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Date: 4th September 2008 Time: 11:00 am-12:00 pm Class: 2 Cempaka Enrolment: 33 students Learning Theme: World of Knowledge/Push and

Pull Learning Area: 6.0 Push and Pull Learning Objective: 6.2 Pupils should learn that by pushing and pulling can make things speed up, slow down or change direction Learning Outcome: At the end of the lesson students will able: 1. to describe what they did to change direction.

Time required: 60 minutes Strategy: Discussion, Activity Science Process/Manipulative Skills and Thinking Skill: • • • Observing Classifying Attributing

Scientific Attitudes and Value: • • • Being systematic Being cooperative Daring to try

Learning aids and material
• •

Mahjong paper, LCD, Year 2 Courseware.

Phase (Time) Set Induction (11:00am-11:05 am) 5 Minutes


Teaching & Learning Remarks Activities A video of a Teachers start the lesson by SPS: Observing motorcyclist riding a showing a video of a motorcycle. motorcyclist turn his motorcycle when it reach junction. Teacher ask questions: • What happen when the motorcyclist turn his motorcycle?

Eliciting Ideas (11:05am11:30am) 30 minutes

Pushing is done by: • • Squeezing Pressing

Pulling is done by: • • Bending Stretching

Then teacher introduce today’s topic to the pupils. Teacher recalled back the SPS: pupils’ previous Observing, knowledge about push and classifying pull. TS: Attributing Teacher puts up a mahjong paper contain a table#. Values: Then teacher asks selected Dare to try pupils to put fill in the Being correct answer. systematic

Pushing and pulling is Teacher guide the pupils in done by: finding the answer. • • Twisting Role

# Refer appendix 1 Restructuring Ideas Teacher moves the ball Then after that, teacher SPS: Observing and the pupils observe. puts another mahjong TS: Attributing (11:30 am-11:45 paper contain a table. am) Pushing the ball harder makes the ball moves Teacher later plays a video 15 minutes faster and further. showing a two children pushing hockey balls Pushing the ball softer makes the ball moves slower and less further.

Phase (Time)


Teaching & Learning Remarks Activities Pushing the ball in Teacher ask question: Value: different angle rather than straight angle (left • What happen to the Dare to try or right) will make ball when the pupil Being make the ball pushed the ball systematic movement direction harder? Does it change move faster or slower? *Refer Appendix 2 • What happen to the ball when pupil pushed the ball softer? Does it move slower or faster? • What happened to the ball the pupils did not push the ball straight Then teacher explain to the pupils that by pushing or pulling, the object can be made to change direction when the ball been moved Teacher puts up a mahjong paper contain a table*. Then teacher asks selected pupils to put fill in the correct answer. Teacher guide the pupils in finding the answer.

Application (11:45am11:55am) 10 minutes

Items needed:

Teacher then asks the SPS: Observing pupils to make a car Old newspaper, cello steering. TS: Attributing tape, and Then teacher ask the pupils Value: Teacher guide the to act as a driver drive a pupils in doing this car. Dare to try. plane card. Being While acting pupils cooperative. perform the act based on the instruction. (When

Phase (Time) Reflection (11:55am-12:00 pm) 5 minutes

teacher said turn left, the pupils turn the steering to Contents Teaching & Learning Remarks Activities the left) Teacher allows the Teacher recalled back the TS: Attributing pupils to give their lesson been teach today. answer. Teacher asks questions: • What we have learnt today?

Reflection: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

Appendix 1 Activity Press a button Squeeze a baloon Twist a shirt Bend a stick Stretch a spring Appendix 2 Activity Push the ball harder Push the ball softer Push the ball to the left Push the ball to the right What happened to the Ball Push or Pull