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Deportment at Transportation


Federal Aviation Administration

subj.ct: INFORMATION: Flight Standards Review of Terrorist List

APR 222002

From: Manager, Publications and Communications Branch, AFS-805

Riply to Attn. of:

Manager, ACS Special Actions and Litigation Support Staff, ACS-90 As per your request, five additional Flight Standards regions had inspectors review a list of known and suspected terrorists and suspects to determine if they had had any interaction with them in the performance of inspector duties. The five additional regions were Eastern, New England, Central, Northwest Mountain, and Alaska, none of which were known to have had previous activity of any of the hijackers from September 11, 2001. This accounts for Flight Standards Divisions in all nine Federal Aviation Administration regions. The five regions have provided me the following information: Eastern: Copies of responses attached (1)

9/11 Classified Information

From the Teterboro, NJ FSDO:




dealt with Mr. Moussaoui-•through a third party at the Northwes t . A r line" Training facility in Minneapolis, ..i MN: 'thspector-'l ] indicates he had a discussion with the instructor concerning Mr. Moussaoui's attempt to use the simulator for a transport category aircraft. Inspector I ] is in training at the FAA


Academy in Oklahoma City and will return to the office April 22, 2002. He may be reached at the Teterboro FSDO during normal duty hours at I All other FSDO's gave a negative response. New England: Copies of responses attached (2)

9/11 Working-level Employee

9/11 Classified Information

All other FSDO's gave negative responses. Central: Copies of responses attached (3) Copies of responses attached (4)

Northwest Mountain: •


From the Denver, CO FSDO: The Denver office is in the process of issuing a Phase III WINGS award to / J (The WINGS program is an FAA outreach program through its Aviation Safety Program designed to encourage pilots who are not required to obtain recurrent training to obtain three hours of flight training and attend one FAA safety meeting in a year's time. At the end of that time, they are awarded a certificate from the FSDO and a lapel pin in the shape of pilot's wings.) The Denver FSDO Safety Program Manager may be reached during normal duty hours at (303) 342-1100. NOTE: The WINGS Program is primarily a general aviation program and does not involve pilots of large, transport category aircraft, i.e., airlines have their own requrrent training program; and the lapel pin awarded cannot be used for identification as an airline employee, i.e., it is far too small and



contains the FAA logo, as well as a Roman numeral indicating the phase of the award. Another concern of ours is that the 1 [..receiving the WINGS award may be a perfectly legitimate'-aviator, and we do not wish to have the positive outreach aspects of the WINGS program negated in I l-or-..anv pilot's eyes by his being subjected to an "•>;-.. investigation solely on the basis of his ':::;:::!s participation in the WINGS program. 9/11 All other FSDO's gave negative responses. Alaska: Copies of responses attached (5) Classified Information

All FSDO's in the Alaska Region reported negative responses. If you have any further questions, please contact me at (202) 267-8212.

lyllis Anne Duncan Attachments


To: Phyllis Duncan/AWA/FAA •••., cc: 04/12/2002 12:36PM Subject: Review of Terrorist List

This is in response to the AFS-1 Memo of April 5, 2002, asking the Eastern Region's ASI' s to review the Terrorist List for any contact they may have had with anyone on the list. . We have 2 offices that reported contact. Their responses are attached. These offices are: Pittsburgh CMO-19 and Teterboro FSDO-19. .. We have negative responses front Albany 01 Allegheny 03 Allentown 05 Baltimore 07 Charleston 09 Farmingdale 11 Harrisburg 13 NY FSDO 15 Philadelphia 17 Richmond 21 Rochester 23 Washington 2? NY IFQ 29

Working-level Employee


If we can be of any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. ..-•'"

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- ccmail2.txt

Author: Debra Miller at AEAPUFSDO


Date: 04/11/2002 3:32 PM Urgent Receipt Requested ....... u/nni,in/, i»v«.i Working-level Employee

Subject: REVIEW OF TERRORIST LIST ........ -------Message contents-- -------- -^-^ Provided by| |

