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M-INT-00002924 265A-NY-280350-302-3038 = 09/13/2001 I tINTERVIEWED NCTA 004 (1st Batch of unredacted 302's delivered in August) FD-302 (Rev. 10-6-95)

-1 -

Date of transcription \. peftg Airlines. provided the following information: , ]advised he has been a commercial airline pilot since 1976. He started with Western Airlines and became a pilot! with Delta Airlines in 1987 when Western was merged with Delta; Airlines. I hdvised the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon this week caused him to recall an unusual incident which took place over a year ago during one of his flights. ; I [stated he felt he made several major mistakes and despite the fact he may receive retribution from his company,to whom his has related this information, he felt he needed to relay this story to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. ;"n / - , . , , . ,



Personal Privacy

I {stated on the date of August 11, 2000 he was on a trip with Delta Airlines which originated iri Salt Lake Citv. He was the Captain and his First Officer was| \e stated in the afternoon, exact time unrecalled, they were getting ready to fly a 767-200 commercial aircraft from Atlanta to Ft.Lauderd?le. i btated usually they have around 1/2 hour to prepare the plane and he was very busy going through the checklist of items. He stated he had completed the list, the passengers had boarded and they were getting ready for pushoff when a gate agent stepped into the cockpit and told him they had a "jumpseater here". He stated it was permissible for off duty pilots with his airline or others to ride in the iumoseat in the cockpit when the rest of the; seats were taken. These pilots were usually traveling on a free pass accepted among all airlines. When a pilot wanted to use the jumpseat. they usually had to fill out a form in triplicate and show three forms of Identification to include a picture ID, an FAA certification card and a current FAA medical form. He stated the man, who was standing outside the cockpit, told him he was a pilot with Lufthansa Airlines in Germany and he had lost his picture ID along with his ticket in his luggage when he switched flights in New York. He stated he had traveled from Germany that morning and he was going to Ft.lauderdale, Florida to receive training on a 757/767 airliner. He stated he had just flown on a Delta iumoseat from his previous destination which Ashworth recalled to be New

Investigation on 9/13/01 File # ?RRD.NY.980350-3p2
9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

Date dictated 9/14/01

This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency;

April 27, 2004 2:29 pm

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It and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency. [PDF page 1] FD-302a (Rev. 10-6-95)

-•_9/ll Personal Privacy
265D-NY-280350-SU Continuation of FD-302 of I x-|.-' , On 9/13/01 .Page 2

York. The man was very polite, well spoken with a slight European accent and neatly groomed. He displayed from a wallet, his FAA certification, his medical form and also snowed him a Lufthansa Although none of the items bore his photograph Jfelt his story was legitimate but was not sure they could ke foreign pilots on a lumoseat. Another gate agent came up and gave him some paperwork to review a/id sign. While ishe was there he asked her to go back and cheek the flian through theicomputer to corroborate his story. She came back and told him she checked and he was Qualified F I was going fe check/his 0il0l manual to see if he could take a foreign pilot-but there was so much that needed to be handled at the last minute, he was unable to do so. He told the man to sit in the lumbseat and they finished their final checks.!""" fcould not recall what He did Wjthithe form he received from the gate agent regarding the jumpseater. He said he usually put it down with other paperwork and he: believed after the flight he threw it out. He stated the gate agent usually had two other copies. He did not know what the gate agents did with their copies. He did not recall trie name of the individual. He stated during takeoff the man was very quiet and did hot ask any questions. After they leveled offt ilooked at hisimanual and realized foreign pilots were not allowed on the iumpseat. He realized he may have violated a FAA rule, but the person in the iumoseat may not have been worried because he thought the person might not have realized it was a procedural violation jn the United States.f" fetatad in Europe all foreign and jdorjneslic pilots are allowed to "jumpseat" on most airlines. Nevertheless, at this polnl I noticed a small black tote bag theimaVi had laying on the floor next to him. He stated he kept his eye on it during the flight but the man never touched it or opened it. i i I I istatad either he or his co-pilo^ initjiatejl conversation with the man and they spoke aboutigeneral; airline type concerns such as pay scales with different airlines. He stated the man seemed knowledgeable about different airlines isnd I I recalled both he and his co-pilot were stunned to learned some experienced pilots were making as much as $400,000 working for Saudi Arabian airlines. He said the man never asked any technical questions and did not appear overly interested in the; operation of the aircraft. At one point he said something about looking forward to flying 757/767 airplanes and indicated he was lucky to be able to do so with' so few years with his airline. I | ^got the impression he had about three years with Lufthansa Airlines. They did not discuss any other matters to I IrecoUectlon. ]stated at no time did he leave the cockpit. After they [PDF page 2) FD-302a (Rev. 10-6-95)

