charts will have changed compared to Lahiri ayanamsa. Don't add any correction in the area below the combo box. This will fix the physical star Alpha Tauri at 16Ta40 always! (5) Instead of taking the oscillating Sun-earth ecliptic plane. about 1. Moreover. do the following in Jagannatha Hora 7. Also. Scroll through it and go to "Alpha Tauri (Aldebaran)< Long 15 Ta 55. So it is the most important nakshatra. Narasimha . In mythoology. Shiva taught to Parvati that four nakshatras are "fixed nakshatras" and Rohini heads the list. For that. *** If you want to try it. In fact. all nakshatras are wives of Moon and Rohini is the primary and favorite wife. If only Lahiri commission used more logical thiniking. we all *might* have been using this today instead of the standard Lahiri ayanamsa based on Chitra! Best regards. Aldebaran is one of the four brightest stars close to the solar system plane.

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