J These names and all the kept records of the other crew members were given to the FBI on/or about September 13-15, 2001. The FBI agent's name is| Suite 400, Erie, PA ,1€50T |, 717 State Street, 9/11 Classified Information

US Airways has no record of training for any of the individuals listed in the subject document. , Alvin H. Zito Manager

9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

Author: |


Date: 04/09/2002 12:37 PM
Normal X CC: CC: TOJ CC: Subject: Response to AFS-1 Memo Dated 4^5-02 Message Contents—-:

Below is a copy of bar response to Ms. Duncan re: the "Review Terrorist List" memo from AFS-1 dated 4-5-02, ^ , Forward. Header Subject: Response to AFS-1 Memo Dated 4-5-02 .. Author: I I at.AEATEBFSDO ''•••>-": , ...


4/9/0212:33 PM


Phyllis: Inspector! leteartvrith"Mr." Mdussaoui through a.third:party>: an instructor at the Northwest Airline Traming f^cttity:ln Minneapolis, MN. F^had a Discussion about Mr..MoussabiJi with his. instructor prior tQ.SepEeniberii, 2001,...T^e Instructor informed Mr. f labout Mr. Moussaoui's attempt to use the.slmurator to gain experience at operating a large jet aircraft during flight. At the .. time I i realizing the significance of the request, advised the. instructor to elevate the issue, which the instructor did. .. Working-level Employee


ls but of the office this Week. Should you need to contact him by nd of tomorrow, tie can be contacted at the FAA Academy via a message at 405-954-6950. He is on leave the next week and is scheduled to return / to the office on 4-22-02. His telephone number here is i J


To: Phvllis Duncan/AWA/FAA

04/1 6/2002 1 2102 PM

XNE/FAA : Terrorist List

cc:Mail Forwarding Information Dear Phyllis;

9/11 Classified Information

Working-level Employee
Forward Header

Subject; Terrorist Li at .. Author: I |at flKEFSDO-03
Date: 4/16/02 9>51 AM

9/11 Classified Information

Forward Header Subject: Terrorist List

Author: | | at ANE200 ., Date: 4/16/02 9:31 AM



Would you forward this to the appropriate people. Thanks,



Forward Header Subject: Terrorist List Author: Phyllis Duncan at FAA Date: 4/16/02 8:50 AM _^_


Mike Henry gave me your message about two inspectors in| | and a possible name from the terrorist list. Could you have those • two inspectors either e-mail me or through you a brief description of the encounter and when and whether they've reported it to the FBI / (approximate date and agent's name, if they've done so)? Our / security folks want me to provide them an e-mail or a fax. / Thanks, and that should close out ANE's response. short turnaround. Sorry for the / /

Phyllis Classified Information



04/16/2002 12:38>M

To: Phyllis Duncan/AWA/FAA cc:l Subject: Terrorist List

J handed me a list of the 19 terrorists connected with 9/11. He asked if X would go over the list and. see if there were any names the looked familiar or that X may. have had an contact with during my duties at the [FSDO. I read the list and returned it to him. Be. then gave the list to i ""J "" | t She took it to her work, area and upon .returning to the front office asked me if the namel T seemed familiar. I told her that I thought it did. I thought 'X remembered that she had something to do with him, j ; possibly a certification problem or an EIR. We searched the EIR list for the past 5 years and that name did not appear on it. I did not search for any certification issues. I do not remember any dates, times, etc. I just .think the name seems familiar. " '""••-... '-•

Working-level Employee

Classified Information

To: Phyllis Duncan/AWA/FAA@FAA 04/22/2002 01:52 PM " Phyllis, Re: Terrorist Listl ....

I was waiting for the last one from ICT. We can now report that ACE inspectors have not had contact with any of these individuals. ""---..