April 27,2004 2:29 pm

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Continuation of FD-302 of |


, On 9/13/01 .Page 3

finished their meals delivered by the flight attendants, the man offered to take them back. I Itold hirn not to worry, the flight attendants would take them. He did not appear to be offended and did not show any interest in leaving* I \stated they had a normal approach and landing in Ft.Lauderdale. | noticed as the man was departing the cockpit, the flight attendant handed him a guitar case from the front airline closet.. This \t surprisedT

1 since he thought th

the flight andwalked out onto the ramp. I tstated during the flight he initially contemplated calling ahead and having someone from airport security meet the man when he amved::::He did; not do so after talking to the man because he felt he was probably^,;; . legitimate and it would have possibly caused him problems with the !'''-h>n FAA and his company for allowing the man to fly. "... .--/' 9/11 Personal i ladwlfiaa the only thing that made him question the man's story about flying from Germany that morning was that he was wearing shorts. He stated most International travelers do not dress that way and most American pilots dressed in a sport coat and tie when traveling. He stated the man did, however, have a slight "5:00 shadow beard" which would be consistent with flying that amount of time. Other than the observations of the shorts and the guitar, he stated the man did hot act in a suspicious manner. the man as follows: Name: Not recalled Race: Caucasian Ht. 5'6" to 5'8" Wt.150-160 Build- Slim, in good shape Hair- Dark, short, recent haircut , Age- Late 20's to early 30's . No facial hair, scars, marks, tatoos Voice- very slight European type accent. Clothing- Golf type shirt and shorts, neatly dressed I | could not recall the name of the man, the number or exact time OT the flight, the names of the gate agents or flight attendants. He stated he would try to locate the flight number In his computer and would report it to the FBI. [PDF page 3]

...-•-"' /•'


April 27, 2004 2:29 pm

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M-INT-00045435 265A-NY-280350-CI-1668 • 09/12/2001 JIM CAMP RE:INCIDENT REGARDING ANOTHER PILOT RIDING JUMPSEAT NCTA_004 (1st Batch of unredacted 302's delivered In August) .-• , 265D-NY-280350-CI ..-•""" y/il Law 265D-NY-280350-IN ., Privacy DLB:pas ...




9/11 Personal Privacy

ICF# Ct-34The following investigation was conducted by Special Aoeni itColumbus. Ohio: \n September 12. 2001 . SA BRITTON contacted JIM CAM

CAMP stated he is a pilot for UNITED AIRLINES. On September 7,2001, CAMP was aboard flight number 657, from Newark, New Jersey to Chicago, Illinois. The Captain in Command of the flight was ROGER STRANTZ, who is based in Dallas, Texas. STRANTZ approved another captain from SKYWAY AIRLINES to fly in jump-seat as a part of a reciprocity agreement between the airlines which allows employees to fly on competitors' airlines. CAMP advised that the protocol is the requesting captain must identify to the captain in command and present his airline credentials as well as his pilot's license to gain access to the jump-seat If it is available. CAMP advised this information was input into the UNITED AIRLINES computer and should contain the SKYWAY pilot's name, airline, and his start date of employment. CAMP stated it is typical that all of the passengers board the aircraft first and then the requesting pilot present himself to the Captain in Command at the cockpit and requests to be seated in the jump-seat. CAMP described the individual from SKYWAY AIRLINES, as a middle-eastern male, 5'11", 210-220 Ibs., with dark balding hair and glasses, and large gaps in his front teeth, and who he believes is in his 40's. CAMP advised this SKYWAY pilot had a middle-eastern name that he could not pronounce. The SKYWAY AIRLINE captain knocked on the cockpit door, stepped inside and stood there acting very strange. The SKYWAY pilot then asked the Captain in Command If he could be seated in the jump-seat. CAMP told STRANTZ he was uncomfortable with this pilot seated in the cockpit, so STRANTZ asked the SKYWAY pilot to have a seat in the passenger section of the aircraft. The SKYWAY AIRLINE pilot turned and left the cabin carrying a bag with him. however, he left a blue insulated type bag in the cockpit. STRANTZ called out to the SKYWAY pilot and told him to take this bag with him and store it with his other baggage. CAMP thought it was strange that a pilot would be carrying such a bag with him, because it appeared to be a lunch bag or something to hold beverages, very small and insulated. CAMP discussed with STRANTZ that it was odd for a pilot to act in such a manner. [PDF page 1] 265D-NY-280350

