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Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration


INFORMATION: Flight Standards Review of Terrorist List From: Manager, Publications and Communications Branch, AFS-805

MAR 2 2 2002

Reply to

Manager, ACS Special Actions and Litigation Support Staff, ACS-90 As per your request, four Flight Standards regions had inspectors review a list of known and suspected terrorists and suspects to determine if they had had any interaction with them in the performance of inspector duties. The four regions were Great Lakes, Southern, Southwest, and Western-Pacific, as indicated by known, previous activity of some of the hijackers from September 11, 2001. The four regions have provided me the following information: Great Lakes: Copies of responses attached (1) Minneapolis, MN FSDO -I

9/11 Classified Information

Cincinnati, OH FSDO - While in training at the Pan Am International Flight Academy, Inspectorf Iwas told several stories concerning Zaccarias Moussabui by a contract ground and simulator instructor. Particulars are included in attachment 1. Tnspe^truJ |can be reached during normal duty hours atT I All other FSDO's Negative 9/11 Working-level Employee r a JC

Southern: Copies of responses attached (2)

Birmingham, AL FSDO -

9/11 Classified Information

Jackson, MS FSDO - Inspector!, .[reports that in August 2001 she was asked by a Pan American International Flight Academy instructor for her thoughts concerning a foreign national coming to train in a BV747 simulator when the individual indicated he did not want a rating. Inspector! received a call the next day from an FBI agent whose name she.cannot recall. She was asked to see if a Mr. Moussoui [sic] had any pilot certificates, and her records search revealed a..student pilijt certificate issued in May 2001. Additional particulars are in attachment 2. Inspector! lean be reached
during normal duty hours atl

All other FSDO's

Negative .,

_..-•;.'.'; /'/

Southwest: Copies of responses attached (3)

'9/11 Working-level Employee

Oklahoma City, OK FSDO - Possible contact with Zaccarias Moussaoui: Inspector! ifrom the,.6klahoma City FSDO, reports that between''April 18 and 23, 2001 while conducting inspe.etiqn duties at the Airman Flight School in Norman, OK he "may have passed him in the hall while performing other duties." Inspectorl ,-•' lean be reached during normal duty hours ait the Oklahoma City FSDO at
' '

All other FSDO's


Western Pacific: Copies of responses attached (4)
Scottsdale, AZ FSDO 9/11 Classified Information

Las Vegas, NV FSDO 9/11 Classified Information

9/11 Classified Information


9/11 Classified Information

Phoenix, Arizona Certificate Management Office: Jof the Phoenix CMO attended a training class at Inspectoq_ Jet Tech International, a "doing:business-as" of Pan American International Academy. The training consisted of Boeing 737 ground school and simulator training. The training observed by Inspector | [was the ground school and occurted.berween January 25 and 29, 2001. One of"the students participating in the ground school was Mr. Rani Hanj our. Subsequent to September 11, 2001,1 Thas been extensively debriefed by the FBI, by the Western-Pacific Regional Office, by individuals from FAA Headquarters in AFS-34G,..and by the.. ,, Department of Transportation's Inspector General's office: ..... ::;; All other FSDO' s Negative

If you have any further questions, please contact me at (202) 267-8212.

9/11 Working-level Employee

Phyllis Anne Duncan Attachments