Phyllis Duncan
Phyllis Duncan

.-•^" 9/11 "" Working-level

04/22/2002 07:41 AM ..... -.;'**• „. Subject: Terrorist List

When do you think I'll get the input from ACE on the terrorist list review? If you've already sent it to me, we had a minor power failure last week and I may have lost the message. Thanks, Phyllis

J'Z/2002 FRI 17:35 FAI 425 227 1200 IKON - SID#282EE


UiDepuHment at Tfonsponorion federal Aviation Administration

Nonnwew Mountain Region Rtaht Standards Division ANM-230

Heritor. WA 98056-4056 FAX: 426 3371300 FAX 423-227- 1222

FAX Coversheet
Phyllis Duncan FROM: Date:

FAX: 202-267-5094 Flioiie; 202-493-4958


ADrill2.2002\ Licludinft covdxshcct


Working-level Employee

,/12/2D02 FRI 17:38 FAI 425 227 1200 IKON - SIM282EE


U.S. Department


of Transportation

Federal Aviation Administration

Subject Action: Review of Terrorist List

April 12.2002

Division MaTiflgftr, ANM-7.00

Am. of:

Reply tu

Director, Flight Standards Service, AFS-1 We contacted all KHght St<mrifl«ls District Office*. Not all inapectnrs were able to he contacted due to the short response time. Working-level Employee

9/11 classified Information

We received negative responses from all other offices. We directed our offices to complete the process of canvassing individual inspectors, and to report any past or ftitiwe contacts.

. Pearson,

04/1 2/2002 04:54. PM 7-ANM-230\:I I Phyllis Duncan/AWA/FAA

••-.. Subject: Re:Fwd:Re: Re(21: Review of Terrorist List

We have contacted all of our FSDOs and they have responded.! manager called your office with our report but you were not there.

Ihe ANM 230

A signed Memo from our Manager has been faxed to your office with the results from the Northwest Mountain Region ANM-200. ... I am the regional specialist assigned this project and compiled the report. I will sendthe electronic copies of the lists to all offices and will keep you informed of any contact that is . reported. You may refer any stray requests or reports from individual offices to me. I I I Is-flQt.a regional specialist, I suspect that he just wanted to ensure that you received a timelyresponse.SonyfoMhe..confusion. ... \ Thank you.


Reply Separator ^ ^ Z _ m Fwd; Re: Re [ 2 ] ; Review of.-.Terrb'rist List

.•"' ,">' ..-•'' .-•




4/12/2002 11:41 AM ,




ANM-230 Branch:

We have made a concerted effort to canvass all Operations Inspectors,assigned to the PDX-FSDO by direct contact, phone voice mail and by e-mail with the attached electronic copies of the Memo and list. As of this time, none of your Inspectors recall any contact with those on the list. Please accept a NEGATIVE response from the Portland,FSDO. Best regards, .--"

Subject: Author: Date:

Forward Header Re: Re[2]: Revi.eW of Terrorist List Phyllis Duncan 4/12/02 8:32 AM

Both the memo and the list are attached. If you could consolidate the FSDO's replies then forward them to me, it would be easier. Thanks, and I hope this is helpful. Phyllis

(See attached file: ACS90B.doc)(See attached file: M namelist4w.doc)

| | 1 1_

| | 1

04/12/2002 11:22 AM

I |




"-•... "'"".. "•---..



Phvllia Dupcan/AWA/FAA



. Re [2]: Review of Terroris-t..List


Yes: ....--•"

Working-level Employee

A copy of the Memo and the list is what...we 'need if you have them available. This will facilitate our communications efforts with individual Inspectors. Thanks, ..-••''

- M namelist4w.doc - ACS90B.doc

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration


subject: Action: Review of Terrorist List


April 12, 2002

From: Division Manager, ANM-200

Reply to Attn. of:

TO: Director, Flight Standards Service, AFS-1 Working-level Employee

We contacted all Flight Standards District Offices. Not all inspectors were able to be contacted due to the short response time.

9/11 Classified Information

We received negative responses from all other offices. We directed our offices to complete the process of canvassing individual inspectors, and to report any past or future contacts.

radleyD. Pearson,

To: Phvllis Duncan/AWA/FAA cr- I I 04/12/2002 07:19 PM-..e..bject; ^eview of Terrorist List

Hi Phyllis, ... ., Ref the Apr 5 memo from AFS-1 concerning the Terrorist List >.. we have a. negative respons "" ' " AAL-201


Working-level Employee