April 27, 2004 2:31 pm

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STRANTZ stated the aircraft taxied down the runway where they sat for approximately 3V4 hours, until the pilot's time was up and they were forced to return to the gate. Upon opening the aircraft doors, the SKYWAY AIRLINE pilot exited the aircran immediately. CAMP thought nothing more of the incident until the recent airline crashes in New York. The drafting Agent telephonlcallv contacted the FBI's Newark Division duty Aoentl J arid relayed the aforementioned information. A facsimile of the FD-822. Information Control Formwas faxed to SAI "1 [PDF page 2]


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April 27, 2004 2:31 pm

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: M-INT-00091160 : 265A-NY-280350-302-751 33 = 09/27/2001 : INTERVIEW OF ZAKI YOSEF ALZGHOL : NCTA_004 (1st Batch of unredacted 302's delivered in August) : FD-302 (Rev. 10-6-95)

,. '

9/11 Personal Privacy

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Date of transcription On 09/27/2001 Zaki Yosef Alzghol, Jordanian Male, Date of Birth DOB: I Vwas advised of the identity of the interviewing Agents and the purpose of the interview. The purpose of the interview being to verify some information regarding Alzghol's travel plans in recent weeks. Alzghol advised that he is presently employed with Tradewinds Airlines, 243A Burgess Road, Greensboro, North Carolina 27409, and has been employed with Tradewinds since 03/06/2000. Alzghol is employed in the position of flight engineer and is next in line for upgrade to first officer. Alzghol currently flies the 300 airbus, and was typed in that aircraft in 1995 through the Continental Airlines Training Academy. In late August and early September, 2001, Alzghol had taken vacation and traveled back to Jordan to visit with his family. Alzghol was scheduled back to work on 09/1 1/2001 at approximately 7:00 pm in San Francisco. On 09/10/2001, Alzghol departed Ahman, Jordan to Tel Avive, Israel via ground transportation and was delayed in his arrival in Tei Avive due to traffic accidents. Because of the delay, Alzghol missed his intended Delta flight into the United States U.S.. After missing his Delta flight, Alzghol jumpseated on a Continental flight out of Tel Avive to Newark, New Jersey arriving at approximately 4:15 am on 09/1 1/2001. Alzghol contemplated taking United flight #94 out of Newark directly to San Francisco because he did not want to be late for work. However, Alzghol needed to pick up his lap top computer and other equipment left at his apartment in Dallas, Texas prior to going to work. Alzghol finally decided to take a Continental flight directly to Dallas, pick up his equipment and then go from Dallas to San Francisco. Alzghol traveled to Dallas on a iumoseat pass. During his flight to Dallas a flight attendant told the passengers that because of a national emergency they were instructed to land immediately in Memphis, Tennessee. Alzghol and other passengers learned of the terrorist attack in New York when other passengers 09/28/2001

Investigation on 09/27/2001 265A-NY-280350-302 File # 265A-NY-280350- SA

at Austin, Texas Date dictated 09/28/2001

9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI

April 27,2004 2:32 pm

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and is loaned to your agency; It and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency. [PDF page 1] FD-302a(Rev. 10-6-95}

265A-NY-280350-302 265A-NY-280350-SA Continuation of FD-302 of Zaki Yosef Alzghol , On 09/27/2001 .Page 2

used alrphones and called family members. They were advised of the details by the Captain just prior to deplaning in Memphis. After arriving at his hotel in Memphis, Alzghol was watching the news and learned that the plane he considered taking to San Francisco was the same plane that crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Alzghol was stunned, and mentioned that It was hard to comprehend the magnitude of the situation. Alzghol could not believe that if It had not for his computer, he would have perished in the hijacked plane that crashed into the Pentagon. Alzghol was stuck in Memphis for a couple of days before finally renting a car and driving with another Continental pilot back to Dallas. Alzghol provided the following information regarding his background and education: Alzghol first came to the United States In 1978 on an F-1 student visa and attended Airline Mechanic School at Glendale College, Glendale, California obtaining a certificate In Aviation Technology AP mechanic certification. Alzghol was employed as an airplane mechanic which enabled him to get his private flight certificate. Alzghol worked at various aviation related companies in California from 1982 through 1992, during which time he also attended California Pol/technical Institute University, Pomona, California earning a Bachelors of Science Degree In Aerospace Engineering Technology June 1992. Alzghol was employed at several different corporate and charter airlines in both the U.S. and Turkey from 1992 - 03/2000 when he took the job with Tradewinds Airlines. Alzghol Is type rated in the A300 airbus and Boeing 727 with a total flight time of 4000 plus hours. Alzghol advised that he is a Naturalized U.S. citizen, his three children were all bom in the U.S. and his wife is a permanent resident alien. Alzghol denied having any knowledge of the persons responsible for the terrorist attack In New York and Washington D.C. Further, Alzghol denied being associated with anyone who would have any knowledge of the terrorist plots against the U.S. Alzghol is a Suni Muslum denounced the actions taken by the terrorists responsible for the attacks in New York and Washington D.C. Alzghol is sad that the terrorist attacks have given the common citizen who is not familar with Islam and/or the Muslim faith, the misconception that all Muslims are extremeist or terrorists. [PDF page 2}

April 27, 2004 2:32 pm

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: M-INT-00116595 : 265A-NY-280350-302-99548 = 11/09/2001 : AZZAM ALI HASAN GANADILY : NCTA_004 (1st Batch of unredacted 302's delivered in August) : FD-302 (Rev. 10-6-95) 9/11 Personal Privacy FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Date of transcription 11/09/2001

AZZAM ALI HASAMftANADllY date of birth I I place of birthi JUS alien registration number I US home I Saudia Arabia home telephone I «/as contacted at his residence reference FD-822 PD783. GANADILY was advised of the identities of the Interviewing agents and of the purpose of the interview, whereupon the following was obtained:


GANADILY advised that he Is employed as a pilot for Saudia Arabian Airlines, also known as Saudia Airlines, and that he and his family reside primarily in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In addition, GANADILY maintains a residence in Gresham, Oregon, due primarily to the fact that the family of GANADILVs wife, LOUISA GANADILY, resides in the Portland, Oregon, area. GANADILY is a citizen of Saudia Arabia. His status in the US is that of an alien resident. GANADILY advised that he first entered the US on August 11,1984, for the purpose of attending school in the US. From 1984 to 1985, GANADILY attended Portland Community College-Sylvania in Lake Oswego, Oregon. In 1985 or 1986, GANADILY transferred to Portland State University, where he studied for approximately one year. In 1988, GANADILY returned to Saudi Arabia. In January, 1990, GANADILY returned to the US, where he enrolled for flight training at Sierra Academy in Oakland, California. GANADILY completed his course of study at Sierra Academy in February, 1991, after receiving various commercial and instrument flight ratings and becoming a certified flight instructor. GANADILY then moved to Hillsboro, Oregon, where he received post-instrument flight training. GANADILY completed this training in August, 1991. In September, 1991, GANADILY returned to Saudi Arabia, where he attempted without success to find an aviation-related job. GANADILY again returned to the Portland area, where, in August, 1993, he received an associate's degree in aviation from

Investigation on 11/09/01 File #
by SA|

at Gresham, Oregon Date dictated

9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy


This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency;

April 27, 2004 2:33 pm


it and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency. [PDF page 1] FD-302a (Rev. 10-6-95)

265A-NY-280350-302 Continuation of FD-302 of , On 11/09/01 , Page 2

Mt. Hood Community College. In April, 1994, GANADILY was hired by Saudi Arabian Airlines, also known as Saudia Airlines, as a flight instructor at Saudia's flight training academy. GANADILY has been employed by Saudia since that time; at present, he is assigned as a 747 First Officer. GANADILY typically flies routes in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the Far East On occasion, however, he flies to Europe and to the US, often as a crew member on so-called VIP flights hired by the Saudi Royal Family. GANADILY was advised that information received by the FBI indicates that GANADILY was among a group of Individuals, apparently of Middle Eastern heritage, for whom airlines tickets were purchased by a Florida tour agency on a September 23,2001, flight from JFK Airport in New York City to Los Angeles International Airport LAX. GANADILY denied any knowledge of such an occurrence, and, after consulting his personal logbook, advised that he was in Bombay, India, from September 21-24,2001. GANADILY provided the name of an American pilot, Captain GRAFF, as the pilot in charge of GANADILVs crew at that time. GANADILY then was advised of the names of other individuals identified as having been the intended recipients of tickets purchased for the above-described flight. GANADILY advised that the names SALEM BEN HEMED, ABDUL RAHMAN QUDSI, and JEHA MAHALLAWI correspond to those of persons known to him as fellow Saudia pilots. GANADILY advised that he and the above-named Saudia pilots all were members of a VIP flight crew that entered the US at Newark, New Jersey, in May, 2001. After reviewing records in his possession, GANADILY advised that he and the above-named Saudia crew members, along with another crew member named ZOHAIR MANUAL, entered the US at Newark, New Jersey, on May 20, 2001. The crew subsequently flew from JFK to LAX on May 23, 2001, via a United Airlines flight, and returned to Saudi Arabia aboard a Saudia VIP flight from LAX to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, several days later. MANJAL did not accompany the crew to Los Angeles aboard the May 23, 2001, JMsd Airlines flight. GANADILY then produced a copy of a Saudia Airlines General Declaration, which he described as a document furnished by [PDF page 2] FD-302a (Rev. 10-6-95)

April 27,2004 2:33 pm

Page ;

265A-NY-280350-302 Continuation of FD-302 of , On 11/09/01 , Page 3

each Saudia crew to immigration and customs authorities upon entry to the US. The General Declaration, which is designed to facilitate entry by Saudia flight crews into a foreign country, contains information concerning the flight and its crew, including names of crew members, purpose of the flight, and other relevant data. Review of the document shown by GANADILY to the undersigned agents indicated that GANAOILY, BEN HEMED, MAHALLAWI, and QUDSI all were aboard a Saudia flight which entered the US at Newark, New Jersey, on May 20,2001. It is noted that the date of GANADILYs flight from JFK to LAX with the other above-noted Saudia crew members was May 23, 2001; the date of the United Airlines flight from JFK to LAX for which tickets reportedly were purchased for GANADILY, BEN HEMED, MAHALLAWI and QUDSI by a Florida tour company was September 23, 2001. GANADILY stated that, to his knowledge, Saudia Airlines deals directly with US airline companies when reserving flights for its crew members aboard US airlines' aircraft. GANADILY advised that, assuming the Information provided to the FBI concerning the purchase of tickets for GANADILY and other Saudia crew members was mistaken as to the date of the flight, he still cannot think of a situation wherein Saudia would purchase United Airlines tickets for its crew members through a US-based travel agency. GANADILY advised that further clarification of Saudia Airlines procedures relative to purchase of tickets aboard US airlines for Saudia crews possibly could be obtained through contact with Saudia's JFK dispatch center located above the Saudi Arabian Airlines ticket counters in the JFK Delta Airlines Terminal. GANADILY stated that, in his opinion, it would be extremely difficult for anyone to assume the Identity of a Saudia Airlines pilot In order to gain entry to the US under false pretenses or to gain access to the cockpit of another airline's aircraft. GANADILY explained that Saudia Airlines does not have agreements with any US-based carriers, such as those which exist between certain US airlines, wherein a Saudia pilot can "deadhead" or ride in a cockpit iumoseat. Moreover, in GANADILVs opinion, immigration and customs controls at US points of entry are such that anyone attempting to use a Saudia employee's company ID likely [PDF page 3] FD-302a (Rev. 10-6-95)

265A-NY-280350-302 Continuation of FD-302 of , On 11/09/01 , Page 4

April 27, 2004 2:33 pm

Page 3

would not be able to correctly answer questions posed to him or her concerning the employee's previous entries into the US. In addition, GANADILY stated that, even if a person were able to obtain a false passport in a Saudia employee's name, It would difficult for that person to duplicate passport records pertaining to an employee's previous entries into the US. GANADILY advised that he has no information concerning potential threats to the US or its citizens. GANADILY stated that he would contact the appropriate authorities should he become aware of any such threat. [PDF page 4]

April 27.2004 2:33 pm



: : = : : :

M-INT-00081284 265A-NY-280350-302~49316 10/10/2001 INTERIVEW OF RICHARD PAUL AMMERMAN, ICF SF3682 NCTA 004 (1st Batch of unredacted 302's delivered in August) 10/12/01 Reference lead control number: SF3682 RICHARD PAUL AMMERMAN. aka DICK AMMERMAN, DOE currently residing at/ " _J\ interview at his residence. AMMERMAN Is a United Airlines pilot based at San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, California. AMMERMAN, in the presence of his wife, LORI AMMERMAN, was apprised of the purpose of the interview and the identity of the interviewing Agent. He thereafter provided the following information: He has been employed as a pilot for United Airlines for approximately seventeen years. He believes that he may recognize as many as four of the dead hijackers having been on one of his flights between one and two years ago. It was an afternoon flight from San Francisco to Denver but he can not recall additional identifying information. The first pilot, identity unrecalled, was doing a standard "walk around" inspection of the aircraft while he was making flight preparations seated alone in the cockpit of the Boeing 757. He was briefly startled when during the boarding process he realized five or six Middle Eastern looking males, wearing casual western clothing, had stepped into the area behind him in the cockpit. The cockpit / door was open and it is not unusual for people to think they can walk in part way and look at the cockpit area of the aircraft. / On this occasion, the males started talking among themselves and seemed reasonably knowledgeable regarding flying an aircraft. One male asked another, "Is this a 757 or 7677". The other male correctly identified it as a 757. Another male "jokingly" jumped up and down and said, Til fly it!" and the others just laughed. This encounter lasted only a minute or two and broke up when the first pilot returned. The flight to Denver was without incident. He recalled the aforementioned encounter after the September 11 terrorist attacks. About two weeks ago, he viewed the photographs in the newspaper of the dead hijackers. He believes he recognized the following: 1) MARWAN AL-SHEHHI, United'Airlines Flight #175.

fwas located f

/9/11 Personal Privacy

9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy





{PDF page 1] 265A-NY-280350-302 RICHARD PAUL AMMERMAN 10/10/01

2) NAWAF ALHAMZI, American Airlines Flight #77. (AMMERMAN believes on his flight he had no moustache, wearing beige shirt and pants and

April 2,2004 3:33 pm

Page 1

was closest to him in the group, standing directly behind his seat.) 3) SAEED ALGHAMDI, United Airlines Flight #S3. (AMMERMAN believes he had no moustache on his 4) AHMED ALHAZNAWI, United Airlines Flight 93_. (AMMERMAN believes he had no moustache on his fllahU AMMERMAN notified ED ECKHARDT. an investigator_foj_ United Airlines headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, telephonel-1 f He does not know if ECKHARDT wrote a report. ........

. O-^A? V v

19/11 Personal Privacy

He also told his wife, LORI AMMERMAN. In a possibly / unrelated incident, yesterday morning around 10:0p.a;rri., October . 9 2001 ERIC MEEKER (see attached police report and separate FD» 302) a neighbor who lives directly across the street, who kriows that he is a pilot for United Airlines, saw a van parked briefly, in front of his house. He was unable to note the llf.en.5fli TP.e driver was wearing a .turban. MEEKER called thej. / IPolioe Departmenf__Wi0 responded and interviewed MEEKER, The van was no longer in the area. The Police Department notified .the FBI in San Francisco. AMMERMAN related that MEEKER, as requested by thei.—J notified LORI AMMERMAN later that eveningjndas a precaution she ; j decided to spend the night with her sister in[_-1 / Mi California because he RICHARD AMMERMAN was out of town. On the ; way to her sister's house she related the van sighting to her/ cnn'al lAMMERMAN. age • «. and ' / ;/ SOD 5^^^HHH^^MHMWMWMMMjT~iiviivih.i \i*if-ii j, wgv 15 w». —. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ AMMERMAN, age 13. They both recalled that they had seen a ; i similar van approximately five houses down the street as they j ! packed the car around 7:00 p.m. for their overnight stay. LORI I j AMMERMAN immediately detoured for the I I Police i i Department. Thd Police Department interviey^d her, he;r j [PDF page 2] 265A-NY-280350-302 RICHARD PAUL AMMERMAN // // li)/iO/01

| I M $ i , I '• ! y/il Law Enforcement Privacy

two oldest sons and notified the FBI of the additional information see attached police report. / /

He advised that as a precaution, thel lha;d his fafnilv j i spend the evening of October 9,2001 at the Residence Inn, \, California. There have been no additional incidents I or sightings of the van at his residence. / i i i


AMMERMAN's two older -tnnsj ~l ^nL,,J * anjived home from school, were briefly interviewed by SA| | but ; could add no additional information. | AMMERMAN and his family were advised to attempt to j obtain a license plate and nonetheless immediately not'ty ^JL.—! and the FBI of any additional sightings of the vehicle. AMMERMAN stated he would also attempt to recall additional identifying information regarding the date and the flight number of his San Francisco to Denver flight and any additional details for the FBI.

Page 2 April 2,2004 3:33 pm

The following information was obtained from AMMERMAN through observation and interview: RICHARD PAUL AMMERMAN, aka DICK AMMERMAN Race: White DOB: Sex: Ht: Wt: Hair: Eyes: Addre 10 Home phon Cell or Occupation: Airline Pilot Employer: United Airlines San FranciscoLCA Employee ID# [PDF page 3] 265A-NY-280350-302 RICHARD PAUL AMMERMAN 10/10/01 4 Name:

'9/11 Personal Privacy

SSAN: I Spouse: LORI MARGUERITE AMMERMAN, 0061"" Children: Three


[PDF page 4]

April 2, 2004 3:33 pm

Page 3


M-INT-00023920 265A-NY-280350-302-39567

NCTA 004 (1st Batch of unredacted 302's delivered in August) 9/29/01
On September 17.2001.F I Data of

J, was Intervi bv ALCOHOL. TOBACCO & FIREARMS ATF Special Agent SA JatlOGAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Terminal C, East Boston, Massachusetts. I Jprovided the followjna information: has no political affiliations of any sort.

Birth:] telephone number!-

/9/11 Personal Privacy

Jstatstf ste is a United States oltKenADsL

Jhas been employed by HUNTLEIGH SECURITY as a L Pre-Board Screener PBS for approximately one 1 rnortth. Her usual days off are Friday and Saturday. .Her work shift runs from 0500 through 1300 hours. She works the checkpoint at UNITED AIRLINES. ..---•' .---" , , /


Jworked on September 11,2001 but noticed

Js aware that the FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION FAA regulation forfcnive? passing through;" security is 4<". If a knife exceeds this measurement, she calls for a supervisor. The supervisor either confiscates the knife op instructs the individual to check the weapon back at the main i /


/ / / I II //9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy I "~1wil1a||ow.a °ox cutter through the // / / checkpoint, if the blade is removed. An employee miiy pass vyith / box cutters. /' / / / / / / / / From October 4r 2C ) through July 6..2001.L J was previously employed ad 3LOBE AVJATION
SERVICES, AMERICAN A1RLIME5I Terminal B; She s^ted during this time, approximately four 4 month ago, she observed a Middle E^stgrn.roin.vjdf.b taping the checkpoint. The man. ir approximately 5'5"-5'6M had one day's growth or/his beard. She now knows Win to be MOHAMED ATTA. She Was bothered by ATTA's filming so she spoke to her supervisor. I T about it. I Informed her it was a public area and nothing could be done about it. I has no recollectfbh of this 6vent or 9/17/01 East Boston, MA 9/22/01


[PDF page 1] 265A-NY-280350-302




conversation). She realized it was ATTft when his photo was displayed on the news. Additionally, she identified ATTA from a photo array shown to her by SAl I

July 2272504 10:30 am"

jsuggested she would be leaving her job. She


Is angry that Americans get a thorough background completed on them, but the aliens hired are not subjected to this background because their records from other countries are not available. She stated at the end of March and early April, HUNTLEIGH started hiring Muslims and Arabs. | Icould not pinpoint any co-worker she felt might be involved in the terrorist action of September 11,2001. [PDF page 2]
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M-INT-00081761 265A-NY-280350-302-49720 10/06/2001 .lAPJf KFRMS NCTA_004 (1st Batch of unredacted 302's delivered in August) 10/06/2001 On Tuesday, October 2,2001,1 interviewed JACK KERNS. KERNS was interviewed because on September 24,2001, he came to the SAC Office in Boston and dropped off material regarding his possible observation of MOHAMED ATTA and others on a flight he took to Washington. DC. in May of 2001 .KERNS was interviewed in

•9/11 Personal Privacy


phone number is. and his social security number is\ KERNS told me and provided documentation, in FD-340, that he had traveled from Logan Airport to Washington/Dulles on May 18,2001. He was on United flight #1951, which left Boston at 7:29 am. KERNS said that he was seated in the isle seat about half way back in the coach section on the left side of the plane, -retefpfshows thathewas aissigned-seat"" stated that two Middle Eastern looking men sat in the seats directly across from him. He described the one in the isle seat as tall, over six feet, thin but muscular wearing a new looking purple or blue turban. He also had a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. He described the other man as wearing a orange or reddish stripped turban, was about six feet tall and was/sort of fat. Both men were in their late thirties to mid forties. Both spoke English and a second foreign language during the flight. KERNS said another Middle Eastern man entered the plane and sat a few rows in front of him. He said that this man kept moving his seat on the plane, had a thin sheen of sweat on his face and repeatedly paced the aircraft after take off. At some point during the trip the two men in the seat next to him took notice of the man and asked "what is wrong wjth him, what is he doing?" Later one of these men had a conversation with a fourth Middle Eastern man who was asked to "...calm him down." This person then went over to the agitated man, said something and walked away. KERNS was shown the twelve photo array of the Boston hijackers and Identified MOHAMEO ATTA as the man who kept moving around the plane and had been asked to calm down. Using the same array he identified WALEED ALSHEHRI as the man who approached ATTA at the request of the two sitting across from him. KERNS said he was 100% sure of these identifications. KERNS said that just before takeoff two other Middle 10/02/2001 I 265A-NY-280350-302 1 10/04/2001 J


9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy

[PDF page 1] 265A-NY-280350-302 Jack Kerns 10/02/2001

Eastern men entered the plane and sat in the seats that faced the first class partition on his side of the plane. One of these two, the one who sat in the window seat was described by KERNS as under six feet tall, chubby, short mustache and beard with

July 22,2004 10:30 am

glasses. His age was estimated to be late twenties to early thirties. Using the photo array KERNS identified this person as MARWAN ALSHEHHI. KERNS was less than 100% sure of this identification. KERNS stated that between the plane trip and the time he saw them at thejpaggacie area he became convinced that al "Iffie^aBove'mentibnea'men weVe'fogefiierVecause^iey spoke to each other. KERNS said that while visiting the Jefferson Memorial he observed some of the above individuals arriving and leaving the area on one of the trolley tours. From the array he picked FAYEZ BANIHAMMAD as being with the other men in the area of the Jefferson Memorial. MOHAMED ATTA in the Jamaica Plain area this past summer. He said that in late May or early June, sometime after his trip, he observed ATTA in the area of Boston Clutch on Washington Street. KERNS said he went over to him and attempted conversation but ATTA walked away in the direction of Green Street. Later in the summer KERNS said that ATTA approached him as he was working at Hattoff s Oil Company and asked him how much fuel the truck he was servicing held. When KERNS made a comment about the Washington trip, he said ATTA just turned and walked away. A request was made for a copy of the manifest to the FBI office at United Airlines for flight #1951. I was told that the manifest would be faxed to the Boston Command Post. [PDF page 2]

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BEGBATES DATE FBIDESCR INPUTBATCH FULLTEXT : = : : : 265A-NY-280350-302- 103503 01/31/2002 FERNANDO MURGA INTERVIEW 1/30/02 NCTA 004 (1st Batch of unredacted 302's delivered in August) FD-302 (Rev. 1 0-6-95)


-1FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Date of transcription FERNANDO MURGA. Baaaaae Screener, Globe Security, I Boston. Massachusetts MA, was contacted and advised of the nature of the interview and identity of the 01/31 /2002

the Spanish language:

-::;::^;:'/9/ll Personal Privacy

MURGA advised that in his capacity as a baggage screener at Logan International Airport, he saw terrorist MOHAMMED ATTA at the airport a few weeks prior to 9/11/02. He stated that he saw j ATTA conversing with another Globe Security employee named I I I Phonetic. It appeared to MURGA that ATTA andl Iknew i other because of the way they interacted. According to MURGA, C" |s ofl Tarid routinely allows Arab passengers to pass through security without the proper scrutiny. MURGA stated that his story can be corroborated by an American Airlines.efnployee named PAULINA OTERO. He claimed that OTERO recently told him that she saw ATTA at the airport talking with | | two weeks prior to 9/11/02. MURGA stated that he has reported his observations to the management of Globe Security but he believes they ignore his allegations because they don't want controversy.

Investigation on 1/30/02 File # 265A-NY-280350-302

at .Boston^ MA Date dictated

telephonlcally 1/31/02

S/^9/11 Law Enforcement Privacy)

This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency; it and Its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency. [PDF page 1]

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M-INT-00113695 265A-NY-280350-302-97231 10/12/2001 ALVIN CASE NCTAJMM (1 st Batch of unredacted 302's delivered in August)

/9/11 Personal Privacy

10/30/2001 On 10/12/01. ALVIN CASE, white male, DOE was advised as to the identity of the interviewing agent and the nature of the interview. CASE advised as follows: In March, 2001, he was at Lagan Airport. He was near American Airlines Security area on his way to go to the gate. CASE was looking at the monitor, and saw an individual staring back at him. This unknown Individual was put off by CASE'S stare. They looked at each other for approximately ten seconds. Then this individual walked out the door. He had also been studying the monitor of arrivals and departures. He did not have CASE was shown photo spreads of the five terrorists who hijacked American Airlines Right #11. CASE Identified WAIL ALSHEHRI, who is photo #1 on photo spread #3. He further identified MOHAMED ATTA, who is photo #4 on photo spread #5. CASE stated that the individual he had seen at Logan Airport was approximately 6T. This person had longer hair, and was taller than the biographical information provided by interviewing agent. The individual also had a gaunt face. CASE felt that the photo "or AI iA was tne doSesltoJthe~pers6n"TfeluurseerFfeitne airport. On 10/15/01, CASE telephonically advised the interviewing agent that he had flown out of Loaan Airport on March 1,2001. He flew on American TransAir Flight #626. He would have been at the airport between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. on the morning of March 1, 2001. CASE stated that he can sketch photographs, and would sketch a picture of the person he saw at Logan Airport.


10/ia&t5/0.t~ -BosloiyMA ,,. 10/29/2001

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